Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on April 16, 1914 · 9
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 9

Chicago, Illinois
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Thursday, April 16, 1914
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i 1 IN TODAYS' ImsYr PROT I e "A FLIRT'S REPENTANCE." Ey JAMES OLIVER CURWOOD. Selig John Custer Guy Oliver Stella Elazeto :tlary Cul-ter Legrco J McDonald OHN CI-STI-'.11 eettled : down in his tom! fortable itia!iogany fitted library for the I quiet kind of an evening that he most enjoyed. ills hal-nitiess was crowned by the N entrance ef his lovely young wife, 31ary. f li ith a qick rim ement she reached John's u u r i elair and flung her cool -.vitae arms around his , neck while she rebbei her head against his. ; ..I ,,ppose you are wie,hing that this nut, sance would go eiT and leave you to your ,i books." she said while she patted his cheek ,,i lightbe "Well. that I will. But you know the ' cendition. the hall tomorrow night," she ended kith a laagh. a last embrace, and trieped to the , !)or. front whieh she blew a kiss and disap- 1 , peered. 1 ga 41110 The next e.ening. i 1 la clothes, the young i a ,: co :pet eachdienr;...,a rt ettd, 0 fur tl eti the iltioari l. 9. Mary l yn taa:tount.t e rititair: einxeclited happinees. John placidly condescend- " with her sparkling youth and beauty. 'mimed'- : ately drew a circle of adm;rers about her. most ' persistent of whom was Jaek Legree. chief of ' the r.'0111MtillitY'S gallants. He coaxed her into :, a stroll. where the madness of the moonlight i entered into her blood, setting all her armory Iof coquetry aquiver. She played the game with ' Legree with the light delicacy of one born to flirtation until he asked for One of her curls. ' This she refused. but not so firmly as to pre-rent him from snipping away one of the black lovelocks. Her realization of her folly was brought to a sudden focus by the arrival of a , tilack-browed husband on the scene who, thrust: ing her aside. took Legree by the throat and 1 I gave him a memorable hammering. After that 7 he went home. I Mary followed immediately, scarcely enduring the slowness of the carriage until she could reach her husband and admit her foolishness. 4 But when she found him in the library he 0 turned away from her, bade her go away, de-elating that this ended all between them. Then. , while she faltered down the hall. he sank I grimly into his chair to fight out the bitter ;I battle. In Mary moved disconsolately to the ,: drawing room she met Pompey with a long en-I eelepe going toward the library. "Let me take she said, reaching for it. Tearing it open she found the letter realized her fears. It was i challenge from Legree for a meeting at day4 4 break. Then came to her the VIS1011 of the way I out. At her desk she hastily wrote an accept1 ance. wilh-h she dispatched. then she hurried 4 upstairs alai in an old chest found a suit of her i letsband"s, which she donned with trembling 1 1 fingers. --- 1 Pompey bad hovered arounsi watching her preparations with anxious suspicion. which ire4- toted her until she couldn't manage the pair of pistols In the desk and was obliged to have him load them. She realized. too, that she must have a second. so decided to take the old negro with her. As he went to get the horses he con! tided to his wire the mysterious doings of 1111 3fissy, and she sook her round head thought' fully as he concluded by telling her that 1111 missy had ordered him to say nothing. i Still shaking- her head mournfully. she watched the two ride to the meeting place. the ' gallant youth well hidden under tall hat and flowing coat. leading off with debonair ease. Pompey straggling, uncomfortably behind. sure that the 1,11 Missy was doing something she shouldnt but powerless to stop her. Then : mammy decided it was her cue. Making her way as rapidly as her bulk permitted, she reached John Custer's room and ealled him from his sleepless meditations with her news of the mistress departure. Tie flung into his coat, rushed into the library for his pistols, and found there Marrs note of farewell. which she bad expected him to discover in the middle of the forenoon. His horses maddest gallop was too crow for the agpnir.ed man in his effort to reach :the duel-. ing spot. As he raced onward he saw 'dimly two figures at opposite ends of a small open g space In- the -woods. Two shots rang out and DR. JOHN B. MURPHY TALKS OF BONE TRANSPLANTATION. Chicago Physician Shows Slide Illustrations of Successful Cases at Meeting of Surgeons in New York. ICew York. April ILDr. Zohn B. Murphy of Chicago today showed delegates to the International Surgical Assoc's-ton slide illustrations of successful caeca of bone transplantation. A grafted porton fourteen Inches lough & netient's leg was displayed in one picture. Cases of transplantations of parts of the thigh bone and subsequent ability of the patient to wslk without the sasistance of crutches or a cane were shown. Bone growth In cases of transfer was emPhasized by Dr. Murphy, who said that both the removed portion and the portion from Which it was removed would grow to the natural size of the bone. Workman Killed by Elevator. Mtn Peprauskiee of 1480 South Halsted street wan killed yesterday In the Peoples Gas building B. was cleaning an elevator shaft. He put his beat Into an adjoining abaft and a descending car orrnek him. Invitations, Cards and -Announcements beautiful in workmanship and absolutely correct in form EDUCATIONAL tLINOR COMSTOCK MUSIC SCHOOL This school. endorsed by the greatest musicians. live a musical education . together with home life 044 care. Incentie. artist!c environment. Free. fluent associaLon with the greatest artiste and cp.. unity to make their personal acuuaintanoe, tiring tor concerts and operas. Class Of -11,1ati Literature Langages. History of eerie Dancing. ELTNOuR COMSTOCK Priho 1 LA '.--'1'frtilk7) IOW Madison-ans. N.Y. Miss Leah Baird. who is to be e'en today as the dauntless Miriam finding her way into the land Of Bohemia, has a long list of picture successes behind her. Before joining the Imp forces she was a Vitagraph star. Besides which she has achieved celluloid scintillescence by her work in "Absinthe " and "The Price of Sacrilege." She began her theatrical experience eight years ago. appearing for some time on the legitimate stage. one figure fell. Just then John gained the opening. flung himself from the horse and fell upon the recumbent form. The hat rolled off and Mary's hair tumbled loosely about her face. "You've shot her. John moaned with a wild Mare at the white faced Legree bending over her. as he clutched her in his own arms. Then the searching fingers found a faltering heartbeat. Hope awakened with the realization that life was still there. and the party of duelists united in getting Mary Custer to her home as safely and as soon as possible. Slowly, enfolded with her husbands tender care. she recovered from the wound. And she made a spiritual recovery. too. for she realized the folly of playing with emotions when she already possessed the one man in the world for whom she cared. These things she confided to John. making him the happiest ofmert. as she was the happiest of women. II Dr. Jekyll and Mr: Hyde!! - ' --Kinemaeolov. -. - This masterpiece of Stevenson's lends itself admirably to the manipulations of the moving 4 pictures. which. by their interesting technique of " dissolves," are able to: produce a vividly visible impression of the temperamental changes in which the hero involved himself by hie in- satiable experimentation. M. J. MacQuarrie plays Most effectively the rthle of the ,urbane. handsome scientist seeking a formula by which man may separate the evil , in himself from the, goo&- And he plays still more effectively the hideous monster. Mr. Hyde, which be produces-by the drinking of a potion at first, and then which comes upon him unwittingly and unwillingly. until finally he has no control over himself and can only by death save those for whom be cares from the horror , ofItnowing him. - e Tho picture Is a 'weirdly artistic achievement,.. arriving at an excellently satisfying interpretation of the weird tale. BEN REITMAN PHONES "NEWS." Says Tire Was Stolen from Auditor's , Auto While Emma Goldman Lectured. Ben Beaman. who is managing Emma Goldman'. lectures at International Labor hall, 538 Wells street. called up THE TalsrxE last night with a story from the world of anarc'hy. - . - " While Reuel 'Thayer. vice- presklent of the Russell Brass company, was listening to Miss Goldman's lecture tonight."he said. " new tire was stolen from his automobile, " That gives you a---what you can a lead-- so you can break into the really interesting fact Lots of society people of the north side are coming to Miss Goldman's lectures. For Instance. there were ten other cars outside the hall beside Mr. Thayer's. Tou might mention that. " Who took the tire?" ' Some lawless fellow in the street." said Mr. Reitman. bitterly. " It wasn't one of our anarchistsbe sore you say that! Beata Wife to Force Sale. Zahn Waskowski of 13742 Colfax avenue wits fined 111200 and coots yesterday by Municipal Judge Ryan in the South Chicago court. for beating his wire. She refused to esti some property so he could eat without going tft work, oho said, and ho atrurk brr. ENGRAVING for ALL SOCIAL OCCASIONS at McCLURG'S 218-24 S. WABASH AVE Between Adams and Jackson EDUCATIONAL ,A School on a Farirt where boys learn by doing. Actual contact-4mder competent instructionwith the tilling of the g and harvesting of crops on a 670 acre farm. As the seasons change. every day brings new and real experience. Put the whole boy to work where he will get the 'low. as well as the why... Shops. work with tools and animals. deep woods, a beautiful lake. tramps, boating, bathing, sports. right associates. with an exceptional school and camp equipmentiust tne thing the city boy most needsvigorous. healthful. out-of-door life in the sunshine. The Summer Camp Session opens June I .5 th.. Get catalog and particulars from THE IlsrrERLAKEST SCHOOL EdwardA.Rurnely.Prelddent.RollingPrairiabid. suiriiir:sjEtsrFrEirusic . trtim - ICHICKGO DA TRII3LINE! PLAY 3TORIEg "The Sea Coast of Bohemia." Reel Censorship. - UCATIONAL - LEARN GREGG SHORTHAND and qualify for a good position. The tinsel location and Um best advantages. Day and night sessions. Descriptive circuit': en re. - genet. Telephone Randolph SOSO. GREGO SCHOOL Tower Building. S N. blicrdiran Avenue. L Imp. Bohemia has no tangible. boundable geographical location. at least not the Bohemia Of this film. Bohemia. in this instance, something after the fashion of en aura. surrounds the hero encompassingly 4vvherever the exigencies of life take him. The hero is an artist. one of the kind Whose work is unappreciated by a crass Public. and so without remuneration. a condition renting painfully upon the physical wellbeing of the dreamer of dreams and the painter of visions. When Jack becomes completely discouraged with the results at his stony faced picture merchInts, he determines to depart from the city for the country. traveling light with little baggage beyond his easel, his paints, and his Bohemia, the Istter just then very vague and in- tangible. In his wanderings he encounters a farmhouse. a farmer, his simple. beautiful daughter, and her devoted sweetheart. The vanity of woman possesses the girl and the begs her father to Jet the artist paint her portrait. to which the doting father consents. admitting himself willing to board the painter for the picture. This arrangdnent suiting every one. the portrait ino es on apace. Simultaneously with this bit of pastoral joy. there Is in a neighboring mansion stirring into life a villainouS plot. The mansion is inhabited by an unscrupulous old man. guardian of a wealthy girl. whom he wishes to force alto a marriage with his good-for-nothing son. he scorns them both and feels perfectly secure until she overhears a conversation between them concerning the discovery of a new codicil to the will which provides that unless she marry before 4 o'clock on her twenty-fifth birthday, she forfeits her fortune , to her guardian. This condition they plot to keep from her knowledge and also to keep her under their control until the fatal hour is safely by. It happens that this Is her twenty-fifth birthday, so Miriam has little time In which to clinch her fortune. She realizes that the first thing to do is to escape and she sets about It instantly . jumping into the car by the curb and speeding off toward the village. The car finally balks. as cars will, right in front of a modest house from which emerges a pleasant man to her assistance. The borders of Bohemia become more evident. She observes him. knows that time IS precious, and then carries him off to the marriage market on condition that he promise never to see her again. After the ceremony she corn. pensates him for the service of his name with a large roll of bills and betakes herself to face her angry x-suitor. who has pursued her just too late. -41- Then the artist goes back to the city. where hi s pictures still don't sell. until Miriam happens by the shop and orders the purchase of all that are brought in. Later Jack Paints a portrait of her from memory. which is hung in an exhibition and creates a great stir in the artistic circles. The villain mutilates it, but through it Jack and Miriam are brought together and take up their permanent residence in Bohemia. The following cut-outs In moving picture films were ordered yesterday by the censor board: - " Lost In the Darkness " Male. Subtitle: " It you love me. come to the house tonight." love scene on couch in which man kisses baroness. and subsequent .ecene in which be bid-9 tter farewell. Subtitles: Guido Is not loyal and the new passion keeps him enchained." end " Guido himself to the new love." Shorten bedroom scene showing mated' suffering when he discovers he is blind. " The Death Sign at High Moon " INaleml. Striking Indian as he appears on the stockade; shorten close to camera scene of dead Indian to where minister takes his headgear. " The Other Half of the Note " Kaleml. Striking detective dieguised as old man; choking detective on table. ' Miss Nobody from Nowhere" Universal,. Striking girl on head; shorten- scene ot revolver duel between policeman and crook. - " The Outlaw Reforms " World Filml. Holdup of stage coach. binding of man after be is lassoed and shooting Indian who climbs stage coach; holdup of stage coach and beating driver with guns; showing body after man is shot 11 11 I 1 . 8 k c) 1 ; '''4Fct? THE . 4 H i 'i? E" D .11;NY H 1 T ELABEL ' kNN ' , , , , , "Yes: 1,1a &121.11 Serve Campbell's Tomato Soup." "Prepare it as a Cream-of-tomato, please." And this is done as easily as said; and almost as quickly. Simply heat the contents of the can and an equal quantity of milk separately. Bring them to the boiling-point but do not let them boil. And when ready to serve take them from over the fire and Pour the hot soup into the hot milkthis prevents curdling. The whole process doesn't re-; quire over three minutes. And r you have as no a cream-ot- 1 1, ,Icozupg tomato soup as you ever tasted. -t'4 41- Why not enjoy it for dinner f today? T 21 K 21 kinds 10c a can 44 AN invited audience which 'tiled the lower floor of American Music hall yesterday afternoon saw the six reel thriller, " Truffle in Fouls "with every thrill' still untouched by the rude snears of the censors. The American Vigilance associatlion and the Social Hygiene association were the ostensible hosts. At the end of the fifth reel cards were passed about and the audience was asked to vote on whether or not they believed the board of censorship should reverse its decision and permit the production of the white slave film In Chicago. , Only 356according to the managementavailed themselves of the privilege and only 37 voted no. The management seemed pleased with the result and announced it would again seek a permit from the censorship board. The filma Universalis an exaggerated view of red light life, but well produced and with absolutely no suggestivenees. Those who came to be shocked were disappointed. There Isn't a shock in the entire six reels. There are plenty of thrills, however, and the remarkable work of Detective Burke. who. single handed. raids a bagnio, rescues any number of " white slaves," and arrests the " slavers." roused the house to violent hand clapping. Considerable space is devoted to the various methods of luring girls to the underworldat railroad stations, wharves. and city shops. Aside from this warning to unsophisticated feminine movie fans the film has no special mission other than furnishing good entertainment as a well put on melodrama. College Students in Opera. Under the direction of Adolph Milhimann. whose name last was mentioned in these columns in reviewing the performances of the Metropolitan opera company. students of the Chicago Musical college presented Offenbach's one act operetta "Paquerette." a scene from "Lucia," and an act from "Lohengrin" Tuesday afternoon in the Studebaker theater. Mr. Milhimann presented some excellent voices. Miss Rubin. who interpreted the mad scene from "Lucia." Is a soprano of great promise. Adolphe Richard. who attempted the part of Telrantund. has admirable vocal gifts. though his attainments at present fall short of the enormous demands of the part. Mrs. Fletcher Dobyns, who undertook me equally arduous part of Ortrud. has a better understanding of the demands of dramatic song. though her voice is not one of great natural beauty. Miss Gertrude Hecht made a pleasant Impression as Elsa. That routined conductor of orchestra. Karl Reckzeh provided accompaniments that were all that could be expected of the orchestral material at his disposal. The ballet divertissement prepared by Mme. Marie Jung. was one of the most attractive features of me program. Miss Wulfe 9s Debut. Miss Nellie Wulfe, a la year old violinist. presented herself to the public for the first time Funday afternoon in the Fine Arts theater. She disclosed a beautiful talent and the results of splendid training. The Mozart A major and Mendelssohn E minor concertos, two movements from a Bach sonata for violin alone, and saorter pieces by Tsehetschulin. Brahms. and Wienlawski were included in the program, and all were presented with technical adequacy, tonal charm, and the Impulse of an attractive but positive personality. - . Miss Wulfe. it was- learned, expects to continue her studiis in Europe. Despite the promise of her talent, this seems a bit premature. AU that she lacksand her shortcomings are concerned chiefly with those elements which years and experience alone can add to artcan be supplied here. She has been beautifully taught by Mr; Zukowsky, who has made her a musician as well as an expert technician; who has-left her free to express hciself while disciplining her in the styles estaolished for each composer. So it is to be hoped that little Miss Wulfe will stay with us a while and let the public that greeted her so warmly at the beginning of her artistic career follow her through its earlier stages to assist at each success. , For the Actors' Fund; EDUCATIONAL CAMPS t : CAMP ALGONQUCII i z AIM'S Like. N. IL The Meet ezieting private camp where boys are busy all the time. where boys learn something worth while, from which bore return arm) h -- Sootily and SITODf In character, Addrase IN ii-1ELITTE PrinclitailaseDe Illeritto 24104 -- at.. aa-- 'rITITTVSErITY. ILL-nl.14 711. Traffic in Souls" Has Thrills; but Nary Shock. - The already lengthy program at the Olympic theater tomorrow afternoon. arranged for the benefit of the Actors fund, has been further augmented by a special tango and maxixe number in which John Henry Mears, manager of John Drew, will appear with Miss Helen Collier, also of the Drew company.. IIMEIT I Head of Mount Holyoke Will Speak Before Alumnae 0; Mkszfr-1:1 ;AYE.. WOOLLEN mAllY IL WOOLL:4'..-.:.7reitir'nt of Mount Holyoke college, will be the guest of honor at a tea on Saturday, given by the Chicago College club to the Mount Holyoke Alumnm Association of the Northwest She will speak on "The Practical Value of a Liberal Art. Training for Women." President Woolley will be in Chicago to speak at the conference of secondary schools, which will be held at the University of Chicago on Friday and Saturday. After Dinner Smoke Barred. A special series of courses, calculated to remove the usual desire for the after-dinner smoke, has been arranged for the fifteenth anniversary dinner of the Anti-Cigaret league, to be held tomorrow evening at the City club. The speakers have been chosen from men who understand the relation of the cigaret to the problems of city government. accertting to Miss Lucy Page Gaston. Harry Olson. chief justice of the Municipal court; Judge Thomas Scully, and Al& J. J. Fisher, from the city officials, and Father P. J. O'Callaghan are on the program. "Most of the guests are persons who have taken our cigaret cure," said Miss Lucy Page Gaston. the superintendent of the league. Principals to Meet - A meeting 1:14 the Principals of Girls' College-Preparatory Schools of the Middle West will be held this afternoon at the Starrett School for Girls. 4107 Vincennes avenue. It will be held in connection with the Educational Conference of Academies and High Schools at the University of Chicago tomorrow and Saturday, and is called by the Chicago, Association of Principals of Girls' College-Preparatory Schools. The subject for discussion will be 'The Function of Dramatic Expression in Education." Railroad Y. M. C. A. to Move. The -Dearborn Station Railroad department of the Young- Men's Christian association of Chicagd. which has been housed ,since 1897 must opposite, the depot. will change its location to more --commodious quarters at 920 South State street. The formal opening and dedication of the new quarters will occur this evening at 8 o'clock. 0 , , Orphans and Cripples 11 11 to Be Guests of Circus.11 Fs OLLOWLNGI custom of many years' 1, tending, the management of the Bingen- 1 ,Brothees1 circus. now playing at the Co lie: ! Ileum, has set aside the matinee tomorrow as the occasion when the orphan and 11 crippled children of the vatious institutions of 1 the city will be entertained. 1 Last year more than 2.000 of Chicago's little 1 unfortunates were guests of the Ring ling broth- 1 ere and It Is expected that a larger number will attend the matinee tomorrow afternoon. As Lee management of the circus takes this means of notifying the various institutions of the date of orphans' day it is incumbent upon the superintendents of those institutions that have net already communicated with the management to write at once stating the number of children to be taken care of and the name of the institution. - This should be none today. Orphan day at the circus is eagerly anticipated by the children and it is an event that is greatly enjoyed by every one connected with the big show. The clowns work overtime in their efforts to amuse the children and many new and amusing "stunts" are now being rehearsed. The elephants will work up their appetites for an unueually heavy feed of peanuts, which also will be supplied to the youngsters by the circus management. 1. House Holds Children's Fate. Washington. D. C., April 15.---Specia1. The future usefulness of the children's bureau of which Miss Julia Lathrop of Chicago is the chief. depends upon a. vote in the house of representatives tomorrow. The friends of the children's bureau in the house have wrested a partial victory from the defeat which they faced when the appropriations committee refused to allow an appropriation of 410.000 requested by Miss Lathrop for the investigation of Infant mortality. When the matter came up in the house an amendment authorizing the employment of the necessary investigator e was ruled out of order on the ground that the act creating the children's bureau limited the number ot employes. Representative Mann demonstrated that this limitation is a fiction, as in the analagous case of the bureau of labor statistics, for which the Democratic majority allowed generous appropriations. But Representative I Garner of Texas, who was presiding. ruled that the limitation is binding. Representative Good of Iowa then offered . an amendment providing $50.000 for the investigation of Infant mortality as directed by the enabling act. A point of order against the amendment by Representative Johnson of South Carolina was overruled and the pro- Po lial will be considered on its merits tomorrow. Southern Democrats have been charged with 1 a desire to cripple the children's bureau. which is authorized to investigate child labor. The southern cotton mills employ thousands of children , 11 Will Beautify Back of the Yards. 1 Hermosa Improvement association at a meeting tonight at Hedrich hall. West Forty-second i street and South Hermitage avenue. will make 1 plans to populate the southwest side neighborhoods with trees and shrubbery. Committees will be appointed to visit the residents of the neighborhoods and ask them to 1 assist In making the district attractive. The club is now negotiating with the Consumers company to have it replace its board retaining I wall around the yards at Crawford. Keystone. and Kildare avenues with ornamental concrete walls. , i Will Lecture on Christian Science. , CoL William E. Fell, C. S. B.. of Leeds, Eng- land, member of the board of lectureship of the I Mother church. the First Church of Christ. Scientist. in Boston, Mass., will lecture in the edifice of the Second Church of Christ. Scientist, Wrightwood and Pine Grove avenues, tonight and tomorrow evenings at 8 o'clock. The 1 lectures are free tie the public. I Teke Alumm Meet Tonight. The Chicago alumni chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon collegiate fraternity will meet at 7:30 this evening at the Press Club of Chicago. Out of town members of the .fraternity are expected to be present Make Papa Cook The Dinner Give him an apron and a paper cap. He will fight with your old worn-out-back-number range about four minutesthen he will rush to the phone and ask how quick we can send out A "Composite". Range like the one in the picture Nothing short of a real up-to-date range would suit "pop" and nothing short of a genuine "Composite" Range suits any wise housewifeafter she has seen one in action. "Composite,' Ranges are built for us by the ten leading manufacturers. We have them built "our way" after testing in our laboratory all range inventions of the past 20 years. "Composite" Ranges have made a new system of cooking possible a system which enables you to cook a whole dinner in two ovens with one fire burning. Ask for the new illustrated catalog and inspect the entire line of fifty styles of "Composites"at our branch stores and our big salesroom downtown. Branch stores are open till 9 o'clock on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings. The Peoples Gas Light & Coke Company Peoples Gas Building Telephone Itandolph 4567 -, , Sesaiort opens June I .5M. Get catalog ZI) LI kott I IL) IN 1'1.14 I Et.L.P vt.i A .1. 0 L. 4-x-Li Wars from LIIII.J. uiaLLAL utot.7 ,., ..- -t, . tE INTERLAKEN SCHOOL CAM PS , Rtunely.PreiddemteRollingPrairie.Ind. LEARN GREGG SIIORTHANO and qualify for a good position. The finest CAMP ALGONQUEll I I Alert's Like. N. H. The Peoples Gas li.ght & Coke Comparly . 0 ' location and the best advantages. Day and The oldest existing private camp where boys a .. rs ritillISTSILN UNIVIRSITY night sessions. Descriptive cir0cular en re. busy all the time. where boys learn something Peoples Gas Building - Telephoner Razidolph 4567 . 11 SCI1001. OF -MUSIC olph L ialY anftl quest. Telephone Rand 006. GREGO SCHOOL. - worth while. frotxt which boys return strongbppt -a- y d St ToDg in character. Addrese JAI . -. OP&NS J11.1111211ad- 'rower Building. 4 N. blicrdirut t Avei ue. korbutlM eto'rTliornclitanseal De Moritto Sobo . s4 sma -, ) ' . ' PC11 , 4 - 1 A - 4 . . . , - . , , , , t l'- , . 1 - ,, I , i ... ,, ' . t . 5 k - 5 , t . 1 s ,... , i. , ' , - , ' t , , , t , : r . t t- - , , ;. 1 . ! t i ,. 1.,- -1 t ,. t , .., , , , . . . t , : - . i : , t.,., ,,, . , . f, , - I - ,t , .. .. 1 t' ; 1, , 1. ' 1 - 4 . ' , , . A . ? - t ' , - 1, ' . : t ' ,. k - - - - ' . f r -1. 4 t -4 1.1 I . - t i ' i - t,' ' A t EDUCATIONAL - I EDUCA1 , . t , ; ir '---- ' . ci -et I at- P ila lat -v. . - ; l , '"u . C4piP 1 ,f ' , .. ,, ..,,,,,,,,,L -,., . i ii I ' r wr , I ,' .11111T,11.1 . - i N , . , , 1 N tilill 14 , r I vitb,,-- . I i Cy it AC 'tk-svnl. Serve Campbell's --,...-1 ,....Z .21 '' 4. Tomato Soup!'?,---) -dr, Prepare it as a Cream-of-tomato, please." And this is done as easily as said; and almost as quickly. Simply heat the contents of the can and an equal quantity of milk , separat let ely. Bring them to the boiling-point but do not them bo il. And when ready to serve take them from over the fire and Pour the hot soup into the hot mathis preven curts dg lin. .. The whole process doesn't re--; '116111111111'----- you have quire over three a ne minutes. eam And r ,.- pit as fi cr-of. ...........i......, 1,...e.pmptoti fiw4-1 "::, -- ''CO'NLIMIESIMITI t 4. . tomato soup as you ever tasted. - , '"-tt- --- - r -..a , 1 t, Why not enjoy it for dinner ., " -' b today? 21 kinds 10c a can 321 KINDielS , dgeoticOlgr.fd t's,,,,, , iitep; , , IIP WE& Ark ' , lotoCto,0600.11:14,, S fil Lo r,1, ,,,,,..4.,,ilt.,,,&,11"skrZr'.1414".." S. k LOOK FOR THE RED-AHD-WHITE LABEL "4 ';4No , , N N N , ss, ,,, 3111S 1111 Has Head of Mount Holyoke ! rOrphall Nary Shock. -:- to B : N' 1 ,T, , 1WillSpeak Before Alumnae , which 'tiled the lower 0 41-1 OLLOW F Music hall yesterday standln ..., i the six reel thriller, . - --. -, . . .--- - c :- ---...- - - ,Brotho - --,'---:---------.-:-..---,,-1;-,,--:';',.::t':N s I 5 "w 1 t h every thrill4 .'--- r -, '1.-'--' ; ---! , 1 2'''.'-'2''- , ..0.-::-:-..:-- -- ',-.-,--r--.:'-'45:-,-, ',',--"I eum, the rude snears of the ::.,:;...,1 - -- '. ,..:--,-,-4-',Z.'"-.Z"-'-'.--f:'' -'''.:1-,',5c. row to ,',',::: , - ; i ,s ", ..,,..,,...,...:,...,,,,,,....,, , crippled child ' the city will ,ce associallion and the - :,..: ' , ,,,,, ......1 :-:,'-,,,,!,,---:,'. . , - -,::-..,,..., -..- . -- : ',' '--,:-- i Last year i on were the ostensible ; , , ..,., ,.-.: ':', ':',' . -.s..,f: , -., : --,:.--'.:'. tinfortunates te fifth reel cards were ' : .... ,'...- I , lience was asked to vote '' - . ere and it I ge---,:- I believed the board of l, ,-,:.: will attend :.:t.,.,$:-,:--,---::'-' - .., '-'';''' 1 As Ile 1315111 ;e its decision and per- ' ' - , ....:--1:;:. ,',,,,-, 't,-,...'- - -- - I -..i:---K--',..'t----1:'-::::t1. --,;$,...-4.,---.--- ' means of not he white slave film in :;,:-: : ',--. i ;-"sfs-'----5:--,--- .'73-.,:,..,-.... ,-':,----, '-'':::, .---,:;!:::-':-':.V--,,,',.;. ! the date of t ording to the manage- , - 1-.,'ti-,'', ..U:,-'i7'-...',- ' ''''' .t-l''' '',::-..,--C-....c.:--;;;-:;-.4',',;.f.:--;?-1 ?.s of the privilege and '';1 :'-:-,,;',.:1::-'-5l'', -.5.,,,,v-,;,41::-.:...f:,:--":11ti:.,-:.1t;litN44 the uperintt , - :-'-$:-'-'-''..,, , .,-,.,;,,3,-:0',..-----..-,-iW'ft-,....W-.M I &gement to 1 e management seemed -?...,: . -- .t,?...-:t:,--,-.,.:.- -- .':,,..t.--,,:.----fk.,:....-3.-z.,...-:;:-,-.,:-,, have net aIrt ,-.--..--:---,--,:-,- .. .f,: r ...,..,,,,.:.,s..:,.,:.,...,,,,,z,,,,:,,,.., and announced it would .':' ,'--t:;::' A''',.,"4:4s:--:,--i------c--.:-.',::-:-;,,,----.t,o,--, '.-,.-....-,t-----.-,:t.t4;it.i I , of children I n the censorship board. ' - 4 ,.-'.." .-- '-''''--ti:.;- 304.---It'----a'..--1.t':'''--7.'-',--11.',-.Wv:;,,,,..',1-0-,t:N 1 of the install alis an exaggerated ,,. ' , ,.,..,::;-:.,- 4 :.;:.?w,,,,,,,,..:-,.--:-.-,4:4N .,...., ,., .,...,..,,....-,,,,:..:..:,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,,,,, - 1 but well produced and Orphan da: 1 L . chief. depn tt,1141:404001".'-:. . i....,'.....--..1.;-V.......1-,:-....:;'1.:::',:lt,:.:1-.-:,:.;t:.:--..,:-.,..:ft:-,.1--.-:-----: amusing 2: pated by the : , ;ell t i V e n e 85. Those who , , .2.-:,.---,,,,S.4--,.,:,-,,,,,:.,,-,-,:,t,:-.-,:,-.,.....:,::y...;,,.----, ,":1 - - -,--;-:t,:--,t---,,,,---..- .:.-y.:25.:1-::--:::-;.::;::-.---.--.--',.--Itit:-;;:,,,,--,-.. .ttr---t.' ! re disappointed. There greatly enjoy re I - :,-w-!'-,:i--.--Z:-,-f.,'.,w-,.,..,:-.,,-,:.-,,-,- ,-..,:.-:,--- ,-, -:$:,,,,.. I big show. 7 six reels . There are I .----,:4t,,,.:-;::;-,..,.---;;----,-4,:::-:---,.--.4-:----.--,,,,----,-.-T.,;.,--.,---K:,.., .,,,-4-$1, ,m ,, -,::..--,,-,,,-;,--.,:,..,::,::,::4-,-.z.,-;:i:;,-,-:-..,:,-,,;:f----,,;:-..,..k,,,f,:,,,,,,,,:.k,1 ! efforts to at 'er, and the remarkable I . ,','f-is.:',::1.14::e.:::MO.',:::-::,V11..;-'-.::..fir-''''''';'i-4.;'::-p',I 1 and ce. who. single handed. - ,- :::..---..:','.,.---I-t,----'-':-:4..:-';'':..-.-",-,---4',...,-7.''..."-,---,,,s4. ' any number of "white The elephant --,9,---:::',,:--.,-;----'.::-74--It---.,:t-,-;:-.!:,:,:t-::--A,:;,tv..,,;.--. -,,,.,-,.-'1 ,,t,,,,,, I an unuouallY apping 1 - slavers." roused the .., , ,,,',N.,::.:',..:::--...,,,,,,----...-----:-,---:--,..t.::,.--:-.5.:4?--,,:-t-.-:.,.:,,,:, - .., ,..4-,..,,- I will be auppl ,. c,:-.,-:w.,-.1:,:;-.-,,:-,----- --.::,Sf- , .., :,-.,,,,.-t-A.;,..,:, 11.1'1 . ... A , :, :.,,i I management devoted to the various to the underworldat .--:.:,-.,::-.17,;'::;:-.,,,-..,-,,t-,- ,............-:-:-:;:,--,-, - .6.'!:',.:',.--',-.A I ,..,,,,,k,..-Z:,,,t.t:,::,: a. and city shops. Aside I nsophisttcated feminine -1, f,',:,:3:-7,4 ' - ------',----:-.:::-,:::,.;'-.4iet.----.- ri-Zft:-'-'-',..;.ji ! P ' ' : ,,::,,--e., Houm . ,,, .-.., -.- N'veltil,,;::.-.--A:.-t4-,:, : ,.:::. no special mission other , : l- : -4-,,A,.. ,'' ,. . , The future t i 1 Washingtc ntertainment as a well - :-. :-;:',...':, . - N I. of which Ml '"'--i: k ,'. ' I i e PI: , . ,-.. . !nts in Opera. :,,,N,,-,-,. 1 of Adolph Milhimann. 1 14.. I ---ti---:';:-- s-W;:f. . -,. house have 1 I re PTrhees errttaetnidl 1 defeat whici nentioned in these coi- I ll - '. - . erformances of the Met- . - '-,i--!..---t......,.. : ij tions commi e students of the hi- 4.- - . piatton of I r esented Offenbach C 's one 1 V k. '' i,-..;.;1,:.:: , for the inve te." a scene from "Lu- .le - - 'it--;.--. . When the "Lohengrin" Tuesday Mtn ' amendment 1 sker theater. MA ZY E. necessary il tented some excellent - , order on tht ho interpreted the mad Win()LLE.N1 children's b' ,I . . , . . - 1 MO , wilt ' I 1 - - I 1 ' ) '11 1 11111h111111111111 , , ,, ,,, , ;it , 1 , . .il! ., 11111 , ;,1,, 11111,,i. .4 It .- --- -, ,-,--- .... . ., , ,, lisumwt,mommesr, -,1------41 . 41ilmitkisiamontlf 11 11 . . 1 lk ', il ,'I I , ' till P htior ,., , f.,,,,, ', ' -- A- ----. ----- --,.. i , . - tvl i ; Ii 1 i ,, . 5- --J i isk T 1 11 . i 1 I'' . 'MI- Itil '' ..-. ' '4' It 4 . II li '1 11 ' 1 1 I Ill , ill . I 11 '1' VII il '1 1 trittpil .illti ,Any c--N-Iiiir 1 Itc ... 3,, 1,, ., I .,3,1 1 ,., 1 to 1,0 '0'11110 ,,, , ' 8 r, ..1,... ,- , , ....t ...3 .. li'!11 th 11 111 1 1 .14: : IlfrAll" -4,. ' A .,,.. . 1..1:11,..,, , ,-,,1 V. , . - .r- Il-ki,.'-... , , ,,i,,,, .. , , , ...,........ .:, .4. 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I -, ,-::,.- :,,,-.,-.,-'.-::.-:-,:i,,e- v..,, ...,, --, ; -,,,-,,,f 4-,- I 1111 i t W.,,::;:4.:45):;:::---,',,?,-,4--"4-,12,:-- I ' I I I I I 1 i 3g,::--..':::::,'J'::,,I: --:'2,.':.:IX.:4:.-..i.-;!r,--....,-......?..a:..s.....F......-.::::::;.;;;,, - I ; ' I I ; ,.:-.:-.',,:'',-':?5-.----.:.--,54-:::--:--,...:.,-:.,-;.--,-0::,-,-.:-.--. 1 ! I I I -?;-!--:,,:-.----,1;i,--,-;,,:--F5:-,::,:::-::,-.:-.A.;i--.:::::::,-.:::.::-:, ' 1 I , i i s .:,,-:,,,,,,:.--,--,,- ,-,?.;,-:,,-,::5'-:-'z :-:,-.'::-Yr---::::-::- I' I 1R-:::-t:s.!..A?:-fi:,5::-k:,-.:";1::0:-.6:,:;f-0;4, I 1 1 '4iilitg44:'.4:.:::.i.,.:i'..-4.4.-i,.i.13--0-t 1 I 1 1 I 11 i I 1 I i 1 1 1 1 1 1 l'i:i--ge'.-.APO-f,S-:',.-e4 1 I 11 1 1 i I 1 I 1 i I I I i ,::',..:'''.'::-----:-.:,Z,-:,.,F,-..3:,::".A.I . - - ' I ' I 11 11 I 11 I ;iiF,V.!1".3--.: NN,-.....--.,-.1 ' t I 1 1 1 : i 1 , I -,::1.,-.--:-:-;''...s-.-t--:.., . ' I I I 1 I i I i I I 1 ),..-.:7C:'"-:,. -.. ';::"....:::::"' -.'s-::. III, i 1 , . , . ., : - - , , , - - . - '.": 'I, .'-.:.,.:- --,---;:;.:?,-2; ... ..-:. i:..-111111111..1"31163"bwilre. -...''.-..-,..". .-:,-,', .::.,:-:., 4V ,- -: I- --1.-- "-,...-:: :::- : - --. - 2r,... j) :: - '-' ':,, -.,---;-,', .Ar, - -,--: ' to, .:-:., .,,-, t- 711t ''i., .-:--'' ,osk-:::-,- , 747SISe s .stl'i.,.'s.-,,t, .. . ...e--,.:-:-:,,,-,--- LEAN A.-- - .:y..:::,..Av.,?-,-.. - - s- - - - - - ,-, 13ATer, c:,,,,,,,to. , : .e. ., ,' Dvri, ....,..,00.40i7 - .. , ...6 ,.. , 0 - I ear wti bt, Ilk Sit G'to . T 0

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