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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 1

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Thursday, July 17, 1913
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-1 INB IKNAF1 0 LI NEWS LAST EDITION f::ovri:r.s. F .r. .'... Sunset, 7:11 I 1 ! we VOL. IIJVlSSei;2; ! EIGHTEEN PAGES THURSDAY EVENING, -JULY 17, 1913. EIGHTEEN PAGES Jv'iSBlTWO CENTS 1riv$ S Ait mm coi WILL KEEP PLACE AS WARDEN OF INDIANA STATE PRISON llrtllUd Ul mo of no POLITICAL REDO Must, However, Conduct It Nonpartisan Basis rand Keep Out of Politics. Neither Intervention Nor Recognition of Huerta Is Present Policy. BWttsbn Skid RocsevcW orksi on With Wall Street to Clin t- l; Support for Taf! V BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETS RECENT ROW "FRAME-UP HEMENWAY. boss u 5 .1 JIILJJJJ I UlLAluU. -j J -I 1 DS " v " 11 ' 1 1 I 7i It I E. J. ' Fogarty etin 1 warden of the iuu prison at Michigan City and wHl continue In that position. The board of trustees of the prison met at the oCci . . of Governor Ralston today and received a communication from Fog arty, who alao was present. It aJao received an opinion from tba aHemey-generai to lh effect that when rogarty tendered hi rrelgna-tton a a warden, to take effect on or be- . fort Aeptemb-r Ju. he had a right under the law to withdraw that resignation at any time before pt ember au. provta4 trie ooari iiM not roi-i ana imiira iu The attorney-aeneral said that If lira rea- lgnetlwi had ten tendered to take effect at once Koran y would not have had any right to, withdraw it. " . Mr. Fpgartys Ccmmunlcatlen. 1 .The communication " which Warden Fogarty submitted to the board M as .. follow : ; 1 "After having forwarded you my reeig. nation aa. warden of tba Indiana state s prison, several things rare occurrea inai have caused me to reconsider tba same. lt la not necessary to enumerate all the reasons for my withdrawing my resignation.. The facta are, during my aerrlca e warden I have become very muen at- tarhed to the inmatea and officers of .the Institution, and since toy tendered resignation haa become public. I hare been - urged by a large number of the Inmatea ? and -oftVers ef tha Inetttatlon to withdraw rrvy reslgnstlon. After careful deliberation I have become convinced that In 'justice to the Inmatea who hara been kind to me, that It ! my duty to con- ' tln-us to serve them as warden, although the burdena of tha once ara heavy and exacting and at time theaa burdena reuse ' me to seriously consider whether I am " really . fitted for tha many dutlea of thla fS1.:, K,or liht.,ffl7,I.J!l Vufi? the Institution I have a kindly feeling be-1 cauaa of their uniform courtesy and kind- ami tendered tne lo the paet and with -U Jtiw 4J iiw yrmm euu w i pratlon and aupport In the fu- mm! lnCd'eVoTlng m? ti tnd their ro-operatJon ture, I feel vlrA tA f h mlmtm energies to help the Inmatea of the Inati-1 tutlon to Jromm betfer meo Therefore I repctfully Inform the board thas I hall onitnuik mv x-rYir. aa wardon! tin ma Disregards Resignation. Because Was Withdrawn, and Adopt Resolution for Future Conduct. . tnera ara vna icgai oDjectiona to my oo - u ..uyi and co-operation In the future' Board Adopts a Resolution. . - i. ,. ... .. . In view bf tha opinion of tha attorney - general, members of tha board decided that there was nothing before tba board . . , . L . . W V . 4 ' uar.y vrvmuwm withdrawn Ma resignation Thla Uft the tani aa iTumirh , noihtna wh.t-1 ver had happened. The board, however, tlons of Indiana are under asisting laws I - tolje eondiictd upon a nounarttxtB baltbe jtona hfcu and gave In payment for uiererore. ne it . "KenolVed, That whenever a n officer or Hsimolorw-of the state prison beeomea candidate for puhlio one, the. announce-1 ,ment 01 sucn canaiaacy snan ny tne board of trustees of the Indiana stste rrUotl be COnMdrred. ' Construed and judged as a notification Of MS ' purpose I ,10 sever nis connection wun tnis insuiu- .yon. ana iiwi eucn annunremeni p ran- Oiaacr anau 11 ones i-muowe oj lor- 1 mal reelcnatloa- After the meetinf Foley aald the board waa gma to nave r ogarxy-remam aa war-1 rlfi 1 1 a haa t'.n ,arllnt atirvlni I aald Toley. 'There Is no way under thai him.evsn- if It whined to do eo. except 0n ths wt from MUiee the prta-throurh the flllnr of charges and a hear-1 oner, asked permission to go to the Isva- V Ing. There tt no i earthly reasor ' 'wjntoryj and the omcer took the handcuff "Will Apply tO All Empioyes. '.hu tMT.rir imAiinrNi whon he I . vi . .... K I isce. locked It kne awung himself out yf .sent hla realgnatlon to the board . that n"ljha Var window. was leaving we omc ot waraen in order -4n hntna a randlilala for the Democrat! I nominatlun for mar of South lend. He I then spent, a k in looking over the I me. priaoner eecanea. tie was louno. nai-fleld at South lnd. decided not to be altered and bruised, and attempted to run, candidate for the bominatlon, and aent a J but (waa recaptured and brought lo this relerrani withdrawing his resignation. It I was for the purpos oi preventing any I b. -1.1 U . t. . L .. 1 omctsl capacity or as an employe from.! inMitica nereaner mat tba i IKMira aaoptea urn roiuion. "Tkla roanliitlnn Will annlv tn evarv f. I fcer and employe of the institution from I this date forward. saia At. roler. I nif rawr oi irt ware, I M aW. a. a,J - I sitlon. he expected to assume before the I board at the meeting today.- but kept his I mm-m maiim.! ltMtll I K. I s m memm In .u. 1 ... j ' Sinn, ii is Known mat aone oi mi mtnhi hers of the board were much peeved" I at his action In resigning and then with drawing his resignation, and Indications were J hey would attempt to bring about his retirement. Tut the opinion of the attorney-general averted any eueb move-, rnent. C A. Edwards Wat Choice; It waa known, too, that In case of theJ retirement of Kogarty from the position his successor would be Charles A. Ed-warjs. "of Huntington, K J wards waa ", brought lntn the race for the place at the instigation of tJovemor llalston, ac--- cording to friends of Kdwardi and they are much put ou-t because the Oovernor srarteC soniethlrig and tailed to finlath the . .Vh. v : Mention of F.tfwards for the position ot J wani en was made in tne Ilerahl. a weekly Lemocrtlc paper, published in this city by Oeorjte M. lta. who was fined "fiO a slxrt time aco for sending obscene matter, through the tnalla llay - publtuhed two edltonala - recommending J-Idwarvta aa a man fitted for th place, a good Democrat and a man who would ee to It that lVmocrats were placed on the pay roll of the prison. Clipping of these editorials were "sent - bv mull to Thomas TsKgart at French licit Thursday night of lust week, and presumably they rvached Tagrart FridaT morning. On the same day. FrMay. ae- - cording to the nory now being told Governor Ralston cald M. E. Foley Into conference on the marter and Suggested to him that Edwards be eoonded on the-sub-ject of whether he would accept the place. Left Hish and Dry. ' Foley at once sent a -aessenger to - Huntington. Inwards at first hesitated, lie waa taken to Michigan City to look the place over, and then he decided ta eect'Pt the p!.ce It ai iHred that every-thtn was fixtnl for hmt. He even estue to ifldlanapills yesteraay to see-abut the 'j-la'.-e and to i-uvtm the board that he wruld take u. 1:-ji he vae- confronted with the mni.lrawal of Fogartv's resig-l ition. Thus, Kt wards was Itft Wh an I try. and the frinls ho had induce 1 him to acree to accept the place are not - in . p!Msnt frame of .mind over the cutcozne. ' - - It Is rt known whether the dippings . snt ta T?rt at rrenc!) Lick had any-th-ng to 00 wHh the suggestion cf Ed-warris cy the Governor. Edwards ha N-n. a car2date for he srP!ntlr C ' as coilector or internal reve- - nuc for t?ie lru: .inn;oit dstrtct, and he Yt r.ind- n active, a cres?ive campaign. Vtet J. Kruver. cf outll Itend. ato le ' a canni-A-te for t p'-sce. with the back- - -c of trator s-r. tvely and the enure TsTart .:r.e. It iiiS ben pci:f!e.l out that if Ed- -". rjir.l5 coiiM ie lir,ad in the posltijn of wtrtien r.e" c-.u-.i - thus- be sivietricked from th vi;etArh:p leaving a clear for Ilrvyer. Writ e!tect the prvstrt er i m - -'f"rt f-.iv,' on the CsnOili'y - f.f f . i '., for thst i Isce is a qustiot. srdfri K' warty u i'.nM to make anv j-.tatf rrier;t tfltr li e meeting cf the bcxard Cor.t!nj;3 cn Pare thirteen. EDWARD OFFERS PART OF HIS LIFE PRISONER WILLING TO GIVE BLOOD, 8KIN OR LABOR. WR TES TO THE GOVERNOR BpteUl te The Iadlanapella Nee TlJTUOXJTlL lod.. July I7.-HaTy S. Hammond, all.f BUly Oark. who la In k. . .. . . .. . fine aiaranau county jau nere, cnargeo I with paaalng a worthleas check on Frank wu u t mMmm m. wws tuiw nm vm a- i n gan:on.' proprietor of the Roet houae. h" a letter to Governor Ral- atonJ In which he offers bis "blood or sklnj If by grafting It to any one It ' .. . . , I may 1 save the life of aoma worthy per- iaon.! xh prwoner has a 10 sent nm proposi- u , nrAr f hr Me Imakra the statement that he will sell hi luiwr ig any inau or wuunn, uiiuci 1 contract who will go his bond of and I give -him a chance to win his own case. 1 vi. r,A . , l I V 7 .u desperate straHs. lying In Jail, one thou- j sand miles from borne, awaiting trial and two weeks (lro a arranger registered at la mwl a check for 7.j0 on a 7 am pa it ) I Lank. Ten.mlnutea later the rour1etor alrwViyTS m.telter from tha American Hotel Keepers' Association, sending a proof RETURN FDR UBERIY print of a bogus check 00 a Tampa bank, J and k amine hotela to be on the lookout ad-lrne Iim-cmI rKvkl Mr. .Rammn notified tha luoclillnn ht'had UTnlnl a chork on the Tampa bank, and within twenty feurlhours he received a message from the tm.i lvrtlv rvmnanv. at Ch iMn aav. line that his man had been cantured at Milwaukee. An officer waa sent from nynn,tli to bring the priaoner here. T - 'jumped From Moving Train. . insW The instant tha man en. te red he slammed the door In the officer's Th trsjn was going at a rate of forty live imiiea an nour, nut it waa soon stopped and backed up to the place where city ' He waived examination and was reroanoea to jau in Donaa. I . iW;Oi viars. a Leutr. Xhte text ot CUrk a letter to the Cover nor i10110"' "To; the Oererner of Indiana" ' -nirkena aald; 'Xo ana la uaelaa. cn ' vtl m.M whn llatst.n. .k. K. l there. "rWtdarflv useless. I offer m-v hivrwt i t as l , . i t. a. . . .. pr mui. i oj x'muiii iu any one. II maw aav tha lira r anma wnrtttv r- son t i . , 'Arrested here tor passing a worthless check for seven dollars and unable to give, bond I will give any part of my life sor hod v. If bv so dome- I ran a servW to the "world. - "Canadian born, athletic, full of life and good blood.' under thirty years of age J I ought to be a good subject to work onT 1 worl Xla- the other hand I would rladlr go to the whipping post In the public square or work en any farm : for . two years at no pay If by so doing I could pay i the penalty and look up at , the car.epy of. heaven a free man. ' "Am of a good family an abstainer of tobacco, and liouor anl a Christian.' W. J. CUAKK. r CARRIED UP BY BALLOON ROPE; FALLS TO DEATH GERMAN SOLDIER EXHAUSTED. LOSES HIS HOLD.; v SECOND, MAN DROPS 30 FEET j. - , v- - : StHXEIDEMlTEHL. Germany. July 17. Th military dirigible balloon Schuette-Eanx wa s tirn from her moorlcgg ftr a wlii squal) ioday and wrecked. She carried up It- her cordage two sentries, one of whom . was killed b-' falling six hundred feet and the other severely injured by Jump of thirty feet :. , . ' Kelther Tcrew nor pilot waa on board the aircraft, which was at anchor on the military - rarade - ground, her mooring chains buried tS feet In the earth, when a gut caused her to break away. The semrue tnt-d to hold her down, arid were lifted Into the air. One loosened bis hold soom after leaving earth, but the other heid fast until exhausted and was then hiir-ied to the ground and killed. TJie dirislbie landed an hour later near the, vUlase cf Erpei. ! British Army Officer Killed. . SALISBURY. England. July 17. Maor A. ,W. Hewetson, of the Royal artillery corps, and & roemSer of the military Cy-lnc corps, was killed at the army asro-drosne here.todsy. by the falling of his monoplane a d;stnce of one hundred feet. The machine took too sharp a turn and overbalanced. On striking the ground the motor exploded and burned the aro-t-lace to aaiiea,. . ' ' J. FOGARTT. E KIDNAP UTILE MARIE? WEIGHED 327 POUNDS WHEN SHE STARTED FOR M0VIES.W GALESBURG HAS K MYSTERY OALESBURO. III.. July V. What has become of Marie Hart. Oalesburg's 327 pound schoolgirl? This question worried Galesbarg police and relatives of the girl today. Although hard to believe. Information developed by the police lead them to the conclusion that she wss kidnapped. Marie left home last night, telling her folk she was going to the "movies." She wasn't home by midnight, and so her relatives, ; neighbors and most ot the local police force searched all night for her. It la believed the girl was spirited away by show people who wanted her for exhibition purposes. She la only sixteen years or aee. MAN WITH GLASS EYE HURT Could Not See Train t Coming From Blind Side Miy Die. Imperial te The Indlanspefls News CHAMPAIGN, in.. July IT. Nele Dun-nees. unable to see an onroshlng Illinois Central train with bis. glass aye. drove an automobile In the path jjf. the .UsOn-Oate esteraay ana was prooaoiy rataiiy in- iured. Hla automobile , waa demolished. Us left eye la'srtlnclal. and the train was approaching from his left side." ONE SAVED, ONE DROWNED. Fireman Rescue One of Two Autplsta WhoGolrito River. RACINE,. Wis, July 17.-A large automobile, driven by Walter Basslnger, With Thomas McGehan aa a rsxssenger. crashed through the Fourth street bridge and plunged into Root river today. Both men were carried beneath the water. Charles Pood, of the city fire department. Jumped Into the river and rescued Basslnger. but McGehan waa drowned, i SALOON KEEPER PLEADS GUILTY BREWERY AIDED HIM. MAY OBTAIN TRANSFER LATER Thomas Sturgeon, saloon keeper at iW West Fifteenth itreet. appearing before the board of county, commissioners, today, to face a charge or receiving money from the Jung Brewing Company -to pay for his license, admitted be was guilty as charged, and asked that the board deal leniently with, him. The board, because of "mitigating circumstance a," responded to' the request and suspended bis license for thirty 1 days instead of revoking it. as waa done aeverai months ago. Sturgeon's license, was revoked when be appeared before the board to protest against the transfer of his license. At that time be charged that the Jung Brew ing Company waa attempting to transfer the license to another man. It was at thla hearing that Sturgeon told the com missioners - he bad received financial aid from the brewery. Judge Remster. of the circuit court, reversed the commissioners on the ground that they bad failed to give Sturgeon proper notice, and the com missioners anmmoned sturgeon to appear a second time. , Agent Gave Him Money. Sturgeon said an'agent of the company Cave him the , money for .the , county license and that the agent obtained the city license himself and brought It to the saloon. Sturgeon's attorney said hla client bad no desire to make any misrepresentations to the board. He said Sturgeon did what many other saloon keepers in Indianapolis ajre doing.' . Eirest T. Brown, county attorney, wsis asked: what the board meant by "mitt- that had it not been Tor Sturgeon the board woe kl never have known that the money had been paid by-the agent. Wculd Separate- Brewery and . Saloon. The ntmjsrfonra. In a written statement prepared by the county attorney, stated llw court U sot a collection agency for breweries' which lend money te saloon keepers. The cotamlastoners also expressed ' the opinion that something must be fofce to separate the , brewery a4 the AUoon. , ' 5 The statement issued by the commissioners and read by the county attorney follows: - ' The board, after, having- beard the evidence in the case-Is ot the opinion tfca.t the licensee is guilty as charged of receiving money from a firm engaged in the-manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors. Under what is commonly known as the Proctdr law. upon a finding of Continued on Pas Thirteen. . ANYBODY H REABOuTS STURGEON'S LTCOSE IS SUSPENDED FOR 30 DAYS Anti-American Demonstration in Mex-j ico City a Plot to Force U. S. to Hasty Actio. . (Special te The Indianapolis News WASHINGTON. July 17. Neither the recognition of the Huerta government nor intervention In the affairs of Mexico is contemplated by the Wilson administration at thla time. Thla statement is based on the highest authority. It can also be stated. on the aame authority that no representative of any foreign government In Washington baa declared that It Is time for the United States government to Indicate to the powers of Europe what it proposes to do with respect to the Mexican aitua-tlon. The only representations that have come to thla government are those which have filtered through the representatives-of the foreign governments stationed in Mexico Ciur. The stste department has nothing in hand to ahow that the action of the foreign diplomats in Mexico in asking the United States to recognize the Huerta government was Inspired by the home governments of those diplomats. Mexico Mutt Make Good. The view of the Wilson administration today waa that there waa nothing in the situation which warranted the United 8tatea government in assuming any other atUtude than that of "hands off." That thla will -be the attitude of the Wilson administration, for the present at least. waa made plain today. Mexico will have to continue to work out Its own salvation, so far as -any Interference on the part ot this government Is concerned. There Is every evidence to believe that President Wilson, like President Taft, will not be moved from this position by any amount of Jingo talk here at home, or by any such demand If It may be called a demand as .has thus far been made by the foreign diplomats credited to the Mexican government. . .The administration has what It regards as ample evidence that the recent. anti-American demonstration In Mexico City waa. to use the language of; the street, a "frameun." It is In receipt Of confidential reports of Its agents In Mexico, which leaves no doubt In the minds 01 persons here who have had access to these reports that the effort to force tha United States to recognize the Huerta government was carefully planned, and, as one representa tive or the administration saia toaay. beautifully staged. Money Power Behind Move. There are also excellent reasons for be lieving that behind the. program to force the hand of the Wilson administration. Just aa effort after effort was made to force the hand of the Taft administration. are certain large financial interests, which, according ;o common report, are behind the so-called Huerta government. The ' facts with respect to the statins of-the plan to stampede the. Wilson ad-mintstratiooX inta- immediate recognition have been In the-hands-of the President and the secretary of state for several days. It is related that at leest one-half of the so-called statesmen in Central and South America are at this time keenly interested In the recognition of the Huerta government by the United. States for the reason, as It la pointed out. that If thla government should recognize a government that had no sanction of taw. of dod- ular will that was based on an assassina tionambitious persons In many of the South and Central American countries would be encouraged to start revolutions at once. 4 ( Would Be Dangerous Precedent It. Is pointed out that it the United States should set a precedent by recognizing- the Huerta government, it would in the future be bound to recognize every revolutionary government that came along asking for recognition. It Is also pointed out that there la nothing in the Monroe doctrine which makes it necessary for the United States to make war In response to pressure brought by any foreign governments. The administration so far Is silent as to what It had in mind when it called Am bassador Henry Lane Wilson to come to ashington at once for a personal con ference with the President. It waa said by one person In authority today that the administration already 'haa all the Information the ambassador would be able to furnish, and had It from unbiased sources. The assumption is that the ambassa dor's action in participating in the meeting of foreign diplomats which urged the United States to extend recognition was not to the liking of the administration. As one person, who la in a position to know what Is going on, said, today: "It Continued on Page Thirteen. WEATHER INDICATIONS. (See -Weather Map on Pegs 4.) UNITE C) STATES WEATHER BUREAU. ' Indianapolis. lad.. Joly 17. Uix. j Teinperaturs - Joly 17. W. I inly 17. IIU. T a. m., Tt T a. A 7s 12 m. 1! m. 0 1 p. m . (7 I 2 p. m rt Barometer 7 ' a. m 29.) S3. i 29 SO 2 p.' n..'. 29 89 Local Forecast Local forecast for Indianapolis and vi cinity for the twenty-four hours end-imr 7 p. m., Juhr 13: Showers toalfbt or mday. Forecast for Indiana: Local bowers tonight or Friday, except fair in extreme southeast portloa; cooler tonight in north portion. Forecast for Illinois: Local .showers north Sad central portion tonight or Friday; generally fair soum portion: slightly cooler tonight west portion; light to- aaodera te wlnda Forecast for Obiot Thunder acowera this arternoao and tonight; Friday generally fair, aiightr cooler tonight la northern portion. Weather fa Otbar Cities The following' table shows the state ot the weather ia other dues at' a. av: Station. Bar. Terop. .t'eaih. Amaniio. Tea. ..... 24. OS. M Clear Hastes. Mssa . 3.0 ftd-iy Chicsge, IU- - r . 72 Cirai Cmci&nati. O- Ctear Ivavrf. Colo. Sb tZ Cloudy Dodge Oty. Kaa.. .... . ! Cteetr Helena, iitmx. M. 14 it Clear JackseovUte. Fta. . e Clear Kansas City. alo. 21 e te Clear. Little Rock. Ark.. sat SS Clear Los Angeles. Cal . Tt.M M Cioady MooUe. Ala.' . 1 7 Clear Npw Oriaaaa. La. J-1 71 PtCKry JCew Tors. X. Xt U Oewr Okiahema. Okia. 30. St 72 Clear Omaha, - Neb. , t9 H 7 PtCldy Ptttstwrg. Pa- .'19-W at Ram Portland. Ore- ?2 i4 Ciear Kapd City. fi. D M M Ctao-? Saa Antonio, Te-. ... , ... 7 .Clear Saa Francisro. Cai SlM U Clear SU Lovla. - JiO . SO Oear St. Paul. Winn. . 3C U Cloudy Washlrgton. P. C -- saet g Ckasdy C E. NORQCEST. Obeerver Temporarily n Charge. Houriy Temperature. . - - S a. ss f MM f T a. m. .' . ? I a. in. SI a. m. . . .... J Ham. . " . f It a - n MiivMiw ....... ss J2 tn. .. . ...... .... SS i p. w i .... ........ i f i se 1 sr7 mmw WARNED BY TELEPHONE; WARDEN STOPS HUNGER av 1 fc,' a.- 1 v. 1-- -. . 111 1 . 1- x. CLOUDBURST EAST OF WHEEL-ING CAUSES HEAVY DAMAGE. PEOPLE TAKE TO THE HILLS WHEELING, W. Va.. July 17. Prompt action on the part of telephone operators probably prevented heavy loss of life In the region twelve miles easavof here, just before noon today, when a cloudburst flooded the entire section. Water rolled In a wall out of Wheeling creek and Little Wheeling creek also was , flooded, ruining crops and washing houses from their foundations. 80 far as known no one waa drowned, people at woia ana Majorsvlile fleeing to the nearby billa when warned of the onrushing torrent. T IOWA AND SHEBOYGAN IN COLLISION AT CHICAGO. PROPERTY LOSS IS HEAVY CHICAGO. JorV 17.-The big steamers Sheboygan and" Iowa; of the Goodrich line of lake steamers, were In collision ina fog at the entrance of the harbor here todav. The Sheboygarr was little damaged but the Iowa, with a hole thirty feet In diameter In her bow. after being assisted by tugs to a wharf in the river, sank. No one was killed or Injured, but the financial loss on the Iowa and her cargo Is heavy. ' ,.v Both ships were heavily laden with freight. The Iowa had made dock and discharged her passengers and waa maneuvering in the mouth of the river to come about and return to the Rush street freight dock. As the boat swung broadside the Sheboygan loomed, out of the fog and struck the starboard bow of the Iowa abou twenty feetl forward of the pilot house. The Iowa' Was towed to a nearby dock by tugs and efforts were made to discharge ber cargo. Before this was entirely accomplished, however, she The Iowa, built In ISM for the, Goodrich Transit Company, was K2 feet long snd k.ii vrnaa tonnage of L15i. Tne one- boy Ran Is 208 feet long but of lighter ton nage. WILL BE CONVERTED INTO RESIDENCE DISTRICT. 48 ACRES FOR $82,000 L. C Boyd, ii- McSL; Lava don, Lv C Huesman and Arthur Brown have bought the Country Club'property. northwest of the ty. at the west end bf Thirty-eighth street, the consideration being SS2.0OO. They wfl? net take possession of the proper! v. however, until next year. It Is understood to be the Intention of the purchasers to convert the . Ceentry Club property Into a hi?h-class residence district- Th tract contains a fraction more than forty-elrht acrea. Mr. Poyd and Mr. Landon already owned about fl ftr acrs of land adjoining the Country Club. On a part of this tract Mr. Landon already has erected a costly residence. Mr. Bovd eontpmplatea the erection of a' fine-home. They have sold a lot to Dr. Lafayette Pa&e, and It is understood he will. build a bomfc ; -No Definite Plana. Mr. Landon said the purchasers of the Country Club had no plan to announce with reference to the development of the tract, because no definite plans had been made. It is understood the proposed new vmv district will extend as far south as Golden hllL'the home of D. Parry. The Country Club last fall boueht the J C BamhiU farm of VA acres. 4 miles west of the city. fr a new olalhoie. the price paid being CS.313. which is at therate of.tse an acre- . Farm West bf City. The farm lies directly west of the Girls' scnool at Clermont, and la reached by the CrawfordsvCIe "and Lafayette pikes. the Ben-Hur-traction line and the Peoria & Eastern division of the Bi? Poor raa-road. Work has been started on the improvement of the place, and the club proposes to erect handsome twiildinga and make improvements, incluui&s a . golf course.: - ..; .... ; ,. . LAKE STEAMERS C RASH ONE GOES BOTTOM COUNTRY CLUB GROUND OUR MEN Much improved in health. Mayor Shank last night 'returned from Martinsville, where he haa been taking treatment for rheumatism. - The -mayor stopped over In the city long enough to announce he was Solng to try to Improve the working con-ltlona of corner policemen, and left early thla morning' for Morgantown to conduct an auction sale, ' The mayor haa asked the board of safety to meet with him tomorrow and will take up the question of allowing corner men to work without coats during hot weather. It la the mayor's belief that the corner men have the hardest and most uncomfortable jobs In the police department. - An ordinance also will be introduced' in the city council, at the mayor's re- Lquest, Increasing the compensation of corner policemen from X3.60 to 94 a aay. . SAF BLOWERS GET JEWELRY Booty Obtained Near New York Police Headquarter Worth $20,000. NEW YORK, July 17. Cracksmen ob tained jewelry valued at between $20,000 and S30.000 early today by blowta a aafe in the establishment ot Rosenberg- ; A Daniel, a Jewelry supply house. A large vault, containing a mora valuable collection ot Jewela, withstood attempta to open It. The place robbed is on Grand street, only a few blocks from police head- Quarters. -- . - -. 1 he inieves gained entrance to the place ith ia -skeleton key and. apparently worked at their leisure. Three safes In all were shattered, but the big vault defied them. They left behind enough burglar tools to fill, a small wagon. FIVE MINERS MISSING. ' f Thought to Be , Drowned In Mine Flooded After Cloudburst. EVELETIL Minn.. July 17.-Although shifts of men were kept at work all night at the Spruce mine of the Oliver Mining Company, where fifteen men were imprta oned by wster yesterday, following 1 cloudburst, there had been no trace found today of the five men who failed to es cape, it was reared all five were drowned lag reet unaer ground. SKULL FRACTURED IN A FIGHT AT NEW YORK HENRY C. MOUNT, FORMER INDI ANA OIL OPERATOR, MAY DIE. WAS PUSHED TO PAVEMENT Special to The Indianapolis ews NEW YORK, July I7.-Henry C Mount former Indiana oil operator, whose skull was. fractured In an early morning light In Broadway, last Friday, la negr death at St. Vincent's hospltaL Physicians aald, this afternoon, that the Indiana man's condition bad taken a turn for the worse. Mount went to Jack's, one of the few remaining all-night white light cafes, with two friends, George Schmidt, proprietor of the Kaiser Kathskeller. Joined the party at 4-a. m., and all started in a taxi lor. a swim at Coney Island. Schmidt and Mount began fighting and fought for thirty-four . blocks. At tighta street and Broadway the taxi stopped and Mount was pushed to the pavement. Ills head struck the curb, fracturing hla akulL $-hmldt was , arrested and - locked --up without hall to await the outcome of Mount's injuries. ' Mount waa well known in Indiana dur ing the oil boom days. He was a- former resident or liartiord city, Uontpeiier. Munde and Indianapolis. He Is known in every oil field in the country, and since leaving Indiana made ji.ouu.oyj in oil and cement. . - . - DOES NOT DEFEND WATER. West Baden Springe Company Not , Represented at Cincinnati un fSpecfal te The Indianapolis Xewsj" CTXCTXNATI. July 17. The West Baden Springs Company, of West Baden. Ind., having failed to enter Its appearance in the condemnation suit Instituted by the government against .twenty-eig-ht cases of West Baden spruaei water, aiieged Mr the United States pure food authorities to have been misbranded. United States District Attorney McFherson today filed In the United States district court an order for a decree pro confrsso. This case was tn tne nature or a test artinn br the United States pure food authorities in their war on the shipping out of Indiana of large qlantltles-of alleged fraudulent spring waters, prepared by chemical proces instead of be-iar mrelr natural spring waters. It is ieald by the authorities that hundreds of thousands ot ooiiars won a or meicmai and table waters are sent into this and all larget; cities which are purely chemical "spring waters." . . Murder Case Unsolved. . 'WTLKES-BARRE. Pa July-17. With tb. discharge of Herbert Johns, of this city, by Judpe H- A- Fuller because th-re was not sufficient evidence to connect him with the -death -of Alice Crtspell in Hanreys lake on the night of Joly 4, the mystery wilt probably go down as one of Luzerne's unsolved crimes. District Attorney John IL B!geiow snd the polio We 7 ax.4 were aa znoch at saa as ever. I UllllllL. Ill UIIUIll UIIUI.I HOLDS CHICKEN AND WATER MELON BEFORE PRISONER. A SNIFF AND IT'S ALL OF ELIZABETH. K. X. July I7.-The man ner In which Charles W. Podd. warden ( the county Jail, broke tip a hunger strtts today may set a useful example. l thinks, to the keepers of English prisons whe become custodians -f auftragetttfe. William Turner, a negro prisoner lock id up last Sunday sought to gain his liberty by refusing to eat When Turnfc r had been forty-eight hours without foil warden Podd appeared at the door bf his cell with a steaming plate of fried chicken and a large section of Julfy watermelon, one sniti ana Turners hu ger strike came to an abrupt end. BULGARIA IS SHUT OFF CABLE AND RAILROAD , ROUTE, HELD . BY, ENEMY. TURKISH ARMY APPROACHES SOFIA- Dulffirli. July 17-Th Rob " - " I xnanns today took pof?sftton of th CAql station at Varna on the Black sea aad trol with fL As the railway between tie thus -control bastopoL coast . and Sofia also has been out.: Bdlt garia can not communicate with the out side world except through 'Serrle aid Iioumanla. By forced marches the Turkish array is approaching the town ot Klrk-Kltleeeh, . 1 . w' n..f . - ..... taaen ot hi nuiisntu niter iwtt oitn - ing at the beginnlnr of the Balkan wtir. Many 01 tne population are reported 101 be fleeing. I i Bulgarians Report Victories. . Aa cJci.1 dispatch report, the d.felt FROM OUTSIDE WORLD by the Bulgarians of the Servian forcksjm.n wre involved. Mulhuil' .btoke-the ; whiob had penetrated Bulgarian tsr1-J strike In three days, he sail aid spent ; tory on the western frontier. The Brjl-I garians attacked yesterday and put tlsj SerrUns to flight. The Serrlahs are ra treating In the direction of Vlaslnb, across the border. Another dispatch sasl severe losses have been Inflicted on t be I Greek army operating on the Bulgarian I left flank. 1 - - 1 - - I I King Ferdinand today personally telb - graphed to King Charles of iioumanla ,u:. .r .,rr,,1". .T.'"10! . "e cuitii oi a. jnaiinoii. mi Jrmp - Pr.miae DaitaiT w th.,. f.- nrovl.l "The efforts of A. MallnofZ. the Demp- futile. INFAMOUS CALUMNIES. HE SAVSIasked: "What Is the best wajl ' 1 I Ferdinand Denies Reports 'That BJH gar Slaughtered and Burned. NEW TORK. July 17. King Ferdlnaid of Bulgaria denies emphatically ,the bo--jof ji9W Jersey. . "Judge Speer, governor rifyl'ng atrocities attrfbnted in' rsrioisl Fort snd Mr.' Lewis have nod carried o;t quarters te the Bulgarian troops during I ftiale ratraaf .before tha Oraak armtsaldate In tnas GISinct. iuinu w 8 ie. eE armies J 0 . . he wrott Jm-e P, ma renins, turvua a .cwoia, . r I His majesty cabled the following meh-1 ge through the Bulgarian royal private I tAil... II Associated Press. New Tork: - I "Bofla. Julr 17 All tha rumors abofct I BuJrartan atrocities are inramous ureek I ealumnlea deairned to noisoa unlverskll nuhlie oolnion and In recard to which ttel truth will ne eatahllahed one or tnetet days. V TH P-DYAL. SECRETARIAT.' TYPICAL SUMMER WEATHER. That's What the Weather, Man 8ats It Is -Mercury Rises. What the weather expert designates "tTDkral summer weather prevails over practically ' tbs entire "Typical summer weather" weather, ft la exoiained. and Indianapolsl -a a,- tn fnr In .Sir. if ! . : . . .. . I.itlnx anxlon tor rirmony. av, Si i;. that brano tooay. w v ear.y vil v.- thermometer were an Indication. I I wv ( tha nitninwn thr.l. mometer on thJ top of the Majestic butic-J ine started ti" cay at e ocioca at t fl-r nurx. and st I O clock h4i climbed to M d-grees. This was degr kirhM- than tii thermometer registered SI Uie SaJliO nvsr YTruumua. iiw ui.n tai temoerature at 12 o clock was Ki aegret and i2 at 2 o'tlock. The hia-n relative numicny. wnicn ma i- the atmosphere -so oppressive yestef-l nA:ra interview with i.r'h'cock l r-tav had lessened, however, and a cotl!fh- bet th. -e ever. The tr t I had sorung st. Althourh a shi- ins-sun tendfd to make tne mercury nr. i t was evinerr inai tne ssj wvuiu bvi aa iiirrMahla as Wednesday. The weather truO saoweo mil tne rs area stiu nunc over inu" states In the Ohio vsuey. i ne -tr--a-i for Indianapolis waa tot cscOausd thu4- dsr etowera. Hold Senate in Chec:t : and Said fleveridg Wai Ta Through a "Damn Poor WASHINGTON'. Joly rr.-lltJtln JL Mulhall. sef-etyled lobbyist isr the Kational Association of Malfaorers, continued Mai testimony before; the senate lobby committee today detalliry fcjs actlv. ttles among (congressmen." Same of the-letters Introduced dealt with frmir Pres ident Roosevait'a endorsement Jof lie can-, dldacy of Mr'Taft. then secretary of war. In a letter o Schwedtman, $ecr?tery ,of the National Manufacttirerr .ssiclatloa, to April. 18. MulaaL quotei fie late Vice-President Sheraau as fayirg that the fight then raging on Speaker jCannon waa a "dirty deal by the Whlti House against the Speaker." . i "Watson slates." wrote M i hat. "tlt the Preslient Roosevelt) lis i moTir heaven and earth to nominate Tift, an I that he is wlliing to sacrlllce Cie i.ieran law and every law to please the tru.v and please Wall street so that h-Hcan c their support for his candidate." Mu;i:l also wrote of attending a meeting at Mr. Foraksr s house.- composed f s-nstors; who will oppose the President Sand i i policiee at tae Chicago convention." lis added that be wsa told to ork s?al-t Maryland delegates being, instru td tit Taft- ! To- Fight Taft Forces. ':'. "The opposition to the PrssldenL. Muu hall continued. "Intends to let i o legislation through that htjt-fies at thla session of cengress and Intetds to f.ght the Taft forces to a finish, f, WUole Xci took place kt this meeting th it can't very well be 'put en paper. i Other letters detailed the fght nn -srl-oue oongrsssmen. "We-have er$ ercil people after Mr. Townsend H Mxhlgan," said one. i I . )i May L aasae year, Mnlhs! 4, a I wrote Sehvredtmaw that he had eeUedoa es- ators Carter) aad 11 e men w sr. irsstnr Aldrtehw eeeretarr aad ethers, iae vras waa area by all teoee geatlenesf that It Mattered no what the ITrsMrat at- tesspted te dv there was net s;o!C te km any nniair fecials 110a passed through . the aeaate thla session.'- On the hott.e side I called Ion Murdock. Campbell. ,N'. : son. Alexander. Karsett and s viral others ahd gave them our reasons whv no In junction legislation should be pa.iJ." ins letter uetaiied a conversation w::?i Senator Beverldge In which ithe j lnd:an senator declared himself' foi an) injunction bill, amendment of the tfMertrsn Itw And a child labor bill. MulhaU wens ttn he reported Eevsrldge's sptl:icts ta Hemenway. t j Talking. Throush Hla HfL "nesneaway told tne te tel nyerldse ke was s!Vsg tkroogh his 1st hsa Uit kls kat was a damn poer mi." Ue aJJe J tbaWBeverfdge was blufnrg.'j-alJ' the letter, "and assured m thstffios ich lesf- j Jslailori count pase the senate, natot ' Carter and tAldrich simply lathed at Heverldre'a-statement. Wati4n liter told Mr. Kmery iand I that Ueverijee ws simply crasy. Watson stated hsi he was In full -charge of affairs in the haiise- dar-In the Illness of the speaker" i ' j Offlclalty reporting to hchaednan oj April . Mulhall said IMprnutlve Watson had: told bin that if Tsft were nominated for President he ('Watson) eould not be elected Governor of Indiana, Messenjsr Tipped ThlnjsjOff. Mulhall testified about Ms etpinse ao- counts and dentlfled one Item pi a re:'--ment ot IS In May. ti 'Ml." messenger to the Ppeaker of the souif . "He frequently did little- errgnd for us. said Mulhall, "and let us knew iho wr- I M.tU el U J Ji sail IwIliA aegs, u in th &pHr'B room." L On May 7IMulhall wrote 8?hsJdtmsn bouVthS She! land Injunction bills tne enect tnatr an mis erman law?, amrndment wss goden I up - by ! I himself and the Speaker to rtooi til Hoed t"e Prest dent with letters and stop Url3 dicker ing at this session. ' Beveridge Not Very Schwedtman wrote Mulhal BIA ! i oaj May I ! I about 1 . . it Bevedldge's a t veryt ilg aw ttltude: oDrveridsre i i is si , j mtm bww, hnt wljl gre-w j I entailer risht along If he keeps jap that aiae ei taia. lie aeee not try m amu ; as. W e asnre been ia the cesa tew i tTnother egbense" item' wis fdr T.tM. l"" :S1im&mV in aoaiuon sx4 taajng union 10 circus. ' 1 j Another letter disclosed tnat rn .117 ; ti, 11. former representative e Vennont ."proposed" that jHasltlns MulhaU 1 1 J 5' Eyss on Convention. Mulhall's actrvltJes in eonaeetjoo wi;n l - the Republican national platforn) of IX I were brought out In a letter) to Schwet rn.n ot, May VL It concluded bV saytn? that Wade Kills and others s sgester- 1 . .nit I Chicago- a week before the coa tieretarr ; ts go t coaventlori. se tiie draft of the platftrm and be nrtvstelv heard." f In a letter to .mery Sch-fedtms.i lr I.V- form la aSJ.. Ik- .lMtaa A this ! t .. JIUIIC'V IIVT UtiiiJisj V nil the right direction V I The Fight on Gardiner More letters were introduced betrir.g.on the fight against Congressman Gardner. their promises to get us a st rong canui- cv, .h.V mr,A Shomin'il frten.i r";V"-" ' "7 " --,,vl rw.ei .V . V. . Z:, tti, iriav rrriirriiiait w h fcv w vuu...i. '-' . n hernia n. en Julr 2. reIledr rl sns!l be oleased to have the memtwrsiof your association nve to tne ntue ioin.-i s jn a forward Peh as they converiter.t y can. Other members told of plans to ;d Coti- irressman JenKins in n hcudi.h. j r.vry effort in the-worm win oe nieae jcr jm- kins.' wrote H'hwedtman. A ieti-r irm.n Uttiefleld ursine aid for Jenidas W4 read. "Our' Newtpaperg.-Schwedtman wrote Mulhall? on Jun i' 1D08; "Ton will notice that,- our news papers state that the national t la! form Is belruT written at the 'present JtUne at the White House, iou can reu a-snr.t Promised te United 8tatk' tha-Theodore Roosevelt, who lis e means Jtimarting from the defeat he fea y-retv- i it" means httj hands of congr-ss and t.-,- r-or , it-i wtil mbolr all of hit t- i-.-- hi the n'latform. atvi many of Ih- j leaser. until in meeting hfs views." ? f a Srhwe.itrr-an l-tter to Mi lhii T. J about the liepubllcan platfin x q r..,j .i.r- Emery thu 'I am In touch: w man resolutions committee." ; Mulhall and Emery Clcas. Another Wter, June , q'jr'rd E-r on Maiha'.l's; interview with ftirti-r I' master-General HltchoJck. t-im' : Taft's caropa'-xn rram -"r: " I M - ..w n a 1 moe exponent tf t i- K x v - 't ubor I'vU'if' 1 Several letters!-i-M t!i"! s-er-- to show Si u: nail a-i.j i:.rr.-ry n ci?-'" r-tlons. Oentral y. trisT I 1-1 ' of t n - .anuiacturers, yeht-r..y t. Cont'n-'ei en Pa; -Th' Mi ,i ...

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