Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on May 9, 1926 · 10
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 10

Chicago, Illinois
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Sunday, May 9, 1926
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I 2 I I -1 .. ..I : ; 61 Maytirne" Her Best 11 :1L11...7o:1rsla Young. ratia..y known and pLaywrizbt, df.el at lacr or.le t Sou-.1.field Font today. Sht been ill for sonle thne. rorz was taken 111 during .,tter part of at year. In 1ecember , he so.-as reported crit1cy ifl, but ' Johnir-on Toting, a rative et ,laltlinore, is b-ctzt known aa tile author f "Little Cid New York," "3taya.r..1 other Broadway E-.1cceEsc a. racrg Ler earlier p'.a.ya were "Bro-sni f Ilarvard," now spearing on the -creen. "Gioriaus rietgy. Naught3' i .Zarlettx." ar.d " Ter Soldier Boy." She,. marrled and divorce 1 Jarne' ! Jr., Eon of a forrraer llaryland onator ine9 roung, who later ronarried and was divorced Young, of motion 1,1eture A ; : t, , PART T-PACE 10. 1!:. 3.? ;IIDA YOUNG DIES VAS AIITIIOR OF POPULAR PLAYS 'Brown of Harvard" and ame. - - - - - ; : :Wen:phis, Tenn., May 8.--4') The I reneral conference of the Methodist! pzcoc1 church, South, was plunged :to an uproar today on the question If fundamentalism and modernism, , 'pith n,ernbers urging that tlie matter pe voted upon and Etttled once r or al. 4 The Rev: Bascom Anthony of the outh Georgia conference br3ught up 1 - eubjel-ct by reading a resolution re. filming faith in Jesus Christ and urg. rig that our children and youth are oinalitted to the care of no scholar-hip that ts not reverel and devout aid whose teachings do not leave their 1 pupils in doubt about these basic! hings."' 'The resolution was referred to s mmtnittec. , Iile Answer to Stopes Appeal. - Nashville. Tenn., May 8.-----Ger)K. T. AcConnico, associate counsel for the -tate In the Scopes evolution case, to-ay filed with the clerk of the Supreme ourt the reply brief ar.'d argument in I .f.swer to the assignment of errors I -.led by Scopes counsel. The argu-1 ents will be heard at Nas.ivilie 1 1. ? French Planes Land in , Germany Under New Pact BETILIN, May 8.--C,F1--Two large Rrench commercial planes bound for I Denmark have been permitted to land Lt Ilamburg as the first fruit of the tviation accord initialed yesterday at Paris between France and Germany. '3uch a landing previously had been t .,tr 010; r I - - .- rt:77,-777!:',17 11PP'"-W gm-. e km Safely First Winner MiENNO., , r,,t , : ki.,0441,',i DOROTHY JEAN UTLEY. racto Dorothy Jean Utley:8 year Old -xln rer of the national safety first esay . I conic-At conducted by the National 11ETHODISTS ASK 1 Highway Educational board. passed 1 through Chicago yesterday from her 'VOTE IN NEW ROW Warne lit. Bemidji, o inn., en route t ; Washington for a weck. the reward OVER MODERNISM! of her victory. Miss Dorothy was ac- i Highway. Educational beard, passed through Chicago yesterday from her n'orne at. Bemidji, inn., en route te Washington for a weck the reward (Jr her victory. Miss Dorothy was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Wend,;:11 Utley. They were taken on a tour of the city by John IL Kraft, secre tary of the Lliwanis club. , MONROE PASTOR TO DEFEND HIS ACTS IN SERMONI oftpe .!department Monroe, Mich., May- 8.Speciall The Ilev. IV. I 1. Curtis, pastor of the First Baptist church charged with "love making " by Mrs. Iva M. Bryan, 25 year old parishioner is to answer thc charges by preaching a Mother's day Rerraon on tL(L "eanctity of the home." In announ,z1!ng Saturday he was preparing to use the pulpit to combat '-" had approved his plan. - -.newer to the assignment of errors Not only Is the pastor planning to -.led by Scopes counsel. arz a 11- 11- make Ms sermon a complete rebuttal ',lents will be heard at Nasiivilie of the charges which resulted in a .Tay 1. circuit court injunction against him, but he is to set forth Christian doe- ? French Planes Land in trine that the home is the bulwark 43' religion and civilization. Germany Under New Pact !Ars. 'Bryan charges the Itev. Mr. BERLIN, May 8.--CclTwo large Curtis often visited her borne and Rrench commercial planes bound for forced his attentions on her and wrote Denmark have been permitted to land her letters. The minister asserts the Lt Ilamburg as the tret fruit of the charges are probably brought against Aviation accord initialed yesterday at him in a "spirit of spiteful revenge," Paris between France and Germany. as he recently removed Mrs. Bryan '3uch a landing previously had been from the direction of a group of chit' refupted. dren in the church. 1,5Alpk, the le're rnekt" allegatiene the Revd 71.7;l121-2-relaizruararerareP.7 rarerziwilrelarzrAriz!? r? fartl.RJ?P' rPr2 r?,rilflrr11:1Se-1 ?Se ram-PmaralarovJ "1 ct: -us d e cl a r ed the church clEacons1117,1 MIIMM104,1MANIIMPAN They Choose 66artanocenTL99 Eons 71ml:incases Why is it that so many fam... Hies prefer to call Hursen than to call the funeral director in the neighborhood? Why is it that there are so many living many miles away who prefer to call Hursen, regardless of distance? A big business like it Hurserfs" could not be built merely from the business secured in a neighborhood, nor in several neighborhoods- "Hursen's" serves not a part, but all of Chicago. Hursen funerals are seen in every nook and corner of Chicago. They are seen in the far suburbs, many miles out. Why? When a funeral is conducted by Hursen it means that it is, first, a "quality" funeral. You never see the same elegance and quality of materials elsewhere that you see at a llursen" funeral. You never see elsewhere such an unusual method of services nor amtch generosity of service. Hursen has had a triple motto, followed scrupulously since the smzil beginning. These are : Far lower price, unequaled quality in materials and automobile equipment, and a highly developed specialized service. 1 You have never seen such su, perb limousines for the use of pas-I sengers. You have never seen limousine-hearses before. They are a Hursen revolution in 3 funeral equipment, built especially for Hursend Besides all this, "Hursen" funerals cost but a fraction of the charges made elsewhere. All Chi-' cago has built the largest establishment of its' kind in America. "Hursen's." Call Hursen, of; coarse! 1 a. lam LIA I 1440, 4011111 P"1--&"6,... t 1SW:A VZOr4' VOIIP 3 h'arsen "Funeral-Homes" trwalt Side-929 llteriev4 Ave. IVEtlington 1724 lege L'&oevi from Baimeme -.L" iff sage Esr Side-4146 W. Madison St. WESt 0100 isgrgeeweleir Earl of B ortors .dos. SOUTH Sado--I818 S. Michigan Ara. CAL urn at 4030 Iran- odLately 641;4 of .ISCA $t. t1eago9sIndependentFunera1 Director !!!METRMIINWEINIEWOMINOefffNe RITES HELD FOR il."-TtErv RITES HELD P-UK i DEATH OTICEc. a F. BEHAI TN MEMORIAM. CAM' 7? IN WOOD,' l Funeral rerVles for Gustav ilehm. rocOgnized by many artists as it one or the wotld's !greatest mood , carvers. were hcld .josten"""! , yesterda y in t I pel at r:110 : Irvingi'ark bottle- t, -.rd. Interment 0 1 v.'as In rtrac,Aand loemeter y. .7dr. -t It.rrt, who mas a tr.ts.," , - rmer instructor 1 tho Art last!, 'e. zu7, dl,. I ues- i at the age of years - A r 'rilret- years It coroplete Nvita t zaany re gnd as tho c-ratet ple.,ce of wood GrSTAV EEB-Mcan ing in the country, " rtesur- j rection Morn," a religious carving- hich he had worlted on for tmenty-, elght years. The piece was hewel, from a Eo!ld log. of mahogany. twenty-i live feet lono, hich had been sent here, rrom Africa for the Columbian exposi-, ticti In nil. Many or Mr. Pehm's wood carving-3 i decorate the homes of weli-known eT,ple in the c:ty. Ide taugllt his work j at the Art instltute from 1S20 is widow, Mrs. Bertha Behm. ;151 Wost North avenue, and .me son, Curt Bolitl, 4543 North Seeley avenue, EUr" 1 ve hina. NEW COMMERCE IS DEDICATED Cubana, 111.. May 8.(1.7. PAThe University of. Illinois conference on collegiate education closed today with the formal dedication of the new ;500,- 000 commerce building. Merle .1. Trees, Chicago, president of the tiniverbity board of trustees, committed the building to the care of the university , president. The genera! topic of the closing session was "Graduate Work and Research." Talks were given by Prof. of economic, on " Graduate Work in Busfness Education," and William A. Heath of Chicago, chairman of the board of directors of the SevEnth district federal reserve bank. Chicago Tribune Perlis Service:1 Mexi 20 City, May 8.About 4.00i) employes of tha Ex.elsfor shoe factory, the lartre.t in Mexico. stre-ic this morning. The Rtrikn mstriv Oleo. rtnr,,E. Open Evenings Till 9:30 Bring Mother, Wife or Sweetheart to Our New Loop Store! 4130420 cG Watimsh Ave A sale like this is your wonderful opportunity to buy authentically designed furniture, made to wear a lifetime, at rock-bottom prices. This vast, new stock offers you the very best of everything priced unbelievably low. Step into T. S. O'Donnell's New Store tomorrow or any time this month. PARLOR SUITE-SPANISH RENAISSANCE PERIOD Opening Sale Beautifully carved, walnut finish, richly tailored in the finest fig- Price ured or plain jacquard, with reversible cushions of smartly pat- es terned brocatelle. We sell it just to' give you a sample of T. S. e? .50 O'Donnell's astounding values on quality furniture. DINING ROOM SUITE In the new Walnut finish. Table, 45x54 inches when closed, extends to 6 feet. Four strong, graceful chairs upholstered in cleverly figured tapestry seats. Values $75--- Opening Sale Price, 39.75 7;7i BEDROOM SUITE Three beautiful0 sturdy pieces, in genuine walnut with mahogany interiors; swinging or stationary mirror included. In the new antique finish. Pieces can be bought separately if desired. (Vanity, $39.75.) WO Value $orft.75 Opening Sale 0 Zf Convenient Terms Arranged to Suit You 21 ZIME-12121?12121212. ri; TELEPHONE SETS Mahogany or Walnut flnizh. A most unusual offer on an exceptionally useful set; of very sturdy construction. Specially S2 75 priced, 1r212,'?1712Pf Z. re f earem Just South of BLDG.OF U.OF 1. .".(11-1'4; lie t?. CHICAGO SUNDANT .. TN MEMORIAM. AEL5TII0MMkdbi-r: In loring memory of our 44arling tioda T. A ithitrotu. 1NGA, EVA.- NOCEL. -Aman,ta Whitford Moore. In toFula' minnory of our dear mother, who Pwsesd sycalr three years aso today. LMA AteKtE and Alils,ABELLEBIXEIAN. NEWBERGIn sad and loving memory of our dear mother. who passed away two months and twenty-four days ago today. E. NEWLERA.i AND FAMILT. ROSENSTEINIn lowing mrraory et the lit-tie boy. liubert Bart Aosenstutn. whoa passed away one sear &go tod.Ly. 1 LOVINU RELATIVES. OBITUARY. immomennw IMIMEIMINMEMEIr Mrs. Lena Osborn, Blind Helper of Blind, Dead Funeral service-9 for Mrs. Lena Osborn, who was blind for the last forty-live years of her life, will be held tomorrow at 2 p. in. from the home of her Eon, Prank A. Osborn, :059 Lincoln avenue. Burial will be at Grace-land cemetery. Mrs. Osborn, who was Si years old, died on Friday. She was one of the orgnnizers of the Association for the Blind. Mrs. Osborn at one time was president of the Ladies Of the Grand Army of the Republic. Richard ljullis, Killed in Mountain Climb, Is Buried Richard Brandon Bull', 25 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. BUIL8, 825 Forest avenue, Evanston, was buried yesterday at Graceland cemetery after bervices in the cemetery chapel. Mr. Millis fell to his death last Monday while mountain climbing near Riverside, Cal. He was given a military funeral. Ben Tait, Former Lawyer Here, Dies in Alississippt Den F. Tait. 50 years old, former Chicago lawyer, died yesterday at Natchez, Miss., where he went after his retirement a year ago. lt was learned here. -For several years Mr. Tait was an attorney for.Swift Co. Funeral services and burial will take place on Tuesday at Decatur, IlL The widow, Mrs. Florence Tait, survives. Howard Van Doren Shcw Is Buried at Grace land Howard Van Doren Shaw, architect, was buried at Grace land cemetery yes I terday after simple services at the SHOE WORKIMS STRIKE!. I crave. rollowinc Hr. Shaw's wishes. grave. Following Hr. Shaw's wishes, the services consisted only of the reading of several short prayers, and were attended only by the immediate members of the family. --7T1-54 7,-, A 4 Li r q" 1.;:-t -!1' ..;1 ck.a, DAY-BED A very useful piece, having beautiful cretonne covering with flounce over the pad. Opens to a full-sized bed. Built to give years of $16 75 service. Now, a J., amortIrrp-tv 4,4 KJ 41aw42.0 S. Wabash Avo. t MaM,M&r01,0trallitINC TR I B UNE : M AY 1SEDLON,4 tele Sed'on. In loving memory 0! My wife, and our near mother. one Ptutet"1 aw2y one year rit'o todaYburroanden by frierithi. we are lonesome. la the tunist of our pleasured we are blue: A mule ou Our tare. but oar hearts ache. Logging mother. for you,. .111.:ShAND AND DACGIITEBS WOLITYEuxene A. Wolff. In sad and loving meroori Of Our dear son and brother who passed away May b. 1924 There la a lint death cannot Lever; Love and rernembrarww last forever. LOVINti hISTEIt. AND EltULLIEll. A 1.2 -.7rNCal yin T. A Dm. 6843 Dan teArr May 8. 1926. belored husband of Carrie Allen, nee Stratler. eon of nrnI 3.. t, Detroit. Wch., brother of Robert W. Allen of Louisville, Ky. Services at chapel. Ciad and Ilarvard. Monday. May 10. at 4 P. tn. ilitermfnat at Oakwoods. AMDE..II.GMary Emily Plamoroion Anthem beioviNA wife of John tl. Amber. mother of Mrs. Efiwarti N. Iltirl?y. Mn. George B. Rifler, Alfred A. and Ethel M. Ambers'. $ist,er of Alfred D. Flamondon. Funeral from late residence. 1020 Ardmore-ay.. Monday. May 10. at 10:30 o'clock. to St. Ita's church, corner Broadway and Catalpa-ay.: interment in family mansoleum. Calvary cemetery. Kindly omit towers. ANDERSONFrance Is Anderson. May 8, Le loved wife of Fran1.. at her late residenfv,. 2358 Indiana-av, fond daughter of Mr. anti Mrs. Frank Maloney. fond sister of Paul and Gust Maloney. Idea. Anna MceilL Ntrs Rebecca Metzgar. and Mrs Louise Cunningham. ail of Pittsburgh. l'a. Funeral from chapel. 1820 Michiganblvd- Tuesday at 8:30 a. m.. to St. John's church at t a. al.. whers requiem high 1112,5.1 will be celebrated- Interment Holy Sepulchre. ARARATEllen Ararat. nee narver. beloved wife of John. Funeral notice )ater. ARENSWilliam ,A.Tetzg, at his home in West Clucarn. May 8, l928, beloved hueband of the Jatt Ilarabara Arens. nee Stark. and Elizabeth. nee German. fond father of Anton. Joeeph. Martin. Frunk and Mn. John Schrainer. 3Gtra. N. M. Bowers. Fun eral Mond. M3Y 10, fl a. m.. from his late home in West Chicago, thence to St. John. church. Winfield, wnere high masa will be celebrated. Burial at St. John'e cemetery. BEALLLucille Dean. late of 828 Lawrence-ay.. beloved wife of liencY riesil. Services Sunday. May 0, at 3 p. in., at chapel, 7110 N. TriAr.nert 0Qccols J. 40 404 4404 4)4 4 4 4 FLOWERS oik, For Mother's Day Open until 3 p 0- ir 11111.ILVt 0 410447 0 Open until 3 p. m. 419f0drAlaril FLORISTS DECORATORS 79-31 E. Madison St. Tel. Central 3777 4! ----- o rel. Central .31 4-7 110-40-- ODD DRESSERS Of genuine Walnut construction, offering a heavy plate mirror and standard base. Value $26. sa'11 $18 75 Pricey DEATH NOTICES 9 19:10. EGNUDIENT.1 MAUSOLEUM OR HEADSTONT Led Anywhere bY the Old and Reliable ! 1AS. G. BLAKE CO. be correct and durable. Free. booklet. 30 N. NU.chilran. entrul 3078 6. 4 tenet I. 67th cir!ot 9878 1 M AUSOLEUM OR HEADSTUNL Ert eced Anywhere bY the Old and Reliable CHAS. G. BLAKE CO. Will be correct and durable. Fro,. booklet. Inoi. tido N. NU.chivan. t entral a 0 7 8 Work4. If!rio Y. 0701 !,t. 1 nitrot 1"!8lti INEEMIONEIMMIWIROWS-. VENOM RUGS Our rine of docesatic and imported Rees otters you complete oeksction at drasticatly Cut prices. Royal Axminster, 11.3 10.6. specially priced at $29.75 9112 $32.75 Van Buren 11 4,110 I 1,1 ru z ileft,SYS----Vnen It Darnels. eve Cater. lir) 70 rears. 'idol t ahe late Yr azida A.. Larne. Lyloved rilothPr of Helen Funeral Private. Monday. 2 P. nt... Item funeral home. 318-320 Central-ay.., AufLux. Interment 11.eaebill rif;GISMarl ritro. brAtovod 'aril of WUham fond &Amami' of Minnie neinkel. Leary. and Tony ILofhzr Ju.0 Mop rte. and itlasatoth Jaekaoss. at Duo brza S. norilvrell-at.. Pi:moral memP3P11 privaie Alowat hope. 3 p. u". Mors day. BLOCKWT13am m.o. bidetreel husband of Idal. nee Brown, fond fathez of Edward J.. beloved boo of Charlotte M. and the late Edward.W brother of Edward. Funeral Mondial. 2 p. m, from chapel. 6915 1Ventitortia-av. Interment Evergreen. Mein-se: Of Apollo tent No. t53. Maerabirea. and local 697. Stearnhtte)- B017Q17171-.1.ERatherino Beuquette. fuss Nos-slum dearly teloved wI of the late Charles, lond mother of John. Mrs. Margaret Paillock. and the late Mrs. Mary McInerney, sister of Nicholas and klisch Nossem. Funeral Tuesday. May 11. at 9 m, front late residence. 6403 S. Sates,- mento-mv, to St. B.Lta. church. Interment St. Marrs cemetery. For information phone Prospect 7909. --Louts Botta. suddenly. beloved husband of Theresa Marie. nee Kosma:a. Ionl son of George R. ared the late Cielena BeYte brother of Robert. A. T.. Mrs. C. Cusick. and Mrs. M. Lindholm. at Mg) deneqp. 1653 N. Linder-ay. J9'uneral Monday at 9:30 a. on, to St.. Peter Caniscas church Interment Mount Carmel. BRENNANArne A. Brennan. sisterof George A. Brennan and Mrs. M. B. Leonard. Funeral Tuesday. May ii, at p. m.. from Vie residence of her brother. 24 W. Itethpl. Intdrmtait Mount tireeuwood cemetery. BRIGGSCharles I. Dritrs, beloved buaband CI Y'arrtie . fond father of Charles W. Briggs and Mrs. Maude BriXgs Bette. at his rt,sitlence. 872t1 Emerald-ay. Funeral services Monday. at 2 p. in-. at Gresham N. E. church, 81th-st. sand Emerald-ay. Interment Fairmount eetnetei'y. Member of Lireshaus lodge No. Idati, A. F. & A. M. BROWNLuella Mal Brown. 16 N. California-ay.. beloved wile of Laurence M. Brown, fond sister of E. M. ituthruff of Drayton. N. D. Member of Base Croix chapter, No 409. O. E. S., and Minerva conclave, No. T. K. li.emains will lie in state in hanci. Ma113on-14V, until 2 p. in. t7uesday. May 11. Services at Central Presbyterian church, Warren-ay. and Sacramentoblvd.. Tuesday. May ii. 2:20 p. In.. Interment Acacia Park. cemeterlBURKEMary Rathlyn Sortie. May 7. 1928. age 8 yearb . beloved daughter of Michael J. and Marie Kilroy turq.e. sister of John J.. Thomas la, and Robert M.. loving nine of Sarah Kilroy. Funeral Monday. 9 a eu. from late residence, 26-10 N. Richmond-et, to St. Sylvester's church. where high LEI 3f1 will be celebrated. Interment Mount Carmel. lr information phone Hunkl.ioldi. 2773. BURNS---Simon Marna, May 6, 1926, husband of Katherine. nee Ahern, brother of Psi-rick.. Thomas, Dennis. Mae and Della Burns. Vuneral Monday at 8 :3t) a. m.. from late residence. 720 W. 47th-1)l to St. Gabriel's church. Intorment Mount Olivet. Reservations. Yards 0703. BYRNE---Basil Byrne. 7210 Low-e-av.. May 7. 1926, beloved husband of Jennie Byrne. father of Irene and Frank Walters. Services at chapel, t33d and liarvard. Monday. May 10, at p. m. Interment at Oak- woods. CHICKEILING 0hhuuhheess,, I CHICKERING Delia Chickerin g. ne-e ,t: O'Shaugianeasy . beloved wile of Cornelius 1! E, dearest itnotlier of William,' Gertrude. 1 iluased. Jeoiaou, Dorothy O'Counell. it eoster, and the late Mildred. Funeral Tuesday. 9 a. m, from the late reEklence. 3310 Fu1ton-131ra. to St. Miltthewd church. Burial Mount Carmel cemetery. . CODYFelix Cody. beloved sea of the late .1'0I-LIE and atai-y. pee Conlon. Orother of Patrick Cody. Mre. John McCollom and the late Edwara 2410 Margaret Cody. Funeral .Tuesday. May 11. from his brother's residence. 7710 S. L.:Olin-et, 9 a. DI.. tO St. Sabina's church. Burial Sag Bridge. l'or leservations cail Prospect 0689. CONLANMary Conlan, nee Whelan. at her realcienee. 1521 W. 7d-st.. dearly htioved wile of J'Ohll, fond sister of Mrs. P. Curran and Edward Whelan. Funeral Monday. May 10. at 16;30 a. in, from chapel. 700.1 S. Racine-ay., to St. Brendan's church. where solemn requiem high masa will be celebrated. Interment Holy Sepuichre. Ittemoer of Ladies Auxiliary. Div. U. A. O. II. For seats call Stewart 0460, CORBIDGEWilliam H. Coebidge. May S. at his residence. 5630 S. Park-ay.. husband - of Emma F, fattier of Howard W. and Raymond r Funeral Tuesday. May 11. 2:li0 p. m., at the chapel. Itormal-bid. at 621-p1 . Interment at Oakwooda. COUNTISSRobert Hayes Countiss. May 7. 1926. aged 65 years. beloved husband of Marie. father of Louise C. Gheen, Anne C. Al-ixander. and Frederick Isl. Countiss. brother of Mrs, Lewis E. Howard, Mrs. Tracy Turner. Chariest H.. William P, and the late Frederick D. Counties. Funeral services at late residence, 4608 Dorchester-ay.. Monday. at 2 p. na. Interment Grace-. land. COXOren Leonard C. DR.! 117. Mal -6. beloved httaband of Llizatteth Conytte Cox. lather of Jeanne. Lindsay., Arthur. Dorothy. i and Oren Leonard Jr. ' Servicea at the Ihomo, 328 S. East-av, Oak Park, Monday. 2:30 p. m, thence to Woodlawn cemetery. CRONDCDominick S. Cronin. beloved husband of Mary J. Cronin. nee Thompeon. brother of Frank. Jerome and Peter Cronin. Funeral Teesday at 9 a. nt. from his late residence. 6920 Wabash-av.. to St. Columbanos church. Interment at Mount Olivet. For reterrations call Yards 0662. CUNNINGHAMWilmina Cunningham, beloved wife of Will. age 49 years. May S. at her residence. the Hollywood Kenmore hotel. Funeral services in chapel, 4717 Broadway. Monday. May 10. at 2 p. nu Interment Rosehill cemetery. Member ot Rosman chapter. 613. O. L. S. CIJITIBERTSONGeorge Cothbertaort. 418 S. Scoville-ay. . Oak Park. beloveo Disband of Marion Sinclair and father of George 8, Earl It and Janet M. Cuthhertson. Serv. b-es at Second Presbyterian church. Washington-blvd. and Ridgeland-av., Oak Park. lationday. May 10. at 2:30 D. an. DANNENH3rman Dannen. May 7. 1926. beloved husband of Ida. nee Park. fond father Mrs. Wdliam Perry. Lillian. Reuben. Abe. and Edward DAIDDert Funeral Monday. May 10 at 2 D. m, from. chapel. 3111 W. Roo aet elt -rd. Interment Waldheim cemeterr. DECIEERJohn D. Decker. beloved son of Frederick .11. and Resale. brother of Mr. Robert Jackson and Barnet. Service at enapei. 4542 Laveziawood-av, MondaY. May ltl. 1926. 2 D. to. interment Roach:Z. DE LA 101ITArNECamille do La rentable, soddenly. slater of Mrs- G. Dilly. lira. II. FL G'-iiinby. Ross. Marie, aosil Artitiar. Yu- natal notice later. DEVE4EThomas Devkiai . beloved husband of Mary J.. nee litirrine . fahlbeir of Salsa.' 'Meth. Member of Holy Name socitAy and EL Aloysitta court. C. O. It. Pransral day at o a. uu. from late residence. 4111 West End-av.. to L. .Moi's chorea.. Burial I Mount Cannel. 1 DIXONStella Dixon. nee Mearressue. 41180 Fra- i talana-av.. beloved wire of Jess M. Dixon.' May 7. at Louisville, My. . , - I DRISCOLLIleariatta Driloron. pee SquireA I, beloved wile of Michael J. Driscall. Oster 1 of the late Mrs. Capt. Gilman flood. Mrs.' Islizabeth Molter. and Mrs,. Capt. Davtd lanis.' Funeral Monday. 9 ai. act. Dona residence. 4426 W. Jac:biome-bawd, to Si. agars' church.. Lotertwni Calvary,, . DVORSKYMorria Dvoraky at 1321 MEastings-ott. aged 43 years beloved hosband or Beitna. fond sou el Samoa and Lamm brother el lia&bart Mrs. JCIO Repeal-berg. atm Md Lang. Charles and Itra. Sol Greenberg. ?funeral Monday. 10 a. trout chapel, 3111 W. reaoaevelterd Interment Jeeriah Waldhana. 1.0.ta member of Mayer Malian lodge O. B. A., EVANSLynden Evans. Thersdar. May 6. line; beloved beaharksd of Bosuns Wathrow Evar& brother of Eleanor. Eet1101. Jessie Evans. Gen. P. D. Evaus Of Washttiton, D. C.,--and St. George Evart& of Long Beach. CaL ?mineral services at St. James' Episcopal church. Cams and Baron-eta, Monday. at 2 p. tn. Interment Graceland: private. rrimmArRicz Della - ritamanries. DPI WalaD., May 7. beloved wife of Patrick and soother el Jame, and Eileen. Eimer of John. 31-IV. Nellie JoYen. and Mr. Ellen Glavin.. Funeral Monday, 9 a. nu, from chapel. 463.5 it-anus-et, to Bt. Gabriel's chtirch. Interment at Hol7 Sepulchre. For Information tail Yards 0703. romasTrn,--nnti rarer. husband of the late Anna M. nee Barnes. May 7. aged 83 Years, 11 months. beloved father of Mrs. Elizabeth Schmitz, Frank Foerater. Mrs. Eleanor Erlara.r. Cittherme, the Rev. P. Erwin, C. S. 8. B.. John. Mrs. Margaret lefichela. and the late Anna sand George Foerater. Funeral ltiondal. 9 :30 . from residence, t427 hl. Paulina-at to St. Alphonsus church and St. Boutate cemetery. IMISC'EXORNDr. Carl Friss-basun, 301 S. parvey-av, Oak Park. beloved husband of the late Valenta, food father of John. Otto. Mrs. Harold E. Lancaster. and Alexander FL Burial will take Waco at Forest "tome cemetery Monday. 2 rt. tn. For information call Belmont!, 6812. GLANZOtto Charles Glam. Mn 7. imm. at . 1930 Sodirtrict-aLt beloved son of Arthur. and Dmraline Glans, breather of Julia. grandson of Otto and Anna Stolz. funeral services at home. Itie t.. teday. Atay F go a 1 p- an Paverokrat Acacia Park. IDEATH 140,:i GOZDZIAK-Anthony &cite let k. beloved belebawd of Helen. pee Early.. Funeral 9:10 a. m- -Mandel. Mar 10. at Si. Ade Inert's church. latermeat al et. Adaiberns came, Wry. 11.4.mmyn.,7rnrrt - Andrew Ilammeenitront, beioved lat-ber Of Henry and Arrat Ilarnmarstrotne arid atm Lanier Wiesen. Funeral ueeday front Lon" 34 Herndon ect. aterviata. 2:30 p. at at Fires Switwilals Baptest churein. Addison-et. and Maple-eq. Interment at G mot laneL IL la E IIM EYE p 7, Ilarkermo,,yen beloved bueleand it Hilda. nee novel. lend fathcr of Pealph Jr.. brother of efra. Myrtle A. Nelena of Winnetka. May 7. Yu-zinnia 2l13ndaY. .1taY 10. at 2:3e) D. m from late rea3.1co&1, 1033 alarengraere Pairent rar.. latermeat Woodlawa cemetery. HATE:a-Catherine Ilayes, beloved daneater of the lea. Mee-heel anti arent Deena. g oiter cf alia. Mary eleJoline Mre. J. L ahem-inn. and Marreeet Hayes wid the late John Pa Ilayee. at her reseience, ell S. Keelvele-a. an-meter of at. Vivian' court No. 74, W. C. O. 1. Funeral Monday, adaY 10, a.t 9:30 a. nee to Preteentatian church: interment Mount Carmen Ilione Neeitela 31a0. HELLMAN - I-lento:en. nee Itodl off. aged a5 years. beloved we of Charles Hellman. fond mother of Arlene and Charina. Funeral Monday. May 10. at '14 p. m, from 'ulster's reemencee. 4840 Belle Plaine-Sae thence to Waidheun cemetery. Information. call Canal :Mali. linCHEN-Dennis J. liouren. beloved hive band of the late Isabel. father of Gnome. Wiliam. and al es. Emil leter. lamer-al from reeidence, 1715 aVallen-av, Tutalay 2 p. n. Interment at Oak Ridge. Jrcrmisros-Tienry Ilonneton. MI 7. age fel. born near Marietta, O. Feb. 2. 1631. 710)7 ealth-et.. butaninil of 111 argaret Voris aliamistoia diceateed: lather of Winiane Henry iturreiston. deceased and John Mean urniston. b'uneral a rju M et tient mt Epeoccipal church. 3 p. na.. Monday. May 10. INGIIAM-Lizeie G. Inghani, May S. et her afeadenert. ;Z44 W. 73d-et, beloved mother of Helen, fesuneral Monday. May 10. at 3:30 1. DI-, at the chapel., Normal-1.4rd.. Iat tiad-pl. Interment at Mount Hope. AEPPLINGER-Lucy Zirbea Eacpplinger, nee Pauly. entered into her eternal rereard May 6. 1926. aged 64 yeare. beloved wife of Augumt Kaeppliegar, near motber of Katherine Rueek and :Mathias Zrbea. fond setter of Nicliolas Pauly of Chittago. two sae tera and lie trotber in Germany. Funeral Moiniaa. May 10. at t) a. me from the late residerna. 4128 N. Oaaley-av.. to St. Baratta:VA church. where solemn high mass will be offered. Interment et. Mary's cemetery. EIRKPATRICK-Nery I. Eirlepatriek. May 7. 1926. 3e4d S. NVelle-et.. beloved wile of Charles G.. mother of Mrs. 'ireomas G. Dawson. Isabella and Charles Eirkpatriek. Serene at chapel, ti:id and Earvard. Muneai, laity 10. at 2 under auspiees of St. Andrevea chapter No. 065. O. E. S.. and Laity alaceluff, D. O. S. latermeat et Cedar Park. KRITISH -Anna Kritiele, beloved wife of SLeVet Eritish. sieter of Kate Panlein aunt of Virginia Merman and Ira:lees Kirtherk. Funeral Tueelay. May 11 at 9 a. rin from late residence, 243 W. 52dest,. to St. George's church. Interment St alarya. For informatioa cal Yards 26'22. LA CHANCE-Fred N. La Chanee. benoved hueband of Veila. nee taebome, fond on of Allee and the late Ferdinand La Challee. devoted brother of Aliee. Blanche. and alra, Y. Atehinson. Funeral Moilday at 9 a. m. frora late reeidence. 4730 Fulton-at- to Notre Dame ehurch. where requiem high mass will be celebrated. Interment St. Joeeplies. Information phone Juniper 81.12. LEES-aeorris Lees of 952 N. Sprinafield-sv, 53 years old. beloved husband of Flora fond lather of Mra Anna, Kaplan. Nrs. Irene Isaacion. wiaiam. 1.61.her, and Blanche. Fluaeial Monday at a a. In. from chapel. 355d Rooeevellerd.. to Jewish alttheim. LET-COW-Minnie Bettow. nee floe? tm beloved wife of Charles F. Lettere. fond mother of Mre. Beattie Berezoaekt. Mrs Anna Beekman Mrs. Elleabeth Hoppenrath, William Walter and the late Charles Let-tow, sister of airs. Bertha Wick. Funeral Tuesday. 2 p. in.. from 64:2 N. Homan-ay, to et. Peter's Evangelieal Lutheraa ehurth. Cortez-et. and taieney-relvd. Bweiti at earn-wood etmetern. LOBENSTELN-Helan M. Lobensteire May 6, I tee te. beloved daughter of Charles and Carrie Lobenstein, enster of Cbarlee Jr. and Richard. Services at retsidenee, 170t$ W. elith-el.. Monday. May 10 at 3 p. in.. Ina airmen atount Hope. LYONS-William Lyons. beloved husband of I Katherine Kelleher Lyons. devoted father of Fred. Mrs, Lucille Jamieson. Mee. Margaret Totem. Airs. Mary Welters. Richard and Francis adorn. brother of the late ILeir. A. Lyons. Funeral Sunday at 8:30 p. from Lake reauteniete 7123 Miehigan-av, to Uniun depot. Interment Carrollton, Members of St. Columbanus Branch Holy Name bOelety will meet. Sunday evening at 7:30 p. DI. at ;deceased brother's home. . BRENNAN. Prealdente MAGNUSON-Charlee B. Magnueon. Mai S. at his residence, 474e N. Albany. beioved husband of Hilda ealeerineon, fond father of Verna. beother of John and Mrs. Bede Cestaveten. Funeral TuesdaY. 1:30 la me rota cbapel. 3176 N. Clark-st. Interment Rineewood eametery. Member of Centrat lode. O. S. MALLY-Jamen F. Many. beloaed husband of Mary A. fond latner of Charles. Gnome. Ella. Mabel. Jeanette, Harold. and Ted. brotaer of Frank. Anton, Chant's. John, aril atm. C. Parthun. at his residence, 633 W. leth-at. Funeral Monday. May 10. at 9 a. me to Sacred Heart church. Interment St. Lioniface. Denver. Col.. Papees please copy. Phone Canal 0011. Member of Cale umet (-Olinda No. 24, Royal League. and souihweetern council. 537. National Union. MALONEY-Fraek W. Ilitaloney. May 6. 1920. beloved son of Katherine and the late 311chael Maloney. brother of Thomas J, Martin W. ledward J.. Marie. Eathran and lielen Maloney. Funeral Monday. at 9:30 a. m, from hie late reeidenea, 4510 24. Aebland-av.. to Cburch of Our Lady of Lourdes. Interment at All Sainte' cemetery. Member of Calumet couned. K. of C.. and O'Donnell court, C. O. F. Quincy. III. paining pleaeo copy. MATEIER-Clara M. Mather. new Elamillon. beloved wife Of John H. Matber. Funeral tervices at Oakwooda ceraetterl chapel. Nay 11. 2 p. in. For infoentation call Central 3261. MEE-anhamas Mee. loved fattier of Helen M. Allee. Funeral from etiatiel. 4717 Broadway. Monday. Mar 10. at 9 a- in.. to St. Themes of Cain terbUri church . where mates will be celebrated. MORAN-Thomas J. Moran, beloved lineband of Marion. nee Browne, brother of ' Edward E. and William J. Moran, naile of Sadie. Mae. Mareuente. Edward and Kathleen. at resedence. 37 Lone-ay. Funeral Monday. 9:30 a. m, from residetwee 37 N. Lona-ay to St. Thomas Aquinas chars:en solemn high masa. Burled Cadvara. Phone Battelle 1617. MURRELLA-David Lindsay Marreffa. Service at MoiedAy. 11.11.7 10. 1920. 4 ix in. MeAFE-Charles James McAfee of 1400 S. 67th-ea, Cameo. beloved son of Hulbert A-and Mae. nee Vrizazigl, galandelaild of James and liaise Winzig and Charles and agary , McAfee. Funeral notice laeer. For Wore 'nation call Caceres 200. McGOET-William A- McGorter. belovel eon of Id ary. and the late Nicholas. brother of Mrs. Clarence) M. Herr, Stater M. Seraphim, O. S. D, of New York Aetna at, and Charles F. McGee'''. Funeral Tueeday. Mai 11. 8;30 a. m.. from chapel. 1506 L. 67t11- It. to St. Cyril's elturaii. Interment Holy Seatachre cemeter7. MeNAMAILA-Delia McNamara. nee Holton, beloved wife of John J. MoNaznaza, toad mother of John, Mrs. John Dickey. Witham. Thorniest, Idaenuerite. - and Emmett. dauxater of the lete William and kitten Balton, sinter of Mary. Margaret. and Nellie lienton. at relatieDM 1132 N. Waller. ave Funeral Monday. May 10, at 9:30 ae, m, to SI. Anaelana ciattrain Interment Mount CILrMel. Phone Nevada 3100. NOREEN-Anders G. Noreen. beloved brother of Jostephine. Funeral notieva later. OSBORN-Lena (Debora. age 61. beloved wife of late Charies He fond mother of Frank A. Funeral almailay. May 10, 2 p.m.. from late residenee. 203ei Lincoln-av. Interment land oeruetery. etSerERHOLM-Carl V. Oeterholm, belervdt husband of Hannah Osterholan loving brother of Ow-az and Albia Oeterholra Omaha; Jenny. Carolina, and Ereen3 Sweden. lame-ea.! Monday. May 10. at 1:15 to. m- from his late reeitkince. 7022 Perry-ay. to Swechaa .K.LSKIOLL church. 59th and Carpel:it...I-. at 2 p. m. lotorment a& (talc Hill. O'BRIEN-James C. 013Hen. afay 8. bueband I of Anne ale fond father of J. C. Clellrien aLe.drtainv.:i-Otm:e Leavitt-ulitenterroMik- etn,oarluecillbebtloLlidavIPnner etliitthihre:lasAi O''cladeT.1117acreill--.:51neW941.7: an 1"1en31:13ata" band of Nellie. nee Ilaraion . fond lather of William Jr.. on of Daniel J. and Anna, brother of Mrs,. Anna. icainhardt. Joseph, Mary and Catherine (ailero M n. aunaral or day. May 10, from his late residence. 4Je149 S. SfA SP me ea. to Our Lady of leo-- lace. church. Burial at Holy Sepulchre. For reservations cad Prospect, 3aele. PARlia-eldwin James Parr, May 2. at the borne of his sister Mrs. A. Jameson. Lancaster, England, bueband of Lydia. father of Ada, Annie, Henry. Alfrt.d. Edna, Ed. ward J, and WiLlard. brother of A. Parr, If mestere, aria Recudent of Amain 314 years. Mainerad a4 larteciabactra Lezecaeter alaglancl. D EAT LI II 01.1 ' PELTONGenrge "'T. Felton, May 7. latat, aired bL Yeara. loved hinetpapid Fe Itozi. fond fattier of l'lthel G., Mar Filitti E. WA Lowag, D. t'etton. tirotaaa Henry, Alfred arid Hargrave Detion, Mrs. , Nary Cattier, idea. liarritt winz;er, tort Sanerey Mrs. Eiizaeeth Dad. Ann Norman and the. Dom Walter. l'ree,, and Char lea Peton. Funeral from hia oppeadenpae. 6013p Cnivernity-av.. Monday 2:3u p. tn. Interment at Bethania. tuformation gall Fairfax 2000. PCIPTTIIOFF Albert Potthriff. May e12 Wellington-av .' beloved t as tt bana Ju:I. nee Then:fatNer of Laura iternalna at ehavi '2701 'N. 4.1ark-et. 1,74. heral Perches at Rosehin chapel. MonPlio. May 10. at 2;30 p. tn. Interment 1..pace.1443.. PRIOELottie PHee. May 7. at her res. ! deuce, 7,..;4.,bd-zot 1.1,-)41 Ito. 44 CAW itVi cf 'Mrs. Mary Jp,bo. rister of Ellen. .t 17MM, ttr. Prtoe. Mtn. tiarenee Pang, apti Ar Eureral The,,t,sy, 3 D. co, f:0444 chapel. 317d N. Clara-vt, Into'rmelit h. Qrn-txe&th,rin," Vior , 1tL dear!), beloved wifa of tne lat.) Pit rick. beloved mother of Nellie. W.;La...r Anne, and Irene, Qed-k. Funeral 3411VIN-: 14111r 10. from her Leta reaidersee, t.rJR 3Otb-4t. at 0 a. m.. to Nativity chnerr.. where full...erten reernein rligh rnafto wtta, be celebrated. interment :Mount Calvet taturahativn eaa larder - RAMSAYJame H. Itatzsay. Menasba. "tr.4. on the tilOrnitlIt of May 4, (It paeLIM,I-Xa lin was aeverat tzra Marshal g to .. bat for the paat yoaft aa. rtmeral niaria;er of the Me, raaha Ln-y Gonda cornosny. llenaaha, klurial at London. Ont.. alaY BENSITAWWilltam F. Ifenehaar. May a 1916. tioehind of Idcl'a. father of liam W., Charles C. and Die late Fred ern.ic P.enanaw. Vineral aerviees at tue home. Drexel-tivI .Manday p. n. intermeat Rosetull. RESCHEl it abet!" Res, h, fee Ott, May 1" nearIar lvfloveit mother of Nictio;tia Reach. Maytne !!oltth, Mrs. An Rath and Sister NI. Frawes. S. 8. N. D.. Casper se J.. Joacria N, John M. Mre. Clara Leyte and meg. Margaret Baumet and icater or Clemena. Nieholla and Mathias Ott 1,-144-oral mon6ray at 3..3o from chaped, 2.1Y-5 Jinn-av.. to St. Alphocieus church and St. Boulface eemecery. SAWYERFred George Sawyer, 0,5 yaaza loved bneband of Lillian. fond fatIer o: Walter and Arthur E. Funeral idonciar 3 p. IlL. Chicaite time. from chapel. 25 oadar-av.. La Grange. leOr inierrnatioa aild reaerrationa, cad la Grange SCIIMITMargaret E. Schmit. May 8. lir2C, , at her home, 7e17 tailavf of John P. Scarait. mother et Georgr. ii,.;- reral services aad interment at Port 11Ittun. Wis.. Wednesday. SCTIWARZWilliam Schwarz. May 8 at Ilightower-st., Hollywood. Lra years. beloved husband of lira. l'aulitie Schwarz. Funeral scryiees allt be beit Saturday, M47 at Loa Aageles cremator,' 2:30 p. m. SIIOLTYEdward W. Sho7.1y. Ma3t 8. Ifl',21, are, 5s yeara. belorad li!ieband of Manning Sholty. father of Lester J.. ward V. Jr.. Mrs. M. U. Barns. and Mra. ' O. M. Pox. Funeral 9:30 a. ni.. Monday. from the resident. 5249 W. Harrison-et.. to Besurrectioa church. corner of Le Claire-av, and Jackson-blvd, to Slourit Carmel. SIMMONSIndia Simmons. wile of the late J. W, mother of J. 1.1. Simmons, i he! residence. 11121 Pa-nett-ay, Mai 8, age tia years. Funeral Servi,,r, at chapel, 41at Cottage Grove-ay, .Monday. May 10. at 2 p.m Interment Mount Elope. STENNrNG--Edith May Steniting. Nay 7. 19-6, suddenly. at NS oodstock, Ill.; tpelovea wife of C. E. Stenning. sister of Mrs. Georgia Edison and Jilmes Houghton of Jacksonville, Fla. Funeral .en s at Gracoland chapel, Monday. :lay 10. 1.t 3 P. Cli. Services private. Please omit flowers. STRAESSMilton L. Strauss, May 7. beicrre,1 husband of Minnie NV.. tievoted father ot Mrs. Robert Rubel and Jack M. strauss, fond baother of Mrs. Edward Hillman. lienjanain L. and Maurice L. Strauss. Stritecs Ceakwoods cemetery chapel at 10:30 a. za. Monday. Funeral private. STRAUSSMilt-on E. Strauss. MemNer Chicago lodge, No 437. A. F. a A. M. Funeral services at Oakwood, cemetery chapeF, 670-st. and Creenwood-ay Mon day. May 10. at 10;30 a. cu. Member pleaeo attend. l'ILANK G. 3LARSHALL, W. M. SiMCL N. I ZANKLAIS D, See. TASAMINGATamme Tarrimings May 8. age tin years of 1021 tiennont-av tee loved busliand of JoilniC, fond father of Marie, brother of Mn. Sadie Menainga. FunerA notice later. NESTERGAARDCharlen Vestergatard. May 7, 102.0. ts. 021 E. 5o' th,et. Funeral ben, lca Monday Park-ag.' at p. nt. at chapel. 62o3 Lake Bartel at Oakwoocis. WALTERSWilliam Walters, beloved hnig band c2 Elleaneth. at , his late realdeace lt;iliO S. Ilamtitort-av. fond father -of Mrs. S. C. Smith 'and Lottie Walters. Puneral attrvicut at his late reeidence Itothlay at 2 p. mi. Interment Mount Greenwood. Please ionut flowers. WEEKSGeorge W. Weeks, May 7, 1928. passed on at his home, 3326 beloved son of John and Jane Wee. brother of William and John. Funera,' scrrieept at chapel. 2701 N. Clark-et.. Monday. May 10, at 3:30 p. m. latermert Roeehill. WITTLINGERPhilip Wittlingee. Mat 7. dearly believer hut4,and of Bertha, nee trumz. beloved Itither of Mrs. Damei Joyce. Mra. Lora Neimetster. Mrs. Walter . son. Lana. .Myrtle. and Philip Witthnger, , fond brother of Mrs. Katharine of Marion. O.. John and Elisabeth Nklttlinger of Zanesville, O. Funeral Tuesth.y at 2:30 D. m. frona residence, 240d N. tVincheater-av. Interment Grace-land. WOODDavid Wood. of Palatine. 13.. Ilay 7. are 76 years, food lather of Allred- Funeral Monday. May 10. at '2, p. m- from chapel.. 3S07 Ltneo14-ay, to Irving Parablvd. cemetery. Z1MMERMANNM3rtha Zimmermann, be' loved daughter of the late Charles cza fond Dieter of William. Mrs. A.- Vina Bohlman and the late Henry and Albert. Member of Banner W. Verrill. Funeral Tueeday. May 11. at 2:30. from ras.- deuce, 6001 Berenice-ay. Interment Eden. ZOBRISTRudolph Zobrist, father of Mrs, Susan Brown and this late Louise Grtioner. Remains at chapel, 1648 W. 63d-st, unt:: 1 p. m.. idondaY. Funer,a1 Monday. May 10. at Oakwooda exmetery chapel at p. M. ,Interment Oakwood. ....MMM.N.I.MIEMIW. MVPM,W,i,,.W.IMINMIEIMPOPENNIMINMEMMOMEMEMINIIIMftl CARD OF THANKSlielINWE WISII TO EXPILES OCIL etre thanks to the orli,!ers membere It Prospect Star Chapter No. 773. 0 L. b., and to our MARY friends and relatives for their kind words and beautiful floral oiler-fries sent to us in our bad bereavement through the lobe of our dear mother aed tester. Miss Myrtle C. nein. daughter. and ldra. Katharine Ilachek and chilurett. - EINDElle-oWe wish to thank our friends for their exprolwiorut of ympaths and beautiful floral offerings for lairotity IL .Kus our daughter and sister. AIRS- F. ZARA AND PAMELY SEEGERWe wish to express our Sneers Ithortkki-eAtrok'Dinirlrd rawcoan-ds3r friend allnutid ia fulmlluveegrai offermso sent to us in our sad bereavement through the Iota of our dear mother, daughter and sister. MISS t4YILTTAq C. rrEDT. DAUGHTER. AND MKS. KATELkE.INZ FLAMER AND ANNOUNCEMENTS. BIMMANAnne Berman. A monument trill be dedicated in niemorr of cur cleezOr be-:owed motlinr. Sunday. Mat 9. b& 12:30. at Dew mineterY LEWIS r, OLD. DAVID AND CT BERMAN. GOLDEEILGRose Goldberg. Dedimition ot monument in memory of ROPC kink:berg takes place Sun.. MA: ld. 3:30 p. su. at 1ne Sone eemeterY f:EM I TE It I ES.. ROSEHILL CEMETERY. All lots soM vc-rrH Irt'LLIerretusI ea. li"slrabie lots $t -modeestm pr. slocAr eeYpts a-, low as $430 ta Chicago I mutt It '- r,11(,-nt NI r3S0 61.00 Italo-nAwoodaw. F,1rew-ste 0714. MASONS ONLY. La-we Int; will di-Ade: De. 6. eeg. eitialte! Pk. Addeees K II 473- Tr:hune FOR siax--12 GRAVE LOT IN FAIRMONT temetere 1;-:la at 1,5th); taio CSOU tabb. Kellwood 511I)S. GREZNWOOD. EFArTIFT'LLY SITI.;- ad lot zwut wau.ual tzure Md..? Pars 6:0451 OR SALS:LoTs. 33 SEC. IL, AND 'bee Ikt, in Ar1l1(ton 0-ni-tery, ehca,); It!e Owner. Althea Conant Crysi-il La Ket. VOR SALES UGE:. GAVE. ARLINGTOS rukqe nerer Akionres n;..i WATED OB, :J LOTS IN OAK RIDGE:. Niut he rosy AfIrtne,44 L I 9. 1 rtbune. FOR SALERoONCAA'STOLD PART itoz.r. 1,111 14ourvoleum Addrees C L 41. PrIbua.". ,.1Elyne 1.71 DE IITA KERS. C. H. JORDAN & Co., 'Pt:micro! Directors in Chicago 72 Trace :XPO AL b4. 'claw 0.1.Z Dart tvisok, It I two Irtoper,'"' mai"! 4 t ::v:i .- J , C E ' TO. 1:- 31:- . -A: . 1 1 it 1 1) ti ,4 1,,, ; NI .. IL I Jo, ,A ,' LE S ; I Safet First Winner IF 1 , 11.............--- .........,...,..,..--- , .., 1 RITES HBEHAI ELD NOT ED FOR 1 ' r."-TEA.".t H T ccc -.1 rio i -.4 D EAT H 14 OT I C ES 1 PEAT H VI OT I C ES 1 ' DEATH NOT IC ES I i D EAT H N OT I C ES . y ' i I :-......--, I- . I P I i TN MEMORIAM. 64F-f)LnK,--NtliriA Stittlon. In lovinz ruemor, (Y! I 1 BARNTS----VIenIL Barnes. raeo Cater. acts 70 GOZDzIAK:.:Anthany twttejztak. totliove,4 htlo-, rrLTON--Cf'orre --r. rt,,,,, M.kt, ,.. , . , , c---..1 et 't.(A Itt,q1 L.I. re41-14. 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''' PARLOR SUITESPANISH RENAISSANCE PERIOD Opening Sale Beautifully carved, walnut imish, richly tailored in the finest fig- Price ,t,r4 ured or plain jacquard, with reversible cushions of smartly pat- $ 50 .,; terned brocatelle. We sell it just to' give you a sample of T. S. - O'Donnell's astounding values on quality furniture. Cd ..,...... rt n.1-1 6-, 1 ru ;1:1 - --- -' - '-- ---"---- t7:4--ifi ,ij.,,,,,,'------:::-, -.,. ,,, -:. : .: ,, !'-,,,1 BEDROOM SUITE .,' '. '' '- -- ''- tik.rt4'0('0..4.1---- ' I t ' -- ' 1 .,,s- , . ' ' 11 ,..-1 1! i,i,Alot.,1 v.--Q. - - 4)1, ,..--,-,-, genuine walnut with mahogany , c ir L f , ,i ,,- ,, . , ,;,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,;,, , i, --- Three beautiful, sturdy piecesin ,,, '-- -',3,-,,r...--4-r-',,,,,.. I 't .1, -;, -1. : .1 i 1,!'l I 1 - --7.-z.--. ) ' 'a 1 interiors; swinging or stationary CL.;J:- 1,,:14,:--,,,,,,,- ;I , -....-,..,,,,a , ,,i, L-,,.1,.1.--1.,' ri ' 7-,--- I ) tAri 4 : 1 -444 ,K'' , ' g,,-,:..4....-t, mirror included. In the new an- - Cliii: 4 L,,, ;,'' ,,771..4-- -1'; ps, ..,t t.t...... ..,.,,,,,,-7,.., blue finish Pieces can be bought . N EI, A -------:----.--;- r-t! t.,,:',,, it, -...... , .,1,1, ,-,.. ., , ... , t. ,,,:,---::--'77r,.,.., .11 r .1. -Ili,' li,t,c) - ------', .---1 separately if desired. (Vanity, - , - - 4 , -1'4 .-',--------, 1 4 pe- '4 t .':,- rtialki' -1,,,' $39.75.) .13 - ..,,,,,,rik val.0.4o m3E44,,, '111 , ".."' ,,,,,rv...,14 '344406.4.Ne L. I- :44 ' L rki J v.::- , ..?1-7,,t,...,... ,,,,,,,...,....a.: $140 Value $89,475 ., YU ''' ..7) ) -,,,,,, ..--,...g.....,- ,,,,,,ow.,,AlliNgem--- . - -44....................-4.4,......4,..... Ope ..-4,..........4 nm g Sale -- , 4 CL2 al ---- 1 ' t 2-7!1''' T.;r- --7,-,,,,, , 1, ck DINING 1100111 SUITE Iiiirtilr Illi,', V! 11111111111511 I Tqlt, 1 ..... ., . ,Jil 1 1;. : .iiii: .. ii A: In the new 'Walnut finish. Table, --- - 1. - i c.., 45x54 inches when closed, extends r -I Ji ??..,,.1;rTr. ,m1 , , .,,,,....,, .-, I OA to 6 feet. Four strong, graceful , I -,-,,,i-f-,,,.------t-- --,,m...a..-- norranwgiolow.- 7.'''''''''''""111 I . 1 chairs upho!stered in cleverly fig- s------o I I-1 ill IV . , ured tapestry seats. r.. t 1 i 1 I ,z, Value's $75 9 , . . .. , I $39 ,75 :t . um sammilt., -am, . -:, Openinz Sale Price, i j 'We 4. , ,w..... . p JO a Er ..., 0,,P I tr-- I ö ,--- . -II ' ",70 II ,,,e ---VI'..-4. P';.:-.......----'.......',...-,...ArlIPe.........e..,27 ..,---,- 0-'.,---..- 04,,Po 4--or'S I -1, 1 1 . cl til I , . .....- na I ,,,:11 Li i . I C2-1 'ill11111.1.11 1:id:"'At-.A7 '.------1-;:i'4''',";27,---:;-:: 7,'''-'-;; '''.-1''-lle.':.--""I.N.1-1.'''.411'..4.-7-:.. 71,.,. -1 '' ':, -:- '' ;' Ill --ti-.1'71:-..11 44.''''fill t ::'' 1 1111 - ''k T.:vitt ''''Vms 14-1-ottlt.'74t----,-..;-1-71:"'14:',,J61.-.. --CALna ' ' -:..4 1 - !I Sr: .-;:-,5't-t)--; t .-:': j L; I q i r- , II ,:-;: ,;, 1. 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