Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on April 29, 1919 · 5
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 5

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1919
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IAD EMPLOYERS TO PLACE ii5CKS' AT WORK los Show Joh Are Open to Them on Return. - ::113T11 AVIAITS CARS ro date Of the return to Chicago ae 149th artilkryReilly's not yet known. The Iseett is all ready. When the tooatis tell the debarkation au11, too they have coaches the outt ord wove. The transportation 1 in the east are overtaxed,. re ley when the 149th win more to make a guest The regiment u.1 WO the latter part of the tee kp ina it was thought bast night rouldsbt arrive tilt next Monday. IT -.R l''-;Zt 0 imM i, Ipia Merritt. N..I., April 2S.---(Spe- 1.-"The employment problem is 1 .,:yorrying the 149th," Capt. Robert s t Balm personnel officer of the ,4,nena, was emphatic about this t, Then be give some statistics and tI about bow employers had written m en warning them that they had -t "tlt '-;t call on their services. 1 .11ind you." Capt. Baltz said. 'a this t .4 a matter of patriotism. It Is laer one of business Judgment. the lilt of a long or short period of bust. , ,es colnection with the men." -Capt. Baltze gave a rêsumê of the ersonnel of the men. For Instance, It'averag e intelligence." as the 'terms it. of the 149th, is ex- ,' .aprdinarily high. It was recruited 1..31 among college men and men loa bad demonstrated their value as I'FOless assets to many Arms. Pick of Good Men. 1nm newspaper offices, advert's. ;agencies, engineerillfg, firms, banks. I commercial houses, they flocked ,) he regiment because they were out-If men, athletic men." Capt. Baltz 0' i.,,d Before the draft had been pro1 bed, the personnel of the regiment ad been made up of the kind of men - $xt makes up the 149th. 'I've read several letters to the men It's the firms they left to finish the i ye I France. One, I remember, was ,, an 1,dvertising firm. The letter I ra a plea to the boy to remember. ( wilni be got back, the firm ?.e had left. i ,:iotber words, the firm bid for an op-on his services. This is true of c,anY of the men. IThe firms the men left want them VI k because they took their jobs In ' inil life, just as they took the big job r,x France. And we think our record ' a a fair one." 1 Weather Brings Them Out. Today was quiet here. Soft spring Stadler sent the men ambling along 'la macadam roads to the new green I woks and the shade of spreading trees. ; ni eat with their backs against the I vaIl and on it and dwelt musingly on ;Ilejoys they had left in Cificago and were going back to. . 'Michigan avenue ought to be iooming now," one said. " The girls ere ell out on parade and the lounge Ittls are basking along old Peacock Cey." The men are eagerly waiting the sirs for entrainment that somehow do not seem to materialize. They are expected hourly, however. The men et all set and ready to go. el CHICAGO REAL ESTATE BOARD 4 , FOR TOWN HALL Members of the Chicago Real Estate beard went on record yesterday at a Social session as being in favor of living a large convention hall in Chitaga On motion of Wyllys W. Baird the board reversed its former action, I nd asked that support be given to house hill 215. Mr. Baird explained that Chicago did not have a hall that arts initable for the largest conventions, which would go to other cities Inlets prompt action is taken. The proposal to increase the bonding Dearer of Chicago and to change the Dian under which taxes are levied caused a long discussion. A motion sae finally passed which favors increased bonding facilities and urges that the thirty-one bills necessary to Change the plan of making tax levies CO be passed. The proposed plan la that property be assessed at its full value and that tutes be leviecragainst onethird of this valuation a ;',:-.17,.',, 4.P4 ! v 77771 LETTER SHOWS :13D WANTS TO PARADE HERE i Official Contradiction of Baker Comes from the Men.. My A STATIP CORRESPONDEXTI Springfield, Ill, April 23.(Speciati The 334 division does want to parade in Chicago with rifles and side arms, and wants to remain intact until the division has the chance to march down Michigan boulevard as a complete unit. This information, directly contradictory to Secretary of War Baker's idea, secured by talking with some of the men at the recent divisional review at Coblenz, is officially communicated to the state of Illinois, in official letters received by Gov. Lowden, Lieut. Gov. Oglesby, and Speaker Shanahan. " The people of the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago have a right to see its soldiers practically as they came out of combat." is an emphatic point made in the document, signed by Col..:Sanborn of the old 1st infantry, Col.Foreman of the old 1st cavalry, Col.. Allen of the old 1st engineers. Col. Davis of the old 2d infantry. and Col. Clinnin of the old 4th -infantry. ' Here Is the Letter. The communication follows: 'Headquarters 131st Infantry. American Expeditionary-Forces, Larochette, Luxembourg. April 6, 1919. From: Commanding Officers, Illinois Units. - To: The Hon. David Shanahan. Springfield, Subject: Parade of 33d division In Chicago. " 1. It is the ambition of the officers and men of the 33d division to parade In Chicago as a complete unit. The people of the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago have a right to see Its soldiers practically mas they came out of cpmbat. "2. It Is the right of every man who was assigned to and served with the division to parade with the .division with which he served. The esprit and enthusiasm of the men will be dissipated if the division is broken up and they are sent to many camps before they are given the opportunity to - Till ! , '4 1 ' - EIGHT TRAIIVORTS ORIN 16,729 mEri Nd NEW "YORK. April 28.--tSpecial.) Eight transports arrive at this port today carrying 16429 troops from overseas. The vessels were the America, Texan. West Madaket, Belvedere, Minnesotan. La Lorraine, Freedom, and Pueblo. An abstract of the persongel On fach follows: . . WEST MADAICETOne officer and eight men of Michigan casual company. BELVEDEREForty-three officers and 1,543 men of the 13th engineers. complete, of whom thirty-seven officers and 1.146 men go to Camp Grant. two officers and 192 men to Camp Upton, two officers and fifty-seven men to. Camp Dix, two officers and eighty-three men to Camp Sherman. and sixty-four men to Camp Custer. . MINNESOTANTwenty-one officers and 1.744 men of the 111th Infantry, field and staff, headquarters company, medical detachment, supply company, companies A to E. Inclusive, most of the men to go to Camp Dix, with sixty-eight assigned to Grant. TE)ekNFour officers and 202 men of 413th telegraph battalion, headquarters company, medical detachment, companies D and E, Pennsylvania; one officer and thirty-two men of 34th evacuation ambulance company, .thirty-six no's, whom they have so splendidly represented. " 3. The strength of the division at the present time is approximately 24,- 00. Under existing regulations men have to be returned to the training camps to which they were sent at the time the men volunteered or, were drafted. In compliance With that regulation the following disposition of the men of the 33d division would take place: - ' " Camp Grant-19,000. " Camp Taylor-2,200. 4411:11,- " Camp Dodge-1,000. " Fifty scattering camps-2,500. , " It will be noted that the 5,700 men will be obliged to leave the division on their arrival in New York. These men are part of the Prairie division and want to remain wita It until It Is mustered out. , Ask to Go to Camp Grant,. , "4. We desire steps taken to secure the necessary action from the war department. which will make it possible for the entire division to go direct to Camp Grant From there the division can assemble in Chicago or elsewhere for participation in a parade. We further desire that the parade be made show themselves to the people of with rifles and side arms, and suggest 11011101.21 THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: ..,.M officereand 1.148 men of 18th engineers headquarters detachment. field and staff, medical detachment. companies A to F, inclusive. Camp Kearney; four officers and 203 men of 407th telegraph battalion, headquarters and supply detachments, medical detachment, companies D and E, Camp Upton; Pennsylvania calual companies. LA LORBAINEIowa. Minnesota, scattered and marine casual companies; thirty-seven casual officers.. - FREEDOM,.---Five officers , and 176 men of 1st trench mortar battery; three officers and 191 men of base 39; four officers and 200 men of base 20; two officers and 162 Men of base 25; three officers and 195 men of base 30; two officers and 181 men of base S2; two officers and 163 men of base 38; two officers and 171 men, of base 48; two officers and 160 men of base 70; New York casual company and special casuals. . - PUEBLOForty-three ()fliers and 1.390 men of 117th engineers, complete; one officer and seventy-eight men of 117th engineer train; four officers and 247 men of 4th air service casual company; casualcompanies. - AMERICA Seven thousand and fifty-one troops, prcatically all of the 77th division of New York and casuals. - , the sending . of a committee to Washington to, accomplish this plan. "L. While the ,expense of carrying out this movement , will be somewhat greater, than under present plans of the war department, it will be inconsequential in comparison with the rights of the. men..the pleasure it-will give them. and'the national patriotic profit which will flow from It ". 6.. Active affirmative-action will be appreciated by every' officer and man of the 33d division., - , . g. of a committee to Washtecomplish this plan. - e the .expense of carrying ovement will be somewhat tn under present plans of partment, it will be inconsecomparison with the rights 1..the pleasure it will give the national patriotic profit flow from it re affirmative-action will be by every' officer and man " .1; B. SANTsonw, . "Colonel 131et Infantry.. - MILTON J. FOREMAN, "Colonel 122d Reid artillery. 'HENRY A. AtxEs, "Colonel 108th engineers. .1 . ABEL DAVIS, Colonel 132d Infantry. "Jon's V. CIJNNIN, - " ColOnel 130th intonlrY" TUESDAY-. APRIL WOMAN 'BANDIT HELPS MAN ROB gL' ROAD STATION Let us introduce Chicago's only active female bandit, she and a man are specializing on "1.." stations, having recently held up four. Last night a man and a woman walked into the Garfield Park IL " station shortly after 1 o'clock. The man asked the ticket seller tf he could change a $20 bill. ' The ticket seller said he could not. " Well then, shell out all the jack you got," said the bandit. The woman stood near the door while the ticket seller pushed out $1.76. " Take this jack, Kate," said the bandit and to the agent, " Give me your watch." The agent offered a dollar watch while his twenty-one jewel timepiece was resting safely in his pocket., The bandit then covered the agent with his gun while his confederate escaped. He then followed. Both the robbers appeared to be about 24 years old and the elevated authorities say a man and a woman answering the same description have held up three other stations Ign the Oak Park line in the last two weeks, never getting more than $15. Liner Mega' ntic Is Storm Bound Off Port of Havre Miens 'Tribune Foreign News Bemire. tBy Special Cable.) PARIS, April 29.---The White Star liner Megantle, with hundreds of passengers aboard. has been storm bound outside Havre since Sunday. A violent gale is blowing. accompanied by fleet and snow. San Salvador Shaken , by Severe Earthquake . 1 San Francisco, Cal.; April 2.8.A severe earthquake has -shaken San Salvador, Central America, according to cablegrams received here from the capital of that . country. No details were given. , Your charge purchase, made today or tomorrow, will be posted to May account, at your request. made today or tomorrow. he latest frill blouses , made of printed chiffon or georgette crepe. 8.75 T. One exquisite style copied from Tappe, is developed - in printed chiffon. and finished with plaited collar and cuffa in contrasting shadechoice of navyLisciue. navy-red. hique-red. Buttoned hack model sketched. - 1. Z-,;1- 1; - The other Mout'. 'pictured is 'of heavy georgette - crepe. with platted collar cascade front. plaited cuffs to inatck, embroidered in , contrasting shade. wite-eopenhagen - bisque-navy. flesh-blue.- bisque-red. - Blouse shop, third floor. 1 el '29, 1919. a - They Got Equality 445attmcm...."--Tottgr Representatives of Var 0:40-ii:, .i0,::th,-6:- .Logite--: Of s- Nations Otifi,.. :: - Representatives of Various Countries Who :Appeared Before the Peace Conference at Paris. .1C!gftCi-t pHaRmLNr-mTGA "trav-ict """42f--7---V-WeLlib ,t111.,,WL3 - Standing, left to right: Miss Constance Drexel and Mrs. Juliet Barrett Rub lee United States; Dr. Girard Mangin, Mine. Grinberg, Mine. Maria Veronne, France; Mrs. Corbett Ashby, Great Britain; Mme. Brtmschwig, France; Mine. Schievoni, Italy, Mrs. Fern Andrews, United States. Seated, left to right: Mme. d'Arnello Tivoli; Italy; Mme. Alan de Sainte Croix, France; Mine. Jules Siegfried, France; the Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temaire, Great Britain; Mine. de Witt Schlumberger, France. , WOMAN MISSING; ANOTHER SHOT-- MAN A SUICIDE Los Angeles, Cal. April 28.County authorities are hunting an explanation of a shooting affair at Ocean Park. resulting in the possibly fatal wounding of Mrs. Theresa Hoover and what she said was the suicide last night of Louis P. Ramsay. a wealthy lumberman formerly of Lake Charles. Louisiana. According to the officers Ramsay had been a frecitient caller at the residence of Miss M. R. Coles, for whom Mrs. Hoover acted as housekeeper and who has been missing from her home since Wednesday. Ramsay is said to have entered the Coles home last Thursday, searching for Miss Coles. He found the bath-'mom door locked. He fired a revolver shot through the -door. striking , Mrs. Hoover, according to her story. He is said by the woman then to have carried her to a bed. but to have denied her medical aid and food and water, while he wandered about the house, sleeping little and occasionally discharging his revolver until Sunday night. - Then the door bell rang and Ramsay, Mrs. Hoover says. shot-himself. Dr. Blake and Wife, Former Mrs. Mackay, Arrive Home New York, April 28.---(Special.1---Dr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Blake have returned here from France to live, and Dr. Blake will resume his practice. interrupted by the war. It is his first homecoming in nearly five years, he having been engaged in war- work as the head of an American Red Cross hospital in Paris, and previously of one at Neuilly and another, his own, under the British Red Cross, at Riforangis. Mrs. Blake was Katherine Duer and afterwards Mrs. Clarence H. Mackay. -- 1- er-rAr r 1 (oo, o r61 ri: r I . 1 4 .- I -4 7 . I - - I .i' I -. A : F 6..16,4. ... F.41 . 0 SIDER111 EIRDE 11APPY BY TRIBUNE SI',1101(ES "Sure Are Gloom Killers; Fine Idea!" Writes One Private. The Tanks in Siberia know they are not altogether forgotten anyway. They have received the smokes sent by contributors to THE THIBUNE tobacco fund recently closed. A bunch of letters expressing appreciation were received by THE TRIBUNE yesterday. Private Pinney M. Haddon of the medickl corps puts it this way: " The fruits of your thoughtfulness arrived yesterday; let me thank you A bunch of smokes like these are sure gloom killers, and it assures us men in Siberia that though you don't hear much about us that our services over here are not entirely forgotten. Fine idear Messages from the infantry regiments were signed by the following names: , First Lieut. Richard Inevoletadt. Corporals H. B. Mettackin. Harry L. Field. C. D. Jones. Charles McLain. Graydon Seale. Sidney Perk:Mow. Privates W. M. Attesherry, Thomas 3. Doris. Joe G. Woodward. N'rits E. Pike. L. R. Young. Jack Ertunmes. Elijs C. Pierce. David Kiddie. Guy Ridemillor. Albert Erickson. Steve Pedro. Joe lAresaI. - - Some of the medical detachment were also recipients of smokes: Privates Joseph Socii. Allie Wright. Kahle I. Roes. Houston V. Hendrix. E. G. Simpeon. Morris Gold. August Minoan. Ray Judy. A few of the boys who did not designate their units were: Sergt IL E. HIM-Private Carl E. Abt, John Sorak, It, G. Bengston. James White, W. L. Barbour. Walter V. Miller, Kay Wentz, Harry Bowers. Says Gompers' Condition Is "Favorable, to Him - iiimummommon New York, April 28.Samuel Gompers. president of the American Fed, eration of Labor, who was injured yesterday when a. Broadway car collided with a taxicab in which he was riding, was resting well tonight, according to a bulletin issued by his physicians and his condition was said to be " favorable." - - - I a Sport Clotho Golsordlaoslatal Ton. ale -Floasolo a opocia1t7 of ours., MADE TO ORDER There is, always - , certain inconspicu ous imartnels about Nicoll tailoring-.. which gives you that - comfortable feeling that what you have, on is "right." Suits and Overcoais. Prices $35, $40, $45 and Upwards .A, splendid range of clearcut Worsteds : at $45 band $55 MECO Lie Thip 'Tailor NVIS JEILILEMV SONS Clark and Adams StmetS 7. v .. 1 .- ri LI 4 .4 : I :I -4! I 1114 1 ; . , - 1 I 1ii iii '11 I li i) pLAN to stop, at the Plankinton on your way to the delightful Waukesha lake region. Rememberit's only an hour's drive from the MminsigA211.7 tvZ 5011 11101e1 ;1111Z wa ulce so you can be back for (liner in the Sky Room one of America's finest ca,fes--at the end of a perfect day. Keenan Hotel System Anthony Motel. Ft. Wayne . Julian Hotel. Dubuque In Milwaukee It's the Plankinton 1 Evidzs. Ppars for C It I a a 1 0 Bolt ... 9 Aniornonliaa Landing Out? Ono &amiss tha lintel block from HOW SPEND THE WEEK-END AT THE PLANKINION ......................................... Special Purchase,o 4 of i 100- Wardrobe -TrunksH $45 Values- : . - , , - ,,. -.. ., e ...,,, .J, -,,,, cl $ , ---r-rf 41 , ti . t r . . 4 i .1111.11. It - t1 i ' . A substantial all round ' T ,4: : 11 ,. ,,,,,i, proof door -dtorourn ko rwoipt he n P; dust- t - .; '...,r ' fitted with four large , - 41I' 11,-4. drawers; Shoe pockets and laundry bag. , , . A Special Purchase of . ., . . Genuine Cowhide Travel Bags- , , These bags are made of genuine cow- -1 hide leather, hand sewed, drop catch. Come - in 18-inch crepe grain- Regular $18 values 75 . while they last . . . . .. - N. s . as . S 311 illERB3 it ' . ITAIE H N op - - ,- mirk I r II ifirm 4 TM - S ton8 Son& State and Jacksonon the N. E. Corner , : - : : 5.. , , d t- , , ,e ;s , , , , 0 Blouge floor Ig:1 ..Ln a I represent Cairn IfOU an 1:4 I am the simbol of purity. lain well known in -4. millions of homes. , I bring tiothgoodness add economy! .Become- acquainted with me today. 1 -j GET YOUR PACKAGE TODAY! Churned by J01111 F. Jan coznny, Cticago LI I .1 4 4 1 sion. or LONDON CHICNCIO DC T NO SIP I I. WAD Ite (MINN Ca POLIO) ffat I I Sometimes Stores Get Too lig'. Then they are merely stores. They-simply sell things; When you come in you are one of the public, to be sold something. Capper & Capper: have been alert to this danger, in their expan They have tried to maintain that human touch, that personal relationship with patrons, -upon which their' success has been built. And they feel that they have succeeded. They look upon their store and their business as an opportunity to- be help.ful to men who enjoy .good dress, and who.want to have their dress probleni-s' solved adequately and intelligently. They are glad that they have grown, because it makes them more useful . to you;, but they - are especially glad that their ,growth has not made a commercial machine of them. TWO CHICAGO STORES Michigan Avenue at Monroe Street Hotel $hertnan Clothing is Sold at the Michigan Ave. Store Only LE: ) .- - i IA - - - - - . , - ,40010.11, - , . tigI'Leir4.... - - 44, :: .. , , . ' . - , 'iv 1.:....i.:'-,1,4:7i.42i4 : '-'.''.'''' .'''''....,' ... 1.' .2 ' - : ' . : -,' i 74TO - , - - - A!:r,..-. - , - h's''...".6.1",k- '17 ',ie..- - ' i':fit.4,:0',': k:,..',:.L. 4.....t4. !,I; Elt.,.,.r.7' -'.. ,::: t '''tik;". 14P ; :-.4e:"' ' ' , c ...1':.:',: 4.:1' ...0,1, - ,,, ,,1 .......E7..:..........:::;ii:(..:.,- ii:.::: ,..;74P':;. ,awer' .:-,i:,,'. ' - .1i J ,., , ' 0 . . t ' '', f '7.'",lf:'-ii-'01,K h - - ...-.4..:;::.:x -':.-';':',... 7. '''). .. ..: ':-,:.:...:....:!::: .... . 3.;';:::.:,' ':',41i :': ' - . - . '.!t',:::::::t:Itt: . :'-'. . ' ' ,t,nirli,,, , , ,.".51;7", . , :, ,:::,::is, !,,,::p.:i:,i,;:, Ali...,,,t,,. ,,,,,,,,,- ........" ..,,,,,:;.: ' ,,:::3,, ,,,,,:::3, : 4,0,i,i,:;.:!,,:- . ..:..: . . . , ...... Ii., :.:............,...., 7,..,. , .,.,,,.,..6:9..,.:......:...,...,...........,:::::.....::.....,,..... ',..,-,,,,,:4:-:.:;::,:,::::-.!,:i:::,,,-,.,';;:,,-:::-vli.....-:-...i.,.., :- -sk::;:::,,,,r::,--::, .-;:.,,:1-":-..-''''''::::,":::.::.,-1-:: ' A' ' - 1 :,.,,:,.: 9977,, .::::::..-:.: , . 4 , , e ,x-17 ..:..4 -,:-.., :. I 7.; . . . , ,.. ..... :,.:-.: --.,,-:... -:: . .7 ...,....:. .:.:::,,-...:-,::,i:i. " - :. 4 ' .. 1:41111111;11:7,sf. : .; .:,.... .. ,,,.....1:'-r- - .:'-.;:.::i1:.i:M ,s;,-..:-,..,;,,, - .---- --- . -,ur . 1 ',A .,kf:,::..:' ..iii.:..-.-i:i.:.. .. . ...- . ... . x-. . - . , ' , ,- ;'.:,,ii:',:i7; .,..?...4 If ,,i.i.if,:,.:,,,&..i:;. . ... ...,. ....., ,......., . ..,...-....,,,-..., . ',':..17. ..., ....:, ' ' ,;:.,.:,.:14s-, ..::4.igi;:.6.....7, 7.7... , -. . ... ,. .... . r) -- .:,":s .k-'., :.... .0,4.4 :,.,:::.7:!5:-!::,:,:::.:- :-:::lii:i:!1::::::it,, ., : . . ic,:.., .:,...:;:.::::::-.:,;:.::::,.:::::- . ::.:;:..:::;:.:. .?.4::. . ..,,ttc- . ..,... 1:.....4-,': A::;;,-.71iijx;ii,.:, v: .. :: : ::..E ' . ;;;':;;;;;.' . .i ,I !..l'ii:".: .1- : .:::l ;.. ., . A,x-.. ii. ' Vt ,, ' ;tow -,:vo-3, 70"' ,....i. 4 t. .,',,:;:,:;::..,-;15,.:,,!:, - , 't sinot-N - ) . t :,:i:.; , tiff.',,l' ' :::,.:;;::,:::':,t...:' .,7v e. ...... ,klaix-,i,i,::41 ..., abr, : ,4 A -' ,....,,:::-? ..,...... . ... . .... ,,,,,-- ,,..- '1,:i.,..,.-. ) ::-: -: -,b4x, , , ....4,.1.? . --t.7.3.::.,',:,'::1 , ,,--: ,,,,, , .::, 4 0,,ttiiii:iiiii.:-; ,'z:.4 ,:::.,:,.,:,,: t::. ..---.," b.-4, t s.) , -:,, ,4',, ,,ii-;:.,V.ii:,:i4 - ,'. .1:::i:;!-,::. ,, Vo,-: i!,.,,Ti, . .,,. ?,,, ., :, :, :. ,...: PW , ,k,, ::,'"4" 341ek-7'. ..9), Ci,..4,.400).flo. '. 'i.,;:':;'::.:.:':i. C... ... 4.k, I :..;.::: :..7..?.'.. ' ..::::,;:::0.05,-: ...ttet'.';', . - 44.44.-,..: ;',.::,' , .4'','-.,''..:iA: ,',(::'41 ::::- .:::,- - ,,t,-,,i,,::i,,,, Zii,:'P s. t . .....:,:,,,::;:,,:',:-.4.:-.; .. . ''z4,..;",-'-M.. i''' ',.' 4111;;7 - t,-.;.,...,-... -..:,;A::;-: -I, y - . :.:',,'...r...e.;i f " ,,,z.....,.- ;:.:;:1 .;:.:ill1::,.' .4.,.7.1.!:::::::::.:!...::::4' "7"." ' '''..', ::1,:...i..;.:S. 1 ...,1 ' , c,...;. ',;.'.'i5.,'.5....;:.. . i I. .-., -:.::, .',.:7-::-.:,,.16:!:-:: -; .. A .. ..-:::: 4 . .. ... .. .........,... .,.::::.:is:::::! it '9),'"' ,i::.:,?,:-' , .;;;::- k 11'.:,',..'::0.i.:'- 's.'.i.!;' 1:. c ...-- -.::., , .4,4,.....i.., ''' ;iAti;::,::;,,. -4 , '1:.;s.R.t.: .,.,.;!;( ,.;1!.,.'...7.,17,"!!7., ..:r.....,;..t i,'.1,', :45'Si;i:V',:it ,.;'.' ..1.,..,:.,:l (,,:.' . :.1....',...4...:.., 'Iiri' '.V: 6, . - -,, , --,,:,:zi : ,.1 .,.. -- IN,. 1,,,,.. o :,,,ig . .. ... . ,,,;.: . -: .::. ,,, . ,, (7) :.,,,,,, ,,,;,,t i, 1.:.0-' 1) ,-.,.. .,, ,,,, ,, , ,:, ,-.0 , , .i., I, . ,, . II I:04,4p ...4--orit .. k .. -::,,,, .. ., tj ), ) 7:1:- .....-, .K,.. ":;.,, , ,,,,- --).'s- .,..,&i,:i..,,,47,:x,.::,:.,:z,-,:2,.,..,:iiJ----7-,,,i,...., .,....40,-,1,. ..,,,,,,.:,evoot,::.-,......,,,,,,:i?,::: -::,,, :,:,. ..- '',,;,,' 't2i-i:;,fi,7,4'---,1.;,00,4!-.4.:' ,s,- . - , , ,,,,k .,, ,L.,,,,,14;,-,-:,,,-,; ,--..,,,,,,i,,,,,, ,,,; , sli..,.. , - .. , , . , 4. .'ts' -, ; . . , . - , - ., . ssss ...,-, , i i . r' ''' - '-. , . - . - I - . ' PlianIZZLINICIQE-1011"--EtrISI- - CD r7 747 c uT s V 1 T r 1 .47 I 74 rs 1 Is 4 I j. 4-4 -t 4 .1 Ni cc:g."' 4-44 vrt iza 4.4:1 , 4 , I - -1- 7- ri 77 4 - - 14- coy -Jtzlitz - 1 , E-RIDZ3 an 423113ESCi 1 I am the simhol OLEOMARGARINE of purity. lain well known in ' ( 1 millions of hownes. t i I represent I jELKE 4:1 - CPO 0 I) IWO '41.44.46-1.6:11.4A.1 - MARGARINE 1.Is The Finest Snreact for BreadIMIIIMMEMEEMIEL 1111.-AMMONEINEIMI OIMME111 4 111111117. 4 . bring tiotligoodness-add economy' Become- acquainted ' with me today, I , - , , ' ; : : , ot - It , a - 1 , Ihey Got Equality for Women in the League. of Nations - - - )),,,".' ,r, .'. - 4,file ,t.,,A , aw .... , ' ' ' ' r----t- - - .,-- 4 Jo 1 Alta , , , ftballi evoll ,,,,, ..... , 111.1111 . IMF.11,1, 4tv411 1 ''. .1 koirlvzo tql-le. . o'. (.4 A1111 1-.1'.---4111:j1.-IltaP'. '4':1F416' ' . d tr. it -11 1 4A. ....-.4 Slot , , - ..51101 sgAr- ,,,,et ft - v 1.&" . ..iss.&; --.-:- .- ...... , A . . ,, 4", I ..fAIP - LONDON 0..4 4k ' a Afiiilt i t , . : -

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