Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on July 11, 1915 · 54
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 54

Chicago, Illinois
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Sunday, July 11, 1915
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t 1 L t , t t I 1 . 1 r VIM Blues Is Jazz andfazz Is Blues By Gordon Seagrove. sHE leaned across the table while the waiter slunk away and in a pleading voice said something to the Worm. The Worm was her husband. You may bare guessed this before. Anyway what be said was this: " Ortus." she murmured. looking into bis tired eyes. " if lou don't fox trot with The shortly. I shall bring suit for divoroe. Our I,fe cannot go on this way." " Dont I give you clothesall you want? the Worm returnee& "' Huh? Don't I now? Don't I loveyou--" " Stop!" she cried. deathly white. s' You don't understand me. Clothes boh1 Coverings for the skinibovea mockery! You do not realize that I have a soulthat I have two feetthat I want fox trotting." " You know I can't dance. Why last ocee--" " Eroughi" rbe cried imperiously drawing a veil over her snow white shoulders which always appear in scenes like this. You may consult my attorney tomorrow. You have failed me in the fox trot I cannot go on" She stopped. The music had started. Suddenly from above the thread of the melody itself came a harmonious. yet discordant wailing. an eerie mezzo that moaned and groaned and sighed and electrified. a haunting counter strain that oozed from the saxophone. i The Worm stopped. His eyes shone vk ith a wonderful lightthe light that 411 ! 1 .1:21 A-774 ; ... 1 - 1 . . rot . ' I a, ill 1)11-. 1 NI; 1: ill i,,, '---' N 1 b ii :0076., NI ob---'1,;,- i 111 , 1,0'eN41'&-'4e -141 ,-- ,, , lilt AM fi2'. i 1)V -J ail:Ilia' I ' ,I. viiiiiiiii i i 11Z 't i A ---- III imam , ! i -,5,,,ty. 2--7 isimiaiiii - A,I3LUE NOTE. tS A SOUR- NOTE lies in the eyes of a man who has had two around the corner. His mouth mrivett convulsively. The years fell away from Ma shoulders leaving only his frock t oat. The Worm had turnedturned to fox trotting. And the " blues " had done it. The "Jazz had put pep into the legs that had scrambled too long for the 5:15. What mattered to him now the sly smiles of contempt that his friends had uncorked when he essayed the foxy trot a month before; what mattered it whoa. shins he kicked? That was what " blue " music bad done for him-That is what " blue " music is doing-for i.erybodytaking away what its name implies, the blues. In a few months it has become the predominant motif In cabaret offerings; its wailing syncopation! is beard in every gin mill where dancing bolds sway. Its effect is galvanic. Cripples take up itheir beds and one-step; taxi drivers willingly suffer sore feet because of it; string hall become St. Vitus dance in its grip. Maybe you. poor soul. in your metropolitan ignorance. do not gather just what the " blues " are. Worry not; neither does the average person that plays them. and it was only after weks of toiling that the true definition was obtained. The first sortie after the definition was made in a song publisher's arena. where beautiful actresses try their 'voices and the manager's nerves. " Halt." cried the seeker after the definition, " fixing a dark haired piano player with a relentless eye. " What are the blues?" The young man recoiled and shuddered. ' I don't knows" be said. " All I can do is play ern. A kind of a wail you might THE. YENR. FELL AN)thekf 74ces H 15 4OULDE5.S call it. Still I couldn't tell you positively. But. say! I can take any piece in the world and put the blues into it. But as for a definitiondon't ask me." At the next place a young woman was keeping " Der Wacht Am Rhein" arid " Tipperary Mary " apart when the interrogator entered. " What are the blues?" he asked gently. " Jazz!" The young womanTs voice rose high to drown the piano. A tall young man with nimble fingers rose from the piano and came over. " me," he said. And then he unraveled the mystery of the " blues." " A blue note is a, sour note." be explained. " It's a dIscerda. harmonic discord. The blues are never written into Music, but are Interpolated by the Piano player or other players. They aren't new. They are Just reborn into popularity. They started In the south half It century ago and are the interpolations of derkies originally The trade name for them Ls "jazz." "There's a craze for them now. People - find them excellent for dancing "'Jane players are taking lessens to learn how to play them." 11ereupen "Jazz" Marlon eat down and showed the bluest ittreak of blues ever heard beneath the blue. Or. if you like this better: Blue " Marion sat down and hazed the jazziest streak of jazz fret Saxophone players since the advent of the " jazz blues have taken to wearing " Jazz collars," neat et.colete things that give the throat and elndpipe full play. so that the notes that issue from the tubas may rot suffer for want of bluesthose wonderful blues. Try It some time- -,Glr that tired feeling the 'guts,- 1 Millinery July I Clearing Sale Second FloorNote S rcel -- Pretty lace hats with setin crowns, biotic, white: worth ol ' 4. ' to 2.25. at... IC P- . ,.. ' ' ' '-- iir4 500 dozen hats, made 4.'-e's14; of hemp, M Ile n e, hemp, and fancy .4 strvws. in black- and .-;' .it' '.. all desirable colors; : values up to 1 0 S ', ,' 1- 75c; choice.. . I C : ::2.;38, .., Genuine hemp hats, in white only: six v , .s.-4-4: very pretty styles to choose from; worth to SI; 9oc Monday, only d. s Large white ostrich pompons. t he most popular trimming for summer hats, others ask 1.50. sPecial 85c tomorrow, at Hats Trimmed Free Laces -Main Floor 27 inch Oriental lace douncings. dainty patterns. 65c else- q1, where, yard. 4104- Valenciennes lace camisole corset covering, 13ki Inches wide. 25c quality, 111 at yard. 2C Imported embed'd voile ti re ss patterns, 21.4 yds. 42 inch embroidertil skirting with band of 8 inch Venke lace edging, 3 j in. banding, and 234 yards 40 inch plain voile, $7 wale, complete, 2 98 Monday... Underwear I 61 :1 Tin g 1 Sal. Third FloorState Stiier-- - I Women's 35c cot. ' ton union suits, get, V shaped neck, 1 sleeveless, lace ' looi ti trimmed. urnbrella style,rs C regular and extra sizes, et Bo)s 39c balbriggan short sleeve shirts and knee length double seated 117 drawer, sizes 24 to 34, only A 0C Ribbons I cl;'-uiTng I Sale Main Floor Center 6 4-in. heavy quality all silk black ntique moire ribbon. worth 25c, yard. - 15c 4-in. all silk messaline ribbon. In pink, wijte and blue, fo7 rosettes and sashes, la 15c val., yd., 0 2- Remnants of all silk satin taffeta, moire, me isaline, fancy still" and Dresden ribbons, widths to 5 inches. worth 19c. 1 1 1 , at. yard A 21.i in. black satin back velvet ribbons. the popular width for milinery, worth 35c, at, yard. 24c Waists I Cl July earin Second FloorCeill777---- Striped mercerized batiste, plain, ern-. broktered or striped voile and batiste and lawn waists. r some lace and 4114) embroidery trimmed. worth ';S to S1.25, Fin choice at aC -; I 1 Striped and 'N , ' plain crepe de ' s ; 'I chine VlaistS. in 1- ,, i-,;':!,', sample sizesonly '4 11'd ,9f 1k,, all desirable ' lilt 1lir,t I colors, $2 50 and 1 11; ii:61L1 This July VI V 7-- 01 , 2:3 ''' , i M e0.' I --, - 1 ....,....0000 wital ebaer.intetroSuagleh t:,";;:'..1 , 14 circumstance, quite ii.,'', the most important Chi- i,;'? cago has yet known, for the 'e:: .,,,i,- Lowest .:: . vrices PUY y 411111 FtIrcet-tt, cons ;.;....ii :s . :::.i .: 11'..:' loss oi the space in the corner .:sf :, ,...:, : building now being reconstructed has -ir: 7 cr Fi owded every section of the storeevery de- l:' 1 4:1: '' 11111.11211.1.11.111111.11M2"' 1 e.t. partment finds itself with greater handlse ior the sace they have an lever bots of efore, 1.. 4.'-'c' STATE MADISON eLtill DEARBORN STS. ..ill cp th V:ii and so prices are slashed far lower than heretofore to reduce ;i.;i,!: -,,........,.--,,,rx:Tc.-v- every stock to its normal condition for the middle cif July :,::;:::::;.;.-1;-;:i.:k7::53-:::IS4i.ii.F.:?-7-1,ii;itg-4-Si.':-,7,?:?-:::itr-::',-..t.7-::?:;:::31-Fil,;:ifja:.111:fi3.1.ii-',if.!::::P.:;.2,:grASY;::::7-0:,17;egg::41K-f.?!:71.517:::::;::1fIztrztliiiilitzi.::',5::::ZI:::.:,!i".:::7:.,:.ttl.,.-5if51::::7Y.:!;;;;.:7,117,-.c.,,- July 1 Clearing Sale July Clearing Sale State Street22 inch imported or. lental lace tiouncings. white or cream. new pat, terns , 59c else- where, Mon- day, yard... 39C Imported 18 inch Veub;e and Oriental allover laces, desirable patterns, splendid quality, others ask 95c, special Mon- 45c day, yd..... Imitation M a - cram. Bohemian and filet lace bands, white or ecru. for dresses. curtains or bedsprerds. widths to 10 inches. worth to 25c, at 121 yard 2C .. Women's 29c Swiss ribbed cotton vests. low neck. aleeveless. hand crochet yokes, all 1 n A Tit; sizes Women's 35c ribbed cot ton pants. tight top. ttmbrella style, lace trimmed 6-in. all silk moire, satin striped and clotted ribbon, in white, pink and blue. regu- th larly 29e, yd. C Remnant, of all Silk antique moire, taffeta. satin. mesaline, fancy striped light and dark Dresden ribbons. values 1 to 29c, yard. a.1C 0i-inch all silk taffeta, moire and fancy striped ribbons. 18c 121, values, yd.. .a a , AU silk taffeta satin. messaline and antique moire ribbons. 'a kit hs to 81i in.. worth to 1 q, 25c, at. yd.. ".". Clearing Sale 17c $3 "18-. 1.49 at Crepe de chine, lace and chiffon alsts. several handsome models.regularly sold for 35 00. Monday, 9 4 choice... 6,1 Curtains --Sixth Floor Cable net and Nottingham lace curtains in white, cream sod ecru, hundreds of pairs, desirable patterns, in small quantities. worth 1 9 tO 2.50. pr. "" Voile curtains fin-. tithed with lace edge or filet insertion. in white or ecru, 2 yards long, regularly $1, pair, tOV Opaque window shades, 28 to 31 inches wide. 5 ft. long. in all colors. some have slight Imperfections In the cloth. 1 91 at only July Clearing Sale State St. 25c fancy filet cur-lain net. do,inty patterns. 36 to 45 inches wide. white. cream or ecru. yard. ... Remnants of drapery silks in all desirable colors. 1 to 4 yard lengths. worth 25c otT in c the piece.yd. 2000 3ards M. X (1. curtain swiss. 36 inches w'cl.assotd natterns. ordinarily 10e; 420 yard limit) 41 yard - Imported curt ain madras. 86 in.wide. popular for sunfer curtains. 25cl C... qual., at, yd. ed rg is 1 I July For Girls Clearing I Sale -- Second FloorCenter ---- Girls wash dresses of ging- , . ham. chambray and crepe - in 10 styles, one as illus- 4 t- 0)w trated. sizes 8 to 14 years , but not In ell styles. go,.. , Ns worth 1.50 at.. 11 . i.. Girls' $I coats of all wool poplins, serges and checks. smart styles in navy. brown. tan and black and ) 10 white cbc.cks. sizes 6 to 14 years . but not in 1 GM tit styles. a J .. ,r Misses' 1 73 wash ii dresses of fine lawns. neat styles, plain and plaited skirts. neatly trimmed blouses. sizes 14. 16 a n d 16 1, years. for the July 1 elsering . -- Sale at JAC) The Silks: - July Clearing Sale Main FloorState Street. 32 inch pure silk satin 36 inch white habutai 40 inch fine quality striped tub silks or washable silks. direct silk and wool crinkle waistirgs and men's from the looms of canton crepes, black shirts; 1.25 cn Japan; ch3ice, On and colors; gener- value, yard , 4.1 V C yd., 59c, 79c, 131 VC ally 1.25 yard, 69c 40 inch pure silk crepe at yard 35 inch black paillette de chine, in black and de soie, extra fine street and evening 40 inch black satin de shades; 1.2 c e heavy quality; rich, chine. beautiful. lustrous. 5 quality, yard. LPOC raven black, en soft, clinging satin; just UC- the Genuine Shantung peon. Si value, yd... j-1 silk for summer dresses; 1.25 else- 0r1 OUC gees, direct from the 40 inch black chiffon tat- where; yd ... band looms of China. feta. soft glove finish. extra fine se excellent wearing qual- lected qual- 40 inch printed Swiss ity for dresses. coatS. redium or crepe taffetas. Ity. 1.50 orditiari-on etc.. natural or bent- - l d y. yar OUC Will 110t cut or split; boo shades. launder per- tr drapes gracefully, splen- foray. 33 inches wide. 36 inch satin messalines, did color assortment in Two special values for pure silk. finely woven, small, medium rut' large Monday: the 1 50 qua!- in light and dark shades; floral effects and designs, ity at. yard. 98c; mia others ask 1.00; A 0 c 11.50 to 12 quail- 95c to 1.25 quelity. yard. 1 .1 l'. yard ties, at yard Luggage' acligl Seventh FloorCenter -- Genuine matting suit cases, brassed side catches and special at Canvas covered trunks. 38 inch. brassed trimmed. two cowhide outside straps, covered hat box In top tray. extra dress tray. strong lock and side cetebes, at 4.45 only Genuine matting suit cases, steel bound frame. cloth Lining, 1 49 special at 40-in. fancy printed rice voile. pretty styles end colors. worth to 20c. yin!. 19c & 121c Genuine Red Seal tire as gins it a ra. regularly 15c. yerd... 2 Full standard apron ginghem. wanted slipeclustacth.mydks.. . 41c 81)(90 inch seamless bleached sheets. special. 45c; and 45x383,-; Inch Rival pillow eases. 11 ..... C Se and 40 inch um. hit-ached sheeting. special. the c2 yard. 7 & AJ Black Keratol traveling bags. 18 in.. long grain. colored figured lining deep pocket. tro n g handle. lock and side CP tches. 0 e at only oaC Heavy cowhide leather suit caws, 24 and 26 in. long. 2 heavy cowhide outside straps. shirt fold in lid, strong, usually 7.50 4 95 THE CHICAGO STTNDAY TRIBUNE: !i. 24-inch steel ; frame bound edge. trong bndle. ictek. 69c 50 inch Pepperell bleached pillow tubing. slightly soUed & rumpled. 22c value. 1 A a's C yard-- 81100 Inch heavy seamed sheets. for hotel and rooming house use, qn... special, at.- togo 36 Inch bookfold dress end wrapper percales. (lark and light colors C2 yard titC Old Glory long. cloth. ftne for nod erw ea r. in 10 yard bolta. special for Monday 49c I , Gloves I July Clearing Sale Women's short silk Gloves, double finger tipped in white and black. selp5ecc tagrl "lir: 200c INOMen'S 16 button length. double, finger tipped. silk gloves. Paris point backs, in white and black, en The quality. auC Women's Sac short silk gloves. double finger tipped, in white. black end colors. or white with black 17 backs. only.. RI C omen's $1.25 Milanese silk gloves In white or black. or white with o black backs 0. - Ma in FloorCenter Women's ;;;;,.; A.1.11; 1 Am 'It, ?.95 5.01 Men's Wear Main FloorDearborn Street Men's 5.00 pure silk shirts. slightlY rumpled from our recent great sales; mostly sizes 14. 144 a n d 15. choice for 1 ac Monday, at A F Men's 75c good quality muslin night shirts, low neck style, neatly trimmed: plenty of sizes. from A 9, 15 to 19.... 161o Oak grain or rug border, yd. wide, looks like real hard wood oak, 35c val. yd. 18c Dimick's 1031'12 It. best grade Wilton velvet rugs, at less than manufturer's rice. reglit 98 25 val. Smith 36171 inch extra quality Axminster rugs, in rich brown and green medallion Pattern' "2 48 val.,. at.. Sanford 3 izIo ,i best 10 wire Brussels rugs, all one pattern. so these 14.50 rugs. d at only. -6.u8 37 Inch Woven voiles. pretty new colors. in striped effects. a S, A 3 yard iC 30 Inch Pliae pebble crepe. for dresses, etc beautiful styles, 1 ell )-rd.a 2C 36 Inch cambric, closely woven. for undetwear. worth 9c. special at, M yard 36 Inch curtain eta-mine. reversible borders. and 30 inch white curtain Swiss leno stripes. for the July ClearSele at, 61 yard 2-C Men's 75c and Si silk gloves. double finger tipped, in gray and white. self stitched. or black backs, at Women's 20 button length silk gloves. double linger tipped in white and black. well Q worth 1.25, u'JC omen's elbow length black silk lisle or washable chamois lisle atgoilliyoorv3.5egees, .naetrnaitainract Misses' longs Ilk gloves. double finger tipped. le white and colors, Monoay 1.95 July 1Clearing 1 Sale Men's I .25 pajamas trimmed with h frogs. a host of nobhy patterns to select fromplenty of all sizes; special, to- en morrow. at C Men's 35c black tubular leather belts; in P complete range of sizes: a good summer belt; to- 1 C morrow. at Ot; Paragon and No-Fade shirts, thousands to choose from in every wanted stripe effect, in every one of the wanted color combinationsin tub silks as well as brocaded and striped art silks. silk ona linen cords. satin stripes. corded madras. mercerized lace weaves. blazer stripes, silk finished Pancmas. etc.. etc. The shirts that invariably retail 43 from Si to 63. two lots. t3c and Rugs, Etc y 1 Clearing L.1111 Sale ------RiTt h rt "Inf. Sixth Floor. rug Samples of Bros-wid e. sels carpets, 1 qI hard yards long, neatly fringed, suit18c ably for rugs. in a variety of patterns nut. and colors. worth ;ikon 75c to 1.00 a t it less yd. at, each, s's. urer's 9s12 foot Wilton 1991 velvet and tapes- . ,' try Brussels rugs. neat allover and inch medallion patter's. As- choice colors. $14 s. in ard $16 9 48 and values. at allion 9zI2 foot seamless !.48 Wilton velvet rugs. Including the best I0,i standsrd makes Bcus- noted for their ezL one t rem e durability, these woven in one solid .98 Ptec"Pe-15 98 cis' at July Clearing Wash: Goods Third FloorDearborn Street 38 & 40 inch fancy printed voiles. dorsi. striped and coin spot effect. values to 29c, of, yd.. 15c. tc& I t 25 cases American and 81m psons dress and shirtings prints. in a il colors. 7Ac A 3, value, yd.. will' 37-inch dress batiste in neat floral ant, conventional stylea . for dresses and waists, CI special. yd., 00-2-4 7,500 yds. remnants voiles. crepes, ginghamn white goods, etc., g;,. at. yard.. 4l 4 '" Linens -- Third FloorDearborn &lett 19c union linen buck towels, grass bleached. 1:4138 and 17x:14 in 1 9 1 with satin stripe border "2C $I bleached double damask pattern table cloths. 72x72 inches, in 1.98 Fleur do Lis pattern. only. 39c bleached double thread t urkish towels, 26x50 in., very heavy: 22c special at... $3 white French dimity hem'd bed spreads for full B nd ,44 beds; ral 1.0V dui desiF.r. White FrInch ramie linen. 47 in. wide. guarant'd ad pure linen. for suits and dresses. 85c quid.. but, because purchased a. 17 auction. yd., JI - Drugs, etc. Fourth FloorDearborn Street 20 Mule Team Bores. speciel. 5 lbs &ok; Bliss Native Herbs, mSierrboox. iv for 50.1C Hay's Hair Health, sSpect IlVitattle. 53C Sal Hepatica, large size bottle Cc Mondry at JvC Cludes' Pepto Mangan. $1.00 size bottle. s Rtuleisis floparni n t Min b bete ;lac! Epsom Salts10 pound box. An-s at Household rubber gloves. 50e OM,. value Women's $7.50 dresses, of white voile only. as Illustrated, blouse and skirt trimmed with heavy embroidery, t5 all sizes, special... 4, Women's suits of serges, ganardines, checks, late spring models, as Illus-. trate d. for now and early fall wear, a (lc worth to $20, at .".". Women's tailored suits of gabardines & serges, plain tailored effects, braid and button trimnied in black, navy and checks. $15 Val7 50 ties. special at Vvomen's taffeta, crepe do chine, pussy willow and plain and figured auk dresses, one model Illustrated, for- Q 5n ,,r,y $13.75. at - Parasols Main FloorState Street Women's silk parasols, pretty colors, some black and white stripes 1 1 with colored borders. $2 val. at 5 Women's parasols, black and white checks and stripes with plain borders and various color combinations, b9c generally. at 49c Children's parasols, plain colors with contrasting colored silk mull insertions, bell shape. gold ribs. 69c else- ,n where. at o V Wash Cloths Third FloorDearborn Street. Bleached hemmed Turkish wash cloths, size 151E15 inches, made of double thread bleached yarn. with fast color blue or pink border (one dozen A I to customer). worth loc. special, "11-2-u Tenth Floor. Here is unaoubtedly the stroneest. neatest, most artistic fiber porciefurniture in all Chicego, et such sensationally low prices that many folks will hardly believe them possible-a very few minutes here will convince you most thoroughly. 5.00 Green fiber rockers.. 2.49 3.75 Green fiber rockers...I.98 9.00 Green fiber settees-12.00 17.00 Green fiber chairs...10.00 1.00 Green fiber rockers.. 6.75 11.00 Green fiber rockers.. 6.00 . 0.50 Green fiber chairs.. 6.53 9.00 Green fiber chairs... 5.00 7.53 Green fiber settees..11.59 12.50 Green fiber settees.. 7.75 1.00 Green fiber chairs.. to.ari 13 50 Green fiber rockers.. 9.25 . . . 1 50 Green fiber rockers.. .25 85) Green fiber rockers.. 4.75 9.53 tireen fiber settees..12.50 12.00 Green fiber rockers.. 7.25 8.50 fiber tabourettes.... 5 00 13.00 Green fiber settees.. 8.25 ;:.3t1l 9.00 fiber fern stands.... 5.50 IS 75 Green fiber chairs... 8.75 ;.1-f 1 9.50 Green fiber rockers.. 5.75 8.25 Green fiber rockers.. 4.50 i f. 18.00 Green fiber settees...11.00 10.00 Green fiber chairs... 5.75 ' - -----01 r fiber , 11.5500pirbeeernhfainbegrinrlkeestkseis1 ::00 Ilr n t3Ireen Isiber rocterseris... 1.1: 13.50 Green fiber oesks.... 9.25 8.75 Fiber fern stands... 5.25 , -- -- ft 6.75 fiber porch rockers.. 4.00 13.00 Fiber porch rockers.. 9.98 12.53 Fiber porch rockers. 7.75 19.00 Fiber porch settees 11.75 . iMilill 9.00 Fiber porch rockers.. 5.50 5.00 Fiber porch tables.. 3.50 I ..,-t-'-"f. , 6.75 Fiber porch rockers.. 4.25 18.00 Green fiber settees 10.75 7.00 Green fiber chairs... 4.50 8.51 Fiber porch screens.. 5.50 -It 11.00 fiber magaiine racks 6.00 29.00 Fiber tea tables.... 14.00 1p 9.50 fiber work baskets.. 7.25 11.25 Green fiber chairs .. 6.75 Crocker y CljeualTing Sale EighlhFloor.----:---- Carrarite marble busts. in popular child studies. pure whitereg. 44,.. 1.25 value. at 010, tp...4...,.. 0, Glass table tumblers, ff. 11 always 21e. 8Pe-10c cial at. dozen Genuine Mason fruit , ao 4 Jars complete with h 4' white porcelain lined covers & rubber rings. ready to use; pint ka ' size. dozen. 33c; 43 4 , . it 1 quart eesirzheo, tdtotz. made clear crystal g ass. t with patent rubber 1 , ) stoppers. pint size, 4) dozen. 35c; Qt. A t size. dozen 't a) C Imported decorated china coffee or tee pots. Iprge sizes.9 cc 00c velue. at .41-1 Pictures July Clearing Sale 7th FloorDearborn S b lc 8 reproductions i Roman gold finis frames with cepa mented top. severa popular subjects, 10C w 'rth 25e,choice 100 Cards lic Fourth FloorCenter -- Calling cards lic on, ,e,) with name. 100. 100 Scotch linen cards with name in el oaC -1, ,k. : .b --' . old English 4a,,. - ,,--.-' ' ,,,- ; (By mad itc extra) . This genuine leather :f -., 4-i-,r , ''' card case With 0 - ' -- '. '''-''' gilt imitiat oC Wedding invitations. announcements. business cards, etc printed at iow't prices JULAr 1 1 Second Floor . 16c bleached kitchen toweling. 17 in. wide. guaranteed all pure lin-1 n 1, en; yard.. Al" 2 12 ;ic bleach'd hock towelieg. 17 ins. wlue. some with satin stripe: 20 yds. to a customer A 3 at yard .1-C 69c bleached table damask. 60 inches wide, guaranteed all pure Irish linen, floral a n d polka dot designs C ft yard ovC July Clearing Sale July Clearing Sala Pebecco tooth paste, 50c size' JC pLazell's Massatta talcum pow- 11C der. ran Madame Isbell's face powder, I) 0 box Au9C - Cr add oc k's Blue soap. speciel A be size. cake -IC Lazell's Honeysuckle per- A o fume. oz... "IC LeVaux guaranteed dressing combs at... 59C Catlin's Cream of Lilac. 25c size 15c bottle at.... Holman's Florida Wrter. the el C bottle. g.1C 1915. Women's coats of tab. ardines, Barges. silk poplins and checks, mostly all peau de cygne silk lined, arious lengths. In black. navy and Belgian, S157 50 values, at Women's $5 dresses of voiles. linens. crepes. in a dozen styles, one as illustrated. all sizes, for July C lea ri n g 2.95 Sale at Women's $3.51) dresses, striped voile. Quaker collar of organdy. patent leather be 1 t. full skirt with fold at's a M bottom, choice..1. Women's 1.50 rat ine sport skirts. open front model. patch llockets, pearl button trimmed, sop- 65c crate belt. et.... July Clearing Sale 49c Dress Goods: July Clearing Cream all wool storm serge, 50 inches wide, heavy quality, for suits, coats and skirts, 79c usually, Mon- 49 day, yard... 50 in. fine all worsted covert cloths, in .buckskin, tan, sand, battleship gray and mixtures for coats tied suits. $150 1401 value. Mon.. 3-m, 36 inch all wool black nun s veiling, close weave, desirable for summer dresses. wrists. etc., rich jet black. 50c quality. July Cierring Sale net LUC July t..;ter rums IZU 40 7uc priae, yard ..... a" July Clearing Sale -- -- Main FloorDearborn St. ----- Women's 50c art Men's 25c silk sikk seamless lisle half hose, stockings. double double soles, high soles, high spliced spliced ankles. in ankles.. black black . white. palm white and 2t beach and 1 e colors, at'ogw colors. JC Women's Si white Infants' lac short tut) fashioned sox. whliel with pure thread silk fancy strip- 10C stockings, double ed tops. at lisle soles CM,.. Misses' 25c silk lisle and tops. aoLm- hose. light summer Women's $1.25 pure weight, in pink. thread sill . full light blues. white fashioned s t oc k- & black. all seam- la le ins. double silk less. pnty 1 IL4J2, lisle e s Mo, of large sizes and tops....'00, Men's 35c art silk Women's 25c silk summer weight I isle seamless sesmiess half hose stockings. double with double cotton soles. high spliced soles. black. white anklesalight-1 and plain col-q2c ly imperfect. a g-01. ors, special st., Coats, Suits and Dresses I July Clearing Sale Main FloorDearborn Street J. & P. Coats best cord I chine thread (8 to 11 a. m ), 3 spools M for .PC Kleinert's Gloria perfumed 17 dress shield. I I.' Sanitary apron dress protecwrs. samples and seconds. values 0,, to 25c, choice Sewing silk, popular brand. 501 yard spools. Golden spring books and eyes. 1 Oc kind AI cerd Slip-on dress shields. 25c 'values, Mon-12' day at... Fiber Porch Furniture: Clearing Tenth Floor Papers in medium colors for kitchens and halls. BC values. Monday. 3pec1aI.1 the roll s3 Washable varnished kithen bathroom papers. 20c grades. sold only with borders 1 i at 3c yd..coll IC Plain 30 inch duplex oatmeal papers In brown, green. tan or gray. Meilakio!eca . do auty7.a.. Coffeelz La Salle, 3 lo. b , 89c. Coffee! Spec al Biena.14 los., slc. Tea, Lipton's No.l. in bulls. lb.. 43:. Peas. Sifted E. J.. cans f Sec. Corn. extra, 3 cans Bfeoarn3s2,tg reen or wax. can. I2c. Baked beans. 0. & M.. can. 10c. Sono, Galvanic, 20 bars. 2 3c. Soap. American 15 bare for 63c. -s! ::- 1:41 Hosiery Notions Main FloorState Street. Imported cotton dress goods, meslium and light weight, sheer Tussah cloths and crepe voiles, beautiful eponge suitings, etc., 36 to 42 inches wide, in whit e, ivory and a great range of light and dark colors. will wash excellently, 25c .and 35c quali- ties, all in one great lot for the July Clearing Sale, 1 0 at. yard De Long press but-. tons, dress snap fasteners. the C dozen saC Bias folded tape binding. various widths, 6 yard t bolt .baC White cotton tape, 24 yard bolt A 1 for 't Triton garment shield and bust supporters 57 C $I value Wide elastic web sanitary belts, various sizes. et, n only Girdle foundations, 25e kind. st.ecirl for Mon-ea 1 day. et... aa-IC ClejaurIn Yg Paper Sale FloorState Pretty light papers 1 Beautiful cut -out for the sum- 1 , borders for par- mer cottage. r'l a a, lora. dining Or 116A Beautiful cut -out borders for parlors, dining or bed rooms, wide or narrow, the C yard Two-toned at In and floral striped bedroom papers. dainty colors. I2c value, choice for Monday et, et the roll, 2; Duplex Oatmeal 2; tone, gold and shadow stripes, blends, leather and grass cloth effects, high grade papers.wo'th to 35e, roll, Al 4.0 ----- a 8 t colors. 14c I papers.woth 1 7c 2Se vaLroll, to 35e, roll, r PIPER AT LOWEST PRICES. Cocoa, pure, the pound, 23c. Vanilla extract, II oz. bottle. 45c. Catsup, pure, pint bottle. 15c. Macaroni Or spa-. ghetti. 3 pkgs.. 23c. Salmon, fancy, lb. can. I7c. B. O. B. imported olive oil. qt.. 1.09; pint. 57c; one-hell pint. 33c. Sardines, impored, 25c can, 17c. Rice, finest head, pound. 9c. Butterine, Oood Luck. 6 lbs 95c. Icr:art'sate LI V31 1 771f brings reductions in prices that are indeed astonishing. especially so on 8Z3 f all odd lots, ends of lines. broken sizes, remnants. short lengths. etc-- theshreewr-edalslhy ,iopdpeerr. otuhee tohfrivfteyviwnogr ever i their every need for the balance of the season here. for equally low prices won't be 'found at another store In town. Here we tell of but a small porti(m of the many lots. (No mail or telephone orders tilled on this advertisement) July Clearing Sale Fourth FloorState Street Boys' Oliver Twist and vestee suits of chambrsys. ducks and ginghams. plain and combination effects. MUM 2 to 8- Al years Tommy Tucker and Oliver Twist suits. of white duck and blue and fancy checked and striped chambray and gingham. sizes 25 1 to 8 years en st x.eC Boys'S3 OliverTwist suits of shepherd plaids. worstedg and plain blue and brown cheviots and cassimeres sizes 2 )i to 1 gt 8 years... IJko July Clearing Sale FloorState Street Women's pure linen Initialed handkerchief.' with embroidered wreath around lnitial. X inch hem. regularly e I 10c. Monday at 072C Metes fine quality lawn hdkerchlefs with 3 and M In. hems, plain white and colored Dord e r s. special .) Monday at AC The Candies -- Main FloorCenter ------ Ye Old Time peanut brittle thin as a wafer. full of fresh roasted pea- g2os nuts. special Monday at. pound... t" Shamrock cough Spiced gum drops drops. 5c size box small size tomorrow at,') I , colors, spe- only qw chit at. lb.. 5.- July Clearing Sal. Seventh FloorState Street---- Stamped pure linen table covers, 36x 36 inches, round neeign: some AG soiled; values to 1.00, choice.....-l" Stamped pure linen scart for dressers, sideboards, etc-1 18z36 18z45 and 18x54 inch; worth to 73c; special, tomorrow 33c Soiled Austrian linen hemstitched napkins. size 16s16 inches, designs and initials stamped free; 15c values, Stamped ready-made children's sunbonnets. neat designs; Polled; 191 sizes 2 to 4 yrs.. worth 50c. et A Children's stamped poplin coats, pretty patterns: sizes 2 to 4 years; 29c soiled: worth to 75c. at Stamped nainsook corset covers, 0 regularly 19c. Monday aC Stamped Turkish and buck towels, guest or baby size.. initiels 1 9 1,, stamped free. worth to 25c- at '11" 2 July Clearing Boys' Hats Salo Fourth FloorState St. Children's genuine Italian Milan braid straw bats, telescope and round crowns, rah rah shape. in black or whlte.alwaysag.,. $1.69. 81,,.... eh,. 1,-1. July Clearing Sale Euga-, with 1.50 order (flour, soap. meat,' Hams, Morris' No. 1, fu nk or butterine not IS lbs., ti3c. Monday, the pound, 54 inch black and white shepherd checks, medium size, heavy quality for suits and skirts, 50c is the price elsewhere, 3g Mon.,at,yd.... All wool double warp storm serge, heavy weight. 50 inches wide, in navy blue and black only, 89c usually. tomorrow 50c yard 50 inch cream English mohair siellian, good weight. rich. silky finish, for outing s u i t s . a ill launder splendidly. ort.... .c9c quality, yard. For Boys Boys' 394; blouses, with tapeless waist bands. French link coller, of percale and madras. light striped effects, broken sizes. 6 to 8 only. ape- on aC dal Boys' odd knickerbocker pants, made of tan colored U. S. Government khaki cloth. full pog top. belt loops. bizes 6 to 17 yeers. ape- 39- dal at Boys' all wool suits, odds & ends. 1 & 2 of a kind, reg. 25 & 26 suits drrk & medium cols A C 6 to 16 yrs to do-9s H'dkerefs Women's pure tin-en one corner embroidereti h a n dkerchiefs. a great variety of patterns. 10e 41, N-alues. at.. 0J2 Fancy Goods Boys' patent Milan straw braid bats, telescope and diamond crowns. rah rah shape. In black and white, tiSe generally A 0 at OC id Stationery urth FloorDearborn St. Gold edge correspondence cards. box of 24 cards nd 24 envelopes. 14 25c value... 106riting paper. fine quality linen finish 110 sheets to the pound. worth a,. 15c. at. " Rippie linen paper and envelopes, box of 60 sheets and 50 etiVe lope s. 10 29e valucat C Japanese lanterns . decorated in beautiful colors. regularly 51 lea In the dozni.. ti1C I July I A Clearing Ivnings Sale 3irenth Floor --Center. ---- Portable window awnings. as illustrated, blue or brown and , white striped canvas. -' '''''-ftzlk.l&At steel enameled frames, : I will tit 36 and 42 in. 1-: wide window casings, c2 cc: .. complete. reedy 175 .c. to bang. 4 C tz, . . C porch awn- f,' . 7 ty ings, brown and wbite. - and blue and white striped canvas, StS ItLIIIII:-Lio rft ea. , ready tO In pile In t.e: 89c - 1 Hammocks, full size beu t.t..ged val- ance, tufted pillow. beautiful col- M rings. PIPeehat 04C Oak porch swinging settees. finished in dark oak. comfortable back and form shaped seat. complete with two galvanized hanging chains and hooks. 6 ft-et long, usually 85.00. for the July es Clearing halo. only g.Itt Bamboo porch shades, best out- g side bark, 10x8 ft..cottip.. $2 vi. A. &I-1 T6matoet -a Van Camp's 6 for 55c l 16c cans, at 1 Fifth Floor Maple ayrup, large bottle, 15c. Molasses, qt. can for 13c. Corn flakes, package, 7c. Mustard, 10c Jar, at Sc. Tomato so u p, 3 cans. 23c. Salad dressing, bottle, 15c. - Seeded raisins, lb. pa-haze, I2c. Cur-ants.R ichelleu. lb. pkg.. I7c. Ripe olives, quart can. 29c. Peanut butter, lb. package. I7c. Kippered herring. 6 calm 29c. specially priced for Lekko powder, 3 cans, I3c. Starch. Ivor y, 3 cans, 13c. Ly, Babbitt's, 3 cans. I lc. Washing powder, Napths. pkg.. I2c. Pot roast, lb;,133-ic. Smoked shoulders, lb.. 12 hc. Brisket bacon, lb., I7c4 Peaches or cherries, 25c tan, I7c. Grated pineapple. 25c ca rt, 17c. Red king gripe juice. twelve tilm 10e bott1es-40f 1 July Clearing Sale -941 Third FloorCenter MOO nainsook princess yoke trimmed with lace or embroidery. ribbon run. sizes 34 A, and 36. at 't C Women's 50c cambric combinetions. corer and drawers trimmed with lace or embrold.y ribbon run o.h4C 2Sc nainsook corset covern. deep yoke of !are ribbon beading, 1 E tomorrow at A4C Women's house dresses, made of gingham and percale, broken sires, worth to 61.23, -Monday at 1 gC 35c coverall aprons,made of dark percale. full size. for the clear- I), &OC log sale, at LAA July CAS Elea:ring 1 For Baby (LE . s Sala Third FloorCeruer ---, i CL1 Baby diapers, sizes Infants' Idc ib t 18. 20, 22 inches. neletteGetyz Dr choice. temor-5" petticoat IL?. ',DA: row at .1 nkfiamotos'nfloss. nnewleitThe csahtti .......................... It :FIN pink or blue stitch- pink end Iiiti t , mg' tcmP. 19c thec'ed ezgi, -'1.' row et romper; ip ;Ft Chi I d ren't 35c at ....... . .. 11 ikal white csmbric pet- I n f ants ift,.!, lig t I co a t s. flounces comb hibta. i BE finished with tucks ye.? spensi..14 and neat embroid-C 1;lid taa's al 3 cry edge. 23,. white rompttil t BC at 4. neck and A Children's S9c finished's-Wan, , , Ho white dresses made s I I g h tly ILI i LN! of fine la wn.French soiled only..i t I ..., style. t r i in toed Boys' OleoNO IJLy 'with fine tucks and suits. tide i ! Let embroidery inset,- crepe, wiut,,,, tions, sizes 2 to with blur mot., .1.Ej 6 years. q7,... trousersaliem ,, LIG at . 40 1., 2 to Syrs..tom LA' ;Lc 1 IA MO. , IO , 1 On 5 PA - PA Pt PM A A A t A ; 1 July Clearing Sala --Fourth FloorCeteer ---. 'No Women's S2 patent leather lay colonial putnps. medium height e 11-7 heels, large coionial buckles.....t4; OF Women's white Sea 5 Pa Island canvas and psi white Nu-Buck but- . - Pa ton shoes. diseon- ' PE w tin ort ue h d to 11 S n 2 e ,a st. 88c 1 PM Men's and womens if t t -PE imported Japanese lisw 'MU b a t h slippers 5c , PR special at . Women's Red Cross I and Pilo pumps. I I A made of patent ' I A I:1 leather, velvet and l : suede. regularly sold - i Etpbursarit.hpectttlar1111:11: -1413 uo fs4,ortn. Sce3h:00.ise e$t inal 0 black 103 Q a:: ; . 4; 4 I . :1 I l and various colored , II satin pumps, Ina, 4 E speciel at..... '-01.' ,t 1 1 I I B ath'g Si l lt I iil .. . t -4 R 4 ------ Third FloorState Sind II v Women's al black Men's $I easkit I N Jersey knit beth- 4;etron bat1 alti 1 V ing mutts. w I t h suits. one ) tc v bloomers. neck skirt effect fii -, v trimmed with sizesSatota'" 1 k white Her- 1 IQ Boys' ale este 4 3 cules braid. a 1" two-pieces- blue cottealsta i! 1 Womeres SS wool suits. with 194 mohair bathing white strips45(f ,, a suits in navy blue and black, with .r. 1 bloomers ettached. DDY'll $l sal lis , l black and white Wool. lsrelltl-- ) I striped Collar and as sh. all 2 98 wi red or sr: sizes. boanthe: row st.. tomov ibli 1 I i Miteng'ssulwr tal. piece skirt effect. Men's cams": I 4 In navy. oxford. ing shots ill Da' i 1 maroon and Myr- and white- l'I 1 I tie. worth 1 lo 6u:01.10-5:144 1 2.50, et a 1,411 dsY ell ----- 1 I rt, July Clearing Sale Gladstone reed paint. at. the wait Pure boiled linseed oil, at. C010. the gallon Fancy screen doors. 1 fi in. thick, all 61zes 1.79 1 19 val.; speel Philadelphia lawn mowers. 8 ;olives. 10 in. wheel. style K. 14 inch. A 1 CI special at...-z a' Hardwood hote reels, painted red. hold 100 ft. 44r hose, at ..... Wire cloth, paint. ed black. 100 sq. feet by roll. 1.05 Only , For Woltnet,AF! Shoes I Jul,' sh ;RI aearing oes iE, sale :S. --17-,ut- Floor --Center---- f ,I te Girls' $1.50 gunmetal calf Mary Jana sztkle ties with gray . e , r 11 S cloth quarters.erow- f 1 . ing girl SIZCS, 2 Vi to T 6 at 95c; sizes 11 ti to 2 e t 85c; size's 7 4ts )11' IT 8 4ii to 11 at.. '"- 3Cr Bsoosisel.S is15zOesbliac:cielek IT "L'''' I :T skin outing oxfords. with elk leather to 5 1.4 . et. 'It Girls Si like can- vas Mary Jane an goys !T Jae litw. sizes K Q r. 8 to 2. at.. Men's $1.25 white , .,- . a canvas oxfords with 4 ., .. leather soh-s. 713, 1 sizes 6 to 10. . ... " L . I Children's E5c patent leather le r . shoos wil h black cloth tops. hind VI: 4 turned soles, bat 4 to S. $ t ..... 1: - 1 ' Paints, Eighth F 100. ..'"'"."..--- I 1 reedy 'nixed boo n: -!- ! ) gallon... ..... . "' 11 i I n .. Philadelphia wooers. 4 IV. 69c wheel, 4 kalif'. 16 11261,2.9! loom special. ., C. all 244nch aeltwitt ',1 L.19 boxes. 1Pe di lawn cis' at 11 Mors. Extension niio9C 4 , style don acreessil ' 1.19 15-gatkni It'''''' ' 1 angle-frog notwt side bracostg-- , I rod. Acme kalsol9c ;,! 55c"' l'4 . r' 1 28-in. fence 14: taint-, cans at 1 00 sq. BoStOtt tkoSr ell 1.0 C er and Pal 7( , t.' JAL gallon. , 1 July Clearing For Hoott Sale Eighth Flent Cleaning o u t El t im chiding oil and dust mop, polishing cloth and bottle oiL 99, worth 79c, aet..douot t Glass wall coffee 24,.. ' nulls. somial...'6"'" Johnson gas Irons. 2ani.i4erke9.rniwiP'nxilaelert'ed. 50011 171:Ynt: U ,. l'rtki, t oast at a .se0 AL. I 13 quart granite en- le:47tt11 ameled prt serv- 91c riii ing ketties at. , 1" 50 lb. Japanned flour 4.;.4 bins, 7tic Tel- 49c ues, at Boston Special electric irons 1610 1 cord and Plug only' ''''''''''''''''''' 2 qt. alum- No. 8 extra .--- fuel' num rice Ifslualurni- fl!in7noz bi-') ll. 89c n aril 89c '71 ' ers et, V CI !A LI 3c AI r so sw 110A vaA BOA .140C1 .13L1 LEJsCS Dr s CAS (Ls ! i cv , cog, DA2 Do( I)Fu FIN , re ft 7 V 1 I 1 1 July Embroidery Clearing Main FloorCenter--- Fine quality im- Imported 42 Inch por t ed 45 inch embroidered voile Swiss enibroldt4ry skirdngs, all new skirtings, pret t y designs. 1.25 70 patterns. $I to quality, yd.. - values. yd.. doC Embroidery, edges. insertions rnd gal27 inch Swiss emolons,widths to 2 I4 broidery non nc- Indies. worth to ings, new designs, 10c. Nionday A 1 75e gener- 39c at yard 't -2-C ally yard... fl-inch Swiss ern. 45 Inch Swiss em- broidery sk irt - broidery skirtings, hots with embroidneat patterna . tory ruffle. pretty others ask designs, usu- 4,5c. yard. 21c ally 3ite, yd. IS-inch imported 41 inch imported embroidery liouncallover embroid- jugs and corset ered voile. charm- coverings, In seeing effects in white err' neat small and colors. 4fic patterns,35e at genertilly.the C,.. other stores. yard srs... special at,. yd I Jewelry Clearing Sale Main Floor Center Jewelry f or m en Women's & misses' and women. Odd sterling silver lots and ends of rings with black 1 n es Including enamel inlay. set cuff links, sca r f ss it h rhinestones pins. tie clips. bar & colored stones, pins, s. ns, brooche 25c gener5 vale. e tt30- 2p 5i ne s.. 7eit ally, n Ingersoll at soli I$1.00 C choice watches. perfect Genuine Calif. rose timekeepers, guar- bee cis with o anteed for 1 Co,,. large rosettes. l. year, special,IJotw Hand Bags I Clearing Sale -- Main FloorCenter Women's sample hand bags, In all the latest styles, made of real leather and silk moire, single and double handles, I hc. new envelope shape and scores e a, of others, values to SI, choice at July Corsets I Clearing Sale ----Third FloorCenter-- $3 corsets. some Walohn boned. I 00 also handsome brocades, choice, 1.50 C. B. a la Spirite corsets, slightly soiled, or with slight imperfections, at 79c 1.00 R. & G. cot- Girls' 25c under-sets, high bust. waists, puffed nip wa:st. long style, lace trim'd, skirt. sizes a bone but- A 4.1,6o to 30, at... 00C tons. taped. 50c ventilated cor- Boys' 25c under-sets, high bust. waists. adjustable long skirt, four at shoulders, made hose supporters at- of strong jean, ached, biZeS &,-01,- sizes 2 to 12 1 C to 30. at... years, at.., PC 50c brassieres,stan- Tubular corset dard make. trined laces. 10 yds. long, with embroidery. excellent quality, broken sizes. 9 15c values. for at 4,40, Monday at.... .." Silverware I CitualrTng Sale Eighth FloorCenter. Three piece Sheffield silver plated cheese and cracker dishes, silver tray, glass dish and silver cover. $2.00 value. no specially priced at UOC Warranted Sheffield plate silver dinner knives and forks, plain burnished handles. $2.00 generally. set of six 1 9 e of each 1.4,a Nickel plated alarm clocks, American make, shut-off lever alarm, guarrnteed for one year, worth 75c, tomor- r '4c ow at Eye Glasses 1-1rn'Ticziaer- Fourth Floor Center. ISK gold filled spectacles or nose glasses, framed or rimless, crystal "7 lenses, each pair in case, special, 1 iC 12K gold filled eyeglass chains. soldered links. hair pin or ear loop style, 'le r bargain indeed et aC ,,,) , . - - 1 - -' J164,4 - 4 '" I I business cards. etc. printed at low't prices I I for 63C. Luck. 5 fbs..-93c. Cam. 29c. I YI5c-1;AZies7.bUC 1 I ers"elli,SUC I :1111;t0UU I secb- 1 - ' r mommoomomm, - - . - F: !', , 1 , , , ,t . 1 1 i .' j , , 5 ; 4 , I I' 1 - u ', , 0! I , . 1 1 , , . .4'' I , .1 li . .. , i ; , , , i . . i ; 1 . i i , I , I I1 i 1, I, t , . , , ' .' , I, 4 1 T : I 1 1 . , I ' . : 1 , , : A : ' ' , ; I t , ) . ' : .I ; ; I ' 1 14 . - i 1 ' t "......- ,' , . 1 For Hoott Eighth Floor e....... :: tat, In- 4 and dust n$, cloth 10, ,- " 28c 1 1 ' ,1,.. . , e 1 Fle ,5 C ' a - : ... , Irons. 4 I. patent always :I IL ' 1.35 --', 'T,,t t 1 -1 , , ; Lnite en- tl!","-te-till tr:v- 21c e rji 1 icti flour .......y ibl 49c N ' . ... LI electric from vilthl.5! - K. Only ............ No. 8 extra C1erti:71, 1 li'vralunli- orIL..,ril& aidnen a ilit89c red: ' - , 1 , -1 ---' Va 1 , 1 1 - 1! l.' A ." '401 - . .... ezem 7 ,,., ,i '',,:,::-.:.- 0 : .7.:.;:::::-: ;:11 ill , t I -7!.."' .71-111"-".64(7,..".1.,14:z1 tri.:4,:mv...,c,...1 ''''"--------7-----t------------------ Th---------NTI:,,i.,v, ..,,,z1c4, ----------,27:Triff..... II .71::----61 74.4- L.. ' '1 i ilr--........ , , THF CHICAGO SITINT)A17 TRIIIIIN E: ;FULA 11. 1915. .,. r.,-,1.7.0---,---:' :-.fl-,-:i.7 . .:1:.? ,..,-,- , :,.- ,,,,,,,:i , -,,,---;.:,-7--, -ei ,v-,, -' -;E:-,;.-7-6 - -,-,-::,., '.4 Ell .,;;,ii-7slf--,.,,,A k, :.1;:.,,i,:. D ,,:!:...: ..:,i::,: , 61 ii,....;;,.. ,, 47-- . t4r111 --;--- id -,,, 4111' ,ygN 1,1;1 ..., .,-- .. '0, ,,,,Alp, ..... v.:;:xii..,,,s...:,.. , t,,,, ;,,,. '.,21 ',... t",- , ,---3 s,',,,2 .--...s.,;:;',1-7. If'-pr 1.11k3kstirl.,....-.-:.i':,..''',' ill ' -.':':;!?:.:,, '' t4irt t- ii:- , Ri) , :ij... ;41 ."-:tt .;t.!,:,;.: 0 ,.. ,,,,i 1 'f!.i.;.;.::,;: A -5t , :i:t..,,, ';k,17744.,..::. 1 .: -,..::,,t,- 1 .;," , 0 i ok ,:,,,,,-- .i ,-,-ty.,0-:r.,, ,...., ) .. . P triti ,:, - sk-3 N '411-10-11-'- -:::,?::;.?,;.:kui:- :',,-,. ''''''''''''''' D - el' ?: im- t, t l'P t;'' -,1.:,1:441-i-i-1,.. , .-- ,.,,,. tr....;-....,.:,.;,.,i,...,. ,..,,,,,. -,:,,,,..L......... p ki ' .1.'"' 0 4.: rzzo - ,1:--,-::i.;;2:,17:z -,',';'-:-.;', ..7116.111:1----..1.1 ' -.:.::::7 t":111..:: -...., ;,..:.: --1 I :-11 0 I .r.-r.:,-::::-;.:,':: vrk4,,, - Lly47!''''' 1.-:1!-:;.-:-71T-o,,cA - .--g;:1171;:::: VILCP-kli ''',:::WP:711b..77::il....77, c''fr t - 7:1-:::: s 'r,771' 1'4-'4: ' - 1:.,,:;' - I I titi pt, ;-:L.,' ' IP 6 AN 'i;:,,,, n. - I ' Vi:iFi,.-::.':::- 'i. t i , ;1 ,9 -'s . i':1 ; k, - ,N--e - .-::,-:,,.-.-:::,;. v'etzk --.1 - t. L.s.:j M - tz,t,mintailk--igia all) ''' LA cits &,k - -- ,( f.i'::',::::;:..,:,:, e.ii caa dili 45? k:;::: i, :..........:1. ci, .:. ..k1.1,:: : qz.:41., 00 ':-.: -.:,,,,,::;:-::: PA , - -... : Cr' , -,12i-;',,- 6.-- (::':.:1.-::''.;.::.?.1Y., ild ., pii . Lw :;--',--.- '''',' ''''---;....: T . .. Lb .0..- Chi el 'air a Cli o ns ,4). 4 . 47,7.2' - y 1, vol- .,... irr, , :,, i , .,... , . L:.:..,,...7.,,, i 141 ,, 41,0, -"4.'-'7.--- tfj This July e2, 0 ' 0 S Vot. szl , i ..... , it!,.,.0; :.,..,:. piartn:hlitecteoioeorndswji ever! asuunhtal. Jul) l 1114:ilat torerece:::ell rsceri doi:otell er 1 8:: the e balance ifty woman, who- .,, J partment finds tel ith greater lot dilb. ' Gearing Sale k...1 will be. through iigi,'. ' loss of the space in the corner r., building now being reconstructed has YR crowded every section of the storeevery de- Fir: ... isf ws of me- f4r chandlse ior the space they have than ever before, i'lii ,- , ' an4 so prices are slashed far lower than heretofore to reduce ;:,;i,f,:. .., ' ' . 5:.:-;,- Lowest ..; tPr.ces Our 1s-, ''', ,,-,,- ''' on,,,ii,m. '''''c'-'c' STATE flADISON AN D 1 t,f7 he shrewd showier. the thr t . ,.. I, ever is really C3ITOUS of saving, will supply ,,,,! Q .,..:,, bCrlienagrsinrgedSualcetions in DEARBORN STS li r en liC:1 s zes remnants. short 6,1:n..srtntlibleotuc-11 l p bttenof the season ;le: 1. .'-ii.'..::.. 4:,? 4., $ , i' 4' ---4 at 'apother stSstore :4' p .:,:.6: n of but a smalorta n of the many i4'01 11 i 1 --7i.:..;--;.,ii!.:-.;. r',,4! 1?.....-::,,:.-:'--: ii...s. t circumstance, quite .v.L.1.-.? :..,.., :-.-. t.:.1,,.;-...':1:': .---1 ..,-. '... V6M, -c.,13, the most important Chi. i...;;;. cago has yet known, for the ?:-,. -.-.7;:t...-..:. .,D ,yrri :5, , 01 I - e LI) 0 '' I 1 ' .:- k . - - k , , 1.,,; 4;4) t z - ,., .: -- every StOat to its normal condition for the middle of July '''',:.:';';'?I'Z'7.4!7.33-i'4.0-ii.iii.i7J,..,1"-i,4,-W.-:.:if;;:ir.1.?.,..:',-g-,;-..,:ty.'-',.i----:::-.7'''..,::-,--F-J,,,;,,'..1.:ir.,::17,7,4.:-R,i:.,',,-4.2.:t;'.gf.Ln',;:gc:47:;;,,-.1...41?..-.:.f.....&,,,iy.ii.1.5,..iii:--iv..-ti:!...r.cs.:.,-;,.-44....z-,...,..,S.--.:,14.".es.!.....1.:,,,,-477.4.r.5...4.,1,-:::.i.--,-.,77e-.,:f;:,.:7:-4'e. lots(No mail or telephone orders tilled on this advertisement.) ,11164r,.... July I El 1 I- 11. taring Sale ti" .0:. d cheese !Illilit Her IN.. glass a .1-2 all 4 0,C . VVICh4. .. e. 'nosset, -1f----.., r dinner I lit itl I. 1111111. hed han- 4 1 1.25 4ii siop111) mei-Icon N...1111 11111111- ' arrnteed 'N.t -------- - )r - 42c . ... 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