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CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY. OCTOBER Ifi. 1933 22 1 it CIDltdi! BSBk lit i IT I gnthe-WSKE SMITTY NOTHING'S TOO GOOD FOR A FRIEND 'WE'LL GET EVEN 3 yf llu Ur 1 mini 1 -I, i i1 i i.Ltrn.m.r' "it ri TTVft'H MftfMiWl i i mini 1 1 11 I 1 GAMP. VOUR I I DD YOL GNE i aaaVRF. GAME NEW SON MAKES AT SPORTSMAN'S' DO YOU REMEMBER WAK BIG TrED APPLE iTToVOLiR WWm 7 IT To VoUR lTTLG jit To SOAABSODYJ II TEACHER (SIRL FRlEfOD MILPgEPf WHEN: FOB ACCURACY had about 500 jars of fruit SAY RACE FANS 0i A in the cellar on the farm for use daring the long winter, besides jars (earthen) of pickled grapes and encumbers? K.

A. L. At the old Normal college, Valparai Infantry So Equipped Can Repulse Planes. so, where tuition, board, room, light, heat, and all necessaries were Meeting Opens Today at Half Mile Track. BY BOB BECKER.

After spending a few hours on the Fort Sheridan rifle range with dozens of small balloon targets, an autoload BY FRENCH LANE. If it is to be done at all this business of recuperating the family turf losses for the year it must be done quickly. Only fourteen days of racing in Chi furnished for S35 per term of weeks, many distinguished men, in-cluding governors, senators, high otV fleers, and judges, were graduated, and Prof. H. B.

Brown was the wonder man and guiding star in the W. F. Dixon, 111. The Dreadnoughts of Chicago, led by the late Fire Captain Enor Ander son, visited Oshkosh in Jnly, 1876, and played a tie baseball game one day and won the next? Y. -V.

Oshkosh Wis. Father wore a watch chain madei from mother's hair with mountings ofi gold? Mrs. N. W. Chatterton, Bei wyn, 111.

We kids went to the old Academy ing gun more commonly called auto matic and plenty ot shells, it Is easy to understand why this type of weapon has been called the most efficient kill ii 1 1 i DICK RACY Captives! ing Instrument that can be placed In the hands of the civilian shooter. He has Just to pull the trigger five times to empty the magazine and spray lead GET INTO THAT SHED IN 1 so rapidly and so acourately that It J3UT WMILE TRA.CV TAJRIEft IM TME OFFICE, LET 9EE WMAT IS MAsPPEMIMG DOWN ON TME STREET WMERE AMD Er VES.8C-.r-- I'LL EE 8P! JUST A MIWUTB ffi SOU TOMORROW. IVE GOn Wl i-'KE FOR SOU TO LOOK DIMMER DATE WITH Jj I OVER REPORT I'M SENDING) AJSD TME BOV- TWEV'RE Jllpi TO TME MAWOR BEFORE WA.IT1N1G FOR ME IN THE 1 V. NOU GO. CAR DONVv; AT TME: virtually is a miniature barrage.

Although sportsmen still argue about the ethics of using autoloading shotguns on wild game, we were not JUMIOR AkRE WAklT'MG. of Music to see the drama No Moths er to Guide Her Sam CJ, The Pioneer society, of which Ferd nand Jones was president, met in Me; morial hall in the Library building and) old timers told of their early experis ences to the laughs of the S. M. WE'RE WMAT? VOU K'rfrV v-tiPLn rasa cago and Illinois are left, any one of which might be Christmas. Of course Santa Claus may not come at all and the old stocking? may hang limp and empty after that last number drops! into the winner's slot along about dusk on Oct 31.

Anyway, racegoers never give up hope, and they are expecting to sea Santa come galloping home on som long shot, a pack of gold on his back, any afternoon during the next couple weeks at Sportsman's park, the gates ot which swing open this afternoon as the National Jockey club stages the final race meeting of the year. It's Popular Track. Chieagoans like the little half milk track racfng. They have demonstrated it many times during the last two years by packing the place day after day. Maybe it is because they can seo everything that goes on in the race WAJTIMC FOR W.K4T TO WALK fc-dl In 1 TvfCl BACK IM THAT AJLLBVfV DCK TRACV.

WHO ARE SOU? C.ULJT LSR DO UiUWi I concerned with this question at the Fort Sheridan range. The point was to see how fast one could break moveable targets with an autoloader. Right now the U. S. army is considering the adoption of a semi-automatic in TUE MEAM- QR THIS WAKE IS CONDUCTED BY HARVEY T.

WOODRUFP. HELP! HELP! Ak OF CfitT QUICK? for the infantry, a weapon that will take 10 cartridges in a clip. It is thought each soldier could carry 264 The mirror was turned to the wall antt clocks were stopped In a house when loads. lit. death occurred! E.

Meredith, Falsw mont, Va. A (rirl's watch hang; on a hookpln oq her chest? Mrs. A. C. Smith.

Or maybe they find it more conven--1 ent to get the lowdown on what's go-ing to happen from their favorite tipsters. Perhaps they like the unusual- I The Barsalonx brothers, Syl GaJli, gonj SgSS WW ACT, AkHE PLA-N9 of the late Mint, Galli; Jack Hendricks, of later big leatru; fame, Mannle Searles Automatic Gun Speeds Up Fire. At Fort Sheridan the autoloading shotgun broke balloons at the rate of five in 6 and 9-10 seconds, another five In 3 and 6-10 seconds, and a third group in 5 and 2-10 seconds. Here was great speed of firing and accuracy due to the fact that continuous aim was possible and the gun automatically reloaded itself. The U.

S. army Springfield, a bolt gun, is good for about one shot in five seconds. What a fast, accurate, semi-auto NEWS FROM THE RACETRACKS 4 Former N. U. National Boxing Program Devoid of Major Fights KM ENTRIES.

FIRST RACK Furw fHOO roaWftis. flllies. Basket Stars TODAYS Fiizpatxlck and Kid Irish Box Tonight stmr olds. furlonei. 11 weUthU: MU Mascara US Babe Heldy, Happy Stein, Jack Keary Mattie Morrison, and Milton Herrick now of the Denver ball team, were among the best indoor baseball players.

of Chlcag-o (1885) Beverly White. gj A pupil very attentive to teacher's iiw structions or who sought her favor was. called "Teacher's Grace Bee. Aid. "Little Mike" Ryan "got the goac of Mayor Carter Harrison Sr.

to such an extent one time that the mayor shoved a lighted match under the alder man's whiskers and started a conflagra tion? Geo. E. Baugh, Grand lav JfeDuiMiiiKh .116 matic could do in a war against low flying planes has been described in a possible battle front episode by MaJ. Julian S. Hatcher, ordnance officer, in a report.

He said: SELECTIONS Sarnlla Bet by Twl .115 Dawn Dona Duicio J1S 1 to Face Oilers V'rincwa Wrafk IIS Doeskin 115 Wild llf Hero Olira ....115 Trnnicltri' 1 1 New York, Oct. 15. (A) A national Arouaemen Ho program almost devoid of big fts A battalion of infantry is on the vear old and ud. foaled to Maryland. ly large mutuvl payoffs, which no doubt are due io what many believ? are the uncertainties of half mile track racing.

Tet there are not so many uncertainties after all, for the figures show that the percentage of winning fa vorites there is as large and in some instances much higher than at the tracks which stretch out over a distance of a mile or more. Horses of Better Grade. Greater things are held out for the meeting which gets under way today than any ever offered at Sportsman's park. Racing material of high class is more plentiful than at any previous meeting. This is made possible by th-large number of Chicago stables which will race out the season there before the owners put the steeds Into winter quarters.

On the opening program horses owned by such well known local patrons as Stuyveaant Peabody. Alderman John Coughlin, Mrs. Emil Dene-mark, William E. Schmidt Valentine Crane, Ben Rosenheim, C. E.

Davidson, Mrs. Edward McCuan, and W. A. march some miles back of the line. Suddenly the airplane signal sounds.

Four players who formerly starred on Northwestern university's quintet The battalion scatters to right and left, and at almost the same time a faces the boxing fans this week although there are plenty of minor engagements to provide entertainment. The headllners of the week are Jackie "Kid Berg, the English lightweight, and the promising young heavyweights, Hans Blrkle of Germany and Lee Ramage of California. yesterday were named on the Western conference squad which will meet the Diamond Oilers. National A. A.

U. Two professional boxing shows will be held tonight, one at White City, 63d street and South Park, and the other at Marigold Garden, Broadway and Grace streeL Kid Irish. Benld. 111., featherweight, and Johnny Fitzpatrick will meet in the six round wtndup at Marigold. fast low flying plane appears from the woods to the front and sweeps down the road, only 140 to 150 feet SPORTSMAN'S PARK.

1 Gay Follies. Kin Today. Susan Slick. 5 Finnic. Chokoloakee.

Walt Mot. 3 Deemster, Lillian Tobln. Conctaus. 4 Pan-lu. Lopes.

Kp. Miss Marr. 3-Miss Melody. Karl Eitel. Help Yourself.

0 PORT 0'PLA Kng-lewood. Switch. 7 All Hail. Haramaxada. Ultramarine.

LAUREL. 1 May McDonough. Doeskin. Mlsa Mascara. 2 Bokie Paint Box.

Rollick. 3 George Jessel. Jack Anthony, Black Co- k. 4 OFF DUTY. Blondlno.

Cbineao Custom. 6 Glorify. Swivel. Flying Hour. 8 Cat hop.

Snapback. Keep Oat. 7 Vested Power. Lougbport. llcbeater.

8 Stone Martin. Man suite. Renewed. Mich. You said to the pest of the crowd "Aw, go home and tell your mother she wants you Tad of Old St Joe, Michj Farioits cities and states were not represented in popularity contests by.

buseketball champions, in a series of games at the 132d armory, Rockwell Rollick T7 1 08 fBokle Ill RACE Pttrte SI .000. claimed, 4 vear old ami m. Bteepleoliase. about 3 Snake Charmer 140 Trwate 13ft Dook Luht 1381 Alohfmi.t ..1.17 Blackcock 135 Otorre Jeaael 140 IVoart lSfllJack Anthony .143 tSld ...130 tj. P.

jonea eniry. roV RTH RACE Purae $800. claimlnr. 2 yar olda fl furlonira: NBj Chioa 10a Nyer rail 107 Race Street 113 Grayback 105 Landaman 105 tVoInlane 107 Tulllhoo 107 Chinese Custom .110 Crowilna Over 113 Luoulent 113 Inniee 107 'Idle Alnon Off DutT 107 Blondtno 105 tC. T.

Grayson and R. Clark entry. above the lines, spraying the landscape with deadly machine gun Are. Most Shots Will Go Wild." "The men have been trained Just Berg, making his second start of his new American invasion, Is scheduled to meet Tony Falco In a ten round bout at the Broadway arena. The match will be Irish's second here scantily garbed lemales? W.

B.i and Madison streets. Oct. 23 and 25. They are Elmer Johnson. Saul Farber.

Bob Lockhart and Bus Smith. The players were chosen by Dutch I Northwestern basketball coach, who plans to start practice for the games against the amateur champions tonight at Patten gymnasium. Lockhart and Smith, both guards, played on the Purple team which won since he returned from an Invasion of California. He beat Joey Boeak at Cicero two weeks ago. Fitzpatrick has held Sammy Le vine to a draw and beaten three other opponents In his last five bouts.

Other matches: what to do in this case. They aim at the approaching airplane with their Springflelds the same as they would at a big chicken hawk with a shotgun and start firing. But after each New York. Thursday nlsht. Itamage, something of a sensation on the wt st roast last winter, is due to face Birkie at Holyoke.

tomorrow. TIiIb bout also is at ten rounds. Bouts on the week's national schedule include: MONDAY At Holyoke. Lee Ramage Mikel ere scheduled to go into action FIFTH HACK J'ursi- uu. a year oius ani it anil iM ir.s flirlnnrs: SPOTSMANS PARK ODDS WOCKEYS Eddie Ward vs.

Roosevelt Haines (41: Rock Island, lit You could signal an exprest wagoii ready to take orders for deliveries at almost every street cornert W. Bod mann. Taffy pulls were the vogue mat yosj made molasses candy and got sB stuck up? M. B. Locomotives, both passenser anal freight were named for persons, and who remembers) the Rnfus Hatch.

Henry Keep. Doe Williams, Jimmy Luring Frank Mlrabal 14: Hen.l.a by tne lnaugrurau purse, car- SwiveI Tying a prize of $800. the program b-" Flvma Hoar ..100 the most attractive offered at a half i il.000. 3 year olda the Western conference championship tieorgc Engcl ve. Paddy Wnltier 141: George Junasen v.

Tony Haidlcb I wrestling 1 nnd tin 1 mile: FIRST RACE Fire furlonga, claiming, man has tired he must grasp tne handle of his bolt, yank it in desperate haste, slam it forward again, and try to get off another sboL Most of these shots will go wild unless the soldiers are extremely well trained. Take, however, the same battalion year olds: Joey Kleko. local lIifhtweiKht, will Keen Out 103 Bold Lorer 107 Cathon 118 Band Waon 107 face Chlnskl of Kankakee, 111., in the tive round feature bout at White City. Scotty Sylvano and Gene vs Hans Berkle. heavyweights 10 At St.

Louis: Davey Abad vs. Cecil Payne, lightweights 110) At Louisville: Rosy Kid I Baker va. Henry Firpo. Botddlewetghls lo I At Newark. M.

Joie Ferrando vs. Billy McMnhon and Maxie Fisher vs. Franltie all lightweights each 8. At Atlantic City. N.

Jimmy Mack vs. DWk Welsh, featherweights 181 At Boston: Werter Arcelll vs. K. O. Costello.

welter-weights 110) TUESDAY At St. Paul: Wsyne Short vs. 5nanback Me SEVENTH RACE Purse 9K clalmlna; 3 rear old and no 8 furlongs: Holland 114 Miss Purray .107 PrrttT Wle Loua-htxiri 103 Marion 13 West Main Accolade 10H IlchCTter 708 HiKKlns will clash in the four round in 1931. Chuck Hyatt, one of the greatest players In the history of the University of Pittsburgh's basketball competition, will lead the Oilers, who were undefeated In 29 games last season while winning the United States amateur title and the Missouri Valley A. A.

U. crown. Hyatt is playing his third season with the Oilers. The game will be part of a double header each nhtht. In the other gnme semi-final.

Preliminary contests will Minnie, and jpitilre? H. M. La Moille. 111. BsSgM one had to pump the organ ioj church while the organist played? M.

Ncenah. Wis. 4-1 8-1 10-1 8-1 4-1 8-1 8-1 8-1 15-1 18-1 15- 1 16- 1 20-1 Prince Abbjt 10 Rlmeur 3 05 bring together Hank Bueker and 8 Webster 110 boy 104 Hu boy 107 No boy 105 boy 30 Mo boy 104 Mo ajr 107 R. Martin 104 Mo boy 104 No boy 104 TP. Martin 107 D.Stuller 104 S.Vall 105 Mo boy 08 J.Nachel 104 Mo boy armed with semi-automatic rifles.

Each man points his rifle at the approaching plane, presses the trigger again and again and again. Each time he presses the trigger the bullet speeds on its way. The enemy aviators I'lav lid "Ooiiien IfiactW Power Crackle 106 Gay Follies 4 King Today 8 Susan Slick 10 Nawab 14 Sllva 1 Fast Move 3 Ought To 3 Try Fair 6 Cabot tn 8 Lisheen 18 Fire Star 7 Betty 17 Chlea 3 Brillinnt Baby ..11 Ann Can 19 Civil 13 Barbara Carom .16 mile track anywhere in America tni year. In the Inaugural such fas; steppers as SoMeha. Miss Melody, Karl Eitel, Help Yourself.

Captain Red and Fair Image come together In a dash at aeven furlongs which brings the field twice past the stands and clubhouse. First Race at 2 o'Clock. The daily programs include seven races beginning at 2 o'clock, with eight events offered on each of the two Saturdays of the meeting. That should be action enough for anybody, and the ground should be pretty well strewn with that most worthless of al! printing matter, pari-mutuel bet Frank Fred Hawkette and Eddie Smith, iand Ace Krlston and Bill 11 RACE Furs- 3HOU claimina. a vear olds and ud.

lft milex fartln. .112 'Prince Tokalon. list tsiotie Hteffel. Fred Ledebuhr will wrestle John Holda. I Evn Ud 113 Kindacorn 100 Plavfole Ill 30-1, Bab Daniels, featherweights 01.

At Portland. Ah Wing Lee vs. Billy Wallace, lightweights 1101. At Seattle: Joe Gusm-ra vs. Heniy Woods, lightweights (101: Joe Ponce vs.

Bobby Gray, junior lightweights (01: Oeorge Thomas vs. George Baker, heavyweights 181. At Los Angeles: Shea vs. Chalky Wright, lightweights. At Jacksonville, Harry Devlne vs.

Chino We went to Barnum's circus to see the woman shot out from the mouth of a can uonr A. of Iowa. I Women were working for their taflepend-' ence instead of because ot their independence E. Peterson. Libertyville.

OL We used bark of the slippery elm tree for, chewing cum? Mrs. John Bruca. Frcepo.V Modern Times Axentea 10 Marcastte 10 Renewed 117 Three matLhes at six rounds have the Durant Cardinals. Durant. national A.

A. U. women's champions, will meet the Spancer Coals. Unencumbered Impish 114 Parity Ill W. Oale entry.

would soon find this to be bad medicine for any airplane." Becomes Machine (J tinner. The new semi-automatic which the 30-1 30-1 30-1 30-1 0 Strong been arranged for the show rriUay Busies Babe ...18 101 No boy night at Ciciro stadium. Ray Tram- Weather clear: track heayy. A oor entice allowance claimed. nr.

SECOND RACE One mile and seventy yards, claiming. ') year olds and up: blle, who Mat Jack Moran at Cicero last Friday, will meet Bud Saltls. MILLS DIVIDE WITH GIANTS TO Finnic 10 government is testing, a gun capable of firing 30 to 40 shells per minute, has been made in both the .30 and ,276 bores. Both weigh the same as the ARGENTINA PLANS north side middleweight. In one.

Alvsres. lightweights 101 THURSDA Al New York: Jackie IKtill Berg vs. Tony Faicu. lightweights 1101: Petev Haves vs. Varlas Milling, feather-weights 8.

At Denver: Baby Joe Gans vs. Andy Callahan, welterweights 101. FKIDA At Philadelphia: Billy Kclchell vs. Johnny Pile, middlewetghts 81 At Trambtle won one bout and lost 3- 1 4- 1 8-1 6-1 10-1 8-1 another with Saltls. Sammy Levine and Kid Irish are paired.

So are Joey old Springfield. Armed with one of these semi-automatics and plenty of ammunition, an infantryman should become a powerful one-man machine gunner on a battle field. Kleko and Steve Pajdo. 12-1 110 O.Webaler 115 Ar in. 102 No boy 108 R.Martin 107 H.Hughes 108 Mono? 111 Mo boy 116 Mo boy 108 Mo boy 107 Mo boy 108 Dccamlllls 105 No boy 108 Mo boy 108 Mo boy 105 Mo boy Chokoloskoe 3 Wait Mot 14 Backward Meyer.

1 Esate VolUns 3 Caius 7 Highest Point ...11 Anita Ormont 4 Sporting Lady 2 American Queen 1 3 Knowledge 12 The Bard 6 Belle Weidel 8 Keen Prince t5 Waterbury. Battling Bozo vs. Al Gainer, light heavyweight 101. At Hollywood. Georgie Han-ford vs.

Johnny Pna. lightweight' 101 At San Francisco: Bo be Marino vs Ralph Cbong. welterweights 101. 15-1 15-1 20-1 $2,350,000 STADIUM TO SEAT 100.000 BUENOS AIRES. Oct.

IB. UP) A national stadium seating 100,000 persons and offering a site for major track events, international football games, military spectacles and possi The state boxing commission has re turned the 12,500 challenge check of CLOSE SEASON The Chicago Mills semi-pro baseball team closed Its season yesterday by dividing a double header with the American Giants at Mills stadium. The Mills won the first game, 14 to 7, and the Giants won the second, which was called at the end of the fifth because of darkness, 10 to 4. Scores: Giants ...000 011 050- 7 11 2 Mills .200 850 10 14 15 0 Batteries W. Powell.

Davis, and Drake: Moss. McNaugbton and Goldwalte. SECOND GAME. 30-1 30-1 30-1 30-1 ting tickets on horses that do not win. Moat of the folks who visit the track regularly are expecting to do pretty well at Sportsman's park.

Those fellows who have been whispering the names of slow horses into their ears all summer have been comforting them with the assurance Never mind. I'll get you even at Sportsman's park." Of course it ia just possible that those optimists will say goodbye on the last day of October and comfort their friends again with Never mind. I'll send you some winners from Florida." IRISH, U. S. TEAMS Harry Dublinsky for a match with Champion Barney Ross.

Jackie Taylor Post Team Wins County Legion Rifle Meet Harold A. Taylor post of the American Legion won the Col. James White trophy yesterday at the conclusion of the Cook county Legion: rifle match at Fort Sheridan. The contests started May 14 with nine posts competing. Members of the winning team were John W.

Fehrman, Morris Hawkins, Edward A. Nelson, Palm J. Dieterich, Oswald P. Mosley, Malcolm F. Malloy, George H.

Block, James H. Meadows, William F. Raf-ferty, Owen Rasmussen, and Andrew Nygaard. Sharkey and Young Genu are matcheu at Da Salle, 111.. Oct.

30. Billy I nT CC tail ITl Attempt THIRD RACE Six and a half furlonga. claiming. 3 year olds and up: Shoots Hole in One, His Second Within Year Louis L. Stephens, general counsel of the Standard Oil company of Indiana, shot a hole in one yesterday on the 120 yard eleventh hole at the Glen View club.

It was Mr. Stephens' sec- Petrolle is In Brooklyn. N. where Deemster 8 to Swim Strait at Victoria 115 Arnold 8-1 112 T.PMartln 30-1 he boxes Sammy Fuller for the second 111 Mo boy 10-1 bly the Olympic games, will be built in Buenos Aires as soon as congress appropriates the 6,000,000 pesos about 12,350,000 which the government has agreed to contribute. The government subsidized Club de Gimnasia Esgrima will erect the 103 Mo buy 3-1 time Saturday.

He beat Fuller at Boston. a month ago. 113 A.Antferxon 8-1 11.. E.Arcaro 6-1 Giants 200 1710 13 1 Mills 000 31- 4 4 0 Batteries Cornelius and Drake: Haas. Me- 10-1 8-1 I ond hole in one in the last year.

Nainrhton. Stoke, nnd Gohlwaite. structure, with reinforced concrete. A 13 Port Angeles, Oct. 15.

VP) An attempt of three men to swim the frigid waters of the Strait of Juan De Fuca from Victoria. B. to Port Angeles today ended wiien Paul Chot-tear of Paris, France, was taken out of the water after he had reached the high mark of five miles. Ronald Lillian Tobln ...11 Concisus 17 Saucy Marl a 1 Scotland Beauty. 18 lnnuity 13 John Mill Princess Val 6 Wild Child 2 Just Back 18 Topsie 3 Monev Musk 10 Flying Flynn 4 Glove 7 Marvan 0 Dody IS Ogee 14 15-1 law authorizing the stadium was 20-1 Dick Sisk.

Brighton Park Junior welterweight, has accepted a 10 round match with Wesley Ramey of Grand Rapids, at Milwaukee. next Monday. Freddy Miller, featherweight champion, faces Jackie Sharkey In a 10 round nontltle affair on passed in 1921 but nnal plans of the 20-1 115 Mo boy 103 Mo boy 12 M.Calvert 111 No boy 112 No boy 1 15 No boy 103 Mo boy 112 Mo boy Mo boy 108 J.Strong 111 Mo boy 116 Mo boy architect have only recently been approved. The Held will contain a half- 20-1 30-1 mile track. 30-1 30-1 30-1 Yarrow 13 FOURTH RACE Five furlongs, claiming Tegtmeler of Tacoma became exhausted when caught In an eddy four miles off shore and had to be taken aboard a tugboat.

Stan Witty, the Victoria entry, wns In the water only about 40 minutes. The distance between the points is about 18', miles. When Argentina entertains the Olympic games, possibly in the 1940's, it intends to hold the track, field, and aquatic events in Buenos Aires and the winter sports at one of the Andean resorts. 3 year olds and up: 5V-3 the same card. Matt Dour and Einar i a Chicago fighters, are matched with Tony Bruno and Joe Cieslak.

respectively, in four round preliminary bouts. Herble Thompson collides with Gus de Salvo in another. Entries for the third annual ama "Washington? I enjoy the trip make it oncetz TO ARRIVE TODAY FOR HORSE SHOW With the arrival today of the Irish Free State and United States army teams, the roster of international mil-ltay Jumping for the World's Fair Horse show will be complete. The Irish riders are coming from Boston, where they landed after their transoceanic trip. The United States army officers were recruited at Fort Riley.

where they have been in training for a month. A delegation of Chicagoans of Irish decent, headed by Kelvin Kelly, will be on hand to greet the Irish team. Let by Capt. Frantlsek Statecny. the Czechoslovaklan Jumping team 5- 8 H- 3 8- Lopex ....8 110 No boy Ep 5 103 H.Hughes Miss Marr 4 108 Mo boy Levaal 2 109 T.PMartln Alpers 3 107 O.

Webster Lady Menifee 100 No boy Georgia Lily ....10 101 No boy Etscnberg 1 104 Mo boy Hot Shot 1 108 E.Arcaro Minnie Gage ....11 103 Mo boy Monk's First 8 108 No boy teur tournament of the Catholic Youth 10 16 20-1 30-1 30-1 organization, which opens at Loyola university gymnasium next week, will close tonight at midnight. There are over 1,000 already entered. Officials predict an entry of 1,500. STADIUM SEEKS APPROVAL TODAY FOR MAT CARD The card of bouts that will open the wrestling season a week from Wednesday at the Chicago Stadium has been FIFTH RACE Seven lurlongs, allowances. mm ,1 monm 3 year olds and up: Miss Melody 4 104 O.Webster Karl Eitel 3 111 T.P Martln Help Yourself 1 111 Mo boy Sobieha 2 108 H.HuKhes Fair Image 6 104 No boy Captain Red 8 107 E.Arcaro 8-5 8-1 10-t 3-1 8-1 10-1 Ruel Declines Job as District Attorney's Aid SIXTH RACE One and a sixteenth miles, claiming, 3 year olds and up: Port o1 Play 1 113 McCray Knarlewood 8 110 J.Leyland will take their first workout today at the 124th Field Atillery armory, 62d street and Cottage Grove avenue, where the show will open Saturday night.

The other members of the team are Capt. Uynek Bejcek, Capt. Julius Cocek, and Lieut. Vaclav Schan-tin. An array of blue ribbon winners from Pomona.

entered by the Carnation farm, has arrived and is quartered at the armory. During the next few days such equine beauties as Koxie Highland, three-gaited saddlt completed and will be submitted to the Illinois state athletic commission this afternoon for approval. Topping the program, and already approved, is the match between Joe Stecber and Jim McMillan. The balance of the card that will be submitted for approval ie: Riy Steele vs. Gino Garibaldi.

George Zaharls vs. Joe De Vito. I Bverett Marshall vs. Milo Steinborn. Dr.

Karl Sarpolis vs. Pat O'Bhocker. 4-1 8-1 4-1 tt-3 K-l 15-1 Boston, Oct. 15. JP) The legal profession has failed to lure Muddy Ruel, veteran American league catcher, away from baseball.

Ruel announced at a dinner tendered him here that he had declined the post of assistant district attorney of St. Louis countyfeJft Switch 6 113 No boy Anna AdeUa. 93 H. Huifhes Biagdora 3 113 E.Arcaro Srrk-eant Hill 4 107 Mo boy SEVENTH BACE-One mile and seventy yards, claiming. 3 year olds and up: All Hail 7 115 No boy Hnrarnzaila 5 111 Anderson 108 No boy champion, owned by Miss Mary Gwyn ARFR HURI Fiers of Oklahoma City.

KnAKZU ABCtS. flU 6-2 8-1 20-1 0-1 4-1 6-1 3-1 10-1 15-1 'M supposed to get to Washington about I 111 Mo boy 105 No boy 103 H.Hughes 1 11 No boy 110 No boy 110 J.Nachel once a month. Ultramarine 11 Sultry 15 Never Quit 14 Oh Yeab 2 Vagabond 3 Bad Mews 6 Blanket Bay 4 Jack Murphy 9 Abstain 13 Publication 10 Jack Alexander 1 King Pin 8 Le Mlnistre 18 Bob Weidel 12 Mrs. Jock Whitney's eight gray Jumpers from New York will be here. Porter Fox.

president of the horse show association, will preside at a final meeting, and luncheon of the committee today at the Chicago Beach hotel. ALL THE WEST 111 A. Anderson 8-1 108 No boy 16-1 106 No boy 20-1 111 BArearo 20-1 111 J5 Warden 20-1 105 No boy 20-1 111 Mo boy 30-1 "Mais oui, it is the finest hair preparation! More gentlemen in my shop ask for Piuuud Eau de Quinine tban any other. The genuine invigorates and tones up the scalp. As a hair dressing it is incomparable.

It holds "It might be a hardship but the fact is I enjoy that trip. I take the Liberty Limited, ot course, and the minute I step into that train I get a feeling of well-being and relaxationand 1 just give in to it. "Perhaps it's the cheery willingness of the Dorters or the quiet luxury somehow in those 18 hours between Chicago and Washington the petty aggravations of business and life in general seem far away. The Liberty Limited schedule is ideal you leave right after lunch 2 o'clock Central Standard Time and you're in Washington at 9.00 Eastern Standard Time next morning. However, if you prefer another schedule, there are 4 other fast trains to Baltimore and Washington every day.

5-4 VICTORY IN A CHARITY GAME Dubuque, Oct. 15. Special. Urban Red Faber, today celebrated Faber day by pitching a team composed of fellow townsmen In Cascade and Columbia college alumni to a victory over the Tri-State Dragons, 5 to 4. Although he started poorly, the veteran spitballer managed to settle down in the later innings.

The game was played to raise money for a relief fund to be started by the Columbia College Alumni association, but rain Just before it started kept the attendance down. 0u Ureyhouno, the only way su een rully ten th bcautlst st America routs to Califernls! 3 routes. Santa Fs Trail Short cut. Kooky Mountain routs snd Borderland route. Finest service all the stay.

Liberal stos-over ssd return privileges. SAMPLE ROUND TRIPS riMEST BlACHtS HIGHfSI HOUIUAINS of the train itself or th comfort of a private bedroom with a real bed but LEAGUE TO AWARD TROPHIES. The Midwest Baseball league will hold Its annual presentation of trophies next Sunday night at the Harding tavern, Clark and Madison streets. SKATING DRILL OPENS PRACTICE OF BLACKHAWKS Champaign, 111., Oct. 15.

Special. The Chicago Blackhawks held their first preliminary hockey practice at the University of Illinois skating rink this afternoon. The squad of 18 was on the ice for about 20 minutes, dur LosAna.le. Ar. At.

Baltimore Washinfttoa Lv. Chicago San rrancisco San Diego Manhattan 10. 30 A.M.. 7.03 A.M.. 8.00 A.M.

The Rainbow 4.00 P.M...H-40 A.M.. M. ThePennaylvanlaLtd. 6.00 P.M... I The Gotham Limited 9.00 P.M..

5.31P.M... 6.30 P.M. the hair place with clean, gentlemanly lustre. And it prevents "Scurf which is scaly, dandruffy, unclean hair." After your next hair cut say Pinaud's Eau de And get a bottle for home use. At your drug or department store.

Look for the signature of Ed Pinaud in red across the label. PINAUD'S Healthy lltllHMII XHIl 1)11 DELICIOUS MEALS in an air-conditioned diner one of the things that help make your trip on the Liberty Limited a real pleasure all the way. WRESTLING Stecher vs. McMHIen WED. I I CHICAGO on.

25 1 1 STADIUM 15,000 SEATS AT $1.10 RINGSIDE, $2.20 AND 3.30 Call Central 7200 for information or Other round trips: El Pao, HU.iO; Oallsi. 425.20: Tulia. 118.00; Billlnst, 140.45: Butte. S49.I3; Glendive. Seattle.

Wh. 54.00. PHONE WABash 7700 Onion Bus 1157 S. Wabash; Loop. IO N.

Stats; Sherman Hotel HU1 Slony ulsnd; Wilsos-Bdwy. Berwyn Legion Parrots Defeat Lemont, 13 to 0 The unbeaten Berwyn Parrots defeated the Lemont Pros, 13 to 0, yesterday at Lemont. Louie Crane ran ing which time only skating was allowed by Manager Tom Gorman. All of the regulars and recruits appeared to be in wonderful physical condition, and if the advance reports on the prowess of the rookies is half Westbound: The Liberty Limited leaves Washington 4.05 P.M., arrives Chicago 8.35 A.M. (All time, shown are Standard.) ON SALE TODAY 1 V.

Pennsylvania Railroad true the BiackhawKs snouia uan me jams a. luuiuuuwu and Hockey league season with bing a short pass from John Smatlak. the best balanced team that has ever Joe Peluzo scored the other on an represented Chicago. eight yard off tackle Brnash. Box offices Bond's Clothes Shnn OB W.

Madison, and Stadium Grill. 1800 W. Madison, ifor reservations phone Soeley aoOO, i 'ijftSfi llfr' CHICAGO DAILY TRTTiTTNTF, MOMTtAV nrrrmTTj mifi lliiBteVfe..

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