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PART TWO SPORTS MARKETS TITict4IY alit( GREATEST NEWSPAPER I. The Tribune's Tete Anne Number Is Superior 0100 141 i i Vat i 1 t.i. PART 'TWO A00 I SPORTS (Lk rxAbihn I 1 The Tribune's Telegatne Is umher 1 MARKETS MAIICJI 1 Sior 0100 THE WORLD'S GREA'TEST NEWSPAPER uper i 1 I 4 1ST. PHILIP WINS OVER St TITUS ICAGERS, 38 4 4 I IINS ST. PHILIP 1 OVER T'.

TITUS 3oT01 CAGERSs4 7 MAR! 1111(ENSHIP TO' SOX, 10-5 js Curves Easy fa Wichita Falls. Another Setback I NIPS MICUCH Go Z1A v4mitki A PM-TURE RZAA RANcilT MEI( 14-ro MAkI ROI) AN ti t4t tAN Two NI A AkAaTERPIEtE Tmk-r WILL uvr -TILL rviE ZA44 Or. "114 brIE Mikt4 011 DUCEIL I 3 i FRIDAY, MARCH 199S. 27 1 I 0 e--k 1 1 'IA FP 1 I JU La 4 1 0 W1PDS L'''' 8 iril WIIICTE donk Allmb i I I ..1111111 I I I liDERs filAtju THE GU.MPS-AND BABY MAKES THREE-IN MY BLUE HEAVEN 1 toll, I 'I IIICENSHIP TO 1 191x? taIP II 4 1 GOZ1A votioT A m-TURE tx)- RZAA EtRANciiT ti Pt-Ex twro I tii! -0 1 n-tkr RCkt)t-A AN ti t4e tkm Pito -T EAT SOX, 1 0 in 5 ID A watZtAlvIts 1- I ,1 1 AAAaTERplECE wiLL uvE 1, III-1- P-AE tr me trIE ler 'I, 1, YuR.N ,1 14" mit 016t1 7.0. a A 1 rti 40lee 1101.

Ai 1 A 1 1 I I 8119 Plif 14 1.... 4, "Etc tidh ..11 i a rs Curves Easy 4 ,1 itit'illiii z.u-,' -9 fe I 1 111 Ai 34 1, 11 ilb 1 fa Wichita Falls. 1 11'01 ,1 ill 1, -4 sii, El II wort 1 rt all I I v'N i 4, mg -0 I Ifit, 1 ,0 0 1.0. nother Setback $11' A 1 ira uor i A i't rtku i'le4 Vie157, I 7 .......,,.:..4 zee' CI 7 itt 1 lik. --1111101Nr "441111 7 JO a 111 AA; 1111.

I 111' 0 45 It -611011 it 7 -1, 1 vIL Vt '4'vw-- AN Wt. V. 4' ow Me Olen; i 7 1 11-1 .11 Li La 4 4 i. 4 vi DERs I J'', 1: SO Csarveli i ft, 'r Wichita bother er I. St.

Ignatius Defeats SL Ignatius Defeats 1 Tourney Scores I Tourney Scores I tlX1436. WICICITA PALM Abl wej2 1 0 0 12 1 Soolinie-so 4 II I 2 gc 1 1 rarraZio li a a 3 3 rou 1 0 0 0 ritelLet 1 1 oata 11 1 II I 0 5 1 1 4 1 I 0 1 0 hien khelaf 8 1 3 1 vi.2 110111110eth.Sit 41103 Ala 1 1 I 0 58Ealloss.13 1 It 1 1 oilb I 1 I 0 1111aLans4b 1 I IP woof 4 1 3 II 0 1 tosalataiLm 8 1 1 as Wfb- 1 0 1 1 I Witttai 1 1 ktiat4 3 11 1 5 i 1 1 1 16111API 111 1 hlemktalUf I LS 1 I 11 3014.31t 4 la 1 1 Sinallows.13 111141.11148 1 goat 4 1 Dsausta4. S1A4s Sell 1 Viat'i 3 11 1 i 1 1 1 1 napes I orriat WICICITA PALLA. A111133 ANZNPA rob 1 1 0121 boaabolkaa 4 2 2 1 0 1 2 Tures.15 1 1 3 3 1 you 1 0 0 4 1 1 2 ow, 1 II 51141 paJt I 0 1 0114Dokhea.t1 I 1 3 1 2 1 0 1 1.11orth...110 4 1 1 I 1 I II a 1 1 1 1 virz w'ibialdirAl! ve.13 I 0 4113 1 lieere seldel 1-nr VIA 1 I nee TWAS li I lallW 01.4 144 I la 1 0 litosio :1,2 110111amet wiLlt 1 0 1 I IV Swot a 1 II 0 31 KAM 14 Ill wimp 41.1415.6 IIIII n. tj 1 It W00 1 I I I kitasolb 3 0 I 1 ANY GOOD? SI.

Mare narks levri. W. Ye. 16; ri4. rater Anaseeal.

MeaL, T. Sk SLAW lanaise. 111 kesary. Syracuse. N.

18. 81. ratzSek. reeb1a. Oaks.

Wet Mart. ZI Mama. Okla, UK M. Mares. Wasting 14 Masa, Dih efea.

Detroit btleb Ota. St. Maar 81, Thom. Thaw villa. 11.

tal Salle inetitate. Culabetisall. MA, 801 81. Patrick Niwth ilatta. Delo, Lti.

SL L. Ida V. IIigb 1, et. Vineaat. Akron.

0. St. Mares. Rea Antos la. 'rex, 23; M.

Mazy's. Dleaminates. 111 De lama Catholic. rhibedelpitte. 811; Mar.

gurus U. Dealt. suwankee. St. Break trit N.

L. 28; N. Alabama, Davenport. 26. St.

Ignatius. Mew 18; taLbeetral. elaal Sails. 8. SI.

Mares. Chorabwri. 11, Vs. 13; 11 raters. Amossauls.

T. Mares. Laming. inch, Itok Ilesary. N.

T. 111. 31. 0614. Mt lawn New York's Boxing Champs Arrive Today; Chicago's Title Holders Say They're Ready Vew York Boxing Champs Arrive Today; Chicago's Title Holders Say They're maib 4E40 mEn CUBS SWING INTO FINAL GRIND OF TRAINING TODAY 0.

MIISS4121 37 MP 13 VT 11 Osital tor Mono bo toortb. mood Vodkaso tw tissue. goo Wood tot Wilma to ats a r41121412 "oral- ter Witter lo tou'l tor Mantra. gel booed ter Wilma .....11 Major Plans Complete for Big Tourney. faior Plans Complete for Big Tourney.

(111111111111.1414.0011, for- 4,7:, 403 .4,.:,,:,. --N. "-2. 4,. inn 346 0111.Ig troto-Onomy.

Thrrestu Dinka mo-COmoli. Ette-02 White. 3 to 4 Its-ow Cs; la Blankenship. 7 to 3. Sae-Amp bmn-riorrold.

Demoting. Tiro boom apirstme. Tergemet. Remo roon-Loommet, halm etroek 2i WUt; torn. Double playo-Turgeaaboosetvaiss; PalkalleCurty; Lamb-AimsNs; Twpos-Bentait.

Beeem en batie-Witile. it ca. gnekaositto. litortmt I. litt by nimbi.

Beattie by War regite-tyto. Kase end Tangitt. tom lerro-OJEscr. bestkon. mi.4121e11.

no-OS Raw Ou. 5 la Illaskrro Ai lor-roggrela. Dors zo-belok 2142311ra 214 wo. halm Elm om, Double boosetianiss; PalkaloCe Ns; inere-Beners. Homo at Ca.

1113akeeskto. 2 by gay-Mame by nimbi ma tweite-Pltel Lies Art eld MI Twirl Against Angels. I I 1 1 att8 mift EMI, 1 1 I I I i I II' I i I I le I I li IA il 4 1 1 The Worts departzneed was kePt busy last night answerb2g ealls from fans seeking tickets for the intercity bout. A few btmdred remain- These will be on sale this asserning at The Tribune's public service arms mind tn the lobby of The Tribtme Tower. 11 yen want 'am get there early.

11131e eports depariznent eras kePt busy last night antrwerbte calls from fans seektng tickets for the intercity A few htmdred remaht. These will be on sale this naornhig at rbe Tribmie's public service Ince and hi the lobby of The Tribtme Tower. If you want Narti. get there early. Sig.

Roberti, whg irs71 answer that query in his initial Chicago appearance here tonight. A Few Left GEORGE'LL DO IT GEORGE ROOT. "Beat Chicago Mob," Gotham Adieux. BY JACK FARRELL. taltlease rens Serv Seal New York March 22.Speciall-- Don't come back unless you bring 1 the tutercity amateur boxing chem! pienship with you.

Good luck and may God speed you on a successful I journey," This was the parting abet tired by I Acting Mayor Joseph V. McKee at the valiant troupe of twenty-one New York Daily News Golden Glove crusaders a few minutes before they boarded the Twentieth Century Limited this afternoon to defend the puglnatio reputation of Pa Knickerbocker In a series of bouts with Tali Carcaoo 1 Tarsus-Vs champions. 1 None of the youthful gladiators got an opportunity to reply to the acttng chief city magistrate's admonition. as Paul Galileo. sports editor of the News and chief chaperon of the pilgrims, who presided as toastmaster at the getaway luncheon held in the main ballroom of the Commodore limited the poet-prandial orations to one minute spiels.

by Mr. McKee and James A. Farley, chairman of the New York state athletic commission-But if the young men were allowed to speak their little pieces. their do-or-die expressions indicated that they i vrould have maid: "Well. we don't want to come back unless we win." Farley Is Optimistic.

The acting mayor laid a tribute the News for sponsoriLit such a praiseworthy event." He said that HE'S UP AGAIN HE'S UP AGAIN nomplonoll7111 ip GEORGE'LL DO IT "Beat Chicago Mob, PP Gotham Adieux. I 4 (.., e4' A I. i BY JACK FARRELL. t4, s' Itkleese Tribes, rens Service.) et, sl A Few Left New York March 22.Speciall-- l' 1 z' '574 "pthiettahiDone 4.e,...440,,,1 4 ratLY God gPeed You on successful 4. journey," 7,,,,., A 2fk 16 es This was the parting sttot tired by I 46 6'''' cing Mayor Joseph V.

McKee at the At ,04 valiant troupe of twenty-one New i 7 York Deny News Golden Glove cru- 9, saders a few minutes before they 1.: boarded the Twentieth Century 1.41m- 4 4 m.4. ited this afternoon to defend the yogi- 1 64-' -1 listic reputation of Pa Knickerbocker 1 -i- 1., in a series of bouts with. Tug Catcsoo 1 44:, 21 -r 4 Terstrses .41 ..4 None of the youthful gladiators got 14 1 an opportunity to reply to the acttng i', chief city magistrate's admonition. as 3 Paul Galileo, sports editor of the News and chief chaperon of the pU- i Alt .1 trims, who presided as toastmaster at -t I the getaway luncheon held in the mahl A ballroom of the Commodore hotel. lien- 4 s' gt 4 rttv,) --11-1 ited the poet-prandial orations to one '44 9, 1 I- 3 minute spiels, by Mr.

McKee and 1-Nki- 44; 4 1 James A. Farley, chairman of the 11; -4, 2 New York state athletic commission. 4 AI 4 4 But i if the young men were allowed 4, 1 to "Meek their little Pieces. their do- or-die expressions Indicated that they I 7' l' 1. I would have "Well, we don't 4 want to come back unless we win: i -4 ,4 Farley Is k- 14- .4..., -Ant 7 Optimisi The acttng mayor laid a tribute GEORGE ROOT.

the News for poneoritg s-uch a 4 .5, 2 praiseworthy event." He said that IFI" A-- 4610440.04. 41 0 mmi 0144 7 "1.,. Et nava VAUGHAN. Mango, Trtbaas Pries fisrvilml Avalon. Catalina labkad.

CLL. March rt. McCarthra Cube ttrrned the Isiand back to the natives today and then turned their backs on the isth land for anoeir year. It 'wan the dt-t 2,, 4,,,, :0,1 final gemture of a -'44 t-''''''' ly thirty day train- 1," trig period In :,1 which ths tiny dot on the cur- face of the Pa, ct5c had more than Played the i 4 part of genial hold by providing weather that bar one full day and Airr 10:137. one halt day.

miuSe every daylight hour an ideal time to labor; and the Cube labored to advantageno doubt about that weather that. had one full day and Al rr lir Mir. one half a 7.1 miuSe every day- light hour an Ideal time to labor; and the Cube labored to advantageno doubt about that Roberti and Peterson to Fight Tonight GAMES TODAY. HMV WOUND. it.

Antalma. Bill St itt OM. 1231O vs. I. Augustioe.

Grottos. W. Va. I 0 a. ot.IF, Xavier.

Lewisville. va. Columbia' Dobootes. la. SECOND MOVIND.

11 ok, Clacinaoll. vs. Do I. bolla. Jot kt.

EL 1 p. latliatiapotia. olu OIL Mary. Clarksburg. W.

Va. 2 p., Marra. ng. we.

M. Putrid'. Pueblo, Colo. 3 p. Mary.

WoutliuM. Matta. vs. M. Philip.

Chicago. 4 p. saola. Salta. Comboduoil.

MAL oa. St. LOUIS r. nigh. 2 p.

atobt. Mary. Sao itatoola. us. Mattiall Catholic.

Philadelphia. I p. Ei.o454- John. grooklya os. EiL Iguatiaa.

Chicago. p. auWisner of toorolat games. Chicagos teams in the national basketball tournament, proved the equal of the best parochial quintets of the country, when they marched through the first round ot play at Loyola gym yesterday. In ast afternoon game with St- TItus ot Titusville.

Pa, Philips emerged -victor. SS to 14 and in the evening engagement with Cathedral 11141 of Sioux Falls, S. D. St- Ignatius triumphed, Is to S. While St.

Ignatius bad coneiderable difficulty in piling up points against the determined defense of the Dakota boys. St- Philips registered the second highest score of the tournament. St. Philips merely toyed with the Pennelte vanians. especially in the second half.

when Madden and Oronin. the twe sharpshooting forwards, rained shots through the hoop. St. Philips )ed from the start. Capacity Crowds Attend.

ICathedral got the jump on St. Ignatius with a basket. but once the west eiders offense hit Its stride. 'Sioux Fall? ray of hope disappeared. Capacity crowds attended the three sessions morning.

afternoon. and Ie nin a.nd In the neighborhood of 110.000 turned out for the activities. i For about one hour in the afterloos 1St. Philips seemed headed for the trophy to be awarded the team scot'- ing the greatest number of points In the first round. But the IMMO Tel1 lowing St.

Philips' decisive victory. La Salle Institute of Cumberland, I came along with a total that exeeeded 'St. Philips score by one. overwhelming St- Patrick of North Platte. Neb.

139 to 15. The high scoring trophy 1 probably will fall to the Maryland five 1 unless the mark is bettered in the last 1 two first round encounters this Roberts Roberti. Italian heavy- I Big Boy Peterson of New Orleans wrli meet in the windup of --e----- the boxing show in the Coliseum tonight They will Pitchers Look Good. box ten rounds to a decision. The AS the steamer pulled away from winner will be the pier there were just a few things matched to meet more than a hat on Boss IdeCarthre I one of the leading mind These were things he wished I contenders for the I BY WALTER EcirEns Atm.

1 Chienge's amateur boring champions are ready for the big intercity tournaraent. Sixteen of them Bald eo yesterday. "Beat New York is their slogan. With the announoement of the readiness of Chicago Golden Glare fighters came the news that major preparations for the bouts in the Coliseum tomorrow night are completed. Agreement upon s'me of the rules of the tourney alone remain to be Shortly after the arrival of the eastern team conference will be held between officials of both squads to agree upon a method for determining the team winner of the meet- This may Ibe done by awarding the honors to the otitukd whose boxers win a majority of the fights.

or upon a point 1 basis. with so many points ecored for first and second places. Flyweights May Open Show. 1 The coder in which the fights will hestaged will be determined at the conference. It has been suggested that the lighter weights go on first, so that the heavyweights can wind up the tourney.

If this froggestion is acceptable to both teams, the boxers in the second division of each class will go on first and the show will open with the flyweight bout in the second division and close eith the first division heavyweight fight between George Roffman of New York and Walter Radka Chicago champion-All members a the Chicago team ended the strenuous part of their preparation yesterday. Most of them boxed a few rounds with their sparring Part- nem while others were satisfied with 1 their condition and did not box for fear I of injuring their hands or sustaining cuts or bruises around the faze. All the bo3r3 reported at weight and stated they will be careful about their diet until they step on the scales tomorrow.afternoon at 2 o'clock. I. To Tour Oty.

BY WALTER ECKERSALL. Chicate's amateur boxing champions I ready for the big Intercity tourrut- exit. Sixteen of them said so yeeter- Ly. "Beat New York is their 5a1LEL With th Wie announoement of the readl- of Chi Gold es cag's en Glare fighters the news that MaJOT PrePergileng the bouts in ths Coliseum tomor- rw night are completed. Agreement )on some of the rules of the tourney one remain to be sd.

ettle Shortly after the arrival of the east- ck team conference vrill be held be- pon a me teen officials of both squads to agree method for determining the em winner of the meet. 11-his may done by awarding the honors to ke whose boxers Win a. ma- of the lights, or upon a point Isis. with so many points cored for rst and second places. Irtrweights May Open Show.

The order in which the fights will staged will be determined at the 2tiference. It hes been suggested that 'w 2e lighter eights go on first, go kat the heavyweights Can wind up the kurney. If this truggestion Is accept. I. I such a fixture as the Golden Gloves George Root, who Will be Chicago I tournament fostered a spirit of splen- i entrant in the first division of the did sPortsmanship and moral charac- im4 1..,,,,..

Lit ter among young men of tkds great. 1 witnthtbNe New York metropolis. aznatew- boxing meet with New York, MI Farley hoped for successful has beer. boxing for 13 months- conquest and ventured the prediction 1 EARL SANDE. I George, who is a Bohemian, is ere" I that if the boys stick to the old I a- 1,,...,.

ff. 1 George, who is a Bohemian, la em" that- if the boys stick to the old does all 1 4 such a ftxture as the Golden Gloves George Root, who will be Chicago's tournament fostered a spirit of splen- t'''' 4,.,,,, entrant th the seat divhdon of the did sportsmatiehip BM moral eharae- 10.410,44,,I 4 ter among young men of this great- r' 5r featherweight division In the intercity amateur boxing meet with New York I metroDoug. BY OVIARD BURNS. mess Tribes Press Serwisa ItIcLis Falls, March ILIt sor expected that the Wichita Ti: badders champions of Dftie, keel been matter the day but-is bras White Sox headquarters to est that Ted Blankenship is In the last physical shape of his major lupe weer. Tarts Tors Initial framing this etctoethe fourth the Texans cadet fothle and two homers off him oni la the ant session they a triia, another homer, a base et bra, a estrifice and two additional This heavy work with the rot malted In seven runs of the tr4i though 'which the Spudders t'ol the Eon In the aeries final.

Id le S. let mother fine hot day. Inst the bd the Sox hare been praying for a sake them play their best A high was blowing which, It is said. i kd mach to do with the three homers "11. I 1:4 aver the left field fence.

It 1 rs Dot noticed whether the same geld was blowing while our boys ree at bet graders Stage a Rally. 'Swim Cox, rookie right bander. meted for the Sox and a huge Person tamed Lester White was in for the' Spnileo. 'Me Texans were the first a were, taking three in the third al 'em after Randy Moore had lost ictezti'd third out in the sun. After zits bad been thrown out.

White eas waiked and went to second as 741,7 end Cox were getting Benton. 1'-geolt then sent a high one to Vr. which would have been a cinch If ht etn hadn't interfered. As It 'rm. Now went for a double.

White rtzt then hit to deep short. TtoTeon on third. Lamb shot Monier at Clancy, who recently Al been booting more than he's been tl) with. and Bud was true to 74- Re kicked it all over the lot. -zreon scorin and Fitzgerald ett third.

Jenkins singled to left It rtzgerald trotted Itoetz i it 'with his second strike out. 5'11 lee no tirrk, tying the score- -ne fret of the fourth, Metzler was an Benton's error after Clasen had Ottt Falk walked and so did '''A itling the bases. Moore forced t-- 44? at the plate and the bases still Mahn singIed off Roetz' Pet. scoring. McCurdy to Turgeon, who threw the '7 to the el.ohhouse.

Kamm and 'Alt scoring. Stanton recovered the ht true to throw out Mann at Bow They Greeted Ted. -4 Med a comfortable situation -14 wore at 1 to 3so Manager BY PJ3 WARD Mega Trtbiter Pre Irlcus PaIlli, Tex, Iacv la anspeoted thaw yei badders. champ havel been readtng is White Sox Ita eel that Ted Bla the leat physical shapo lupe weer. Tputs Tore tzdtla ectow-thet fourth rata tothie aztd two L.N1 a the zed session kted a ir, another 4.

et bra, a sactritice and i tels, This heavy t. i "Ai melted In "levet tra; theugh which te1 the Box la tl i 11 ta I. vat mother fins lic bd the Box have bee le take them play thet Ir'd vas blowing whl hd mach to do with th ca.2:4 over the left 1 ve tot noticed whet Ira was bloarrog tre at bet. graders Stage i tens Cox, rookie meted for the Sox and taMed Letter W111142 11 The Texans 1 Mr Making three at al 'em after Randy third out In tr.g bad been thrc vas waled and went 7417- and Cox were 1 then sent a 714:, which would have AlB hadn't Interfer a Now went for a ze-amld then hit TanTeon on thi if-mode? at Clancy Wen booting more .1:44 mli gl2231. and Re kicked It a scorto g.

a third. Jenkinz It rtzgerald trctted '1'4 ft with his aecon Sex no tirrio 1 the fret of the four ea Benton's error 1 offt Falk wal '''A the baseo t-- '41' at the plate an -Aat -Are IC --4 ployed in a loop office and straight and narrow and do not reg. his training after working hours. He lect their training they would some does his road work in the mornings be day become worlds champions in the Jockey Sande reporting for the day 's job- He professional ranks. I has just turned eighteen years and has 1 You boys have the stuff." said been representing the Edreille Health Jim.

Now go out and show us dub in all local tourneys. I what you can do to that Chicago Gets O. I( to i Jack. Elle. the bantamweight who Joe Burman and Pal Moore and Several hundred excited fans await- who also boxed Sammy Mandell when ed the arrival of the warriors at the Ride Agai present lightweight champion was railroad terminal.

Mothers. -fathers. fighting in the 118 pound division. has sisters, brothers. auntj and uncles all been teaching George a few of the strained their vocal cords to give the finer points of the game.

Root punched Baltimore, 22 Prniling gang a. sen-oft his way to the 126 pound champion- memorable cial.3--Earl Sande. noted jockey. ship of Tian Tarsuwa tourney and his reinstated today at a special meet 1 fHends look for him to defeat Tony Al Copland. Walter Ryan and Grant of the lan Racing commis ec learagliano, his New York opponent Pwers' an c't the New.

EPert 8taitI y- v.A- fs Picture Is Taken. Gets O. K. to Ride Again Baltimore, March cia1.3Eari Sande. noted jockey.

reinstated today at a special meeting of the Maryland, Racing COMMiSidoll In a brief statement, the were done instead of undone, but heavyweight title. they'll be attended to shortly. Crne It will be Ro- 1 was that his pitchers, as staff. were berti's first ate just a bit more advanced. so that he pearanoe Chi-could pick out the culls; and another cago.

that he could figure some way of de-1 Roberti. who Ls terrnining which of his Infielders are a powerful ap. the on to employ steadily. So far peering fighter. will scale 220 BIG BOY PE'rERSOi they are an looking goodat Itast.

good enough to be an ImPrevereent pound, and Peterson about 12S. Roberti over the Cubs of last sPring- i originally was slated to meet Otto von Tomorrow wM mark the beginning Porat but the Norwegian was taken of the second lap of the long journey down with pneumonia, and Peterson started Feb. 12 and will not end was substituted. The New Orleans back home until April IS. The first heavyweight has won two decisions or the long string of sixteen exhibi- over Von Porat in tions to start at Los Angeles, Roberti has engaged in nineteen I fight and has won thirteen by and, unless the weather falls him.

Mc- Carthy will have his gang eePedellY knockouts. Most of hts fights took pitchers, in prime trim long before place in itnly. The only bout be lost this list of combats has been run I In his native land was to SpoTla in through. Six of these affairs will be 1926 divided between the Dos Angeles and Peterson ts a big. strong.

'rough Honyvrood teams. ilghter who may give the Italian a Card Five Games with Pirates. tussle for part of the ten rounds, at least Then the Pirates wifl be battled for The compeose toot op onoictro acme fa five successive dam and after these tows: gamed the Cubs will have nothing to Sobers" Roberd vs. Ms Bey do but but play four engagements at Kan- Bay Killer vs. Frsaide Sebseffes.

saa City. and one at Terre Leo knave vs. Louis Levens. Yomanwr. Tufty Griffith Tommy I 4111r: ,......1 1 was commis.

sion granted Sande's plea that the tip alongside of Chaperon Gallic and checked off the boys as tboY Wappeared with their traveling bags. est Aurora Trailing them and trying to check their emotions in the face of the thurs I appeared with their traveling bags. est Aurora Trailing them and trying to check their emotions in the face of the Mun- vs- WaviestHashen Ronson vs. Bobby Brows. Tam Cerbett es.

Yaks before going into Cincinnati for the kickoff in the pennant scramble. The start of serious barnstorming activities tomorrow will see Art Nehf In action against the Hollywood Stars. The easterners will make an auto- 1 mobile tour Of Chicago's boulevard system shortly after lunch today. They will return to the gymnasium for a light workout at 5 o'clock this aft-! ernoon. No boxing will be ordered.

but the boys will be told to skip the rope and engage. in other loosening up exercise. Some of the party may choose to attend the heavyweight fight I between Roberto Roberti and Big Boy I Peterson at the Coliseum tonight. 1 The New York fighters probably vrM take a walk early tomorrow morning and then rest until weighing in time at 3 o'clock at the Mullen gymnasium. Members of both teams will submit to rigid physical examinations at this hour.

Dr. L. K. Eastman will be in charge of the examinations. One pound over or ender the specified class eyst-ern-- sb-o- shortly a after lunch --toda-i.

'They will return to the gymnasium for light workout at 5 o'clock this aft- but ernoon. No boxing will be ordered. the boys will be told to skip the rope and engage. in other loosening up exercise. Some of the party may i choose to attend the heavyweight fight I between Roberto Roberti and Big Boy Peterson at the Coliseum tonight.

1 The New York fighters probably NorM at 3 oclock at The a walk early tomorrow morning and then rest until weighing in time the Munen gymnasium. to rigid physic Members of both teams will submit al examination at this hour- Dr. l''' K. Eastman will be in charge of the ezelninatiene- One pound over or ender the specified class 2 RUNNERS TIE 1 I ban. Imposed on him last fall for an tog.

alleged foul In the Pimlico futurity. Texas Five Wbis. I i derous parting cheers were Dr. Joseph I be lifted. This means that Sande can NotewortbY among the da and 1 Inge Heats Rochelle di! Naouley.

who will look after and I ride Immediately. tight crammed with action were the individual performances of Cronin. the guard the physical well being of the The meeting was attended by Chair- st. Philips star, and Stakern. the pilgrims.

and Jack Elliott. who will I 1 man clash in iht James A. Latane and Jervis ly forward from Loa Salle 1 Ur be with each and every contestant 1 1Spencer Jr. John F. Mudd, Republi- I with eg I tn State Meet when the zero hour arrives.

field goals and five free throws. 1 At the command of Chaperon Gai. can minority member, was absent, Cronin counted 21 points wi I i but his vote I lico hi ned 1 as given by telephone. i quinte the bo a deserted the cus seats in their private car and raced Two eastern ts sowed con. i Stakem dropped In nine baskets.

Champaign. In, March 22. toPeP I An other tracks in the United siderable ktrength in winning their cia1JWet Aurora and Griggsville. the eheervatien rear Of the long caravan for a and Witt and Canton will the the Maryland Racing commission's phia. the runner up last year.

again flashlight Platform in the States and Canada which recognize games Rman Catholic of Ph oiladel- possible finalist by virtue ruling In banning Sande. now will per- 1 looms as a semi-finals of the Illinois state high school basketball championship tourria-. Just before the green signal lights mit him la ride. I of its victory over Marquette rniver- at the end of the train flickered shed ment here tomorrow night All four i 'The barring of Sande on November sitY nigh of Milwaukee, SS to 21. St.

and the all aboard" signal was I woo their games ba today's first round turned 6 of last year was the punishment Johns of Brooklyn. N. withstood given, Gallic turn on the portable of play. 1th rally of St. Ambrose of Davenport.

radio set donated by Barney Gimbel him by the commission- for an weight will be allowed. and no more. west High school of Aurora won eas- -Pa i31. Tari I alleged foul committed during the rtm. I la, to win.

28 to end of the while Al Co If a member of either team la more fly from Rochelle. 23 to 14. Aurora at one end Into motion the portable ning of the rich futurity stakes at Lineups of feature gamest than a pound overweight he will be used two full teams against Rochelle. ...4,. trola furnished by Bloomingdales Pimlice- ST.

PnIIIPs. I PT. Trtrs, m's') lolle. WI given a reasonable length of time to running In the second squad In the th I In the ride which led to his elm Ca make the required weight or else be ft vta I rwsi rl lit PM nil' rally ta 1111LIFIPI thaa IPfr 21- other. Cea pstg.

1, a A IkAn ovse.ts, .0, lafroAtio4t WI 3 1 I 0 0 I given a reasonable length of time to victrola Itirtusnect oy -Ili-. 11 41 running In the second Squad In the In the ride which led to his ens- I make the required weight or elae be at the other. final minutes of play to save the reg- San had the mount dd 3 1 I T-rn-tt re 0 0 de FT. WAYNE FIVE I ON LUPTON LAP BEATS CELTS TO OF PYLE'S DERE TIE TITLE bia runner. OF PYLE'S DERBY TIE TITLE SERIES i Lupton.

Ariz, March I Gonzales. Denver runner. and Ed I together today Nerroy flint 1 in the 34.7 mile stretch from in the coast-to-coast marathon. Their thne waa 50920 om wanunen. Biers came back and won the second New York.

was third and Peter Gavuz. iii wanunen. Tbelr tiMe was LI niers cams back and won the, second i New York. was third and Peter Fort Wayne, Ind-. March the champion New 'fork Celtics without a eld goal in the second half.

the Fort Wayne Hoo- Fort Wa3rne, Ind-. March 22---te Po- the champion New York Celtics without a el goal In the second half. the Fort Wayne Hoo- the ee11 hILL1' tne "r11. v. j'''' 0 Mrs.

W. M. Jefford's Bateau. The filly Shay A few nd later the ho" pension. on 3 raemall game of the world 'e stria Dre t- xi.

Southampton. fourth. On the will forfeit the match. 8 6 2 Israbety.11 0 1 night. 2 to 21 1 8 The series le Dow tied basis of clasped time Arne Sourninen.

ulars for the semi-finals tomorrow I 0 1 1, Burha 6 6 Followini the weighing in process A' their journey with the echo of finished third to Glade and Pete Gnourtu'lleaindlegg 2 tc 3'Pr'''Llt-rir night II at 1 an. I Detroit. still leads the fled. having and examinations. members of both II last minute of la 1 0 11.1otauKka..4 1 3 3 ortal1 The Indiana team PlaYed glleati covered the 686 miles from Los inge- In a thril ng to Y.

Acting Mayor McKee's words still ring-I Wrack. but for fouling Reign Count. gin In their ears: 0 .0 teams will rest until ordered to pre- avintriNoA vitgctry frrivn Trutt- awavet ALA Is. Ilf 1' ri It da we e-ut Ilyeza.0 1 1 The Indiana team piayeo covered the 6S6 tales Lio ange will rest until ordered to ears; Lig in their LP a LW. Sf 4.4.1 111, LA N.A.P1J it i half.

The re- Griggsville snatched victory from Hut- owned by 1 si ball all th rough the econd 1 les in 118.31i. nare for the lights. Both squads will 1, Don't come back unless you bring -e si th pare for lights- Both sq uads will Don't cope MICK unman you oringluv ma when Love niade long shot 10 a As -se wB4 made tekee to the northhan of the colt so nville a the championship with you cagos the stewards of the meetng or- ST aNtiritO'git sonville when Love a long shot be taken to the north-hall of the Coll- the championship with you I e-a th Sos stewards of the meetng Or- ST. ANnritOSS, ST ceTh-tics were feading. 15 to S.

when the 1 half ended. Lineup: I Ar 171 ir Pk 11177OrItret mum. where separate dressing from the center of the floor, to give dered biro suspended and his badge Davanourt. l'2431 Brooklyn 1281. ms 9 ds 9 1 eim.r a 11 La If endea.

LAnculo. LORENMURCHISON' seum. where separate dressing rooms 22 to 21 victory. It s'19. 1 i I i I 0- I his team a was taken up.

and they referred the camp Itnileafitp1421--B40 rr. wATNE 1221. NEW TORN 211. 1 1 11111 be provided. earned 's only basket of the game.

to the Maryland commission. 1 0 1 re 0 1 9 3 0 I 2 4 a 0 1 Ng-al. irElwamt 1 1 3 Palmas-1 1 Witt its way to the semi- Tilden Wins 5 Set 1 ftruiv 21 LPLANS COMEBACK HURLER 'finals by defeating Streator. 33 to 31. The latter body upheld the Pimlico 0 1 3 stewards the following day and re- i 1.11011rtr" 2 A4 wiCk-e 2 6 r.

ILI 16 1 mll--LLII it i PLAIN CN CUMEll ACK Witt earned its way to the semi- 111.1g.ul Ty Lum The latter body upheld the Pimlico rv 5 i i 84un 0 4 L000ria 4 tck 1 1 HURLER finals by defeating Streator. 33 to 31. stewards the following day and re- 1 i 'el 1 It 2 6 14-7" 1 6 March Gmcbea-a aft I 1 Te march CO--Loren iftor a. aAs ma 16. 0, a II-a-ea-a 1 LI.inaact Tilden Wins 5 Set taken up.

and they referred the case to the Maryland commission. The latter body upheld the Pimlico stewards the following day and Mated Blankenship out at the 1 '11othe Spudder fourttt to bold the cl-dv champs In Stamm; quo- Here. heePened to Ted and the statue 1 --S'anton went out to C1artc7. then: doubled to left. Lapan batted and laid the bail far to the of the ball park.

Damning scoring 14 of him. Ciseell threw out Bane Turgeon also socked one over Ir. field fence making the score, 41k-i. Sox, 3. 'eta three up and three down for 1 15tt in the next Inning but not so -t the Spudders.

Lamb singicd and --444 Inspired by his mates and longer and better home runs, Over the left center field fence. I ae'4 waiked. Stenton singled and Lmoved up en Dannirg's sacrifice7-e ilrelked to fill the biusee and Ben- 1 fletit Roes Stanton count- "4 next two hatters were Infield -e Pmeture the score was 10 to t-'24 the Spudders quit bearing down The Comiskey lads made Other markers in the eighth. Mattered? "1110etil made his first appear- the Year. going to center In the of the eighth.

He made the let4at1efial fielding play of the Ltving catch by haad 1144 somersault 1-41 III tt --44 AI k't lt, 1- -4 1, 1 Austin. awza ji 3 0 0 1-beklner' 2 1 I rg Pry rv yr "ertima gaFaa' while had Match from Lott voked Sande's license. making him tzt 0 0 1 1 Austin. zz- Lie invert. 0 1 of nvertime game.

while Canton had rir be of 4J'IL6411'''A-a 11 Match from Lott revoked Sandes license. making him in Davis Cup Test 4r eonard- 0 0 0 Murchison. One. one the world's RULED OUT By se easy tiros winning from Benton. OjMnrchtaon.ouc.

one the worlds KuLL-D OUT easy time winning from Benton 1 9: I tensible to ride on sly trawl; -In the I to rkle on any track In the eprto who lees than three months ago was fighting for his life PURPLE FACULTY W. ItIGIEAtIra fir1)1 ILOCETELLZ TI41. with berebral spinal meningitis, to- I 1 eme I I Irtamen trim PIP I tr. I liraitsonrf 1 0 1 -0 illf-r. 1 ti army A INet; en; and Never.

and LI 19-r. right announced be would try a right announcea ne "mum Lry a come. George Panosh. Northwestern Unl- Ilrlasnilran-rt rsity varsity athlete. yesterday weAi derP I AI clared ineligible for further competi- I Goe11 0 1.

I 9 I 2 1 1 iRimentrova 0 1 versity varsity athlete. yesterday weAi ravienurseat 0 0 el Rabbit 2 2 2 declared ineligible for further competi- Goe11 0 0 01PayTwi.e 1 1 0 Bill 6 Nult.rr 0 ineligible United States. Graham Returns to Ring and Hands Ryder Beating Toledo. 0. March Graham.

of Utica. an outstanding contender for the bantamweight charnpionshiP until suspended by the York commission nearly a year returned to the ring in the featherweight dirizion bere tonight and won a newspaper decision over Joe Ryder of Brooklyn in 1 2 rounds. Augusts. March back next sPring at Chicago. Tilden defeated George Lott.

Chi- 3 Si 2 3 America's third ranking tennis 6-8. 6-2. 6-1. 8-6. bere to tion by the university depart 43 i Cooper-xi' cagcn I.

imegrbluhaa.le meat Panosh. it was alleged. played 1 4 0 0 0 laYe 2 0 day se ro ball under an assumed name 0, A At: semi-pro ball under an assu-medname 8 4'1 1 0 andervcae CAgO tion by the university athletic depart. 'Rosman. 0 1 ltCooperme 0 0 meet panosh.

it waa played wagrbaboaje 0 0 0 player. 2 0 11 day 0 A) 1 0 1 I Fr PVC ATMS. CA TWPDItA.L. cHICAki-0 1101. SIOUX.

YALU; I. 3 3 1 1 3 0 Prtio, El auLt 111 1 0 2, buynal 0 1 5 Colbert. 2 1 2 nodirt. 1 0 1 1,00.1 2 0 2 0 0 1 Vf ukt.rwk-f 0 0 1 1 reser 0 0 0 C0vanaug2-t 0 0 0 I NI anaosi 1 f) 1 itvertr.0.0 0 0 11 BOK A74 clerEntac. NA riorlitrill iadelPlu.

1301. if 0.u.kee i 1.31. It A iif II r1 2 1 0 4 11 rn owooe 11 0 4 4 A I LI 0.ttaeer.4 3 2 4 1 4 SC 1 insert 0 0 0 1 1 KrIvet4.0 re 2 5 et Walters.rg 3 1 1 It 2 2 2 Sr-u le 0 1 0 1 Kadmtrt 0 0 4 kariv I4 0 0 1 nolood4 141 0 4i 4 Walker Get Stanford Coaching Jobs Stanford University. March 22. ----(41----Ern1e Never.

all-American full boric in 1925. and Ed Walker. former all- coast end. have been added to the Stanford coaching stair beginning with the 1921 football benson. Never is a pitcher for the St.

Louis Browns and Walker Is an assistant at the University of in the Davis cup test matches- John Hennessey. Indianapo 11.1. beat Wilmer Allison. University of Texas. 6-4, 64.

4-2, while Wray Brown of I St. Louis defeated Edward Chandler. in Wisconsin during the last summers, lienbow.lg He was counted upon as one of Ae BISLATR 11311kp IrrrT ISM IF IP mairustays of the pitching staff and 1 risen.rt 6 0 3 alerriyikest 3 2 I 1 0 Coaloon It 3 A was one of the regular' ends on the I ko.c A 0 ko.c A 1 0 311. 1 Ch irrrT ISM IP 6 0 3 errickest 3 2 0 cocione it 3 A 1 A 4 Taylor Trunk Girls Nip Independence Park, 34-6 The Taylor Trunk girls' basketball. national title holders.

defeated the Independence Perk girls. 34 to 6. last night on the losers' floor in a Micktle litates Baeketball league contest. Taylor Trunk Girls Nip reity football team last tau. Ha at t.Z.;17e-11 re 0 31G Ca rvInit.e.rg 0 a I Harvard law student and former Cali- rarit 0 0 0 Neuhkry senior.

Crom4Dert. IS I 'A 0 torn-La ace. 74. 6-1, 14. 64.

I I i i.

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