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IEEE mEmmmmomdIENamimElle.11 1 4 1 i I i 4 1 i i I PART TWO MARKETS. 1 0 0 THE WORLD'S 3IARCII 18, 1923. 11 GREATEST NEWSPAPER DAYS OF REAL 43'2 NTS FP)-T-RTS Part. 'ACAlit veal. S--01 port inf.

8Colotot ostoti 4. Part, 3F1ction. Yeah-Ion. "'hot OS. 4-4 (voll.

8-1 as ion. 6 ti oosetto13 Mos. 7-1)r ro a. YoeAdd. A-014ot Ada.

sa Afr, ,.4 4,, 1,.. PART TWO A) Ntp, 8 PAIitS 5 0 RTS, I 4. ,....,44..... Part, 3--rt rfl on. Yaolltos6 N'''''t 4 1111111t i by 0 lit :14 itt 11 l' 1 II 7 ie ZAI It ellikt.

"'het OS. PIA K. iz-Ts or 0 0,. 11 f'-' S-01 port inf. A tape.

Markets. 4-4 on-ties. IS I' os ion. 6-41 nitseho id Mop. THE WORLD'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER 8Coloto 7 I tr mat.

to otA47. ascot pp, 011--01 a 7.4 Ada. 3IARCII 18, 1923. A 1 i Jr" i 9 i 4.4 4 0 11 1 4 1711 :.18 r7 i 1 1 1 1 3 Li LI 1.1 LI Cli Ithl ,,,,,,:,2, A 4111 4:41 1 A ----7----------- l'I-TP In Nrg rr1 'DT'. AT dild ro et 1,1 1 1 zatiLlitieda IV 612 1 ell VI I if-, ry.0 alv i 3 THE DAYS OF REAL ItrAT Avis CITY CHAMPIONSHIPS CITY AMATEUR 1 11 111- II LIE, PillAtilliPq IMICIIIGAN I RE11111E 6U; 1 I li I IN win HALF LIE RACE' INITFloeer'latit 62 Win Belleair Walter Hagen his belt by MICI-I' iks nritittr FI lip 1 Unparalleled Aids Hagenl Golf Meet lUnparaleedIMCIIIIIIP SIRIFOR TITLE IN TAME FIGHT ITIE I.

age, I lbs, 1st Gos Wednesday; Vets Get Receipts. Heights, March added another title to winning the Florida west coast open championship with a total of 276 for the four rounds, one of the lowest marks ever made in an open tournament. Alec Smith of Shenecossett and Laurie Ayton of Evanston Gldf club tied for second, ten strokes behind. Hagen performed a notable feat when he scored a 62 in the morning round, over the 5,732 yard course. Hagen- Has 62 Round.

Gets Verdict After Twenty Rounds. After nds. Minis Second and Iowa Third. TOURNAMENT FACTS It was the lowest round Hagen ever It was tne lowest round Hagen ever it SPORT SPORT N. w- -4 7 1:1,,, 1 1 if 14X1 Igik 7p 1 4.

A i i ll MERE Of it .40, 141 COME 20I'''s 7 ko HERe a tg i AM 'S'-N 4-' 1 FROM ir rk.VIV Ott 1c19f, I. f', 4 9 1 1 1' 1 A 34...., 1,, a. 1, 1' k-- 111 iN, t- 'e i 4' it 1.1, 1 A (. I 9 p.7..---7----'---t'' -1 itt, 46 4 ----rf 4J.I.,,,.8,. ttt 7' s.

.15 it ti, i JE ta 4,.,, A. 0717 I 7 AVe IP? 2. 'Y 1, -4 I .....1 As, 4y" 4 :7... 1,7 4c '1) 1 A A -yriemsoornmY-lc 1 --2 i 'te 9 ,1 l'', 6', i i 3 'Iiid I 1, t8 -Ah" 10 it 'II lic44, 'I, sD 14e ItIL NZ.S. alb, ie 3.11.414 e.

0 .01,...., (444 ))) 'b he --1--- li ----ti7c444-- illi; ON-siciiimmomminglommk 4---. pitallIMIS a- dr. i 1 4 7 to, 7-S-1; kk, AV a 0,, ..77.. THE 1 4... PA -r ii rp: 1 "04 1.

7-- VII ":4 VI 7r, iii-- 4 4 -4----1 -c-: r-Cim tin. III T41 is tc 'I I has made in or out of competition and GIBBONS AFTER 19 TIM Is probably a world's record for this length of course. his card was as VTIGUE MAE OF POINTS I Isektras 43174-Northwesters i 2 1141 Purdue kw 16h Chicago 13 'Wisconsin 8 i follows: 4 Par 1 4 4 3 5 4 4 4 4 3-33 2 Hagen 4 4 3 3 3 4 4 4 4-33 I Par 5 5 3 4 3 4 4 3 3--34-69 Hagen 4 4 3 3 2 4 4 2 3-29-62 THOSE who wish to attend The Tribune A. A. boxing carnival will be glad to know these facts: PlaceAshland Boulevard whit.

torium Ashland boulevard and Van Buren street. DatesMarch 21, 22, 23, 26, 27 and 28. o'clock to 12 o'clock eath Ticket sale-11 South Dearborn street. Prices-50 cents, 75 cents and All seats reserved. TransportationElevated and stir-face lines.

THESE fight fellows refuse to let the MeTigue-Sild battle become cold before they get busy with the winner. Eddie Kane, manager of Tom Gibbons, last night called up to say that he immediately would get on the cable and offer the Irish lad $30,000 to meet Gibbons. Eddie didn't say where he would stage the battle, but East Chicago isn't so many miles away and summer is 'coining. refuse to ilti battle they get tier. Ed- of Tom up to say Id get on Irish lad s.

Eddie aid stage (ago isn't I summer BY WALTER ECKERSALL. Scorirg points in eight of the ten events, the evenly balanced team of Michigan. coached by the I-7771 veteran Steve Farrell, won the Al thirteenth annual 77.1 Hagen took twenty-five putts on the round and on nine greens had but one putt. Hagen looked to be out of the running in the first round of play yester- day, requiring 75 over the short course. Ile, however.

made a strong comeback during the afternoon round and turned in a 69. Here Are Leaders' Cards. The leading cards: Al Indoor track and field games of the Western confer 101 VL La BY HUGH CURRAN. Chicago Tribune Foreign News Service. Copyright: 1923: By 'Ail Chicago Tribune.

DUBLIN, March Merigue, the Irish-Amert can, won the Light AN. ve Service. Tribune.1 'ribune Ra- rish-Amert- on the Light 1 I 7 I Ont In Total ence in a waiter Baren Westchester 62 70 276 gymnasium last Alex Smith. Shenecossett "2 70 280 Laurie Ayton Evanston 67 7'2 '286 night with a total Jim ett Pelham 71 71 289 of 43 points. II- Johnny Farrell.

Quaker Ridge 72 75 291 linois was second Tommy Kerrigan, Siwanoy 72 72 293 with 2114 points George McLean. Grassy Sprain-70 77 293 Al. Watrous, Detroit "0 72 295 and Iowa third William Mehlhorn, Shreveport-72 73 295 with 161AB mark- Joe Kirkwood. Australia 74 75 296 Nipper Campbell, Cincinnati "0 76 298 ers. Jack Gordon.

Buffalo 74 79 298 The meet was k'rect MeLeod. Columbia 73 73 (I 1 1 heavyweight championship of the world here tonight when at the end of twenty tarn. rounds be weight lonship of rid her to- then at the af twenty rounds he the 'WA fit Li i Of Mil LI WS I JAY NOSES i was given n- clsion over Bat- 1 GAR WOOD tling SIM, the i Senegalese. MIAMI RACE Despite the dis- appointing nature -March 17.Webb Jay i 1 1 of the contest Ids Sue runabout, i 44 j4. -3, frorn the specta- Wood of Detroit, pilot- ,.,4 owned by W.

J. 1 tors' point view i I the new champion in the last twenty- 1 kit F'-' was acclaimed votive the ten mile run- i BATTIJNG snrr ciferously by litS in the feature event (Wide World countrymen when Miami midwinter re- the referee raised his right hand in The two boats were token of victory. They had backed practically the entire dis- him liberally to win, but this was more i I I from patriotic ardor than in belief the unlucky day for Oar Cell had more than an outside chance. was beaten in three was given the decision over Battling SIM, the Senegalese. Despite the disappointing nature of the contest from the spectators' point of view, the new champion was acclaimed vociferously by his countrymen when his right hand in ven the de- In t.

I 44. i 1 1 e. I -I a 0 1, I sax BEAT WORLD CHAMPS Oti VILD HEAVE BY ROOKIE CUBS COP AGAIN FROM ANGELS ON SMART HITTING I. BY WALTER ECKERSALL. Four hundred and twenty-four amateurs, representing churches, universities, coleges, high schools.

parks, playgrounds, a divers other athletic organiza Al tions, will corn- pete in the Chi- cago amateur boxing chainplonships to be conducted by the Tribune A. A. at the Ashland Boulevard Auditorium on Liareh 21, 22, 23. 26, 27. awl 28.

These amateurs. Who have waited for years to com Pete in a regularly conducted tournament, will not only contest for individual and team prizes. but by their exhibitions they will en'arge the fund which is to help take care of disabled veterans of the world war. All net proceeds will go into this fund, and off-ads of the Tribune A. A.

will see to that the money goes to the right cause. More In1erest than Ever. It has been years since Chicago could boast of an amateur tourney open to all boxers who have not donned the gloves for money. Back In the old days there were a few tourneys, but none attracted the interest of this year's TRIBUNE event. Even the Central A.

A. U. championships fizzled out on some occasions because of the small entry list. That the younger generation is in' favor of boxing is W11 beyond all question of doubt by the entry in the smaller classes In each of the 112 aril 111 pound fiftysix amateurs will compete for the first thres places in each division. The 126 pounds division.

known as he featherweight class. has attracted a deld of seventy, while the lightweight division has enrolled ninety-six. From this weight to the heavies the entry list deereases until the last elan heavyweight, is reached. Only lixteen big fellows will don the igloves in this class. so strongly on the Comm titer's ticket.

may I suggest C. M. M. for mayor on the 1.4 ticket? He might get the ladies' vote if he ever gets a seat to give to one of them. Sherry Explanation.

To those readers who have looked thus far in vain for Dick's March installment of The Commuter's Ticket we wish to explain that it was Interrupted by the necessity of shoveling the snow from the walks of his Glencoe estate but is likely 0, 6 featured by the STEVE FARRELL. record smashing performance of O. A. Reinke of Mehl- Ji gin. who stepped the half mile in 1:58.

OUT G. be Wolverine laid back of the pack and permitted Telford of Northwestern IN M1 to set pace for three-quallers of the distance. Rnke gradually -crept up Miami. and, when be got the gun for the last of Chicago, with r-P. let go with a killing sprint and nosed out Gar won the event by fully ten yards.

It ing Atlantan Jr. was one of the Epark lin performances Dunnally of Atlan of the meet. The old record was five feet and wo 1:53 2-5, held by H. N. Yates of Illinois.

about class race Tie Record In Dash. tot the annual 3. gatta here today. Ir the t9 yard dash. the conference side by side pract indior record of :65 2-5 was tied by tance.

three fliers. L. G. Wittrflan of Michi- It gan tied the mark in his preliminary was an unl sc heat, Bob Ayres, Illinois, did the same Wood, for he races. He was thing in the second semi-final.

and six mile handle DehartiBubbard of Michigan tied the mark in the final heat, which he won event when he 11 lavold colliding wi in a blanket tnish. i missed him by it individual horors went to Debart Hubbard. the dusky skinned athlete of curred during Michigan. Hubbard won the dash and Peggy C. R.

I turning in an el tnished third in the 60 yard high hurdles Thia gave him a total of 7 Pease and his points. Several'athletes scored 5 points thrown overboard by a patrol boat. by winning first places. WEBB OUT IN Miami, Fa. of Chicago, with nosed out Gar trig Atlantan Dunnally of Atlanta, feet and won about class race 1 of the annual gatta here today.

side by side tance. It was an Wood, for he races. He was six mile handicap event when he avoid colliding with missed him by curred during Peggy IL, C. R. turning in an Pease and his thrown overboard, by a patrol boat.

by a patrol boat. 1 YANKS COULDN'T DO IT to appear any day March now. Madness. As a battle the contest left a great I fourth in the special deal bD be desired. There was much I express cruiser swinging il 6 go BEARS CLAW had to slow down to and fancy footwork.

but no another boat that knockdowns, and at the end of the twenty rounds neither fighter showed inches. One spill oc- CUBS. 1 LOS ANGELES. any particular superiority. MeTigue 1 the afternoon.

Miss Ab It HC El Ab WC stayed wholly on the defensive for the Pease of Miami. over- 5 0 1 4 et 2 1 0 3 0 fifteen rounds, leaving it to Sild effort to pass Sue J. first 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 1 3 0 dica such i ntion a as mechanician were to make of fight Adamsoss 2 1 0 4 1 4 0 1 1 0 picked up desired. 1 Gebant.2b 4 0 0 6 4 0 1 5 1 but were 3 I 010 3 0 0 12 0 I Mike Takes Aggressive. ti th A '2 OBIT'nmhivrt fl 0 ft 2 ti 1 Cotterjb 3 1 0 10 0 3 0 0 12 i Mike Takes Aggressive.

4 0 2 OiDnnthiv-rt a 0 0 2 0 Friberg3b 4 0 3 2 3 0 0 2 0 Yesterday the skies were fair, Soft and sweet the gentle air 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I. WRITE SOX. GIANTS. Ab IIC El Ab WC 4 2 0 3 5 0 1 8 1 3 2 0 10 1 1 0 4 0 4 1 2 0 1 0 0 1 0 4 0 1 3 3 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 8 1 0 0 3 0 I 4 1 1 4 OillenaelIf 4 0 1 1 0 1 4 0 3 2 Olioung.rf-et 3 0 0 1 0 Schalkm 3 0 1 6 4 1 2 10 T'Orship 2 0 0 1 4 0 2 2 1 2 0 0 2 2 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 01 2 1 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 lobnaan 1 0 1 2 1 At the start of the sixteenth Slid was plainly in distress from his efforts AMATEUR BOXING TOURNEY. IF boxing was a good thing for our young men in army training camps.

why is it a bad. thing for young men now? If two young men engage in a scientific sparring contest for points. how in the name of common sense can you call it a prize fight? The Tribune Athletic association thinks boxing is a good thing now. It differentiates between modern boxing and the old brutal bare knuckle fights. It thinks the law so differentiates.

That is why it is staging a great amateur tournament this week. There will be blows struck. Some chap may get a bloody nose. A clip on the chin may even send some participant to temporary dreamland. That's part of the game.

But whatever happens will be out in the open, with no unfair advantages, no foul tactics, no violation of sporting ethics. No sport of bodily contact, even football, calls for such reliance on self. such perfect self-control, and such attuning pf mind and muscle as does boxing. It is not a sport for effeminates, but it's a sport whose general adoption would result in fewer effeminates. More than 400 young men wish to win honors as the best in their respective classes.

More spectators than can be accommodated wish to view the contests. Why should they be prevented from doing so? The Wake knows of no reason. See you at Ashland 'I3oulevard auditorium Wednesday night I The Cross-Roads Store. 1 1 In the years'that have fled o'er my wayward 1 head i Aince I left the humble shack By the dusty lane through the nodding grain 1 I have often started back. 1 YOST OFF FOR 3 0 1 1 01 2 0 0 7 0 1 3 0 1 2 01 4 1 1 6 0 4 1 1 6 1 0 0 2 0 2 0 1 3 01 1 0 0 2 0 Fussell 0 0 0 1 0 It McCabe 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 1 3 0 1 0 0 2 0 Fussell 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 U1: 4k4V.

to force the fighting, and it was neces sary for his seconds to push him from his corner to resume the fray. Mc Monett 1 1 1 0 0 Douglas 0 0 0 2 0 33 6 0 39 11 $35 4 11 46 4 WESTERN TRIP Fielding IL- Yost, athletic director and football coach of the University of Michigan, left last night for an extended trip through the west. His Itinerary will take in Denver, Portland. San Francisco. Berkeley, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, and other places Alto.

Los Angeles, and otter places 1129 3 4 43 1 Tigue thereupon stepped out and took 1 1 0 0 0 the aggressive. In the seventeenth Weis.rf 1 0 1 1 0 Staufferm three hard rights to the jaw up 1 0 0 0 0 Siki and for the remainder of the bout 34 5 10 40 he was kept busy on the receiving end of the Irishman's right and left swings. 'YAMS eh ana errors combined. Whatever advantage there was to the battle lay with the black man until isghas is Thomas in eighth. 111 McTigue opened up.

Thereafter he and Vallee') for Doug 34 5 10 40 means total ana errors combined. In Thomas in eighth. and tatters for Douglas We put on tight underwear Today it snowed. ZANNA FAITH. Referred to S.

P. C. A-Characters: Young Battling Shaffer of Maywood, age bulldog, age 2. Yelps of pain from vicinity of 2 year olds. Mother (anxiously) I wonder If that dog is biting son? InvestigationY.

B. S. is biting the dog. G. K.

This Wake Is Conducted By Harvey T. chancesputouts, assists, fitarrett batted for Callaghan McCabe batted for 11Go Ivin batted for Beck in ninth. where football is played. Tne Wolverine mentor will be away until late in the spring. "Shinners batted for Johnson.

Jackson for Rawlings, and Higbee for Maguire In ninth Sc means total chancesputouts, assists, and errors. combined. AN hlte Sox Oil 020 200-6 Giants 001 Dirt 000--4 Two base hitsJohnson O'Connell. Bancroft. Stolen haseslielly, Mostil.

Rome run Frisch. Bases on ballsBlankenship. Mack. Blume. Johnson, 3.

Struck out T. Blankenship, Mack, Johnson, 2. Blankenship, 6 in 5 innings; Mack. 5 In Blume, 5 in Johnson, 4 in 5. San Antonio.

March wild heave enabled Kid Gleason's White Sox to win the opening. engagement of their twenty game San Antonio. March wild heave enabled h.14 White Sox to win the open- ing engagement of their twenty game Work for the Growing Boy. In the promotion of Its Silver Skates Derby. bike races.

and water carnival THE TRIHUNE has found that the younger boys are most enthusiastic. This Is just the aim of THE TRIBUNE. It wants to do something for the little fellow who, sooner or later, must take the place of heroes of today on high school and college teams, not to mention those who wia be members of the It WUTILL1 LU UU eutslr, fellow who, sooner or later, must take the place of heroes of today on high school and college teams, not to men tion those who wia be members of the Woodruff. Help! Help! Poher 'Variations. We thought we had tried all, but here's a new one on us.

Sitting in a 1 four-handed session on the first night spring training series with the world from flu allowed us to 1 American team which will compete in champions New York Giants here the Olympic games in France in 1924. wander from our own fireside. the game i today', 6 to 4. The slip was committed The experienced athlete has enough became slow owing to the paucity or by Fred Johnson. a rookie right hand done for him.

If he is efficient he corn-stayers. Finally tli dealer said. This1 pitcher, and occurred with the count petes for an athletic club or rides a hand will be stud with the deuces and I deadlocked at 4-all in the seventh. bike under the colors of organizations jacks wild." It was a battle-royal the With one gone, McClellan was which see to it he receives the best rest of the evening. It's not bad for a spared by 13ancrofes wild peg to first.

competition. If he is a class A skater small limit game. either. Try it. Mostil drew a pass, and Johnson sud.

he is sent to different parts 'of the Spill Beats Illini Relay Team. What prnrnised to result in one of the most interesting races of the night was spoiled when Fitch of Illinois fell on 'Le third lap of the one mile relay while leading Brookins of Iowa. In some unaccountable manner Fitch's to caught in either the track or pole and he fell to the track while the tying Brookins went by. There were a few upsets, the most prominent being the defeat of Ayres of Illinois In the final of the dash by Hubbard of Michigan. In another event Brickman of Chicago nosed out Johnson.

Elinols, in the final of the 60 yard high hurdles, while Wilson. fleet Tlarter miler of Iowa. bowed to defeat the final of the quarter by Holding Etgen of Northwestern. In the other 'Vents the athletes performed as ex. Pected.

Krogh Wins In Mile. Egil Krogh of Chicago took the mile rzr. after a spectacular race. He came from behind on the last quarter mite and ran away from the field. Isbell of Yiehigan did the same thing in the Nro mile, lapping a majority of the Eight of the ten teurns broke into the point column.

Indiana and failed to score. while Chicago and Northwestern did better than was generally expected. I-owing are the summaries: TRACK EVENTS. Yard dashFirst demi-final beatWon Hubbard 31 1(-hi in gan; Brooks. IOW.

see- 60- Time. :05 3-5. setrii-BnalWon by Ayers. second. Time.

:03 2-5. Erie -lr eocftremw record heatWon by Hubbard. Michigan: seconti; Tykle. Purdue. third: Lova.

fourth. Time. :05 2-5. mdoor confertme revord.1 rtmWon by Krogh. Chirago: Noll.

seeond: Wens. Illinois. third; Killialttw2, btu State. fourth. Time.

4:31 2-5. rsrd runWoo by Hagen. Northwest- 73' laset second; lows. W.4.4 Smuts. Illinois.

Time. .52 2-5. Yard nirh bardlesFinal heatWon DnAlnit Chit-ago: Crawford. Iowa. see.

TelUrelva iii. Time :05 2-5. 11 tr.door confertme revordI 0:4 tikiie eunwon by Krogh. Chicago; Noll. lehir.

yuct runWon by Hagen. Northwest- Illinois second; lows. Emus. Illinois. fc.iorth.

Time. :52 2-5. NI. Yazd bisrli bardlesFinal heatWon ihic-ago: Crawford. Iowa.

see- ic Johnson. 113- 11,11 oto Lax 4 i I piled up points rapidly, although his cab 010 001 210-5 GOULD AND WEAR lacked the steam to muss up Angelo 1 000 000 030-3 Sikh I Struck outLyons. 1 Tbomna, Stuciamt, HOLD NET TITLE' AfcTigue's defensive tactics, which so Fussell, Douglas. L.

Bases on nearly cost cost him the fight. were ex- IsTons Stucland. Fussell. Stauffer, Philadelphia, March plained when he was taken to a hos- 3. Wild pitchThomas.

Stolco basesAdGould and Joseph W. Wear of the Phil- pital and an examination revealed his Two base hitsFriberg 121. adelphia Racquet club today- retained right thumb had been broken. This and Casey. eis.

Sacrifice hitsFussell. Beek. Adams. their national amateur court tennis occurred in the fourth round and Re- doubles championshin. They defeated counted for his persistent use of his Los Angeles, March Cutting brothers, Suydam and Ful- left hand.

ton, of New York, 2-6, 6-2, 6--4, 6-4. 1 Bomb Injures Children. cial.3Stinging the ball at the proper time and getting splendid pitching St. Paul Plunger Cops 1 The chief excitement attendant upon from George Stueland, Fred Fussell, the bout was in the possibility the and Ed Stauffer, the Cubs again con- Central A. A.

U. Honors Republican irreconciliables I I Detroit, March 17.David Erb carry out their threats' to prevent it. 1 of St. Paul won the Central A. A.

U. A bomb was exploded near the Scala game of the series. Bernie Friberg men4 plunge for distance title here to- theater, where the contest was held, once more shone, two of his three hits night. coasting 73 feet 6 inches. He just as the principals entered the being factors in the victory.

was the only out of town entry. MiFS ik g'. Two children were injured and I 1 The work of Stueland and Fussell on Dorothy McWood, national woman's windows in the neighborhood shat- 1 the slab was encouraging. for they plunging champion, defended her title tered, but the rumble of the blast 1 against a small field. failed to do more than cause a mo- I shut out the Angels with three hits i mentary stir of uneasiness among the in seven innings.

Stueland going five rk spectators. and Fussell two. 4Stauffer was sent Bethany Wins Title The theater was surrounded by uni- in after the Cubs had their five runs. at' A V- -7--7 A ,.,..44 -7----- dr 1, t. gut there came the thought of the changes wrought In the treasured things of yore, And of friends who'd gone, as the years rolled on, 'Along with the cross-roads store.

formed metropolitan policemen and I Stauffer YieldsTbree Runs. soldiers with fixed bayonets who pre- I Stauffer was a bit unsteady and let vented any other untoward incident. 1 the Angels score three runs on two Every person who entered was bases on balls and a single. He was Mission Basket League Bethany annexed the championship of the Mission Basketball leaguelast night, taking a spirited game from Ravenswood, runner-up. 17 to 15, at the college floor.

Englewood nosed out Edgewater for third place honors. 20 to 18. nignt, taKills, a V' s-. 1. venswood.

runner-up. 17 to 15, at the college floor. Englewood nosed out Edgewater for third place honors. 20 to 18. What's Wong Here? At the Tivoli last week our hero.

a horny-handed S. o. t. (screen) looked up in amazement when the noon whistle bew. F.

W. S. Height of Constancy. It is the height of what when your sweetie calls you long distance from Peoria to tell you he has just mailed a special delivery letter. La Touche Dusting Off The Old Ones.

If the French drink brewed from prunes is called prunelle. why not call this American stuff rais4n-elle? Do You Remember Way Back When: Hansom cabs were the classiest things in downtArn Chicago, succeeding the boxlike denly turned and, heaved in the general I country to compete in sectional an4 direction of the keystone sack, which I national championships. was inhabited only by McClellan. Both Little Fellow Out in Cold. runners tallied.

Giants Outhit Hose. But the little fellow receives no such attention. He must follow in the wake McGraw's mob outfit the Gleasonites of the hero as best he can. There is 1 11 to 3, but played ragged ball. mak- not an athletically inclined boy of today ing four errors.

but who has an ideal. It may be the Louie Rosenberg's clouting featured football player. the boxer, baseball for the south siders. Willie Kamm's player. track or field athlete, or per- understudy peeled off three singles in former in some other branch of athletic four trials.

endeavor that the boy tries to emulate. The Sox jumped out in front in thel forced by Taylor, Rosenberg and i and he should be given encourage- second inning. Sheely walked, was merit. This THE TRIBUNE is trying to do by promoting its many athletic Schalk singled and Taylor scored. A events.

fast double play by Bancroft, Frisch With such an array athletic tal- I and Kelly ended this spurt. Jimmy O'Connell, the dropped mt. boxing on each night will start Hooper's easy fiy in center in the third promptly at 7:30 o'clock. Contestants and a sacrifice and infield out netted must report as soon after 6 o'clock as possible to be weighed in and examined another run. by physicians.

One weighing in is all Blankenship passed Groh after two gone in the think and Frisch promptly that will be necessary and the sAms is true of the physical examination. combed a four sacker over the left field Lighter IVeights on Wednesday. wall, tying the statistics. One down It has been decided to hold prelim- in the fourth, Kelly singled and stole. bouts in the 112, 118 and 12G scoring when Hooper, after stopping Y.

the open- Snyders single. overthrew third base, ing night. Trials in the 133 and 147 pound classes on Wednesda football player. the boxer, baseball player, track or field athlete, or performer in some other branch of athletic endeavor that the boy tries to emulate, and he should be given encourage. merit.

This THE TRIBUNE Is trying to do by promoting its many athletic events. With such an array of athletic talent. boxing on each night will start promptly at 7:30 o'clock. Contestants must report as soon after 6 o'clock a9 possible to be weighed in and examined by physicians. One weighing in Is all that will he necessary and the sAmo is true of the physical examination.

Lighter AVeights on Wednesday. It has been decided to hold prelim. Inary bouts in the 112, 118 and 120 pound classes on Wednesday. the opening night. Trials in the 133 and 14? The motet craze of our modern days Ilea closed Its door for aye.

Where used to doze through the winter snows And talk the time away. When Hobson's feat blocked the Spanish Beet We enacted It o'er and o'er; The war was won, sans ship or gun, By the gang at the cross-roads store. HOOSIER PAT. lialen I Was A Kid, I Thought. That feathers 'would bite.

L. G. Another Ticket in Field. Dear Wake: Since Dick is running searched for firearms and explosives. Georges carpentier.

who was de, throned as world's light heavyweight 1 champion by the Senegalese last Sep444) I tember, was at the ringside and was I cheered roundly when he was intro- Girls" Cage Teams Call 1 diced to the crowd and challenged the a Off Game After Rotv' winner. third; I li Tigue By NS victory becomes luurtn. 'lime. :07 4-3. The Uptown Brownies girls' basket- holder of the European heavyweight by Isbell.

Michigan; ball team was scheduled to play the i cnamp.onship in addition to the not thoroughly warmed up when he went in. but between rounds be limbered tip some more and stopped his opponents dead in the ninth. He was put in trouble by an error by Adams in the eighth. after which he walked two men. filling- the.

bases. Then he found the plate and disposed of two before Chuck Deal, once a Cub, laced out single, giving the Angels their third and last 74' 1-helps. thIrd worlds light- heavyweight title. h. Lhoa go.

tourt 'lime 9 :45 3-5. Girls' People's institute five in the lat- I ter's gym It night. Just before game ter's gym last. NI VI AAA LAW.L, I time there was an argument over thel referee and there was no game. 1 pound classes will be held on Thurs.

day night. while prelims in the remain. ing three divisions will be hell. on Fri. day night.

It may be necessary to change this arrangement if boxing on any night is delayed. As the entry the light heavyweight and heavy. weight is not large, these two classes can be finished quickly. In the preliminary rounds the boxers will engage in three two minute round bouts. Two pounds overweight will be allowed at weighing in time.

but boxers over this weight Must go up in Adams Cavorts at Despite the fact nearly ail the SEEKS BOUT IVITII BECKETT. youngsters were in the Cub batting or New York, March 17.Special.-- der. the club gave the fans a legit-Joe Jacobs, manager of Mike McTigue, mate taste of major league ball. announced today immediately -upon re- Adams, playing short after the first relying word that McTigue had beaten came up with two brilliant iOUISVILLE MAN ACQUITTED IN EDDIE COLLINS OFF THIS WEEK FOR SOX CAMP 07 Lemke, woman; Nortbwertern. second; liattendorf third; lonely ttlactutrin.

fourth. 1 'New indoor conference roe. ert, rearWon br Iowa Morrow. arooaLn.a. WAsoul: becond; '121 itard; Ohio State.

fourth. Tune. 4., run bn by Reinke. Michigan; Ott --L4 1-'; ft 4 Yale Takes College Polo I Title from Princeton New York, March won the intercollegiate indoor polo championship tonight, defeating Princeton. 9 to 2.

In the final contest of the annual tournament. Johnson Is Generous. The entry of Johnson into the melee in the fifth was marked by passes to Hooper and McClellan. Mostil singled, counting Hooper, and sacrifices by and Sheely sent McClellan homeward. Mack replaced Blankenship in the sixth and after fanning Kelly was jarred fur a single by Smith.

Johnson doubled to center, scoring his battery mate. The Sox and Giants meet again GAMBLING CASE Louisville, March 17.Ed Alvey of Louisville, widely known among race track men, was acquitted in police court here today of the charge of operating a handbook. The court ruled that Alvey's and papers which were obtained by the police in a raid on Alvey's offices Feb. 23 were secured without a search warrant and that therefore the- alleged betting slips could not be in evidence. Bat 'ling Siki for the world's light plays and helped to clinch the game heavyweight title in Dublin, that he with a walk.

a steal and a sacrifice fly. would leave for Ireland as soon as at- Kettle Wirts gave an indication of his rangements could be made, probably 'ambition by the nine rounds. early next week. lbeing the first of the Cub backstops lIcTigue has several profitable the-Ito do that this year. He worked smartatricI engagements awaiting him in ly with the pitchers andigrabbed off a Europe now." said Joe.

"We'll take base on balls and a single. them first, and after that Mike will be The Los Angeles series closes to defend his title against any 'row. Alexander will take his one in the world. -First we want to initial workout on the rubber. He will take on Joe Beckett in London.

After start and probably go three rounds. the Beckett affair I expect to get Mc-I Nick Dumovitch, big local favorite, Tigue on with Carpentier in Paris, will pitch the rest of the distance. Philadelphia, March 17.Eddie Collins, second baseman of the ghlcago White Sox, has come to terms with President Comiskey and will leave for the clubs training camp at Seguin next week. "I had a conference with President Comiskey over the phone and we quickly came to terms," Collins said today. I'll leave for the training camp either Monday or Tuesday." FIELD EVENTS.

-1611. fumpWon by 6 feet 3-10 inch; Smith. Purdue. tied for seeond, feet Wright. LIUMS.

fourth. 6 feet 10 hv Prooker. Michigan, "'et 6 inches; Collins. Illinois. and Illinois, tied for becond, 12 feet floater.

Mtehigan, fourth. 12 feet. by l'en Orden. Miehigan. 43 II; tzles Id it -hi an seccoul 39 1 I Itlinols, third.

33 feet 4 and Caine. Iowa. tur ic'arth 39 1 inch. lc k4 P-tA PO Lt. -40 6ett Bears Trim Trojans in Track Meet by 73 to 58 Los Angeles, March VT.The University of California track team defeated the University of Southern Cal1 fornia th1.4 afternoon.

73 to 0.

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