The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1954 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 6, 1954
Page 2
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PA<MTWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1954 Probe of Comets Has Answer To Future of Aircraft Pioneer By TOM A. CUUXN NBA Special Correspondent LONDON (NBA)—In an oak-pan- nelled oflice just outside London, Sir Otollrey de Havilland. 72; one ol the world's great air pioneers, watches his dreams come crashing down around his gray head. for Sir Geoffrey is ihe maker of the ill-fated Comet Jet airliners, r.ow the subject of the most exhaustive probe in the history of aviation. To ordinary Britons the Cornel was the proud symbol of Britain's supremacy in the airways of ihe world. Dying 500 m.p.h. at 40,000 feet, it could span London to New York in six hours. But to Ull, erect Sir Geoffrey, it was the climax of a career, a vision of ever faster and safer air travel come true. That was a year ago. Then disaster struck. In the blue skies above the Mediterranean two Comets exploded early this year, sending 56 passengers to their deaths. Remaining Comets were grounded and the present Inquiry opened. Today, Sir Geoffrey finds liim- Eclf not only in the midst of human suffering, but faced with financial loss and an uncertain future. But Irke all pioneers, he knows that progress must be bought with blood and treasure. He, himself, has already paid the heavy price with the loss of two sons. In 1943 his son John was killed while testing one of the 0700 Mosquitos which de Havilliuid turned out during the war. John's plane collided with another in mid-air. Only three years later i to the second son, Capl. Geoffrey de Havilland. brilliant ii.n' chief test pilot for the company. The experimental Swallow which he was flying at the time near the speed of sound broke up over the Thames Estuary, Now, as Sir Geoflrey faces up to a new crisis in his life, the scene shifts to a conference room In Whitehall. Sir Qeoltrey is no longer the main actor in the drama. The stage belongs to Sir Arnold Hall, Britain's top aviation scientist, who solved the mystery of Comet Yoke Peter that exploded off the island of Elba in January thir year. Sir Arnold Hall has never worn a deer-stalker cap. Nor has lie ever examined the whorls of a bloody fingerprint with l,he aid of 8 magnifying glass. Yet youngish (39), pipe-smoking Sir Arnold is a worthy successor to Sherlock Holmes. And it was by following Holmes' methods that he finally tracked down the killer. After studying the twisted bits ot Comet Yoke Peter, fished from the sea, Sir Arnold eliminated the suspects, one by one: .sabotage, wind buffeting, fuel explosion .abnormal GEOFFREY de HAVILI.ANI), .second son of British aviation leader to die In air, was killed In 1046 — testing one of Ills father's Jet creations. Here, de Havilland Is shown before embarking on test flight a few days before he died. Vote Well Advertised KUALA LUMPUR, Malaya W>j— The Federation of Malaya will hold Its first elections for the Federal Legislative Council next June and It using everything from armored cars to airplanes to make sure that everyone eligible Is registered. In far-flung sectors where there are no roads, election Information officers are walking from village to village. They carry leaflets, posters and pamphlets—and whenever they run out, parcels of supplies are dropped by parachute on prearranged targets. Airplanes also scatter tens of thousands of leaflets In the more densely populated areas. Armored vans, automobiles and motorcycles visit villages and settlements. Delayed Reaction COLORAO SPRINGS UP! — Jack Morris thought the other service station attendants were playing a Joke on him when he found the cash register missing. They weren't. But by the time Morris learned the truth, police figured the thieves were miles away, with the cash register and about $30. MENTIONED - Retiring Sen. Robert C. Hendrickson, of New Jersey, has been mentioned as the next U. S. ambassador to New Zealand. The GOP legislator did not run for re-election. Date Bait? NEW HAVEN, Conn, (fli — This For Sale advertisement appeared ] in a New Haven newspaper: "Jag-| liar roadster 1953. Like new. Less I thnn 5,00(1 miles. $2.485. Selling on wife's orders." cabin pressure. All the evidence pointed to "metal fatigue" (((allure of metal after repeated straining) as the killer. But Sir Arnold could not be svire. His sta(( constructed a transparent plastic model o( Yoke Peter's cabin, (Hied It with seats and dummy passengers, then pumped it (ull of air to equal the pressure (8',i pounds per square Inch) Inside a Comet's cnbin when It Is flying at 40,000 (ect. Then Sir Arnold deliberately ruptured the skin or the cabin fuselage to simulate a crack In "fatigued" metal, took movies of what happened. The results were gruesome. The cabin burst like a balloon, shooting passengers and seats into the air. These findings checked with the condition of the bodUK recovered from the sea after Yoke Peter exploded. Their lungs and hearts had burst, most of them had fractured skulls. In the next few weeks, with the evidence before it, a board of Inquiry wili give iU verdict. JB Sir Geoffrey to blame for. going ahead with the Camel? For building a machine with twice the r.need and twice the height ot existing airliners'/ Should he be censured for trying lo lead the world Or Is It the adventurous spirit of the British race thai Is U> blame? The spirit that would not lei mon rest until Everest had been con- quered? A witness summed up the case for the defense In remarking, "It Is metallurgy, not aeronautics, that is In the dock." Pioneer Sir Qoeffrey, sitting amid his shattered dreams, would agree. Defense Handicapped AURORA, Neb. f/l'j—Counsel for he defense probably will be from out of town in the event a burglar who entered four places here Is apprehended. All four were law offices—the only ones in Aurora. Schoolboy Hero PITTSBURGH ifl')—A proposal to name a school for John Minadeo, a 15-year-old safety palrol captain, is being considered. Minadeo, who came here from Italy four years ago, and another student were killed and lour injured by an auto which went out of control descending a hill. Minadeo, was pushing his companions toward safety when he was hit. Dr. L B. Shaw Chiropodist Fool. Specialist Will Be At WALLS HOSPITAL Thursday, Dec. 9, 1954 For Appointment CALL 3-4406 mans best friend... Running water brings us health And other things worth more than wealth. Without it we would thirst and swell, Our homos might burn or would not sell. It irrigates sweet peas and roses Washes necks and ears and noses; At the movies cools the air For the lovesick, spooning pair. Running water puts out fires, Sprinkles the lawn and never tires: Bathes the babe, his pants and gown; Makes insurance rates go down. Flushes toilets, fills the tub For dirty clothes, aye, there's the rub[ Wets our whistles, keeps us clean Makes the vegetables green. These things running water brings Alike to common men and kings; And so from birth clear to the end Running water is man's best friend. Blytheville Water Co "Water It Your Cheapest Commodity" FOR SALE AMMONIUM NITRATE We have available for Immediate delivery 33?c Ammonium Nitrate at a Reduced Price through I)e- cemto'r 31st. Will bad trucks from H to 5 except Saturday and Sunday. Henderson Seed Co. Hwy. 61 South Phone PO. 2-2860 , , The City Council was tied 3 to 3 on the question, "Does the mayor have to vote If requested by a councilman?" Mayor Fred Emery the deciding vira — "yes then proceeded to vote on Votei on Vote Brother Act TUCSON, Ariz, i* — The City MEDPOR13, Ore. W>—Ed Molilt - - - • - • O f Grand Junction, Colo., devoted 111* vacation to finding his brother, Clyde, whom he. had nol seen for cast 20 years. Ed knew Clyde lived somewhere In the northwest and scan- r.ed the telephone directory In each Ing matter which nad brought up town he drove through. Clyde lives the question. here. No Water Boy? DETROIT (A'l—When Mrs. Dorothy Langohr, 32, gave birth to her ninth son, the other eight boys greeted the news with: "Hoo-rayl Now we have enough for a family baseball team!" Husband, Harold. 33. is a lumber salesman and, like his sons, an ardent baseball far>. SARASOTA, FLORIDA Where Summer Spends the Winter Every day is a fun-filled day at sunny Sarasota! Winter home of the Greatest Show on Earth — Ringling Brother! — Bornum & Bailey Cireui, Boston Red Sox spring training, Ringling My- jeum or Art, jungle gcrdent, tondy beaches and fabulous fishing. Yes, you will enjoy eventful, exciting Sarosota — day and night! Reduced Rotes Until February 14 Thf . 'toioto Terrace i» the finejt on " 'ido's famout West Cooit — iwimming pool, shuffleboard courts, excellent dining and cocktail lounge. American and Euro- peon plan. Guests enjoy privileges of Lido Beach, Bobby Jones golf course, including free transportation to these facilities. "Southern Hospitality" SARASOTA TERRACE, P. 0. Box 1720, Phone Ringling 2-5311, SARASOTA, flA. FOR EARLY DELIVERY_ PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW I NEW 1955 (MERCURY bigger all size, in power, in value Now in 3 series, 10 models; the daringly low Montclair, the beautiful Monterey, the budget-minded Custom New188-andl98-horsepower Super-Torgtie V-8 engines— the last word in high- compression power L INTRODUCING THE NEW MERCURY MONTCLAIR You're now looking at the reasons we say A«rn—why our showroom has been so jam-packed will, people ever since announcement day. Kor 1955 is an n//-nnr-cnr year for Mercury—new hodics, new styling, new chassis, now engines, new models, new performance! For example. Mercury's bigger—in length, width, and wheelbase. Il's lower—only 58'; inches high in some models. Il's more, nowcrlul. 108 horsepower in the all-new iMonlclair Series; 188 horsepower in the Monterey and Custom. Here's super-eompiessioii, dual-exhaust performance you've never ex- perienced before. For Mercury gives you instant acceleration in every speed range—from a standing start to superhighway speed limits. ^011 pass other ears when you need to in a few safe seconds . . . enjoy split- sceond response in traffic . . . make molehills oul of mountains. The news isalmosl endless, for in 1955 you get the most Mercury ever packed into one car. New tubeless tires. A new Full-Scope windshield. New, optional Mere-0-Malie Drive with faster gel-away acceleration at your command. So don't run the risk of a long wait for America's most advanced new car. See us today for early delivery. MERCURY It pays to own a new 1955 I • I k Li • • I 1J If -for future styling, super power llnn'l miss thr lil s television hit, "TOAST OF THE TOWN" with Kd Sullivan. Sunday evening, 7:00 to 8:00, \VHBQ, Channel 13, beginning Dec. 12 STILL MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at First Street

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