Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on March 11, 1915 · 9
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 9

Chicago, Illinois
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Thursday, March 11, 1915
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THE CHICAGO -DAILY ,TrITRIINE: THUR SDAY.,'MARCH 11. 1915. P - . - . MISS GLADYS ADELLE WALTON ,- ' "aro dy dkIEWAf doos ISS GLADYS ADELE WALTON win glee two barefoot dances at IllI the entertainment and luncheon to be giren at the home of Mrs. -Daniel Boyle of 5733 Kenmore arenas on St. Patrick's day, March., 17, for the benefit of St. Joseph's Home for the Friendless. An elaborate (beret luncheon has been planned to be erred by a group of young women . who hare been chosen by Mrs.- J. H. Deder, president of the autiliory. Miss - Walton will dance the "Rose Waltz" and the "Welcome of Spring." : Gayety Feature of Modiste to Invade California Resorts. Lake Shore Drive? AliONG the , various bone3rmooners of local interest are Mr. and lira Earl Reynolds. who went at once to California following their marriage In St. Louis in January. Ramey air. Reynolds' parents. Mr. and Ira George M. Reynolds, have joined the and on last Saturday evening they env the guests of honor at a large dinner Pen by 31r. and Mrs. W. J. Doran at the laryland hotel. when covers were laid for sateen guests. . Ir. and Mrs. Ralph 'sham of 1311 itchie place, who have been in California ler some time. are now the guests of Mrs. Barry Knight Elston at Santa Barbara. Sews from Mrs. Watson Blair, who heat iota Barbara, for the month, tells of a hie dinner given for them at the County club last week by Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Prke Knott. To add to the at tractive-ass of the evening. a group of Spanish smgers In rational garb sang and gave a was of dances for the guests: -- - n -, -olos Edith Blair of Lake Shore drive is k New York at the home of Mrs: Lee Moot 103 East Eighty-fifth street. lirs. Samuel Insult of 1109 Lake Shore tire left Tuesday evening for the east to nig her son, Samuel Jr., who is in school k New 'York. Mrs. Insult and her son sZ spend Easter at Virginia Hot Springs. Wm Lois Williams. daughter of Mr. ad Ws- Thomas C. Williams of Highland Park, has chosen April 14 as the date for kr wedding to George Howell Nelson. Both young people are graduates of Northwestern un versity. Ira Edwar A. Cudahy of 22 Banks street will gi, o young people's dinneron Xarch 16 inhonor of her debutante doughty, Mums Alice Cudahy, later taking her glens to the Cinderella dance at Lincoln Xra George Britton Finch of 339 North Parkside avenue announces the engagement of her daughter, Dorothy. to Robert (ever Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin. Ames of 48315 Greenwood avenue are at Los Angeles, at the Hotel Green, spending a part of their Law with their niece and nephew. 31r. tad Mrs. B. W. Osborn, formerly of Den-tar, who Lave recently moved to Los An-ides to live. lir. and Wm. William B. Bogert of Evanston have left New Orleane for Aniline. Ga.. where they will be for several weeks before returning home. Res Ethel Hill will dance the " Dance lf the Roses " at the ball and banquet of the Delta. Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Northwestern chapter. given in crYatal ballroom of the Blackstone this evening. Mr. and Mrs. George P. Fisher of 1440 Astor street are spending the month at aLlianta, Ga. -sThe wedding is announced of Miss Margaret Rayancnd. daughter of Mrs. Fredarkk D. Raymond of Evanston to Du Bois karquis of B:oomi-ngton on Tuesday eelling a the residence of the bride's mother. Air. and lire. Marquis will make tar home at Colfax. rs. John de Koven of 1150 North Dear-km street will entertain the members St. Luke's sewing circle at luncheon March 18. when a linen shower will be beid for St. Luke's hoePitalThe niarriage of Miss Mae Phebe Spoonf: daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. loaner of Hubbard Woods. to James Tagior Dickson of Chicago. will be celebrated on Saturday. March 27, at Winter Park. Fla. - ADM 20 Is the day se t for the wedding ct Lea Ada 'Vaughn Weldon. daughter 3tr1- Thomas Weldon of 616 East WY-sixth street. to Henry Howard of Lsd. Colo. Itr. aid Mrs. Frank Hecht. who have bfta at Itarni. Fist., tor several weeks. &Naos at Palm Beach. Frank Hecht Jr.. 1111 William C. Seipp. Is en route to Chcato. ..1111.- and Mrs. John Mc Mallon, Mho Julie McMahon. Miss Lillian McMahon. Sala T. McMahon. Mrs. J-loward 141. Xiss &Ice Fortier are at Hot Springs. Ark 1 EPtcorth League to Banquet. Tile All-Chicago Epworth league will "14 its ntrh annual banquet at the Audi- tc.o..s hotel tomorrow evening. The Rev. fatties E. Guthrie of Virlikesbarre. 4 the Rev. Dan B. Brummitt, editor the EP worth Herald. will speak. T1211 77- Elmer L. Williams. pastor of the uric Methodist Episcopal church. will ioLottoluster. The Chicago Association Citgumerce Glee club will sing SOCLETIr and Entstotaintrients Aer5417,AVi . ATITLED Englishwoman came to town last week with a view to establishing a dressmaking salon. or whatever she calls it. one of a chain in three great capitals. London. Paris. and New York. In looking Chicago over she inspected the house of Ogden McClurg. near Burton place on the Lake Shore drive, empty for some years . and fancied it. 1-bat a strange transformation it would seem to have the library and Hying rooms of the literary and serious A. C. McClurg family turned into the abode of a modern high priestess of fashion. Ivy at the windows would give place to boxes of blue hydrangeas and the .rnost gorgeous of laces, while within the former sanctuary of high thinking and plain living. among sumptuous boudoir settings in delicate shades. everything would be for the exterior woman instead of the interior man. Booka-and manuscript . replaced by a galaxy of gauzes and brocades, and in the place of the serious and weighty members of Chicago society those gay, slender young things for whom the high priestess within will fashion an evening gown out of a. rose and & yard or so of pink tulle. and a smart dress for summer mornings from a couple of lengths of dish toweling. On the eve of her departure the English lady of title seated herself with a companion in the corridor of the Blackstone on a Saturday evening. It was the hour when the Two Hundred club was assembling to dance. and the Englishwoman. feeling very much at her eases with an incredibly expensive and bushy lot of sprays on her head, burst into peals of delighted laughter over the costume and general appearance of everybody she beheld. It seemed an odd way to ingratiate ones self with a waiting world. but thennew times, new manners! Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hibbard have returned from a winter in Florida. spent mostly with Mr. and Mrs. A. Watson, Armour on the houseboat A. W. A.. belonging to Alexander Cochran of New York. Latterly the A. W. A. was at Key West when the black bass were biting in the most convincing manner. and a superlative chef cooked them as they arrived from the water. The houseboat with the Armours aboard Is again at Palm Beach. where it will remain until the family comes on March 18. C. K. G. Billings also has bad a yachting and fishing party aboard his yacht. Venadis. off the Florida coast, including his Chicago relatives and Miss Marion Forgan. daughter of David Forgan of Chicago. The party went aboard with mountains of fishing tackle. etc.. and have done much tarpon fishing. which Is about the most exciting thing one can do by way of sports in Florida. now that the alligator is no more. , -410- The Oberlin alumni association of Illinois will bold its annual luncheon in the Hotel La, Salle Saturday at 12:30 oclock. Among the speakers will be Henry Churchill King. president of Oberlin college; E. A. Miller; dean of the college. and Donald Brodie. Prof. Henry Chandler 'Cowles of the Univeraity of Chicago president of the alumni association. will preside. The Chicago Launch-ymen'a club win give their aeoond annual minstrel show and banquet at the Stock Yards In tonight- t. Mr. and Mrs. William Minot of 4800 Forrestville avenue announce the coining sitarriage of their daughter. Myrtle. to William W. Groesroan. 'Wednesday. March 17. The bride will be attended by her sister. Lillian. aa her maid of honor. and S. V. Phillips will be best man. let 4iPpo, Dehmlow DE1 Dolt" , is a house- hold word wherever good cleaning and dyeing is needed for wearing apparel. rugs. portieres. etc. "Let Dehmlow Do Tours" MANW , . P P , - dp 14 ewen e rg,r g e 40 teÁ e 44444,4 , I 2 Miss Kitty Gordon s Back iti Vaudeville. BY PERCY HAMMOND. As Mr. lAtit. author of " Alma's Return." once remarked, Kitty Gordons Back in vaudevillethis time at the Palace in an airysketch and several audacious frocks. The sketch is the best there is. repreienting Mr. Lan in his breexieet mood. telling about an actress (New York) and a journalist in search of front page scandal. During the performance Miss Gordon Is to be seen in a peignoir, In a night dress. in a kimono, and in an evening gown. As is the insanitary habit of actresses in the bedroom drama, she sleeps in her hosiery. --e- It would be greedy. If not indecorous. in the circumstances to expect her to remove her stockings, toot and she looks very well indeed in her four posters flanked on both sides by tiny spaniels. Mr. Lett. who Is' good at such things, refers to these dogs as bloodhounds. " Have you looked under the bed. Cleor' MIES Gordon asks her maid as he settles herself to sleep. 't Yes. madam." replies Cleo. " There's no one there tonight?' Mr. Harrison Hunter then becomes visible, made up as a reporter for the Eagle, an honest fellow. with a tttle fiat bat but no note book. Mr. Lait . you see. is not a realist. The newsman bears tidings of the infidelity of madam's husband. and be becomes nosy, stealing her photograph: for since she Is an actress there are no pictures of her in the Eagle's morgue. He chows her a portrait of the adventuress with whom her husband has just been arrested for rapidity in an automobile. " Is that her face?" queries Miss Gordon. " No." the reporter answers, " you have it uPside down." After Miss Gordon has pretended to commit suicides rather than have her picture in the paper. it develops that the whole thing is a frameup by her press agent. She fares forth. via the cinema, to her Broadway theater, where she sings some popular songs. Judging from the hour. she must be a performer in the " Midnight Follies." Meantime a. pretty youog woman and a male youth engage In certain ululations in an upper stage box. causing the audience to applaud. know of nothing of Its kind in vaudeville that approaches the brightness and Sophistication of " Alma's Return." or the aptitude of its players. Mr. " Jack" Wilson and his aid. Mr. Franklyn Battle. who follow it on the program. have fun with It through a clever burlesque improvisation. in which they are assisted by Milfa Gordon herself and one of her bloodhounds. Mr. Wilson's jokes are funny, but they might be even funnier did he not laugh at them himself.., an... Stage Notes. George M. Cohan is to write an Irish-American play for Chauncey Icon. who will next season leave the management of Henry Miller for that of Cohan & Harris. A. H. Woods, now the most active of t hie theatrical managers. will produce " Common Clay " next season. This drama is the work of Cleves Kinkaid, a youthful Virginian. who is learning how to write plays from Prof. Baker at Harvard It is about sex. A Boston stock company las been acting it for three months. Granville Barker will travel among the institutions of learneng this spring. PlaYIng Greek tragedies. A ' In ' the Frohman-Belasee all-star revival of A Celebrated Case.Otis Skinner, N. C. Goodwin. Frederic de Belleville. Minna Gale Haines. Florence Reed. Helen Ware. Elita Proctor Otis. and Beverly Sitgres-ves will take. part. Cyril Maude has promised to play W. W. Jacobs"' The Ghost of. Jerry Bundler." at the Actors' Fund benefit on March 19. Another feature will be an at from one of tbe old time blood curdlers entitled IME.,,, m ISS KATH- ERIN WELLS will take part In the produc- 140.4 tion of "Snow White." an operetta fashioned from the fairy tale of the same name which . : Is tO be given by tne New FLAW asso- . V4:5: elation March 26 at Orchestra ball. The 4 proceeds from the : play will go, to the home which the or- -- ga nization main- MISS 14A-rpterlINC tains in behalf of WELLS women freed trom the bridewell. Mrs. Fred L. Rossbach Is president of the club. Quaker life of half a century ago will be revived for one night by the Pennsylvania Society of Chicago. The annual stag. wirich always brings into focus some peculiarity of the Keystone state. will be held tomorrow night with an early dinner at the Hotel Sherman, and It has been designated a " Quaker meeting." Made. to melt in your mouth-7- and they do! ilburbuds Are deliciously good morsels of the richest - chocol ate. , - - The buds are crudely imitated, . but the Wilbur way cannot be duplicated. For convenience ask for " Wilburbuds"the full name is "Wilbur's Chocolate Buds" (trademark registered U. S. Patent Office). I 0 ceirannteys; boxes, tfortpacy kagesand e.ightetny sod twenty-eve cents. At all it confectioners. druggists sad !i k department stores. . yr ---t . , , ,- -, H. O. Wilbur &Sons 4 ri . Incorporated Nksow' law . ' "' Philadelphia. Pa. - , 1t "7 ty..-fcewri 43 ovisf,x,-; .A,AAsciA , - miss krrry GOQOOK - AT THe PALACE - , " The Queen of the Highbindere," and presented by tee Baker. Harry Browne, Gus Weinberg. and Miss Helen Lacka3re. The Palace Music ball next summer will house the new Shubert musical revue, " Maid in America." unless present arrangements are changed. Miss Barry-more in The Shadow " is spoken of as the Blackstone inducement to spring and summer playgoers. I Music Notes. THE second and - Sinai concert of the " Amer. . lean series" b3 .the Chicags Symphony orchtstra under the direction . of Glenn Dillart I Gunn will takt place in OrchestrL i hall this evening ai . 8:13. The soloist will be Burt or Thatcher. baritone and) -, Alfred , Gold-. man. violinlat. The program II I made up almost en tirely 4 of ' novelties. BURTON THATCHER' and includes Coles -- symphordc prelude. - the atulsnte and burlesque from Lang's symphony in C minor, Protheroe's symphonic poem, " In the Cambrian Hills "; Sowerby's irytriphonic sketch, " The Sorrow of Mydath," and Kolar's symphonic suite. " Americana." Mr. Tatcher will be herd in Brune's Ira music ballad for baritone and orchestra, and in the Clough-Leighter song, " Fossessiors," while Mr., Goldman will be heard in the andante from Severn's violin concerto. - - A change has been made In the program announced for the Chicago Symphony orchestra concerts to be given under Mr. Stock's direction in Orchestra hall tomorrow afternoon and Saturday evening by the substitution of the Maus-son symphony in B flat for the Dukes symphony. The concerts will open with a performance of the Bach suite No. 4 in D major. The soloist will be Rudolph Ganz, the Swiss pianist, and he will be heard In the Beethovan concerto No. 1 in C major and in the Liszt fantasia on Hungarian melodies for pianoforte and orchestra. Conomtions in Session Today. I. O. O. r.--State grand officer Sherman hotel Agents of Jo Ims-Manville company.. Congress hotel Night Schools Close Today. Chicago's night schools will close tonight after one of the most successful years of their existence. according to 'William M. Roberts. superintendent of night schools. About 7430 pupils will graduate from the elementary schools and 1Z,0 from the high schools. The schools will open again in October. In some of the night schools graduation exercises have been. arranged for tonight. A course for printers' apprentices wilt be opened soon after April 1 in the high schools. Arrangements were completed yesterday between Charles S. Peterson, member of the board; J. W. Hastie of the Employing Printers' association, and John Harding of Typographical union No. 16 whereby the apprentices may take the course. Employers representing 107 apprentice. have agreed to petmit their employds to take the course during the daytime. SKIN TROUBLE !tolled-Terribly. Could Not Sleep at Night. Clothing Aggravated rrouble. Cuticura Soap and Cuti. cura Ointment Healed. 1363 Fulton St.. Chicago; 111."I 1ioticed peculiar spots brealdng out all over my body which itched terribly. They were red and later white and scaly. ' The eruption burned and itched no that Z could not sleep at all 4" frg ;: at night. My clothing aggra- t rated the trouble and made me - Itch more. took a treatment but got no relief. I read the Cuticura advertisement in the paper and - wrote for a free sample of Cut!. curs Soap and Ointment. I used them as per directions and had my first night's rest In two months. Then I bought one box of Cuticura Ointment and had only used half of it with the Cuticura Soap when I was healed. I have no disfiguring scars left.' (Signed) Frederick Seal. August S. 1914. Keep your skin clear, scalp clean and free from dandruff. and hair live and glossy. Cuticura Soap. with an occasional use of Cuticura Ointment will do it : Sample Each Free With 32-p. Skin Book on request Address poet-card "Cuticura.- Dept. '1. Boa-Can.": Sold throughout the world. 2'4 : ' I , I- '-.01,3ITUARY: SAMUEL B. RAYMOND DIES IN MASSACHUSETTS. .. , Samuel B. Raymond, former treasurer of Cook county and for many years a prominent figure in Republican politics, died vs Tuesday In 174.; ,--',''.1e1449fid, Boston. lie , was i.",' ,Itte;,1:.;' born sixty-six years :..., ' ago In Massichu- setts and came to i( Chicago in 1864. He 4 was first an Once 4',0, 1. I boy and then a '-'11o.'. salesman for the . wholesale '' grocery ... , 0 house of G. C. Cook , & Co. Later he went , '''' ;, Into business for j . 'L. ' ' himself as a sugar im.s..m,... broker and repre- 6: sentative of eastern- ,tiPIIIELCI.KAYMONCI sugar refineries. For fifteen years he was annually elected president of the Commercial exchange. - lie was a member of the first board of election cOmmissioners and was a delegate to the Republican national conventions of 1884. 189'2. and 1806. He 'was actively Identified for twenty years with every Republican campaign committee. He was elected county treasurer In 1898 and served until 1902. For several years Mr. and Mrs. Raymond lived at the Congress hotel. After the death of their daughter, Mrs. Shirley T. High. they moved east, where for years they had had a summer home at Marblehead. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 0:0 p. m. in the Rosehill chapel. Through the courtesy of the Northwestern railroad the train leaving the west aide terminal at 1:30 will stop at Rose-hill. , EDWARD Vir- THIELE. for twenty year a partner-in the firm of Wertz Sc Thiele. wagon and carriage manufacturers at 1238 South Ashland avenue. died at hie residence, 1401 Independence boulevard. on .Thursday. He is survived by his widow and four children. MRS. AUGUSTINE BIRRELL. wife of the chief secretary for Ireland, died at London yesterday. Church Plans Omni-Partisan , , Meeting. Candidates for mayor and aldermen have been invited, to speak at an omnipartisan meeting tomorrow evening in Grace Methodist Episcopal church, Locust and North La Salle streets. This Is the second meeting to be held in Grace church. At the last meeting there were six speeches on current political Questions and it is expected that as many candidates will present themselves at thit meeting. , 'Try Out' Co-eds for Junior Play. " Tryouts " for pirts in " The County Chairman " to be given by members of t e junior class of Northwestern univer pity were held last night. In the cast elf 1 twenty7three. six .co-eds gained parts as follows: Miss Nona Hakes, Miss Gertrude McEown, Miss Genevieye Forbes Miss Dorothy Martin. Miss Floyelle Gore, and Miss Mary Brodbeck. The play mill be presented early in April. DOWNTOWN Alfred Hamburger Zi s , egfeld ELSIE JANIS T --- -"" In 'The Caprices or ,mitty EXTRA ADDED ATTRActioN TOE NVELCH No. 7TIME "3LOCK 76" BEGINNING SATURDAY EDITH WYNNE MATHISON in The GOVERNOR'S - N-- -2 LADY EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION Chas. Chaplin - In "THE CHAMPION" - A Screaming Farce Comedy r- 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111191111111111111111111111111111M diM,Q1MM E STUDEBAKER ' -------- Michigan Ave. near Van Buren MAN. JONES.LINICK & SCHAEFER 11 A. M.- CONTIN UOLTS-- P. SALISBURY'S -- W1 1 Life lia i I IIIJUliLL Fishingand Hunting Scenes MOTION PICTURES Greatest' A n I- ALL ALL OVER as-mtnal, Bird and SEATS.25C . !A CHILDREN' said CY DE VRY AU Times 16c - . - -- - - -- - -- ... CASINO 58 MADISON STREET NEAR DEARBORN TODAY-TWO FEATURES. "SIX OR NINE" with BEN WIDSON" VALOR'S REWARD" wORLD61 W. RANDOLPH OPP. GARRICK toorta Newest Photo Play House. -WITH ORGAN ACCOMPANIMENT. CHAS. CHAPLIN EVERY DAY. OPEN 9 A. IL TO 11 P. Id. STAR 68 Madison St. Charley Chaplin 'PET: - NORTH SIDE COLLEGE 2219 Sheffield Avenue At Fullerton "L" Sta. MART FULLER in "THE BRIBE" vTHE CRYSTAL GLOBE." Paragon feature. .LUXEWilson and Clifton MAX PIGMAN in a 5 Reel Production "JACK CHANTY" REGENT 6746 SHERIDA:;!; ROAD Near Loyola Station "310Rbl THAN QUEEN".A Four Act Pattie Fri.CHAS. pjn.Aight Out" IC N 0 R. E riVaRt MARY PICKFORD E;:la.ASLITESes CONTEWOC'S 2;00 to MOO P. M. S SO 11 ' DEATH ' NOTICES.; - - : i MEMORIAM. BURKHARTSMEIERChriatian D. Burk- hartainelerIn fond and loving remembrance of our dear father, who died two years ago today. March 11. 1913. LOVING WIFE. DAUGHTERS. AND BON. MEMOIERS BALDWINHarry A. Baldwin. March 10. aged 28 years. beloved husband of Cassis 000 Boyle. and beloved son of Mrs. Catharine A. Badwin, and brother of Mrs. Charles 7 A. Tinker of Cleveland. O. Residenoe 3812 Gladys-ay. Funeral notice later; no flowers. BALDW1N-11. A. Baldwin, 3812 Gladys-ay.. member of Hyde Park camp No. 88. Woodmen ' of the World. Members are requested to meet 1 at Bourgan's. 1441 E. 15,3th-st.. Thursday evening at 7:30. HENRY P. BERG. Ctunp Clerk. BARRYJames C. Barry. age 44, beloved husband of Amanda (nee Clatumenl, fond father of James Jr. and Mary C.. beloved son of t Jane E. nee Currant. brother of Wm. P. and Geo. D. Barry and Helen M. Gower, at residence, 800 S. Clinton-av, Oak Park. Funeral notice later. j OBITUARY. Z. P. Brosseau's death yesterday at , his residence. 406 ,:,..,.,..,.. Barry avenue, re- moves the head of 44e2,,iie.04, - - ',.,.,. ,, g ,,,,,,..,44, - :- , .: .::i;;,,i the oldest grain ,ii:,:,..1,:i:.,ii:1-,-..:,-.-::, house on the CM- :'-''':tU.. it .-.. 1 cago board of trade. , . ,...:f.'':e Mr. Brosseau had I.; .:-.,.!,::::3.1i:- been a member since ". ,---,--4 1862 and his house -7::.,::'":: '' .;;VWs :',, has existed contin- :,':::: ::-,-,1,: uously under the '4' ..-.)-E4 name of Bros Erz seau - ''. ,:;:-, Co. ever since. - z.,4,-;t4te Mr. Brosseau came s ZOV ' -,f4.:4,44, to Chicago in 1860 , 4 ,,',,i;5,),,,,,,'s-.: from Quebec. He was 74 years old and one of the leaders in the French-Canadian colony in Chicago. For his efforts on behalf of the French residents of the city and his activities he was created a chevalier of the Legion of Honor by the president of France. He is survived by his widow and four ons, Louis C. Joseph E., Leonard A.. Pierre, and four daughters, Mrs. A. J. Axaberg, Genevieve, Louise, and Marion. dMe, Is DEAD. Z. P. BROSSEAU- IS 0 z. P. Brosseau's death yesterday at his residence. 406 Barry avenue, re- ":':1.0.74;, , 1! moves the - head of the oldest grain house on the CM- '..::V:' -,' cago board of trade. I:Ft Mr. Broeseau had been a member mince 14.1.4!,- 1862 and his house has existed continuously under the name of Brosseau ' 'xi Co. ever since. -114 Mr. Brosseau came Lq,fa.A. to Chicago in 1860 from Quebec. He was 74 years old and one of the leaders in the French-Canadian colony in Cb For his efforts on behalf of the P residents of the city and his act he was created a chevalier of the of Honor by the president of He is survived by his widow an on, Louis C. Joseph E., Leona Pierre, and four daughters, Mrs. Axaberg, Genevieve, Louise, and M I HENRY WALLACE CARTER, retired lumberman and hotel proprietor. died yesterday at his home, 0'242 Woodlavrn avenue. He was 79 years old. He was born' In Bridgeport, N. Y., and came west while a young man. He engaged in the Umber business in Bay City, Mich.. and St. Paul, Minn. He came to Chicago in 1890, and was part owner of the Saratoga hotel during the world's fair days. He is survived by his widow and one sister. living in New York City. Funeral services will be held on Saturday in Milwaukee. MRS. PIRZAH MELVENTA BLACK.' 59 years of age, widow of the Rev. James A. Black, D. D.. a retired minister of the Reformed Presbyterian church. died yesterday at ber residence, 7028 Union avenue. She is survived by two soneJohn C. Black, D. D. S., and R. A. Black. M. D. The funeral services will be held at the family 'residence at 10:30 tomorrow. The Rev. O. M. Cawa Td of the Normal Park Presbyterian church will officiate. Burial at Oakwood. CHARLES A. SCILIEREN. formerly mayor,of Brooklyn. 'died at his bome in Brooklyn ' yesterday.' In an adjoiking room his wife lay so ILL of the sarnemalady that it was thought she could not live the day out. FDEATH NOTICES. HARM:TatErnest Drawee' Barnum. beloved husband of Helen C. Barnum. Tuesday. March 10. at his home. 451 Checidan:rd.. Waukegan. Funeral notice later. BAUMANNPhilipp Baumann. March 9. 1915. dearly beloved husbard of Ida Baumann, nee Schubbe; fond father of Fred. Paul, and Arthur Baumann; father-In-law of Marion Baumann. Funeral March 12. 1913. at 2 p. m.. from late residence. 1154 S. Lyman-ay.. Oak Park. by carriages to Waldheim cemetery. New York City papers Please copy. BERMELE)Martin Bermele. beloved husband of Christina, nee Munch: father of John P.. G. Fred. brother of Jacob Bermele. grandfather of William and. Ralph Bermele. Funeral Friday at 1 p. tn. from his late residence. 2845 Archer-ay.. by autos to Bethania cemetery. Member of Twenty-fourth regiment infantry of Illinois.. BLACKPirzah Melvin& ' Black. wife of the late Rev. James A. Black, D. D.. at her residence. 7628 Union-ay., March 10. Funeral 10:30 a. m. Friday. March 12. Privates BOOTHSpencer H. Booth. March 8. aged 82, at 130 S. Ninth-ay.. Maywood. EL ' husband of Carolina nee Lytle. father of Dr. F. H. Booth of Chicago. 1U. and Mrs. Mary Hut- burt of Franklin. Pa. Erie papers please copy. Funeral notice later. BOYERAlice Winmill Boyer. suddenly, March T. 1915. mother of the Rev. Claude 1. Boyer. Mrs. Henry Klessman. sister of M-a. Burns Van Gettni of Evanston. Funeral will be held at son's home, 1655 S. Central Park-av Thursday. at 2 o'clock. Joliet and Plano. LUZ papers Please copy. By auto. to Oak Ridge. BRINENNellie Brinen. use Cremin. at Muskegon, Mich.. Tuesday. March 9, beloved wife of William J. Brinen, daughter o; John C. and Catherine Cremin. sister of Mrs. Mamye Schultze. Mrs. Anna Snow. Mrs. bottle Bastian. and William C. Cremin. Interment at Muskegon- ,' BROaSEAUZenophile P. Br o mean. beloved husband of Elizabeth Brosaeau, March 10. 1915. Requiem mass will be celebrated Friday. May 12. at 10:30 a. m.. Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Belmont-ay. Burial private. Kindly omit flowers. , DE MYER Nora de Myer. March . nee Greene beloved daughter of Simon and Helen Nolan. Fond sister of Peter J.. l'iton S. John J. . Thomas E.. Mrs. C. II. Henrik& Margaret. and Minnie Nolan. Funeral Friday at 9:30 a. m. from late residence. 2923 Wallace-at.. to All Saints' church. where high mass will be celebrated. thence by autos to Calvary cemetery. ELLITHORPEErie E. Ellithorpe, at his real-dance, 6122 Prairie-ay. Funeral Friday, March 12. at 2;30 p. ni. Interment at Mount Hope, by autos. - FABE'RCecilla M. Faber, nee Buscher. March 9, aged 30 years, beloved wife of John D. Faber and fond mother of Marcella and Baby Faber.. beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian puscher, beloved sister of Mrs. Ray Edwards. Mrs. C. J. Ver Haien, Ottila. Francis, Marie, laoba. and Ludmilla Buscher. Funeral Friday, March 12, at 9:30a. in., from her parents' residence, 1061 Carmen-ay., to St. Gregory'. church: autos to St. Beniface cemetery. GREGORYMare E. Gregory. beloved daughter of Johanna, nee Ahearn, and the late Rich-ant Gregory. sister of the late Michael. Kin-ale. and Julia. Funeral Saturday. at 9 a. m.. f Tom late residence. 1086 W. 3301-st.. to Our Lady of Good Counsel church, where solemn requiem high mass will be autos to Calvary. Friends wishing seats call Yards 34. Milwaukee papers please copy. HAGAMrs. Clara Halbarom Hasa-. wife of Enoch Haga, daughter of Mrs. R. Hallstrem. sister of Annie. Mrs. F. O. Columbus, and Mrs. Elizabeth Thorson, at her residence. 5401 Cortez-st., March 9. Funeral Saturday, March 13. at 1:80. from late home and at 2:80 , at Second Swedish M. E. church, corner Irving Park-blvd. and Avers-ay.; autos to Graceland. HANKSSamuel L. Hanks, beloved husband of Fanny B. Hanks. father of William C. and Farnham L. Hanks. Funeral Thursday, 2 p. tn.. from his bite residence. 160 North Pine-ay.. Austin. Interment Oak Ridge. Member of Candid& lodge No. 927, A. F. A. M.' Cincinnati, O.. papers please copy. HYLAND Mrs. Catherine Hyland. nee O'Brien. March 10. 1915. dearly beloved wife of the late Anthony. fond mother of Myles. John. lEchael. Anthony. Mrs. W. Finley, Mrs. T. McCarthy, and Mrs. M. Nolan. Funeral Saturday. March 18. 9 a. in.. from her daughter. Mrs. T. McCarthy'. residence, 1243 E. 4dtlast.. to St. Ambrose church. where solemn high mass will be celebrated, thence by autos to Calvary. KATZatANNMinnle Katzmann. wife of Max Katzmann. 5356 Prairie-ay.. daughter of Mrs. Rosa Kline and the late Henry Kline, sister of Mrs. M. Marx of Sioux City. la.; Mrs. Lulu Frankel of DenVer.-Colo.: Samuel H., and Joel M. Kline. Funeral Friday. 9 a. m.. from Temple Israel. 53d and Michigan-ay.: autos to Gracelend. See Your Film Favorites at the Following NORTH SIDE PARKWAY Clark St. and Diversey Blvd. 110DAY Daniel Frohinas presents John Emerson In the famous sentimental comedy, e Bachelor's Romance OIP In 4 parts, and other lectures. SEATS 10 CENTS. L. I, A N BELMONT AT CLARK Betty Nansen The Greatest Tragedienne In the world. In "The Celebrated Scandal" Special Thls Evening at 8:00 Carlyle Blackwell (HIMSELF) One of the greatest actors of the silent drama will appear in person and give an interestiog lade on some of his earedenoes in front of the camera. 1BIOGRAPH 1 - THEATER BEAUTIFUL F----"' 2433-43 Lincoln Ave.. Near Fullerton .----- ---- --- World Film Co. Presents 1 7-------- Howard Estabrook and I -0 , Barbara Tennant . M- i--------- ,In Bret Herten Greatest Success .,--.--.-- I:7------ g M 'LISS '' it..21 -------. F--:---- ADtvrs. inc. CHILDREN. 5c. -------- TAKE SHORE Broadway and Belmont , jj Broadway and Belmont , 1 CHICAGO'S MIRST PICTTRE HOUSE TONIGHT AT 7:00 BY Special RequeztHeturn Engagement of t Inc !Last Dance' With CO'NCHITA. the Famous Spanish Dancer Sat.Williamson'. Submarine Expedition. CLARKClark a at Street TODAY Vaudeville Night. Also Four Reels of Pictures. Including Francis. X. Bushman In 'THIRTEEN DOWN.' 2 van Easanay drama SCH AEF ER' S pLÁZA TabITZSAirk 0. Presents - "Rip Van Winkle" t Pc.ures A Legend of the Catskills. In Four Actg. KEYSTONE Shert2Rd. - TH ROME Or GOOD MOVIES. TODAY'S FEATURERI'TH ROLAND in Two Reel Worn ,"FOLLOWING- A CLEW" BELLO WEEKLY. NORTH SIDE Woal,,a,..m.pmedm,m1MbwOM,.,. BRYN MAWR BRYN MAWR Near BROADWAY (At Edgewater Station) BIG PROGRAM TODAY rEDITH STOREY in a 3 act Broadway Star feature, 'mid ALICE JOYCE ,----------- In a 3 art Photoplay WB IT PI tiODDEgs r2 Big Stars in one Performance.) 1111111111111111112111 Adult& 10c. Children. 5e. 1i111112110311111111111113211111rd VITAGRAPH 3133-43 Lincoln Av.. nr. Belmont LAST TIMES TODAY-1:30 to it NO CHILDREN ADMITTED Continuous Performance 1:30 to 11:00P P. M. ARGMORE A"PITE AND KENMORE "AURORA FLOY D"- Two Part Biograph Drama. and It Others. STANDARD THEATEM-750 N. Clark St. Feature Photo', lays Daily. SOUTHWEST E. A R. On Wentworth Ave. Neer fenh St. SONG PUBLISHERS CONTEST. 111A,o NANCE O'NEIL KREONTZER SONATA LINDEN THEATER-03rd & Halsted Sts. 'The UNHIDDEN TREASURE' AUSTIN IR IS 5747 Chicago Ave- "THIr, TW-Ff:NTY MILLION DOLLAR MYSTERY" WEST SIDE pivil M A CLASS B Y ITSELF 1111111!111 11.1 .- 1HAMLIN m 7----- 3826 to 3836 W. MADISON ST. ------'--- --- Tonight-CHAS. CHAPLIN in The .----E-1-4. ---- -- Champion. 2 part EEpanav comedy. -----..- Murdock McQuarrio in "the Truth 7.---- .---- About I an Doering" ...----Tom Mix in "The stage Coach Driver --,----- ------ and Girl" ---'--- "Birds of Scotland"-Hand Colored :7--------- -- Pattie. -- .- tilannurningratommitimumnimmummerim RAWFORD - - CRAWFORD AVM. ra. MADISON sr s.--- -7-1 TODAY n .--E, E 1 Marshal Neilan :------ I in "The Country Boyt-F1 :---a KEDZIE ANNEX rigT21.1 "AURORA PLOYD--YrIra Part Bo. LOUISE VALE and FRANKLYN RITCHIE. Ala LATE6T Ala; k'ABLE. DEATH NOTICES HEROY--teabelia, CamPbel" Heroy entered into rest March 9. 1.915. 14 ber 57th year. Funeral service" at late resblence. 8127 Walnut-st.. Friday. 2 o'clock: autos to Calcridge. Buffalo. N. Y.. and Washington. D. c- Pers Plea's copy. KFILLNERSaimiel F. Kellner. March 9. 1913. at his residence. 357 E. 58112-et. beloved bus. band of Corinne and fond fatber of Frank 13- Funeral service. at Oakwood' chapel, frith-at. and Greenwood-ay.. Thursday. March 11, at 10 a. tn. Please omit flowers. Milwaukee 'WILL Detroit 'Mich.. and Omaha Neb.,' papers Please copy. 1 , DIEBENSTEEC--Mrs.: Theresa Liebenstete. ' - aged 77 year., widow of Henry Liebenstain. at the residence of her daughter. 5026 Grandblvd., mother of Charles 1-1., Mrs. David Wald. Moses S.. Mrs. Carl Appel. and Mrs. Harry tart. Funeral Thursday morning at 9:80 from Sinai temple. 46th-5t. and Grandblvd. LINESNellie Day Linea, at 142 Marquetterd. Funeral Thursday at 2 p. m.. from chapel. 5133 Lake Park-ay. Interment at Oakwoods cemetery. private. Burlington. 1P't., papers please copy. 3fASSERMta Sarah Masser. aged 41. belovell wife of Jitioees Maaaer, fond mother of LIssie. Mary. and Lillian. beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Bardelstein. sister of Ike. The. odor Mrs. H. Jasper. Mrs. Fannie Vanden-boss. and the late Anna. Barteistein. Iraneral will be held from her late reaidence. 3544 Grand-blvd.... Friday. March 12. at 2 p. nt, sham. to Oakwooda ottnietery,by autos. Kindly omit flowers. MUIRJohn Matz:. aged 78 years. Funeral service" 1 p. na. Friday. March 12. at parlors. 412 E. 47th-st. Interment at Nosehill. McKEONE--Maa McKeon.. nee Scully. ha. loved wife of Michael. mother of Helen and. William, daughter of Mrs. Anna Ward and the late Patrick Scully. sister of Mn. W. J. McDowell and Margaret Scully. Funeral Saturday. at 9 a.. in.. from mother'. reeicienoa. 5105 S. Halated-et.. to Visitation church. where high mass will be celebrated. by auto.. mobiles to Mount Olivet. Friends wishing seats call Yards 062. alcCARTHY--John J. McCarthy. beloved husband of Annie McCarthy 'nee Mangan, father of Norman J... son of Mary and the late Florence McCarthy. brother of Hannah. Agnes, Loretta, Grace and Florence McCarthy and Mrs. Mary E. Clark and the late liathryne McCarthy. Funeral Friday. March 12. at 10 a. m.. from late residence, 0705 thanwood-ay.. to St. Ignatius church. Autos to Calvary. Member of University council No. 1087. K. of C. RAY--Mrs. Winifred Ray Ina. Lantryl. March 9. 1915. widow of Charles anti mother of the! late Charles and John H. Ray, Mrs. J. L. Hough. Stephen L.. Rose. and Dorothy E. Ray. Funeral Friday, March 12. at 9;30 a. nu., from her late residence. 554 Wrightwood.av.. to St. Clemenra church. interment at Mt. Carmel. Medford 'Masai and Marshall 'Mich. Papers please copy. RAYMOND:-Samuel B. Raymond. suddenly. la Boston. March 9 Funeral service!' Saturday. at 2:80. Roseltill chapel. Chicago. The 1:80 train on. Northwestern will stop at Rosebill station. ROSERHarriette A. 'loser. beloved wifect Hiram B., Rorer, March 10. 1915. Funeral Friday a. m. March 12. 1915, from late residence, 4307 W. Monroe-at.; burial at Mew Lisbon, Wis. ROWERebecca Rowe. nee Holt. March 10, beloved wife of Haley Rowe. Funeral from late home, 8119 S. 5th-av, Friday at 2 p. Interment at Oakwood& SIIITHAmella M. Smith, nee Richberg, widow of the late George C. Smith. beloved mother of Mrs. Charlotte S. Mansfield. at the home of the latter In Boston. Mass. Funeral services at Graceland chapel. Saturday. March 13, at 2:80 p. zu. STEPHENSLouise Elizabeth Stephens, beloved daughter of Frank Hall Stephens and Annie W. Stephens. Services at late reeldence1518 Sherwin-ay.. Sunday, March at, at 2:8 p. ra. STEITEReertha L. Steuer. aged 01. suddenly. Tuesday noon. March 9, beloved wileof Herman W., mother of Gustave IL. William H.. Christian C., Herman O., Mn. Minnie Kowske. and Ilre. Bertha Green. Funeral. Friday. March 1, at 2:80 p. In.. from late residence, 7337 Union-ay., to Mount Greenwood, by automobiles. Member of Waldeck chapter. O. E. S. THIELEEdward W. Thiele. aged 48 years, dearly beloved husband of Matbilda, nee List; fond father of Flora, Edna, Lillie, and brother at William and Louts Thiele, Mrs. Loutaa Sievers, Mrs. Emilie Hu-Livid. and Mrs. Clara Hammond, at his both& 1404 Independence-blvd. Funeral Friday. at 2 oclock, from Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran church, Ashland-blvd. and W. 12th-st. by automobile to Concordia. High Class Motion Pict re esters (The possibility of a film not reaching a theater on time makes the program subject to change) WEST SIDE Go LD 34 11 W. 12th St. TODAY-MATINEE AT 1:30 MAX FIGMAN and -LOLITA ROBERTSON in JACK CHANTY' 4NIF.10 E" EX VS1TS SOUTH SIDE . . . .... ,........... ,,, .,..................... ''......., v ......... . . '...... .,.b...... I M 0 ....ft a ,o M , m .,,,, b COSMOPOLITAN liVrit AND DA LSTED STREETS -TON 16H T- $10 in Money Is Yours - If You Can Pick Out "Raffles" Movie RAFFIX13 will appear in a. picture at thin theater toiiiirbt and will also be in the audience. lick him out and the money la yours. Full particulars at the 'limiter. Also FRANclei X. BUSHMAN in "STARS THEM COURSES rit A NOE" and 3 Other S. & A. Star Features. SHAKES PEARE ON 43RD ST. Near ELLIS AVE. WILTON LACIAYE In His Greate.t Success "CHILDREN of the GHETTO" Firs Parta )3y Israel ZangwillShould you wish to participate in the profits of this theatm, for full particulars write to Th. Unitod States Moving Picture Co.. 40k National Life Llidg. A dIvidesid has Plat botal declared. PRESIDENT ON 55TH BLVD. at cALL-mE:or AVE. Today-3Iats. 2:30 & 4:00. Eva. I to IL NANCE O'NEIL In COUNT LEO ToLF-Tor's bout St!nint 5-Part "KREUTZER SONATA" Drama VISTATHEATER-47th St. and Cottage Grove Ave. Combine Health with PieneureMoet Modern $yetem of Ventilation in the City. TOSIGHTKlaw 4 Erlanger Prtsent "THE WIFE 71 A Drama of Lore and Polities. Also a Special 2 Act Keystone Comedy. PANORAMA ON PRAIRIE AVE. Near ISIST CTREET. TodayCoutinuoua Performance 7 to U. Peerless Alice Joyce in' "The White Goddess," Katem 3 Act Oriental Drama & other good ones KEN WOOD 47rn AND KLMBARK AV. - CHARLEY CHAPLIN And MARIN DECKtzgLER in 111,1.1E'a PL5NC1 CRED flOMANCE"--Slx Acts. A mile of comedy with a laugh in every Inch. HALFIELD N. E. Car. 55th & Halsted Sta. BROADWAY' STAR FEATME EDITH Sn'OltElr AND HA HEY .110RET In THE SILENT Pin& i i I ' , J x i , I 7, 'c -1, , , -4' 'i t ) .,, , , i. , . . , - i...S.' - ----li .,....,.. I !4. t f t I ' r entered Into ''' ear. Funeral Walnut -at.. I 1 dge. Buffalo. I I ' layers please It I Iamb O. 1914 - t beloved bus.. ...- ler of Frank s coods chapel. t'': 1 Thursday. lir I'l omit flowers. Eska. and PY. l Llebenstoin. Liebenatein. 5026 Grand-, .. , Mrs. David tel. and Mrs. 't i . r morning at i . 4 t 1, , and grand- l ' k I Marquette- , r , x m. from nterment at 1 I i Burlington. t 1 I. a ,LI. belovell l t ., . we of Llsale. ghter. of idr t 14,' , - ;,. ::.,!. . , . ''t'.''i- ,, .i13.3.!!'',?,:i.;''.,: 1 1 i '- I I- -4 ,4! I f 1 I th : I 1 1 i 1 ', ';: .: i f . . l . r, 1 -''::-, 1..''l ! rt. - 1:-1.' ..1,'',.,, I., ;,;f':, , ,,t,;. I :.H 1:, 1,:t 1 .1,--, ; ,-, , 4 , 7 : 1 : 1 - : :g , , . 4 i t t' - i - .; :',.,; ;If i ,, ,,,, 1 t , 1 t , 41 t . !:t , !:t , , , :, ; i , 11 ', I .c, 1 I,- 1 1 t - I .i 1 i 1 I it :f i .1 1 i ,'' 45. , i 11 1 ;: 1:; i 1 t',-; ; I 1, '4, ' 1 1. N !" ,4 4 4 l',:l. ",. I- ...,' :.! -t - ' '1.--i'1, 1 1 ;,:- 1 i 1! 1 : I A 1' i 1 :1 11,44.1 .1 --g I ,.., t :. ) ;i:1,, ! 1 I it II t t 1 tr 4 t - -i 11 . i . 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