Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on January 1, 1915 · 15
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 15

Chicago, Illinois
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Friday, January 1, 1915
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t --CHIC4,4,-CO':DATtr;',:-TRri3 , 4: -ilì ue;. sit 41,T i ;40ibi 41o11 Ii1 its, qi,--uaelosem . 1 Ma G3 0 co UMGER ell 11.! -vila stiieli:0 9 ,t111108oc4 .1" j4 iii;; (;. 410114; -itutifil Z, a. Et 4 t los a (4,tidi 4041 l 116 (Sill ft 11.. - to It iitlio 1111 " til:41 41117 3"01011'1 (J t. 4, ill ftliri go, lig .1qt ULTIMO) (Olik 11.. II .$(11.0 'AILIISII - -')': ES, -11.111gES 'iiielIRI'ME 11111',3S livppert and Huston Finally Clinch Sale of flew York Clubi 00;10VAl1 11A13 DOSS New York. Dec. 31.--ISpec1allCol. Jacob Ruppert Jr. and Capt. Tillingbeet Hustoa finally purchased the New York American kague baseball dub from Prank J. FarreLL William B. Devery et al. at the Hotel Wolcott this afternoon. This deal. which had hung fire for several wielin was eMcially announced by President Ban Johnson at exactly 4:18 p. cm - The transfer has been effected (it was Ban Johnson's representative who spoke) and every one is perfectly'satietted. Col. Ruppert will act as president of the club under the new regime. Capt. Huston , win serve as secretary and treasurer. Wild Bin Donovan wiU manage. The other officials have not as yet been se' iseted. r - Price May Handle Business. The foregoing comprised the Metal , statement. But other facts may be read - between the lines. It leaked out that James E. Price will be coerced into accepting a position as businers manager , - ' Cf the new combine. Several other minor -; elE-4als also roost Mr. Johnsan isserted that the new own-era were prepared to provide for the local teem a home in keeping with the tramL'onal glory of New York. This statei-t scent was borne out by both Ruppert and Huaton. The new partners said they ' would trave-a plant of their own before - another two years. - But there &leo was a different 'story. This was to the effect that the New Yorks 'would continue to utilize the very choice tonventences of the Polo grounds. It was said that Ban Johnson was about to close with President Harry N. Hemp' 7, stead for a term of years on the Brush - &tedium propoidtion. "Got Xy Price," Bays Parrell. : - Prank LrarrelL the retiring bead of the ; 1,3Cal club tied: I gained my point, for a got Dry price.. While I do not care to say the total amount paid for the franOgee, and players, every one knows the price I asked was $300.090. Tee know , I am a good esticker and I generally get what Z wanteven if I have to wait for it. 't Certainly I am most sorry to retire :- free the name which I love. But I feel I that I have been well repaid for all the efforts and disappointments. The very kazt I can bee In view of the glad New -; Tear. is that under Messrs. Ruppert and ---, Huston the club wins a world's chain' Vonehip in 1913. We are not at liberty at this time to announce the terms of sale. said the American league president. but I can heartily assure you that Col. Ruppert and ' Capt. Huston own every share of stock of the club." Capt. Huston said; that Manager Bill , Donovan would be given every encouragement to work out the salvation of the 1 : Berger to Go to -Tanks. - ; - The deal it put through doeenet include My players other than are now the club getfort. We are going to purchase Plarsee sd anseog thoes,we have &heady tocured are Film and High of Detroit. Bebe. Boston. ; Mier. St. Louis. anorIoe Berger. Chicago. In '- addition to them several other chaps In the kegue bars pronsteed to help us out and we Win go into the market for the be that money , sea bay. Next year we will play throughout tb 116111111 on the Polo grounds." added Capt. Huston. " but we hope that bs Dile we will . have a new and commodious park or our own. Several sites have been spoken of hut nOrbo of tisms is Included In the purehaae we made leday.'" It was reverted one or the first moves by the new owner' would he the reclaiming Of , nay Caldwell. who inlayed from the Yankees to the Buffalo Fels last seamen. The last ansousconsent Of Frank Farrell woe that all but three players have simwd contracts for next omens. Cu. of the three unsigned men is Rower Feekineaugh. and Farrell says bo le ready to sign at any time. Bo ?erased to give sot or tbe names of tho ether two. - Profits of Giants Large. The states:loot of the annual- profile 'of the ICatlettal Amusement coartplatr. csmtrolltag the Giants. tor three years, were elven eat today 1910-iffornage. $011.040: peet-oeSson guinea. St3401: net strodts. 185.001; dtvithmds declared., dittkle. - 11011fgettesa. ritt6111:-wort1e maim $73.507; est profits. $152.025: so dIstdands paid. 1112does0e. 1104.O04: world. settee. ded.O32:. est prelim LITO.736; 110 divideeds declared; - IJARSANS9 CASE DUE SOON; - To BE HEARD ST. LOUIS. St. Louis. Me..Doc. d1.-11te suit ot eta obinati Nationals to rostrata Armando Mac, - etas from playing witb the fit. Louis Fedetege - 'Irnt let board I the Cattail States Mirka court hors between Jae. 111 and - This. Mac. , same attorney'. Montague Lreit wall& baa hem promised bbn by Federal Judge Dyer. Mariano. wile is at Ma barns in Cuba. jumped ", to the local !Wends front the Cincinnati $ap Monate at tho opening at last yeses baosball steam A temporary injunction to prevent fila Whig with tb locals was issued by .1-telgo Sanborn in the federal court at St- Paul sod the tams seat to et. Louie for trial. ' decision in this case is sairerty swatted by Once interested in aballac lititatien -Itorrint Hal Chase and mher players wile left - areindsed beset's!' tor tho Federal league' The is Om first time that tbo question of the , ton days' clause in baseball eontractsbas anus before aiederal court. , , A PITCHER DENT011 SOUGHT BY CUBS 'lz:zztr 113zu 113y tril 1E3 If Snen:Itl b Ille1t3 Ccrtud TIEL13. BY SA3I WELLER. Reports from Cincinnati yesterday indicated that & three cornered trade with the Cabs. Reds. and Cardinals involved may be put through instead of the swap contemplated by t ms and Cubs. Miller Huggins. boos et the Cards. was in the Rhine cityin conference with Manager Herzog of the Red& but the talkfest ended-without any announcement of a deal. deal. When Bresnshan was in Cincinnati earlier in the week be made out &list of Cub plants; with whom he is ready to part. and left the list for the'consideration of Herzog. It is likely that Herm, local team. may accept one ot The propositions sub1)4"13van Star as Xansiger. mitted by Itogr in ordet 10.1tellre Donovan's roan rial ge career has been terial fora secondlindiwith St. Louis. even more brilliant than the days of his Roger-Wants Pitcher Benton-tackle' triumphs in the big show. He too' to:41 of tbe Provideece club of the Interne- " Bubo Benton. the southpaw who tonal banns and in Ices than a your eon. has been a source Of considerable worry "Vet" a choloPion out of a hopeless bower. to the Cubs in the peat is the pitehow Bream-Demean la a real thinker. In every respect ban went after when be found Ito bad ne chance be la modem Mo took bete to mascot but to talk Herrmann out of Beth Groh. the little bil friends believe that wad Bin - will comet socotbd bagmen. It01.7 IMPOCI1 lalie GeCteg througb on usual sub bta broad 'mu.. Wither Pismo via Um Arado route. and be Cat. nestetet tweed all peewee er to is anuloter to oscura another left banter to help Capt. Bunton. it captain soId: out .Ent Vaughn with the southpaw bawling. " I au m ateasted to gay bow meat we illy securing Bernan. Roger would put over pail hoe tha yaahook but cot Ruppert Is Si 1113 esceptionalry eerie Soak T. " Rubs " wen sauteed Oar-I ens myself that w will to monis gloss the Cubs a bard allonloo k when aids to bring a pennant winning team of play- 1"Vticless "Inn luul has additam tbe ore together in this city. It to a tdo andetteh roster would ea we the left handed hitters Os Inc..bst 1 feel confident we can accomplish It. tho west side club a, great deal of try in the 1111 Dontersa la to be our manager. and we toineo et a noason- - bare tho greatest toundento In bis ability. Neither Bresnahan tor Preoldent Thomas knoAsnrldbAirs at tho Imamnee did Boger -Wants Pitcher , Benton. " Rube Benton. the southpaw who has been a source of eonstderable worry to the Cuba in the peat. is the pitcher Bresnahan went after when be found he bad no chance to talk Ilerrmann out et Beim Groh, the second bagman. Roger expects to lose George (Flibert) Pierce via tiro Made route. and be Le analous to secure another left bender to help out X Vaughn with the southpaw borling. Il'y securing Benton. Roger would put over an eiceptionaltr cleyet desk " Robs" always elves tbe Cube a bard argument when be opposes than. and his addition to the local roster would save the left handed haters ea the we side club a great deal of I errY u tbo course et a -season- Neither Bresnahan tor President Thomas bad any definite knowledge et the entrance at 3eller flutirini and the the Louis eta) Into ibex dealings with the Reds. but both declared they would enter into any sort of a ceinbinathst might grim O a player who would strengthen their club. -) Phelan: Sar of His 36b. Art Phelan. the " boy scout "' of the Cub aggregation, thinks be Ms solved Abe secoud Weems problem for Mansgee Maar. In a letter rot:steed by President Themes yesterday Phelan declared be extracted to IdaY around tho keystone cushion reiralarlY. neat Woof& ?bolas informed Thomas that be had entire,' recovered from alio attack of rheumatism that kept him idle moot of laia season. " If 3rou get a now Ina", be aura aid get as awful good ono. or will be forced to beat Id out of hie job." was one sentence in Phelan' letter. which be met trots-Ws winter quarters at-Part Cider's-Pia That line indicates Art I. nrighty maddens et, his ability to bokl dews a regular berth. - Rube " Bilareprard notified President Gemara at the Federal :league that he to pre. Pared to Moat by the contract he signed seem Urns- ago with tits Brooklyn Weds. Provided be Is not kept idle by the legal precoodinge threatened by the New Tort Giants." . fillAtICES -OF CAW SOLIERS PLACED IN BANKERS' HANDS. I (Roseland. O.. Doi. ' SI.--(8peciatlThe gneasese W hy rat et 'Cherie& W. 6011011 89. swims eme the Movement Nape sod who holds woes. trolling intereet In the Now Orleans. Water-leery. Conn4Portiend. Ore- and Cleveland am eelatioa - bembell clu bs. grout gland is the MM. of mommitte of atomised. listfais, and li:tyria, bankers today me effort te tide Idea ever trials'. :- - - ' UM bellowed' that the bomb' holdingwiti the oseeptieas et the Somas Interest be the -Cleveland Napa Will bare le be eaerideed. Abe prommt kindness depression. unfortunate real estate Investments ha Cleveleadi and 31ffivrauIke aDd the -Miming of mambos et mines ta vehicle the Meehan sultirlistd wm. inteivetted Chia ea the emus et the beaker, actlee todey. neenerif are gives at' glAggese. Creates will be wise) to accept one yew per cent ootistera) Vogt; nails. viewed by an the private assets et the baseball usageam peo their eiabno. Tb.wUI maselidate the claims and -give the samosa:7- Wow limddate tho debts without undue saerilleing et the assets T111101.,.SEIIATOnS'RI,7LqUe$- - ,-111rsabbtatettD. C.. Doe.- 1111.Two members Sr tit Waablasten Anterlama bod au eventful day today le top off 3914. Chick Gouda. drat bean. forfeited 13 la pollee court tor audios ell, a bowling Melt witbaot a deems. , Eddie Alanaltb. caiebor. ran down and oerlottoty Saluted - a mall 42. ni r grit Ida automobile. Alainaltit was bold 1 nt woo beads. . asOM QWLG ofilteRsvs t PING -W. LARDNEri RING our, WILD BELLS. Ring oat, wild belle, to the black email, Ti. icy maks, the freezing cold; The yeer le datiolg, I en fold; Biagi oat, wild beUs end let him croak. Rhea oat the thirst that coffee, tee. Aged water serer tea assaege; Blow in Jose new soft beverage That one van drink enjoyed', Ring out those portions of the trot - Too difficoll for me to dance; Give soy poor partner's feet chancel Ring in some steps of simpler plot. Ring out the football spines that drag And make es sorry that Ice male; Ring in a throbbing, tingling tome Between the team of Yost anal Stagg. , Ring oil the war in Enrage, end The talk about that foolish foss; Ring in some theme that this poor cuss Can listen Jo end understand. Ring out the hoof and month trams., And Benjamin aid Mary's elan; Ring in on southern Michigan Renown a bit more fragrant, please. Ring out the magnats's interriele. The stars signed stories, kindred crimes; -Ring in more Collinses, 0 chimes! Lees have baseball club or two! Platt Adams. the jumper. Is charged with receiving money for some of the prizes he won at amateur meets. One T. I- Today's Boxing Card. -1 Mike Snyder and Csoata" Doig, ten 4, rounds, remit Ilk Jae ls Dillon and Toes Ahearn, six '. rounds, Philadelphia. Andy Daika and Morrie Flynn. ten roulade, Ottawa, UM - Al Norton ad T. 'Me Mahon, ten rounds, Kaunas City, Banns Levinsky and Gunboat Smith, Men rounds, - Waterbury. Jobany Kilbane and Patsy Brans& Ran.-aix rounds,- irittbursib clammy Robidean and Jimmie puffy, ten remade, Buffalo. -- Stanley 'Yoakum and Al Delmont, littera 'meads, Jules. K. O. Mara and Patsy Cline, wave rounds, Columbus, O. saunas Iremr and Mal Seawall ten rounds, Grand-Rapids. SHOW HOW.MOTOR CARS WILL RACE-AT MAYWOOD. ----- plaphing by pepper easter& It cellar and evert Waving coildos with the home radish, twe miniature cars aped around, a aniniature track on a dining roam table at the Insingten hetet last night. Tim race was a tabledd tmitatios et' the SCO Mkt event to be stared tide summer by the Chicago Speedway association at iasyweed.. 'There was a plentiful sundir et gsteoline ett band but the cars ran by oleotalcity. Otherise the setting was nearly true t A replica at the big two Inns cinnwe. graudetanda and the clubhouse. was built an the table. The cars bad four inch wheel bane and wept around the oval as if guided by the master betide of a De Palma or an Ohideld, . running without hitch freak soup to nuts. Me race :was a feature et the speedway din: Der given by Charles McHugh for, the likecters and Mears of the erganizattee which is building the speedway at Maywood. eHAMA Program is beteg made with the Work o n the opeedwal Tbs oaks building will be ready for occupation seat .Among them it It dinner were Preiddent and lira David 1P-., Redd. Vice President and litra.. Charles McHugh. Vice Prealderst ant Mee. John Irwin. Dr. and Mrs. Jay F. Pitts. Mr. and hiire. D. IL Boil. and Me. Judges Hancock. COUTIMIE , FEUDER - TESTS. -Vista Sit fenders te be used ert automobile trucks la Chicago after March IL la sc. cordiutce with the ordinance parsed by the city council last November. were eontinual yerearday so lake Share drive north al On.. tart street. - The tests aro under the direction of Second Deputy Dept tit Prates lirunithouton whose approval ell all fenders to be need is re snivel by the ardbanca - Maj. Funkbourtir said that thirty different types of fenders are I. be Metal before March L Peerteen trots are made- with each tend er. with the ante truck traveling at different speeds and Milk. ti:PtitY'stArri;s I. Glynn swears that in January last year Adams sold him one of his prizes, a gold ring with a amall diamond In It. For this Glynn et.ys be paid ge. Possibly this proves that Adams is a professional. It certainly shows that Glynn is a wild peedtbrift Ricsournolii. By Fred (larke...-To make no more foxy trades with St. L.uIs. ' By Willie Ilitehle..(1),Not to leave the right side arm: chin unprotected when near Charles White. 0) Not to entrust my title to an English referee. By Joe Illosh...Not to pitch a slow ball to Hank 0owdy. - By Chief Bender.-To warm up before pitching. Spike likull...Not to, kick off to Clark. By Charles Briekley...Not to grow another appendix. By ' Shorty Des JardienNot to punt when a couple of inches from the side line. - 1 By MithigaaNot to mak" any one year engagements with a temporarily better team" By Mahe and MeekNot to bore Philadelphia with another pennant winner. By Hank O'DayNot to manage the Cubs. By Rumen Illaekburne...Not to play second base for the White Sox." By Fight WelterTo give the home Soy a slight shade. B7 Prep-..To get married. IUCING.TODAY AT NEW ORLEANS : - - New Orleans. La.. Dee. 31.--tepeetal.j--New Orleans will enjoy its first racing ID. Mx Years tomorrow. and tonight's indkations point to an attendlusce of 10.000 persons. since all business men have taboo especial interest and sportsmen. exclusive of horsemen front Los Angeles. Cincinnati. Louisville, Chicago, New York and other centers, OM hero tor the meet. Individual betting will be- allowed. Bettors will place their bets with relining' Wilde. stakeholders of the association. who will neither quote or make prime. District Attorney Chandler C. Lusenbeg hair held Mr to be within the Fifty-four horses are entered In the sit, mese to be nm tomorrow. and today the track was lightning fast. The weather was fair to-drift and bid fair to remain se until th, bugle sounded. which Immured a. fast track, In a workout toduy one horse ran a half In 4Stfi seconds. The second mown' test PsYlssetsr Cowl. Morgan. Sands Diamond, Cincinnati. Viola Mabel. and Blocky Dew, maiden 2 year old to the poet. Much opeculatimb is going on among the 'horsemen over tido men TROT RACES BILLED TODAY. ,. , treedor-all trotting nice; owe for pacer and tw races for green pacers and trotters, witi maks up the program-of the Gaited Park Winter Driving club at Garnett path Wood . way tide afternoon. ,Baning tritt start at I ciecit. King Cifusitinlin. Witater et Owe $11.006 stakes en' the Grand Circutt bast year. will be tho star attraction In the free-Ow-an trot. John R.- Thompeatfa Mug thuoilmw the piggeot Irtamer oe the einem ea the Grand Circuit last pear.erili compete I tbo tritoder-an WAGNER , CASE POSTPO.NED. , Tam Dec. M.Illpsital.1.:4th bear ing on the extradition to Michigan et , Wagner. the Chicago boxer which bream bettors Jodi Manton is the Coltman Pleas court today. was postponed until nett.ltedneeday. Wagner is soder amid charged by a termer foamier with the- embessionent et PIM part or the money derived. beta Weimer bout with Ad Waxiest at Pilot. Illish,tere month ego. Wagner Si out so s $500 bota1.1 ' s : LEVIIISKY,TO BATTLE Mew York; boo. $I.--" Sailing Ledelkit' obi Thmireat" en itb. who are !scheduled to "girt st, twelve round bone- at - Waterfront'. Cons.. temoPrew night. lett for tltat city today. Both teem expressed centittonce et wits! aim" by the,knockeett mut& , - - Tama McCarty Irar trititn,Tedsra Mew York. Doe. 111. W ;-Tom S:arty. slays meteoric Cap maw was soddenly checked by two terrific wallops from Gunboat Posith. will 'et a dames le enter the comeback cans tomorrow attcrseett with Sailor- Frits at Brooklyn. ,,- ' - : 1 ye ow ungen egrasre Inurcra as, 'mercers' ulna : is 'Aso, -column iti: .,, - - -,:"" aro made with each renders with the ante .: truck traveling at different speeds and straps indianapalis. Ind.; Vens 111.tapacjall--ins In the- s' diumen, tirere teed ks different lakes essivereihre badtelball teasn defeated poaitlass ,-- ' -, ---'- i. - --::-:; ----; .- -, ;-. 1 Columbus tenights St te 21- .7i-- ,- ;,,,, ,.... , ',,-i ..7 . -...,A -.. z.,.,-----t-;--x-,.. -4,-,.-----1,-.......:-.-,-,,L,,-- :4E, .- 4.,.---..-..,...., s -1..!i,t' ,-,..----,-.-, .. ,,. '..14TEIllisirop:q. T':,g.t.11ps.oilloq ,pEpfliA(TiT(E$ Sintinicr rallnal Al A. U. 11z3st Audi; Hold , Buts Ns Cceathi bit a fast cacti in a three round encounter with " Stockyard Tommy Murphy. Edward was hitting on all cylinders anti poor Tommy. although willing enough to give McGoorty the best kind of a workout. apparently was pleased that the exhibition was to Wyse, than three rounds. Mike Snyder and Manager White left few Peru. 111.. last night for Sayders ten round wrap with ' " Gotta Dols this afternoon. Snyder. whe has risen rapidly from the amateur ranks. pleased the fans at O'Coneetra with a spirited workout The brunt will weigh 136 pounds at 10 o'clock. Three other boats are on the card. as follows: Al Mantel' vs. Pete Childs. 146 pounds. eight rounds: Men Wilson and Freddie Repine. nas pounds. eight pounds; Jack Morgan and " Young Maxwell. 128 pounds. elx rounds. Flynn vs. Dams Today. Morris Flynn and Andy Dana trill raettlin the feature scrap for a four bout card at Ottawa., 711.. this afternoon. Jim Duffy and Ed-Oliver. vreiterweights. have signed for a tea round bout in private on Jan. 10. The Rosebud Athletic club will stage foot' contests in private Sunday. Willie Schaefer and ?rankle Lynn will battle at 146 pound'. Tb ether tights ate: Clip ' Soderman vs. Jimmie Coded. AEI pounds: Alex. Relate vs. George Adams. 116 pounds: Tom Scully vs. Marry Martwett. 164 pounds. AU bouts will be six rounds. WHITE FIGHT WITH WELSH I NOW POSTPONED TO JAN.IV, New York. Dec. 31.--(Special.1-dT11erv shuttle cocked tbst White-Welsh bout around & btt After a, pew-wow With each man's manager today. Jimmy Jolureten decided to put the White-W1Bit bout over to Jan. IL In Its Mead on Jan. LS Joe Shrives and Ad Welgest may clash. If Wolgast's arm drown stand a preliminary training test Leach Croon will get a chance to break tnto the garden with Shugrue. " I chanted ibo Plans myself." said Johnston tonight. " Welsh and Whit balked at Amt. but I soon convinced Welsh that he would be benefited by the two weeks' delay. as It will give him more time to condition himself after his layoff. " Aside from that. White rosily wanted tlge bone. se be received unpleasant news COW. corning Ids brother. know that the high strung boy would have worried his bead oft,. and be waft glad of the postponement. Weiser Or Cram will prove great attractions against Shugrue. - JOE VIANDOT OFFERED GO WITH FREDDIE WELSH. Fight promoters in the east are getting their wires crowed. Testerday Manager Tommy Walsh received a telegram from the National Sporting ,club of PhiBedelphia asides ins terms for -a fight on Jan. 11 between Joe Mandot ant Champion FreddieWelat Charity White was matated to battle Welds in New Torkson Jan. 12. but the date yesterday was changed to Jan. fit Walsh answered requesting 22.000 for his end I? Welsh would make 122 pounds at I o'clock. Walsh believes a different date will be sup. meted just as soon as Philadelphia learns of the- Welsh-White plan. Maadot also hats a chance to battle Leach Cross over the twenty round route in New Orleans ert Jan. 10 or 17. but there is littki ificallhood of having the match on the Penna. mot schedule until Joe finally meets Welsh. Mandel will continue his preptratiose roc his bout with Callahan in Memphis so Jan. la and his scrap with Pal Ilmm in BUretiOn WIS., CO Jan. fit -t COIN POSTED FOR BIG Bout An Paso. Tax, Doc. 111,049pecielj--41efora jesting for Chicago and New York Jack Corky wa$ offered a certified check for 14.000 woics was an deposit at Oa First National bank to Inaranten 'spewing Of tits Johnson-Willard light In Juarm -Curley immediatidy announced that Oa light would certainly ho beid across tit river at the Jean,' club WI JUSIVI and that - would. mum for Ow fight to ba markt on Starch 4. Onley expressed bizamell as well- Waded witb tko arrangements. WANT-- RITCHIESHUGRUEGOI - New York. 'Dee. 111.-Otbe1a1e Square garden Sr. trying to got Wight Memo tOr bout .with Jo. Shugrue amine time earil mbruetil-seerarging to their announowneete today. Sbould Mehl boot the young blew Yorker be will be in a good goottkin is illeniang at,,return kaatekwitb , 4 , ,L Mire. , ado Asko, frDtvsre. ,- ' Cincinnati. Mk' Doe; Bird Role filo& suit today tor a Creme fr ank 016117 C. 114116. pitcher et the St. IAMte Federal bosom bestoball club, Mrs. Rate kir Unhand beet bee in September after a joint bank se-count bad bees tritbdpttra. - 'Yanks' New Owner I and tneirManager. . Br KNOCKOUT- . Els....)00-14F-' Central, Amatrut Athletic:Wawa boxers - , 'will battle' for sictionel titles in Kenoigha . - ; . . this ikonth , The sandtion from the Na- , 1 . . tional A. A. U. has been practically 80. ; , - )16 -ed-,,it sured. and all that remain. Le the setting ; , ; ,4 of7,11',:,,,,, - , ,g11 41 the dates. According toilarry Forbes , ,t7;:::', '.M.'?5,;::: , ; ,..;,- ;:k::-.,.,.; who wfil be in charge of the local besets. i,- 'w - 1::,''A.:-.':--'. '--i'',',il?.1 '-' , the 'Conteete probabty :will begin about i . the middle of this month and may be car- i 4;--- -, tied over two weeks. 1 .. Ets 11...,:, A... , . Peter rerkker. who .will prm oote the ' !,-,;.. :..EA-,:!..,.. .0.17.";4,. .. . .. .......,.......,.., : - 'bouts in the Wisconsin city. already h i as 1 Tkg,,,.,1, ;':;:.'...,..'''''-ntrM:.:.kSk--41 been assured an entry list of nearly fifty O 1 J. ... :,,7,..:,,.:-,;F::-;,:i0-4.1 youngsters. Bouts In all claw from : 'Ff.7:'aiditti4V.V: bantamweight to heavyweight w zt--:i ill be , iiift..Fi.'.''"'t:: - - staged. Not only win Chiago be well rep- I . ,3.-i,;-.;;;;:.:--;-',W. resented. but Kenosha. Mitiraultee. Wan- 1' kegan,'Itacint. Madiso n. and other,noarby . -- . points will send young fighters. I , )Zist-i-COLJACDb Will fat According to Forbes. the idea is to de- I . vekp boxers from among the amateill ClekseSts511--LARONC136N, - ranks and to create added Interest in the pugilistic sport in these parts. in time it I. the hope of the leaders to place ma- teur pugilism or the same plane as other Atashie Warped, topnotch imateur athletics. ; - , Willard in' Fast Workout. Wail of Novice Jess Willard cut loose with tremendous I speed in hie five round workout at I ISS brA7TE NOONAN of Tacc Forbes' gymnasium yesterday. Opposed I took up golf recently. Follow to the aspirant for Jack Johnson's crown ' a. morning of play at the Taco Mashie Warped, Wail of Novice. lifA7TE NOONAN of Tacoma took up golf recently. Following a, morning of play at the Tacoma were Jack Moran and Jack Heinen. The I Country club she left her clubs at former battled three rounds and the tat- I the home of Mrs. H. R. Carter, a ter two. - fellow member. Returnimr for them soy I former battled three rounds and the tat- the home of Mrs. H. R. Carter, a ter two. I fellow member. Returning for them eevFor the first time Willard showed-what i eral days later. she found Mrs. Carter he hopes toll against the champion bat- i Lot at home. but the maid found some tier. He went After his training partners I clubs and gave them to the novitiate. The with conidderable spirit, using his left ! next day Miss Noonan called up Mra bead oftener than he ever did in his pre- 1 Carter and made the following report: lone lout. Behind all his southpaw I It's odd. but don't you know." ate books Ind swinge there was plenty of said. " my mashie Is warped horribly. I force. Throughout tke live rounds be was 1 You must have had it too near the fur-the aggressor. Winch's partners no tin2e . mice. I could hardly do a thing with it." to rest. 1 Mrs. Carter was surprised and investiWillard will leave this morning wan I gated. She found 1111105 Nocman bad - Manager Tom Jones for , New York. i taken her gooseneck putter intend of her While there the heftyweight will pose I own mashie. for moving spictures for a week . after which' a two weeks tour of one night atab" will be the program before the HOLD FIRST CONTESTS fighter and manager reach El Paso. Tex. When they arrive in the Texas city WU- - FOR ICE SKATERS TODAY. lard will go Into training to put on the . --. .. ' ...... abing touches for his bout with John- l'a ettettee ra e engage m t" ."- meet et n en In Gen' Villa.11 casino at maims, Men Attletiaramin ctubt".holatternds its an:UbSer: Lathe derbSielPnery at WeGeorty Batters Sparring Brats. I Hembeldt lle'rit Ca. e't the tegteree of the Eddie mcGoorty, who bottles Billy mut.. peva race program win be an exhibition of fancy skating by Bobby kfcLoan4whe Fenn-ray lift Milwaukee& week from today also i .1-1Ioel Itin ktrurttnir rhmmnionahin tftle when - Ice skaters 'will engage in the first meet et the season Ws afternoon whett the Sleipner Athletic eMb holds Ito annual, ice derby at Humboldt park. One of the features of the seven race program will be an exhibition of fancy skating by Bobby Masan.; who relinquished bin amateur championship title when he announced recently his jump to the rocks of professionals The opening event is set for 1 'clock. Tpe list includes half ndle dashes. for boys under 13 years and for boys from 13 to 11 years: a half mile acratch race, a mile novice race, mite scratch affair. and a two Mile handicap. The seventh event scheduled 1 is a half mile dead& for wsenen. Th1511'111 Dot be Iheld unless three more etrizies are secured. as a field Of gin is required. and only three DOMInstiomt have been received thus far. PRIZE LIST FOR SONSPIEL Duluth. Blinn.. Dec. U.Prize lists for the Northwestern Curling aosociation bourpiel. to be bald at the Duluth Curling club. starting Jan. th. wore trade public today by Secretary W. R. Withrow. 'file list is cotnplete with the exception of the second and third events, which will be similar to the others. and followu: First event. Duluth CurlingPour traveling bags. four pairs curling stones. four 110 safety razors. Fourth event. wastemFour copper electric coffee percolators. four Parisian ivory manicure sets. four palre gold cuff Linke. four extra quality sweaters. Fifth event. coneolationFcstr auto lunchatm tour sets ivory handled knives and forks. four bath robes. four pearl handled pocket Iniveo. special design. Sixth event, internationalFour Sheffield sillier Macey plattera . four mahogany inlaid herring trays. Seventh event. the dirdwaYFour eeventren Jewel gentlemen's mild gold watches. gentle-trims traveling cases. r,,wwr",.l.. !DETROIT QUINTET 1 BEATS MAROONS 1 BY 24 TO 10 SCORE - Vitiators lio'ioni4 by fSull4riinb biktise and I Stiong'Di fettsé. qmoweemwdma,o.ltam,wo Detrcit. Mich.. Dec. 31.--4SperiaLlThe tniversay of Chicago basketball team found the oppositien against the Detroit T. 3L C. A. quintet too strong tonight and succumbed to a 24 to 10 more. At half time the Wolverines led, 10 to 5. 1 I Orly three Chicago basgeta were thrown, the remaining points coming from four free throws. The Detroit total was represented by eight baskets and as , many points after fouls. , , ' As usual, Chicago required a long Aisne to get started. Detroit's splendid defenee warmed up Nabout the same time as Chicago's forwards, however, and broke up Most attempts for scores. Mazer r for Detroit and Stegeman for Chkago t were the individual stars. Lineup:- ; Detroit 12,41. Chicago UO1. 1 I Sutton L. F.SchaefferoStegenen p Mosey R. F Streusel: 1 Kreltz C. .Townley. 1 1 Stegetnan. Bennett Wilson L. O. .Stegentan. George., Got gas Mazer R. 0 Ktamiller BasketsKeene 141, Wilson 121 Mazer 121. 1 George. Townley. Klittnitler.. Free throw Mazer Isl. Stevenson 121. George 121. Referee I Dr. Hackett. lows State. entpireTomlin- 1 . son. Buffalo. 1 PURPLE BASKET SQUAD. DEFEATS ARMOUR, 39-37. Narthwestern university's basketball eve nosed out the Armour Institute squad In a esose Offish at Patten gymnasium yesterday afternoon. the count being SP to IT when the final whistle sounded. Whittle. Ellie. and Kincaid were the scoring heroes for the Purple. The first named led with eighteen points, the remit of uIz baidtets and as many tree throws. J. Sullivan tor the Institute dropped in eve ringers and registered eight tree tosses. Lineup; Northwestern 1391. Armour OM. Ellis .R Kincaid L P.....0ooper. Morin Whittle C. .13mntan. Sandroft Pattersnit R T Sullivan Schneeberger L 0 Abrams BasketsJ. SuWvan Pl. Wilcox. Moriat 481. Bremen 121.. flondroft (2). T. Sullivan. Mae 141. Kincaid I4). Whittle el. Patterson. Pres throws-4. Sullivan. Eandroft (8). Kincaid. Whittle RI. PULLPAANS PLAY IN ST. LOUIS The Pullman soccer team left last night for St. Louis, where it will play a merles of three games with teams from the St. Lout" Soccer league. The game today WILL be the OUO OS the series. as the Car Builders who bold the Chicago championship. will inset, $t. Louis. which bolds the sound City title. Tim Waal' logien Heights team of the Association Foot-bail League of Micas and the Starlit tetun of the Chicago Soccer league will play this afternoon at One Himdred and Seventh street and, Vincenuee avenue at O'clock. The Heights team will entertain the viadtore after the match. ICEENTRIES CLOSE TONIGHT. Entries close tonight for the lee skating derby to be held at Humboldt perk Sunday afternoon by the Norwegian Turner aociety, Neater Johnsen. nay North OPAilinnta avenue. has ammo of the eetry Beta Events t tiled are: Boll sato and ono mils remelt - clam Att one mile, ohm B; tom mile novice: half mile for bolts 'Mtn' 11 rtaS of age; half toile for boys between 11 &oda. years of ego, and& two mile handicap. CYCLISTS TO SCORCH TODAY. Local cyclists today win revive the historic race to Pullman. Forty entries are exPected but the list may be even larger, as nominations will be accepted at the post. The Two-Fifty club bac charge of the event, as usual. Tke start will be made from Thirty-fifth street and Grand boulevard at 10 o'clock. At Pullman the riders will finish in front of the Florence betel. TOO OLD TO PLAY CHECKERS. Cincinnati. 0, Dec 81.-1Specia1.1--HeorT Hutzler. 73 years old, the oldest checker player in Cincinnati and tor manY Year Ohio stale caeltinion. will go to Chicago for the biennial American checker tournament Jan. Id. although be will not participate In the game& " I am too old to play with the young exPerta who will be there." maid be toda. SPORTING NEWS NOTES. Evaneton acid Hyde Park High Reboot heavy and light "mien basketball teams will play at EVallaten Y. M. C. A-. tomorrow afternoon. The first game will Mart at a o'clock. Max Gime. a young Clikegoon, la training to take rank with the leading atrenf men of the world. By a systematic courof of dumbbell work he already Me fitted Irlinself perform a number of feats. He eon lift :10 pounds with one finger ard bresk o two Mob rope by pulling it. Re will gfte hie first etbibitiont on Jam. 01 at Polish Union hall. - ritIROOLI-PURPLE DON'T LIKE CODE MINER POLO Modified Camel Highly Pleasing to East, Opposel by Local Schools. BY FRANK J. MILLMAN. Director of Pirimming. Princeton tn1venthr.1 The new water polo rules as presented for adoption at the National Collegiate Athletic association a few days ago met with oppositlon from the University of Chicago and Northwestern university. The code as submitted to the collegiate governing body was a game composed of the best principles of the old American game ,which was go popular in athletic clubs a few years ago in addition to the best principles of the latest A. A. U. game commonly known as soccer polo. That the game la popular in the east goes without mention., for IS is a known fact that should the personal contact game be eliminated from the eastern Intercollegiate programa corporars guard would not come out for the meets, while as it Is. swilnming and polo rank first among the minor sport at Tale and Princeton. Contact Game in Favor. Columbia and Pennsylvania also contend that the personal contact gams is what makea swimming so popular in the colleges. which proves that if thin game thotad be eliminated in favor at 'water basketball or " soccer," which at Present prevails In the west. the aquatic gam. would get a severe setback. Water pclo as played by the athletic clubs was one of the most popular games ever played in club pools. There was such keen rivalry. however. between the Chicago Athletic club and the New York A. C. thatthe players were more interested in the individual rather than the ball that the game was finally abolished by the A. A. . in favor of " soccer." The compares with the old American style. as soccer football compares with the college game. It Is a wonderful game for the players, but most uninteresting for the spectators, who favor the old hand to band combat found under the old rules. 4 Confidence in Swimmer. One of the beat features of the " rough game, as it is designated by western coach'es. is that It tends to Instill the confidence in a swimmer that Is abeolutely required la life saving. and the fact that there never Ilea been a serious accident to a pla3rer of this strenuous game is the best recommendation. "Ericoer." as It is played in the west. is a Aso game fee the contewasits. litaatouch as It Is good " conditioner." but from a spectator's viewpoint it Is dead. It is to be hoped that the old " Asterism " game will not be condned to eastern college for Its right to exIstence as a sport. &nth with the adoption of the new rules es presented at the National Collegiate A. A. the game with certain Onuses for the better. should prove one of the most Interesting of all linown 9011113a of water sport. CORNELL TAKES CHESS LEAD New York, Dec. 51.-.-Winn1ng four games straight in the second round of the sixteenth annual tournament of the Triangular ag lege ChM, league bar War. tVrnell assumed the lead with a two point advantage over PeSIIISYVania. bolder of the championship. Cornell took two points at the expenipo of Brown. the men from Providence being left with a zero score. At the close of today's play the college ranked so follows: Cornell. T; Pennsylvania, 5:Brown. 0- WILLIFORD HURT AT URBANA. rrbana, III Dee. 21.-t(Special.1-wn. A. Williford. veteran forward on the Illinois basketball dye. was injured in practice today sod he probably s ifl be unable to play in the work end practice zanies at Peoria against Om Peoria Tigers, Ray Woods the little Brass-ton star, probably will take his place. Dayton Manager Quito Job. Dayton. O.. Dee. 31.--401mny Nee. for two years manager or the local Central kmistio baseball club. resigned Ma position today and will retire from baseball to go into ether boldness. Last year Nee's team son tho peonast. never bolo( out of firot place. 1 ., ..: le be t .,. .,,,, . -,- ''. - - ' - - - . - - - - ' . e divine lintit ;marry' IL.J - , i .........- I , : ,:::::,. ' ,,1 U. ........ . - ''.......'.n.s... ...- --.. ----'eTteited tt l ' a Oceanid tant edilhit ente d before March 1- -- eest , - - ,. vadiana. .301 cot made- with etch tender,;'-' Perteen ta with the ante -. - - ' ' ' ------'-'r' '. '' :-.: ti'l.i:'.ula today far St. Leeds Irodetal Iselin us . euelbse, 216 :--!... Reis.. pitcher et the :.: Irl 7-7 rig In Chase aell ethse SaYers wile lett...... simian. ..II: rUn--g 11211..atell Irigantbmitdowt lielluis' ar y e at different .aeeede and etrilc - , thdianntolisk Ilia..--- "---- 111---18Peciel. 1---111..- heelball .. Incloa-floptiam', Mrter, Ihet.eiteralidgess jai. nt, ,bank., . .4,:. Lognommwmnomonommonnommono ..,.,: , ,.e. ,,, ' . .L . . , , , '''. -.--4,,... ,,, 1 l" .. ,s, ,:-.- .--"ligilisidtesymis la obseabssebausperestinUtzinebiuleboutcr math. eontraustboiredaralgillettelltigagDe.ba70t.costowl: Alb;nimalured a 1-,111. awaomaiTiard-bi---aosikbentsbiFa su,tolumebus.seri411161, 7 .. .,, .. 7, ....tture. :--116.1. 17dl 7erellint..v.,-. .j,lcioluiebeeirs,,,,11121,trardrt71Ifr.. .4.131 61 1 ,211171t1,4.,...te. 21-s .1.. ,:.i-- -.: . 6".161117.;.'..!--',.....1, :8;1 1111t, .., Ttbad,..: ,71,.114.:1111,111:7171:.,..!..'...,:7:41r.l.,,-::,-.....,-,;, :,,..,... . -....,::-,'s.,... 44, -,-.--- '-:': .,.7..-,-;;.lz -'''.--.- '''::::-.--.1,--r 1-Ifr; Tr ---z -- - :.. - ,- ,,, ..., :.... r- :,...: ... r, ......:.:: ...t.!...--..,:... ,.-.7-e..., .. .- ' ...,.......1.,....,, ,:.", -.,7 ,,..,. ,. 4 ; , ; - : ,, 41 - ? -,7; - -- ' -4 ,', 4 .":4 . ,, t ----: -Y, - - .,, . ,, ' ' ' - --1 .- ' , , ' . , . - ' - . . : '1'. --" .; ''' . '''''. 4i'':' Ti i . , ' - .--;..-- ' ...--7'S : ..'S','r ''''' '-:-? ...''''''' '-' ...:: i' - ..; :i,"'''. .-:- . ..--:-:' S.'::.-''' ': :, 1:...;:r 7.: :.;;.2'7. '7: ::.:!!-..:.:;:1..:'.. ::'..-...,"...,:,:',..--.:-,,,., , , .,. :.., .:........ ,,,,, ,, .....; ..,.,: ;.,,.,; .,,.. .,:....,............... ,,,....,......i...;:...,,..,...,. T.,,,..,.,., ,:..r.:::...;...,...::,.,....:,:....,:;;;47;..,..,...;.:,,,,,,,,,,,,,..:, -.,,...,....,,,,,s,,,,..,....f., ...t. ....,4;,,,,w -,,,,,,s,...e..k......., - ; ... ,.. ,.....- ..... - 1-;:' Seas' A can auPe' In view (4 Ilke. glad New the Cabs. Reds. and Cardinals Involved Between taa lames of zees 0,1 DEWY- - Iny noire nanu-Bisiot to- xicx oir to scrap with ' " Gotta " DOTS this afternoon. M American checker la ards. was In The ta Meade be,-.4.--; Tear. is that under Messrs. Ruppert and p ama- uir. and ,, tam three more s irort or are, amazed, e s Evan wm 0 0 maims MIMI Thirty-UM treet and t s war a ta.awle 111 a 111111160 woe v.v... ............ n2ay be put through Instead of the wwap Huston the club wins a world's chain- , Clark. Snyder. who bas risen rapidly from the "-- e Geld of sio is reqed 47111Y three 0. at 10 oclock. At Pu D2) Grand boulevard 'llman tour ranks. pleased the -fans at (roomier's r rf, the riders will finish in front of the Florence New York . Dec. 21.-.-Wirmin g four games , gionehip in 1913.' contemplated by fp- Id dirge and Cubs. Ring oat the Ivor in Etteope, end By Charles Releklep-4Tot to grow boteL at se Miller Huggins.' boos o the Clk ma that 1001iSk JIM; another appendix. -We are not at wiweithgbansapirptou at tednd:orkrot seloc workout. Tbohz:z otewhll! inatiomt have been received thus far. raight in the second round of the ixtenth ,......-....-,,.,.,,,,.. , tournament of the Triangular aglego .: . &matinee tha tertnalibealtyaaalat .til..larara etbetu the Rhine cityin conference with Ilan- Mat ill "Ige them. thet this Pear 08.1 By ' Shorty Dan JimmiesNot to bouts aro en Meaner& am follows: Al Stealer TOO OLD TO PLAY CHECKER - t., Chem annual toleague bore today. C.Vrnell assumed ager Herzog of the Reda but the talkfest Can listen Jo end undereteed. vs. -Pete 'Childs. 145 pounds. eight rounds: punt when a couple of inches from the Nan wawa and Freddie Endue. wis coanw- PRIZE LIST FOR BONSPIEL. , 0. the lead with a two point advantage ever , American Pennsylvania. bolder of the championship. : '''. league president " but I taa ended -without any announcement o a ... side line. Minn.. Dec. 81.--Prize lists for the . - f Clociturati. 0, Dec. 51.---(Speciatt--Henry Cornell took two points at the expense el heartily assure yoit that Col. Ruppert and , t , deal. - eight rounds; Jack blorgan and " Young " ' meg out the Aeet esti sleuth iliseelet By MithigaaNot to inaka any one bialwoll. 128 Mint ala round& Hutzler. 73 years old, the oldest checker payer Brown, the men from Providence being left . 4 : CIPt Huston own every shore of stock warn Brennatan wan in Cincinnati And Benjamin Old Mery's clan; be held at the Duluth Curling club. starting year engagements with a temporarily -713rint . vs Dana Today. - NDortulauwth'estera Curling association borspleL to In Cincinnati and for many years owes state with a zero score. At the close of today's play champion. will go to Chicago for the biennial the college ranked ire fellow,: Cornell. Ti ot the club." uthern Michigan - Jan. la ware made public today by Secretary earlier in the week be made out &list of Itielt ill ell so -- - better team" 31011111 Flynn and Andy Dana trill weeps ,tt.. R. withrmr. The BA Is complete with tournament Jan. IL al- Pennsylvania, 5:Bron. 0- w - ' illy Slab. MaekNot the featur c e srap for a four bout card at Ot- exception of the second and third events, which '. Ca - ' Pt. H ust11 gaid;lbat Manager Bill Cub plant. with whom be la ready to Bosoms bit more fragrant, pkese. d to bore taws., 111. this afternoon. Jim Duffy and Ed. will be similar to the others. and followe: though hu will net Partieinate in the game'. " I am too old to play with the young expert s WILLIFORD HURT AT URBANA. -: ,, Donovan would be given every encour , 'lc - - - - part. and left the list for the'considera- .., , agement to work out the salvation of the ition of Berson It le likely Ring eat tlia magnats's interrieir. Philadelphia with another pennant win- welterweights. have signed fOr a tell Oliver. First event. Duluth Curling-Pour traveling who will be there." maid be tad a) . '. ' .t.7 kcal team. that Herm" nen . The stat's signed stories, kindred By OVIDoy-..414)t to Manage teettellnd bout jey117. 10. Barber; Fourth event. western-Fear copper electric teem. 1 I I . Dec. al. -- Modelle-2k A. s - t: -' - . I may accept one of The proponitis sub- on rabarsert.our pairs curling stones. four 110 safety SPORT'ING NEWS NOTES. Williford. veteran forward on the Illinois bag- er ::,":;' DensTall, Star as Xanager. ,, i mitted by Itogr in order to. stellreJna- e.' I"; ' - the Cubs. ---- and ?rankle Lynn will battle Iit HS potmdz. coffee percolators. tour Feriae, ivory maw. . kethall fly.. was injured in practice today end a; 4, Donovan's managerial career has been - - -Ring in store Collings, 0 dustiest FiArr auto lunch- at Erallatati Y. 11- C- 11- twn111'w atterlIticr Evaneton and Hyde Park Hish school heavy he probably will be unable to play in the emelt . By Rsteeell , Illeekbierurot to Tbe ether ligAte are: CIIP .. Soderman ea- cure sets. four pairs gold cuff Linke. four extra terial fors second trade with St. Loula ter. hove besebau dub Or tiro! and light weight basketball teams trill play end practice &sines at Peoria against Om play second base for the White Sax.tA t even more br :.. brilliant than the days of his Boge r Wants Pitcher Benton. ..- Peoria Tigers. Ray woods. the little Deans- 14tet-hig triumphs in the big show. Re toe). .. Enna .-, Platt Adams. the Jumper. the jimmi. GA"Bedssaa.1..112116Pmpo 154 poud rndas::ATolt "aunty'. 'w-... clurialiftillY swevellentt.eriLconoolation- By Fight WettoreTo glee te liarryIlantrett. ns. AU bouts will hits. tone rote ivory handled knives ono lurks,. 'rho first game will start at g o'clock. ton star, probed', will take his place. ' I, ' Renton. the sonthpaw who is charged be six rounds. four bath robes, four peel handled pocket men Gimp.. a roans calkagoe.a. in traitim ..-.-see...ene.e. levee. STOCIat &Birth ...?- now keoa a " lentb..PTakitMelutaaa a b of has been a source Of considerable worry with receiving money for some of the home !toy a slight shade. s . itizthateevent. inttleornation, nalour-Four Stit:Illn eld all- theto test r. rar ki,wly atialrytheetem leading Medomb.. of I DaytDoany. t 071. DeoMa.allasiteir.--JobtillyttNgleesT.olorb. to f . suitetea a champion out of a boneless-trailer. tO the Cuba in the peat. la the pitcher Bream- prizes be won at amateur meets. One T. By Prep-aro get married. , WHITE FIGHT WITH WELSH L. er t k l Pla . 1 oga 3- Inlaid bell work be already lute fitted Irimself to years manager of the local Central league , 1:11.118vaa la a real thinker. la every yespect ban went atter wbea be found be bad no chance erring Vars. 'Seventh event. the Ordway-Four seventeen plurt"mnds walthnuoillatertingoterteelaLard breneekealla tWlift0 tric21 bard bretail ireclufrob.mreaseignbardlilltioe gimwto tutitemettitlybusts"- - b. is salaam. MI look bero to mascot but to talk Herr:mum out et Heins Groh, the little . . Now York. Dec. Dee al...49pectoLlnmerv.. it,:msae.i. gtraeurtitelminegru'ess seseoli.d gold watches. gentle- reon by Ptillint it. He will give bits first ex- nese. Last year Nees team wee the pennast. NOW POSTPONED TO JAN. 4 a believe that Wild ad Bin will com ba - e second sem en. It Offer Poeta to 10 1O a egle B .nsi' Card. 1 RACING TODA Y ,,.: Womb am meal sins his bread smile. (Filbert) Pierce via route. and be T s OXI . - --- bibitiont on Jet. 10 at Polish Union ball. never being out of tire place. . - . . , -- - ad. Bert ratood an plootees into to Le anaiotte to seem. soother tett banter to help it ! - A le r; shuttle cocked that White-Welsh bout arouM --- 4-- Cant. naataa Tao remain said: out Xis Vaughn with the southpaw barlialf- Mike Snyder And "Goats" Doti, ten AT NEW RIZ-And .. bit. After ra, pow-wow with each MIA'S 140 11 - manager today. Jimmy Jolureendecided UP I t - . . . . a 44( I - , I , ; t: 1 , : -- ;- ,L4, : I - :7. - I - , : , a 1 -;;" ', C 1 ' a , ri -7; et - - - los bi at , : In - - - ,4 be 4 - le WARMS fil,lanlimiaw Immu Inds. Buffalo. - Fifty-four homes are sawed ke the ate and he awe gum ores" pueeme....-.... race. to, be run tomorrow, sad teeter the track OT enea PrOVO great attractions against 1 and Al Delmont. 4: .0.11 I eel el ell el! TaSt. was lairatlitne fa. The weather was fair to- SI-.1e1Tee- Juares. Mgt and bid fair to remain se until th, JOE'llANDOT OFFERED PUttny Cline., twills. bugle sounded. which tenured a fast track. Iit-a4;0 Si 4;ls abuse. O. In a workout today ose hone ran half in - Med Hal Stewart, 4814Theeectindil.secood taco win ktiespaymaster. George GO WMI FREDDIE WELSH. tl a:1- i muff -Rapids. abdriradde Binds DlaIDOfld. .,....Claactinati...n.. Litgfm li Fight prornot ere in the east are getting their , Mabel. mina Mick? Dal. winos maseed. Tostorday Manager Tommy - s1.S4) -.""seb 3 .its SW: , , the Pool- Much steculstion gums '1 Walsh received a telegram from the National I - - the 'horsemen over tido moo. Sporting ,club of PhiBaclelphis sakes Ms 4tesio litrelt, 414 Id did o ia terms for -a fight on Jan. 11 between Jos tort CARS - TROT RACES BILLED TODAY. Maeda lust ChsanSoloe FroddleWelsh- assekt - AT MAYWOOD - Widte vras matched be bete Welsh in New S - elf-se. -; ( A dreeler.e4 trottked rec.; owe for paten York's's Jan. 12. but the date yesterday was changed to Jan. 241. castor& salt aglow. and and two races tor green pacers aml trotters. 1 Walsh answered requesting $2.000 for hie end netts tke, horse radish. will maks up the program-of the Garfield Park e I w Driving dui, fisewid cork speed. if Welsh would make lat pounds at o'clock. PM around, a ugar , miniature way tide afternoon. Hacteet Wflt at at 1 Walsh believes a different dMe will be sup.- es table at the Leonean weed,. Kies woman. elbow of owe. 0.006 vested just as soon as Philadelphia learns of ; s oral:owes a tabled but- stakes on tbe Oraniit lest ye. ill be the WelehWhite Van- P event to be staged d Crcu arw tido tho star- attraction in the trek-toren trot. Mandot also hats a chance to battle Leach it Speedway seeeetation John R.- Thenneonls Mug Coachman-, the Creee even the twenty mond reins m New 1 Tb 0 ID) 11-1 (()- 40WAtisr)OLDG09 was Plentiful empty bias. winter of the 10011011 ea the Grand Cir- Orlesno on.' ass- 10 or 11; but thaw Is mu 1 but the cars ran by oleo- cult last pear.Urili compete tbo tree-for-MI laraaaaaa at havtat In. match es ta Penna. - g grainir wag nearly woe pace. moot schedule until Joe finally meets Welsh. I ir I T t 7 Mande will enntinue bis preparations for his bout with Callahan in Memphis ea Jan. la and 40 11'51 SV htItO, tp s- 0 ligclubrehouseo 2111..we.e.gremteditteald WAGNER, CASE ''POSTPONED his p scra with PM Brown hi dAdrediddr1 ea ned tur inch wheel bass , ' Jan. 25. oval o so If guided! by the -menie ye,- AMC. 1111-eleppeclat 11Tbe bear- v P " inf .; t ominmium I .11 e the- stratillim Mich" B1111 D COIN POSTE FOR BIG B ' OM 1 I from soup to nuts. Wagner. the Chicago boson, which bream be- o rs of the speedway din.- fore Judge Manton IR the Counsel' Pleas court - 1 tt Et 4 ,p, 61,,id (01.1 galosh for,thedirector. today. was postponed until nost.Wednesday. rien. Tao-, Doc- 01--40PectsilBefore mimeo which is build- Wagner is antler anset charged by a former tossing for Chicago end Nell' York Jack Curter - Maywood. UNIIMOIrer with the embeasieseat of VW. part was islefetle cern, 00. 2 Lm" cheekier PAM -which ft 111:; - ft el It lit iit al toll 11 to ii erull ',lora 01.1.14,1 Dille Mad with the work of the money derived, fees Wagner boat with t a4 ,rat. in wes esd grim be Ad waxiest at rued. mai rere aloatke are. omm...e NAM lenenee. al& lest week. kkeet waist, boot os pm bond., Sett M Juarm Curley immediately announced " I ftl(i' ff. i6 'Ikt: It1lit:410) (011k o inner Were 1111ratiden, sag ...moov.mvauv. f 4.A that the light would certainly bet held across Vice Presidio& and Bra. irtnisiotti, ; x ?ft naorrit ettomPtil e th river at Ulu 'lucky" ellab 111 jrnir" and Ice r Pestdnt, ant im mon tsu ram e I mew anal I Il that as- 'Irma envoi for ths litht In , o , , , Hre. Jay F., pews. a jitr. , - - melt on Meek 4. Curley impressed ifinungt -" 1" " - cod pie. Judaea Hancock. 'New York; bee. 21,....Pnititimiti;0 Leineekyl fla 111F011- satisfied 1111101i the arrangements. eel 'fffunimar Smith. wise are !scheduled to fight si twelve vound bone- at - Waterisert. UIDER TESTS. WANT:RITCHIVSHUGRUE . . night. left for that eity to- da Bout obes expressed cowmen,. et wia , - ,0 , New York. Ziee. 111.---Oeicials -of Melissa t'"k11. G ER as used uu uuthmhbile tho knockout Mil& , - Iff14 1111 du. . 94,1111r. garden aro trying to get Willie Ritchie r, 0 11 . .. ., . . ' , , ,,. .. 3 , - - , 4, A , goverring body , . ' -; - ' ''' '' .' - - - . . - ';'' --ir '. -. '''-"-.'''' -:- -:',-'-' ,i . . ' ;;--:11E-TE.' 7 CHICAACO -''' DATLT.-- :-TILIBUNE :...-. Film IY 3A.NtrARY 1 191b - - - 1. ,-,,,. - ,i,, ,, :: ----41 1111 11 . n .1, ,,-- .:::::;:,-, ,,,:-, J.'.....-'47:,,2,7 7. .., -,- -:,-P .-:' S' , . . .. . ,--. : - - ,, :: - I ,. . , 4 - v. ' -S il 0 Iv , ,. ,t, ::, , , . , ,, , ..,,, . ., ,:,. . , , , , . . Ito , ,16 , ,.. n u .; , :: , ,i. , ,, . ..., ,-,. . , ,...,: ,, s- , -- - ,. IL' - 0 - ' , , .: -' ..!- , , , . A ,', ,- - - , , , .. , ; ..3 .,-, ..:, , , - i, , ; .'' -' , ,,, . ,. ,- -- ' - - ,,, -;',-',- '-j::- ., , - -: -; - , , . - .,:' .' - - , , r "A : , - . . -; ,:- , : 4.- - ' , - . - , :.,- - ,, , -,, '., , ,. ,- - ' ' --", , c ' 7f: 0,, .. .. , , ,, , anks New Owner 11DETROIT QUINTET rin, , 1 -::' -,, ,e,4 0 .. ' ., 1 , ufILD AT-11 ol! -- II. ' , .. ., . ,, ,. .,,,..,..,,.,.., .., s,.., ,,,,, ,,,.,,, ,,,; ,,,,c,,,, ,, .,,, ,, , ,.,,, .,....4.,,,:..,7, . I y p C A L. L. 1B'R S- --, ' dili .. il - and tTheirManager. 1 BBEyA2T S M.1A01?s0 0 N S , .,- i - . lean ., -- , : , .,, , - , . . , , -- ,,,, , , - -: i. ,-: t .,--0,1, - : -i- i' LIKE , , .. , . .. .. ,. . . ,., ,, ,, ..,.. ,,. .... .. . . ,,.,,, 5 A .: -,,,k fill I (ElloslIA,Fon 1 .0 , , ; 4- r ir . P -.- , ,- ., ! .,:. ) . -, - - . '. -, - , , k - , - - f,- . ,---,4 1, - ,,--, .. - ., A a-- , ,,, -1- - ,, i- , -- . - -p:1 - -,i, -i.,--k. ii .. - :s."!:'' ...., ,, t- - ,-,--',,, ' . ' ' .4- I ,"-,,t ,:' e '1 --:. I . 3 I . . . ..-,., 1., , , 1.3., , . 4 -. k4r. . Z. ,w,I 4,0. . ' - -.' ''''', .- ; ,..- , s , .,11, , , - ,V1, ,. ..-4-' -- ' -;ett, . , ', , .;:4t, '- . Visitors Downed by' E R . , , T -.-, .-,s f ' ' - ,- E TR , , I - , , ,,; , .0 . -,, , 4 1 , ., dIl -- O.) , , .- ' i:1: , . ATER POLO . ,,,,,,,,,,,:::..,.,:.,,,:.. ! r . . - - t:-.,:, . ,.., . ,,.. , .,. 0 II ,...,,.:4..,,,,,:,,:,,.,:.:,.,,, fSuliirio'r Offense and ir , .., : ... , .. -- .. . ' .'''.'.....:.... ---T:'''''' 7 .1-'1,:: :' - .7 - "6. t, .' et" i A , , c li 11 . , .. - , z ..., . , . .,, . : 'ii, - .' De fe mi." '' 4 . . , . , ..10Willommilftlammimm ' . . ' ,.... i i r r- f 4 .- . iist. , .' t:eh:3 tallvaal Al A. U. ,... 1 , . -..., ' S . , 0 ICal U A V 4.:1';:t51,e7SF:,:k...7,?':,7,1P, Detroit. Mich.. Dec. 31---ISpeciaLlThe - - . fok:g,::.4-.:,..,,::iio,1:;::,:,,:' tiodified Came Highly Pleas- 1 ,-;;:-:- , 9 9 1 totem-gay of Chicago basketball team 11 1 - E' 5-'. . s . lamalio s :k:',,, :.-..:: : --,,, ;.,::.:.,,,:-:-,7 - a rpi;Aiiiii:r : L. Issavki0t . Anatit Hold ,4.;:'-:-::-. tuomuendththeewor::ertintlecaniedagalionetto 5.the.,Detroit ,?,,,I... i Only three Chicago basgets were , i----:cfir.ppert and Iluston- Fl- : , i t.,. . .. ; . .0? - je.: 1 (;7tit- . 1 .,..? ,,--,,,..,,,4 - ,, . 4,t,: 1 -.77:- ', --. .','.1:-.111)., i'V',, 1- -.',':.1..!-.711,..:i-:.1:;-..!....iii.i.:.',.:..17......... .. :..".. ".': '''' ' . : : ' ''' .''' - - '4'--t-7.- l',:st..;,;,,,H;:i.1;':1,-:-:--',,-"';:::::::ii':::stio ... .T....:.4.... T. M.. C. A. quintet too strong tonight and ,:,:1:. , ,T Ottinatherncoyuwmnplr free throwsed ecintthteo:mal24 niteng10 scorepoints. . Ac ot mi lia In fir , : i , log to East, Opposel by ., - . Nbabtebt , !(- 1 -- plly Clinch Sale of ' . - - -THERE? , , Buts This rA3th Local Schools, ..,, iiiii '-:""I'r'77.,,,,;::::,., : , , ., defente , "''''''''''''''''' '1 :,,ii,.,,,,.. ' '1 ' from four The Detrcit total - 1 ...---.....--. ,,:'''kk-i,":;:;"'-':-. . . - -- f '--- , 1 , - was represeiatcttenircbatygoouelisg.rehtqba;rekdeysaaniond ags . . , , , -- - El., :,,,,,,::,..., ,- ,,, --, , . ' As usual! - Her" York Club, . . ... N , ' , . .--,.-... ..-,.... ...... - - --- I ,. ... , . - ' . ',, I - Br ICNOCIOUT- BY FRANK J. SULLIVAN. I V - - 1 r ... Central,Amateot Athletichnion boxers ' , - Aisne to get started. Detroit's. splendid , t;.' . ' . , : - '- ; 4 r 1 ' , . 't k ' :;75.,::,: , . , ,.... . e warmed up ebout the same time I Director of Frimming. Princeton tsfrerierI.1 - ! will battle for sictionel Aities in Kenoiha . - ... - .. .y:- ,.ii.,:Sii- - as Chicago's forwards. leowerer. and e The new water polo rules as presented . , r . . ' N-01,7 - - : , ..:- - this month The sanction from the Na- for adoption at the National Collegiate ' . , - Athletic association a few days ego -I. . . - . , ' :.:,,ki;II:jEi.ii . Elks . . broke up Most attemota for cores. Maser l .' tional A. A.- U. has been practically sti- )1' was ACP. V I -.-: .1.-I--.-..,:--:-.- ' :- tal" la . Ilk 11 ' di ,;,...i.y...F.I11:,-,i. aural. and all that remains is the settin t .... . -...'"e44.7.:11:11 , for Detroit and Stegeman for Chicago i met with opposition from the University . 1- 1 00;10VAll IIALIED- , tx. . DOSS 1 - .1st- le , , e.. ,... . :; . ; , I iii;g,,,,v3,,,:5:,::, ----- g . orir- 411- ,-. . of the dates. According to Harry Forbes. ; .AAN;...opti:fiF, - sNL. f Cicao and Northwestern unfree- ;;Ifir:,.:?;:::,:;:......:,ite,;!;;;::::::.:?:::;, were the individual stets. Lineup:- 1 Detroit PAL Chicago 110J. ohg 0 , I' d '-'.-. ::.i.ifiE''.',-?'-:- - - '-' ' - who will be in charge of the local boxer. :f a' Z,-:'' ''','.:,-1;A;11; 1 But . too L. Sl Ste F.caefterogremen sity. 'rhe 'code as submitted to the col- 3-- - i A.,4, ,.- :' ,, 1 - I iff ' ti - - itil h t Krel3QmtitzY -, the 'contests rehab will I Etenrenfou legia Vet was a game corn- , I .. ... - -:: ,. . I, 411.tpo , - ...' .....1-....'- ::.;.c,5;1':.."c-::.:1.1.. - - ' the middle of Pthis monlYth andl biengaynbeabocaurt- I itr'' C- Tw . F t 7.onlel i posed of the best principles of the old . . I - ell 1 deAkil 1 71111(111Allhrr Ir" d0"k- Vitt t tied over two weeks. i neW A yrs-. rffhl - ' -111.1 I Peter rerkker. who will promote the! I tk - , - IF 2 Aft db. M.P. i - JaCOD scuppert Jr. -WI .-apt. a minimax - 1 - - 'bents in the Wisconsin city. already has 1 4 - -I. Huston finally purchased the New York : been assured an entry' list of nearly fifty 1 . and nearby other American league baseball club from , youngsters. Bouts ha all classes from - ; Frank J. Farren. William B. Devery et al. - bantamweight to heavyweight will be at the Hotel Wolcott this afternoon. This 144b 111111I 11 deal. which' had hung flre for several , resented. but Kenosha. Milwaukee. Wau- kegan,'. Madison, evens. was oMcially announced by Preat- - , , Ilacint t dent Ban Johnson at exactly 4:18 p. rn. 7 points will send young fighters. - Is - The Inuasfer has been effected fit was ffi staAcgceod.rdISTIn;t tIni7FolvrbeinsChia. theg:deabe ;etilored1)-e- I ()Uwe -1LJACC LA:irefla , )3an Johnson's representative who spoke) .. bILLP01403AN. - ; and every one is perfectly'satistled. Col. r Ruppert will act as president of the club 7fit - A 4111( Iftll.: under the new regime. Capt. Huston - , serve as secretary and treasurer. ; Wild Bin Donovan wiU manage. The - ' otber officials bave not as yet been se, ' Iseted." I , egpLaAa Weave, 1:Taa ea Allah 'Mae aS .. I I ..:; I Inalegie ng. asul omer lams may Da rasa 1 ' 2:11ANIPt k'4,t- V.E...,;i!'",-0.1 ILE --ne sew comome- beverat outer minor . - - olit-4als oda) utast bl tilled- k : '.:: .- Mr- Johnsan isserted that the new own-- 1 ers were prepared to provide for the local --, taws a home in keeping with the tram- t' ' - i - Lonal glory of New York. This state- ,. i . scent was borne out by both Ruppert and piTclIER DErIT k i ,. Illusion The new partners mdd they 011 k fil.1 -1-( f , Illwould have-a plant of their own before , . T., another two years. , ' - 4 But. there lsc) was a different 'story. -;,- - n; !e" PINII"lbdwascon"tinthu: etorectutilizethatthth:vher.elvrerh"klinite SOUSIII,DY CUBS setwen ute units- st Lemma out that - James E. Price will be coerced into actenting a position as business manager ' id the new combine- Several other minor - sti!.4a1s also rskost bl M1MrflJ.. i. : " . , 0 I. All1W1 SW Uri (ow 0 W 1) Re OA U MC OU 0 , M z Ox ,if r---------- ,1-,---& .,m..., ...,--, i i --- atm glee the eseeesm7 Mize to liquidate tbe ,.......--- E.--------";16.,-- ---- --- --. ..--- ". '-'- -',-, - ' - ,,, - , - emu- vit. ....... debts 'without endue escrileing Of the meets -um.,,, - ... ordinance mum by the ., T , )(gain.. , irelie-etit -, - - - Recording te thei . in bout Iran J00 zeugma r sanounceme some toms eons .... ... , ...., ., ,. - , , , , city COuSeit kill November. 01101, esetinuet ' . . . - - hi Febents4, nte , ,,,m,, yeteenter Like mere &tee sem e og oe,. New . York. -Den- 111;-Toin fikCarty. itheopo teeny. Should Ritchie beet the 701; 011 New 0 P . TWO SEHATOITIVIII.I-131Xurb. tart sired. - se The tails &rounder the direction aastaarte 141or team. wee madovir checked by, yortee be will be le a seed poetics be tkeesee .,,, - - te 111 A ,:::. ,: .., .,,, - ,..', ,.; i ,...i , ,,,,,7-., :, m 8teine Deputy Beet et petit,s rooktomoir. two terrific wallops trent Gunboat , '? Onsith. ' e recent inatchwith Welsh.- , , -,,,,- . 4 1" ..igoommitio-. D. c.. D.C. (2..);,e-eiteilbetio wines eeetemi et ett imam, to bo otim to to. will get a theses le enter the eseneloach elms ..7 . .. ,,,-.- - ..---.....--:-.. - 4.' , , 4-, , 1- -A, - , A.. Sr the Waahington Americium bed an eventfu& 'sired by the gedinenee, - Maj. reettbeeeer ota; . ,Aftly '' meit4 .Ciritk,t Silor a, -,,. Pri, to al ir ..' ,- Adise..., nein 'Alike eff,DtaSfiffed; . -; ' 'Oil n day today te top eff ifilb Chick taateatt- Orme stiff that thin', different tIpee tif fenders are "'"""" ' --- : : ,:..3-''-'''' V ? ; ----4.:.-:,, .;177. . ;, -' .-,''' ' oedema., 0.; Dec; 111.-filre; Birdie F. Kt )11 . 4..z vAvic---1i littess:. ;lett .1.1.,.11 1 ti It", iAli ouRii , it; .3111r1' 44 Ili '--- ',:;- ::-.1 baseman. forfeited SS le Pollee mart tar SWIMS to he tooted before March I. Snorters testa ,. .'..- :'," -- ,- o -,,, '- ,4 ' ; '-'" - g ,bte mit noisy toe e divorce tram Ohm' C. - '.". - ' elf, a bowling match witlivet a license.- , Eddie are glade with each tender. with the a . uto . ...eau. ', ow, 'Clitillittillilo 21144' - -' Kele, pitcher et the gt. Louie tregeret lessee , Ainenittli. catcher. ran down and seriously truck traveling at different .apeede and Mr. indlempolle. bill.; Dee. 111.-tapociall-In. begotten club., Writ; Nate idlers' bur buetimit :- .- , ' - ;,, --- . -, -,- -, - - ,,, - ' '- ' -. ' - ''' ' -'' - - ' ' - -''- - --- ' ' - ' -- - ''''' . - ' ' ' . 4.: . ' '- .'. 1 eni.1el - IL Intlkil 15Krr4ar wit hie buteinebile. bur the- "' dinnent Shure noel ko different 4 Ilene uetvosestre bentosbeg teem detested bet bee in September after a joint bank tic- T, . 1 1 M

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