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THE CHICAGO DATET TKJLBUfl-Kg TTRIDATY. "APRTC IT, 1919. CHICAGO MISSION had been a slight misunderstanding: between herself and daughter. Mrs. tlHTfTMMtn tf TtTTTTTtnrTiimTTTtmilllTllHl FEAR KIDNAPING AS NORTH SHORE WiriS AI3D LOSES Harfctell said, because the (TM had an ambition to become a fancy dancer and fJtyf Alii Gift? G'tile mother had discouraged it.

Mr. CHUrt MrS Wormley Half Her Husband'. Salary and Her Children, but the "Other Woman" Claims Hi. Love. Marjorie Hartzell Lost from Sight on Way to School JUDGE SCORES 'OTHER WOMAN'; WIFE WINS SUIT "Forget Him," Advice to Co-respondent in the Wormley Case.

business, left for Chicago last night. Friend Fears Kidnaping. H. J. Smith, a friend of the family, told the police he believed Marjorie might have been kidnaped.

The road in which ehe was walking Is much used by automobllists. It Is possible that some one might have lured her Into a car on the pretext of giving her a ride to Indian Hill, he eaid. IN MEXICO CITY AFTER FINE TRIP Armed Guards but No Bandits on Model Train and Roadbed. Fifteen year old Marjorie of Police of towns between Hubbard 1 792 Scott avenue, Hubbard Woods, has Woods and Milwaukee have been asked Suggesting a few to watch all automobiles and have been supplied with a description of the girl. She is described as of slender build, brown eyes, light brown hair, and olive complexion.

She wore a black and white checked dress and tan oxfords. disappeared and the police are in vestigating. She Is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Samue H. HartxelL Mr Hartzell Is contracting engineei for the Et na PEAS 14 BY GLENN GRISWOLD.

Judge John J. Sullivan In the Su-Mrlor court, after reprimanding Miss Mexico City. April 10. 1 Till" IH REPUBLICANS OF i I8TH WARD HOLD VICTORY FEAST from the College Floor Showing Our Exclusive Creations sixth street. for breaking up a happy I Flre Extlnguishei home." yesterday granted Mrs.

May-1 belle Li. Wormley, 6535 Normal boule-f fnHy is promi A mohttnanra nf S3 000 nent ln nortt The Mississippi Valley association's' delegation of business men studying1 conditions in Mexico was given Its first official reception today as guests at the inauguration ot Secretary of; shore society. 9L Ut OCfCUBbV a year half her husband's salary from her husband, William G. Worm-lv an mntnv of Libbv. McNeill Wearing no hat because the day Republican precinct captains of the Eighteenth ward held their election jubilee last night at Representative Edward Walz's restaurant, Clinton and Lake streets.

Until Judge Hosea Wells departed at XlBtMauotaXifxanu 11.1 oo. nnTiirieii int was warm. Mar Jorfe at 8:30 Wedr a u9 ICoiciuajr aiici uwu XJ "There can be no doubt this Kin ai ma ivew broke up a happy home," said Judge, TrIfr H1S Two of her class-, a respectable hour everything was 'se- Sullivan, in idving the decision. I i -vuru lj ftr'crli art? foatnr.ln.q AHrmt a rmr hnnilroil 'V tltio. pi0mn Aney were within feet of the Hubbard Woods station an hoU1' after the Jurist.

well be-when they saw a southbound electric loveJ in the incomparable Eighteenth. departed, William J. Healy of the drain car, which they were to take to go to the school. The two girls started to age board spoke on Self-determination for the Eighteenth ward." Homer K. Galpin, chairman of the Republican county committee, spoke on the fourteen points as applied to patronage." Representative Wals sang the "Wearin the Green," and Hughie Smith sang "Where the Shannon Flows." Mr.

Wormley will do now. They cannot marry, because I have granted Mrs. Wormley separate maintenance. Forget Love," Advice. "It may be that ln the course of years this girl will forget her love for this man.

She will if she has any sense." The husband's cross-bill charging Mrs. Wormley and Fred Bennett with Intimacy was dismissed. At the close of the hearing Attorney Benjamin B. Kahane described Miss Blackman's love for Wormley as "fantastic." Almost- Immediately crior to this SiA finance caDrera ana was laier received by the American club. These business men found in the timoeyiiere of the meetings a to ulallty thet promises the closest co-cperaajn on the part of the here In their work of surveying the possibilities for mutual business development.

The delegation left Laredo, preceded ty a train carrying a company of goMlers. From Saltillo they were accompanied by a carload of regular soldiers as well as the usual guard of a car of rurales. They crossed the International bridge in trepidation. Preparations for armed conflict were everywhere about them. Evidences of war's destruction were constantly In view from the car window and reports of tanditry were whispered through the train.

Hue Trip, Fine Railroad. At what would ba 2 o'clock this rcorning In Chicago, the party finished hours and 1,200 miles of the nest delightful Journey any of them liad ever made. No railroad in the United 'tate3 has a roadbed to excel that of the National Railways of Mex run and called to Marjorie: "Come on. or we'll miss the car." I'm too tired," she replied. Had but 18 Cents.

They boarded the car. The last they saw of Marjorie 6he was walking toward the station. She never reached the school. And no word has since been received from her. She had but 18 cents in her pocket and an electric car ticket for Evanston.

Mrs. Hartzell said last night that while her daughter was fond of the The turkey dinner was one of the i finest ever served in the ward, according to a vote of thanks tendered Mr. Walz and Mr. Galpin, who jointly paid the bill. A pleasant time was had by all.

Miss Blackman, on the witness stand I movles and dancIns she cared nothing and under oath, she loved for the companionship of boys. There wormley and that they had planned to be married If he ever secured a divorce. The witness, who is 24 years old. asserted that Mrs. Wormley was not a Christian.

Wife No Christian. "It is all right for me to love Mr. fiiiiHymmyrimtyiimiiyfmi At top Ruth and John Vcrmley. Below Mrs. Maybelle Wormley.

I Photo: Tribune New Photo Service! TWO button sports model back view showing the Bell sleeve and draped flare back treatment. Shown in novelty fabrics. TWO button sports model; panel seam front; welt seam back. Inset patch pockets, top-silk lined. Rope shoulders, full chest and triple stitched seams and cuffs.

Wormley when he is not living with ico and few may claim comparison to it a railroad on which the visitors ONCE EXILED BISHOPS APPEAL FOR AMITY TOWARD MEXICANS lad espected to find a long stretch of temporary bridges, rotting ties, and cwrugated streaks of rust. Two mogul inzlnes, oil burners, and looking as though they had Just come from the rHOOSE now from complete assortments of Leschin Suits featured by exclusive models of distinctive grace and beauty. mi k'J TASHINGTON, D. April 10. tullder, made forty to fifty miles t'irough the mountains between the many local stops Matchless weather md full Tullman service denied the popular conception of travel In Mexico t-Hlay.

Business Revival Sudden. An appeal from three until recently exiled Catholic bishops of Mexico to the peonle his wife." said the girl, who is the daughter of a broker. I am a Christian, but Mrs. Wormley i3 not." Has your love changed any during this hearing? asked Attorney Kahane. No.

Not a bit." Mrs. Wormley was the last witness. "If my husband will give up this woman and come back to me and be the same loving husband he was a few years ago I will drop all proceedings," were Mrs. Wormley's last words. I will return to him and make the home happy again." The two children, Ruth, 17 years old, and John, 15 years, smiled when they heard the decision.

Yesterday on the witness stand John asserted his father had a trimming coming when I grow up." Think Missing Girl, 17, Eloped with Sailor of the United States and Mexico to be patient and forbearing the one with the other lest the amity which Just men desire to preserve." should be A realization of evidence of Improvement in Mexican conditions appears to MEXICANS SLAY U.S. RANCHMAN AND ASSISTANT Washington, D. April 10. Edward E. Morgan, Houston, and Manuel Ruiz, a Spaniard, were murdered at Chevila, forty-seven miles from Salina Cruz, April 8, the state department was advised today.

Morgan, who was manager of the Chevila estate, owned by George G. Wright, Kansas City, and Ruiz, assistant manager, were captured, searched, robbed, and shot by insurgents or bandits. Both bodies were mutilated. American Consul Burlingame sent a representative to attend Morgan's funeral at San Geronimo. Morgan's wife lives at Houston, and his brother, John J.

Morgan, at Columbus, O. The murder occurred oa the Tehuantepec railroad. Beau Brummel's Togs 1H liave come to American business men disrupted by evil forces, was made suddenly and simultaneously and to public, here today by the Mexican have resulted in a rush to be first in embassy. It bore the signatures of the field for new business. The Dallas Francisco Plancarte.

archbishoD of Lin- 3 ares; Leopoldo Ruiz, archbishop of Michoacan, and Francisco Orozco JIminez, archbishop of Gaudalajara. After referring to the world desolation left by the war, and to the appeal of the pontiff, for steadfast advo delegation, which was to have been a email addition of this expedition, became a special trainload bent on spending a month touring Mexico. The San Antonio group also struck cut for themselves, elxty-seven of them beating the Mississippi 'valley delega cacy of Justice to all peoples to point tion Into Mexico by three days. This the way to permanent peace and good will the bishops said: The Warren avenue police were asked by the parents of pretty Florence Bernice Martin, 17 years old, 3940 Park avenue, yesterday to search for her. They believe she has eloped with a sailor.

According to her mother, there was a family discussion. of Florence Sunday. She had been staying out late at night. She left home that evening. Monday she telephoned her mother that she was with a sailor nr.

a tnat. thev were either about to for 1919 All Fixed Up oeiegauon nas Deen organized into seven committees, which have begun studying and gathering accurate data on banking, agriculture, timbering, grazing, transportation, jobbing, manufacturing and border problems, Mexican exports, and advertising. Each committee will prepare a detailed report of business conditions In Mexico today and submit it to the American lortign trade council which begins its annual convention in Chicago April 23. lAnfo 1 jr Kk, Mod We desire that wise counsel Bhould displace all thoughts of violence in the consideration of such differences as exist, or as may be created, between our dear land of Mexico and the land of our refuge, between lands linked in a common destiny by nature and by sentiment, free lands intended by God to help each other in harmony, mutual confidence, and disinterested friendship." SQUARE shoulder effect (nopadding), rope shoulders, high waist, full chest. Variety of lapels and pockets.

THREE button sport model; Bell sleeve; welt seam front and back. Patch pockets, top -silk lined. Triple stitching on edges. Sartorial pulchritude was much in evidence at the annual dinner of the Men's Wear association of Chicago In the Hotel La Salle last night, the display of What to wear in 1919" ranging from sox to tie and topcoat. 0 11U nr married.

th mother la UkOrl not sure which. rs 1 i 3 Look WhoIsHere! Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rabbit With Their Family and the Sunbonnet Girl 318-320 SamidaiqdtiAveriue 8 IMPRESSIONS The Peter it Family Dolls neat in design and workman' ship. They make youngsters for-get to cry.

85c to $1.50 ONG roll, two button. double breasted, form TWO button, double breasted, high waist seam model; vertical pockets; Bel! sleeve; a favorite with dressy youths. fitting model, square created by articles we oxon largely determine our enjoyment of them. Ah air of Clegance 15 the impression cremated by the presence of a Grand Piano in the home. shoulders; shown in novelty voolens.

SUCH DOLLS The kind that bring joy and yells of delight to the youngsters. Amusing, droll impersonations of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rabbit with their children just like the Peter Rabbit in the children's story book. Every child has read about them.

The Peter Rabbit books, beautifully illustrated, with the Peter Rabbit dolls are wonderful entertainers for the youngsters. Roth can be found on the second floor at McClurg's. Peter Rabbit Dolls are made of cloth and cotton, with beaded eyes that can't come out because they are fastened with strong tape. Any amount of thrashing, pulling or wrangling will not mar Peter Rabbit Dolls or the home furnishings. The home of Peter Rabbit and the Sunbonnet Girl Dolls is in the Easter Card Section on our second floor.

Ask for them. Take one home to the youngsters. They make delightful Chickcnng sSomj 'HI IP5 Easter gifts. EASTER GREETINGS 3 -1 Jf or Caster EASTER time is distinctively appropriate for the exchange of greetings between friends, representing- as it does Spring new life the beginning of things. You will find on our second floor an aortment of unusually attractive Easter greeting cards.

A.CMcLURG&CO. by the perfection of the Small Grand have made it possible for even the smallest room to possess this Distinction. CTheir small gra equals in every respect their larger sizes. CThere is but slight decrease in volume, not noticeable in small price is but little more than asked for good uprights. le moving, send In the old piano; vie will 1alloy liberally for it In exchange. 1 College Floor Suits 525, S35, S45 up to S6S 218 '224 South Wabash Avenue between Adams and Jackson BouL Telephone Harrison 8384 Third Floor. BISSELtWEISERT PIANO CO HGmi CLqtton8 Sons State and Jackson on the N. E. me I-ino sirts uiiaing qiz South Michigan Aisfz..

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