Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on April 18, 1913 · 21
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 21

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1913
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I HOG MART ACTIVE; 1 TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION OF THE TRIBUNE. VALUES MOVE UP I itT CRDERS rcrt AIL SUPSCRIFIIONS 'MUST Packers Lead Buying Session, Which Inspires Advance of 5l0 Cents. CATTLE PRICES IN RUT. Small Receipts Ample for Requirements; Sheep and, Lambs Drop Further. Hog trade at Ch !rag yesterday was full of action and values ra11ic,c1 10c from the previous day's low closing level, topping at $9.10. Packers were leading buyers. taking 13.100 hPal at an average cost of 19,01. against P;.(37 Wednesday. Eastern shippers bought 5,(0 head, leaving less than 2.500 hogs to be carried over unsold. The bulk of the supply cleared within a narrower range of prices than on any previous day in several weeks, with many sales at $91)0 and higher. On!y 8.500 head Of cattle were recelve& but thlts inwed amp:e Zr the requirements of the trale. and steer prices held at Wednesdays decline. wizh hest on sale at $9.95.. Co end hifers met st-I91 a limited call at a decline of 1..'540c from Monda4's figures. Sheep lind lamb values continued their downward slide, sustaining further losses of lt45c. with best lambs at $tt.CO. Prime western wethers at $:,50 agalust 7.90 a week ago. FIOG-S Ellk of sales .f,8 1)7,4,15 t,l1 COM111011 to gcmd mixed b. 7 t Fair to 4004 medium weights 9 t4,satt.t..-0 Lightseights S twro9.10 Fair to choice butchers 1,9 Frelected -.1)(sq,i0.) lb bker., 8 9.-,419 r Boars. act-mama' to weight Fancy shippers 9. t 541.9. li) 9.154i9 50 Pigs 8.09(ts.9,t Average price of hors at Chictgeo saoi, egamst fi4.117 Wednesday. $9,14 a week ado. F4.04 a )tar ago, era $11.13 to years agd, cATTLE. 13tef steers. stood to crime beef elvers, rntdtura 61:1 Beef steers, COn1111,E1 VC., medium 7.t4,44.7.75 IeaLrLings 7.-55ms.65 Beef coos, common. to selected 5 tofai Fat heifers, rood to selected 6. Oss'o 7.79 Stock steers 6 007.75 Heifers, setected 7 so(u; s.50 Feeders Campers and cutters 8.4t Ate. ts5 itsood to prime Veiall 7 7foot,.50 13 aUs 5 4o476O SanEP. $5 11506 75 4. :54(4.6. :..-tZel.7 5. cy ti 51) 4.7 &a:5 75 4 '1.7,4iZ .25 6.75,4,7 .75 n gs 5 77,(w.i.SS 7 75(4,-, 75. be 6 5047. iS) ..... 7.64 ,'4',A) 6.04,47.75 rwas l(coIti - Shorn ewes .. lat 'gathers Shorn wethers 5. o iro 6.50 Bucks 4.7 fot.t7.. 75 Cult sheep 4 '2545.25 IVA yearlings Shorn )eangs 5 77,(46.SS oolorado la, i.bis 7 75.(cv, 75, Feeding lambs 6,5047.60 Native lam os 7.6c4i'C0 Whom la.nte 6.0.0(47.75 Movement at Chicago Yards, Receipts Cattle- Calves. Hogs. Sheep. Wedneslay. April 16..15.269 8.074 24466 18.178 Thursday, April 10.... 11,0I-i2 17.116 Thursday, April LT.... 3,500 2,5t0 17,000 72,000 Shipments-- Wednesday, April 16.. 4.254 84 5.430 2,473 Thursday, April 10.... 4 6,3 77 '5,1S8 4753 Thursday, April T. 3,000 75 5,000 4,000 Receipts for April IS were estimated at 1,1500 cattle, 14,000 hogs, and 6 000 i3lieep, rgainat actual arrivals of 665 caul!, 21,523 hogs, and 8.963 sheep for Friday. April 19. 1912. Live Stock Markets Elb,ewhere. KANSAS CITY. Mo.. .April lg.CATTLEReceipts, 2,500; steady to We higher. BOGSRect:pts, 6 500; steady to strong; bull., $s.608.K; $S 60faS 75; packers and butchers, $8.75 8.87,11: I:ght, $6.75'US.91:14; pigs, $7.IY'48.00. RirEEPRectipts. 8,7iAi; 10425o lower; (Xdorado lambs, 8-7.2548.50. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Ifl. Arrtl TLE R teal p 1. 40); stron g ticiGS,Receipts. 8.000; Itke ligisard light. $; mixed and butchers. $ S 959.10; good heavy, Ss65U9.05. WIEEPRecelpts. 8.500; steady; lambs, $7.004 S.70. O'MARA. Neb.. April V.CATTLEReceipts. 8,000; steady, HOGSReceipts, e.1,4 00 ; strong; heavy. $S 50,,(I8.65; light, $8.7948.80; pigs. $7.004 8.40, bu,k of sales. P1.60.'58.75. SHEEPReceipts. 14.000: lower; lambs. IS Otrd8.75. OFFICIAL WEATIIER FORECAST. I-Pleb; OF CHIEF OF WEATHER BUREAU, Washington, D C., April ILForecast: IllinoisEair Friday, cooler in north portion. Sat urd a y twit moderate northwest windOoFair Friday and probatly Saturday, somewhat cooler Saturday, modelate southwest to west winds. Lower MichiganEair Friday. Saturday fair and cooler. moderato tat and northwest winds. Upper Michigan, Wisoon,sin, and Minnesota Yaft aud cooler Friday, Saturday fair, moderate northwest v.inds. IndianaFair Friday, cooler in north. Saturday pro6ahty Lair, IllUdPrute west winds. Place Of ots.erN ation Ateld it 1D1.3. n - 9 4 A. iin r-- rReern states-. Albany 88 40 Atlanta 72 76 i-4 ksu.n , 44 50 40 lo 52 58. 3i thar,estom 64 72 54 ;Sew You k 54 62 44 l'arkersburg t14 4,). 42 Philadelphia -5,1 6"V 41 Ilttsburgb 68 411 Icialt T. 50 NVastinzton 16. 46 ilult States-- ..11C3 114 Oft Atnar ilo Stt 4S El P&S.3 76 ,S4 cialvtston ft,s 72 66 Jacksonville tiS 80 56 liartil 7 78 54 Mobile ,S2 lirl,..trttgnmory 74 52 loans-78 S's: Far) Ani,...n1.0 S2 S6 56 Ehrevtoort stt 554 Tatnoa ;4) 76 604' 76 $2 Eaaa-csotral states Alpena 4-S 82 84 Cairo 72 76 54 Chicaizo .73 71 45 Ilnivittnati CA 72 48 Cleveland ';,8 58 42 Dayton -64 10 4.2 Detroit 54 (16 40 Escana ba 44 46 l.'4 14 76 52 Dort 1A'ayno 64 72 44 lirard riavert. -58 61 '',2i1 (trawl Itapida-b8 74 42 Ureen Eay 66 76 42 .1ratrarapolla 68 48 ;Madison t,t8 78 48 14crquette 54 70 44 Mmi,h1 ti 78 r-,;.! All:aautise , 72 7S 44 -6 Sit 74 (oNa 72 S0 44 St, Marie 44 5.8 32 SPritt,g11-oitt 74 80 46 eSt ccutral s'...t.tesDisnutrt 64 tis UhArk's City.- 66 72 4S t.uncordia..--74 ....,74 142 36 Itcs 51 unes 7" 7S 54 Diet it's Lake 56 42 Doilks tsl Si.; 42 41 00;tts 70 sii th,ilikb t14 71 :at Ilun 70 74 44 CIty S0 S4 C2 78 S4 54 I:ittl- 7S 84 56 lt,()!''':),i t:4 70 4s 1,..rth i'iatte Tit 74 44 tiklanonta trt 64) (nnaba ,1"2 76 56 62 tal 44 Sioux t'lly 6S 72 52 St. Louis 743 44 56 8) ..... 7.) 72 72 Ikto4.0) 84 56 co 02 4.1 :I " -t Clear ar C.ear 4 '14151' Clear Clear t2 tear Clear Cli-ar Clear udY 4lowy Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Cloar Clear Cs.ear Clear o 0 N. W. S. E. E. E. S. 6. NW. N. E. N S. 6. S E. S. S. a W. W. S. E. S. W. ot!, t, 72 Fi 0 a-, 6 8 8 4 8 4 10 4 4 4 14 6 10 6 6 4 4 4 g 4 4 4 a Fair S. E. Or, . Clear S. Ciear 15 .. C ear S. W. 4 Clear S. E. 4 Clear S. Clear S. Fair NE. 6 Clear S. 4 Clear S. 12 ci, r S. Clear S. 6 c ear W. 12 S.W. 8 clew N. W. 12 Cloudy S. W $ Clear S.W. 4 Clear W. 10 Cie ,r N. W. 6 Clear S 8 Rint N E. 6 .14 Clear S. Clear N. W. 20 Clear NW. 4 Fair N. E. 4 iear N. W. Fair N. W. 6 1. al r N. W. 22 Clear E. 12 Clear N. W. 6 (1r W. 16 Clear N. W. 12 Clear N. 4 Clear W. Clear S. E. 10 Clear NW. 20 Clear E. Clear E. 4 Cloudy N. Fair N. 8 Fair NW. 6 Clear S E. 1) Clear Clear E. Clear S r. Clear N. -0 70 4. Car t nue ti,o,trly 14 .1 1C-11,i V N W S lia vre 62 4.4 iat - N. 4 ti4 :it: Cleur N. 8 Lanut r tit CO; Clear E. .1:1411,1x Ts Y.-, T,s Fair N W. 12. ... rt.ottit,) S 72 tti Cioudy S.F. 'S ... Fait Luiis CI t SS To 4t4 Cleur N. W, 14 04 S4 C1E-ar S.W. 4 ... Zit; 62 :30 Clear NW. 10 . rA Ka', es rre too 0.4 7t1 41 Elnudy S. E. et .. I's A r islos....7i4 St" 4; t-ituay S.W. 12 4-ttut t ore 71 74 4.4 Clo-ar 1. 12 ... , e, 4S el, ,udy N E. tt .... ,tSt n 7a-P Fair W. sun 0,, 7, .1. 7;41 Cloudy S.W. 12 t'Ss ; 4 Cieur N E. 4 Tar knr A 4 70 4 ' Clear N, iL 7O 72 44 Cleat N. ran ' 6i1 istrt (14ir N.W. 4 try CA :14 Floar S.E. t 6 it CluuttY tti) ,V Cloudy S.W. 22 .44 6rtre 44 :la) ("tsar S. 4) Fair E. ,Lroni , 4 itt4 40 rktar E. 01A 40 Fdr N,11-. IMMEININIIIIIIIIIPLIMMIMIOMMMOmummiumEMMI,Mmillitil CRPERS PCp. :MAIL SuPSCRIPTIONS lIT:ST PE ACCWIPANIED Er REMITTANCE TO COVER. Postage paid In the tnited S,ates toutaide ot Chicago tly limits and In 3lelnico; Daily wiatout Surd4y, one yea,' $4 On Daily, without Sundly, Six MoLthq 2 00 withoat Suntlay, three TrIOLZ.b, ruilly, without Sunday, two months 1.00 Lally, without Sunday, one month .50 DaiTy, with Sunday, one year Daily, with Sunday, six months 3 '3 Daliy, with Sunday, three months 2.00 baliy with Sunday. one rnonth 71 Sunday issue, one year 2 Sunday issue. one month. . Give postotfice address in Nil, including county and state. Remit by express money order, draft, or In registered letter, at our risk, to The Tribune company, publisher. : ET CARRIER IN CITY DISTRICTDal ly (Eir days per month 734:1 Daily and Sunday, per month Sutiday only. per month 25 N EW YORK 1207, 220 FIFTH AS ENT:E. CROISIC BUIL DING. - WASHINGTON-40 INTATT BUILDING. no-1 RI PT -N E PEI LP! N 4 INDEX TO CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS AUCTION SALES Col. 6, page 27 ANIS AND ANTIQUES Col. 3. page 23 AUTOMOBLIES Col. 4, Page 27 AUTO ElEFLEA ACCESSORIES- Col. 6, page 27 AUTOMOBILES WANTED Cob b, Page 87 AUTOMOBILE INSPECTION Col. 6, page 27 AITIOLOMILE BROILERS Col. 3, page 27 BALL GARN 8 tage 16 BOARDING AND LODGING Col. 6. pate 23 BOARD WANTED Col 7, pag 28 BICYCLES AND morouoTtaxg cob 3, page as UILDUG NIA CERIAL c ot L Pi' 25 RuLTA.aDs AND NO w LIN G CoL 7, page 27 DI DGS. FOR SALE & WANTED Col. 2, pate 23 bugla, kActois. g.TC Col. 6. Page 27 ROCKS AND MAGAZINES COL 8, page 27 BAXTER AND XCLAbG LoL l page 26 b ESS I'Llt,SONALA Col. 3, page. 23 RUSLNESo CAANCE.8 CoL 1, page 27 CAME1418, HODAMS. ETC Col. 3, page 21 CASICIF CLOTHING Col. 3. Page 21 CEMETERIES Cot. 3. Rage 21 CLEANERS. DYERS. ETC Col. 3, page 21 CONTRACTS TO LET & WANTED Col. 6. page 27 ToAacusts 6,4.4'0014g CoL 7, page 27 DRESSMALING & MILLINERY Col. 2, Page 23 DOGS. BIRDS, AND FOULTRIC..., Col. 4, pate 25 DETECTI F. Atia.o.CE8 Cot. 4. pag 25 EXCURSION AND TRAVEL Lai. 3, page at aeocRoag Col. 6, page 27 FLOWERS Cot 3, page 21 GALRA(8ES Col. 6. page 27 la3.1. WANTED-MALE Cot. 1, yaa IIELP WAN TED-FLATALIL Col. 6, Page 22 Col. 1, page 22 HORSES AND CARRLAGES Col. 3, page 23 HOUSLUOLD GOODS CoL 3, Pag 27 HOTELS Col. 7. pag 23 INSIR UCTION Col. 7. Page 27 JEWELRY. WATCHES, ETC Col. 6, page 27 LEAbAROLDS Col. 3, pegs 87 LIFE INSURANCE LOANS CoL 7. page 26 LAND L2EO4MAII4.161 CoL 5, page 23 LOST &IAD LOCAL) Lo. 4, page 23 LIGHT & HEAVY MANUFACTUMG Col. 8, page 23 MAcALbst.a. 2 AND TOOLS Col. 3, pate 23 MONUMENTS Col. 3, Paa 741I8CELLANEOU8 Col. 3, page 27 Li xoxti h t.tx SALZ Col. 7 Page 26 laOlOtat. at.LES AN.) MiCYCLES Col. 3, page 27 MUSICAL IN RIR U MER TS CoL 7. page 27 MO1011 10 Ig.ENT Col. 6, aatt 27 aiCAL A.AD IlitALtitt.ALLIC Col. 7, page 37 OFFICE DEVICES Cob 3, pag 27 ,PENSIONS Col. 3, page 23 R.o.aug,AL Col. 3, pase 23 ATRATS, kATENT A1104432E248 Col. 3, paw. 21 ka.L1NELS WANTED Col. 3, page 27 kte.IN TING. ENGLA243. BENDING Col. 3. page 23 PRINTING RICHT. & 8UPPJAE Col. 2, page 23 i2;Abo4,AL z'ottogNigt,2 Col, 7, page 22 ROOMMATES. Cot 1, page 23 442.,AR, Rag AL lo-C.LNIMAL Col. 5, page 25 AZARIataat Ifil-60 U IA SIDI- Col. 6, pag t AALI eaLie te-A Col. b, page 26 AFAAIRLEN 116-114. bUJE Col. 6, paa 23 Axog.o.TAg.a Ia....WEal RIDE Col. 6, pag 95 - BUSINESS PrrT.---sourzi EiDL Col. 6. page 2.1 SU bait a co Col. 6, page 25 LIalStaid 1PIT.-12. W. SIDE Cal., 8, pagt a.) 211,, sill Ras ,t r I 2.-W EaT tagoa C. 7, PaIKI 23 ILO to 4E8-84 U IA 6 IDA; Col. 7, Page 83 LOLbLa-NONISI SIDE Cot. 7, page US jae MI HOUSES-NORTHWEST SaDIL Col. 1. Page all t.tatelo-oviRaT SLOE Col. 1, page 26 1.-avolot Col. 1, page 26 VotcANI-NOta.d. kLA, Cot. 1, pag 26 VACANT-NORIA L121 BIDE" COL 11, kage 26 At.,Aos I- vv aLUR Col. 2. page 26 bilitk, Li-LAN u to-irkt.) to TA 61DE CoL R. Paa 86 MAN Ut At.' k40111:LI X- CoL 2. page 28 ILEAC 3OLAIL---o0.X11-oulATA CoL 2, Page 26 LRAL 4.16441-4-x-tho ti--AuxIx Lt. Col. 2, page kfi XxAL Ica IA1X-Oo W j. loag 26 LEAL EalAgo..-auat 11-2.,L32 Col, 3, 1 age 26 XXAL A. Autarl Lot. 8, page 20 REAL EaTAIR-OTAETI CITIES Col. t, page 26 ,A. koguzg..2I a Col. 6, page 26 REAL LSTAIL-tau MALES. Ak-8 I, page 28 Ra1A16.-EARAI LANgoti..... Col. 4, ilage REAL Ea IA16,-CO ti .01 Col 6, page gd ARAL L..3a:A.Le.--k Ault Col. 6, page 28 REAL EzTATE AUCTION Col. 4 page 26 KRAL EaTAIE-Alat.E1.1.44.1215 Cot. b. page 23 ARAL RatARL aL.01 .a.4J COL 6, page old ita.L.o.L. Lost-AIX kQ Gui. 8. 1)&6 d ad AA' IS Col. b, page 26 Et, bo.o,Raa tra022.S.IX Col. b, page. 8d A.o.soX Col. 0, Page 34 IgOglat.S Col. 8. page 26 AQANI b, page 23 ..a.... CoL 6, page 28 B.LAI. Lob 1 ATE LOANS Cot. 6, page ed kaguAI10-6 AN1.1.,14-4LALZ COI. I, pee e 21 bliUgalgONS W IIRD-AEmALL Col. 7, page 21 041 L6.4 1, ,iiitg 24 6TORE AND OFFICE ILL:TURES- Col. 6, Patte 27 STORAGE, CAIT'G, FORWATID'G-Col. 6, page 27 4444,..ALigagi Col. 8, page 21 SP ORTING GOODS Cole 3, pate 44 bIOV ES Col. 3, page 27 , bzi.4 .t.ab COL 0, page 27 bit..4148a1Z LINES Col. 7, page 27 70 N.1.14 I-ILOWKS ' Col. 4. tp..-a 22 aa. .1, aaa ur Col. 8, page 21 SPORTING GOODS Col. 3, page gg 2,TOVES Col. 8, page 27 6.04 Lab COL 0, page 27 b Lt.& biSalZ 1.1141.5 Col. 7, paws 27 10 1l..bil-1LOOMS ' Col. 4, page 2$ 10 laRtelM0 0 0a.R20. ROOMS. t..ol. b, page 23 1 0 it ,t4o I b. (.) Li 61.6 CoL 7. page S$ .11 a Oil Col. 1, page 21 TO RENTSUMMER RESORTS Col. 1, Page kt 10 10.1,2g1:,1 RANSALL) LO Li ALB Col. 1, pato 24 lu lb.s.a416k CAI'S Col. 1, page 24 20 AR& T-11.; aLNIAELED 11.4C15 Col. 7, page 24 . ,,,, . CoL 1, page 22 10 RENTSTORES Col. 1. Page 23 1.0 RE3i I-02 FILES & STUDIOS CoL 2, page 25 20 RE1'T-2 LOORS AND LOITS Col. 3, page 25 20 ki4...aiTlaiG. k ALOr 14..E X Col. 4. sag. 25 10 iLENTliALLS Col. 4, page 25 10 RENTBUIEDiNG8 Col. 4, page 25 10 RENIGARAL.IS & BARNS Col. 4. page 25 1 0 REN TFAR MS Col. 4. sage 25 TO LES TBAS1.2LENTS Col. 4, page 25 10 LiN Tlaat4.4.1.4..a.0,,,r.0 (la COI. 4, page 25 'IA C boES, EIC Col. 7, page 27 1.0.A1).t b(.4;LOOLS Col. b. be TYPEWRITERS & SUPPLIES TALKING MACHINES ALIki TED-LOOMS WA&ILD-HOUSES WANTED-AT SUM. RESORTS WANTED-TO RENT-FARMS Col. 4. page 25 Col. 4, page 23 Col. 4, page 25 Col. 7, page 27 Col. b, 4.4 Col. 2, page 23 Col, 6, page 27 Col. 4, page 23 Col. 6, page 23 Col. 1, page as Col. 1, page 24 Col. 1 page 2 Col. I, Pate 25 --- FOREIGN MAIL SCHEDULE. FOREIGN MAILS WILL CLOSE AT CRICAG'O postortice as loitows: For SAItzeriand, p4tirl, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, Oiteee. British India, Roumania, be,giam. and Atriell. 7 p. For Cuba, ori;30 p. For A:zu4E1t. 4 p. m. For alanitota. British Columbia. and Northwest leiraoly, to P. m For Jarhalca wad ,Vet Indies 12 p. For Aus-rat, .1)earnars., France. Germany 5 rent rate, iay. Grtat Britain, Ireland. N.Orady. etneriatus. Russia. anu Sweden. by S. s, Majestic, Friday. April IS. 11:445.a. in. For Japan, Chits.. and Corea. via SeatCe. by B. S. Tarttha Maro Friday. AprIl IS, p. m. For Hawaii, via San Fralicisco. by S. S. Serra. itaturay April le, 0 p. For Canal Zone and Panama., via New Orleans. by S. S. Farismina, Monday, April 21, For Elia ail. Japan, Cnica. Corea. and Philippnea, vaa San FrariA;isca. by S. S. Nile. Monday, April For Hawaii, via Tacoma by S. S. Missourian, Tue,,day. April 22 0 p. For Japan. Cnina, corea. and Phtlirpines. via Tacoma. N ash., by S. S. Tacoma Siaru, Friday, April 13, 9 p. FOr kiaAati. Via t.zatt Francisco, by S. S. Larline. Satun:a, April 26, 9 p. rn. For Tahiti. Marquesas, Cooks islands, and New Zealand; aso speoia:ly addressed correspondence tor Australia. via San Francisco. by S,S. Aorangi, eaturnay, April 21i. 9 p. m. For Samoan ialands. New Zealand. and Australia. via San Frarrcisco. by S. S. Vemura. Sattlialay., MAY 3. 9 P. rrr. D. A. CAMPBELL. Fosimastes. I 11:1114 L'HICAGO 'DATUY ... DEATHS. BAKERalareuret L. Baker, April la, beloved sister of Dr, S. S.. Fr. A. H., A .. and Catherine L. Baker, at her reeidemee 31i 4 South l'ark-av. 'Funeral Saturday, 2 13. rm. from Tririte el-ear-ea, eliehigan-av. and 2tith-et.. carria goe ).A COI-I e'ohn. brether of Mre. Jacob Beroztre eireereily. Funeeel sere let s at Furthe. Texty-tifth-st. rind 4 ;rand, hl Friday. i2 p: lie Burial at Moant Isaiah COUCHILINlienry Cougelin, age 4S years. aridly A;ri 1.. Item the chapel r.f ereern iedrket and laeaartaking comr,anv. Meade in-a. and Ilareleinheet.. to St. ielary'e cleareii, by care to lieunt Foufe. Apr:1 17 1913. aged a Yeere. levcd a,uehter ,f Friek II. ara Fouee nee liennale Fara-eel strietly privdte Frielay at 2 la to from late residence, 42..5 We 12th ea. te 31z, Greet-ex.:eat No flowers. CERBErticaltCharlotie Shepley Berbeeieh, nee of Charles J. 41c rherieh, mottle r of Fiorence. chas, Jr.. arel Kenneth. Services -from late reeldenee, nee W. NN et End-ire Sunday.- S a. re. cterteeze-w-telarn B. Gene agial G3 Services frera reelienee of Geo. A. r ',inns. 2972 Prairie-ave Satnraiiv. A eril 19 at 11 a. me Burial private at Itesehni. TIMSrerleFERWinnifred Viola Hermsdorter, Aprii 17. vile, beloved ter tighter of tared C. and HFI'llisiort,r Funeral Saturday. April 19. 2 p, nr., freer' :5141 Calumet-ay.. by automobiles to Oalewoode. JitaleNSTON---,A11-e M. Jnhnstore April 17 at reeldence. a720 Florenee-av., sister of Agnes ard the 1st," Steelien arid John Joheston. sieter-In-lew cf Mee Lizzie Gray aunt el' Frau k and Edwin Lewis and Frank Gray. Funeral Saturday morning at S:30 from their residence. ta St. Caenient's church; by autemobilea 10 Calvary. REYSFrank Kryes, at the Chlcago state hospital, on April 1.5. 1913. Unteres intereeted friends make burial arrangement, within tive days the body will be disposed of. LINDROOTHiAnna E. T A -,,ntb, age ez. years, widow of the late J. H. LIndrooth. Funeral 2 D. DI. Saturday. April 19. 1913. from Bentley's chapel. 2701 N. Clark-st. Interment Rosehill. leleCHEEJanie m McGhee. Funeral from the chapel of the Western Caeket and Undertaking company. Nlichigan-av. and ita.ndolph-st. -Iterment at Columbus. Ga. McVFIGIIJarnes McVeigh. Fonereil from the chapel of the Western Casket and Undertaking cotnrane. Michigan-ay. and Randolph-et- Funeral notice later. 7.eir,RANe-Martin H. Moran, dearly, beloved hue-Anti of Catherine Moran. floe Duffy, fond father of Joan. Harry. Mary. Frank. Thomas, end Edward Moran. Funeral Saturday at 9 o'clock from his late rside' i 4..ale 4Isi-ct., n, or Montroee. to St. EdwareVe ehurch . where solemn high mass will be celebrated. thenee by cairiages to Mt. Carmel. Lieutenant of Engine co Na, 130: member of Firemen's Amin. Mutual Aid and Lafayette council Ka of C. MORGANGeorge Catiogan Morgan. aged 79 yeare, husband of the late Ella Bradlee, Morgan:. Funeral services at Third Preehyterian church. corner Ogden-ay. and4 Aehlandeblvd.. Friday. 2 air) D. tn. Ituelal private. 111-TRHEADSamue1 ateKirler atuerhend. April le, aged 411 yealta. beloved husband of Kite. Moir-head. Funeral Saturday. April It.). at l2.30 p. frum his late rt-sidencet 214t1 Irving Park-blvd.. th noe to Graceland Cemetery. CHITATALA. F. Nenhvatal. April 16. 1911. Funeral services will be held at BenCey & Sons' thane!, 27o1 N Clark-et Fr'day. April 18. at 3 p. rn, , Interment Nienalitia. Wis. NICHOLSCetharine E. Nichols. aged 79 years. t.loved wife of the late Semual Nichols. fond mother of John. S't rah. Andrew. Jennie. an the late Franklin Nichols, Funeral Sunday April p. ria, from late residence, 2120 tegden-ay., ceicriages to Roeehill. PATTENSon Amelia Patten. on April 4, 1913. at her home. lee) Aspinwall-ay.. Brookline, Alates., formerly of this city. PIKERose Anna Pike. net Gordey beloved wife of Ede ard W., mother of Mei garet. Rose, Edna. Edward. and Mrs. Louts Reivel, and the late Charles Peke. Funeral Saturday at 9 a. no from late residence. 3e4 tnion-av., to Visitation ehereh, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by cars to Mount Hope from Ilaleted-et. depot. RICHTERAlbin Rtctttr. April 15, aged 60 years. Funeral Friday. April 1. at 10 a. ree. from Sheldon's funeral chapel. 912 'Medi-eon-et. BOSSEllison Halsey Ross. Tuesday morning, 10:40. euddenly, at 35 S. Dearborn-st. Funeral Friday at 2:30 p no at his late home, 2al3 Thatcher-ay.. River Foreet. 111. SHAFFERHelena Shaffer, April 16. ItI13, at her home. 1321 Eltnwood-av.. Evanston. beloved wife of Fred H. Shaffer and mother of Ruth. Raymond, and Ethel, daughter of Eva Shaffer end sister of Martin Shatter, Mrs. D. A. Cook. and Mre. Katherine Moore, and the late Mrs. Anna Lan. Funeral Saturday at 930 a. m., Ft, 31arys church. where high mass will be celebrated. Interment at Calvary, RYANFletera Ryan, April V. loin. stter of the late J. B. Ryan and the late Elizabeth McCarthy. at her residence, 437 S. 'ryes-lg.-ay. Funeral Sunday at 12 noon trona PreCA04.13 Blood church; by carriages to Caivary. SMITHW1111am El-actin Smith. The funeral services of William Edwin Smith of Chicago. who died at laleanence, Ill.. Wednesday night, will be held at the chapel at Oakwcrotie cemetery. Friday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. TABORSarah A. Tabor. at residence. 743 Garfield-blvd., beloved wife of Capt. S. M. Tabor. mother of Mrs. William M. Hattie. Mrs. William J, Roberts. Mrs. Fred Bentley. Mrs. Lewis B. lemon. and Mre. Jame,. M. Rusfell, Funeral Saturday. 1:30 p. m at Gerfield- Boulevard M. E. church. Burial Mount Hope. Automobiles. TYLERTheo. R. Tyler, hueband of Louise Sheprie'l Tyler, at hie reeldenee 2s11 Prairie-ay., la'edneerlay, April 16. Funeral from his late restdenee Friday at 3 p. in. UNGEP,--.Erenll Urger at the Chicago State hoetette' on A nril Ill 1013. Unless intereeted frierde mice burial arrargernente within five days the body will be dieposed of. F. Wall. husband of Marv- Faeroe Wall of 224 Clark-ay.. formerly of 29a8 Flournoy-en. tether of Mrs. Nellie Maher. Mrs, R. C Mangold, Thomas J., Ed Pa Daley. Flank Wall, and baidie Pierce. Member of St Charles Borromeo court, No. 59. C. O. F. Funeral Friday. April 18, at 9:30 a. na, to St. Thomas Aquinas' church. carriages to Calvary. WALSHEllen Francis Walsh, beloved sister of Patrick Walsh. Funeral Saturday, April 19. at 930 a. m.. from 'late residence, 3437 Wallace-st.. to Church of the Nativity, where solemn high mass will be celebrated carriages to Mount (ill- vet. Member of St. Columbkille court No. 179, C. O. F. Port Neasinegton, Wis., papers ' please copy, WHITNEYSarah A. Whitney, wife of the late Henry C. Whitney. at the residence of her granddaughter, Mrs. Stelby Mays, 1.304 Maple-ay.. Berwyn. Ill.. Thursday. April 17, 1240 p. m. Burial from late residences by auto to Roeehill. Senday. April 20, 1.30 p. WILKIEAorll ICI. 19113. John H. Wilkie. beloved husband of Dorothy 13, Wilkie. aged 2.1 veata. Funeral Friday at 10:RO a tn. from late realdence. 01 S Wand-at Eurial at Mount Olive. CASTOFF CLOTIIIN. - 6 LEVLNE PAYS MtitHEST pRich.s FOR GENTS AND LALIES FANCY DRESSES, FAENING AND DINNER GOV, NS, FLItS. 1234 JEI f-EE,ON. TEL. CANAL. 1103. STAR SACKS PAYS HIC,H EST PRICES FOR LA,..1E.S' AND GEN S' DiscARDED CLOi PrtiS. 3 N. CLARK-Si'. 1-11 RAND 3,13. IIINT TO THE WISEDON'T SELL YOUR clothing and shoes until you see G4:41DON, Canal 1,47. 1415 S. Haisted-st. NE'ED MONEY? I AY BEST PRICES FOR slightly used garments. Broffmari. 3534 RhodesIFuglas SIRS. CHNEHDER, 436 E. 31ST-ST.. BUYS ladies' wearing apparel. brio-a-larac. etc. Dour. 4740. - .L GOLDSTEIN. 1351 S. UNION-ST.. PAYS highest Price for clothlng; postal - MRS. H.SILBERSTEIN.--1:131 N. CLARK-ST., pays highest pr.ce castoff garments North 11350 : TI-IF; FAMOUS. 2:124 S. STATE-ST.-11B5HEST prices paid for castoff clothing. Send postal 4ssssssisti CLEANERS AND DYERS. 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F 6 3 v!ute shutter; $49 W. Cameras rented and exchanged; flimei developed any size, I00 per roll; print,ng and enlarging. Central Camera Co., 124 S NNabash-av, WANTEDUSED ZEISS OR EQUAL ANASTTGmat and c--.mpounci shutter, F 4.. seven inch focus; also used Graftex, CO, with g.)ed lens, de-- acribe fuily; best price. Addr,ss E 31,3 Tribune. $55 TAKES SENECA PRESS SPEC-flAT,T4J4:5; Tar 4.5 lens, focal pane shutter. HALL. 632 ri9-44 MACHU:NEN. ETOTtAGF - SALE 200 SINGERS AND ALL makes. $2. $2 50. SS up: new 27. 66, 9 W Singers, $29.50; guaranteed: delivered; days or evenings. Indnt. Storage Ca., 3720 COttage Grove-av, BUY A NE 4hME IktAcHiNE EAST payment.. If desired. THE NEW HOME SEWING MACHINE CO- 427 S. Watiaah-av. 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Trioune. - ATTORNEY, Toung man, univoreity and la W ch ri grdduai!e, 4 ,aii. raiitd claim and iaW 1 t' artILC'ILE tars' vonimeicial ;trot otlore ;tin yliGtv piet tot, and to! rii-h heittroLirporrel;1,r;r111.Celdch.C:!;s1lieitl artiaeil.road or .k AN ( 111A11, EI:h(-;01 oduottion, t,ur year,. eNP, rl,roit on ooliectiom, clitinie, and eities gani,:inio, an,e to connt tt inttiati ie. and ada hlilIv coudied with hard work wit I build a Poeta i uturo. A st F.. 446. 1 ribune. SITUATION WANTEDBY keeper; can tipen or dloae any tet ot books, tali. bit tialancei take compiete caarge. and banute any volume ot bluttitee; whoicsale iluaor experience. but other line will do; manufacturing preterreit. Addrees 145, Tribune - tritt, I rt Line SITUATION WANTE1)YOt N WAN. 'rt,-1 YRS Lon, Ittn one ;tr corium. and ti 3,rs. H. ft. cap. as senl. Ince man, baatir.. at-d tray. auditor, fes.rye to Lter tttlt vtora for smait a.zttary unift aottit2. ts pro,. en; exceltent references. Addiesm A T 1.40- Triburie INSURANCE. Capable office man or solicitor wishes to connect witit reliable broacrage house. Five years' exerience in ail braticlies or ittattrat,ge. A-tie 26- Adaress it; film, Tribune. ' 1 D. E. Bookkeeper and Cashier, 5 years' experience with mail order house; desire position wits reliable flim tit ett 61u6 or loop; best Ct relertaites. Auurtsat D 547. Tribune. 611c A I LtiN-WAi)--but)liKEt.r.E.R, CREDIT MA.N. OFFICE ALANAuE114 ult 6AL.E6MAN; MAN Y k EA hz LN bi sALARY Cat l'ER ELK- E 11th, 1RIBCNE. Sill ANIEDEXPERIENCED HARDsk are citric. :rt-r, wants ptaation as htad Meta.; talk8 Grn41,n Frerich; good t.torker; steacy. A dafeas VIC".1OR tiEk-kA, Vtashit.gtun-bhd. Tel: Maui air:A. IVANTEDEXPERIENCED Oltregyonderd credit l.a.n. nti 1,S wan; ital to erapior and gregeive nese egorg-r. Let. me hear irom you, heterences 1.deut.y. Age 27. Addrtise CA,. Tribune. .111..7A LION WAN TEDIN SMALL, N: 8 years' experience In othce and correspondence work; expert with tYPtWriter; tharriert; uMe employed at present; want to leave Chicago. For interview address E P.m. Tribune. bil L A A. 10A ANT1.jU MA.N.22-iii.A KS of age, h. Nititti,att, 4 years' or general office expelthee, 'bookkeeping typew rtIz, coriesponcilug. with executive so.lity, desiles position with reliable eOncer rt. Address D 2IS. Tribune. CATIoN W-liNTED BOOk,...kc-E.P.E711. 21 Yeads of eat, first c.ti,s education; thoroughly experienced w any kind ol work, desires to ma ke hhailket: heat -references Address k : SITU AliON VANTELYOUNG MAN, ll1;Th.EN years' experience in bookkeepths and accounting; Can a SO handie earre410rateriCe; ,to.."Dti at ilgures anti pLnman, nweniVoyeI Address E Tribune. SITUATION WANTEDEVENING WORK EY young man with some knowledge a bookkeeping; ght stenegrapner; kind ot work F 1, aridone, ure, s r Lrflune , SITUATION WANTEDYOUNG, 11AN. 22 YRS. of awe. 4 V'EarR of office experience in every branch, desirt,s revponsibie position, 'A nere executive ability Is demanded. Address D 215, Tilbune. SITU, AlION WAN-IEDYOUNG MAN 20 YEARS old, wishes clerical position In South Side odic-. 411 years experience; Id5 to start. Address if 14e, Tribune. SITUATION WANTED ACCOUNTANT AND general ollice man, age 40. sei.eral years expertehee nice management, coat and financial stateillentS. Address le 193. Tribune. SITUATION WANTEDBOOKREEPER, AD-jester, correspondent, by well educated. energetic. aggressie young German-American: A reterences. Phone Ll'rcoln 1151 EITTATION WANTEDEXIERIENCED BOOK-keeper and correspondent, fami.lar with up to dete systems ot aceounting. crenits, and reribctions; highest references. Address F 182. Tribune.: t" IT CATION W A N TEDTIM RKEEPER. M A - terial, and coot clerk, ô years exp. bldg. construction: yrs. single; leave city. Address E 404, ribune. El CATION WANTEDYOUNG JAPANESE with mail order co.:: reads, is rites. and speaks Engilsh a or in Ineubat..r factory; as (Alice ooJect. learn business. Address E112, Tribune. SI (T'AT ION WANTEDTHAT WILL OFFER advancement to intelligent, ambitious young man, 4 years' exp. business office; lneps-tatQly estmol eiltwation; emplope,d. Address E 5s3, Tribune. ,S11 IATION W A N TED M AN ::71. ER E.. extender, clerical or general office work; 8 yrs.' experience; tea willing worker. Address E 147. Tribune. 131 1 LA 1 ION W A NTEDBOOKK PIEPER; 7 YRS.' wholesale and mig. experience; tarn going osit of busin . eSS Al references; good penman. Acidress E Tr ibu ne. SITUATION WANTED YOUNG MAN. 22 YRS. old: office exp.; can take dictation; last 8 mo. ernPloyed salesman. city firm; best references. Address D 402, Tribune. UATION ANIED YOUNG MAN. YRS. high school education. reliable firm, as bookkeeper or office siork; ref. turn. Address D 478. Tribune. SITUATION W ANTEDAN UP TO DATE DOEbie entry bookkeeper and cashier, with a "hole-sae or retail firm; excellent references. Address ilOOKKLEPER. 2432 Catalpa-ct. SITUATION WANTEDYOUNG MAN. 22 YRS. of age. as bookkeeper, general oMco work; 4 years experience. Address F 164, Tribune. 8ITUATION WA N'I EDA I wants work afternoons; competent. Address D 372, tribune. SITUATION WAN71 EDYOUNG MARRIED MAN with first class engtaving or printing concern: 10 years office exp. Address E 688. Tribune- : SITUATION WANTED--- YO-UNG MAN STUDYing law, of Polish descent, wishes position with a bank. Address F58. 1 ribune. SITUATION WANTEDBY EXP. D. E. SooKkeeper, capable, reliable. Addirem 1' 454. Tribune. SITUATION WANTED BOOKKEEPER, oetioe man, 12 yrs,' factory exh. Address 0 448 TTi blitle, SITUATION WANTEDYOUNti MAN, 21, ADvertising experience. What have you? Address A T 239, Tribune. EFTLATION WANTEDYOUNG MAN STUDY.: ing trattic with 4 yrs. R. R. experience; employed. Addreiss F 453, Tribune. - SITUATION WANTEDTTIOROUGHLY EXPErienced bookkeeper and oflive man: 8 years' exp.; ace 33; salary $2,, to start. Address E 479. Tribune: SIT U'AIION WANI EDCLERICAL POSI1 loN; ambitious, eneigetic; do you ant me? Address F 115, Tribune. SIIUATION WANTEDSHIPPING CLERK; exp.; can hancLe teams and men- Address E 491, Tribune SITCATION WANTED EXP. BOOKKEEPEit and general ottioe man, capable. correap., etc.: good refs.; $16. Address A T 175, Tribune. SITUATION WANTEDEXPERIENCED B0i0E.- keeper; A-I Auditor and accountant; best of references. Address W S 302, Tribune. C ATIoN WANTEDRELIEF WORK, By registeted pharmacist, Caal Douglas 7likt. SITUATION WA.NTEDEVENINGS. By YOUNG man, cashiee box office. Adciiess F 448, Tribune.: SITUATION WANTED TRAVELING CLAIR adjuster; a producer. Add? ess F 4 Tribune. gift:A..10N WANTEDICA:NG MAN 2 y colitge 1 yr. office exp. Addrone F 447. Ibune. Accountants and Auditors. srrtATIoN WANTEDACCOUNTANT AND general office man: familiar vvith general bookkeeping and public service accounting; experienced in import and export businebs; 12 years' commercial training; Just arrived in city trom Iloode4 district and desire to locate at once. Address E 487 Tribune. ErrukTioN WANTEDTO AUDIT, SYSTEMAtize. Write up books of accounts. Financial st a t ern ra 8 certified.. 3. J. MITCHELL, ik co. tprr Barris Trust biog. RAND. SP& A I ION W A N-I EL)PUBLIC A cCo NI A NT7, auditing. profit and loss, and financial statements prepared. Terma moderate- T. A. FLEMING, Sid Otis Bldg. FRIDAY. APRIL' 18.. 191, -.. SITUATION WANTEDACCOUNTANT. IN steady position part time. desites engagement ono week each month; esperienc,A in cost and general accounting'. Addrees C 130. Tribune. SIT L.; A lluN . AN1 EDACCutNTA NT OPENS closes. audits balances books; small sets kept DILLON, Green-at. Went. tiszo. SITUATION WANTED ACCOUNTANT WILL oven. close. balance. or audit your books sets kept: reasonable. Phone Gracelami 14105. SITUATION WANTFDI AUDIT YSTEMA. tiZe. open. c:ose, keep small sets, etc.; anywhere; reasonable. MmENROL, 14 14 W. Monroe. Cent.3623: SITUAIION AVIED-10 OVEN. CLO.SE, ort balance bc,okr: andltme. systematizing, and small sets kept: reasonable. Lincoln Syrt, tk-rfax WANTEDTO OPEN. CLOSE. OR audit books or steady position fcr part time each day. Phone Auditor. Harrison 31,00. Executives and Managers. srTuATIoN &SUPERINTENDENT. preferably the attention of a mfgr. contemplating the construction of a new factory or changing equipment of old and havens a position demanding a young triechanical engineer with broad praetioal experience and knowledge of modern factory conatrumion and efficient methods of equipment. covering title use Of heavy mchy. in meam. esec.ricILY, tiLl r 'hydraulics. and various transmissions; your position must offer an opportunity to dernonsstrate exceptional ability end retina in a permanAnt, substamial agreement Phone Ken. 8s:46. or address E 470, Tribune. Edir U ATION WAN TED---TOrNti JEWISH NiAg of 34 wants to attach himself with a concern who needs a bright, energetin . uo to date man possesses the necessary push and energy to take charge and run factory and have a thorough knIwiedge of selling mdse.; have had my last position 5 years and can furnish best of references; will entertain any proposition where I can see &future. Address E 599. 'Tribune. E ITUATIO N WANTEDT 013 NG MAN. Foll eight years chief assistant in important departrnent of Imge poration. Is seeking new poss.tion because of changes in department. Exceiletti correspondent: can handle men: pass on met-tits. and push collections. Results achieved in ptesent position prove ability. Address C 109. Tribune, -PRIVATE SECRETARY. Situation WantedBy high trade wide experienced man of 4 as private secretary: can write al:ortbard if required; Al rtftrences Address E 208, Tribune. SITUATION WANTED EXECUTIVE. AS credit or ollice manager; young man, 30 years old; capable xecuaipe and posacaft nece-FrarY knowledge of credita. collections and oftive detail; good accountant, Addresa F 43k. Tribune. - SITUATION WANTEIDW1-10 WANTS, A 3.:IAN to unload On? Railroa& mining. and factory experience; gilt edge references. Compensation to be governed by proven worth. Address I; Tribune. Experienced Advtg. Man and Business Correspondent. Ter full peatioulars addremo D 47. Tritruns. 1 SITUATIONS' WANTEDMAILE.' --,,..-......--- --- --.... -------------- Executive find Alrnagers.. I MAIL ORDER MAN, CORRE1 spondent, Systematizer, I I Secretary-Stenographer. Depen(lable. en,rgetto. enthki unstie veung n'nn :10, 'Aceitcnt edu,,:atien, 1.-Aqta, iters-dlatity. Ills 1 itta,b gre41 as f.;ett. affihhor, 4704 rcspou,, bnolckeeper, whir- :,nail, r-,iil, c..4,t,;1', C,i,l, 11,anager. Privier and potnistier nflter and Cesigner of adve: Lis!r1 7,. systt matizori husine!s - znAnager. brond knowh ilg, of busness and ilfe. Re' rd ten years. three lanitions, all AT:it nth anneu.tni. Nicillinig. I to s,af t as tearn:grs assist Ant. errtesfendent, or 1 ' tyf- It OF 1,, s.t' 11':',1 PC1f. r. init pref: r,, to take eharge of nt parl,:nent .-r ., o'btit business. zetton wradttate. W ,011 1 ettneti-r plat e as ealestnan. Address C,312 Tribune. Sttiesusen,, SOliteltora. Etc. SITUATION WANTED---SAL.F..h-IMAN. BY A REsuoi.esstui titi411 ,;1 ...tilt thorough khowiolgs of arol en.L4 n!f expt eiaies I n maoldnery, eto. k eontlect,oil with esia4listo cora:ern fl-aufj-(u: r joloung olonery tt itrot,LI ;nerd. If oftertd a postiton I m.outts not take sittne uniosN try eurs y rewou'vl be aki,-,ILiae to t,t,t:rt,y satisty Ut paying my pro:ie. AI bank and (linear eniti,,,ntiais; ittarz i-u jut mner Amer. coe. 'Mech. Ex.ganie I's. Address I, Urioune, ON E A LEiS m A N . EiN txprien ina,ihitiery g tiosirete t ri prosent Cnirago on the coast; could sell on the way out, then locato in Los Ant4oiots, tiot going for my health. but know ths entire west and that Is the Urinous. 1'r:1'11-A110N WAN IELt--YOUNG MAN OF 2ti, d'eliabk with good business ability, read write English arid Greek, of neat appearance, as suiesnlan or any cr her steady and responsiole positidy.; best of refs. Addregs 6. CARSONE, I11 soruav. t,hicago. EXPERI ENCED SALESMAN, Age 24. 'with Al rem d on road and city, desires connection with reliable mercantile or wholesale house where energy and ability will be recognized. Andress j. 201. Tribune. Al ION W A NT E.D--W ITH LIVf. REAL E S - tate firm or reit estate department of bank; exp. In teal estate timi investments; age 21; will make concession until results are Muffled. Address E 44, Tribune. 11ilit:ATION WANTEDlob NG MAN. AS JEW-- tary LiajeSTIIPT) sad optiogin: thoroughly expeller( en; age 25: first class refernces. Adtireas D iiSti. 'Tribune. SIT Ail ION WA NT pr)----sA t-MA . sABES direspsi,nicient. yeats, good sdurati,n siipeararice: w waiting salary on good pteleisition. Aibirs s F 57, Tribune. 14i111ATIONThVANTED---AN Al TIZAVELING satostnan, emptcy on at present representihg ladies' furnishing iine, wants to hear from some first class house, T. vi.. Flat 1. 6CO5 Prairie-av.: SITUA116NWANTED S A 1.-EzisiAl AN: Int:NG man with advertising and caccilt tapertence, who wants to comic:et himself with live xpecialty conc-ra Address CA Tribune SITUATION WAN1IEDEXPERls..., C'ED SALES- man; beet of refs.; would like to repit-sent an A-I line: city and road; cum. basis. Audiess F Ft Al loN WiAN-1.ED---'101.:NO 2iAN, 22, A Si salesman with rEal estate firm. Address B 45I Tribune. WANTED--SALiEFiMAN. TRAVELing 11.11 S,Illnrrir in Wisdmsin wants sifle line firtiCle. xc;., t;14 La Salle-av Chicitgo.: SIT Li A I ION WAN ElD-5 Y RS. EN 1' (1 fO'FlY bp, salesman; reliabie firm. Addzess D 522. Trinare. Slit Ai It-iN ANTEDHIGH CI.A1,..S SALES-- man wants good factory br specialty line: road or .city: tets. Aildress E 4. Tribune. SITU Al 10 N NTEDYOU le X PERIetiCed advertising solicitor or like position. Address E nn, TrIbune SITUATION WANTEDYOUNG MAN, 27 YRS. old; quick, reliable; S yrs. exp.: metal line preferred: saltily or c min. Address F 4 Tribune. RITUATION WANTEDSTOCK S A LESMA highest eredentials; 10 per cent commission. Address F 6Trbupe. Boys:. SITUATION WANTEDBY COLORED POT. waiting on cmuter in lunch room. Automatic 74185. 344S Wabash-av. NELSON. Professions 2Ind Trades. SITUATION WANTEDENGINEER TO TAKE charge of hotel or institution:10 years' exp.: best of references; can show letters from firms where I have greatly reduced the operating el:Densea and improved the service; will leave city. Ad- , dress C 1. Tribune. SITUATION WANTED DY ENGINEER, steady. temperance; good reference, first class license, 12 years' exp., operation steam, electric, and refrigeration plants; familiar with Corliss and high speed engines, "motorp . elevate', aod repairing. Address F Tribune. SITUAlION WAN-TODBY FIRST CLAieS MAChinist; must be steady work; it years exterience on all kinds of MaCalnetS and general jobbing end repair work. Beet of refeience. Address F 243, Tribune. SITUATION WANTED--AS CONSTRUCTION IN.- spector in architect's thee by bricklayer; k2 Yls of age; or any similar line used to handling large gang of men; best of references. Address D 511, Tribine. 'SITUATION WANTEDMECHANIC; HIGHEST grade tool and diemaker; expert in exi,errirental design and perfecting invention; successful in handling help; age kAi; 20 years' exp. Address D 400. 'I ribune. SITUATION WANTED LAWYER, AGE IIIT; seven years' practical commercial and corporation, law experience, wants general attorneystliP with smalier concern; beet ref.; sal. reas Address E 565, 'Tribune SITU ATION WANTED By ENGINEER. AGE: 21f; married; reliable and scber. exper. steam and electric. Address A F 764. Tribune. Neirthwest Branch. SIT UA-TION WANTEDBY 1ST CLASS ICE cream maker; understands work thoroughly; 10 yrs.' exp. Address A C 78S, Tribune. Northwest SITUATION WANTEDI. C. S. STUDENr drawing wishes position as tracer on South t $55 per month; :AP years old. Addrebs 1' 141, Tribune. SITUATION WANTE'DE0Y. 16; 2 YEARS' high school: had some archRect wail drawing; experience Is mostly santed. SULLIVAN. 247 W., SilUATION NNANIED--TO4iE tifiEs,SER WITH 10 years' exp.; steady position where results count; high speed or carbon steel; married; sober; conscientious. Address E 47(1 ribune. A-A,AA t-mo fl. 41-1 A rzuttIle. : -1...:11 I- 1 LON 'SA AN 1 r-1 1. L. Flt-INI A N: and eng , long experience on large work: technical education; archt. license. Address C469. Tribute. SITUATION WANTEDAS FIREMAN. OILER. generally assist engr, b:, 4,:udent cot school; sober. rellaole: references. Address D siTUAT ION WANT,,DMECIIANaCAL. ENt11- neer; 7 yrs. exp.; technical grad.: power plants. refrigeration. heating, ventilation. estimator. and designer. Address E 597 Tribune. SITUATION WANTEDAS CYLINLER PRESSman or foreman; 15 years' exp. on halftcnie and color; POntin1C)11. Address l- 15S, Tribune.: S IT t: AT I t.1N WANTEDLAW Y Lit ; ,LI.J-7,4' i;raduate: 6 years' general experience, with firm or corporation Address 1' 242. Triiiine. SItUATION WA:NTED,ENcliNEER CPEN FOR position: familiar with all branches; efficient; reliable; age. 35. Address F 127. Tribune. S11CATION WANTEDAS SUPER' NTENDEN''' building constr.: versed in all class constr.; 2i1 yrs. exp.; Al reference. Address D Sti Tribune. ts:r1 Il.A.1 It. ,N W A N TE,DcomTos ("Ft. k.1tST lbss jobber. makeup, treacly, sober. union. 4U dress F 430, Tribtme SITUATION W7CN TEDPA INTER. PAPERastiger; for Owners. reasonable. 184I. Emersonsv eeley SITUA-1 ION WANTEDMACHINIST class. all around ; IS years' experienoii; systematizer. Address F 426, Tribune. ITUATION WANTED l'ItACTICAL MINING man quartz; exec. ablaty. Address B 590, Tribune. EJT UA T ION WANTEDAS ENGINEER; JLLing to do firing; small plant preferred; good references. ArdreS C ',tribune. i'dTUATIiN WA NTEL,-LARPENTER: REEIAbp?, vk ants work anywhere; reasonable mice. CHADWICK. 1462 S. Halsted-st. Ell cATIoN ANI EDCA LINDER AND joB preasman; good fe. . - no object kon leaving City ; nonunion. Address F t48, Telbune SITUATION 'WANTEDHALF TONE FIR3-10 rapher; practical; experienced; nomunion. Address E 129 Tribune. SITUATION WANTED LICENlt'ED EN GIneer office bide , factory; technical education, Address B 451. Tribune. SITUATION WANTED FIREMAN OR HANDY man in engine room; good habits; married; refs. Address D 421. Tribune. SITUATION WANTED DRAFTSMAN, TEN Yrs. exp., electrical. mechanical, also expert on patent dra,A inga. Adiirt- Tribune. SITUATION WANTED YOUNG MARRIED man, with 8 yrs. .inachine shop exp. It. Pierson. 723 s.,i; 2itth-st. . tITUAl ION WANTED I c-r. DETAILE.R; 6 yrs. p. Address C 145, Tribune. SITUATION WANTEDAS ELiMBER, OUT OF tOWn. W. PA LMER. 670 La t-41Ae-nv. SITUATION WANTED EXPERIENCED CUS: tom cutter. Addrefts F 209 Tribun.. SITUATION WANTEDA1 COOK OR WAITER'. Address E 13:1. Tribune. SITUATION WANTEDELT-J.71'Kit 'IA N ILELPer experieneed. Address E r,T4 Tr!tome. SITUATION WAN'tEIIBY STA TIoN A Ry FIRE man; best references Phone 377d Garfield. l'arnt and Gar en Help. SrTUATION IvANTEDGArr,ENER ON PEIvate country place, caring for vegetables cows, chickens married: no children; best of references. Address E 300, Tribune. EITUATION WANTED MANAGER OF GENtleman's estate or farm; ale trained in &gigcuitural coilege; beet of references. Address Li Tribune. BITUATION WANTEDLOOK AFTER COUN: try home or small farm; ref. Address C 325. Tribune. Farm and Garden Help. ErrcATIoN WANTED ON A I'RIVATE tate. where an active man le required to look after the owner's property during his presence or absence. and also have charge of all work reoulred on such a place: I am wIliing to nrove to he the man live experience. last D;ace 8 years. Wrhe for further information- IL B. MARX- 1313 Dearborn-ay.. Chicago. Di. SITUATION WANTEDA IT5UNG, CLEAN CUT man of 27 wishes a position as all around man in some suburban home or in the country from now until September: have to experience. out wiiiing wceka. Address F 419,Tribune. SITUATION- WANTEDBY DANE. MARRIED, as g-ardener or houseman. 8 yrs. exp.. Ipt eis,9 teL 5 yrs. hat job. Addrees N 710. TT ibtkr,e, Northwest Branch. Window Trimmers. SITUATION WANTEDAI WINDOW' TRIM :Tier. aged 27. With 12 3ere ' S dept store experience, with a gteed knowledge e.f. merchandise and hew it should be sold, where ability End hard work will le-ad to a go-81 future; 7 rears with the present house; best references. F 12:1. TrIbune. - House Servants. EITI:ATION AN-ANTED SWEDISH ErTLER; ryts Addreris EREST. Olk-st- Plat lit SITUATION WANTED-BUTLER. WHY-ft; C011- pietert. 054tater. Address P CO, Tribute ErruATIoNs WANTED, CHEF AND AN'IFE; first class mstat, psstry. Address D 382,TrIburte.; s ITUATIONS WANTEDMALE. Howie Servantx. .5171.ATION'S WANTEDEXP., CCMPETENT. reliabie couple nisil a rood position in city or country; for the or 1;pli At-0'. Man a-5 C0111- ! minion or valet.. edimated and good tiahlts: V. perfe,t s tdd. hairdressirg. manicurist . arid inassvase; exterts in traveling and nursery. Emp!oys..1 at. m,.-Ttit; htst references. Address T. W. L... ,,Vahash-est. SITUATIoNs' XN'A NT EDTWO JAPANESE boyt want a Khn waras gentra! work or WA t!,7. T' p. T. Y. ,!.11tieti.-, who want. wurk 4 Lurr.r tlay as a tehT,o3. Atidrets , -SITUATION WANTED BUTLER - VALET: hL exp.: JaitLr-ts excel-AI-A rct. Address C Z ITI:ATv).N: WANTEDCOL.- REFINED. NEAT. )oung LS 1.T1er.. or Lt., al.- fur invaBd; gr.kod vay refs. '-s E1, :trIbunc. :SITUATIONS V. ALAN AND W II-E: goo to k, man clty 01 c.:.untry Phons 61-rt7ATION IV A NTEDAS 1-20I-sEMAN. rI,dnian ,urds man: ex; er,:Let kood eav rettrAdd7ess Tr.Oure. 2'11 17A ION IA A N LI.INri pErTi,,nceu tirmt i-tAl,r and are; ; speak fad- E-.g.dsn; ei;y Aurin.s.s E !bur.c. t . SITUA x IGN ANT r;DAS COCA IN PRIV. fan ur bachelar att,; r;orai references. Address A 474, Tribun, !!,217UA'., 1, A Ni El A 17k N E Y gerArai work, iu city ne u..A;dt;y. Addrtn4 1. 2411. Tribune. SiLl ION WANTE.DII,,irsE2,1AN 4 t IARdener. Jaf,anese; Y. M. C. A. IL N..121.9 Cadvelaud-ay. rrITCATION WAN1 FAMILY. AS LQusernan and Id.titr; vers. Address. 1' 119, Tr!tr-- rine. rrATR)N WANTED tiOUSEN A N TEN:- Derute, uust orthy: E 1,;2. Tribune. SITUATION WANTED tit TEER ANI) DoCSEnon: competent. DustwortLy, temaerate. Address E Set. Tribune. - SI I I; Al ION WANT ED---ItlY Y 012 NG xop,r..As as private vvalter or general bonwork L. C. RINE :l221 So. Park-ay. SITUATION WANTEDBIT YOUNG SWEDISH man, houseman and ?orderer; wij take care of automobile. Phone Drexei P itri 'I it A 1j1 ,N WANTED-4'0Ni E LER. titi man: rt4N, Ai (-NS P' 11N Trib:Itif toatelawen. ea muterts. Chautieurft, Etc-SITUATION WANTED CHAUFP-EUrt-MECHANIC. years' experience. all makes; e Iriven for prominent Chicago lamilles: desire only 'Lica c, Postilen; very beEt referenea. Acidrets D I. TIlbune. CHAUFFEUR. Expert diiver and mechanlc f high class cars: Ger.-Amer.; city lets. LD t.IN, A-( Itt17 l'cone LCOin 4024 SI i ION W AN I ED A Ft rn EA., , 4b1.01-trID enaurteur, 23; e.ielly FoLl,r and reliable:41i yrs. of caretoi drivIng, repoinng. and touring; expert. ( hg.). refs.; year round Jon only; Will do some mbor vrerk: xvJ. leave city. Auto Addreas Iribune. SI L 1..;ALION bY Fitioz,T CLASS chaut.our; Iflris ktate license; vaieful driver; good iti'd114.(t an; with gootl city rettlet,cek; go anywneie; any make car. Athiress 447, Tribune. CHAUFFEUR, Three years experience: good driver: sIngle; Swedish. :24 years or age. Can lermsh refecenccs. Adtireas Tribune. FIRST CLASS CHAUFFEUR, J.. No. I man, Swedish, single: do all repairs;ears, driN er; best refs A ddr,ss F 72, Tribune. SITUAIION WJLNT1LD-----SAA-1-tEIED MAN. chauffeur; city or suburb: 7 years' exp.: with g000 references: do my own repairmg; any make of gas car; careful driver and de my woik cheer- re:lable. Tel. Douglas 617. EITUATION IA AN t.1.1A,e1' Er-k-H; SiN gle, with private tarally; 3 yeatb exp.: do own repairing; a!go Midst and gardener: 1-,et of references Adthess ARTHUlt ItUZALT 11 Belmont-ay. SITUATION WANTED 1.11 EXPERT CHA LE-fear; 10 years in at place: best of reteremr'es. Apply to NV. J. ENEI.E. care of Continental and Coznmercial Trust and Saviaas Bank, Randoion 4603. SITUATION WANTEDCHAUFFEUR, EXP.; inhale. age 30; do own re9ana, have state and City llyell,ea; careful driver; not drinker; not atraid of work; wou.d like private car. truck, taxicab, or work in garage. Address F 42i. Tr ntine. SITUATION WANTEDAS CHAUFFEUR klY experienced' young colored man; best referentiss. CliAS. MIELER. 5i.:15 Wabash-ay. 'ICI. -iesd, Normal. Slut, A I ION W AN '1 ELcal A I; l EEC M A It;;-2. expert in driving and repairing: Al priv. ref ; wii.ine. hnnest and strictly temperate; small wag,s. Address E 43. 1 rihune. SI1 CATION WA N TEDEXP. CHAUFFEUR, careful driver, best of references; 7 years one place, 2 years last place, trom ptivate family. Phone Edgewater SettS. CHAS. HOLM. l'UKTION W A NTEDCHAU FEE l R,E XpER I-(-need and competent; best of city ratersnces, no had habits; do (Awn' repairs; steady; age 112; single. 01 10 OLSON. Ziit-st. .611L,A1.1,,,,s, AN1E,L, CHAUFFEUR; Es...- pert mechanic; American: age 24; good letters and city reierences; lave yea,rs' experience. Address E 64. 'I ribane. E; IT 17 AT ION wANTED-47HALIFFEUR AND houseman, city or country. coeel. drst class city reference; all round man, strictly sober. Address F 445. Tribune, SITUATION WANTEDEXPER1ENCED. UP Tt.1 date chatineur, married, scaler; presera entino2. fly reference, Address A. T. A., fitail Augusta-st., Austin, Chicago. SITUATION. kVANTEDCHAUFFEUR; H it.T11 yeaxs' experience on road and ehup Wiliing, catttiii drivr; city rer,nee. Pholm uirtt 3072. M. H. J., 2-4 E. Is'th-st. S.11' UAl ION WANTED CHAL'F'PEL:R; COLored; five years' tap 2 years in present place; ptopie leaving city; good ref ALEXANDER. Kenmore-av Phone Edgewavr Ent AT ION WANTEDCH-A I:FEE( 3 YRS.' experience: do own repair work: c2.retul driver: sinal,: 1.1 years old. Address M. E. beckner, 5027 Evanston-ay. ii ic.p..S N.A.VtE;LFIRSI CLASS CHM.' FtEur Food niechanle 10 yEars' exp.; bEst of touring and eite A,1drees 54s7 Lake-ae Phone h. P. tK3904. 0. BEUTLE.R. FUAI ION WAN1ED EXP. CHAUFFEUR and vile; can give satisfaction any make of experienced er; "lake own repairs. Address E 19s, ri - SITUATION WANTEDCOACHMAN. ELECIPIC cha4fleur, or caretaker; 14,r gemletnan's country or suburban 1-1,ale; marri,d: bigneet references. Address CHM:FF.61R, Bine, MicLigati-av. St ILAI ItiN ,5 AN'ILD AS CHAUFFEUR; steady year around; 5 5 ears' exp.; s)ber. henest. and reliable; sears old. AL WELLAE'R, :31008 entacr,b-av. IL-hvrie 'Yards 549 1TUAi1UN WAN1 EDAs CHAIJFTiR , wolkod in repair t-bl-ps of t hicago; have best of 'sq. For furttf-r inforn ation kind;), Is5o',1 John Niko".aurr Jr. SITUATleiN WANTEDLh2, CHAI'FFE12R.-4 yea's' exp., single. ag. 213; (11 own repairs; will leave city. T. G. MILLER, 1323 La Salle-ay. 11 a i n Ltva I IN NV A S T hol --ChALs sc.( h Sri MA.'s. 5 y,ars experli nee. earefol driver. strictly s-,,t,er; do on ri:paitis. best ot references. Address 0 4iS4, rihun. EIT'ITATION WANTEDAS CHAUFFEUR IN priv. family: 3 yrs.' exp on high grade ears; ean drive any ear do repairing: bet ntifs. am to character and aollity. S ELORIS. Tel. Vatiltm 217-46. EiiTUATION WANTED-3 YEARS' EX PERIerice; do repairing; earful driver; mingle; 23 Years old. Address E. M. Aldridge. Cittin Evanstonavi SITUATION WANTED BY CHAUFFEUR; single. exp. driver and retair man; good refs.; private or truck; willing to start for small. salary. Addrs 13 490, Tribune. siTCA-TioN WANTED LIC. CHAUFFEUR; prlate family; single. sol)er, mechaniQ: good refs.; willing to work for small salary. Addr.kis D 429, Trihue. 1-.1.1E-ATION WANTED Oil A I F FEU R EXP. caro.lul driver And gnod repairman; Incomobile, cyl. preferred. ERA NK PFEIFFER. 17,:,.! Ns6rin Park-ay. Linnnin 7a77. st-fiTA:tioN WANTEDBY-CliAtizrEI:It WHO' knows ire business; 3 yars at ,aft place; honest. sober, and reliable: Ivilling to leave city. Address G. F. A.. 7.6 tsiTCA'l ION WAX7ELI, t.:HAuppEct.i.; pri, at fa mily ; or repar main ; eNp. pia alt German, Frenek; sober. CHRIST W EILER, Winnktka IlL. Pox t4-2. - SITUATIoN WANTEDCHAT:FEE-PR. Z., TrIs sIrst class rcpairing; private family. phone Ral.kriFW:4A FITT:A-NUN WANTED EXP. CHAEFF'Fit-R; enlored; make rears; rcts. JOzi VALLE-Y, Langify-ar. tA BEN 1 ANTEDBY CH A FEEL it: CAR repaits: 3 .-tears' tip.: age 13. Ath'ress E 1r,hime. SIT1ATIQN WANTEDN EAI. I t. I Nu cw,FF: ears' exp.. drive any car. do all repalfs; best refs. isdIrcss F -tos. t IGN WANTEDHY (.)-1.Alfi-7 feurt g,od habits; litst ( f teference;aill do other Ad,lress E riTte, Triuimt. EITUATII oN WAN i LD CHA I:FPI-Alt, COM: tzTr:s liTTel ate:Lk:11.N, NF),:c..aa:ssA' eNet,x,ratEu, rib,: lyg;k1 01;te:N. uc;ra;,tuTt.,thz, t,,A7.1 ro 7.; t nol afraid of sorb:. Aodtesa Tribuc. e; reilah:c anti ccmpetert.,G. G.. GI'L Wocdhire, lc ha rS I,' ),Nr: in4 ;At IrN; 1),er ;1119ot;tHaARI rio It SITEAtION WANTEDFIRF,T (' liASs LICENtri-7-; chauffeur colon-fa, 32 years. hant arouhci houss ell exp. TO. Lt7nS Dcoc. H 140'3IN toTTt : Lin CATION V ANTED EXP. CAPABLE chauffeur, $15 b4) ptr weik. Addrets CLIALk, FEI.R. 2100 Powell-se Si-fuAfloN V A N -I ED :NI A hi-UP- It CH A Tb"- feur; can give best reis.: driving truck or hrivate (, Doeglas 14s5. lsdichiramar. STTUATION WAN i EA) GEN mends competent chauffeur-. ,.-1.rhanici English; 7 yeort experience. Addrer,. '111 TrIt,une. EITUATION WANTEDC1-1 Al:FIET-P WITT private 'family; trot doss refeienec. Atidrt C 47 Trlbune. SITUATION WANTED AAIbb ft Pilly at e tmflv, hest tt, fs dress C: Trtha rvt-- 1 AT VI, A E.1) t Al-FEEL1 beet ref l'itor,c ( (INN-s-rt 111.4 SITUATION WANTEDAS JANITOR; MARrie,l; 35 years cf nee: handy with to:its. A3ddre.,s CTIAS; 27;;;. liormicr-ett : SITUATION WANTEDAS Jk'l1CI 2 YRSi sintee. exo. In ail kirols of reito-ihring: flrat cia,s ret,tencos, Address D 11'7 7r-71,-. SITUATPON VA NTEL, CoMPETENT MIDDLE; aged German, Ilat )onitor; 7 years In at 1,Lace; City ref, Addtees J 4tir;, Tribune. SITUATION WAN TEDEX'. JANITOR IA:117ft best referenceiPhone riVtnf SIT CATION WANTEDJANITOR. COIZITED; It vfar-,' eTp ,Vs -of Ath:ressi k 341 Tribune ------ tertograp;terst. Typist, Etc. SITUATION WA N TEI tEY EX P ERI NK: ED stenoe spber, prix., secy., invetiigator, sy,teitoallZer; years, ch rnarrieid; referetiets A 6tin-ER F 1-02. Tribune. SITUATION WANTEDCOMPETENT. RELIAble stenogranher 27, 29 brat e seretary or other "apc.insibie poesition: 7 years' CXpf-rirr,ce; receiving' toad salary at grestia Address I 1;50. Triboaa olk onne .4 - - SITUATIONS WANTEDMALE. Stenographers, Typists. Etc. Stenographer and Priv. Mar, 311. With 7 years' experience asstewitravher. -- Private secretary and general ottice work desires pees:lion 1 here high grad. work and osliscientious efforts vjj merit eonsideratiun Address C Tribune. SITUATION WANTEDAl RAILROAD STEnographer: $75 per month. Address 14' -PIS, T une. aisserilatsseusta. SITUATION WANTED CATALOGUE .AND advertising man; over 12 years' exuerience in MaA order business; thorourh kniaa ledge of printing ln ail branches: competent as buyer in wholesale jewelry: best Chicago references; wants to connect u here ability and knowledge will Itad tO a a'aki future: Address r) 4:14. Tnbune. ti, ON WANTEDMAN, 22 YEARS OLD. Les assistant to adver; or SaioS tliaria,ger; tl-irm44h knowledge of lunuamental principles of advertising; high achool glafiLrito and years' Oufinfilf experience: Actdrcts F 1. Tribune. SITUATION wANTED-61- co:API-AE.1m. ,A.,A1,--dut-al u cd yong Am rican tonorably clliebarged from 17: S. army as sergeant: tan handle men: ani good at figures and can qualify where er niaced: Athiress F 119. Tribune. SITUATION WANTED YOUNG; MARRIED man as steuard or assist:: able to take chargt of clubhouse or insittniiOn: economic btiVer. honest.. trust worthy; yrs.' Dosten 1-t :Address D 41). Tribune: SITUATION WANTF.D BY INTELLIGENT young man of 25: sneaks German. Ircuch, Russian, Engiuth: wU ratttally acccpt ary suitable Pvsit Virtics. desirable. Addrtss 14 443. Tribune: SITUATION WANTEDAS FCRE1GN CORR FF. sponuezit: French. 1U3Ihtfl and Spanish translat-st: have extrerienee as salesman for Englisa eleett teal sutiply house. Address F112. Tribune. Fi1T1ON WA NT ED ELI A bEE YOUNG inin. 23 years of age. clean rut. neat appear. Inn; collector or other odtside employment., AI Dr. ' Addres5 1- I17, Tribune, S.11 UATIoN-'NVAN IE1-1411 A NEAT, HONEST. scibtr. ard :tiny e4or d znemsdlic,s or small stores to rUes:-.. ,aing5 or Sunday work: let-Ft relie:cm E Triltutic. SITCATION WANTED BY INTELLIGENT bands, tetuncratt,. reliable, old, active man Ad-' dre.F ribune SITUATION WANTEDI). "- (xperlem el man: can do all li.nds of werk; furti!sh good refur( r-re. Address A. W., 18t.t4 f A'i NA ANTEDDv RTEND Eft OR MGR, goal buyer: age 3.1. steady. sober- Address it; Itti4 Tribune. SITCATPIN WANTEDMIDDLE AGED 31--eiSt for day or night watchman: steady: a1,10 in furnish flri,t. reforences. Address F Tribune: SITE ATLON PANTED AS AUTO DENIDNstrator: can furnish references. Addrcas F T Tribune. SITUATION WANTEliCAPAIILE YOUNG MAX 'alas sma:l cot(-ern; ref. AddreSs F Tr Ibutie 1 UA I-TON WANTEDPA MENDER: 12 YRS esti. ; have a1E0 Managen smA-, Al places; seetild go out oi city Address e 4 IN- SITUATION WANTED ELIA IIILE YOUNG man with firm or CO. I ran innitt good at any suitable tosition. Address D 4. Tribune. SITUATON AVANTEDGET THU RUDIADLE, ei-fiI voiored litaac,2leaners. LEM'. KNIGHT. 3 4. Li Saile-,t, SITUATICN W A NTEIPRI1311T ANITINIsTS, - trious young eN ening work Addrees C Tribune SITUAlION WANTEDBY YOI-Nt;JAPANE1-::. fiy kird of houseork where I eau learn Ss, riting ant! reading. At Tdrese A T 102. Tribur.,., SITT:ATICN WANTED-11Y YOT7N G MAN. Fli.0.1d 10 to 3; arythirg. AdIreEs F 1, Tribune. SITUATION WAN-TEDBY NV EiST I NDI A N STE4ent aa butler o- alter T. I uL,Ligl,Es : , Day II 114I Contract Work. SITUATION 'WANTEDPAPERHANGER. CALa2. neat. tiret good habits: roll or contract: tan nandie fine panels. XI.. 1t17., Warren-ay. SITI.ATiON WANT EDt'AEPENTER. bCCP.s, IP. arat gerieral jIh at re as knatie rrioF,s AN 1.,ERt'.-,N. 418. Kointe-a v. Phone ( r11r d sbruATiGN wANTE1, p.m: .1-,AFERPauging. deooraffng by contract; Icy; tigare GEO. KoEOSA.R. 4s2o AIESIMOMEMISMO SITUATIONS WANTEDFEMALE, HooLkeeperN and Clerks. S1TEATION WANTEDAl BOOKKEEPER AND office assistant desires posttion of responsiblitty and trust; Itt years' caper.; eutitetent to take ent:re charge: Oest. ref.; salary Ca. Address D 2(11. Tribune. Bookkeeper arid Stenographer. Capable you:IJK lady with !en years' expswience sties n.titui lth reliable Prin. Side or loop. ; reis, z sITVATIoN- WANTED REFINED YOUN44 lady as arid office clerk. Acittress Tribune, SITUATIoN WANTEDLADY NVITH FINEUtive ability and exrerIcnee a orrice manager, loop district. Address Box 74, Ill.4wYn SIN" CATION WANTED YOUNG LADY. D. h.. bookkeeper and cashier: 9 yrs.' experience; tali,. entire charge. Address P 449, Tribune. SITUATION W A NI EDWITH RELIABLE LAW firm, legal department of corporaiion or private secy.; 7 yrs.' EXp. Address E fel Tribune, SITUATION WANTEDEX. WOMAN liK11,... stenn.g.: quick wqrker: tidy-rf tielinont Aceountant und Auditor. SITIIATION WANTEDEXPEP.T ACCOUNT- ant wit opm-.. lose,- balance boeiis; also kests . small stA of books. AdIress F 44. Tribune. Domestics and Coois. - SITUATION A-ANTEDBY A Rg...kINED. EX-PE Zr,I 1 I. A 110-N N A -,, I r-i .--,r...,... ts um A.-, r,e.. r II , - - t t.1-1,-,g. : quick NA 01 k-r : ca.): l'-44,T Delmont leila: t, Accountants and Auditor. SITI'IATION WANTED-EXI'EnT ACCOUNT- ant wit, opml, eloae, bull:ince hooks: also keep . 4 - , small e set e of books. Adtiress F.- 44,4, Tribun. . Domestics stud Cooiss. , . 1 SITUATION tVANTED-BY A Rai-INT.:D. EX PE- :,:i 1.,tio(.1 Denisit gal us cook cc- g.i,,,-. el work: .k1 American tr,ruly of adnite: 4ipt., $. S.; ltrertrict ; 1 1 se Ad:,, :4 .1: littr -trctortr. ',4 i 1TIA -DION NVANTE.le-GERM AN GIRL. 1,-11-:-N- , t f t ' f et-al 1iout,c1N-Ork: good PIA11 oe,k; 1st class Ger- , man Am. family, Nerth Side: will care for 1 child ; . r.!,-s S. Addit,r,I. I. 4,1 Trilione. . i . ,. Eli 12A',1 ION WANTED - AN LXPERIENOEL, second girl with good city references. Addrees L. INI. Li. 414f.,2 Prairee-av.,124.1 , S-11-1,1ATION VN ANTED - NEAT. REPINED Elderly lady: good cook. small famil!t, light work; S. S : Address C .5P4. Tribune. St TL'ATION -WANTED-B1- YOUNG MULATTO girl as maid in cloctcr's ottle iiir elsewhere. MA- 4 1" EIE CALDWELL. 11,0 S. r;tate-st. Auto (1St113.t $ITUAIION WANTED - COOK, BOARDING house or hotel; colortd. Dougl.rts 134,1--. , DI W, altth-ret. , SITUATION WANT ELs-4'01.,KING; Bo1-p,DN41,,,, ', 1 i house or hotel: beet tele : ctoloreT. E. BELL, '2713 La Sa!le-st, Calutnet 4t4-0:1. - SITUATION NVAtN7 ED-COLORED GIRL, GENT- era) u-orkiprivnte fssnily. Phone Calumet 10;54 - SITUATION NVANLLi--BY COMPETE:NT-NC-4 OM- 1 t i an; good cook and laundress. Kenwood 11119. e - t SITUATION WANTE1,-N1:1-ALLE't r1.1-4ED COM- ! : ' an, reliable. good cook :11124 Darigley-av. tiousesserpera stud Luretsti.ers. ,. . - SITUATION WAN'TED-BY CERMAN WOMAN with a child as housekeeper to respectable bach- i '11. elor c.r widolser wi,,h Lint child; ref. exch. INIRS A IN101-1R, .1,1411.-.1 Fulierton-av Tel. Iielniont Ztt'..flu : .. SUMATRAN 'WANTED - EX PERI E-NCE1-4 sere king housekeeper; no tvashingt A in,riz-an fate, ily; small house or apartment; South Site; rets : i 4 Douglas 774. SIT U-ATIoN 1A ANTED-AS lioUSE it,' ELVER B X' refixed woman; Protestant; good took, ytt'Y neat: in widower's or bechelor-a home: beet ref given, ' , l I and requ;red Addrees F 312. 'Tribune - ... SITUATION WANTED-YoUNG WONIAN IIA V4 ing a good deal of experience. hotel and inf.titti. , I ton work, as housekeeper, or would vo-irk In linen rooms; references. Adtress ADV.. Tei:02 Rhodes- at-. : 1 .1." SITUATION- WA N'TED-GERMAN LAT,Y. AS T , housekeeper for gentleman with Elmall children; refs. Achiress A P 1413, Tribune. EITI--ATION WAN'TLD-AS fit...-E-SE'ICEITERT -, . refined A tnfrlean widow, 3f,; good cook B CI:I-VERSON. 41:01! N. Elmwood ay.. Oak Park : SITUAT ON NVANTED -----LY A WIDOTC -Ali l a 1a , I , houeelteeper in bachtlor or wIdowers Nome only: ! ref ex Raverswot d 1147 . : , , SITT-ATION WANTED - RESPEC'TADDE MID-- dkri ag.,1 tvOnviii N. int place w1th oitipie en, r ploy-,1 or n,ar alim,'. 1.1iIIN M.ehlizartrity . . SITUATIt IN WANTED-AMER. L N I-01 t I, yr:7 f , tinement. Ivo:le-keeper. Culitmet 1;Z:74. .A.jcir bit 21 e..r.7 l'rairle-tity. , - , : I SITT A 1 ot,:4- I A NTE1)---G.F.Rm A N- A .N1 e 1: i i AN girl; houseketper, peop:e or couple enii,loyee Addrects D pet. Te r 'brne. V : it , SITUATIC,N WANTED-REFINED AVOm.AN- AS t.4 housekteper or nurse. Ptone -Midway 7111.04 - . - 1 iiireastitui..erso nnd !..estutstre'smea. SITUATION WANTED - BY EXPERIENCE:If ' I I yours' lady designer, us E kit!' rind Crites jet:let-et, can make c,wn patterns and grading: reit lu, Pis, I 'I best rf,f ,,rera-. Address I; 4Ssi, T1 Mune. :4 SITUATION -AvANTE-1,-DRESSM A K-111:T.- i'-r 1- h ,Trie or Ly .143 ; gC,.d tit ter. A di: -.-,s ll I ;tier . . i 1 Tribune. . .: L i a'atiTt- ATI( ,N WAN 1 ED-TheRESSES NI 1,1,E. t-74, AT my stop. A i d i i , Addr. Ft. 1 0 7,41 1 nliti;:e : j , . Nurse sand Governesses. FITI-ATI,Dx WANTEDREGISTERED Nia"Pasi.; 4 yf-ari f-xl, rier,e: tali, capable enographrr. desires posit fon with pliyep-Ian NNhPre sert,i, eoul.1 be uti:ized tA good ad t ntake, cat, imke toyeil f ' , -valuable by re-Jet:Mg runtlot-yr of iteLnival oTfiee ' I deta,is: can f urnish best of referen, ea itr,,i, (A4 I . I cagoro leading physic lace Ail,lress I, 1-,,-,It. -1 riliuro : ! 1 I SITDATIoN WAN'TED - LT 1,10..,N, It lol, Ni. Id dy; school teacher, Kis a te lestons to grow n pie or as gocertiet it: laic g to treo,s1 or go abn,1 IL! 1,ala!'y $.,4., per month: highest refer,te-4. Arldrcrit M. I: J . 32o. I:. l'ir..1.11-st. elty. . ifi I:A t ION 'WANT:. I i-Ill' UINTA, 14.)1I'''7,1 i 1 ' - 7 GertrAlt :tidy. i,e ket rtid-r, er , , o ;11..11.1.: 1,.-st .! -; 1 ra.f, Addr,:ss pa2-; E. 471ah aaia l'a-akaaa,,, a;11 1,-: ISIL:tVistON ',CANTED --BY tt itclisil ..1eAri--- .':' sense. to (are 1cr Int aad cite u c.,i..t4.;1 111, !: t i ; , rot al "--,t 00 SITUATION WA:S.1E1)-1-01:N.; j. S! Y. Tt OR cbildr,sn; exp. bQk,Igtiers' Frencl,. Auore, 251. r'bur,-. SITUATION WANTED---'1110f-OrG141-1' aItSitla7 ost,rt h1d nurse; refs SLAT1EP-1. Hubard s 141 SIT VA TIoN WANTED- -,-IsIII,L.Ft I. IN U NT nurse.. ,bsetors ref. k- ?1st- ood 4tsti EITI-ATMN tato-oarl ors tiist. E It ilyJne 1-8 ontIrespro 0n4L DAY Work. SITUATIoN WANTED t'oMITIT ett-cs. T ors Caiumet iT Atpkt ;WANTED EST taAr r a: ork ' I. FITCATII" Vt. À N1 Wt. A SI - jng Irot:!-sr. lennirg, 1-y sto-iLag Orarstsod F:H H Tit S iTUTVN INA N't L iU -NIA-tEs wants Fri0.21y. Sat Lr-Itt ssio:. Tay. r-21,1:1r, - - SITUATION WA NT ttIltE XPEPLEN."1. r) co-1.- nr.11 wc-r-tart Isrtr.drets or cocit Forext-xv . FrrrATIoN tV.A s; ir ,Lot; tr-tCtn: ttl.;s ..r NILS Ats'N t ST' -N WAN t litST 11'-'N- ttt -s. I,y ;ay'; agcs !"P 1,1. - WTTT : .1-, Fl 1ATIoNs WAN-I - LAI on DA sot : eolsrol c.-1, a a!t g s t It tome t rret ,- I Illf.T 1,-,0, 1 SV.FrATION -i'V A NT 1:1) - It -: Cl.t:',,T1.- t..T.T it::Cf-.7.,'t.:40, Airot r..--r! ta-, .1.111tr,l-ts t t: 1,-,t SITU.. Alle-N WA NT;if:T.,Ii.4 t- N,.1-':1-:. V.V F; iizyr elti&a vt bit iaLatk:ttttd, Via Itt., 7, 7, ,,, i va4-4. 4 111M1100d. .. f', ; , , !' . . -,- ? ,,,L I . I"1 , . , ? 1 ' I, ? IIP , , i,- i1 ., i. 1 i .. , i , i , . ,: t, -, i' ','' f 1 , I ! il 4 ' 1-4f , 1 ,, i -7 1 t, 'ill ' ''d t 1! 4 i11' I: t I !I ' f ,',!1 ! f i.. ,.' ,c,: !''' I ' I li .S1 11 :..:, t '' 1 1, i, I ti ?, 711 is 1 4 1:';- I V 0 ; 'il :,..1 t, , i 1 t l'i t 1gk , 1 '.'.; i : ':: . 1 A t Di - i ; :1; 1 , ,' 1 1 1 1 1 . ' '1 . , 4 1 k 'X 1 ; '', saMbelk11,1.: 7.77rc', 1 tt 'tip', 'ill-. ,- ' 'i . , ,..11::''''.'''':,:;1''''t-l'A'1'::1:;;::t-!:i.:-'.::.::'''''''' : , - ,; t:iot ,I; I 11 t 4., ' t--- ,- - I ti! ' : 11; tH - t I f.i ' !t ! ' t i 'i. , 0-; i t ' t t.t 11' v ' 1,',. I t, . : 1;1 J ' ii ' .,,, 4 4,; ! t 'i 1 f- tt Yt'j 11:' -:-: -- rt -1- C n,' ,. SI hi 5,( cal th tk't an( bet a tig It 111. , ,

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