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The Kingston Daily Freeman from Kingston, New York • Page 5

The Kingston Daily Freeman from Kingston, New York • Page 5

Kingston, New York
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President Sends Message lo YMCA, Praises Program President Roosevelt calls the World Service program of North American Y. M. C. "a means for the promotion of friendly understanding and the spirit of the Good Neibhbor in other lands," in a greeting to Robert L. Sisson, en secretary of the local Y.

M. C. A. and the 1,310,710 members across the United States and Canada observing their an-' nual Founder's Day. The occasion marks a triple celebration for the Y.

M. C. 118th anniversary of the birth of the founder, Sir George Williams; the 95th anniversary of the movement; and the 50th anniversary of the World Service program which the associations throughout Canada and the United States are promoting jointly. "I have always desired to be counted among those who appreciate the ai'-round work for our youth which the Y. M.

C. A. has accomplished," ihe President's greeting read. "I trust that your commemoration will inspire all participating with new determination to extend the good work of the organization in this country, and to make its extension in other lands a means for the promotion of friendly understanding and the spirit of the Good Neighbor." Nationwide observances in Y. M.

today include emphasis on special study groups on the European launched by the public affairs committee of the THE KINGSTON DAILY FBEEMAN, KINGSTON. N. TUESDAY I UU'L'OliElt Fire Deaths Roosevelt Proclaims Nov. Policemen As General Thanksgiving Day Sheriff Spivey said at Comanchp, Texas, thai. Henry P.

(above) a farm hand, statement his aged Hayncs. 23 grandmother and an uncle made slurring remarks about his widowed mother so he slugged them and burned them in their home. He was charged with murder. Winnie Ruth Judd Back in Hospital (Continued from 1'ace Sunday night she visited a Washington, 31 Thursday, November 23, as a day of general thanksgiving, President Roosevelt asked today that thanks be offered "(or the hope that lives within us" of the coining of an eventual world peace. The proclamation designated the next to last Thursday instead of the last Thursday in the month as Thanksgiving Day in accordance with Mr.

Roosevelt's decision to move up the holiday for business reasons. Some states, however, have decided to celebrate November 30. Mr. Roosevelt said in the proclamation that it was fitting to continue a "hallowed custom" be- jun by President Washington when he asked the nation to lay down all tasks for one day in the year and give thanks for the blessings granted by Divine Providence. "Our nation has gone steadily forward in the application of democratic processes to economic and social problems," the President said.

Specters of Depression "We have faced the specters of business depression, of unemployment and of widespread agricultural distress, and our positive efforts to alleviate these conditions have met-with heartening results. "We have also been permitted to see the fruition of methods which we have undertaken in realms of health, social welfare and the conservation of resources. "As a nation we are deeply October Banner Month For Farmers Chicago, Oct. 31 ber, traditionally the banner cash income month for American farmers, closed today with agriculture's prospective 1939 dollar receipts the best of any year in almost a decade except for 1937. Market analysis estimated that even though this year's income of more than $8,000.000,000 may fall below that of two years ago.

it is giving farmers buying power equal to that of 1937 inasmuch as prices of commodities they purchase arc lower. The farm price advance which has occurred since the start of the European war was partly responsible for lifting the level of agricultural income over that of last year. Although some of the war boom enhancement of commodity values faded away, producers have large supplies of practically all types of grain, livestock and dairy products to market at higher price levels. vii. one vioi National Council Y.

M. C. A. two minister's trmnlp ninp milp; weeks ago to encourage among of 5 TM As nation we are deeply young people "sober thinking" on I of Pnocnix and ent three hours grateful that in a world of tur- the European crisis; recognition I at llis "ousc. moil we are at peace with all coun- dinners and events in honor of Sir Tllc minister attempted to re- tries, and we especially rejoice in George Williams and the 550 t-urn the insane blonde to the hos- pital but permitted her to flee World Service secretaries who have served in 32 foreign countries.

Simson Is Suicide Oakland. Oct. 31 Leslie Simson, 74, blind in one He when she threatened suicide, notified Jordan. Ttlendants said they surrounded Mrs. night as she left the residence of Mel Larson, hospital engineer.

When she saw es- was impossible, they said son retired as manager of a South Africa gold and diamond mining company 29 years ago to hunt big game. He gave 5150,000 to help establish the Mammal Hall in Golden Gate Park. HALLOWEEN DANCE TONITE Valencia Grill Featuring PAUL JONES DANCE JIusip by THE HAYSEEDERS STEAK, FRENCH FRIES Beer Wines Liquors ward, from which she fled, and 1S i knocked. Nurses admitted her and rushed her to Dr. Saxe's office.

"Well, here I am," she said when Dr. Saxe walked in. To Gov. Bob Jones she said: "I told you I would come back, and 1 did. I kept my word to you.

I wanted to see my father. I saw him and talked with him, then I came back and gave mjself up like I said. I would." She had left the governor a letter saying she wanted to see her bedridden father and her husband, Dr. W. C.

Judd, of Los gelcs, and would return after her visits She saw her parents at midnight last Tuesday. When questioned about how she had lived and eluded searchers, i Dr. Saxe said she became hyster- ical and sobbed and shouted. She threw pencils and other objects' picked up from a desk. "She was literally a wild woman," Dr.

Saxe said. She was giv- dtiu iTt c.j^n;v,«aijj' lejune: in the strengthened bonds of our friendship with the other peoples of the western hemisphere. "Let us, on the day set aside for this purpose, give thanks to the Ruler of the universe for the strength which He has vouchsafed Decision May Save Valuable Estates From Confiscation Await Strike Call In Taxi Situation New York, Oct. 31 city's entire police force of 438 men was ready for action today should a threatened taxicab strike be called. Police Commissioner Valentine conferred yesterday with district commanders, drawing up plans for mobilization of the men if neces- Church to Have Special Service AH Saints' Dav On Wednesday, November 1, All Saints Day, there will be two services in the Church of the Ascension, West Park.

In the morning at 10:30 o'clock, there will be celebration of the Holy Communion and a commemoration of the departed. At 7:30 o'clock in the evening a special service of evensong and sermon will be held. The preacher will be the Rev. Wilfred Osborne Budd. chaplain at "Wiltwyck," the New Mariners Arc Missing Veracruz, Mexico, Oct.

31 Uf-- The captain and some crewmen of the German liner Columbus were reported missing today after a sudden storm lashed Veracruz Harbor. The Columbus took refuge here when var began in Europe. The captain, who was not otherwise identified, came here in a launch yesterday with several members of the crew from the anchorage 12 miles out. Re- turning, they were caught in the storm, and the Coast Guard ie- ported the launch had not reached the Columbus. I Special Christmas Offer Beautiful Hand-Colored ffl MIMATUKRK m.

-mo MN- i V. Framed $7 Aft 4U1Q sary. No time has been set for a strike, however, although the I Following the sermon will be' a Transport Workers' Union (CIO), claiming to represent a majority of the drivers employed by the big companies, lias authorized its officials to strike because of contrae- commemoration ot (he departed. The choir of tho church, under the direction of Mrs. Myrtle Thompson Jordan, the parish organist, lias prepared a special program of music for this service.

tual difficulties with Parmelee and terminal fleet operators. T.xi drivers generally were more concerned today with the anti- cruisins order which becomes effective at a. m. tomorrow, and limits the movements of cabs in the area bounded by Third and Sixth avenues, -12d and 51st streets. Commissioner V-UcnUnc was served with a show-cause order yesterday in the cabbies' fight against the cruising order.

The or more persons were injured, at Several Are Hurt In Queens Crash i Rainfall New York. Oct. 31 dozen matter will be argued in supreme court tomorrow. Among other taxi groups, not covered by the Transport Workers Union, wage difficulties form the basis of their grievances. Inclc- ocndent cabbies will hold a mass meeting this alternoon to discuss their problems, including the new cruising restrictions, which, they maintain, would reduce their income.

New York. Oct. 31 deci- UIgtcr Park andKrt least four seriously, in a bus-true! collision during the morning rush today in the Ncwtown section ot Queens A brisk ram falling and Erects were slippery the accident occurred Thr most seriously injured was a pedestrian. Joseph Guardmo. 2(5.

who suffered fractures of both legs and arms as well as internal injuries lie crushed be sion which may save thousands of estates in this country from confiscation by foreign governments LI dig in vtjiii.ii j. At iaa um.j iocii-tu us to carry on our daily labors and was on record in surrogate's court for the hope that lives within us today of the coming of a day when peace and the productive activities oi peace shall reign on every continent." Text of Proclamation The test of President Roosevelt's Thanksgiving proclamation follows: Franklin D. Roosevelt, president of the United States of America, do hereby designate Thursday, the 23rd of November, 3939, as a day of general thanksgiving. More than three centuries ago. Meet tween a traflic stanchion and the swerving truck.

Other victims lequirinL; hospit- R.ippolo. Anthony helper on the noon. Mrs. John Lynn was in charier The by Surrogate George Albert Wingate, blocked an attempt by the German consul i i i I I in New York to claim the $6,000 of "the d7votiTMa7 hour! estate of Isaac Weidberg, a Brook- eluded: lyn burlap bag dealer, who was killed in an automobile accident. The consul had presented what purported to be a power of attorney in a printed, undated form.

The Ulster Park and Port en W. C. T. U. held i regular month- ly meeting at the home of Miss bus was crowded i WPA Anna Terpcni'ig, Wednesday aflcr- workers en route to the North Beach Airport project IiHfi-est Will Br Paid Tne mtcrest on first mortgage Singing.

This is Mv Father's i' 0 of -It 10 Or houm Theatre I World. i building will bo paid as usual 1 November 1 at the oflicc UK- Reading of the Scripture from DcuUronomy 31st chapter, and UlcaLlr Mrs. Frank Page led the Union in prayer. Office hours daily arc from 1 lo 3 and 7 to 9 p. c.x- ccpt Saturdays, Sundays and holi- nej' in i uimaieu lurm.

pravcr 1 tl11 anu nun- Surrogate Wingate said Weid- Roll call was answered bv Alco- ays Thursciav onl they art- Iran berg left the money to his Jewish hoi in the news to 9. wife and three children, who, he I AUUIC uiau iiuce cunt-Uiics uKu, nnn. 1.11, iiu at the season of the gathering in sa had fled' Germany and of the harvest, the Pilgrims hum-1 "escaped Irom the immediate ter- bly paused in their work and gave, ritorial jurisdiction of the Ges- thanks to God for the preservation' tapo (German secret police) and of their community and for the its concentration camps." abundant yield of the soil. A century and a half later, af- which ter the new nation had been! based The surrogate said his decision, invoked a new law, was on what he described ns Halloween Dance TONIGHT Aus-piccs Improved Order of Red Men at ROSE MARIE CABINS for Funniest Costume Contribution 40c en sedatives and put to bed. Shr assured Dr.

Saxe she no help in escaping. had formed, and the charter of govern-! "common knowledge" that certain ment, the constitution of the re-1 foreign governments have seized public, had received the assent the assets of legatees to promote the states, President Washington' "international banditry" and to and his successors invited the promote un-American ideologies people of the nation to lay down "which have now plunged the con- i siu president, isirs. Herring, their tasks one day in the 3 earjtinent of Europe into a second i closed the meeting by singinc' and give thanks for the blessings great war." I Hold for Pclit Larceny Charles Jacobs, 46. a that had been granted them by Divine Providence. It is fitting that we should continue this hallowed custom and v-imucd tjatuus, a a tlllu LUIS cusiom ana Gorge, was arrested Monday by select a day in 1939 to be dedicated I 0 to reverent thoughts of thanksgiv- Troopers Dunn and Hofer on a charge of petit larceny.

He was I Sheld at the Ulster county jail! Our nation has pending a hearing before Justice forward in the William C. Weyman. Ladirs' Aid Meeting The Ladies' Aid of gone steadily application of democratic processes to economic and social problems. We have faced the specters of business depression, or unemployment, and of widespread agricultural distress, an aisiress, btrcet Reformed Church will meet and our positive efforts to alleviate Sundav school rooms, I these conditions have met with Wednesday at 2:30 p. m.

Members; heartening results are requested bring their dime i We have also been permitted to cards to the meeting. see the fruition of measures which ha undertaken in the realms Card Parly There will be a card party held by the Junior Guild of St Ann's I Wingate ordered that after 60 Singing, Stand Mrs. Emma Carpenter, county president of Platlekill, gave an tcrestmr report of the national convention held at Rochester There were 13 members anad five visitors present. The next meeting will be Rally Day, and pavment of duos will be' made. It will be held at the home! of Mrs.

John Lynn. Port Ewen ith a pot luck luncheon at noon It is hoped every member will try i to come to this The president. Mrs. Herring, "Elcst Be" Refreshments were POLITICAL served nge a a were served hy days the money be turned over to the hostess and a social hour uas the city treasurer until "it is I enjoyed by all. demonstrated that the sums can BE SURE TO VOTE ROW A Democratic of health, social welfare, and the conservation of resources.

As a nation, we are deeply uy uic junior uuiin oi ou Ann TM ait: ueepiy Convent Thursday. November 2 at i grateful that in a world of turmoil 5:30 p. in the Holy Cross 9 are at peace with all coun- "Dimes was arrestea zoiiowing Church parish house on Pine Grove' tries, and we especially rejoice in complaint of his wife, Marie avenue. the strengthened bonds of our v. K.J i--.

i Wesley Holmes, 20, of 202 Broadway, who was arrested yesterday afternoon on a warrant executed by the local police on a third degree assault charge, w-as sentenced to one year in the county jail by City Judge Cahill this morning in police court. be paid roUTICAL ADVERTISEMENT. Holmes Gets Year For Beating Wife, Cahill Determines Holmes was arrested following 1. NKtl PRESSURE MvSog, late hours, over-work call for milk. Drink a glass of fresh milk every sight and every morning.

The AIKALJJTE REACTION helps yon back to normal. 2. MILK is the greatest internal beauty treatment. Fresh milt rich in prescribed by famous specialists for radiant complexions. Drink milk eTery day.

3. PKOTECTION agauist colds, drink milk every day, twice Mtilk contains cold-fighting Vitarain A. To greet the winter with a siaile, start loildiaf up your resistance nocr. 4. HOLLYWOOD'S health probtera: How to batld TITAtITT WITHOUT wtlGHT.

Stars like Loom, tut of Republic's "Main Street Lawyer," find fresh milk every day does it! NIIK is nature's most esf food. Drink more of it. Cook with it. See that every member of be family drinks milk every day. Send the coupon for handsome new TUX.

booklet of new recipes interesting facts. BCWSAC or Mrut PCBUCJTT, Aibaoy, N. F-l. Pltmte wed me the book let, "Milk-The to Health Addrttt- lUt STA1E OF NEW tOHK -SOM ndS Ur Holmes that he had teaten her Let us, on the day set aside for! cuss the support of their two this purpose, give thanks to the small children. The two have not been living together for some time and according to City Judge Cahill, the young man ruler of the universe for the strength which he has vouchsafed us to carry on our daily labors and cue joung jnan appeared for the hope that lives within us i before him previously on a charge of the coming of a day when peace of failing to provide for his family, and the productive activities Mrs.

Holmes swore out a war- peace shall reign on every con-1 rant for the arrest of her husband I tinent In witness whereof, I have i hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States of 1 America to be affixed. yesterday morning. She showed signs of haying been badly beaten, and according to the judge, said in her complaint, that her husband also had kicked her. It will be to the advantage of the laborer, the taxpayer, the business man, the needy, to all interested in the future of Kingston to have EUGENE B. CAREY SERVE THE CITY AS MAYOR FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS.

While Mayor in 1932-1933 he paid the debts of the City as they came due. He issued no bonds to refinance existing debt. He put the credit of the City on a sound basis by installing the present form of accounting and budget system in the City Treasurer's office. His tax rate of 1933 was lower than that of this year and last year. Pull Down Lever 5 in Row and Leave it Down.

pone at the city of Washington Judge Cahill before pronounc- i this thirty-first day of October, in i in tne sentence of one year, re! the year of Our Lord, nineteen winded Holmes that he was a man hundred -and thirtv-nine, and of sll "8htly over six feet tall, while the independence of the United his xvife was a woman of small States of America, the one hundred stature, and sixtv-fouTth. "Have you any cause for beat- FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT ing i our wife other than tne fact that she wants you to support 'Engineer to Become family?" the judge asked. r-t- i answered to the effect Citucit to Help Lhildren i that he did not and then sentence imposed. New York, Oct 31 Thomas Meehan of Pittsfield, Georgi.

wealthy British engineer and Frank Murray of Worcester, said today he and his wife had 5 Iass ho were "rested yester- afternoon at the West Shore 4 uaj 1 aiiemwn ai me wesi cided to become American citizens station on charges of public in- so their" three children could "get: toxication were ordered out of a decent start in life." town after petitioning the judge "They couldn't get a decent for a chance to continue in their start anywhere in Europe now," sear lt for I Georgi explained- "Things hopeless there and will be for the next thirty or forty yeafs. It's war now, and if the war goes on for a year or two. Jhere'll be revo- lutions when it's over." The 60-year-old engineer ar-' rived with his family yesterday on the American freighter Black Gull. The older daughter, Dorothea, 17, said she wanted to study medicine at Johns Hopkins University; Mary, 13, was eager to go into the hotel business; Henry. 8.

merelv wanted to see the World's Fair. Auction Was Success The Longyear-Fallon auction of household goods and antiques, to settle the estate of William V. A. Loiwyew, heM at.199 street Friday morning, wis wril attend- Mr. Falkm reports that all articles offered were disposed at satisfactory prices.

Palcn Shapiro were the auctioneers. M.F.K.EDWARDS' DISCOVERY FOR CONSTIPATION Natio. COLUXBUS, OmO: For ow Dr. F. M.

(widdr know. Pfcjnciu) sncnarnJlr awed of jatinti far CQMipttiM ud bad- hefc of awrtr omul duU- fcv iriucfc twit. TWt win Doctor liwr bOt frttjy cwrr iato iattstioo or fatty ew't prapoir WT fcWMM ONHtipMCd. So bt Uui li atod vhw kc It hmam Dr. Mwirfc' TmMm.

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