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THE CHICAGO nmrr SATURDAY'sL SANITAVEP 2.1915. 7 DAMr 2. 1915. it 7 I'' TETE CITICAGO ANOTHER POLICE OFFICIAL IMPERIL OF HOYNE'S NET ll 011110CRATS HAVE SCIIRIE TO RULE THE LEGISLATURE 011110C1111 SCIIEFIE IIIE GUNLESS BOB CONDUCTOR Passengers Unconcerned as Nickel Taker Is Assault-. edliy Unarme'd Carvajal Wanted Us to Oe-! cupy.

Caiiftai in Plan to' Pacify Nation. WIESON BARRED IDEA. p.R.q.ANlzgR,,,T...of, Edwin Norton, of Ameri- can Dies. 1 ASKED E. SAID 7-: 1 IN MEXICO CITY TIN CAN TRUST PASSES AWA'11(1 Carvajal Wanted Us to Oc- cupy Capital in Plan to Tyll Edwhi No.rton,,..7,1 K-st Pacify Nation.

President of Amen- can 1 WILSON BARRED IDEA. 6 THEsjaulle aAlisla enrve.Lytton Dras N. E. Comet State and -Jackson More Indictments ExJ pected on Next Tuesday. :4 AWAir IR Elect Spaakerg -Organize ad Cut figrifs, rriations Domig Si a 9 SA Our Annual January LLE OF SHIRTS egins Today 2 I' -I 1 -I Edwin one of the organigers of the American Can pampany and its first president, is dead at the family residence in New 'York.

He was 69 years old. Mr. Norton was born in Rockford. In, and came to Chicago in 186O ie resided here until hi. removal to New York about twelve yeirs ago.

Two years after his arrival in Chicago he began the manufacture of japan and tinware, and the business grew to large proportions. The rm operated under the name of Norton Brothers, and the factory at Maywood was one of the largest of Its kind in the oun try. Big Factor in Combine. For years he had made a study of the production of all classes of tinware, especi ally that of heqnetically sealed tins. such as fruits and Vegetables are packed in.

Consequently he became a big factor when the combination, or so-called tin can trust," was first discussed. The deal was consummated in 1901, and as soon thereafter-as he could arrange his affairs he moved with his family to New York. where the corporation has its headquarters. Complimented by Lincoln. mr.

Norton served with an Ohio regiment during the war of the rebellion and was complimented by President Lincoln for honorable service. He is survived by Mrs. Norton, two married sons. and three married V3T A STAB? gptingfield. IlL.

Jan. Democrats lined up with the state adohditration have a program for the corn-leg seleon of the legislature which they believe will be sufficient to elect a speakd the house of representatives, to or-woe the senate and to keep the aPPro brialons within $38.000.000. -Nearly everybody was here today to isko his official can at the executive gension. This includes men of an fee-goes and interests who have been appointed to Places during the first two rem of Gov. Dunne's administration.

la the formal and informal conferences which were held they came nearer to seam to an agreement as to what will be attempted in the forthcoming session tbsa bss been tried by any party, faction, et dement. Iforo's Organization Plan. Tile 'tate adm.nistration hopes that the beard azioembly will be organized on this laster-' ET A STAFF fjpnottleld. Ill. Democrats lined odoletration have leg seseon of the believe Will me summez dr the house of repr woe the senate and Ott! one within $38.000 i Nearly everybody his official can gangon.

This include goes and interests wt "dated to Places dur rats Of Goy. Dunne's la the formal and hitt phich were held thep seam to an agreemez Se attempted in the to than hes been tried by I sr element. -Mrs Mantra Ike 'tate adm.nistrat seseral ampembly will be suite' Bigger and bigger each year, with better and better values, which proves beyond a doubt that this is the world's greatest shirt department. Our ever increasing business in high grade shirts necessitates a much larger assortment than heretofore, our clearing sales insure you ueater values and more attractive shirts than were ever offered anywhere at the following prices: (BY A STANT CORRESPONDEDIT.l Washington, D. Jan.

1.Ifilpecial.1-- Former Provisional President Carvajal requested the American occupation of Mexico City as a step toward the pacification of the revolution ridden country, according to information obtained today from an authorItative source. President Wilson refused to accede to the proposal. Carvajal. it is abated. went so far Immediately after the elimination of Huerter as to offer to furnish transportation for the American army to Mexico City and gave assurances to Gen.

Punston that he would have the support of Huertes forces. Carvajal explained to the American authorities that until this government took possession of Mexico City there could be no peace in the country. Carranza Men Near Capital Carranziata troops today began their march on Mexico City front the east and south. according to to the Constitutionalist agency here today from Vera Cruz. The advance is in charge of Gen.

Obregon. Gen. Coss. and Gen. Alvarado.

Carranza's followers declare. I the dispatches stated, that the first chief win be established in the capital within six weeks. Investment of the city of Puebla by Carranza troops is complete. one cablegram said. and its fall is "expected Gen.

Gonzales reported to Carranza yesterday that his forces were victorious at Rodriguez. one hour from San Luis Potosi. In the battle there 700 soldiers were either killed wounded. Border Peace Pact Hangs. Naco.

Jan. Mexican border peace pact still is hanging fire. Efforts to secure the final agreement of Gov. Maytorena, the Sonora Viilieta leader, to the terms approved by both Villa and Carranza. have failed thus far.

Brig. Gen. Hugh L. Scott. chief of staff of the United States army, had favorablv Interviews recently with Gen Hill, the Carranza defender 4) Naco, Sonora, and also with Maytorena.

When be sent Ma3rtorena's agents to their chief for the final settlement of the question Monday they returned unsuccessful A west 'Ode police official and at least two possitly three. of his detectives will be indicted by the grand jury on Tuesday, If the present piens of State's Attorney Hoyne do not miscarry, according to information from one of the state's aids. The accused men are said to be Involved In the depredations of the million dollar gang of burglars," who worked with horses and wagons In removing entire stocks of clothing of merchants, furriers, and raincoat makers. Issickwe Wexler. head of the thieves.

first mentioned the names of the policemen in his confession. Then Nathan Steinberg, alias Sternberg. eorroboratell the story by a confession. Later Max Goldstein, alleged fenee of the gang, was arrested. and inadvertently confirmed the alleged police connection.

Finds a New Witness. Much testimony involving the ed policemen was laid before the December grand jury. but Mr. Moyne was not certain that the evioence was strong enough for a true bill. According to the statement of an of the state's attorners office.

Mr. Hoyne has found a witness of standing who confirmed the principal charges and he will be taken before the January grand jury, which convenes on Monday. 1 Detective Edward Smote, one of Mr. Hoyne's chief lieutenants. has been trans- 1 ferred back to the detective bureau at his I own request.

Smale is said to have bowed to the influence of fellow detectives who consider it improper for one policeman to be placed in the position of informIng another. All Transferred for the As. king. It is suspected that one or two other members of the Moyne staff' are webbly." Mr. Boyne has made it plain that any of his personal staff maybe transferred by the mere asking.

Detective Smale became wrathy some time ago Whtn his name was published In connection with the raid on Capt. Halpin's office. Smale then asserted that he did not participate In the raid and would not get the goods on a copper because of his future on the police force. He is a young man. Since then an occasion arose where Mr.

Moyne believed it necessary to use the services of Sniale against a fellow officer. Smale is reported to have said he couldn't do it and asked for his transfer. While twenty-nine New Year's eve celebrators were making merry in a Milwaukee avenue car early yesterday. James Lynott. the conductor fell a victim of a.

sunless holdup. The car had just started from the north terminus on the trip downtown and Lynott had collected fares from thirty-one peasengere when two of the passengers stepped out on the back platform. One of them Commanded Lynott to hold up his hadds. Seeing no weapon, Lynott refused. One of the men grabbed the right hand.

which was concealed In an overcoat pocket, and held it In the pocket while the other robber caught hold of his left hand and struck him. While he was held helpless one of the men went through his pockets and took $20. Robbers Effect Getaway. The men then stepped back and waited for the car to stop. Lynott jerked the bell-cord three times and the motorman stottped the car And came.

back to see what was the matter. Before he reached the rear of the car the men had jumped off and fled. Lynott said none of the Paaglengere seemed to pay any attention to his struggles with the men and none offered to aid him. Two men entered the drug store of Edgar G. Sollitt at 1304 North Crawford avenue Just after midnight.

Thomas Sollitt. a brother of the druggist, we at to the front of the store to wait on them while Sidlitt and Fred Gunneles of 4115 Crystal street were talking in the rear of the store. Both strangers drew revolvers and while one covered Thomas Sollitt. the other ran to the rear and held up the druggist and his friend. The three lined up and searched.

Each victim lost a gold watch and tbe druggist was robbed of $40. Ounneies was relieved of a $75 diamond pin. The druggist saw the men leap into an automobile driven by a third man and speed east id Division street Saloon Robbers Get S25. Three men held up the saloon of Joseph Schmidt at 2559 South State street while Samuel Davis. a.

negro porters was alone In the and escaped with taken from the cash register. Edward Buct of 1777 Berteau avenue. an errand boy for the National Tea company. was held up and robbed of $22 while delivering groceries in the rear of 3935 Rokeby street. 4400 Shirts formerly $1.50 and $2.00 now priced OBITUARY.

2200 Shirts $2.50, $3, $3.50 and $4 values at id 86 nate 0 Ntair 1015 Shirts of every description in silk mixed and fibre silks and high grade novelties. Sizes 14 to 171. ROBERT F. CUMMINGS. grain broker.

who died suddenly at 5135 Dorchester avenue. on New Year's eve, will be buried on Monday at Clifton. III. Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 3 p. in.

at the residence. MRS. EMELENE SHAW, widow of James W. Shaw. a Chicago real estate man.

died at 5320 Harper avenue last night. Mrs. Shaw was a resident of Chicago for over thirty years. CATHERINE WEXLER BUSH died at the age of 78 3resterday 0.1644 Morse avenue. ldra Bush wiU be buried at Sterling.

where she spent the greater part of her life. Shirts of high grade madras and Russian cords, including many advance spring patterns. Sizes 14 to 171. md Rusadvance TI. Main Floor Teamster Dies Suddenly.

Frank Hiker 2841 South Fifth avenue, a teamster. died euddenly yesterday in a drug store at East Sixty-first street and Cottage Grove avenue. Heart dieease was supposed to he the cause. Struck by Car. James A.

St. nair of 7827 Grove avenue. was hurt last night when struck by a Fifty-ninth street ear at Cottage Grove avenue. I NO appropriations. unless demanded by sae most urgent needs of the charitable and reformatorr Institution ao rigid economy in all legislative deipartmeno as is poesible.

with notice from headquarters that the veto power will be deed to the limit when the bills come gong for final disposal. EthithatiOle If the wet and thy Issue at the start. ea the ground that there can ao ao Satisfactory secured booties et the conation in senate and house. Organisation of the senate which wal seso any prospect of a deadlock between senate and house because of the Oak Park sot Englewood contests ty the assurnc that there be a recount of the soots it the earliest practcable zoo-nest, Ressitilny that there will be no reappsrtionment. Ileapportionment Not Needed.

It developed during the day that the hat was-the most important of all of the points mentioned. Democrats and Republicans who are to be in the next nom seem satisfied with the present eingressional apportionment and want se changes. The legislators. particularly doers state. want no senatorial redistricting unless Chicago can be redistricted.

Mari Is not in position to de-nand Its rights on a population basis and the men who were here today diocesans the situation from a Democratic dandiptdut agreed there is no chance to act a Democratic reapportionment. They held also that there is little chance far any' radical legislation. either wet grz It se ccrtainty, almost there (who no repeal of the present township-option law by the wets If the administration Is willing to stand feu recount of the ballots In the two metietat senatorial districts the propodtioa seems to be theta week or ten dare of marking time will determine 1 those -affairs satisfactorilyr to all and bat the legislature can get down to bust- i sees within two weeks after Wednes- day' 'when the general assembly meets. WILLIAM A. FRASER DIES.

end Cominissioner "and Member of 1- Board of Trade Passes Away at His Residence. Ni appropriatiofl s. un like most urgent needs and reformatory instal Ao rigid economy in iertmetto Cl is poesible haedquarters that the I aercieed to the lint: goat for final dzeposal Elimination If the we the start. on the grout ad ae isstisfactory legls castes of the cond ion in Orgashration of the atop say prospect of a waste and house becaut dad Englewood contest wee that there be handl the earliest soot, PeosiMilty that there portimument. isappottiOnment It developed during bet was-the most tem the points mentlooed.

Republicans who are congress seem satisfied congressional apportioi II changes. The legial ty doors state. want districting unless Chia trieted. Chime is not nand Itst rights on a end the men who wen caning the situation fr dandipoint agreed thero mad a Democratic Tea They held also that Um for -any' radical ey It is a ccrtal them on he no tepee township 'option law b3 If tha administration fat recount of the matieteet senatorial elb eke seems to be ths days of marking time those -affairs satisfact Oat the legislature ean mos within two week the general kLLIAM A. FR grain Commissioner" Board of Trade 2 at Els Beal I iii I mnimunmommunummunnummummmumiummunumnumummummumuninmummumutmumummounmmzumminumuummuumpummummunimmiummuuramputumumutnimmummiumumilmil manamra E--- 7---- THERNRIE EllenryCILlyttorn N.

E. Corner State and Jackson AA Unusual aCI wear Cleara ce kce em.ff,,,It -jets 7 clearing away of our most superb overcoats Nec -6 -a THE prices have suffered the deepest cut ever made; due to late arrival of fine foreign and domestic weaves. So now you're offered the finest coats from Hart Schaffner' Marx wholesale surplus at much below wholesale cost. Today A peculiar situation in the silk market afforded us an opporttinity to give our customers greater value than ever in neckwear for the holiday sea. son, -values that were to make quick work of remaining stock weshall sell these large shape scarves of heavy silks as follows: $2.50, $3, $3.50, $4 scarves at $1.65 $1.50 and scarves at 95c 65c scarves, 3 for $1.00 or each 35c forded reater seare make these ilows: William Alexander Truer.

Mtn commissioner and member of the board of trade. died on Thursday niglit at him residence. 5036 Michigan atenue. He was born in New Haven, Conn" on Teb. 14-Isr7.

After leaving school be Hs engaged in the grain business in Galesburg. Hs remained in business there for over thirty years. im 18911 be tame to Chicago and established the W. A. Fraser Later be stablishedt branches in Minneapolis and Mil? Ivanhoe.

He was a member of the merchants' exchangaot St. Louis, Knights the I. O. O. T.

He is survived by his wodow. Anna K. William Alexander IN minioner and member trade. died on Thursday deuce. 5036 Michigan ad He was born in New rex, 14-Isr7; After I iris engaged in the Galesburg.

Re remelt there for over thirty tame to CMcago and e. A. Fraser naked. branches in Mini waukee. Be was a me chants' Si Templar; and the I.

O. He Is survived by his $65, $60, $50 overcoats 41., $48, $45, $35 overcoats Alli 14" $32, $30, 7e5o $25 overcoats -IL They are names you're familiar with; Carr, Brooke Sc Son of England, Crombie of Scotland, Montagnac of France; German Elysians, Worumbo Chinchillas; all the most aristocratic weaves, in smartly styled overcoats, ulsters, greatcoats, Balmacaans, raglans, Chesterfields, box overcoats, double breasted styles, some with Persian lamb collars all silk lined. Es E-- Main Floor U.S. TO USE TRIBUNE REVIEW StatisticUl Bureaus of Several Seek More Copies of Annual Statistics. Oultuttleal Zureane of Several De- 'aliments Seek More Copies of Amlual 1 1 Us' S.

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the minute in smart This 'sale offers to college men the best clothes opportunity. -Wa, shington. D.C.. Jan. Tat Tarsusn's annual review.

ptiblished Yesterday, is in great deenand by the various bureaus of the government Tie Tantrism correspondent today received applications for additional copies el the publication for the supply of statistical bureaus. chiefly in the departments of commerce, labor. agriculture, sad the treasury. Tbe government bureaus empiol Tax irstsuen statistics because they are reliable and because it would take months if ems and the expenditure of a largo assent of money to acquire the informs-ton by ether means. Es 13 11 El il II It 53 3 xi I 1 I gt2- 95 for boys' ta girls overcoats that were $5 $6.

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C. Jan. Ixt Tantuirs's annual review. ptiblished ri. 1- esterds7.

Is in great deenand by the vari- 1 DAY sus bureaus of the government. 01 -7-9 Ins Tautens correspondent today re- erred aPPlications for additional copies E-- It the publication for the supply of sta- 1:1 soutnicdeayto 711 ludo'lga A a SCHOOLS edits' bureaus. chiefly in the depart- 1 shuts of commerce. labor. aericulture.

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i I retimibedi- I -t, InostiTives rellsOuliblethe gmitegyrke-t the 71c.ndtA,,,-, A I.e.:- 74,4: Cs til.Dertif "Secretary Visit the echool or sertd Jar cats- 5.. Polk EhdeentrY. Illitez KARIN RuEir tiorun. Addrteld 'opiate Ielerhohe SandolPh 6040.. uazi.jrnotsma TRALNiNG Ben Monroe at aark 1 41 622 Bouth Mkth115241 alvd" Cbicligft SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TRIBME g-----; kiregg-i-vCu00A 111, Bank 104nta ln: 1 1, "El chkags, in.

ADVERTIN THE TRIBUNE. collateral az nntbaCeasnononconnnonnennonnnmnnosnomniannonwnntnronmentmlwility um17 6 mk Nritt- tlit0000041 dilik 'I- r-, 1 7-. i -Tashingto D.C.. Is Tst TatsumVs annual esterdan is in great deo sue bureaus of the gore Tim Tatum(' eorresp erred sPOlications for the publication for fished bureaus. thief: meets of commerce.

Is 11 the treasury. The government bun irstsuzin statistics bees able and because it we Um- and the wpm amount of money to ILCQ 601 bY ether means. 4 riowAL )0LS an. 4 ing, College nglish fees. Rates rig Trades for 3 months.

for employed romotion. loan 2211. id MI Kedzis)Oar. 3' GAETEN COLLEG RtON. Prosidont.

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