Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on March 28, 1923 · 25
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 25

Chicago, Illinois
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Wednesday, March 28, 1923
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GROWN CITY'S GLOVE CHAMPS THIS EVENING CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; WEDNK SD A V. MATirrr 2S. 1933. THI3UKE SEMI-FlilALISTS 112 ror o claw. Bgpay VcGo Notra Item anlrvndtj n. xivester, Fermti trBmiiiia, it Ant"', Mllwaaaea A. C f Of J(M, Afisd tymnaalonu US rOl'KB CLASS. ptMmafl. rrrresll crmMMaa. porfba. Warraa Aranna loo relational rorso class. r Xeara, TrrrCJ rraaaaa'Tiaa. 'gl MsJf'U onsttache. g. Jtanltj. lVaua,raa A- C. 1A3 FOOT CLASS, i ranfce, Majar A. C jjwtaossy. unattached. If. orJer. Arcde trwutlsn. y lUKe. Arcade rruu!auu 17 rovNo class. 5. TTer. FrrrwU icymnMinca. A. Ftori Aerate irnoMtsia. H iHter. Blue Circle A. CL ft. Crtja Ureefc. Olnni A, C 100 rorxB class. J, Kama, Amd (rnsuloM, B. rmr, Belle rUUne A. C B, E. Candersoo, arwerhuinAjBei1ean A. A. X. Infbretson. orwtx ian-A roerican A. A. 175 rOOD CLASS. j CahiiL Amide nauilcm. C SpriBKer. Notre Onroe university. I. Dum. LMth ns4 Artillery. f4 Slisa, Opal A. A. - EEATTWEIGHT CLASS. , K, VXHet, b'etre Dame onltrersity. F. JUAi. Areade ijmniwlmn. J. Parti. WankecaA, U- S. A. Hebaer, Forest Park post, A meriaun BY WALTER ECKERSALL. (Pictarem on back page.) . For the first time since 1902 undia-yutsd Chicago amateur boxing champions will be de termined at the Ashland Boale vard auditorium tonight, when the six day tournament being conducted by the Tribune A. A, -will come to a close. Boxing: will start promptly at 7:30 o'clock, and if all contestants pat in an appea ranee thirty-six bouts will be held. Despite opposition in some quar ters, the tournament has been a than officials of the GASOLINE ALLEY DAN CUPID ON THE JOB St -if qgEwji yAMVUgTp Jill AJ.- Wi - 1 1 - zzzrzzmzzzz oF the EWS J CHAMPION JACK DEMPSEY. ACK KI1AIOCS, equlre of Cham pion Jack Dempsey, In paaslcgr through Chicago, says a match with Iuta Flrpo in &uth America next January la a possibility, while bouts with Harry Wills dad Jess Wi lard are etlil considered. Let's see. Isn't It a rather Ions; time between bouts? We do not recall that Jack has defended bis honors since he put a quietus on Georges Carpcntier noarly two years ago. Admit tin sr a scarcity of opponents, Harry Wills. Tom Gibbons, and L.uis Firpo, In the order named, loom as possibilities. We do not consider Jens Wiliard seriously. It has been nearly four years since the Toledo massacre. We always have believed a dethroned champion should be given a return bout. If Jess and Jack had been rematched within a year or two years after that bout, well and good. At Wlilard's age, four years is too long; a wait. Dempsey will be "7 years old In June. While those of us who saw his superb condition aguinsit Wiliard doubt whether he ever again will attain that perfection, these years should be his best, and be is failing to capitalise them. Doc Evans thinks Jack is such a bundle of nervous energy that he will burn out earlier than a more nhlee-matie ternnera- 'ysittr success than officials of the i , ' . , . . . , a . . iillsutaim tha tntnr bat the present heavy. weight situation id not satisfactory TWO RING KINGS TO TRAIN HERE SUNDAY $50,000 FOR VtlLSOH N' iaw has attracted successivesly larger lierings, with the result a substan-sl aura will be realized and turned w to the disabled veterans of the urid war. i ?3,500 for Vets. : Nominal prices of 60 and 75 cents "ri Jl have been charged, and after Ci Ka are paid a sum of at least r01 go Into the fund for the &'p-kd vets. From the start The j Isc'kk A. A did not care to make a anaiercial proposition of the event, sspite the fact it was urged to boost i-tees for tonight's finals. The show i3 staged for the benefit of the ama- I iur doxt ana uis lojiowers, wno are I mable to pay large sums to see boxing I JOUtS, Tliat the tournament Is a huge suc-ess is the consensus of those who save seen any of the shows, all of hich have been conducted in an "inierty manner and in a hall where iSsoking was not permitted. Pour boxers have qualified for the semi-final round In each division. At fcM o'clock tonight they will draw 'or opponents, which will mean two fcuts in each class. The winners will seet for first and second places and the losers for third and fourth places. Action in Two Classes. Interesting second and third rounds 'eatirrwl the boxing in the 13G pound ai 147 pound classes last night. As result of these eliminations, J. Par-tos of the Major A. C, Kautaufky, unattached, and W. Xeeley and W. Bla-Ssi of the Arcade qualified for the sani-finals in the lightweight class. A. Earl of the Arcade, R. Zimmer of the Kae Circle A. C, B. Tracey of Ferretti rnnnasium, and S. Cortis of the Greek Olympic A. C. will contest for honors n tha welterweight division. la many of the bouts extra rounds ere called to determine the winners, evenly matched were the contes-s--ts. In the great majority of cases 'aere were better exhibitions of bosing f"i cleaner punching than on precedes nights. The semi -finalists appear -7 excellent condition and fit to put up at contests for the championships. Tracey Shows Stuff. Bad Tracey of Ferretti's gymnasium "as among the stars of the night's tits. lie won his second and third tund welterweight bouts in command-fashicn, and many look for him to the laurels in bin class. W alter cxek of the Arcade took two bouts a the iightweisht division and is ex-ic'..;d to make a strong bid for the although he will meet stiif com-'tUtion. Another large crowd saw last night's ;'-Xiri'- and an the tourney will cloFe , '!rught a capacity house wiU be on is not satisfactory to ring followers. They want a bout for the title. Excuses that it Is not possible to secure suitable bouts for Jack may be accepted for what they are worth. It always is possible to secure bouts, under some conditions, if one really wishes to mix it up with challengers. But if you can't see Jack Dempsey in action, you can see plenty of action tonight in the finals of The Tribune Athletic association amateur boxing tournament. Diurnal Difficulties, I eo Info a movie show To whilfi away an bonr or M Ami promptly meet artistic enn-vstiao. Transport by the music's thane. Amid a. fairy, psychic cream. Two dames behind me start a conversation. liult. Elephant as Caddie. Friend Woodruff: Remember I once suggested dog caddies to you, and they went and done it," and now, by heck, one bird has trained a young elephant to retrieve balls. He is operating just now at Miami and others are placing orders with Hagenback to supply more elephants. ' Fitz. EW YORK, March 27 Frank Abrlow, sportsman and horseman, it was reported tonight, has paid $50,000 for a five year contract as manager of Johnny Wilson of Boston, middleweight champion of the world except in New York state and some other localities. Mario w was said to have paid that Mini to Marty KffH Wilson's former manager, who yesterday announced his retirement from pugilistic affairs because he disliked trr manner in which the New York boxing commission conducted the sport. Frankle Genaro, flyweight champion, who will clash with Bud Taylor of Terre Haute, Ind., in on of the all star bouts of the boxing ehow at the Coliseum next Wednesday night, will arrive in Chicago Sunday, and will train at one of the local gymnasiums that afternoon. Joe Lynch, monarch of the bantams, who will trade punches with Midget Smith of New York in another go on the same card, also will be In town some time on Sunday, and will lose no time getting to work. Smith will be here on Monday and will work at the Arcade gymnasium. - Iloosier Fans Coming. Taylor is doing his preliminary training in Terre Haute. Bud will come to Chicago the end of this week. The Taylor-Genaro contest is attracting as much interest as any go in Chicago in years, despite the fact some pretty good contests have been held. Taylor has many friends In Chicago. A delegation of 200 Hoosier fans already has made plication for seats. Matchmaker Joe Coffey Is trying to match Jack Eile of the west side and Patsy Flannigan of St. Louis for one of the preliminaries. Reserved seats will be placed on sale today at the usual places, but no general admission seats will be disposed of until 8 o'clock on the night of tha contest. Matchmaker Coffey is going to see to it that all reserved seat patrons have their seats before the doors are thrown open for general admission fans. Proceeds of the show will go to St. Mary's orphanage. Ferretti Bouts Tonight. The weekly amateur boxing show at Ferretti's loop gym, 175 West Madison street, will be held tomorrow night. Various winners in The Chicago Tribune tournament will appear. Medals will be awarded the winners. . Following are some of the amateurs who wij appear K. Peters. Georsre Miller. Ben Shapiro. A. Catrino. Jack Feldheim, Nicfc Dl Sylvester. Ted McDanieto. Sol Mallace, J. Berlin. V. Nelson. Ed Fay, C. Sain. M. Kramer, Bud Traeiry, C. Condus. N. Dini. White Bush. Charles Knickerbocker, v. Coop, Tom Kleros, Defining an Optimist. He's the bozo who will go into a res- ' Sam Crtis. Kick Garras, Louis Bision. Waiter . , , , j- Giemoth, Frank Sarno, B. Olson, M. Gilbert, taurant broke, order a dozen on the half shell, and expect to find a pearl to pay for them. Dave. v Slapping at Gamaliel. Attorney General Daughertys announcement that the country will demand his (President Hardicg's) reelection reminds, me of the young minister who was questioned by an old iady why he entered the ministry, and he said he had been called, whereupon the old lady said : "John, are you sure it wasn't some other noise you heard." F. C. M. This Wake la Conducted l3 Harvey T. Woodruff. Help! Help! When I Was a Kid, I Thought That the Kew Vork Giants were all about S leet tali, L. W. J. That when a g-ardener planted vegetable seeds in rows ho waa rotating his crops. H. K. P. That when a person watered the horses, he sprayed them with a hose. Mary B. Soft boiled esss were boiled in soft water. J. J. M. i Signs of the Times. Hare is what I lamped over the door of a small shop in southern Illinois; Prof. I!. IT. Cook, Correctional Foot Correction 1st. C. F. G. Joe PolikoS, Fred Fasano, Tony Sanders. Al Baker, and Jack Weiss. light saving hours this summer we would j champion; Sailor Freedman of Chicago . 1 t. .- V. I w4AW 1 . V ,w .. . . ... 4& Eoxin? to night will start oromDtly 1 & "9 o'clock, and doors at the Audi-1 If every one would save all their day- -uia open an hour earlier. Con--sstanUi are requested to report before o clock to draw for opponents, and t--e program will open with bouts in 112 pound class, summaries: lW I'OtXU tUSs-MXOMI KOIND, (,'' I'oyx' ErcibTb.ood of the Bepub- tst Daw V,t.r, J.Mic- A. C. (31. K,t.i;-:.y. uaaltadicd. belt Jake j r om (3J. . enu!!ertal ard Commefial baak, 3ma J. LHirnie, ucalla.-ltt.-d f31. , :r t, ,i.-,k. Artj;. tj'tu. beat Whitey , TI2IKO KOt ND. i Major A. C. stopped J. V. CoDt'n"tal d Commcraal Eank (41 6. . lef "eiy. Arta.le rm, beal EUdia Bart 41. GOTHAM BOARD BARS LODGE AND RAKES CHAMPIONS New York, March It. The New York state athletic commission today announced it would not permit Farmer Lodge, of Minneapolis to box Luis Firpo, South American heavyweight, at the Yankee stadium on May 12. The commission ruled Lodge was not a suitable opponent for Firpo and ordered a selection from Jim Herman of Omaha, Jack Renault" of Canada, and Jack McAuliffe of Detroit. In the absence of Promoter Tex Rickard, Frank Coultry, general manager of Madison Square Garden, started immediate negotiations in an effort to fill Lodge's place- - A drastic step to force boxing champions into action also was announced by the commission- today when it adopted a rule compelling titleholders to go through with matches for which they have been formally challenged before taking-part in .any other con-testa in this state. Three outstanding challenges now on f ie with the commission are affected by the latest decision. It was said. They are: Carl Tremaine of Cleveland against Joe Lynch, bantamweight not have so much moonshine next winter, ventures Helper O. M. A. To Nitnrod. Maybe yon think you're the " mly Nim " In the sweet yonns life of "Kin " But women. O. how tickle wa are! All one week she mooned about poor Ilarv. beat Jo Bart. beat M. T 10( At) l-LA- 3 - Arcade ryra. sym I J . WWD ROOD. fce;r.r!i A I. . frloppeu i . mi C. ".. y, KT ti: Kvm. ttopped Bud i. Kaii fun! I':iri,. Tbomaa A. V t:'.. 'in i an koi sn. Ar. j.;, i at a. Itankin. wu- . r.n. .tniiu-r. iius Circle A. Cw stopped 17rk.,.J, ierretU. beat Sonny King, Ar- - A. ftreSc OlTmr.ii- A iiulora i'arii (3J. " C, best 9M against Bennie Leonard, lightweight champion, and Harry Wills against Jack Dempsey. ' Refusal of a champion to accept a challenge under these conditions, it w&s added, would result in forfeiture of his title claims. Eugene Criqui," the French featherweight, and his manager, Robert Eude-line, paid a visit to the commission today and both were granted licenses in this state. EikiiieDecisions w that your pUywiate who U frf I wiUinic her bear with llarr to ahara, I'll take bee plre. promise to be true, Ad b more than contented to think of Just yon. t'P l, By the way. I'm a brunette, it si: Dusting (id the ()!d Ones. j j;,Ulk Kxitmlner Where's the cash- ; it r? Gtinc for a rt-t-t? I jrcsidentNo, ti avoid it. I Michigan j.juaaie. . -v, iorW Kid Vorfotk ht Jk Tit .... ,w I21- Do You RepTiembfr Vay Back UUfn: At raaton. I'a, IVankie SthoeU beat Yon bought a pair of 1W shoes, yon , Johnny Griffith (lOi ; Kreddy Tbsaspava were presented with shoo bom? CV. vv4 a mmm IJ. Decisions of Tribune boxing representatives are: At Toledo. O. Carl Tremaine beat Joey Kelson At Rendinc, Va. Rattlin? Rakkas beat Tiny Trtnkle 8J; Kay Belmont and Indian Kns-kpll. draw 1 8). At fhiladc.'phla, Ta. Puser Kelly beat John krjiuse s I: Mickey MrOuire stopped Geonce AlbeHs t Tribune A. A. Amateur Boxing Tournament Winds Up Tonight Semi-dnaJs and finals in each of the eight classes will be staged at the Ashland Boulevard Auditorium, beginning at 7:30 o'clock. The bouts easily can be seen from any seat in the house and there are some tickets for good location still available at 11 South Dearborn street. Tickets remaining at 3 o'clock today wiU be placed on sale at the Ashland Boulevard Auditorium at 4 o'clock. $1 Prices 75s 5 18 CUBS NOT ENOUGH TO ROUT OAKLAND JINX Oakland, CaL, March 21. Special. Zip, the jrounger of the Dumovlch brothers, suffered one bad inning today and the Oaks trimmed the Cuba, 6 to 3. Manager Killefer used eighteen men in a a 1 n effort to break the Oakland jinx. The Cubs always have had trouble in this town. Dumovlch fell Into a bad fix in the third round when four singles, a double, his own wild throw, and a boot by Callaghan staked the homo boys to a quartet of runs and victory. Zip settled down la the next two., innings and was effective. . Ktaoffer Urt Hard. Stauffer finished the game for the Cubs. He was hit hard and was lucky to hare only one run made against him. He filled the bases in the eighth. i but worked his way out. Stauffer is j not likely to remain with the club. The Cubs hit frequently, but their at-rwiT,nH r r 7Tt,a n. i tack usually fell short. Statz doubled troversy over the eligibility of Pitcher 1 Crimea aJngledfor a run in the -ituoe" tsenton has been definitely settled, and hil contract, signed with LANDIS-HEYDLER ROW OVER RUBE WAXES HOT , "si Jf AKTTS" DCMOYICH TRrBClvB Photo. THAT JiriX AGAIN CCBS. I OAKLAND. Ab R HC B AbSBCE 3 O O 1 M'GrrnJl4 O 5 O 8tatajef 3 11V O Brnb'r Jb 4 114 Grant mJSb 3 0 14 Oj Wilts jf 4 1 1 Crime, lb 3 1 Lawfa'teJ 4 11 Fribenrb 3 19 4 O Cat her Of 4 130 Hlllerjf 2 O 0 1 O Cooper 3 9 1 4 0 Cs.Ilac'n.rf 2 O 1 2 I Smithes 4 O O 6 O Wlrta.o 3 114 Bakery 11 14 O Z.Ivtctt 2 O 1 3 lCo4weU,p 2 1110 Staafferji 1 O O 3 O Marehlo.n 1 O O 9 O Viveiroea 1 O O 2 0 Tbonuss,e 1UI Weis,ef 2 O O 3 Cot tor ,1b 6 O S O OrigBbyJf 1 O O O FiUaldj-f 2 O O Barrett Jb 2 0 12 0 Kelleh'rb 1 O O 1 O Beck,ss 1 O O O O Real he1 to O O O O 0 363 10432 . ;Ji.i. DUTCH ttWfflta. ITBJBCJTB Photo.! 52 O 10 38 0 fHeatheota batted for Staoffer la aintb. Heans total chnnees onto, ' awslsts ami errors. . lOO SO OOO 3 ... OOt 01 OOO O Onba ............ . Oakland . Strnck mxt Damwrleh, It .OolweH. 2, en balls Ootwetl, 2; Ptanffer, Z. Three baae hit Cat her. Two base hit ctat-r, Fribers, Dnmovich. Col well, Bro baker. Don We play Smith to Lftfayette. the Cincinnati National league club ten days ago, will be forwarded to President John Heydler at once for promulgation, according to a special dispatch received tonight from Tampa, Fla. Commissioner 1C M. Landis, who witnessed the game between the Reds and the Washington Americans at Tampd today, declared: " That case is absolutely settled. 1 have decided that Eenton is eligible to play anywhere and so he Is." Asked what will happen if Mr. Heydler declines to promulgate the contract, the judge said: " I do not think he will do eo, but, if he does, you will see something quite Interesting. My decision in this case will stand." MRS. GARDINFS DAD MAKES LEWIS MATCH POSSIBLE Credit for making possible the wrestling match between Champion Ed Lewis and Renato Gardini, Italian heavyweight, next Tuesday at the Coliseum is given Andrea Di Pietro, Boston banker and father of Mrs. Gardini, who personally met the champion's heavy demands after promoters had found his terms too high. Mrs. Gardini is supervising her husband's training for his chance at the title. Lou Talaber, the local middleweight grappler, will step out of his class on Friday night when he tackles Youssiff Hussane. Turk matman, at the Star and Garter. The match will be a handicap affair, with Hussane to gain one fall within the time limit. PROPOSED MITT BILL CALLS FOR NO DECISIONS Springfield, 111., March 27. Special. The special subcommittee on boxing tonight agreed on the form of a boxing bill which will be submitted to the house miscellanyconimittee as a substitute for all pending measures' to legalize the sport in Illinois. Sentiment of the whole committee is strongly in favor of a boxing bill and the committee bill is expected to receive an early favorable report. The bill provides for ten round, no-decision matches with six ounce gloves. It creates a commission of three members to be appointed by the governor at salaries of J5.00O each to regulate the sport. 100 TO COMPETE IN ROLLER MEET ; Close to 100 entries have been received for the annual handicap roller skate races which will be staged by the Calerton A. C. Sunday over the streets of the northwest side. The start and finish line will be at Maple-wood and Fullerton avenues. Three events have been carded,-a ten mile handicap and the one mile races for boys and girls. The ten mi!e race will see about fifty skaters face the starter. In the boys' and girls races each class has drawn an entry of about twenty-five. Son of State Congressman x Funk to Lead Yale Boxers ' New Haven, Conn., March 27. Benjamin Funk, son of Congressman Funk of Illinois, has been elected captain of the Yale boxing team, STARTS TWILIGHT LEAGUE. A twilight playground baseball league is bcii:gr organized at the Janiea Otis playground, l t.'iO West Gra:id avenue, by G. J. Clett, maimirer. Schedule" will be adoplmi Friday. All o'clock. caine- nl Is tailed at (5 . ON LOCAL BASKET FLOORS. Fort Sberidan. 20: Foulds MUline Co., tO. COLLEGE BASEBALL. Tain, 5; Odelhorpe, ' " . first. A double by Friberg, Wirt's single and Dumovich's double netted two more in the fourth. After, that chances to score were wasted. Cnb llits Wafited. Although the Cubs made ten hits they had as many left on the bases. Starting the sixth, Killefer put in substitutes until he had a complete new club except for catcher. He introduced Beck, a youngster loaned to the Bruins for a week, whom Los Angeles is sending to Wichita, but Beck did nothing worthy of mention. Tomorrow the Cubs play San Francisco again. A WAREHOUSE WORKOUT Fournier Dodges Dodgers; Signs Up with Semi-pros Centralia, III., March 27. Speclal. Jack Fournier, former St. Louis Cardinal first baseman, today closed a contract with the management of the Centralia Indians to manage the club for the 1923 season. He was traded to the Brooklyn Nationals, but refused to go to that club. ROBINS SHOT TO PIECES, EXCEPT FOR BATTERIES BY HUGH FULLERTON. AB.TTCI.te XL . Clearwater, Fla, March 17. (Special. Brooklyn looks discouraging as pect for 923. With the very fellows who needed spring training worst holding out and delaying arrival at camp: with one of the main cogs crippled playing bae-ball m Japan; others delayed and called away, and with perhaps the longest and hardest series of spring games In the country,- the outlook Is not a baseball pros-promising. This is hard luck, for the Dodgers have picked up extremely promising recruits. These gains have hardly been enough to offset the losses, and the team Is shot up In vital roots. It looks as if little remains of this club except pitching and catching strength. Griffith on Crutches. During the period In which the ret-erans were most needed to help morale and instruct the youngsters, and to get the team work going, they absented themselves. The cases of Fournier and Wheat are worst. Griffith may be excused. He was hurt during the winter in Japan. He pulled a tendon, so that every move this spring aggrevated the injury, and to escape peTnanent lameness he was plastered up ,nd put on crutches In the midst of the training season. Fournier has not acted right. The other clubs waived claim to him and heavy pressure 'was brought to bear to persuade the Dodgers to waive, eo that be might be sent to the minors. Brooklyn refused. The Cardinals assured Ebbets the contract was satisfactory, and a deal was made by which Schmandt went back to the minors for one year to help the Cardinal deal. New Infield Makeup. With Schmandt gone, Schlelbner, a promising minor leaguer, must handle the job, and the probable etartlns infield will be Schleibner, Stewart, Mullen, and Johnson three experiments. Mullen, from Mobile, Is a fine looking recruit, fast, with a Maranville move In handling the ball. Stewart is full of promise. The outfield is a minus quantity Wheat holding out until way out ef shape, with the season well under S1SLER CAH'T REPORT S' il. LOUIS. Mo March By the Associated lrc.l George fcWer, adjudged the rreatet all around player la the American league, will not be able to join the Ilrewrui at Shrrve-port. la., April 2, a previously announced, because of a sinus affection be U ii tiering as a result of recentiyvttafk of infloens. a local noee spec la lint etated today It wa uncertain Jut wiwn hbsier would be able to join his tesm-matea, but that there was n foundation for tbe rumor that W-lrra sight was becoming effect. Torre la a alight eye muscle trouble, but it to not serious. way; Barber caCed away during training by the arrival of a baby, and Griffith crippled. The other Griffith is an right, and eo Is Nets, but the outfield is in bod shape. That la the regular team, and with Olson aa utility and High fining in, U appear decidedly weak and wobbly. Having looked on the dark side, wo can turn to the battery men and Cud some promise. Three Classy Backstops. Brooklyn, for some reason, la . a rocky In getting good battery men a H la unlucky In finding regular. There are three eorSting catchers in De Berry, who Is due for a big season and looks In excellent shape; Hung-llng. a fast coming man, and In Har-greavea, a prospect who can bust the ban and will help any team as he eons. Brooklyn has an extraordinary pitching staff, and has had for several years. The backbone, of course, consists of Grimes and Ruether. who, If working properly, could carry half the burden of the year. Ruether !a the best left hander in the National league. If he wants to work. He had a flare up Just after he reported to the training camp, but got the differences ad-Justed, and now is on his toea. PhyslcaUy Dutch Is In better shape than for years, and Grimes is better physically than I have ever seen him. Those two, working right, ought to pitch seventy-four games between them. Vance is a horse. .n had a great year last year, and is better now. Mamaux, who Is one of those ought-to-bes. had a bad reason last year, and la working hard this spring. Two Slab Standby. There is a kid named Vina, from Bridgeport, who looks great, and Schreiber, from Saginaw, is a comer, but probably not this season. Cadrtre seems to have passed the stage where he can become great, but he la useful, especially as a finisher. It does not look as if the Dodgers have found any pitcher who will hcl' much this season, and Ruether and Harper must carry the ait uanjfi: burden. The brains department is well handled by Robbie and Charley Schmidt. But they can't ptay the game for the boys. t Copyright: 1923: By The ChJearo Triban? ! siiiiifiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiin itiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.iiiiiiii l BY JRTJVG VAUGIIAN. Seguin, Tex., March 27. Special. The rainstorm that settled hereabouts' yesterday was still going strong today i and the result was another setback In I the training activities of Old Posey Gleason's White Sox. At no time during the day was it pos sible to take the squad outdoors, but after scouting around Gleason man aged to find 'a shelter that permitted the pitchers to indulge in a bit of ordinary tossing. The workout of the hurl- ers was about a half hour long and was staged in a cotton warehouse. Tough on Other Players. After they had loosened up their arms they worked up a good sweat by climbing around on the mountain of bales. Meanwhile the other players had to Etick inside the hotel and wait for the day to drag by. The weather permitting and pros pects were not bright this evening a workout wiU be put on at the park tomorrow, and Thursday sixteen mem bers of the troupe will motor to San Antonio to tackle the Giants in the aft-1 ernoon. On Friday the entire squad! win be back here for a final fling and that night depart for Dallas to open a joint tour with the world champions. Woodward to Start. Gleason intends to take six pitchers j over to the Alamo city for the next j game. The sextet will be made up of Faber, Homer Blankenship, Leverett, E Davenport, and Woodward. The lat- ter probably will start the battle, and j; if things go well Davenport may be asked to step in for a few innings. E Nothing has been heard in connec tion with the two holdouts, Ernie Johnson and Charles Robertson. A r ir ' :'i f'A77 --'V if- dim ' 1 h 'ofyH 1 1 l l - - J. .-r.. v....,v .; SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Jack Bentley, $65,000 Giant, Satisfies McGraw New York, March 27. Complete satisfaction with Jack Bentley, the $65,000 holdout purchased by the New York Giants from Baltimore, was voiced today by Manager McGraw a'ter a second day of scrutinizing the work of the recruit. Bentley dropped four pounds, and now has only thir-tei more to lose to be at his normal weight of 200. McGraw said he would not put Bentley at first base, but would keep him for his southpaw pitching and perhaps use him as a pinch hitter. EXHIBITION GAMES . AT TAMPA, 1"I. Cincinnati 3 11 2 Washington 4 14 1 Batteries Donohue. Coueii. and Harm-ares; Zaobary. Hollinpswurth. Warmeth, and Obar-rity. Hael. AT CLEARWATER. FLA. Cleveland .. 15 4 Brooklyn .5 13 3 Batteries Covelsl;ie. Morton, and O'Neill: Reuther. Grimes, Vance, Decatur, and De berry. Taylor. AT MOKTGOltEKT, ALA. Mobile (Southern .........715 1 Athletic 7 11 2 Nine tartar ti.J ' " Batteries James. Fnlton. Lonjr. and Tteav-ins; Shilling-. Jones. Osmer. McMillan, Helm-ach. O'Neal, and I'erktas. Brugfy. AT r-T. PETERSBCRG. tLA. St. Loui- IN. 3 0 O Bcstoa (N.l .0 1 0 . Battcri.?t Dosk. Mohney, North, and Am-iith : Oesilijrr, MtSamart, Braatoo, and uoAtiy. AT WICHITA TALI.S. TEX. ' St. Louis A.J 8 10 2 Wi h:W Kail ITexa) .3 9 4 batteries Kolp. Daaforth. and Severei4: Uptiuor. Odoin, Itruh. and i'laiierty. AT CKIEtXN. C.A. Detroit (A.1 . . .13 ! 1 Boebester I.U. 6 S j Batteries Moore. Pillette and -Easier. Woodull; Wiaxier. Farley and "R'oautck. CubOu ALL-WEATHER TOPCOATS of Crosstwist It's pretty nice to have a topcoat that you can wear anywhere, any time, in all sorts of weather. You can Beaumals they're stylish, well made, and, fortunately, they're waterproof M Other Topcoats of Crosstwist, $35 aurice L Rothschild Money cheerfully refunded GOOD CLOTHES SoutEwcst corner Jackson and State Chicago Minneapolis St. liul ninimminimi'miniiinummnniinniiiiimmiiiiimiiiin

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