Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on September 26, 1909 · 72
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 72

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 26, 1909
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"Oa , -- t I ic; 1 I I , I t Everybody Blames the Street Car Man and It's Against the Rule to Talk Back. ESTERS avenue! Let the iadies 4i orr. ra Fares. please! Mo i c up n the front .if the oar, p.tase Just a iittle more'. There s nitwit all! (Ding! dingi) Twice day Vit r it(,artis a car, hitt.,iF a co.t. to tti.. and passes in to ni seat. somenit tr.,s-k,:,tg V. I.a a L;N7'. t;1,3- 1,.t:4 the (criductor Las. But the conttuctor Mms4 It has atiuther view of the " veiv,:t eas: cf his job The ,ther thornirg an inquisitive person hoarded a teir at Vette tri a eriut, ard LIS far.: 1,3 t r.e cor.,Iu,:t,)r. it.n whorn i s acquaintar,L,- tad n 1(rtned tutpakt et A Wain youi:tit wt.iman steitp- I an Jim', aud past-, d .r,to the car, V. IA the inquve on- on the p:ittforim to rLa th ne e rain 14E at rernarkcit 1.1:14 44r.4luf 7.4,r as t iiavc the te i rope a pu!'. " Yes. Y4)L1 :Ok.,tti V. it an,! ,..t-tpy, even 3't t mkt) be I ni L.Jt - piled the conductor, I got back !c) the bar tui irc,rn my n.ght time oatch tir3 , a. .--OLcie aint ',:t1 Larttly a cif r 1!0(k .i-t wtt- 1 i.t xt month Fit get tar ttakley too-leivard! Ti.' p v-iurg s !Lan .-ame rushing out t' tie 4 ar with a. scow! it,r, Ler fact-. Yitt w1on4 Fte exC'tairred ex,-rtre.iy t. a ving her Land. " Not L- Ls ere o. ti.t arriuotar. Ataytie .,3ou t .t: WC tlidn t t, II nte 3 ou wet t 7' il I ii .,..., ,,..,r, aillc. ... 1 il.,r't r Pr--e---:,-Nez f r r t. , ) 't 4,''', 1,)-4,-,J .1 --:te,:-:, ,,, . 71 j ( . 1,, A ,--r: ti, -, , c.--; .a.,T;, ),, .1144, (,,-. rz- Zo---1 7; A k.,i'' ,.:,N .,.,4 N.,.., ,,,,,,,,, it,,,,,,, I I : .,,iw 'N '1:;f1t.',-;-::-,k.f,kkc ,...2Lti....,1 7 .:: - ,- t: Po 5s Ttva or to Oo Z'aAst-, ISI0- t- 1,1,-s r f this direction when I first got ort'r' she asked IndigLantIy. He's No Miod Reader. You didn't ask me. madam. rep,ied ti.e condUctor, trying hard not to Emile. " Liut you could tell by the transfer I gave you." " "No. ma'am." answered the conductor pa' tienCy. You gave me a cash transfer which ntitled you to ride either east or west." " We, give me a transfer west." she snapped as the car came to a stop. The conductor handed her a transfer, which ste snatched from his hand. She picked up her skirts aind stepped from the car. mumbling about " how stupid and impudent some Ignorant conductors can be. The car started on. " I guess that will hold you for a while Volunteered the I. P. " That was miTa. compared with FOThe." arswered the conductor. She was so mad she even forgot to take my number. Itobey greet!" A prosperous looking man stepped on and tanded the cr,nductor a coin The man received a nickel in change and tas about to the car whtr he was halted by the conC ucb,r. "Just a moment. please. This istit a dime you gave me. It'- some Mexican coln.' The man stopped in surprise and Inspected the coin. I never gave you that." he said. I never even saw a coin like that bt fore." " B'it I know you did give it to me." pro. testtd the conductor. Lecause you are the only one that g-)t on here. and I have not put ' It in my changer yet f 0, veil, it's only a small mattcr." plied the man. reaching into his pocket, " ard sootier than atis. a disturbance I surrpose have to pay another fare." lie put the lklettican coin in his pocket and. hand rig the-conductor a nickel. he started Into the car again. " Here." railed the rcnductor, " I gave you this nickel in change. so you still owe fur your fare." The man reluctantly returned and handed Out another nickel. saying: " If you were a little mote careful In making change you would avo.d such an occurrence as this." and went Into the car. - There." said the conductor. with a yawn, " I suppose the whole trip will be the same all the way diwn and back. Funny, isn't it - Sometimes I run for days without the It ast : trouble, and then. generally when I'm feel ing out of sor:s. I get nothing but an end PEAKING of model ton ns. re- S marked the mining engineer from the far west. - we had a fellow out our way a few years Leo v. ho - pulled off s,eneteing new. Thet in. he delivered the Vans; I dent think the cern any has built tho tont). hon ever. t"rhe situation was this: It W2-1, in th desert country n here even rare-brush and cacti neuldnt eprout. .1-t- company had a placer claim. rich as cream. Ix hile nats r for drinking purpesee ?at to be shipped forty miles at prices ranging from IQ cents to cents a gallon You can imagine ;that a placer claim isnt north in such a country. - But the company was in tart. It trought in well driving machinerY and started dawn after artesian tater. On the face of the propeeition it was about as promising I! torirg into a dogwood tree in search of a Peotch collie. tut suddenly one day when the ye e1 diggers half expected. the point of ',he (1.rili to melt off 2gulphurcu5ly. they ttruck . a vex, e f water that as a ivond,-r. - The ramp at the time cersisted of about fifteen Checks f every coneeivable material for keeping dewn sun temperatures and Mocking sand etorms With water in abundance for sluicing. however the fortune f . the company se.,", made. The next thing tn - the proiorant axe the model toAn. Double Cross Doesn't Work. Model .-41... Company Goes Full Limit. " A billowing. tortuous railroad ran paz,t the camp site- Only the prospect for go,d would have held a w bite man to the country anyw here within fifty mlIcs of the spot. Drawing upon the imagnation with a Ind-lass, a population of 3.0110 for the to n wou'd have been the limit gl sane possibility. But the company went this limit and sent east for an engineer. " Draw us pans for a model town of 3.000 people.' said the company president. and the engineer set to work. "Three months later the engineer had as plans, drawn to scale and in the minutest de-tea. And say. If the company had only bulA It. that town today would have been a worlds Wonder. if the gold In the placer deposits I - ' - ,Ev-ez7v--boct J31.3z-22es -t-he Coz-2 a et cto c..111 cf totlb:e mornit.g " ! ,,7t,y, t ,: ,z oh? NitS ,-ntirt 41. thP 1't;1). .7-, :Ye I kl,natit? ; nta!nt! c s 1: rt to ut.,:!t. 1.,V ItA 110 v1 r. 1 tt:alk Low 111,11 t!. .s criti is:Pd op tr,!.! .1 ,ol!1,-,t,,r 11 cl.t-11 h u I tow alstiro A S,11 r,,tr- vo;;at(rs late ortlesl, he has traT:Sf- r wants ato,a,,kl ,:ter 4;1 th- trissks -,-,Qor1 (,,. to to grt am. t: or,.t,kr. n:(,,,t covizn.n (11enst is that, ef ( .i n a 1,nt trans:. r. In a cr:,INd a..:rost ::::, v.-A takihg it tvw, and If v,.. t-!: t.: n-:f r tranitrihnIt the !!, ..! I" '11!:1 SO .211.t. u.t. Vt-hat azi t du? Nuthit.g. Women Not Exempt. Either. And this dear Women, too7 " A fa vortc! trick ot tnrs,' continued tile cohdu,tor, is tor (A.., t, g,t (IT1. .!) a enov,,I, jst in front of some I.VInn I int out my hind :or i!,-!- tare silo will nod toward n;ri fird pal,s kly into the car. w L. ri 1 a,k rurn, roldm Loy npver even noticed t.tnar.. Ior ir tare. Li-, is genu:n surprised. Arol hy he be I;v this tittle th wuu,n has taken a seat in t-i, front of the ,.tr. wi11 isnowiLg that I cannot leve the Lack islattot m, ten to on., I ouldn't riot her in the cross d, anyhow. In fact. ever:1.1,,,ly tries eve! y pot,- y to rid, fr,e. A:in:and boo-it vat : rh .s.,ncctor Lad t. Liet oit and hit a 'r;pt,:tstl woznan on to th,- n blitt !ookti in r tcirs- iAlic found sin- had niy 4 4ents. She turned a pica ding f,ost- to tile man in tiic tmitorm ant ts,gun taik .1-m ti by ::mny g,sticula:lons. lig passed r on the ear ar.d gave a knum, ir.g it,k. " An c!,1 gag." he said, ringi:ig un the " and moz-A aiw ays ragged 0:d w.,.inan tr!es it. If I had many like In a ,lay Pki tik, clean tsroke at " You are o5iig,d to t'arry a certain amount ot t,ne., a : you.: was w,ked. Ten tii)1Iars.- tie but we grnerany averaKe .!..! or .S:;." " Do es. th company over find you out?" Last Inspection Nearly Fatal. "Nut as ytt. hut las,t irspection day we came near being discov, rtd. You to- e. ever so often s e are callt,I in fo-- inspec:ion to see I! our t-,otLes a:e cl an .trid priiirscd. and if wo spb a.-al so on. Wt-:L It 1mspec7 ,1:1 day ,hat nut a man of us Lad :he retired $11, change. In factv uver and ore or two had ft-w cers. So st,-- ch!tprd in ard mad. up the ax-no';fl r. flnrt I. ( ;ten man was calltd in wt. gat the money, and t..Lt n catut nut he r.)iSf at,71;!: next, and so (In clov.n AN't- do that almost ever3- time now. But soft pedal. SPe what s t.ere." A man got on and. giving the inquisitive tios$ :All Aboazz-ci-- person a hasty look, he handcd the conductor a nickel. asked the nearest transfer point to the Union dtpot. lokt.d the conductor over from head to foot, aril passed into the car. A !jo.)! tr," whispered the conductor. " Dan't talk to me." A few blocks were ridtlen In sllrnee, tl:e man left the car at lialsed Ftre t. " lie wanted tniUfl station RS much as a cat wants fleas, muttered the conductor, as the car moved on. I ttll you what. Letween the Town Never Built. had pt-tered out the next week that town could have been walled in and paid for itself in a few years. charging tourist admissions at the gate " The ti Ira waz; xenty-tive stories high ard all under one roof! Jr was no more than a modern city skyscraper. brought up to date :,r the purra se In the basement were established the city watt rworks plant. elertric E,a!b)r1 . coal ards. and tile like. al to ho rea,herl direotly by a subterranean switch track and laterals from the- railroad's rna:n 11:.e C :1 protIsiOlti!, lk,re made tht re-. five yards from the it:en:eking machines. Ma. hire shopseverything of the kind to be anticipatedwere laid out along the !ines of ell0z,t rigA economy and rompleteness. Crossing Coppers" Not Needed. "On the ground levelnotice I donl say street level. for the town wasn't to have any etrcetsthe store-S. shope, markets. Iank. an-I the w retail irts.ness of lawn ere provided F;a(e proportionate to 1,assihle r.,741F of the kind of town that NI 0 LI ill settle there " On the seeend Poor were the (1Pb-es of the comparr... the administrative city quarters. ,Acrts. chureh. theater. and J'.ist above this was the floor given over to the pul.lio disp,.nsar), hospital, gymnasium. and indoor park amusements Above this Poor were the Pats. rooms. and suites of rooms designel for the population of the skycraper town " T rea,-h the resiftert part of town express tele ators were inst.-fled in accordance with the Trost approved citc Pica buildinz piers More t-ar this. freight Service was ;.rovided as between the- do; ntown retail settion and the basement Poor storehouses. with other freignt service to the re-sidene floors. !raving no gas supply. coal AIR ft - E. ential to kitchen ranges. shooting up in elevators from the supply tins below, while ashes anil garbaze dumped into chutes, emptied irto a waiting car relow, ready for disposal with the minimum of handling "Say. wasn't that a model town for your are But somehow the company hasn't built It year. I companys spotters and the ever complaining public the conductor irut be on his guard every minute of the day. You may evt n he a spotter." Le added, quickly glancing up. "tut the J. P. deciinv41 the 11.41!,r with thanks. and asked how the gt 1111F spotier IVa S u quickly spotted. It's All in Experience. we g,.t so we can tell them the minute wr !ay eyes on therm" explained the eonductor. " Sometimes it's an old woman, 1 etimes an old man, unit more often a young cub !ike wejust savi. But they always gt t en the car in such a (lett rmined manner ! that we soon grt next to them." " 11w di 3ou Mir the pay-as-you-enter ears?" " Veil." he It plltd " I tion't know. We dont pushrtl off as oftt ti a M e tied to on tho elii cars. and we get MOre fares with ss troub!e. But a pers. n gets mighty tired stJrLt:g in the Fame spot al! day long and .111 soon have a good ease of stringhalts front stamping up the fares. Its prt :ty cold in the NS Limo. too, having to sta1.41 still all the ! titi.e, while en the old ears we re lc. Pt tat ni by inovit.g about among the pa.4.r.t-n- ! - -. I. ;! THE CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE: - SEPTEMBER 26. 1909. ,c40 c:1 6", IN to 6, c.0' kc 0 00- 1 t-29 , L,N1 t; ti.10 ,71 t, " I H I "' tit,'COrChiract Ifirrt krzil-x a-Look xiers. But Yin nut kicking O. ro, I am sat.- itirol if tne cowpox)) is, certainly cam every cent w, got. and sunle of us tarn more. Alan) is the time we xtras have put In from tiftet Ti to fleht(en hours a day bf nching it on calls, and Mtn ()illy got a six or tieun hour run. Mai y times IA.. 0.,) nut g t a thing. Put, a I salt! b, fore. I'm not kicking. I get a regular run noxt month, and I've cerainly eerned R. State street! All ofr: Slung." EDUCATIONAL. Use Your Evenings ATTEND THE METROPOLITAN LARGEST, FINEST and BEST Metropolitan Business College 156 WABASH AVENUE CHICAGO 156 NV ablu.tx 4ve.. ('or. Monroe 1530 . )(obey St.. ()pp. V.I. ker Park. 304 stty-Third I.. near Prineeema Ave. 1110 Oakley (Ott)... (leer Tnellth 337 Lineein Awe.. near Belmont Ave. (Zinc:A() 0 Also JOLIET. ELGIN nd ar7f1011A. 11,LINO1S 'AR ES CAL CHI ITALIAN VOCAL TEACHER Late of Adelina Patti and Abbey A: Gran Opera Companies' 715-715 STEINWAY HALL Phone Harrison 5147 TesehPr of Miss May D4- SnUM. 3Uss Rate Condon. YLPW Mary Malatost,a. Miss Cr-viiia Ltioda Miss Vira Young. Mrs Elr,anor l'artridar Miss Folorta M!ss Item-lee Fisch-r Mr. W. Sc ILnshaw. Mr. Ivinscri. Mr Frank Lainard and 3: T. Lain k'an.erot.. the best young Y3INGERS ON THE ::TA(;1-: S;a:Lor Mara-s-airh; Las aided MRS. W C. SCOFIELD. a former pupil of 115 Its asrimiant vocal instructor. Mrs. Seotteld is a fine singer and a v,r) txperierwed tPacher. I 1 ; fo...- ...s. , Viola Cole Schcol of Piano" VIOLA COLE (PUPIL OF HAROLD EAU ER) Directress. A School of ,Xrtistie Piano Playing. Beginners' CoursesArtists' Course. Certificates, Diplomas. Normal Training Classes. Six assistant teachers. Booklet mailed free. Address PEARLE LAROCHE, Secretary, 425 FINE ARTS BUILDING. L 1 SHORTHAND' trill give you expert 1nstruct4o i. n ehorthanti in EGY MCC 1 Ott will have the personal attention of an el pe rienCed teaciadir La tour reporter. Terms WWI, L. Ni-ix94.1x. TO Lea.rborn-at..Chicemo,bulte la i I I I EDUCATIONAL. ' - Night Study Makes Do Ihirs of difference in -.,our earning power. Study Gregg Shorthand and Touch Typewriting in our Evening School. It will mean more pay and a bettr position for you. Gregg Shorthand can be learned in from one-third to one-half the lime required by othcr systems. It is easily written; it is capable of the highest speed, and is far more legible than any Other systeml Enroll any Monday, Wednesday or Friday evening. For further particulars, write, call or telephone (Central 3739). GREGG SCHOOL 151 Wabash Avenue D a y a n d THE Night School Students May Enter at Any Time Berlitz School of Languages BRYANT & AUDITORIUM, Cong-ream St. Entrance. STRATTON Te lephone Harrison 392. New I ork A ashington lionton Philadelphia BUSINESS Parisi 1,01111f011 it Madrid linSt coLLEGE ria Mex,co St. Lout Cincinnati AUDITORIUM, Pon gTetim St. Entrance. lephone Harrison 392. New I ork AVashington lionton Philadelphia Paria Longing,' Madrid Niele,co St. Lout Cincinnati san rra n ciaco Baltimore Perlin I. Pet ernburg lenna Conatantinople line-nun t yrem Monteideo Branches in all leading cities of the world. Pupils traveling may transfer the value of their unfinished terms of essons to an V other Berlitz school. I,esons at sehool or residence, in classes or privately. day or evening. Superior native teachers only. ConversaVon Circles and Pronunciation Courses Free i THE BERLITZ METHOD clif! fers from all other so-called conversational methods, in that it follows de VclOpMent- It proceeds from the beginning by object lessons, questions and answers, by the direct connection of perception with ' the foreigu tongue, and by the as- sociation of ideas, so that the pupil ; playing an active part, as well as the teacher, proceeds by degrees from the known to the unknown, and from the concrete to the abstract. THE BERLITZ METHOD does not neglect grammar: but instead of discouraging the beginner with dry and obscure rules and exceptions, ! rendcrs the study of grammar interesting an:l practical by making the laws of the language clear and corn! prehensiye through striking exam! pies and comparisons. Trial Lesson Free Riris Exposition. 1900, 2 Gold Tecials. Zurich Exposition, 1902. Gold 7.k1e1al Lille Exposition. 1902. Gold Aledal; St. Louis Exposition. 190 Grand Prize: Liege Expo-;ition. 1905. Grand Prize; London Exposition, 190,S. Grand Prize. NOTICE The Directors of the Berlitz School of Languages beg to inform the public that the do not employ any cans assers whatsoever. In order to avoid deception they suggest that all arrangements should be made at the office of the school, by mail, or telephone They will, however, be pleased to send representatives when requested. STUDY KLIDERGAR THING at the foremost estabhed kindergarten school In the country. We wfll start. our 24th year Oct. eth. 19 Th Is Is a flebt that offers more opportunities foa- the financial, mental, and spiritual ac'vancement of refined young women than any oliler V4 eathn. The work Is Principe:IL original. fascinating woman:y and fits for home or profe,sional life. We have more ca;le for graduates than we can supply. MRS .1. N. CROUSE and l.LIZA BETH HARRISON 1 Information on request. Kindergarten Chicago Kndergarten College, DEPT. H. 1200 MICHIGAN AVE.. CHICAGO "Michalek Master School for Violinists." The most rigid arid searching investigation will result In a strorg confirmation of the fact that our Violin School is immeasurably superior to any Fin-A:Lir institution in this country. Catalogue mailed free. FINE ARTS BUILDING, CHICAGO. MartineDancinglicademies 2734 HAMPDEN COURT Cla.sPs Open October 1st. 2nd. 4th. 5th. SPECIAL CLASSES ESTHETIC and GYMNASTIC DANCING Teacher graduate GilberVa Normal School. Beaton. l'hone lu 6-141. 'I:ARTISTIC WHISTLING I Imitating Birds of the Forest VOICE CULTURE rupils 'ace. pt, ,1 from t u y, ars Special mt... nuarrPr.; ! t rn fo p ni nridayt I1-4 IA it 1711 Musical ins ry Madimon Street 1.1LIE GROFF F The Misses Spaids School GI ORR LS 3138 Michigan boulevard. Chicago, LAy boerdIrs school. Splendid new home. Col legs p!epa,at,r! ard finislming ccurste. AttracWks Eft. Special fa,illues for day scholars Cert.flNite admits to eastern colicses. Re-opens Sept. ;."2,1 Th Misses Spaids, Principals. LEARN TO SE A WATCHMAKER. We Watcowora. Jweiry., hatitraving. Ciockwork Optic& "I ultton reasohabis. board and room near the Institute at moderate rates. Send for twit,- 1114)11Ve of onformatioa. liEta.bLEY POLYTECH INSTITUT& Peoria. J. Add:ague lioralostoal AIM EDUCATIONAL EDUCATIONAL. I EDUCATIONAL. 1 orazzacorimbh,,61,. zzcir-1-5.a1;xmazzaimm0:22emarzon 59 11-13 RANDOLPH ST., OP. PUBLIC LIBRARY BUSINESS, ENGLISH, SHORTHAND and CIVIL SERVICE COURSES WRITE, CkLI OR TELEPHONE RAND 0 LPH 1575 FOR PROSPECTL S Joscohlinoftlatangq i IMPERIALFRrhill, VIENNA 11 Per-;ottut instruction in the artistic, scholarly method of operatic. star, fancy . and toe dant- , illi4 adopted tm , '4''in .v ... NI t- t ropolitan . . -t-'-' .-, lit: and Haulm, I- - - , " : - - - . York; ( 1-tinti t, 4 : -'" 4 ,t: ,- Opera, l'ari-4; Imperial, I. r- -4 x . Eit: v I n n a: Royal Thcatt r. . : I ondon; NI it'. t 4.''',I';-,.',.. - fl-, ,s, n 1 c II i t c ''FI:. .14dArleet Graduates o I ,.. , !, U. 4, ..! -4. t .0,40, my school , . 7 guaranteed ad- :. ,-. ,,,-ik., ; ,fr ,,, lc " ' ' r . -s-, - ,..,- , O mission to any s.: :,-..,:s.'!:,' high class operatic stage ( ....., I n Europe or America. Special Beginners Class Tuesdays & Fridays I 718 FINE ARTS BUILDING Residence Phone. Lincoln 1906 ,..1 FINE ARTS BLDG.. Chicago, WM. H. SHERWOOD, :: DIRECTOR Best Mcdern Principli-s of Art Scientitic and Practical Value. Fall Term Opens Sept. 14 '09 P,I1110 VOtal. Violin. Organ Theocy Putd Sctool Musk E;ortati,,n Dran,atic ArL Dangung-s Classic Dancing and Physical 'frainirg Inforina.Aon address Dept. K, Fine Arts Bldg., Chicago ADA H. HOLMES. Sccretary. CHICAGO CONSERVATORY DEPARTMENT OF EXPRESSION Under Direction of Mabel Lewis Bewail Special courses in public speaking. concert repertoire. technique. etc. Opportunities gisen pupils for public appearances. rite for special catalog. We! ton Perkins, Pres. Box 27, Auditorium Bldg. The FAULKNER SCHOOL Formerly ASCHAM HALL 474C MADISoN AVE CIIICAGLr. ILL. Phone Oakland 1423 A DAJt. SCHOOL FOR GIRLS OPENS SEPTEMBER ZS. Careful graded kora Iron. tne .n.inthrgarten through College Preparatory Coutae 13o)s are admitted to Kindergarten and Primary Grades Garieral Course offered to students not desiring College. Certificate from the College Preparatory Course adir.its to the Unherslty ,pt Chicago. to Smit' Wellesley and to other roi ifegels MISS 'ELIZABETH FAULKNER. PrIncIA. MISS GEORGENE FAULKNER,. Director of Kindergarten. Chicago Kindergarten Institute I 1 GERTRUDE HOUSE, 54 Scott Street, Chicago, III. Offers a valuable training in Kindergarten to young women. OUT 16th annual session opens esiptember 29th. VISITORS CORDIALLY INVITED. Stevan School for Girls LOCATION. DREXEL BOULEVARD AND FORTY-THIRD STREET In the heart of Chicago's most beautiful residence sect ton Certificate admits to Wel.iesiey. Vassar and other college e open to women Teentieth year of 'xigenre. S.nd for ctreUar SOI opens Sept 22n1 Address LUELLA M Principtd. by oUr pi oat. M1.11111g Lt. individual Instruction in 'Watchmaking. Engraving and Jewelry Repairing. Most modern methods. Positions for graduates. Lay and Night Classes. Catalogue free. Chicago School of 'Watchmaking, Dept. X. Bush Tempi' 211 i 1- t taffiln 9- L - -f T E WM chimp Acdll1y of Fine Arts! ' ------" - ..- ----- 1 6 East Madison St. cants must live with parents and No. 1 , , , . , , . , 1111-P I LaCILOL tal. be able to furnish exceptional SaturdaysSpecial Classes for Children and Adults. references. Address D E 456, NightsInstruction in Design, Life. T rio .7 lustration and Crafts. une. SundaysDrawing and Painting from Life. Enrollments may be made for any branch Inshaw 606 KIMBALL HALL once a week or oftener as disired. CHICAGO. ILL ALL CLASsES 'NOW IN SESSION. Music and r SHERWOOD "uslc Mbursarrati: Conservatory SCHOOL ! Aft UR NISTillin 3 F TEfigt,t,Life i's ta E ,. , , If, ENGINEERING MOH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. ES E211-11L 3 Fall Term begins October 4th, 1909. Registration from 7 to 9 P. M. October 1st. 1909. DIroular sent upon application, Phone Douglas 390. 33rd St. & Armour Ave . CHICAGO. EZtEftrnMtnInZ0 MIK Offers special advantages to musicians desiring the experience of playing with a Symphony Orchestra under the personal directorship of M. BALLMANN. FREE SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED To the twenty most capable applicants. Give name of instrument when applying. Address Edward Schwenker, Secretary. BUSH TEFfiPLE CONSERUATORY 1 North Clark Street and Chicago Avenue....CHICAGO n 41.4101. Vbrvwft 2M:Tzr2r322MEMESSA A School for Boys SiZban's KN MILLE, ILLINOIS It hut iL few hours' ride of Chicao St. Louis and cities of the Middle P:epare: boys for eo!leze or bwiineA Certificate admits to leading college The best of dis,cipline and individua, attention in all departments. Gymnastic training and athletics az all season.; Separate residence and matron for younger boys. Parcnti are urged to call and in,pect the schoo). For illustratel year book, addre3s !laster REV. C. Vt. LEFFINGWELL D. D., Rector LUCIEN F. SE4METT M. A Head Master ViANTE High School graduate, one with technical training preferred, to learn steel and machinery business. Position offers splen- did opportunity for advance- ment but necessitates starting in at the bottom in the office of a DR. WILLIAM WADE HINSHAW. Director. Offers thorough and systematic instruction in all branches of Music and Dramatic Arti Positions secured for graduates. Eirlin nt faculty of forty instructors. Pupils enrolittat any time. Catalog fte4e on request Cad In or address A. J. HINSHAW. Manager. 239 Michigan Ave., Chicago, EMMA M. CHURCH, Director. SESSION NOV OPEN STUDENTS MAY ENTER AT ANY TIME. VISITORS Nk EECOM E. TeachPrs ar.i CHIrirt-ns ria.t,s open SATI-ItDAY, DI"FOliElt 2,1 Night Classes uptn MONDAY OCI011Flit Ilth. oys' School For boys who need special attention; teaches 14 vs how to study. Prepares tor all colkges. Also Business Course. Engineering. Country location. Boarding. Grimasium and all outdoor athletics. Write fr catalog to 1515 Masonic Temple. phone Central 3902 Cosmopolitan School of Music and Dramatic Art I'r.F-urpag5ed far-J;t y .-o ('(,u7-Fe ,f s (fl 1.,st Trotkrn TION A I, LN:r1 !.ES. DIPLOMA S The L. s! For, oo: for earrx ; upi.s Fa!: Peas,r. ArLitre5s tEt- Leg:vrar o. 4 AUDITORIUM BUILDING, Chicago, III. CriVTAt INL1i , OF Piano. ocal. Dramatic and Public School Music iUSiCDepartmenti. FALL initrti OPENS 15,tPT. 3. 1909 Unusual Fr.e Advan'tont,a to Students ct Gradu. Fr-. S-nd for Deta:i.fl Inforrhalon. Dept F Nu- FINS.- Jur.. 1)G.. chtefligft. CHICAGO LAIIN SCI10014, 18-20 East Division-at, North 123S. Irgar!orlo,rovue irtyli Ff.Alt-b; AB:1-4t4lki ED Gymnasium; Training; Atnietica Kindergarten; Prunary and Grammar Grades, Separate Building for Gtris at 64 Scott street. TERM BEGINS SEPT. 23 R. P. BATES ....JD M. S. VICKERY. Principals. BROWN'S COMMERCIAL SCHOOL , Expert instructors in shorthand and bookkeeping Individusi instruction Positions for gradsetesSOS E. 434 Street. wear Elevated. Chatage. ARTS AND SC1ENC C)Pki LIH St. Mary's School KNOXVILLE, ILLINOIS Forty-Second Year Begins September 22ad For Girls and Young Ladies Under same nianagemert ,cat-s. Preparator), elective- ew. advanced cccrses. Sis Languages Music. Art. Licinestla Ectence. cf Applied kicuscketpIra Wm. H Sherwood Vite ling Director of Music Sympstheilc; Soctai advantages; Physical training Dr. Sargent's method). swimming. hios dame-kite. out-of-elcor sports: weekly entertainments: cheerful er:.'ronmert : Ii me dairy, pure Cr pure water. yard, rs Hr.d wrove Send fr r;toeirated year ipcok No At Rev. C. W.Leffingwell, D D., Rector and Founder Miss Emma Pease Howard, Principal Twenty-Fourth Season . r. AmericanKimball Heti 239-254 Wabash vv.. III 239.254 Wabash Ave. Chicago,ill Conservatory THE LEADING SCHOOL OF Music and Dramatic Art Eminent faeulte of seventy. Unsurpassed comae of study. Teaebers Train ng Department. Public Soi.001 Peparime for Chibiren'a Work. ioeutiou l'hysieut Cult. e, Modern Lanimaums, Meny free advanthgeta. Lhrty free e,holarehipa awarded. Fail term begins Thareday. September O. School of Actic d. directed by mart Conway tho renowned educator for the swiss Catalog mailed free on application. (1) JOHN J. HATTSTAEDT. Presidia& THE AM EWAN I RUGBY, ramout The E5prit of its stud tits The lo)al'y t :ts graivatee. Tile th:rt...;gt.r ., lasofic rnii.taty a.d pi -,, LI aining Recogtaheart., u L ti ..t.rr.ent as a licho.,1 ',h.:, A. ' or tirst SEND F-'01-1 TA 11 I: -res ST. JOIN'S III,LITARY ACADEMY. De:afield. Wauaekha CeLuty. Wis. CHICAGO OFFIL1,---Ialfi Mast,ale Temple. Itiepticplit Celltral 6 w MIZUMUE ST. JOHtli'S ottilLITAL2 ACADEhtgY k Fiz-t-uFAL CHICAGO SCHOOL of APPLIED CENTURY SCHOOL OF 239 Ma incdh i gN,OnEAM,AeL Ah ,T,Sg PAUSiC and Oratory The best school for discriminating students VII WA:VI' THE HEST Ili. STRUCTION. A full corps of competent artist teachers. All conservatory branches taught. Special inducements to student" of ORATORY or DRAMATIC ART. rend for Catalogue. Address CHESTER N. HANSON.Director 26 E. Van Buren St., Chicago -me A Private Sanitarium for Nervois and Mosta Diseases in Children and Adolescents. AT LAKE GENEVA. 18ISCONSIN, EDUCATIONAL EQUIPMENT, Motor &nu r.,ensory Train.i.g tlu5d ArticuiatIon. Speech CA'rk.ct;ve and olieepirator) u)innatti,s Barna Sewing. 'Mode lIns in Clay. kleadlng Vr!7!n. Mathenlattca,, Natural Study and D,An.,1 TRAINED TEAIIEIIS ND NURSES.' 1 VOCAL INSTITUTE, THE ANNA GRUFF-BRYANT ART a School de- Tp.ted evlu.lvely t , VA. Ar- II.11 Muhl, g ,f Slugerg a ncl Vocal leachers. Privet, 1,4 Iii.4inhins Sept. 13, LI1,14. Cuur,e ti a 0,-, tit. 4. 19.,.t. Send tor 14,,-k1et. Dept. L-., .$.2-2,i Flue Arts Building. Cbleago, Al SCHOOL OF DOMESTIC 39ctate St., ARTS AND SCIENCE, Tel. CI:la Si Dresip aking, Millinery, Sewing, Cooking, Hygiene. Day and evenuur c ass, C'CLL;LL ted by exper!ence4 graduate teacb-rs fr.m Armour Inst tate and Eastern c,J11-ges Fall term opens October 4th Ketriltration day October 1.4t Gottschalk Lyric School A comprehensive, well-graded bitAial Educe. bon. Instmmental and Vocal. by Teachers eV chmvely attached to the Scnool. Catalog mailed. KIMBALL HALL. CHICAGO. ILLINOIS. THE DRURY ACADEMY ALEDO, ILL.. prepare" for tc best coLotsei universities and "dentine schools Buildings new sod modern; efficient facuay; cotnfriabe dormi tortes; equipment unexce:led. Gymnasium and stSletie field. Domestic science and music. Co-edues Waal 1$400 s year. Addiess President r. J. Davis IND f 4 ( theY daYli take static or et gOrn ne158 peoPt thing city' To gUT( he Pa EPPIT Gra In hi. rine lite II come to tr, earth vatur Ho ith perau speak churc worth "ledge " G3 tent 4) nlY ard' Meth( which grew duca ithoi but hi ergY haf N; ere there that I vetted He ?ninth, but hi by EU. Of TTILI of the be , Saxon Be Is the re any r i Cl al ITIF life so Unlit be has ing as fere tt that la In our sae Ci .Minnel 3-onto 3neetin teum. ' ...00(lVt trhF:er1); m ;:tllaot Lil, ings 13 Ice 5 (A away M by as rieeet,s Nua ntt-d, cif wh:4 "Gypsy It is Should ' be is al gelistic the san The La Szed! t NV 2-1. P. C and oti. ; In Chic been in ization 'sxecutl, : sive col , mess sy! ! For a( It sitlorlesgruL(In'eh itive fgre31 !It ef. ' ter. an tchurchs tiffice persol " churc t gram," , ing an 'actively of Chict As a ! holr of has air t hearsal! ' various ; assist I.: campaix , evening church its servi armory. held. an rrornise rnoverne: The fl )(A:art-0 fourth s The a Christia which h. pation I N( the (eve of trade " Rah rah! VI Ever course enthusle Certain larnesa ore mill , of alma the hell, trill; Jan stone. The b burtenar era. " fr thusiasr 'working Most sv , tire plug 11011 wh, - the eres i try of , becomin -ta feare" A visit ..;.tnitaolamat reugtds o sorn tnor tn af be vm,reo) t ' !foremen burly ol Every h .Where rested. Man ag ,teriously Zraternit and oth, Writ an oCatalogL tevelatio On Youth Of par .11w wtyl I . :at hroogunr. ski .wia.:11,14n: ell dovin after artesian water. On the face ' 1 Tettell,ir of Miss Ma) De SMIna. M.'s Rote condon. -- - lt FAULKNER. Princpl. I S EOR 1 NE FAULKNER, Cosmopolitan .School of VOCAL THE ANNA GROFF-BRYANT -. to Portenal of the propeeition it was about as promising Crossing "Coppers" Not Needed. N't .PR Nitry Maliticisi-i. Miss Ceetila Ilhoda. Miss I marline uancing ncsaemies LI,Iss UtilIZAIT:l. . . ' as borirg into a dogwood tree in search of a Nora Ei-iith Yiunc. Mrs Eleanor Pariridge Niles 2734 HAMPDEN COURT Director of Kindergarten a School de- .asse, " On the ground levelnotice I dont say I rotierta lliison. Witt iteatrice Fischer Mr. W W Music and Dramatic Art ART l!iSTITUT.E.,, , et...5 Open October 1st. 2nd. ,Ith. 5th. ;ted ex, 11,..If ty t , the Ar grIOSI. go ) Scotch collie. P,ut suddenI3,- one day when sireet letili for the town nasnt to have any , I SPECIAL CLASSES ESTHETIC Chicago Lnshate 5,... i li F l, I... I d the we-1 diggers half expected. the point of - ,t. vinson r rat. ...1.:nar, ar etre ets--the store-S. shone, markets, lank. 1 bir T. Loin: vino-rot. the best 'Laing SINGERS ej (r ,d. e ( od-se of ,411.t- 1,,,,q rn hest modern EltriATItc: Al, Fill: i' I l'I.Es. Ki.ndergarten 1-1-.UrPaS5Pd fa ;'' : ' .. - . . - .:,id tisiii Irami,g of Singers and Vocal leachers. Prt, L. sserat Beeinning , . .re plug I,ir 'the tl.r12 to melt ,,tr, Vu7phurcut.!y, they struck DIPLom AS The Lis! school for earn,- s i ulms -I an.' the nh,;:e retail bos.ness of tun n wele ON THE STAGE t41.0- Sept. 13, liatlt. Cwir,c Cia.,,-, th.I. 4. lise.i. , ,--; IL vein ,if water that Ns aS a wonder. and GYMNASTIC DANCING 1 GERTRUDE HOUSE, t-a!: ,,,,,,,1 b,.,,.s I-ep emb(r 7:(1,1, Ve 9 Send for 149-klet, impt. E. lill2-2-S Flue Arns - the cres ' provided F; at f, proportion Ate to 1,t,ssil le S;eir,or Marcs-ali-hl Las alile4 mend. w e. s,70 - i try of I i 11 Tho ramp at the time consisted of about poo-oe of the kind of ton n that nOillii ttle - Fli":1- fifteen ehacks of every toneeivable material there 1( a to-mer pupil of his its assitliant vocal thstructor. Mrs, Ft-idle-id is a nne sin e arid eacher raduate Gilberta Normal School nstitute . Boston. I g r a T g I 54 Scott Street, Aditress the Leg:airar tor Ciiiii:ogit, i', o. 4 Building. Chicago, Al , - - - , becomin Chkago, III. AUDITORIUM BUILDING, Chicago, III for kffpintz down sun temperatures a nd - - On the eeerrol toor were the otleee of vet-) experienced teacher- Itone Lincoln 6441. . , -la fearee, i e '., flocking sand etorms With water in abund- ; 1 osx 1 the compatr, the administrative rite guar- , SCHOOL OF DOMESTIC 39 State St" '..- . tee for sluicing. however the fortune r toots. coerte.-cheroh. theeter. and thli, han 1 P . , , ten to young Ns-omen. en tember 29th. Chkago. ' A visit t -lj . the con--pany was made. The next thing t.n session opers p Cr.-04-1-At.- Z INLS Crook.di- ARTS AND SCIENCE . , .; 3:31 nridaartn anb or e3 , 4 J,ist alkoe th!F wae the floor i g.ven over to ; ' Viola Cole Schcol of Plan" 't ARTISTIC WHISTLING I, , f.ct .the prorani was the model town. the pul,lic dist., nsar), hospital. no ninasium. i imitating Birds of the Forest ,,,,,, ,: OF Plano. ocaL Dramatic 1, II 0-- and indoor park amusemente Above this I VOICE CULTURE nit 1 . and Public School Music Drealrnaking, Millinery, . , !foremen Tel.sCeeaw.Sinigill, pistirlitterits. i USIC v eue, Cooking, Hygiene. burly ol sthe OPENS t ''' 1 - ' ' roor were the rats, rooms. ard suites of ' VIOLA COLE , , .1, a,,...rt ,1 frc,ni , ,,, 70 yt an. special re es 7;1:: colan S hool for tiff's . , .1 Company GOes Full Limit. rooms designed. for the nopulatior of the I SalT01. SePr. 3. 1909 Pevery h 1 1; "A billowing. tortuous railroad ran past ekYoriner town ; (PUPIL OF HAROLD BAUER) . 1.,..arters liaily !.. a in t,fSp M Stindays lo-4 Unusual Fr.e Advanisges to students Ing of t se Freraa iaitl ted"iseet '.:(n ItYn;;:r1siertra;rmstn"Ao re t 'ti en n'n''suurOL ic' tet ods Lt. 4 - the camp site. Only the prospect for good " To reach the resleent part of town ex- 1 Directress. Phone Vest 17II .1usleal Seminary .leies,51adimon FORTY-THIRD STREET cf Gradmiii-t. Fr ee. Send for Iteta:i;,fl Information. Dept F", tration day October 1st, 1-EsnIE GROFF - assortm, ; 9 would have held a w bite man to the country pre!! pies ators w ere iroOn7lod In 1,f-con-lance Street ,-----. in the heart of Chicago's most .t.lAtRulDreA'aid-eDnee Nlis FINE t tuns it' Den. C-hiestast. Ht. o anywhere within flfty miles of the gpot. alth the trest approved efts- ce nuildirg A School of ArtiStic Piano Platriete -- .1;Nrhere , 1 '1; FOR Welieeley. Vassar and other - lereated- t. ii Drawing upon the imagriation with a wind- rlans More than, this. freight service was 1 Beginners. COUTSCS Artists' COurSe. Teentleth Year lif eir- e lass, a population of 5.0110 for the to n leouot ;.rr.vith 4 ae het wee n the don ntown retail Certificates, Diplom,as7 Normal Train- The Misses Spaids School CHICAGO LA.IIN SCHOOL, Gottschalk Lyric Scho Lira i4eetthar en dr Klegnsocsie4ti- Manes; .;;- 4-Itio 3138 M ic h ig a n Bo oteva rd . C h Ica goG. ilifilli-S. Istence. S.-nil for rireular, Selli,:,1 1840 East Dirision-st. Tel. North 123e. teriously have teen the limit et pane possibility. But ego Don and the hasereeet roor Storrhousfs. La' mod botirding school. Splendid new home. A UF I I A Ni Vl rt-soN. Frinniptti. coot.ocilitaCitietetrgot:Ifi:ctpeleOnall.mto:wEtooxme: BoUbtLE:aut,ens sep e ,' ing t lasses. ttox assiStant teachers. ddress glIS I, - -- - Bove) ni Ito ages trairoughis EA-nbRibNCED A comprehensive, erellorrsded Musi-iial Educe. tation o College pieparatcry ard finishing ocursts. Attrac- , 1 t nred tor roneee by ( - AIASTERS t f';': i ' the company went this limit and sent ego with other freine t errvice to the re isiden,7e 1 Booklet mailed free. Address for an engineer. floors. !raving no gas supply. enal was p ft - , .., tive home lire. special facilities for day scholars Gymnasium; Manuat Training; Atalanta. non. Instrumental and Vocal. by Teachers Ish : Zraternit Certalate admits to eastern colleges. lie-opens and oth; f se I " Draw us plans for a model town of sential to kitchen ranges. shooting up in PEARLE LAROCHE, Secretor seen il"2,1 --11MAKING LEARNIWATE ...., t 22nd. Kindergarten; Prumary and Grammar Grades. di-lovely attached to the ScoctoL Catalog nailed. , , KIMBALL HAIL. CHICAGO. ILLINOIS. -. Secretary, . n Separate ittozding for Giris at 54 Scott street. spirit art , il ! 3.000 people.' said the company president. elevator. from the supply tins be while Th Misses Spalds, Principals. ' ;. . 425 FINE ARTS BUILDING by our . .-.) ploui su.ming lilitn- twil- AT ,11, TERM BEGINS SEPT. 23, -,, Catalogu and the engtneer set to work. ashes and garbade dumped irto chutes. vittuai instruction to Wetchmsk- Iv .4-4-0 A. P. BATES ...JD It. S. VICKERY. Principals. "Thre month latee emptied into a waiting car nelow. ready for , LEARN TO BE A WATCHMAKER. I THE DRURY ACADEMY ALED' tevelatio e s r thengineer had the , 'I i:' -. . i plans, drawn to scale and In the minutest de- dieposal with the minimum of handling . pairing. Mc'et m'Klern n'ethrHig. Usll '' 11 ' ' BROWN'S COMMERCIAL SCHOOL , universities and scientific schools Buildings nese - ' ' Wn yOuth and tail. And say. If the company had only built " flay. wasn't that a model town for your 1 SHORTHAND, I will give you expert inatruction we teacti Ns awnwora. Jstiry. kaistraving. Ciock- positions for graduates. Lay COO 1 Expert instructors in shorthand and bookkeep- . , , and modern; efficient facuay; comfortable dorndf . Of par , ,e:;r-- I - 41 It. that town today would have been a world are But somehow the company hasn't built Wonder. if Us gold In the placer deposit. It yetr. . I . . I a a or tan in my office. lots work, Optica "I uluon reasonable. board and MOIR 1 win have the personal attentien of an experienced near the Institute at moderate rates. Send for tat- I 1(0341241r La soon ratisartars Teams stasisosiiitste 1114)11Ve of information. BELS..DLEY POLVIKCH- Tills k WiZ(2-aaw TO LastbornesstoChicaao,bune la atIC INSTITUT& Peoria. Itt. Addreee aotological. Night Classes. Catalogue free Chicago School of 'Watchmaking, , . ing Individual instruction Positions for graduates. int. Engraving and Jewelry Re- Dept. Bush Temple lin A. tad Street. gear Elevated. Charade. 'urn and ate- - tunes. equipment unexcelled GymnIaLsr,-.. preParee 1 ' len field. Domestic science and music. Ou-educa- s tor XIIIP best col-Milo. tional Sao a year. Addiess President r. J. Davi& . - Slaw wtyi , :. I. - .. , V. . , . , . . . , t , , -V. . . . , . . . .-. , . . ' .., . , - , .. - . . , . . - --"'N -r----.Irkfl -.: PIONAL. t. , ------- umEzzazuscrin 1 , Z , FiR 7 E ., , 44 V ( , , , 1 I theY , I dayt take , static " 4 or 01 A gem 6 E ; S . f -,; nese 1 peoP1' a 4 thang t yin," I ' 1 To Plolt 15 guri , $ IA I he Pa EPPIT 4 . 9. f Gm In hi ) i rine 1 1st. 1909. i lite if come to th s 390. earth vatur Armour Ave . C; AGO. S Ho 4 . st ith Iles n MEMEZTUMMO perau sneak iM2025;217 ill , churc .1.. worth bedce " G3 I I it; i tent ), only k I - WE v. ard, Meth( , , which 1 grew i de- i cluca -I :h a v Ithol anal fiRDED ,- ,,,,,'.1 - that irle:he r t reu(7 N. etrhreleah:till finlith '' 1 He i nts. . 3 tnindt. , mg. 4. : but hi by su, try. cif mu , , of the be lb , Saxon ARV' ,,;, - lie is the re k: any si CAGO claims life so him lirt7M110Maier , l :' Unlil ' , be has --,,,,,........;-...---cl ing as fere tt tbat la ,.... ' ,, , ' 1 ? ' , 1 ' ..' -!, I '. . . . i ' , 1 i t 1 , , ,91 :4 $ , J :0, I-., .-'''-' 1 ,..i t ...- , . ,i, 1 ,1.,, , ' , 1 g, i ; 1 I .! .q I ?),1 -- gi ;.! I 1 14','' - I:.- I 1 : l'"I , : 1 ' a ' 1 I , I I :;1 - i 1 f'' 11 i '-.0 - i revive. s School 1 0.ima, throug t , ILLINOIS -z. 4 . thp tot; . Ow; av las September 22ad 1 lngs 13 ice 5 (41 4 (oung Ladies away 1 Fell M s; eIL 1...r tort) , sacs. : advanced ccnrses. s by as sc Art. Dcniestio tlecess .ppiled ki,us,ketp- ... lira ntt-d; d vice D:rectur ,c a u.dan,e; Soctal 4 nala up training (Dr. Stir- ef tch:t ;Ins. r tos ling dame- : weekly entertain- "GYPsY DM r t : d. me dairy, ard, nit iind wrove rear book No 41 It is t., Rector aud Founder $ Should ' be is al ward, Principal gelistic , the san ' The La ill Season sz6, t N Kimbah Rail II- P. C an2W3s9111"st A v . and oti. : in Chic ChiCas01111. . been in izat ion ratory .xecut!, : sive col SCHOOL 0.11" , tess s3,- amatic Art ! For s( ; ing of 1 1 (.. Unsurpassed course I der the os Department. Public for chlidren's Work. I !Wive se P, Modern Lana:bawl Issuing fly tree e(elicilorships Iharsday. September a i ters, an to PS er3 4t1 by Bart Conway i L ehurchf tor for the stages 4 tiffice f4 on application. ; " persol TSTAEDT. Presides& i " churc. - i tgram," 1 , ing an( i 'actively 10 H til 9S t! 1 of Cnict 1 As a 1 I -r A L 2 Y 1 1 : choir of has air 'i , D E Iiil Y ; ! t hearsal! ..I.A.,FAL. t , various ; assist t .4stro..".04-, A44"41444-. , campa ix laceth:s: a snr,e): r.rnht,:i s stud( tits :ts graductee. --- ( I I s st l c lasolic t -,, al training s, tiot . : nri.cnt 0.9 . r lirst t ,... held. an A Y ACADEMY, i 1: Te , t (11i .R I rrornice . County, Wis. 1. movemel Mas(Alle TeLII-IL , TII I, P P , tral ;.;wJ.t. .1. lonatt,1 r fotArtil s Tile a , ,: Christie , -hich h. 1 A C1100100 " f : Kation I Oratory P N( iscriminating eta- , THE BEST Ili. orps of competent , a 1 ,servatory branches ments to student" 31 4.TIC ART. f Of-TrA Address . , klt ,,gloritu 4SON.Director the (eve St., Chicago of trade I , 1 " Rah rah! VI 1-1 ,' Ever I Nervo;is and Maata course tad Adolescents. enthusie . 18 ISCONSIN, Certain QUIPMENT, liarness. ;de 1-siddst wartentne, re mill J,:,,.ts e rrectivs sea , of alma ,;-;, Barna sewing. - 6 1-;7ln., mathematics. the hell, lon, o i trill; Jan .. s tND 1111(SES ' , stone. ---..... The h ? - :1 - I A 1 il tt I t! -7 Notork , b51 - l!xr i . k I :. 1 ,- I ''CI I i , I i;1- i 9 , 1 -!!! ''''? "4 P I II 1 i 1: ' k ' 40Seet,' ' r fl, :rit:,- 'rr 1 ,---..,..,.--- - -----i, It Itutiorze riari iNLITI 004. 1 !id naLtz 01,HULH111011111-0 HUIIHRULLI ' 1, , NtiliN $-,,, .. .. . , ., ..,,, - A f;,,,,,t,, trt,k ,,t continued the N u-r time. too, Laving to stasd still al! the , ,,,,...i 'A, cordietor, - is tor ose tP g, t (IT1. .'ll a tr,oa it, t::,.,.. a t. un . s------- 4- ,. ...ii , :. 474, .:,,, , he old cars we Wt re 1,-,. pt in front f so o,' mi W t n. h n 1 pit wit at in by inovisg about among the paslren- 1 riy hand tor res tare sbe will nod toward the ti;rin h :.:1 her ard pass: qui, kly into she sas. vs. ri 1 a,k ,s,4: rurn u tl.) sobably . : I en: In stel rk Monica Parim tt St. Coupe A ashington Philadelphia Londeen Madrid MeetIceo Cincinnati BUSINESS coLLEGE , , ..., To the twenty most capable applica.nts. : , N -i rz- 2'61 it7; A '.,Nt ' , Give name of instrument when applying. ,,::, ,.-...:,..F-------)is,-. ,reszt44 n e,3.,est-,,tenvitlnn,h-e.t1t,71 t i,. w. othn. li is II, s las,. an Prionebeco Baltimore i -Nk1.6",,,s4,.., -t-3,7.-41;:,:.:,..,..r.,-?I'l'., i'il; NI spristd. 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The tonc-,ctor Lad t,, get t,tt and litt a .s-,--,----",' 1,-, ,.. - 14, - Cb-1 the value of their unfinished terms of ,rs.,,,-. -,-, litti -.,--- . ts - -riopa.-1.1 -., eznan on to the tar. W-Ii n ,..,lie .,----4E--- ,'..-4 ' ,,, - , ..4 loeked in h r purse. she found she had only - :.-!,:- .,-.;:-- 4 cents. slit. tui ned a pleading fe-t- to tile "P, -.7., .0, rt. it-n In the usitorn: an I-4giin to t alk J w ir---1 1 -i- ---- ' i,h. at', oalpttnie d ty, :.-m ny g,sticula:lons. ,0 ------,-- ,- ..,- , Ile passe-i h r on into the car aral gave a . , r---,---ar kr,uw ir,g w ir,k. " An ei,1 gag:. ht- said, ring- ' If int ,.., 1,1 , sagged ,011 i r 1 : J 1:ig tus the fare. " and .t., mos,t always oid iv n it If I ad oma w :1,1 tr!es . h rr. - 4 ,.0j any like !--r in a etay Pk! tit, clean hroke at j'.'''i :; night." " You are o'ilg.. d t o c arry a c ain a ertmount ot ( 1,rle'. r, i ", : yJz.r! was asked, . , e 4.. . Cssns to an v other Berlitz school. Les.sons at sehool or residence, in classes or privately. day or evening. . , . '',,Qpiss; --,,,p Superior native teachers only. - ,,,' 0 f 0 c:1 ...7 C5 0 ,:',5 z.rj.,.,'-' e 0 ' 60: T Ott .9 cs,- ,.,), Conversation Circles and Pronunciation Courses Free HE DER LITZ METHOD dif- fil fers from all other so-called conver- SHORTHAND and CIVIL SERVICE COURSES WRITE, CkLI OR North Clark Street and Chicago Avenue....CHICAGO , . A School for Boys TELEPHONE RANDOLPH 1575 al . ''' t -"""t1111' 77--".""E11:24111E1217.21:1315r,..,...,. 0 41 FOR PROSPECTUS Pl." , , , 11 ., , .t..,4.4,...k,.,1 .g A ArL-iL-,-.- -- --- ..,..1 -krt.: , - , e ,I it 7 . - I .....--, .---4.4.,:.,?,-, 1,4. st .,, . , .., , : . r.9.7,111131.,,vists.-4avt --, '-T , 4 .4 ). rr, 7.1 g - : ''f a:.,...i., t?. 1 ,,,a,,,--q-.. Ago. . - ...,....JN,, ! 11,- 4-,2r,eir.------,,,,w ,,-.--41 l3..'3' - Ten tioiiars. he said, - but we generally po5s a veraKe t-i. or Siri " " Does. the company ever find you out?" ' 3 .2 ...4e - sational methods, in that it follOWS ce....:' ....., b I ,..",..N. , KN )(VILLE ILLINOIS , A , 11 ., , a e, n lOgleal tilVt:101)111ent- It proceeds tilirith. joscohmu Hatallek 1 :' ,k ithill iL tew hours' rii de of Chicatto St. Mary's School ,. . . st.I.otas I an c i ties of tle Middle West -41- .4e, tP. from I he beginning by object les- I .." Pi-e ia,re. boys foreollege or business, -j. Tor to 0oE'a.ast- , L'io- t- 1.1.-s r f J, , Formerii of KNOXVILLE. ILLINOIS ie d .i Last Inspection Nearly Fatal. . . . I "':' t t 11J , sons, questions athl answers, by the IMPERIAL THEATER, VIENNA ,- , . .. ,.., ,,.. t ertibcate admits to leading colleges Forty-Second Year Begins September 22ad hirectio when I rt got or n fist'r she asked " Nut as ytt. but last irspe tion day we :, J' . e, ; i il I' direct connection cif perception NN-ith Personal Instruction in the artiatic, For Girls and Young Ladies ndigLaritty. carnr- near being, discov rd. You s e. ever :.,. : k - , I . ('.V3 --- so often s e are chi:, -I in fo- inspecilon to see - . 1 'I --:';''- s, - , . ' the foreicru tongue and by the as- r, The best of dviine and individua , if our v:othes a:e ci an ,trd 1,1i ssed, and if .,'.-', scholarly.. method of operatiaciusitalgoee, (fittaloncriv ; (ttrytmenntaio:tif:Ittaallil:Ileigpaarntdincantthsi.ettes az i iti:xndeLar sLa:ud.egnei.anagmemuae;ret f;rrti.urrit:e:11:estt-$40. He's No Miod Reader. - 'I a 1 il :' s I, ociation of id r nrceas, so that the pupil , or. ;41;741140. i i Preparator), elective- az advanced cccrses. e wo ltace tit-,-- Siti i Lat.,:- , tt,-.d so -,n Weil. 4 i c'l . Y ou didn't ask me madam rp ed ti.e . .- e;i i eatit inbrEe'io:1 day IA, i:-rv,i,! ihat nut a 4 - it I 1: ,-,).. playing an active part, as well as ',1:t11::eiatdirci:Pti:;1111t:1! . U all seasons Eetenee. Scii,o1 st As-piled thue,ketp- (inductor trying hard not to . Emile . ma n of ug larl !he i-Pe liret t 'SDI chan In szf- - er ,1 1 ' t ,s t,,,,imwc 4-41,. h d v Pfri-C'e S t e In New . s 's. I isz Wm H tiberviood Vitellitat D:rectur tA4s,-" (-. y , from the known to the unknown r l rt . , -- York ( r,,44141 .r.,..N1Ott:.; Opea', 'a-4: Litc. : kinper.i4.41, ' ;"'.- ;;Ly r ; and from the et )nerete to the abstract. -?-411f Lit: A 1 t n n , , THE BERLITZ .NIETHOD does Royal Tiwat444. I , , : London; NI ' - '914.1r!'"A' 44 4. t (4 1 ''' otos's not nc:,2,1t.ct ,gr;iitirnar but instead of Graduates o f " .41 - ' ., , ( ", AL,' : d vitiiiilt V111,,,... a..!! ko t 1 4: , . ' 41?... -',1::141,.'- --O1b' , ---- .., c- f '-,- - - ,,,I' 4 '') et e ''' 'reel. ', ' . , IN 11(.01A0. e.. 6 ,. riltittr!,.-- ----$, . ,r tv 4 , ',,, 7 ' ' ,Nai e . c Alp :i4 i. J.,- , , . . , . ., ' ,r, , -4A.410a . .k b . PA al 1,0. .., 'Ao ;--- ( vt-'4, ' t7 . v ,..s --N. e. -- r -.). 4 :i ,ivr, ..-k. - -te fr," 0 L . : . L t i r .7... , - ' ' -- - , -.4:' ; ,,,,,$, 4 iltik ,4 . - kg '1)$); '',,,o,,,- ., ' - . ' :di' A : ,.,,,i l' - it ,14,.. ' i ., i---.....1I4,,........,..22.; i. ,,,,: ifi it -P ' t ''' ' , , ' V ih,-' l4, , A 4.14 tr , tyirt,to, ti v A v Ali; - , 0 II A 4,',Pi liPtt 41:4 :. 4 littli. , .. Aka.' .. ' kos b ....".,.....,41 41"-'4tIgid .00.-- i , 1 .............7: I 1,, ,...1 rr- I Nc.:--'-,N;;-- ' 104:1;';og. , li VI - ''ArY i,l, ; ti-z ir1 t ,t,:.,oi.,:',., -J--- 10, ,;;-----) .,hmt, -. ,.- --- --;.,, . .... , ' I. .. . it: , k v ,-,1 2 ti-44,-,,1 ,:. -:, ., fr. e. ::- V "fi.i 1 i 1-'14.. t 16 c., ,, ' , -L, . -1!...1. , ttg, - J ,, ! 11, . .. - t 1' L1V 1.: r--, , ,., t ..,,,,:,,:,-4 : t -.v t kl I tit h . , ' 'xiptp Ixtsf i a , , - s'io, rov-,-p. .ppay 1 6 .,i.-- It r v A ' .---. tb it allt t 1 lc' - ' ,., , et-49' -. . ,,.,,,,,,, ,... , - t- . ' s' . 14. , . S 0 ' , (I v , - , . ,,4,1,4,e lb- 4 , ,, ;,,,-,,, ..e.1.1-241..11,Z;'-4,,X11WIMInalanikrAMIPEiMKatiran,77.. , , , - - , - I - - lit it ,t, i ,,,, ::, d ? ; ' LA r 1 11 El 1 ,,'' 44

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