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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 5
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 5

Chicago Tribunei
Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:

CHICA'Go. DAILY TRIBUNE: 3 MAY ft I 1933. -AUT0310DILE niErrs. Automobiles stolen, 79; recovered, 70; stripped, 14 from police records for 24 hours ending at midnight Wednesday. DESIGN FREIGHT PLANE TO, CARRY: 3 AUTOMOBILES SAME DUN KILLS 2 SECRETARIES OF RICH RECLUSE FIND BOY KILLER GUILTY; SECOND DEGREE MURDER MEANS CLAIMS TO KNOW LINDY KIDNAPER GANG 0 Ittil KIDNA Compton Shaken Up in Crash SI Compton taken tip- in Crash I 1 1. i i "ir. rz 4 -1 2 itt fr: 1 4: Is :1.,. ns. E. 5.,. 14 :14. 4. .1.: -4 ,.1, el 1 'It: )7 1 ,..1, :11, 77,1.. .,.,7.,:. it 4 l': .3. 1. 4. io ,44, 4 .1,,, i sr A 1. Vef 4,,., 41, 0-4 A vt, 0 i i 4- 14 At ei, Pilk. 1 r.4 A 1 4. ,,,4 4 1: i 1. 'T -1 7 1 dii, .1 '''0 1 4 itAli. A.7':-,,.: A- A tl- i i.iv., i- '4' .4 Al i' -4 Ai could remember seeing the old man insisted his beard was white. Persons who had seen him two years ago, at the time of Moench's death, also Insisted that it was white. Around this point arose the question of whether he dyed his whiskers recently, and if he had, why? Police discovered that Ridley bore the reputation among his tenants of being a sort of Shy lock, who lent much money on mortgages and insisted upon prompt and full payment. According to George A. Lewis, at- torn who handled Ridley's legal eP the estate was worth about $2,000.000. Miss Anna B. Ridley of Brooklyn, a cousin of the old man, said he had been acting queerly. Recently she had visited him. There's a woman detective in the next room," she quoted him as saying. She is always shadowing me. I know they are after me. They are always atter me." Poloist Killed in Auto Crash; Companion Hurt New York, May it ---(Special.) Herbert Winn of Little Silver, N. poloist and defendant in a long-drawn divorce case, was killed today when the automobile he was driving struck a lizht standard at Asbury Park. Jerry Cobbs, 43, of Newark, riding with Winn, was severely injured. Mrs. Sally Winn bas been seeking a. divorce, and last fall charged before Edward Moore, special master in chancery in Monmouth county, that her husband had misconducted himself with a showgirl at the home of Mickey Walker. the pugilist. Mystery Adds to Mystery in Double Murder. Says Child Shown Him as Flyer's Son. Says Child nye Escape's Electric Chair by ittry' Verdict. L. B. Manning, president of the board of American Airways, yesterday revealed that plans for a plane capable of carrying 12,000 pounds of freight, or three automobiles, on long flights are near completion at Wayne, Mich. Construction of the plane, which he hopes will make a strong bid for the heavier pay loads thus far handled by railroads and buses, will be begun within a few months, he said. The plane will be a two motored, all metal Stinson. It will have a cruising speed of 80 miles an hour, a top speed of 100 miles, and will be capable of making long hauls. Mr. Manning said the designs contemplate making it possible to drop three 4,000 pound automobiles or four smaller cars, fully assembled but for wheels, into the cabin. The wheels would be taken off before loading and hung on the side of the plane, be said. BY GENEVIEVE FORBES HERRICK. liChicago Tribune Press Servile. nY GENEVIEVI ILIChleaga Tri r- AN, r. 4 4 101411 t. litAitAINg l''. A A .1: 1 New York, May Mystery piled on mystery as the police today continued to seek the murderer of Edward Albert Ridley, aged and odd millionnire, who kept an office in a spooky subcellar in Allen street and his secretary. Lee Weinstein. limma (-ww el Ammon A- X.47710111,:dz:J:,...1:; le 4- ---V rilt.i -1 (-1 rt -1, Or 4 r-z I i'li ristr, ir, 1: 7.: cl -a 1,1, 0.0-.- tir I -ol N. 7 ill- .0 7 4i, ,20 I .7 Prof. Arthur H. Compton of the University of Chicago with his wife and their son, Arthur who escaped serious injury last night in auto collision near Sterling, III. Mrs. Compton and the boy were the more seriously bruised. Their car was wrecked. Photo. New York, May Harry Morch, 16 years old, was found guilty of murder in the second degree by a jury in Queens County court tonight. lie stabbed William Bender, 12 years old, with a potato knife last Jan. 31 in a deserted house In Richmond 11111, Queens. The mandatory penalty is from twenty years to life imprisonment. Although the evidence had been regarded as sufficient to have warranted a verdict of first degree, Mrs. Mary March, the mother, cried and screamed as she was being taken front the building. Boy Cahn to the End. (4 -4: Nr, Nt.1,;,..,,w, i tkil 1 1 i.4.-.:,,,, 0 -a 4- -LI rz I 1 f- ----4 4 4 10: 4g 7. A t': ott o' tiiVACir 7. ise- i tt.i,-,Z-t-- y.t "PI 7 1 ,11 o' 1 lb -4 -11 14 -I 4 4. "A stte, elli 1 1 7- 41 I- 0 7 7 D. 4 PROF. COMPTON IN CRASH; WIFE AND SON ARE INJURED ST. CHARLES LENS GENIUS' WIFE IS GIVEN DIVORCE et. I refiyikP- 1 1-0 '411 pfl "4 1 0 44. in t. 4, I 1 I. I i- woolvti; '0, 1 i 'f A ''t i ---)ir' -711 i. 'r' i 1 -I 44-- 1. lq 4 ei LA A 'till' ff. IF- 1, 0,1, )0 ..4 'a. 2 I -a -1ll .1.4 A '1, 0 1 .,2: I 0 1 1 tli; As.15 1 arrt A b. 4'74 it; 1- "I', 4 4-4' -z ,,.....1 1,, Lfg 1 If rt': 4. it tL? i --F I .1 1 6' --'). A The fit ih 11 i --Ft :1: 4 q17.4-,-:1. 1: kP im a 6.1! to-di -2vt got. pef ru0 lk.11 It I Ja .1 111 41 Ne )4 1 i c. 4:7 ''Y 46-si; -411 The first point, which added an element of grim determination to the crime, was the discovery that the automatic pistol from which were fired the two shots that killed Herman Moench, Ridley's previous secretary. two years ago, had also been used last night to fire the seven shots that ended Weinstein's life. The second point was the question of who died firstRidley or his upon that will turn the disposition of $200,000 bequeathed to Weinstein in the will of the wealthy eccentric, which was deposited in the surrogates office. 1Vh1ch Died First? The will parceled out specific bequests of $812.600 to Weinstein nephews, and nieces of Ridley and some few others, and provided for a five year trust fund of the residue, after which it was to be divided among the children of the nephews and the nieces. It provided that if Ridley died first. $200.000 was to go to Weinstein. and if Weinstein died first. the 000 was to go to the residuary estate. since both men were found dead Weinstein shot seven times and Ridley murdered with twenty-two blows from a heavy bookkeepers stool. the question of which died first was uncertain. In addition to the question whether Ridley of Weinstein died first. was still another problem. and that was the precise color of Rldley's flowing beard. Assistant Chief Inspector John J. Sullivan. Inspector Fronds J. Kear. and Medical Examiner Thomas Gonzales, all Insisted that Rldely's beard had been of a reddish tinge, not due to blood stains. May Have Dyed His Hair. In Fanwood. S. where Ridley had lived for n1 years. every one who Mrs. John E. Mellish, wife of the astronomer and lens grinder of St. Charles, who was permitted to work outside the Kane county jail during a recent imprisonment in order to turn out work for observatories throughout the world, yesterday won a divorce before Judge John K. Newhall in the Kane county Circuit court. Mrs. Mellish was awarded custody of eight children. Mellish. regarded by many as the foremost astronomical lens maker in America, was jailed Sept. 8, 1931. Ile was found guilty on statutory charges made by his wife and 13 year old daughter. Scientists then pleaded that to keep Mellish in jail would be a blow to selentille progress. As a result be was permitted to go to his St. Charles workshop each day. Lest April 13 he was paroled at the intervention of a friend in southern California, who took the lens maker to the west coast to work. want to impose on Mrs. McLean, he explained. Means turned to the jury, spread the palms of his flabby hands toward heaven, and asked them: "How could I be sure it was the Lindbergh baby? I had never seen it." Everybody sat silent a moment. Means put down his hands; sat up alertly. "At last I thought of a test. My son, who had gone from Washington to my sister's home in Concord. N. to spend the Easter holidays, had taken his motion picture camera with him. I decided to go to Concord, get the camera. return to Aiken, take movies of the baby, send them in by air mail to Col. Lindbergh." When court adjourned today Means, figuratively, was on his way to Concord to get the camera. But the identification had not yet been made. NThitaker Enters Picture. Means said Whitaker came into the picture while Means was participating in negotiations for having the baby turned over to Mrs. McLean at. Aiken, S. C. According to Means, Whitaker had written he needed a loan. 11eans had replied he needed 'Whitaker. The two went to Aiken and met Henderson. NVhitaker went to Mrs. McLean's cottage as a decoy to look around at everything to see if Airs. McLean had made preparations to grab the kidnapers." Then came the early morning of March 2'2 and Means' meeting with the little baby. Tomorrow he will take the stand and, presumably, carry the story from Aiken down to El Paso. Her conduct was in contrast to that of her boy. Just as he had been calm while 13 year old Johnny Miller told the story that caused his conviction, be remained calm when the foreman of the jury pronounced the words We find him guilty of murder in the second degree." Harry stood up and composedly answered the formal questions as to his name. age, place of birth, and former residence. Elizabeth Bender. mother of the dead boy, declared that "despite our sorrow we did not want him to go to the chair." Judge Thomas DOWVIM expressed satisfaction with the verdict. Judge Praises Verdict. "I am perfectly satisfied with your verdict," he Maid, and I believe I speak for the district attorney's office that they, too. are satisfied. I am very happy it was not first degree mnrder. 1 v4.011141 not want to send this boy to tile electric chair." rienanded Harry to the county Jail for sentence on May 19. Joseph Lonarilo. assistant defense attorney, annonced that au appeal un lid be taken to 1M A ppellate divi sloe. In summing lip, Dana Wallace. de Aliso attorney. had admitted that the defendant killed the Bender boy, but maintained that a convulsive movement on the part of the victim was responsible for the knife's having penetrated the heart. 1 ,,,5, tq4. ":4 i ft. ,,,,44 i 9' 4tl tie r'4 7 )(rtCtli; 4t t. yti.4.2,,c41.---;:. it A 11- N. .7: '11V 'z "4 4 P(ir 0 r-'7 11 s. $., i N41 et" tr -1 WV i 1-414- tie It 1.444'1 I. 1. i.i,---v.v, 74. i .6 Nii.e,---- v---t: '1 iz--: tido II y' I 7-1, a -V; rilitl' 417 A 6-- Tv Washington, D. May E. Means, now serving a term In Atlanta penitentiary because of his futile and expensive promise. a Year ago, to return to Mrs. Evalyn Walsh McLean the kidnaped Lindbergh baby. today told a Jury here in the District Supreme court trying him for another angle to the case. that he knows who kidnaped the child. When the hubbub had died down in the court room. he modified hie statement; he said he knew the men who said they were the kidnapers. Then he tossed into the recora another sensational remark; That he had actually seen the Lindbergh baby on March .22, 19:12. 21 days after its disappearance. But again he qualified. had seen a blue eyed baby, about 18 months old. And the men who said they were the kidnapers of the Lindbergh baby had told him this was the Lindbergh baby. Put Question Mark at End. That was the way with all of today's testimony. A smashing declaration that caused everybody to gasp: a mild little question mark that made many smile. Another thunderous statement; another anti-climax. as Means sought to prove that he had not conspired with his co-defendant, Norman T. Whitaker, to steal $.15,000 from Mrs. McLean. On the contrary, Means argued, it Was always Mrs. McLean who had taken the initiative, had urged money on him, had been willing to take chances that ho ad' ised againsL For instance, he pointed out, Mrs. McLean was willing to pay over to the kidnapers without getting a positive identification, but wanted to be sure." With no hesitancy, but many a Pause. Means brought the creaNded ecurtroom down to Aiken, S. where Mrs. McLean Nvas waiting in her 'Cozy cottage" to receive the Lindbergh infant. Means himself was at the Commercial botch Early the Inorning of March 22, he said, he reeeived a telephone call from Wellingzoa Itenderson. Accuses One as Kidnaper. Means claims that Ilenderson.Nvitoin identilied as head of the communist third Internationale in this country headquarters on Grand iliver avenue. Detroit, Is one of the kid. miners. Following the call, aleams said, he dressed, rushed downstairs. into a side street. where in the back seat of an autornolille he saw a little baby, ztbout 17 or 1S months old, with a knitted cap tied on with a ribbon under his chin. I could not see the hair. it was wearing a buff colored covering the dress, a pair of and white 1enderson, maintains, waved a. hand toward the child and anaounced, "That's the Lindbergh baby. we're ready to turn it over now if that house Cozy cottage Is clear." But Means said he wanted more proof. lienderson said he had the word of Irving Fenton. Fenton is the man whom Means identifies as the second of the kidnapers. lie said he first met him through a friend of at Atlanti penitentiary. Means Still Unconvinced. 11ven this didn't convince hitn, reitetated lie didn't Washington, cialjGaston I a term in Atlant of his futile an year ago, to r4 Walsh McLean bergh baby. tocl the District Sup for another ang knows who kid When the hul the court room. tnent; he said I said they were Then he tosso other sensation actually seen ti March 19:12 appearance. Et 11e had seen a 18 months old. they were the I bergh baby had Lindbergh baby ruts Questi That was tho day's testimony tion that cause( mild little clueE many smile. statement: ant: Means sought uot conspired Norman T. Wil from Mrs. 'McLo Means argued, I Lean who had had urged mon willing to take isod against. For instance. McLean was to the In a positive wanted to be St With no palose, Means ctortroom down Mrs. McLtan 'Cozy cottage bergh infant. the Cornmerci; Inorning of Ma: 'etveti a teleph Itentierson. Accuses Means claim he identilied as I hi rd interna tit WiT headquar avenue. Detriti Antlers. Following th, dressed. rushed street. where io autornolile he about 17 or knitted cap tL zinder his chin. hair. it was ell a covering and whit I 'endorsor'. '31 Il hand towari TIni.1 ncE (I, Thai We'ro ready t( that house et But Means 1 al oof. I lender, word of Irving man whom IT second of the lirst niet him 1113" at Atlarw Means SI 11ven this rritet at, Thc Original Peter Pan Becomes Father of a Boy tle) New York Ta LONDON, May 11.Puter Pan became a father today. A son wits horn to Mrs. Peter Llewellyn Davies, wiC or the publisher, who is Sir James Darrie's godHon and reputed to be the orlrinal character of 1'4tor ran. Auto Skids on Way to Iowa Lecture. Arthur H. Compton, professor of physics at the University of Chicago and co-winner of the Nobel prize in 1927 for his researches on cosmic rays, narrowly escaped serious injury yesterday afternoon in an automobile accident on the Lincoln highway west of sterling, Ill. Ins wife and son, Arthur II. 14 years old, who were with him, were cut and bruised. Prof. Compton was en route to Cornell college at Mount Vernon. where he was to deliver an address in the evening. The car skidded on wet pavement and crashed into another driven by F. A. Schmidt of Fort la. The Compton ear was demolished. Mrs. Compton was cut about the body and btad, and a nail was driven through her left hand. The son suffered a lacerated Mrs. Compton and the son were taken to the Morrison hcispital at Morrison, III. When it was reported they would be able to return to Chicago today Prof. Compton continued to Mount Vernon, where he delivered his lecture. lie will speak tonight at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Two Boys on "Bike" Two enidentified boys, one about 14 years old and the other about 12, were killed last night when they were struck by an automobile as they were riding on the same bicycle at Dine Island and Da Men avenues. The driver of the car fled after the accident. Witnesses told the police that the driver, bound northeast in Idue Island avenue. halted half a block away, turned around, rode back to the seene and, after pausing briefly to look at him victims, went south in Damen aye-nee. His license number leas not taken and the police had no clew .4 to him identity. Two other deaths in Cook gaellity raised the years traffic toll to 321. The victim: 4leoree Leshek, 5 years eld. 1418 West lith place, crushed beneath a truck at 14th place and Loomis hoe. levant. He died at the Mether t2abrini hospital. Bernard Voss, 25 years old, North Sawyer avenue. Killed when an automobile be was driving crashed into a surface ear in front of 2133 Milwaukee avenue. 'I A group of high-hat if ksk (t L-tal4t r44 tt ir.4....51' z' ---)e-, 1.4.-:,-,:q. 1 iliv-pli i i. ,41....1,, 1. ftz-V, 'I 14 4 41'. 3 t1 1,,,4.4. "tro -tr -M 4- ,4 I idzJ.0.0,,,,,-' 3, 71 Alti or' i-t 41-T, 4. fill I A-. 1. iftl 1 t. tii. a ti i I Ap rk WI 71 o' 77 :,:.:4, 7 v. v. i .7,1, to tv, 7 7 4h 11 i 1 .,.7,2 ,,,4,,, ,.4:1 )11. ty la: 7,9 7, 7 N.4'p 1604' --------141(446 1 i 47 VAit A group of higit-hat 44 1 .7 -1 mplaeli 4- 4 4, tvmhz IA ammagomnimi.oL-annon,11 ESCAPED INSANE PATIENT TO FACE ROBBERY TRIAL "LIE DETECTOR" RECONCILES A WIFE AND MATE The lie detector svas given credit yesterday for the rerotwiliation of Mrs (aadys C. Clissettl, 3S years old, 6304 North Nordic-a avenne, and her bus band. NValtor. in the Superior court of Judge Joneph Sabath. Attorne) Hnrry X. Cole. who represented Mrs Clismdtt in her suit for separate maintenance, appeared yesterday and asked that the mutt be dismissed. "The etlitde separated Mr Chspold had ehR rCPl Of infidelity against his wife, the attorney paid lier willingness to hp in the lie deteetor convinced Mr. Clatsoid he had erred. They re livitt4 tolettier again." a 1 144iiiiiMikiiiiiiimilliimmo 1 1 1 1 1. 1 I 1 to I a I 1 1.mom1 Nicholas Evans, colored, will be arraigned the Felony court today on a charge of rohbery. He was arrested Tuesday by Policeman Chester Zobtis after he had held up two employs of the Lake-Michigan building and forced them to surrender an overcoat and a suit of clothes. Later he was identified by Otto Geahlaar. 25 West Huron street, and 3edford Williams, 400 Deming place, as a man who had held them up at the point of a pistol. Evans is an escaped inmate of the Kankakee state hospital. His record shows that he was convicted of robhery March :0, 1931, and sentenced to the Joliet penitentiary. It further tthows that on July 20, 1931, the sentence was vacated by Judge Joseph D. David and Evans was sentenced to the Nlantno state hospital a3 an insane person. Sept. 28, 1931, Judge James J. Kelley vacated Judge David's sentence to Manteno and tient Evans to the Kankakee institution. He es-' raped there On April 1 of this year. naft i v.i.,,,,,7 4 I ,4,1 1 tA 0..11 T1 iff 1.4 1 ti CIAL 1 I 1 dloJr 2)a1 4,,, 1, 14 ,0:71 I ct.4 itIA 1 4, ft, 'i es cv, 3 44 1, l'' nt 4' A.0 :1 i ,44., vi'''4. 4-, k. 1 I 'Fe 'e '1 I 1 i IA il rte 4: i i 1 IF' i tc.17 pii46.41e.Y, to. 7, I ,:,0 i 1r 1 -''''N of' lel 4: ct 4. 0-11 '1 '1's 1 1 1 IP '44 f. v'. )1 1 1' 1 (' ir 1 iitpfl, Ttr 0 4 lief 4 4 1 ft 04, '41 thliNt.4:''llr'4114.r."!!"!4R44 fit004f1: IrVArl ki. r-77---;" 'A r. ii '4'4 ..4 4 i 4 1. A 1 I s-Att- -di. 4.e.T49,, firl'' FIND it.ustA nnArti A of avierilll I 1 Wall re-! I i turned Yesterday by a eortmer's jury in Ow; I 41ath of Raliash. 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''i 4''-' :5 l''''' fi '''t''' iil 4A N'-''' :11 ok i Nit rv- oi for City, Suburbea and Parcel Post De .11, I 'f A 0 or 103 1,..5,44, I ,,4 5t; 0 .4) 11 i ,..75,,,,,1 f- 'it 41 7 5 5' 45 1.t.r.;1-",,;',5."?' 4 1.1.N 4 -A: 1 ''''17-' ::71::., .:54: IA 4 4 if A 'i, 1 P. ZI s'" .14: 1 .4: ,4 '1, 1 it: i i ,..1 ir 4 4 .,.....,...6. 0., 4 .,,,,4, I 4- )- ..3 4., 4, .) All I 4.f: 411. A. it' 4 A l'''' '41 41'1444 7' 'to I '1' i'''. A i 4 '4 4, 1 1 ,,,.,77.1,4 AL-, ''-''-'401 -i- 1,41 'si'ir, i 4 I Aef iN 9 'i 1 0 (sy fAt.1-7:it'llkv -I- 4i, 44' 1 li IA--; 1 '-(; .4., "0, rr 's :.11 e': -v :1 7, 4441 -vi -1 A 7f 4, 4 7 4- LI' '17 15' ci ,4.11,." .2 41-, P' 4.4. ,14, .4 "if POUNDS 11) WOES 4.1 -t. ik P' 1.... 4, i 4i 9 "41 AT'. 4 4 1, 414, 1, 5''. h. '1 7.., 4- fkl' 4 CI 4 .4, POUNDS', O. Now ON SALE! 4 i 7.1. 4 -1'7 .,,...1. 41e i 9, i-f-, ''f, 4 7. lt iv 4 4' jt'''''''''''''. .7. 4. 44' 4 "'z' 00 v- re; ..) delicious wo pounds of auclous fresh home. macle candy. The package 15 expressly, -4- 4, "r' Yx i'''' 1 .4 7 '7' .1.. -2 )p't .4 4 (40 8' '''t 4 -14' t- 4 di 1 0, i 8 4. "Something I Tcl ehsel candies i etos have thrielocuntee5tpoce xx Mialoly from De Met man varieties most fastio 1- to suit the tastes of the ma an 1 .1 Mother Everybody Must Have Something ous and are being fresh packed each day until 5 With a 1 NOTE: Special facilities liveries! Jacket" for Town a Lots of men have been holding back waiting fora really topnotch "buy" to come along. They haven't waited in vain! If you are one of them if yet want high-priced appearance without the high pricehere's action for you, right now! We've captured another rare prize, through our 27 store buying-power. We've corralled a grand lot of thoroughbred Campbell Worsteds, at a price far below anything we've ever seen. Here you have the pride of our foremost Yankee weavers, blended with a touch of canny Scotch ruggednessthe kind that makes one suit do the work of two. 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