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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 5

Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 5

Chicago Tribunei
Chicago, Illinois
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ST Participants 1 omen articpant's in Suffrage Parade; This State Was Well Represented in -Washington, Omen 'Participants Rultrage Parade; is State- Was Well Represented 'An' epreseTi fil'COMBS FOR ENVOY'S POST CAPITAL POLICE National Democratic Chairman FACE AN INQUIRY to Be Ambassador to France. Senate May Demand M'COMES FAR RVAITT DACT 11 A DTM 4 1 DIIT ATION'S WOMEN GRACE INAUGURAL Gorgeous Crowns Lend color and Brilliancy to Oath Taking Ceremony. liATI OYS WOMEN CAMPAIGN WORK REWARD. tion of Inactivity During Suffrage Parade. OATE LTKE PANORL1L JA3IES R.

3L1NN ASSAILED. I Diplomats in Court Attire Vie ow with Fair Sex; Galleries Packed. 0 ow 4 Party Chiefs Meet In Washington To. day to Nap Out Future Plana. MT A STAFF CORRESPONDENT-) Washington.

D. March William chairman of the matte naticnal committee. will be ambasesdor of the United Ssatos to By this appoin.mentPresident Wilson tee sought to re aid Mr. ihic Combs for the work he did both dur ng the' preconvention and the elec.ion campaign. 4 Mr.

Mc Carobs win retain the office of chair- man of the Democratic national committee ifor a time but he It eventually' for a man who will be on the job In this Women Angered Over His He. mark That They Mon ld Have Stayed at Home'. I lel is and 1 el is me- 1-vet Lack and 311 It was reported tome time ago that Mr. McCombs had declined a portfoldo. Whether this is true or not cannot be estab, lished at this but it is a fact that Mr.

McCombs and William G. McAdoo, named as secretary of. the treasury, were not on good terms during the campaign. Must Choose New Chairman. With Mr.

McCombs. to go ab.oad it will be necessary for Abe' committee to select as his successor a man sat.sfactory to Mr: son. As Mr. McAdoo. vice chairman of the national committee.

must retire because of his acceptance of the secretaryehlp of the treasury it will be necceeary also to name a man In his place. The vice chainn to be elected tomorrow will act as chairrnan and eventually will IMr. Mc- Combs. a roztripz4lIze-NeaPe'eptlol. -t $.

t) 6 A 4. toe "The Tributes Moneay afternoon-I 7 6 A A 6 4 4, .,....7..,.74. .04 19V.s.: :4 ----r I i.7-::: 6 14 :::.:7 i 11. 4,4., i 1. '( .10 l'i I.T....rt.

5 I $,1 I I I I 1 I 1, it .0: 0 :I.V.ZMtittiniallt .4:,, s. 1 'r. i i ,:.4 (:, A 14 i (A A 1 4 1) 0 ..,) .4.,, .,.9. (.,046 ki -1 1 .0. 0 0, 5, 'il "It p't I tik 4.,., i' t444' 5g 1 4 fonzglizkilzeiYeaPC'epiloh 4 de .11 1,1 (1.7;,."7,- tifl -7 I tI ibill It'l -4 tA It L' ik 4 -01 41:., 4.t.

.........4 4.,.,... 7: 11.7t.-,$....r.. -ism. twit, -it, 4, .0 t. 11 i 4 lk 41 di i i 0 1..

1 i .:74 40'4- $: A ,42,. 0 sss.t,.-Pigl, '71; 4 cl .1 (T.1 A 3.7:7 11 4 i 1.1 4 4''''--'4 ,4 4k 44,4 '-'Q 5.s, 4 1 1, 96'. ...1. :4 ..,...,,4 tf 1 s' f.T;'t:"404,..'',.;;;- ,4,,, 74' :,..4. Wel i 4 ,,7, -ff :44 fiiirAir 1..4.

Lay A STAFF OGREESFONDENTI Washington. D. C. March There will be a congressional investigation of Washington's police ecandal if the irate suffragists who marched in the parade yes. terday can bring it about.

Senator Nelson of Minnesota introduced in the senate last night a resolution calling on the District of Columbia commissioners ts explain why they did not comply with the congressional resolution directing the super. intendent of police to prevent interference with the euffrage procession. 7 he resolution was adopted without oppoeltion and the commissioners will be compelled to submit their explanation to the senate. Activities of Police Change. Comparison of the riots that marked the suffrage parade with the abeolute order that prevailed along the line of the inaugnral procession today has stirred the women and their male friends to greater writh.

Everywhere was beard the observation that the police could preserve order when they wanted to, and they evidently had their instructions net to protect the women from attempts to break up their demonstration. There was a ruction in the house last night over the scaneal. Representatives Hobson and Cooper heatedly called attention to the fact that the police had ignored the congressional ordersein regard to the parade. To their remrks on behalf of the women Representative Mann of Chicago replied: They ought to have been at borne" By that remark Mr. Mann etirred up a her-nets' nest among Illinois suffragists and at a special indignation meeting of the delegation of paraders tonight in the state headquarters in the New Willard hotel this resolution was adopted: 'Resolved.

That the Illinois delegation register a formal protest with the Legislative Voters' league of Illinois agalrat Repreeentative Mann in the action taken by him in opposing the bill for the stoppage of cars on the line of march and later 's unchivalrous attitude upon the lack of Police protection in contemptuously stating that the women should stay at home. Illann an "Unmanly Man." Representative Mann has won a new title." sald Mrs. Grace Wilbur Trout. corn. mender in chief of the Illinois delfgation.

He will go down in hlstory not as Representative Mann, but 'unmanly Certainly if the women of Illinois can prevent It he never will go to Washington again as rep-ese to tative." Miss Virginia Brooks of West Hammond. who marched in the parade with Mrs. Ida Wells Barnett; Wei: James R. Mann tato become the misrepresentative of the state of Illinois. Insult has befit added to injury and his attitude is a challenge, to the high type of manhood to be found in his state." Col.

E. M. Mouse of Texas. who has been the right hand of President Wilson. in the work of building the cabinet, may be the successor of Mr.

McAdoo. and eventually of Mr. McCombs. In case House Ehould go to Mexicio as another wiU have to be made and Joe of Wisconsin may have a chance for the hdrior. .7 4 Committee to Meet Today.

With McCombe retirement expecttd there still not be a cloud upon the meeting of the committee tomorrow. President Wilson will receive the committee and express his appreciation of the work it did in the month preceding the election of November last. The most Important action to be taken will be establishment of headquarters in Washington. with a view to for the next presidential campaign. The nem salty for such headquarters has heen forced by the policy of the Progressive party in opening offices in this city.

Mr. McCombs said tonight he expects much of thestime of the meeting will be taken up with discussion of ways and means to continue the work the committee. to the end that the organization throughout the country may be made more cohesive. and niece, Mrs. Anna Hamilton Pitzer and Miss Pitzer of Colorado Springs, wore a coat suit of cobalt blue broadcloth with a smart hat to match black fox Mies Clark wore an attractive taiDored costume of tobacco brown whipoord with touchea of green and 8.

beooming hat of brown trimmed with plumes. Mrs. Copley in Blue Broadcloth. Mrs. Ira Copley.

wife of the representative from Illinois, appeared in a etriking costume of blue broadcloth with a modish hat of blue trtmmed with ostrich plumes and a handeome set of sable furs. Mrs. James R. Mann, wife of the minority leader in the house, who was accompanied by her nephew. Curtis Fields.

Princeton '12w one of the presidential Prinettonien escort. woes a calling costume of blue ottoman silk, the bodice of lace and the coat a cutaway effect with vest of brocade. Mrs. Mann's bat large shape of white plush laced with blue velvet and trimmed with one ostrich plume. A stole and muff ef ermine completed the attire.

Mrs. John W. Kern. wife of the eenator from Indiana, wore a Frenchy tailored suit of light mode cloth. a big black plume trimmed hat and a handsome set of pointed black fox fur.

Miss Kern Pays First Visit. Miss Julia Kern. who made her first visit to Washington as a member of the vice presidential party, wore a smart tailored costume of light tan cloth, a hat of black straw with a crown of cerise satin, and back fox furs. Mrs. Barthart, wife of Representative Henry A.

Barnhart of Indiana. wore a calling costume of plum colore4 broadcloth with a plum colored velvet bat trimmed with feathers. 'Mrs. Albert B. Cummins, wife of the senior senator from Iowa.

wore costume of taupe chiffon velvet with a small hat of taupe velvet trimmed with plumes, Bald sable furs. zurs. a smart and niece, Mrs. Anna Hamilton Pitzer and suit of cob Miss Pitzer of Colorado Springs, wore a coat akt blue broadcloth with hat to match and black fix tura. Miss Clark wore au attractive taiored ONO- tume of tobacco brown whipoord with touches of green and a becoming hat of brown trimmed with plumes.

I in' Blue Broadiloth. Mrs- Cop ey Ira Copley. wife of the representative from Illinois. appeared in a etriking costume of blue broadcloth with a modish hat of blue trimmed with ostrich plumes and a bandeome set of sable furs. Mrs.

James R. Mann, wife of the her nephew Curtis minority leader in the house, who was accompanied by Fields Princeton 12 one of the presidential Princetonlan escort wore a calling, costume of blue ottoman silk the bodice of lace and the coat a cutaway effect with vest of brocadie. Mrs. Manes bat was a large these of white plush laced with blue vel- vet and trimmed with one ostrich plume. A Mra John a tole and muff ef ermine completed the at- tire.

n. wife of the senator from Indiana, wore a Frenchy tailored suit of light mode cloth. a big black plume trimmed hat and a handsome set of pointed black fox miss Kern Pays First Visit Miss Julia Kern. who made her first visitt to Washington as a member of the vice presi- dential party, wore a smart tailored costume of light tan cloth, a hat of black straw with Mrs'. Bari 'lhart wife of Renrestem4.1.

iv. a crown of oerite satin and fox furs. THE DA1 IN CONGRESS. Emmm.mlni.,,1 CO. IBT A STITT riORRIMIPONDrNT.

washingtom D. March Teeateine democracy gathered from all parts the unicm did its sartorial best to make me inauguration ceremony a gala occasionglesident Wilson and Vice President Marshall took the oath of office In a aetting as Is! el I garden of roses. The richest of furs and feathers and the street Of afternoon gowns made the senate a panorama of color and bright-rivaling in brilliancy and diplomatic ocean. where the men in court attire vied women folk. garbed in imported tossibeeth off with headgear in many gorgeous tote.

Not htkind, either. were the women of the sateng administration. whose activities see a Dew record in the modal history 'of the wastington of the last decade. The luncheon for 200 guests with which President and Mrs. net closed their hospitalities gave an exsellent opportunity for exhibiting the latest modes direct from the hands of the arbiteta et fashion.

"First Families" Center of The center of nation wide interest, the bean of the president and the vice president. Lad the place of honor in the assemblage of the nation's notables. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. to witness, the impressive ceremony which made her husband the chief executive of the nation.

wore an afternoon toilet of tan chiffon broadcloth whit trimming of golden brown Ottoman elt, a long coat of the silk. and a small hat embellished witb a sweeping phurne of black shaded to briglht gold at the edge. Miss Margaret Wilson wore a becoming costume of silk ropiin with a coat et the same material, a. hat of blue straw trimmed with taupe plumes and ribbon embroidered In taupe and shades of blue. Miss Woodrow Wilson, the blonde beauty of the family.

wore a stunning after-soon costume of lavender chiffon broadcloth with trimmings of white lace and lavender and the low cut neck ftnished with a collar of lace. Her hat of corded silk of the same shade was trimmed with 'shaded lavender feathers. Eleanor Wilson Robed in Blue. bliss Eleanor W1119011, whore cotruplexion ertremely fair and whose eyes are brown. yore a costume of broadcloth made with a at of silk matelasse Her hat of bright blue straw was trimmed in rose's aceded from yellow into orange tones.

Miss Helen Woodrow Bones. President Wilsone cousin. who will serve as Mrs. Wilson's private secretary wore a costume el silver gray Ottoman silk made with a tag coat. Her hat of gray straw was trimmed with an ostrich feather of deep crimson.

Mrs. George Howe. President Wilson's only sister, wore a calling costume of black etermeuse a long coat of black corded silk. Ind a hat of black atraw trimmed with plumes in tones of shaded blue and gray. lira Peron Cothran, President Wilson's young niece wore an afternoon costume of soft green charmeuse, with a long coat tlit in the same tone and a hat of black straw trimmed with plumes of taupe shaded luta) ruse tones.

-Mrs. Marshall Enjoys Ceremonies. Detiactive by reason of her poise and unaffected pleasure in. the daa's proceedings was Mrs. Thomas Riley Marshall, wife of the newly named vice president.

In a trailing gown of taupe chartreuse. a becoming velum large hat of soft taupe tulle trimmed with -a cluster of pale pink curlews, and gracefully carried scarf of moleskin. Mrs. Marshall was the subject of much comment. Mrs.

Taft, who did the honors at the White until the departure of President Taft and the president elect for the oapitol, wore an alliernoon gown of black charmeuse with directoire coat of black matelasse, large black hat trimmed with feather ornaments, and handsome black fox furs. Miss Helen Taft wore a coat suit of blue serge. a close fitting hat of black velvet. azd black fox furs. Diplomatic Section Brilliant.

Among the diplomats' wives noticeable Ior their stunning costumes was the Countess von Bernstorff, who in common with many of her colleagues in the service. witaesset far the first' time an inauguration ceremony. The countess wore cobalt blue delaine de sole made in jacket effect, smart kat of back velvet. small in size and trimmed with uncurled ostrich feathers. and stole and muff of Russian sable completed the costume.

lime. Bryce. wife of the retiring 4t of Grekt Britain, wore a costume of gray Chiffon velvet with a small feather trimmed hat of the same shade aed mink furs. Bankmeteff. Atte of the ambassador et Russia, who is In mourning for her sister lira John R.

McLean, wore a gown of dull black chartreuse, trimmed. a bat to match. and a wonderful leng loose coat of fir, the ilotly hairs shading from different tones ef gray to silky The Marquise Cusani. tire of the ambassador of tialy. and her )oung -daughter.

Dome Beatrice Cusani, wore handeome afternoon toilets, the mother a gown in deep Illative tones and the daughter one in soft rose reck a ti 11 1 1 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 SENATE. Convered at 0320 a. tn. Coneldered conference report on Indian appropriation bill. Attempt to repass sundry civil bill over president's veto failed.

Thomas Marshall of Indians was sworn in as vice president. Adjourned Cm. die at 1225 p. Senate of Eisty-third congneas convened and thin- ty new or relected sedators were sworn in. Senators Elect Robineon of Arkansas and Goff of West, Virginia mere absent.

HOUSE. Convened at 9:30 a. in. Ete Passed sundry nivit bill over president's veto. 270 to O.

Adjourned in die at 12:04 ut. CAUCUS FOR BOTH HOUSES CAUCUS PT, Trc left to ticlliPe 13arrxit The suffragists from Illinois had some ferences regarding the presence of a negro Ida Wells Ba nettin their ranks during the Monday parade. Mrs." Be.le Squire and Miss Virginia Brooks took Mrs. Barnett (metaphorically) under their wing, and the photograph shows the trio grouped together. IrrO7Z2 -Zeit to IP 111 IN iv.

It Democrats to Organize for Ses- I non in Meetings Tonight. I si I), me .41 surplus gelow At Lea" 1111--7 ESTABLISHED 1875 BY E. J. LEHMANN MANN KERN WILL BE LEADER. Ii WZ I.1:1,'rlrl: a 1 ETAS ftetZ 'e tt if; 1.3.

$,,,,,, 7 '4A 41 .,4 1 I 'llia-ulan 8i, :9,, I -'1 1 1 -''7 4 i 4.1p.m. o'il I FAZ WOMEN WILL PARADE HERE J1 Indianian to Succeed Martin as Chief In the Upper Chamber. In in 1 STATE, ADAMS AND DEARBORN STS. TELEPHONE PRIVATE EX. 3 EX.

3 The Store of Today and Tomorrow I National Suffrage Pageant Will Surpass One in Washington, I -tr, 9P f. 1 i wo CHICAGO CHOSEN CITY. ew Spring Suits el 10.. Mrs W. Murray Crane, also one of tho girests at the White House luncheon following the inaugural ceremonies.

wore a blue crepe brocade calling gown with a blue velvet bat trimmed with taupe plumes, and stole end muff of chinchilla. Miss Helen Cannon, who is retiring from Metal life after many years of activity, wore a black velvet visiting gown made with a coat of velvet brocade and a hat of black velvet trimmed with paradise plumes. Wives of Cabinet Members There. Among the members of the rettringcabinet circle, all of whom were asked to the luncheon at the White House, were Mrs. Charles Nagel.

who wore a black veh-et calling costume with a black velvet hat trimmed with white plumes; Mrs. Franklin lIdfaclreagh In a. calling costume of tobacco brown. a small tobacco brown hat trimmed with small ostrich feathers and moleskin furs, and Mrs. Henry L.

Stimson, who wore a calling gown of velvet with hat to match. Accompanyirg Mrs. Stim. son were her sister and nieces, Mrs. Gamble and- the Misses Gamble of Philadelphia.

Miss Flora Wilson, daughter of the secretary of agriculture. wore a seal brown velvet afternoon costume a brown velvet hat trimmed with plumes. and brown furs. Mrs. Walter L.

Fisher wore a long coat of dark material, a small hat with feather garniture. and black furs. 2 r77: Marchers from Every State to Participate in Demonstration. CeoryeSihiles-. Featuring the Very Latest Bulgarian Blouse Effects Rugs 1.85 21.50 23.50 A THE new, things when they're new 1.50 siderable criticism was made of the parade yeaterCaY on the gfound that practically the entire first section of marchers did not have music to stir them on to a good.

soldier-like pace. Tentative arrangements have been made tor the order of the parade. Following the band will come the herald and field who are to be selected from among the young girls of the Illinois Suffrage organizations. They are to be mounted en white horses and costumed in white and gold. special section will be set aside for the G.

A. R. participants. 175 ciple---and that's why we are featuring the 111.I.:1 Bulgarian. Blouse ef thy the ef- EBY A sATIF CORRESPONDENT.

1 Washington, March Democrats of both the house and the senate will hold caucuses tomorrow night. At the house caucus memtets of the ways and means committee to: the Sixty-third congress will be elected before any other matters are taken ups Then. if agreeable to a majority, the election of the Epeaker of the house and of various house officials wt11 follow. If not. the ways and means committee will be instructed to report to a later caucus on committee aEs4nmerr.5.

and at this second caucus the organization of the house will be pErfected. Kern to Succeed Martin. At the senate caucus Senator Kern of Indiana will be unanimously chosen chairman of the caucus to succeed Senator Martin of Virginia. Joseph Wilson, brother of the president. will- be elected secretary of the eenate.

Sergoant at arms of the senate also probably will be named. Senator Kern is affiliated with the progressive wing of the party and his election as caucus chairman likely will precede tennite program which will include the doing away with the power and influence of seniority. A majority of the Democrats have signed a pledge to fight a fair division of committee places and to see that all committees are orranized with progressives in control. No Contest Against Clark. In the house caucus Speaker Clark.

Clerk 4 Trimble Of Kentucky. Poetmaster Dunbar of and-Dodrkeeper Sinnott of Virginia will be reflected without a contest. Charles F. Riddell of sergeant-at-arms. is not a candidate for reelection.

Robert B. Gordon of Ohio and William H. Ryan of Buffalo. former congressmen. are for his place.

Ryan has the full strength of Tammany. and some of the old line tory Democrats from the South behind him. I (BY A Washingtc will hold cai Democrats At the hot means aenoress Iv: matters are 1 Rugs Size Oz1Z 9z1Z HERE IS WHAT WILSON KISSED IN TAKING OATH OF OFFICE. I gs of Ameri MARK INAUGURAL IN CHICAGO. President's Lips Touch One Hundred and Nineteenth Psalm as He Swears to os 1 st.

C. iir liti ii, 1 -j liti Uphold Constitution. MT A STAFF CORRESPONDENT. I Washington. D.

March I Illinois is to have a great national woman's 1 suffrage parade in Chicago. This Ls the secret of the enthusiastic participation of the Illinois delegation in the Washingttn parade. Great effort was made to keep the plans from the newspapers, but despite the most rigid care it came out at the luncheon given by Mrs. Grace Wilbur Trout. president of the Elinois Equal Suffrage association, in honor of Mrs.

George Welles. the official parade chairman. and other members of the parade committee. It developed during the luncheon that Mrs. Trout had appointed a special committee to study the parade organization on the way east Miss Virginia Brooks and Mrs.

Welles were aware of IX-no is ambition to have a parade which will outrival the one which took place here yesterday, but the idea was new to the other members of the delegation, who received the proposition with enthusiasm' More committees cf Investigation of parade organization methods were appointed. Mrs. Welles is to go to New York tomorrow to consult with the members tf the national suffrage board and the women who have had the management of the New York parades. Object Lesson for Men. a A great digniffed parade with the line of march down our fine Michigan avenue will arouse the people from coast to coast," said Mrs.

Welles. "It will awaken our legislators to the ever increasing strength of suffrage sentiment and bring home to them forcibly the mighty significance of the woman's movement. With the experience gleaned here. In Washington and the tremendous force ani energy of our Illinois wome'n. the Chicago parade wM be tte finest spectacle ever wit-Reseed in the United States." Band to Lead Parade.

A large band will head the national parade In Chicago. The delegation here in ycaehIngton 18 determined- on that point. Con i KV 1, 1 1 so: 2) 6.1111.2411ttlis Pupils of Most og Public Schools Hear Short Talks on Ceremony and a Meaning: Pupils of most of the Chicago public schools yesterday listened to five minute talks by, principals and teacilers on the inauguration ceremony and its on the board of trade and in many bt the downtown stgres there were ve minute recesses beginning at 11 o'clock. 12 o'clock eastern time. in recognition of the paring of the old administratten and the start of the new one.

Factory whistles and bells clanged for five minutes. Patriotic orgaulzations held meetings. among them the-American Flag Day association at the Great Northern hotel. Inertia Congratulate WIloon. MEXICO CITY.

March 4.Preaddent Victoria Rurta telegraphed teldeitations to President Woodrow i Third Foor. -In-. Third i F600r. -----inemp, 4, ,1 1 m() i- I 1 11 I oill aPt t' I ti 77 ii I Ida t- a-- Washington. D.

March the new president swore to uphold and defend the constitution be stooped and kissed the open Bible held in the bands of James B. Maher, deputy clerk of the Stts preme court- Ills lips touched the page. turned to at random, and fell upon the 1153th Psalm, 43d to 48th verses, inclusive. The verses, beginning with the forty-first, ayl these: Let thy mercies come also unto me. 0 Lord, even thy salvation, according to thy word.

"So shall I have wherewith to answer him that reproacheth me; for I trust in thy word. And take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth: for I have hoped in thy judgments. 66 So shall I keep thy law continually forever and ever. 66 And I will walk at liberty; for I seek thy precepts. win speak of thy testimonies also be-tom kings, and will not be ashamed" And I iil delight myself in thy commandments which I have-loved.

My hands also will I lift up unto thy commandments, which I hive loved; and I Savings I i fects. 1They're'Vdiguey The illustration ishows this suit in all its unique ef- i fectiveness It will be one of the most popular models this spring. I Comes in blue and black serge. 1 i 1 Other Pretty III Ones IA I There are also' Bed- i ford cords, checks kA mixtures in all the 1 popular colors: electric blue, tan, black, white, brown and navymod- eled in all the latest styles fancy as well as plain tailoredsome with belts and collar of satin; also 1 eponge, all sizps for misses and women. These 1 suits priced to- .95 day at tc 1 I ii, 1 li 1 :1 A I A .1 1 ey 1 1 rt )d- les lin ISO Ind These uits priced to- 95 24 Lay at 2- a- globelVirn icke sectional $11 bookcase set, Gems Studs 10.03 Hot-.

al Hug tls Floor lid I vitt call 1110101E11001 II Diplomats' Wives Are da Goma. wife of the ambassador of Brazil, wore a stunning draped coat costume of mauve velvet With hat to match anti ermine furs. knit. Bryn, wife of the minister of Norway, wore a of heavy satin with a kill coat of black velvet and a small black satin hat with a cluster of black DiuttE a fostered ol.rectly at the back. me Nikon.

sife of the minister of At-(Mira. who is in mout-pitg, wore a gown of tokl hiack chiffon. a lari.e black chiffon bat. and a handsome long coat of black fur. Jusserord.

wife of the ambassador of France dean of the diplomatic corps. wore a coat costute of violet velvet with small bat to match and handsome ermine furs. d'Azy. wife of the naval etbachi of the French embassy. -wore a calling gown of taupe gray velvet.

a smart bat t6 match, and a stole and muff of slivery gray lirs. Burleson in Taupe Velvet. Sydney Burleson vt ife of the sew pos.master general. wore a gown of tine velvet made with draped skirt and lace tr.mmed bodice. and a handsome abort coat of mink.

Her hat of taupe velvet. tinimed with a modish feather, was in close ftting toque form. 1 fIT 4.4 JI -deposited in the First Trust and Savings Bank on or before March 6th are allowed interest from the first of Marcll will meditate in thy statutes." President Hayes kissed the twelfth verse ,91 of the 118th They compass ed it, i about like bees; they are quenched as the fire of thorns: for in the name of the Lord I 3, wia destroy them." I ezt the Original and Genial President Arthur kissed the SIst Psalm. I and second verses: In tbeet0 Lord, do i L. 1 MMENIFII iriknorP 1 nron.

putt my trust; lee me never be ashamed deliver me in thy righteousness. Bow flown thine ear to me; deAver me speedily: be thou my 'strong rock. for an house of defense to save me. Cleveland on his first inauguration day vorte of Psalms. A good man veree first I putt my trust; lee me never be ashamed de- z- 4 hy ri Ehteoueness.

Bow flown MALTED ra Lit Ths Fooddrink for All Ages. James B. Porgan, President Elni le K. Boisot, Vice-Pres. id tRE than ing Li added to.

br it arranged at your library grows. Above is a very popiadr.Globe- Wernicke set; in oak at St in mahogany finish. oath( English. weathered. fumed or golden oak.

$12; genuine mahogany. $18.75. 231-235 sear Jacks. Biol. Phones: Harrison 1423Anto.

62-357 For Infanta, Crowing children. Pure bwlding the whole body. gorates the nursing mother and the aged. Rich ik2 malted 0.5 in powder form. itnick lunch prepared in ileizmte Take uo sidatitnte.

Ask for HORLICK'S. llat Any 47111r Trazt kissed a altos eth favor and lendeth; he will guide his affairs with discretion." Harrison kissed the 121st Psalm. first verse. wEl lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my rein." Then came Cleveland again, and this time he kissed the 91st Psalm. twelfth verse.

They shall bear thee up in their hands lest thou dash thy foot against a stone." Capital and Surplus $7,500,000 1 1 6'7 Northwest Corner Monroe and Dearborn Sta. I ts. L3 Iliss Lucy Bu.leson wore a dark serge coat emit and white fox furs while her younger wore a youthful frock of merge wits a long coat and a girlish lat. kra Champ Clark, wife ofthe speaker of the house whose party included her daughlit Es Genevieve Clark; and hat eater 4. 0 a oot.

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