Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on February 26, 1937 · 16
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 16

Chicago, Illinois
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Friday, February 26, 1937
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l; CHICAGO DAILY TIUtf tiJN E: FRIDAY. FKB11UARY 2fi. 1987. liiii limit hp pyp WINNIE WINKLE, THE BREADWINNER: Distance Lends Enchantment H Is TO SP Oij P Strives to Obtain Badly 9 Needed Foreign Cash, BY SIGRID SCHULTZ. (Chicago Tribune Press Service. 1 BERLIN. Feb. 25. Germany's rearmament is so nearly completed that 1he nation now can afford to use part of the raw materials formerly reserved for that purpose to manufacture goods for export, thus obtaining some badi needed foreign currency. This statement was made today by Reichsbank otficiais. The new program is being prepared on the strength ot a memorandum prepared bv Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, president or the Reichsbank and minister of economics, and presented to Reichsfuehrer Adolf Hitler after it was approved by Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg, minister ot war. Dr. Schacht asserted that if the xeich built more ships, machine tools and locomotives for foreign customers the monthly income in foreign cash could be increased to 40.000.000. This sum, he said, would reduce the need for negotiating complicated barter deals which frequently are made un profitable by red tape. Little Paid in Foreign Cash. In recent months Germany's trade surplus ranged from $30,000,000 to 5-10,000,000 a month, but only a small fraction ot this was paid in foreign cash. Most of it was collected on a barter basis. The measures under preparation are encouraged by two factors. The most important is that the reich. when tiying to buy metals and other raw materials in the international market, finds that England and other countries which can pay cash have bought up most of the goods available. The second reason is that Schacht and other economic leaders noticed with dismay that a great nu'-iber of foreign buyers who came to Eerlin to place big orders left rapidly for Italy, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Belgium, England because those nations offered better delivery terms. In many cases German industry asked two years' time to deliver machine tools, while other industries, handicapped by a shortage of raw materials, were unable to abide by the delivery terms agreed upon. May Break Up Big Estates. Meanwhle the German Nationalist Economist in an article said that no man should own more than 500 acres of land. This demand, some said, foreshadows the breaking up of the Junkers' big estates. ' " If there are still some circles in Germany which believe they can exert an influence which will remove the ' danger ' of radical agrarian reforms, then they are doomed to disappointment," said the National Economist. "The life of the nation is vital and representatives of the past era will be thrust aside rudely no matter how they camouflage themselves." Eight hundred Austrian Legionaries Nazis who have fled from their native land and have been living in Germany will be allowed to become German citizens. The decision to permit this follows intercession in their behalf by Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy leader of the Nazi party. A special provision was made to allow the Legionaries to retain Austrian as well as German citizenship pending the hoped for union of the two nations. RUSSIA TO OUST TEN GERMANS; 34 MAY BE TRIED (Chicago Triliune Press Service. BERLIN, Feb. 25. Relatives in Germany learned tonight with relief that ten Germans long under arrest in Russia have been ordered deported at once from that country. They are, for the most part, engineers and skilled workers. They include a girl student, Tatjana Baerwald, whose father, Paul Baerwald, an engineer, also will be expelled. No charges were filed, but it was indicated that the ten were seized for alleged anti-soviet activity. The official German news agency complained that I he expulsion is a penalty involving the loss of livelihoodwhich presupposes a crime and tiiat the soviet authorities failed to bring evidence that the ten Germans had committed any crime. Thirty-four Germans still are in Rus- sian jails and no information on the accusations against them is available, although Moscow reports indicated they might be tried soon on charge of espionage and sabotage. H'M'Ml THE? WINNIE "THINKS I 0U6WT TO GO OUT AK' TALK TO M!v PC OTHER!'. JTT 1 1 t E ME IS.' " I ' t C ' 1 lEEG VES FAr.rWVS-TEY SURVEYS TH.'Sj i " ZZI Tl V-'frtM TirA Y - "i j BUT I LIVE ON TH'S STREET WANT To .- 1 W 4- U Q&Z, . 1 rf07"7 f xHV CONc!2 AN I WAS TAKE A LOOK THRU I - -jjflP? -" ' W Tl h ( I! "A ' t" IN5TERNNEMT VJ JASX 11 Rr " d , '$ )H' ( - Jl lWrM S l V Vl V t -N wTTERWINNJEl rt . n t3 ' vX i Xm-V x h;t (v -h oumm ' f , pSSTlA 1 " - - jt Xf&S id SMS'S OVER A QUACTER yuffe ' s- FfB. 26 Cufynshi; Sli-'CbicW Tribune Km SMk... . (, m . r1 , LJxm. , -AL. - Jh-J, ' lTT- Policeman A. J. O'Brien Dies at 38 After Operation Policeman Austin J. O'Brien, assist ant secretary to Capt. Mark Boyle of he Woodlawn station, died yesterday in the Little Company of Mary hos pital. He underwent an appendix operation. Mr. O'Brien, who was 38 years old, was the son of the late Capt. P. D. O'Brien, former chief of detectives, and a brother of Police men Bert O'Brien and James O'Brien. He is also survived by his widow. Anna, and two children, who live at 8003 Indiana avenue. WOMAN FOUNDER OF FANNY MAY CHAIN HERE DIES Rites Tomorrow for Mildred King Hyde. Mrs. Mildred King Hyde, one of the children of Mrs. Mary King, whose midnight lunches to Chicago newspapermen laid the foundations for the later fortunes of her family, died yesterday in her home at 851 Castlcwood terrace. She was 57 years old. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m. tomorrow from the residence, with burial in Rosehill cemetery. Mrs. Hyde was known a the former wife of H. Teller Archibald, founder of the Fannie May candy business in Chicago. A shop at Madison and La Salle streets was the first in the chain. Organize Candy Company. In the same year, through arrangement with Archibald's brother, who operated a Fannie May company in the east, they organized a similar company here. The company soon operated stores in the principal cities of the west. In 1323 Archibald won a divorce in Florida. In the following year Mrs. Hyde was awarded a divorce in Chicago. Mr. Archibald remarried and last July 24 died of a heart ailment in Swampscott, Mass. Merrier! to Cloth'nc Merchant. On Oct 15. 1930, his first wife was married to Willis Ovville Hyde, a. Chicago clothing merchant. Besides her husband she is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Minnie Colbert and Mrs. Anna Ewing, and a brother, James H. members of the King family who have died were Mrs. Julia King Perkins, operator of a chain of tearooms; Mrs. Caroline King Williams, who was publisher of the Chicago Heights Star; Charles King, who carried on his mother's restaurant; Mrs. Jane King Mullaney, first wife of Bernard J. Mullaney, gas company executive, and Mrs. Helen Wright. S AND 10 BRIDE SEEKS TO MOVE SEX CRIME TRIAL OUT OF COUNTY STEPPING OUT i 5 t C , ; Baroness Wijk. LONDON, Feb. 23. CP) Baroness Wijk, daughter of S. S. Kresge, chain store magnate, and Charles Murphy of Detroit were married here today. The bridegroom, who is the son of Fred Towlsey Murphy of Detroit, gave his age as 31. The bride's age was given as 2S. Catherine Harriet Kresge was married in 1931 to Baron Carl Carlson Wijk, a British citizen of Swedish extraction. They were divorced in 1934. POINTS OUT TWO DICTATORS AS A PERIL TO PEACE LONDON, Feb. 25. () The threat f two European dictators who preach force as a necessity " was irged on the house of commons today as the reason for quick com pletion of Great Britain's 7 billion 500 million dollar rearmament pro- ram. "How can you talk of peace." de manded Sir Robert Home, former chancellor of the exchequer, during debate on the five year defense program, "with a dictator who talks of peace with a forest of bayonets and boasts of 8.000,000 soldiers who preaches force as a necessity?" The Conservative member's speech was interpreted as a reference to Pre mier Mussolini of Italy, who proclaimed Aug. 30 that he could mobilize 8,000,000 soldiers "in the course of a few hours." He asked parliament, " How can you agree with him when you are unarmed?" Pointing toward another dictator ship, apparently that of Reichsfuehrer Adolf Hitler, Home asked : " How can we persuade to come into the league of nations another great country with a dictator who has initiated a system of education in which in all school- books the theory of war and the necessity for preparedness are incul cated? " n :V 1 Maxwell I)ot!e!l. J GOV. EARLE HAS NARROW ESCAPE IN AUTO PLUNGE Wiliiamsport, Pa., Fob. 25. (IP) Lost in a snowstorm in White Deer valley, Gov.. George H. Earle -'"" plunged his auto- :.:;!'.'-;,;-;j..'v-! ; mobi'e into a snowbank five g miles south of Wiliiamsport to- . day, missing a 10 foot drop into a stream by inches. ( "Z, He was not hurt The governor " -. . and two com- t J panions, who also J '. escaped injury, ? went to a hotel while the car t was repaired and later resumed their journey to Rochester, N. Y. t"'v Gov. Earle was driving he was just "feeling" his way, as wet snow was falling. At a turn the car skidded and swerved into the embankment. The three men pushed the car back on the highway and were able 10 drive it to a Wiliiamsport garage. ' j fcarle. He said Arraign Park Foreman Accused by Girl. Maxwell Dowdell, a park district foreman under indictment on charges of a ssault with intent to commit rape and taking indecent liberties with a 10 year old girl, declared yesterday that he could not have a fair trial in Cook county. Consequently, when arraigned before Judge John J. Lupe in the Criminal court he moved for a change of venue to another jurisdiction. Dowdell, who is 49 years old, married and the father of two grown daughters, appeared with a new attorney, William Scott Stewart, who charged that newspapers had inflamed the public mind over sex offenses. Hearing Set for Monday. Stewart also moved to suppress certain evidence in the case and to quash the indictment against Dowdell. which was returned on Feb. 2. Hearing on the motions was set for next Monday. Assistant State's Attorneys Richard Regan and David Leeds said they would oppose all the motions. Dowdell was arrested on Jan. 30. According to the story told police by the alleged victim, a Rogers Park girl, she lost, a purse containing $3 when she was on her way to a dancing school. Dowdell, she said, appeared and offered to aid her in a search for the money. Story of Alleged Assault. He accompanied her to her home and told the maid there that he was "Dr. Johnson" and was helping the girl in the search. The maid was not suspicious, and Dowdell, the police said, lured the girl into a vacant apartment in the building, and as saulted her. Then he gave her 53. The attack aroused the Rogers Park neighborhood, and women's clubs of the district held a massmeet- ing in which they called for a curb on sex crimes in the city. !i4:: : i - " '-H i f f -x Elaine Barrymore and William Tannen. Hollywood, Cal., Feb. 25. LSpe cial. Elaine Berrie Barrymore, es tranged wife of John Barrymore, the actor, set Hollywood tongues wag ging when she went to a night, club with William Tannen, " tall, dark, and handsome " screen actor. Reports of budding romance found no one to deny or confirm them. Zalig Chcxt, a Centenarian, Dies at Home of His Son Zalig Chait, who said he was be tween 100 and 110 years eld, died yes terday in the home of his son, Markis Chait, at 1614 South Springfield ave nue. According to Markis, his father was born in Poland and came to America shortly before the world war He worked as a blacksmith in Ch cago for 12 years. Besides Markis two sons and a daughter in Poland survive. Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at the chapel at 704 South Pulaski road, and burial was in Waldheim cemetery. . Mrs. Martha Olson Dies of Injuries Suffered in Fall Mrs. Martha Olson, a pioneer resident of Leland, 111., died yesterday in the Lutheran Deaconess hospital of injuries incurred last Dec. 26 in a fall on the steps of the Lake Side Plaza hotel at 817 Lakeside place, where she was visiting a grandson, Milburn Grover. She was 78 years old. J. I. Tcitelbaam, Detroit, Killed at South Bend, Ind. South Bend, Ind., Feb. 25. I Special. Joseph I. Teitelbaum, 50 years old, of Detroit, was killed, and R. L. Kirby, 63 years old, of Chicago, was injuied this afternoon when cars driven by them collided west ot here on the Lincoln highway during a cnowstorm. ITALY BOYCOTTS LEAGUE MEET ON RAW MATERIALS ROME, Peb. 25. OP) Italy will not attend the league of nations commit tee meeting on raw material supplies next month nor " any other confer ence organized by the league," a semi official announcement said today. Relations Between tine Komc gov ernment and the league must be im proved before the Fascist boycott on Geneva is loosened, the declaration said. The dispute arose last summer when the league permitted an Ethi opian delegate to be seated at an as sembly meeting. Germany announced last week she would not send delegates to the Geneva conference March 8, to explore raw material supplies throughout the world. It is expected to include de bate on Germany's demand for re- turn of her former colonies. Guy Standing Funeral Monday; Burial in Britair Hollywood, Cal., P"eb. 25. (P) Fu nerai services for Sir Guy Standing, British actor who fell dead yesterday will be held Monday morning in St. Stephen's church. His widow, Laoy Dorothy Francis Standing, his thiid wife, said the body would be sent to England for burial. Edward Irwin, Veteran of Brilhh Stae, Dies LONDON, Feb. 25. UP) Edward Irwin, veteran actor, died here to- cay. He was v years oid. He was co-author of the play " Sunda which gave Ethel Barrymore her fa mous curtain line. " that's all there is, thers isn't any mors." NEW NAZI CHURCH DECREE AROUSES REBEL PASTORS BERLIN, Feb. 25. (P) The Protestant confessional synod is determined to defy an edict forbidding pastors and priests to make public announcement of the names of any members who resign from the church, it was learned reliably tonight. Dr. Wilhelm Frick, Nazi minister of the interior, issued the order " for the protection of the people and the state." Confessional synod leaders said to night that reading of names from the pulpit is a matter of church discipline n which the state is not qualified to interfere. Fears wore expressed in church circles the decree might lead to the withdrawal of many persons from the church who had remained members because they did not desire the pub licity normally given withdrawals. W. C. RENNOLDS, VETERAN OF CIVIL WAR, DIES AT 86 William Copp Rennolds, early Chi cago resident and a civil war veteran, died last night in the Evanston hospital. He was 86 years old. He lived with his son, William E. Rennolds, at 1638 Spencer avenue, Wilmette. Mr. Rennolds was born in Bristol. England. Brought to Chicago eihtv- five years ago, he grew up with the city. He served in the civil war as a drummer boy. Later he organized the Chicago office of the Devoe and Raynolds Paint company. In the 1871 fire his home was burned and he almost lost his life saving the office records of his employer at that time a publisher. Survivors are his widow, Mrs. Bessie Cramm Rennolds, and his son. Funeral services will be held to-morrow. J.J. M'CARTHY, ( BIRTH OF NATION PROMOTER, DIES Beverly Hills, Cal., Feb. 25. (T) Joseph Jefferson McCarthy, 58 year old movie pioneer who made a for tune promoting D. W. Griffith's " Birth of a Nation," died at his home here today after a long illness. Since 1933 he had been head of the Advertising Advisory council of the Motion Picture Producers and Dis- tributors of America, better known as the Hays office. McCarthy was in frequent contro versies with censors and became as- sociated with Will Hays after six years as an executive of the Fox Film corporation. McCarthy was born in. New Orleans and there obtained his first job in the show business posting bills tor the old St. Charles theater and Acad emy of Music. He had been an agent for Cohan and Harris plays, was com pany manager for George Brennan who produced " The Clansman," and managed the nation-wide tours '--f Mary Shaw, and the dancers, Vernon and Irene Castle. Hauptmann Trial Court Crier, Elmer Hann, Dies Flemington, N. JN Feb. 25. ()- Elmer Hann, 72 years old, whose "Hear Ye!" opened the daily court room drama during the long trial of Eruno Richard Hauptmann, is dead He was court crier of Hunterdon county since 1919. He died yesterday. During the trial of Hauptmann for the kidnap-murder of the Lindbergh baby, the tap of Ilann's pocket knife was the signal for the courtroom au dicnee to stand for the entry of Supreme Court Justice Thomas W, Trenchard. MURPHY O. TATE DENIES FAKING CRASH CLAIMS I DEATHOTICES I 1 .J In Atemnriam. TALMER In memory ol our beloved mother. .Hetty keerie Palmer, who croe-ed tli bar let. -M, 193. CHILDKEX. SHEEHAN Muriel Sheehan. In lovins mem ory ol my dear tnenrl, who passed away one year agx today. Gone but not forot-tQ. ERNESTINE. SHIMP Mary Shinip. In loving memory, Fob. 2b, 1934. DAD AD FAMILY. SIMONEK Earbara Simonek and infant son. In lovmtf men'ory of my beloved -wife and Ron, who passed away three years aaro today, Feb. 26, 1934. E. J. SIMONEK. Fraternal flftie CLEVELAND LODGE. NO. 211, A. F. & A. M. Masonic services for brother William H. Loretiz will be held at chape!. 4559 Milwaukee avenue, Saturday. Feb. 27, 1937, at 3 p. m. Interment Bosehil! cemetery. Members assemble at lode I;all at 1 p. m. CHARLES 8. KELLY, Master. FRED HEUBEEGER, Secretary. DSAT1! NOTICES DR. L. L. DAVIS, CHICAGO DENTIST SINCE 1884, DIES Dr. Lyndall L. Davis, a Chica.30 dentist since 1SS4, died yesterday in St. Francis hospital at Evanston. He was 78 years old. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m. tomorrow in he chapel at 4152 Sheridan road. Dr. Davis, whose home was at 1307 Pratt boulevard, was dean of the Northwestern College of Dental Surg ery from 1887 to 189S. From 1893 to 1897 he was secretary of the state board of dental examiners, and from time to time in his career taught at the Chicago Dental college and Amer ican Dental college as well as at the Northwestern College of Dental Surg ery. Dr. Davis was a member of the American Dental association, the Illi nois State Dental society and the North Shore Dental society. He was an ex-president of the Chicago Odon- tological society. He founded and edited Desmos, magazine of the Delta Sigma Delta fraternity, and for six years was an associate editor of the Dental Review. His clubs included the City, Hamil ton, Lake Shore Athletic, Lincoln Park Traps, and the Rogers Park Yacht and Boat club, of which he was commodore from 1900 to 1310. He was a graduate of the University of Michigan. Survivors are his widow, Andrea, and three daughters, Mrs. Walter F. Rieder, Mrs. Roy Dean Kelly, and Mrs. Robert D. Smith. 4 Join Him; Informer Loud in Guilty Plea. Attorney Murphy O. Tate and four other persons pleaded not guilty to ambulance chasing charges yesterday. They appeared in Chief Justice Mi chael L. McKinley's Criminal court to answer indictments returned Feb. 18 George L. West, another of eight persons named in the indictments. pleaded guilty in a loud voice. The four besides Tate who denied guilt are Attorneys George N. Welsh and Leo M. Tarpey, Dr. A. B. Rotche, and Mrs. Francis Feeley, who lives at 2243 West 71st street. West Expected lo Aid State. Two of the indicted persons are fugitives. They are Attorney Drake Berg and Joseph Nieman, a truck driver. West's loud admission of guilt came after he had given information which had resulted in the indictment of the other defendants. His stories spurred an investigation of the racket and he is expected to be a state's witness against his alleged conspirators. The charges are based on events following a collision of two surface lines cars. Assistant State's Attorney James A. Brown declared that 23 claims were filed against the surface lines by persons who said they were aboard one of the cars. The car was empty at the time of the crash. Hearings Set for March 12. Mrs. Feeley and Neiman are accused of having claimed to be passengers on the empty car, and the re maining defendants are charged with aiding them in the presentation of their claims. West told officials that he acted as go-between. Attorney Tate yesterday told the court: "1 have been practicing law for 20 years and have never even been called up for citation. I plead for an early trial." Judge McKinley set all cases to March 12 for a hearing before Judge George Fred Rush. J. R. Braucher, Farmer, Dies of Heart Disease Bement, 111., Feb. 25. LSpecial.l Joseph R. Braucher, 68, Piatt county farmer, died suddenly today of heart disease following influenza. DR. RICHARD HOOPS CUNNING HAM, 71 years old, neurologist who while a medical college lecturer at the College of Physicians and Sur geon at Columbia university built one of the first x-ray stereoscopic fiur- oscopes, died in New York Wednes day after a week's illness. RALPH T. RYAN, 62 years old, active for years in northern Illinois Masonic affairs, died yesterday at Freeport, III. $64,000 ESTATE LEFT BY PAUL ST EIN BRECHER Letters of administration were is sued in Probate court yesterday to P'ritz Steinbrecher to administer the estate of his brother, Paul Stein brecher, real estate official, who died Jan. 13 at the age of 56. Paul Stein brecher left an estate estimated at more than $64,000. Heirs are the widow, Mrs. Edith A Steinbrecher, 48 East Schiller street. and two daughters, Ann and Elizabeth. Mr. Steinbrecher left no will. The estate of Maurice J. Griffin, 80 years old, former deputy United States collector of customs who died Dec. 27, will exceed 85,000, according to an inventory filed in Probate court yesterday. Heirs to the estate arel three sons, James F., Maurice Jr., and Josenh Griffin. 1 1 WWJIHIWWMhWJWMBBSWMBgy r9 AMERICAN COMFORT AT AMERICAN PRICcS V T"':''''!-T... 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Mr. Lillian Bergman, and John Litz: fond sir-ler of Mrs. Ju'ia Kfilmr and Carl Predrkksea : rrandmuther of five grandchildren. Services Saturday, Feb. 27. at 3 v. m.. at, chapel. f2'-'l W. Cermak road. Berwyn. Interment Bethama cemetery. Call Eerwyn 1860. BAKER Anna Palter, nee Beyer. 1116 N. o2d avenue, Melrose Park, beloved wife of John, dear mother of Georse, Marguer ite, Virginia. H-leu and Ruth. Vunera! Saturday. Feb. 27. at 9:o0 a. m., from chapel, 115 Broadway, Melrose Fark, to Mount Carniel church. Melrose Park, at 10 a. m. Interment, Mount Carmel. BELSAN Thomas Belsan, fond son of the late Mary and James Belsan, devoted brother of Mrs. Mary Johnson and the late Dr. James C. Belsan. brother-in-law of Dr. Arthur Johnson and Mrs. Anna Belsan. Funeral from sisters renideuee. 6245 S. Sacramento avenue, Monday, March 1. at 9 a. m.. to St. Rita church. Interment in family lot. For information. Prospect 2li78 BOIES Dr. Henry M. Boies. Feb. 24. 1937. of Albany. 111.: husband of Lous, nee Blascr, brother of Mrs. W. H. Zigler of Minneapolis. Minn., and Mrs. R. M. til-rich of Fiver Forest. Restm; at funeral home, 318-320 N. Central avenue. Austin. Funeral Saturday 4 p. m. Interment Forest. Home. BOYD Harry J. Boyd, beloved husband of Lucille Getchell Boyd, dear father of Harry J. Boyd Jr. dear brother of William T.. Margaret Boyd White and Louise Boyd Townsend. Resting at funeral home, 5TOS Madison street where services will be held Saturday. Feb. 27, at 2 p. m. CA RAVETT A John P. Caravetta, father of Camille and Jeanne, brother of Lotus. Peter, and Alex. Resting at chapel. Hob W. Grand avenue. Funeral Saturday. B'eb. 27. at !J a. ni., from chaoel to Sancta Maria Addolorata church, Erie and May streets. Interment Mount Carmel. For information Monroe 52bS. CARLSON Ada Carlton, Feb. 25. 1937. late of 3!11 N. Set-ley avenue, beloved wile ol the lale Charles W. Curlson, dear sis'er of Victor and Mspi Gustalson of Providence. R. I., one Ulster and one brother residing m Sweden. Funeral bervices Saturday, 2 p. m., at chapel, 5140 N. Ashland houle vard at Foster. Interment RoEehill. Loni,-- beacb 5147. CARUSO Ros8 Caruso, beloved wife of Joseph, loving mother of Anthony, Mrs Mamie Guiffre, Michael, Joseph, Marie Josephine, Peter, Rose, and Sally. Remains resiinsr at lato residence. 3(49 Emeraid avenue. Funeral from residence, Saturday Feb 27, at 9 a. m., to Sancta Maria lu-coronata church, high mass. Interment St. Mary's. Information Triangle 8055. CICERO Antonina Cicero, nee Panepinta. be loved wile of the late Joseph, fund mother of Mrs. Phillip Leone, Mrs. Charles Pace, Carlo. Benedict, Mis. Benedict Cicero B'rank, Anthony. Mrs. John Thelen. Ross. and Josenh: sister of Dominic Panepinta Funeral Saturday. 9:15 a. m.. from chapel. 24 N. Western avenue, to Sancta Maria Addolorata. Interment Mount Carmel CO UGH LIN Marv Coughlm, nee Tyndall. be loved wile of tile la'.e Patrick, mother cf William. Mrs. Leo Kennedy, Harry and Mrs. Robert Stanley, sister of John, Mrs Nora MeCormiek. and the late Mrs. Lath ei ine Coffey. Funeral Saturday at P a. ui from l.-'te residence. 8(128 S. Paulina Mreet to Little Flower church. Interment Mount Olivet. Yards OW2. Member of V imita tion court. No. 55. W. C. O. F. DAVIS Dr. Lyndall L. Davis, husband ol Andrea Johnson Davis, father of Mrs. Wal ter F: Rieder. Mrs. Roy Lean Kelly, and Mrs. Robert Dawes Smith. Resting at funeral home. 4152 N. Sheridan road where, services -will he held Saturday. Feb. 27, at. 2 p m. Further information, phone Rubers Park 26113. DORAS Anna B. Doran fnce Setwright beloved wife of the late Ernest Doraa. fond mother of Harold J. and Thomas E.. dan ter of Mrs. Catherine Setwnght. sister of Mrs. Hannah Gouley, Mrs. Sadie Hewitt Mrs. Mae tlfferman, and Mrs. Gertri'dt O'Donnell. Funeral at sister's resilience. 70(lt S. Bishop-st. Funeral notice later. ELLIOTT Alexander D. Elliott, brother of Flora Cooper of New Windsor. 111. Buna) at Viola, 111., at convenience of family. In- fornjalion M'onroe 2929. ENS WORTH Frank Ellsworth, beloved hus band of the late Mary, nee Lostello. toiid father of Frank Jr., son of the late Frank and Ellen Ensworth, brother of Mae lies Enfants, Ben and Alice Bulla. Funeral Saturday. Feb. 2 7. at 9:45 a. tn.. from funeral home. 5350 W. North avenue, to Our Lady of the A:ige!s church. Interment All Saints'. Merrimac t'SDO. GINSBERG Nathan Ginsbera of 1112 Garfield boulevard. Aurora. LI- beloved husband of the late Jaehved. dear fath-r ol Elkin of Chicago, Rose, Minna and Mae of Aurora: grandfather of Joseph Byron Gins-burg. Funeral Friday. 10:30 a. tn.. at chapel. SHOO W. Roosevelt road. GRAY Emma A. Gray. 7001 Egtles'on avenue, Feb. 25, 1937. beloved wife of William H. Gray, sister of Miss Irene Orring. Services at chapel, (i3d and Harvard, Saturday, Feb. 27. 3 p. m. Interment Oak Woods. HAMILTON William A. Hamilton, late of 4S1S Jackion boulevard: husband ni Louise Probasco Thornton, father of William A. Jr. and Eleanor Kohler, brother of Noah and Stewart Hamilton. At chancl. 4817 Madison street. Services Saturday at 1:15 p. in. Burial Acacia Park cemetery. HANRAHAN Caroylin B. Hanrahan Inee Ready J. late of 4918 W. Erie street, beloved wife of the late Henry, loving mother of Mae, Frank, Edward, and Marion, fond sister of Alonzo. Funeral Saturday. Feb 27. at 9:30 a. ni., from fu nural home, 5023 Chicago avenue, to Our Lady Help of Christiana church. Internum!, Ail Saints'. HANSEN Christina Hansen, Feb. 25. 1937, beloved -wife of Jacob . Hansen, dear mother of Florence Lent, Victor H, and Walter H. Hansen, fund sister of Hans Hansen and Amanda Hansen. Services Saturday, 2 p. m., at. funeral chapel, 4338-40 Fullerton-av. Interment Arlington. HAREOLD Clara Barrold, age 82 years, ol 4714 Oaktou-Ht., Niles Center, beloved wife of the late Heur.v, fond mother of Henry Jr. and John. Funeral Friday, 2 p. m., at funeral home. 8057 IS ilea Center road, Niles Center. Cremation at Acacia, private, KOKAMP Alice Matthews Hokamp. beloved wite of the late Henry J. Hokamp, fond sister of Peter and John Matthews t u-nr.ral Saturday at 9:30 a. m. from residence, lo23"lN Lotus avenue, to St. Peter CaniBius church. Interment Mount Car-inc!. Memher of Altar and Rosary society. Austin S00. EORNBURG Berfha Hornbivs. nee Gnrske. Frb. 24. of 7135 S. Wood street, dearly beloved wits of Clarence, fond mother ol Ru.-seil. Funeral at chattel, 772(3 S Ashland avenue, Saturday, Feb. 27. at 2 p m. Interment Cedar Park cemetery. Member of Sherman chapter. No. 541. O. E. S. HURST Mary Hurst Inee Nickels), beloved wife of John, dear mother of Edward and Frederick, totid sister of Theodore. Mrs Christine Minster. Mrs. Frances Tischer. John, and Mrs Theresa Kuphusra.ut. Funeral Saturday, Feb. 27 at 9:3o a ni . trout her late residence. 2941 B infield etre'jt. to Immaculate Conception church Interment St. Mary v. Stewart (Hrio. HYPE Mildred Kins Hvde. beloved wife ol Willis O. Hyde siMer ot Mrs Mieh.iel C. Colbert. Mrs. Joseph H, and James H. King the late Mrs. W. E WVIiams. Mrs. George Perkins. Mrs. Helen W'ri-'hl and Mrs. B J. Mullaney. Funeral from re-i d.enc'j. 854 Caellewood terrace. Saturday Feb. 27, at S p- m. Interment Kose'mll. -JM'" WHWW, JIIJU IH IJLilT JACOBS 15 David A. .taeobfon. F-b. 24. a, ii a.m. Funeral il take piaca at a.aft a. m. Friday at cha jei. 7"4 8. Crawford avenue. Interment Jewish Walilheim. KISH Magdalena KM, mother of Tliereta Binder, mother-in-law of Ste,,ban Binder, grandmother of Frank, Betty. Mag-'al-n, and Mary E'nder, croat-trandmotber ol William and Robert Binder. Funeral Sii-urday, S;45 a. m.. from reaidttiee. t::a9 St. Lawreii'D avenue, to St.. George chur-h. Interment St. Mary cemetery. Information, Victory 1158. KOCIAN James Kocian, beloved; husband of Bessie, fond brother ol John, Charles. Joseph Kocian, Rose Kovarik. Mary Sn-ys, t rances ana Anna i uueril Saturday, 8:30 a. m from chapel. 5218 S. Kedzie-av., to SS. Cyril a"d Methodius church. Burial Resurrection. Prospect 3810. KTJBUJ Anton Kubin. late of 572 S W. t3d street, beloved nusbaud of Juita, devoid father of Elsie Wist on and Edward, loving son of Frances Kubin, brother of Edward. August, and Jaroslav. grandfather of June and Joan. Funera! Saturday. F'-h. 7, at 2 p. rn., at mortuary, 5130 W. 25;h street. Cicero. Interment Bohemian KattonaL Cicero 80. KUNZ Harry Kunz of 3430 Bosworth avenue, beloved husband of Anne, nee Donahue, fond father of Eileen, brother cf Car! Kunz Funeral from chanel. 1158 N. C!ark-st., Saturday, Feb. 27. 9:30 a. m.. trj St. Andrew church. Interment St. Mana'c. LULINSKI Maryanna Lu!in?ki. Feb. 24. of 8439 Brandon avenue. Funeral Monday March 1. 9:30 a. m., from late residence, to St. Michael church, 83d and South Shore-dr. : high mass. Burial Holy Cross. MacWHORTER Natalie Nelson MaeWhorfer, late residence, 7050 Osceola avenne; beloved wife of Donald L. MaeWhorter, daughter of Threa Ann and the late Lawrence Godfrey Nelson. Funeral from chape! 6754 Northwest higbjway, Friday, Feb. 26! at 2 p. tn., to St. Mary's Episcopal church. Paris Ridge, at 2 :30 v. m. Interment Mount Olive cemetery. MA RKOVITS Pinkup Markovits. beloved son of Sarah and the late Benjamin, brother of Nathan. Leo, Fred, Florence, and the iate Rose. Funeral Friday, Feb. 20. 2 p. m.. at chapel. 036 E. 47 tb street, to Waldheim.' MeDANIEL Hebe D McDaniel, Feb. 25, J 937, at. 125 South Fark avenue. Hinsdale, TO.: mother of .Mrs. T. S. Jones, grandmother of T. Scott Jones. Funeral services Saturday at Marshall, Mo. Interment at Ridge Park cemetery. Please omit flowers. MESFE PbiJip Msske. Feb. 24, iate of 4814 N. Kilpa trick avenue, beloved sou of tha lale Frank and Arus Meske, fond brother of Frank, Ida Brislike, Paul, and August, brother-in-law of Anna Meske. Funeral Saturday. Feb. !7. at 1:30 p. m at chapel, 2750-52 Piversey avenue. Interment Acacia. Park. Member of Division 241, Chicago Surface Lines. M EYER Frances Meyer, beloved daughter of Anna Meyer and late August Meyer, fond sister of Sophie, Helen, Michael, Marie. Rose. Henrv, Paul, Chris, and late Joseph. Funeral Saturday, Feb. 27. at 9 a nr., from chapel, 2021 Ou-kens avenue, formerly Carolina street, to All Saint church. Interment. All Saints cemetery. For information Humboldt H4H3. MYERS Mary J. Myers nee Spencer. Feb. 2. 1937, age 82 years, beloved wife of Charles A. Myeri, fond mother of Dr. Carleton S. ami Hart well O. Myers, Bister of Mrs. Emma Brunner. William V. Silencer, Mrs. Ella Engelhart and Jennie Spencer. Funeral services at her son's home, 10633 S. Drew-st.. Saturday at 2:30 p. m. Interment at Mount Hope. For information call Fairfax 2300. KEWCOMB Guy J. Newcomb, 1223 E. 57th street. Feb. 2o 1937- beloved husUiud el Kalbryn Cliunin Newcotnb. Services at chapel, 63d and Harvard. Saturday. Fe'j. 27, at 1 P- m.. under ausnh-es c,f Colfax lodge, I. O. O. F. Interment at Geneva. Hi. NICKELS See Hurst death notice. O'BRIEN Austin J. O'Erien. Feb. 25. late cf 8009 Indiana avenue, beloved husband of Anna Wallace Inee O'Tooiei, fond father ot Tracy and Lawrence, son of the iaie P. D. and Mary nee Barron O'Bnen, brother of James F.. Al J., and Bert T. Member of P. B. A. and St. Jude's league. C. P. D. Funeral from chapel. 7705 Cottage Grove avenue. Monday. 9 a. tn., to St. Dorothy church. 78th and Eber'nart avenue. Interment Holy Sepulchre. OTTO Louise M. Otto, passed away Feb. 24. 1937, 630 S. Lombard avenue, Oak Fan:, w-ife ot John, molher of Elsie Littlewood, Ella Gros-e. ard Anna Oster. Funeral Saturday, Feb, 27. at 2 p. m., from funeral boms. 203 S. Marion stret. to Evangelical Lutheran church. Adams and Scoville, at 2:30 p. ni. Intel ment Oakridge. PATTERSON Hat tie B. Patterson. Feb. 23 450 E. S9ih place, wife of A. W. Pat terson, mother of Mrs. E. S. Berser, Mrs. Dr. William F. Sngjp of Commerce, Tex., and Donald L. Patterson. Past matron K-nsington chapter. No. 450. O. E. S. Services conducted by Kensington chapter. No. 450. O, E. S-. at the chapel. Normal boulevard at 02d place, Saturday, at 2 p. m. Interment at Mount Hope. POHLERS William Poolers, age 79. beloved brother of Fred and Marie of Dolton. Funeral Saturday, 2 p. m., at funeral home. 244 E. 138th street. Interment Oak-Lawn cemetery. For information call Interocean 9&f0. RENNOLDS Will-am Copp Rennolds. age d vears: husband of Bessie Cramm Ren-rnlds. father o Mrs. C. L. Ostrom and W. E. Rennolds. Funeral notice lavr. Please omit flowers. REYNOLDS Earnest Or ton Reynolds, ol '049 Sunset drive, Elmwood Park, 111.; beloved husband of Elsie nee Baker . dear father of Nurraa. Funeral Saturday. p. n., from f imvral home. i2 S. York-st., Beusciiville, Hi., to Forest Home cemetery. RUBINSTEIN Minnie Rubinstein. beloved wile of the Iaie Nalhan. loud mother of Theodore. Berni"e Eotenberg, Sydel Sehem-berg. I'-ving. Mary and Phillip. Funeral today, Friday, 2 p. m., at chapel, 3021 Lawrence-av. Interment Rosemont Park. SAETTONE S. Grace Saetlone. beloved daughter of Peier End Angelina, fond sister of Fiances and Richard Funeral at late residence, 943 N. Ridgeway avenue. Saturday. Feb. 27. Solemn high mass at Our Lady oi the Ang-cls church. Iowa street and Avers avenue, at 9.30 a. m. Interment at St. Joseph cemetery. SCHO KNACK Peter P. S---hornack, Feb. 24, 1937, beloved husband of Cecelia, nee Biesciike; dear father ol Donald. Funeral Saturday at 9 :30 a. m., from funeral home, 1359 61 Fulierton avenue, to St. Josaphat church. Interment St. Adalbert's. SCHUHAM Sarah Schuharn. beloved wife of the late lsndore. d"ar motner of David. Alexander, IsaheUe. Sidney. Aiubrosine, and Kenneth, fond sister of Hilda Salonik cf New Ypi-k City. Funeiul pri--te. Friday, 2 p. m.. at chapel. 3125 W. Roosevelt road, lnt'-rment Jewish Waldheim. Please omit llowcrs. SCHWAB Alfred C. Schwab, beloved husband of Birdie F. Schwab, father of Mrs. Alfred E. Stern and Charles H. Schwab, brother of Mrs. Henry Foreman. Henry C. and Jerome C. Schwab. Funeral strictly private. Please omit flowers. SCHWARTZ Alex Scbwart. beloved father of Jack. Edith. Will. Lilban, Esther, and Frank. Ftiner il today, Friday. 11 a. m., at chapel. 302I Lawrence avenue. lament Jewish Waldheim. SETW RIGHT St e Doran death notice. SODIN1 Pildnr M. Sodini. nee Anderson beloved wiie ot Barry J.. mother of Audrey Louise, ti.-mahkr of Selma Anderson and the late John T., sister of Sherman T. Anderson. Services at chapel. 2701 N. Clark street. Saturday, at 3 D. m. TERRILL Litio Ternll. Feb. 25. at 10758 South Park avenue; beloved wife of Adrian, loving mother of Lilian, daughter of the late Richard and Theresa Martin of Calstoe'K. Cromwell. England. Remains at cathedral chapel. 79'h and Emerald avenue. Sen-ices Saturday at 2 p. m. Inter ment Mount Hope. THULIS Bridget Lore'ta Thuli?. Feb. 25. aunt of Mrs. Mary McNulty Grayson and 28 nieces and nephews. Funeral Saturday, at 9 a. m.. from chanel. Jettery boulevard at 77th street, to Our Lady of Peaca church. Interment Mount Olivet. VOIGT Charles William Voigt, 2113 S. 50th court, Cicero, husband of Antoinette, nee Eoko.zka, father of Meivm, Leonard, and Norbert. brother of Rv. Helen, Elsie, Rattle, William. Walter. Ella, ami Edward. Funeral from late residence to Mary Queea of Heaven church, Saturday, 10 a. m. Burial fUurre tion cemetery. WALLACE Frances Glass Wallace, late ol Montr nee. HI. Funeral Friday, Feb. 2r3, at 2:15 p. in., at Rosehill chapel, Chicago, Interment RoMhill. Call Moujr-nce 50. W HEELER Daniel W. Wheeler. Feb. 25, 1937, husband of Erma. nee Tnlow. father of Richard Curtis and Daniel W. Jr.. brother of Jo.-eph B. Wheeler ot St. Louis, Mo., :id Mrs. Adele M. G'av, San Rafael. C2L S-vices at chapel. 1900 Irving Park boulevard. Saturday. 11 a. tn. Member of Chicii.o Typo? i arh'cal union. No. 16, Trib-line t-ha!l. Iiearborn 9308. WOLH1RT Ella A. Wolhirf. pissed a suddenly Feb 24. late oi 3855 Jansren avenue, belovtd wife of Frank J., tond sister of Mr. Etta Worded, William J. Hut bio, and the la'.e Mrs. Margaret Craw, forii, Funera' service Sai'.lrdiy. Fet ,'7, at o p. in., at rhapei, 5107 N. Clark street. Interment Grace: and. f.A1D 05" fHPSXS 7.ATKALIK Mr?. Mathias Zalkalik. Ma'hew Zatki-ltk. and Mrs. Harry Gtiun w'h to c-x-pres tht;ir 1!' ep appreii.iiion for tile nifiv-kind e-xm-esi ins of sympathy, tlie nv.r.y H ;rai tributes, the use of cars, and aU of tie- oilier ko d iv vi.-es ot fri-'nds and neighbors 00 nr .- "1- -.uJiien dath of 'hen- b-to ed husband and lather, MstUt-it Zdtkalik.

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