Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on May 15, 1932 · 64
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 64

Chicago, Illinois
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Sunday, May 15, 1932
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PART 7 PAGE 12. W B CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE t MAY 15. 1032. 'Adopted Child Brightens Home tor Film Star Tempestuous Lupe Gives Gary and the Countess Some Uneasy Moments H' I-i V MIRIAM HOPKINS. By KoscZired Shaffer. t ' OL.LYWOOD. Special. Miriam Hopkins adoption of Baby "Wilson in Chicago brings to the fore the fact that a great many Hollywood homes are brighter and merrier because of the faces and : laughter of little adopted children. Miriam 1 i a only one of a great number; of Hoi ly wood foster parents. The last year - a- nas seen a ) number of I J ado ptions, y 1 x the rcost re cent Dmg the adoption of three children by Wal lace Beery and hla wife Kita. Neil Hamilton and his wife adopted Baby Patricia some eighteen months ago when she was a wee mite bom into a cold world. Harold Lloyd ar.4 his wife Mildred adopted a sister td playmate for their little Mildred Gloria, when for a while It looked as !f she would have to grow up without any blood sister or brother of her own. It !s notable that the Lloyd adoption came to them through the hands of one Mrs. Louise Sullivan of Pasadena, who In fourteen years has placed more than 168 orphans . in homes, as a memorial to a son she lost during wartime, Mrs. Sullivan has five of her own. Another notable case was the adoption of little Alexander Hayes, now known as Tukio. by bessu Hayakawa and his wife. The child is a son of Ruth Noble and Hayakawa, and is to grow up in Japnn. Table Near Gary's. Terrific quakes and tidal waves of gossip relayed from New Tork, relate that Lupe made things plenty interesting for a time with ner ex-name Gary dur- ; ing his stay f if "1 in Newt- "f?-? Tork on his ..V , t return from abroad. It f" seems Gary 'j has been f"- wooing " " Count era Frasso. sis- . .. ter of Bert Taylor, i n New York, and. since Bert Taylor has been the man of the moment with Lupe, Lupe had many chances to devil Gary by arranging ahead of time to reserve tables near his at the smart night clubs and places about New York. If we know Lupe, she probably did not curb her remarks nor spare her efforts to make Gary uncomfortable. They do say that Bert gave Lupe some lovely diamond and ruby trinkets. However, while Lupe managed to make Gary uncomfortable, what was everybody's astonishment when she walked in one night on both Gary and Bert with Johnny AVelssmuller at the Central Park casino. John Is the rage since his hit in "Tarzan," and Lupe couldn't have done better for her purpose. The local tattlers are au buzzing with it. and wondering what next. Gary returned o Hollywood, and met the countess at the train when she arrived a few days later. It seems Quite serious at the moment. Salary Cut, No Bonus. Nancy Carroll has teen having dif ficulties with Paramount because the c o m p a ny cut out the pleas ant habit of giving her cash bonuses with each picture and put her back on a straight salary low er than be fore. A run of bad sto- rlei i blamed by Nancy for her loss of popular i t y at the box LUPE VELEZ. ) " 'J Historiette SALLY EILERS, or, to le exact, Dorothea Sally Eilers, was born in New York Dec. 11. 1909. Her father is Irish and her mother Jewish. With her family she moved to California when she was 6 years t 1 4 SALLY EILERS old, but later returned to New Tork, where she attended high school for a while. Then she went back to Holly wood, where she graduated, stud-led art and worked 1 n an art store. It was none other than Jane Peters, now known as Carole Lombard, who persuaded her to "go into pictures. Miss Eilers made her screen debut in "The Red Mill" with Marian Davles and later had a tiny part in "While Paris Sleeps." She has been creatir quite a furore lately by her clever characterizations, of which " Ed Girl" is the outstanding. Red is the natural shade of her hair, but Fox wanted her to become a bdond and so she did. For this concession to the powers that be, her husband, Hoot Gibson, from whom, says report, she is at present separated, refused to speak to her for three days. She loves sports clothes and blue la her favorite color. She has a passion for shoes and hats. Her hobbies are swimming and tennis. Miss EUers is 6 feet S inches tall and weighs 103 pound3. Vox Playgoer New Operetta I on' Careers of 'Mikado' Men Gilbert and Sullivan as Characters In Show They Helped to Write. The Voice , of the Movie Fan NANCY CARROLL. office during the last year. When Paramount sound news reel men shot the picture of the king of Slam recently, they were obliged to wear formal clothes, at 114 in the iade. Tnen th king anointed the atatut of the first king of Slam with sacred oil from a fly-spray gun. USAILF .1 Attached while you wait or de livered. TOVPTB FL3, CENTEB. if. .Xk'iV;l;i:;;; iii m H tOW WICH UEAH tOWBl fWCSS AT THE . I? v jfc w SiAIt. MAOSON ANOClASJOf.NSIIiKlS 1 1 Chicago, May 12. It was at about this tie last year that you favored your readers with an Interesting series of sketches of the careers of various stars popular in musical comedy and light opera years asc. Why not treat us to some mc c. these sketches, covering some o .. folowing? Harry Bulger, Richard Carle, Joe Cawthorne, Jess Dandy, Dave Lewis, William Norris, Frank Moulan, Joe Howard. Victor Moore, Bert Williams, Nat M. Wills, John Slavin, Mabel Barrlson, Mabel H!te. Grace Van Studdiford, Anna Held, Cecil Lean, Joe Whitehead, Joe Coyne, Oscar Figman, William Rock, Ropers Brothers, George Sydney, Joseph Murphy, and Chauncey Olcott. I would particularly like to see a sketch about Richard Carle, my favorite comedian, whose productions of The Chaperon." "The Storks." The Tenderfoot," "The Pprinp Chicken." "The Mayor of Tokio." etc.. were considered the last word in en tertainment about twenty years ago. H. S. Storrs. Film Time Table Frittire picture are prenrntrd en thm fol lowing rheda!rt at the flrt ran honr today: CASTLE Newa ttrl, 8:30 a. m. to 10:30 p. m. Continuous 40 minute ahowlnc. CHICAGO P. M. 12:23, 2:S0. 8:3(1. 8:30. 10:15. CINEMA P. M.t 2. 4, 6. 8. 10. McTICKER'H A. M.s llitO. P. M.t I:?5. 3:15. n, 6:13. 8:30, 10:15. ORIENTAL P. M.i 13:15, 3, 8:35, 8:00, 10:40. rALACE A. M.i 11:83. P. M. S:5. 5:40, 8:18, 10:41. STATE-LAKE A. M.I 10:31. P. M.: 12. -.'50, 5:59. 4:2S, 8:0. 10:35. IMTED ARTISTS A. M.s 11:30. P. M.: 1:31. 4. 6. 8:03. 10:10. WOOD P. M.s 3. . 8:30. EW TORK, May 14. Special.! Milton Aborn, Impresario of ilbert and Sullivan revivals. Is planning for the more or less immediate staging of a play with music that should arouse the Q. and S. fanatics. It Is called "The Savoyards" that b ing the slang name for people who perform in or make a hobby of the Gilbert and Sullivan repertory and it will tell a story that begins when thi last curtain fell on the London premiere of "The Gondoliers," in London, Dec. 7, 1SS9. Miss Wtllson Whitman Is the author. The lyrics are excerpts from the famous ditties of Gilbert, and the score 13 a melange of the equally famous compositions of Sullivan. All of which sounds like a happy i?.ea. The Theater Guild's plans for next season involve a play by John Howard Lawson called "The Pure in Heart,-and Owen Davis" dramatisation of " The Good Earth." The organisation will send Shaw's "Too True to Be Good" cn tour nest fall, but Beatrice Lll!!e w31 be missing from the cast Gossip runs to the effect that Miss Lillie or Lady Peel !n the society columns will be associated with Clif ton Webb and Charles Buttarworth in a revue ta be staffed by Max Gordon. Six Broadway premieres are scheduled for the weel: of May 23, as fol lows: "Bridal Wise." a comedy with Madge Kennedy as star: "Heigh-Ho. Everybody," a play satirising radio broadcas ters, with Joseph Santley and Edna Hibbard in the cast: "Christopher Comes Across," a farce to be staged by Brock Pemberton; " A Thou &and S ummers," a drama by Merrill Rogers with Jane Cowl as its star; " Words and Music," an intimate revue, and " On the Make," a play by Roger Gray. Ina Claire, who has not graced the stage since her revival of "Our Betters" in February, 1923, will return to the footlights cn May 29 in Cleve land as guest star of Robert Mc- LaughliYa production of " Reunion in Vlnna." Other restagings of recent Uroadway successes will follow, with ot'ier leading players " Blessed Event," with John Gallaudet in plac of Rogfjr rryor; "Whi3tllng in the Dark," with Percy Helton In place of Ernest Truex, and " Mourning Ec comes Electra," with Alice Brady as Lavlnia. Billy Rose, who is optimistic on account of the 33 weeks of amazing prosperity enjoyed by his touring com pany in "Crazy Quilt." talks about putting another revue into rehearsal within a month. Whenever any one speaks to Mr. Rose about the depres sion he laughs and produces his bankbook as evidence to the contrary. Ethel Barrymore Is another theatrl cal celebrity who refuses to " feel the pinch." She will not bring her tour in " The School for Scandal " to an end In Montreal tonight, according to schedule. She announces that her busi reps is too srood to bp abandoned. This Fascinating Mr. William, Dear: Miss 'Tinee: Not since the late Rudolph Valentino has a, screen personality so captivated me as has the fascinating Mr. Warren William. It seems to me he has all the attributes necessary for making a tremendous success in sound pictures-acting ability, intelligence, a sensitive, mobile face, splendid physique, grace of movement, charm of manner, a delightful sense of humor, and, last but not least, an exquisite speaking voice that runs the gamut of all emotion. 1 I was attracted from the time of his first appearance on the screen in "Honor of the Family," and on the strength of his work in that and the other pictures In which he has appeared I went to see his first starring vehicle, "The Mouthpiece." To say that I was carried away by hi3 per fect impersonation of his role would be putting it mildly, for not only did he put the story across by his fine acting but also by his facial expres sions and the beautiful Inflections of hi3 voice. May he keep up the good work and be fortunate enough to be given stories worthy of his exceptional talents. F. L. Mauds. , Editor's note: Now that's what I call a good sendoff! . Roles Not for Pola end Paul. Dear Miss Tlnee: I have always valued your criticisms and enjoy your reviews, but one of your Sunday columns was a keen disappointment to me. I refer in particular to "Bits About 'Em," wherein you made the utterly ridiculous suggestion that Pola Negri resembled gorgeous, Katharine Cornell, and that in the event Miss Cornell could not be induced to film "The Earretts of Wimpole Street" perhaps Pola Nesrr! could make a pic- MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN PUBLIX-BALABAN &KATZ,7to 17" RAKDCUPM-STATE iT-tAKE 50c 11 A M- " Ao" The treat tar . . trter than you've ever aeea her I RUTH Ghatterton IteRICH ARE,, ALWAYS m I H as 'A GEORGE BRENT BETTE DAVIS Stage, Muiie Ftntur L "CLEAN-UP" f STAR Flf tE!) REVCE Y FRANK WILSON, with h MARC El LI. Orchutta) Production RANDOLPH it . 4TATE Mr it Snnn to t P M. TWO STAGE SHOWS! HERBIE KAY nd Hli Orchestra DORIS ROBBINS. eonR ttar Extra Stagm Production "IAN-K DKKAMS" 1 'ULU, it. to t P. it. V I 50c-11 A- Millions loved the book . . Millions will laugh, weep and rave about the picture I 3. r: Dram e,1 m rlrl who loustht and won Love CHARLOTTE HENRY Betty Blvtha Brvt M,rrM Jamee Kirkwood, Joyce Compton 3s F On fA tcrn SINNERS in the SUM" with CAROI.B LOMBARD CHKSTER MORRIS i S0-il A. M. tn S P St. ADltTH OM.T Join Chicago's Happy Crowds Who Acclaim JOAN (Jawford . . ROBERT Montgomery LETTY LYNTON7 A Metro Dramatic trtnmph with NILS ASTHER LEWIS STONE MAY ROBSON Pvbltx Balaban d Wat ROOSEVELT 25c to 3 x. m. STATE at SMOKING ON MEZZANINE 35c After 3 Maurice CHEVALIER in "ONE HOUR WITH YOU" with Jeanette MacBonald Charlie Ruvtrles Eoland Young RICHIB CHAIS Comedy Riot SOUVENIRS" y TALKARTOOX ' Latest Newsreel -Ii::!I!ii!;i;ii:iia!!!!I!:!!!!!!i!!!i!i!!liri!!:!!iil!iiIn;ii!!!!!i:i;!III!!III!liI!ii;ii' BOc AIZ, DAT Amklno's Latest Triumph 66 A T ATllVTTr"- with English LjKJlS Hi Explanations A thrtHlna !o ttnry of a Mmmunirt ichool teacher. Punch U Judy Van Buren at Michi-a!i Castls Hews Heel Theater 6TATS AT MADISON Chicago Critics Say: "DAS LIED 1ST AUS" (The Song Is EnlpJ Carol rWfiA. 'The Hit Pnn 'A-llfU ehince et Examiner bein popular as Zwti Berzea." Mae Tinet: "Firellentb acted Tribum and una " 0. Harriit: "Hti th tame chirm and ftfant v. Pott at Two Hearts In Walts Tim. Juat a little bit better." Pndenback: "Win? Knrtt Mnn. daneei, make A'auia lo enarmlnalf. 8. W.: " Tn Lied It Aim- in la the Abendpost play "Blue Uaik" acaln prone Its ponularlty." ENGLISH TITLES SECOND WEEK UFA CltlTt.tA Chlcaat Mlehlgaa' ture version, and if Brian Ahern were not the Browning of the film, Paul Lukas should be cast, et cetera. Do you realize that the Barretts are fundamentally English, and how could Pola with her broken English portray Elizabeth Barrett or Paul Lukas the Austrian play the English poet.. ; Think it over. An Ex-Tin6t Fan. Editor's note: Admitting thf.t Pola and Paul are not English and t.iat the Barretts and Browning were I .still think these two players would be great Jn ,' The Barretts of Wimpole Street." But, of course, I'm not always right. Information on the Side. Dear s Miss Tinee: A responsive chord to the note counded by a correspondent whose letter appeared in "The Voice of the Movie Fan," Sunday, May 8, prompts modesty forbids inspires me to suggest re the plaint of Mrs. D. Horwich, this "happy thought": , ; ; . ; Remember way back when, in the days of vaudeville, on either side of the stage there were " clipboards " upon which were posted the names cf the actors appearing is the chow, and sometimes one or two prominent ones who were to appear the following week? Why not install such bulletin boards In movie theaters, listing the names- of the players on the screen, illuminated by coftly Bhaded lights, so that they might be read at any and all times, yet be of no annoyance when looking at the picture? ; The Idea I seek to put over is this: I do wish they'd find soma means of posting the names of the players where we could read them at any time. Why not? ' Appreciatively yours, William B. Dklancet, ! Editor' Note: Why not, indeed! It's an ida, anywav! MOTION PICTURES IlCELLANEOlJS V UBUX GREATER TALK! E THFATER5 ?T3 . r73l iTa Sti ii IL III 33 f l:3Qfo-3:OOPAi.. HE PROMISED A PEHT-HOUSE Hut uhs wound uij willi two rooms ana a baby I WING BRIDE1 ERIO LINDEN. ROSCOE ATE3 ; iiir.ioia Tlr" Edwards ALSO. . n M I'amous 57V RirtCf Radio iS4fc,,,K b inner end comedy Ha Trllced Juries O'Jt et Jus- Wemen aut et Henerl WARRSN WILLIAMS Siflney Sox Guy Kibbee 1 m J 2!?C Any Seat ia Thrater Cntll'f?!? I !i!'.M. Affr2,Bal-onvOn!T Lico!n-Asb!anf! Matinee D.uiy MOTION PICTURES SOUTH. MOTION PICTURES SOUTH. a ... v - 1 "'X fK Here's the Public? Idea of a Perfect Show! VaJdjpJm CfiMk&ilfMmfii K K t A A I-OUTSTANDINS FEATURE-Spiced With a Variety of Selected Short Subjects . 6 -Delightful Units-6 with WarTSti William and S'dney Fo mUKl KiATES ZASU PITTS S1Lr: IVIsckey Moues Cartocs Td llusing's Spert Sfants news Events 1 K Isl H BE YAKJVKR HAXTKB I LCPE VFI.EE Marian Nixon in I i,po Carrillo MATKt'U HAnTlV'4 RRIKF.N IVIVP." Bpb TURP1N romctly. "Lisht. House Loves" HENTITRY Clrk-DiVPrKy 3! to 'i P.M. Mturlea CHEVAltER IStOHEV a MURRAY Jeanote J'arDorflo "COHENS & KJ:!.!.!S l HOUR with VOII" 1 HOTJ.TWnOD" Exts a Lautrns Micky Ifovso Cartoon riot i"J i'l tfciJlJ 3i to S P. M Vnbi, WIMIKV Wallace ford f-.MOKINQ ON tlTS MEZZANINE MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN We'tern-DHvn Sisr to K::iO flORfjir. imiu inimir.R BAXTER "THS HIM virnn I TV,,.i;.n Kiynn in PLAYED" GOn" I "AMATEUR OAODY" 1 62 l 'It' ? r m. H7 Law-.-M'!wn'.:rR s n a. acj 's jr 3. 2js a tso to s V I' K "Leo Carril'o WAHKES RAXTES '-tZlATT.VR T5A r5T''" A v : t p k t' i'um mm-m nh. ' ii ii nun Tm-irBr-iTrri-la-'-vi-RMim l t-ft J VA tJ s.t r J (ft fW open RKO VAUDEVILLE t! fm t0:ii r n-sents a Host of Star 1 awn j- (Opens ZO.-JO-ADULTS OHLY) cntfcHlhsvyHsscf wersn? ; , A reb !h?? Hsinss wi!h "i Brsf-flP-j ' mo w Q s JAMES r.iCNir Jnrjr. Elo-de" , Z1?.l K. C:oero ' i 53 I2:S0to SlKlSIVrrvv 8404 W. 22r.d St. -- '-isi? . i; .e to vr :'. I "CROWD HOARS" "ffljlfi FET?" SENATE l S is & i W-4 l- rM -- m.m in b s A II & ATTORN RKO-Reitt Pimn wi'h TWELVETREES Ht Seleerv ! Iicrfea Chevalier WASNER BAXTKK u . .. . . w . i ... .T. n nai..,' ClilVTIiAL PK.533 TtS'a Wiri.HM miv irt Brenfle!. Sn:!cer Maria Evune In Trar-r. Sa!!y r vers Are Von Mte-lnTfl !hnorlrr!y t'ondnet Rf'1!tO; AB!.f WARNER BAXTKR "TnH MAM WHH I Marian Kiror, in PLAVED GOD" 1 "AMATKIJR HABHt' !eto:30 V JAMRH CAONKV I ..... - . .nna pctl 5U W. M-ob UltU V tJ nven ANN HAiniNQ Afloinne Mftiiou "PRESTIQC" Wm. Hulnes. Hrnie evm in 'Are Yeu Listening' a!ro CRYSTAL North A P-. Cel. MANOR W. North AT BILTMORE I Ptt. pr Pii'eo 20e o 2:31 We; ."IZ.JSJUJL' i ii2 ft '-in L IN PERSON! 'jawisniv ihi'B' ?'' X i Mystery! Laughter! i Romances! . ROADKOUSE MURDER' WEST CO 3USTER ALBCRTINA RASCI1 DANCERS "8 oilies" I'armr Dance Stars ROXY THEATER ENSCMBLE 12 Merrbera of Roxy's Gang- RAY HULING AND HIS SEAL nr.o-Kaaio i iriorr wn i OOROTHY JORDAN A ERIC LINDEN ROSCO ATES M Vth I cr ) "DISORDtRLT 35eto2:30 ' CONDUCT" 2Sc Bersela Baleen Prlea AH Day 2"c BAMTIirANILtmi Viler. te CerrllH in .. ..... I trMn T. I nn" w . . ... un umm.rvlHe. "Rarlra Y-itrth" CO VENT ' M.noer.""BJ Flnh SHIS N Clerk f ' "" ft oeyfl.n)"rr irr All 1 B'.rr In "Caralvel Heal" E-tra-MlfKn MOUKB Cartoon Com-flTi ALAMO Catney. Jnen Blonrtell 41 W rilrawAt f "Crs BOirt aie rei-nr I2Se ts 1-0 ' Shinies, "Hotel csatintstar-WINDSOR B"!'r ","",,:u"r N nerd f nanny - ' S5e to S P. M. raMIW . "Bra wim; nFAREORN M" MardlBt. Ailolprie Men-40 W ","n J. '" B", " to S P. M. 'inewe iwi. nn Bargeln M:t 13 and 40e From I till ! 8 5 3k Reckless 'Stunt Flyer Kills Pal in M i d - A i r Collision! Eonaaree of ThriJl-Huiiffry Youth ... wita JACK GAKSE Richard Arlen He Had the Key to fcvery City ... but Not the One to His Own Bedroom! The Eo!!1ck1rj AdTenturea of a Beal-Ldie Hero ... With Douglas Fairbanfcs Jr. tS3'1-Ha!!leiJ l Balcony Eeata. :15c . vestcre! aV-4 HE A?S ' i-J f'AN" pi :mute Jja I -- - Ch'Mreo l!e SHa Tried Aytt!!? OncaJ I-etti Your Wixia Uhirr JEFFERY ... , GROVE C;"r Dlddy Warntr Baxter HTStsrr T.rr.!er. -Hote! Cort'rer.ta!" SHORE 75tb-Kir.gEtoa. 3. V-ttmrr 'Crowd Eosrs 'SIso-der'.y CovAw-i' H!G!-!LiKI5 Ferrer Sixtor VV. EMGLE WD M-Asn:aw! Wint- Saites, 'AlCitS!!? Dlfly 35-A FROM i 1 TO 50c After 5:30 to Closing HTnnRfctfl.IHhi Art atS&HN MAN JOHNNY WE!.SMCI.!.EK MAIRKKN l'l,!.IVAN 8LIM Sl MMESVIIXiS mrt!y Mutkal Brfvltics wilh Joaii Brniit jt A T I A MTI C WHIiam HHinrs A 1 LAH lit, ..APe Von LititenliiK" 8a1lT Kilrra In 'DIorc!erlyJujiliu-t DTJnbl'CQ Lfo trril!o. I.uue Vein fil'm SnramrrrHK "Kaeing Vooth" PALACE Thoi WEST MARSHALL SO Onen 13 Koon. 23c to a JAMES CAGNEY "THIS CROWD ROARS;; PeRiry 61iannor.-"H0IEL CONT1NEMAL" BROADWAY STRAND 1"41 Rooeetelt 2.-,- 1 "-00 JAMFI CA6NET "THE TPOWIJ ROARS" V, - v. ivn "THE RT(i TIMFR" Madison at Cicero ".! Tntfl ! :00 Also BING CROSBY I Richer Bar Mmr--"ALT A" TH TnrTOa" BYRD NORTH VOGUE BALCONY, 25c- AnlQ BROADWAY 25c Until 2:00 -Matinee & NigM Cm. Arllm "MAN WHO PI.ATFP i.nn-Slim Snmmrrvllln HAt IN Y0rTH" liORTIl CEflTER"' BIG 3V2 HOUR PROGRAM Foh.rt Mflntlnmerr-'T! FH m F" Wurw B.Ttrr "AMATFI R DAIU'V" "RED MlK Th-'ma TM. 7.nta fiMS J'KI.I' lOMIF,MNF.l" TfPPY I.OVF"-nt the Fro Tartoon BALCONY'. 2.V Matlnre and Mailt l A ssrvassilatC.lAniil j HI'HAKII HARTHKI.MKSM "ALIAS THE DOCTOR" Thoniis M"lirhnn Charlotte tircrnwood "CHEATERS AT PLAY" Adults 15c 12:30-2 P.M. ' ,in Ao. at Prlmont--25e Aftrr 2 P. SI. aiujAKD lo$l Squadron" ill. .1 r.. BIl'HARTI Alias xhe uoctor bakthllmess Talkartoon Newa Reel Orean Sonas BERTHA Lew Ayrei 4717 LINCOLN AVE. tout. 1 :.iu to iz:w Jack Oaltit "CANCERS IN THE DARK AT1ENT MAHJEN" MTTCTP DflY 373.1 SOOTHPORT UlUoll. dUA Adult? 25c All Day BKN LYOH "PTQ J IM C.R Sally .Lilei-a "DISORDERLY COWDUCT" NORTH CRAWFORD 19 B-CnX??$W Richard Barthelmess-" ALIAS THE DOCTOK"' HHttl.tK-HiM)l.stV-Ili,l tKtb.N "Ulrl rar" JOAN BKNNF.TT JtlHN B0LF.S "Careless Lady" 2 P. 91. to Closing, Adults, 40e ItMUI Adra. Adults 25o-JOe "Broken Lullaby"-"F!reman. Save My Child"' riVfiV 4346 W. MADISON pAVUI Nancy Carroll. "broken lullaby & "Panama flo" POBKRT MONTttOMF.RY "Bot th- Hwh l Weak" BILL BOVn OINCFR ROGERS "Carnival Boat" 7074 N. CI-ARK Cont. from 1 :30 jlionmd BARRYMORE "ARSENE M'PIN" sta ViVk "SHOPWORN" News Cartoon Novelties AUSTIN 6619 MADISON ST. BARGAIN PRICES 1 Opening to 2:30 Charles Farrell "AFTER TOMORROW" , LEW A YRES "IMPATIENT MAIDEN" AUSTIN 15c MS Joe E. Brown- 8743-4T Chlraao Ats. Adulti. J5e 1 :S- rSO Nancy Carroll "BroKen HHiaDy" vn.'Tlramsn. Hav. Mv Child nkTfV 6060 W. LAKE ST. rM'I Marlon Davids. "Polly of the Circus" "Behind the Mask" HOWARD "Ss 2Sc to 3 P. M, 33c Thereafter WILLIAM HAINES MAIMJK FVANS "ARE YOU LISTENING" BEN LVIIN THKI.MA TODD "THE BIG TIMER" SYMPHONY cW8&SS$2Sl Sauadron." Jack Oakte-"Dancers in the.Dark" PI AVsKflCV 4fl" N- PARK? IDE rLrtl.lAlVLr. "ARSENE LUPIN" "FIREMAN. SAVE MY CHILD" R. P'x. K. Von StrnVe'm. "The F.nst PniiHdron" Melchan 1n "( heaters at I'luy" DftiUn 1 Ull "Are Yon I,ttentne" Pallv E!le--s. "TMaorilerl.v Condirt" BOULEVARD "Dixor'lerlv CnndT'et" Vera Rrvnolr!. "The Mowwteryalksl. HALFIF.LH llli Norman Foster. "Steady jCompany" ffprmn Foster In 'RtealT Comnany" TIATinro Thomns Me'"-han njrr.ri;n. Chnter at piiy Pola Nerrl. "Woman Commandw" Warrer Baxte "AM ATKTja D ADD?" LUPE TALE2 "BROKEN WIKG" .UCKSON PARK 25c to 2:30 Spencer Trv "DISORDERLY CONnUCT ADULTS 30e AFTER 2:30 P. M. COLONY BARGAIN MATINEE Vrmiam Bovfl-"CARNIVAT, POAT- Nora Barine-"SHODLD A DOCTOR TELLT R-K-0 EKGLEVOOD ?,!A5f3S TWO T!l(? FFATrRES "Cohens 4 Kellvs in Hollywood ana Anotner siar feature. ntntinriv 63T 8. WESTERN UHiM V A I 25c Till 3 P. M. JAMES CAGNET "CROWD POAFS Ben Lyon. C. Cummlnits "BIO TUdER" METROPOLITAN 4644 S. Parle Way Hnb-rt MontC" fiery "FLF'rf Is WEAK" Rex Leave the MUJNSit-a wuis I.F.XINCTON ikEa- Hardlnr "PreRtljre" ft "Are You Listening T" r-nnT in 65TH & ELLTS Sally TP Fliers "nisorflerly Coniluct JAMES CAGNEY "CROWD ROARS" nivi tmncn 3047 prexel i-ar- 1:31-2:30 Adm. 25c "Man Who Flayed GoU" "Amateur Daaay NEW REGENT S. HAI.STED Swamt B In Person "LOST SOUADRON"-"ALIAS THE DOCTOR ROSE! ANH-ST ATE ZfilZ& "AMATEUR DADDT" ft BIG STAGE SHOW SHAKESPEARE "CROWD ROARS" 940 E. 43D Janrs Cheney, IlAIJVAHn eOd-Harvard Mat. Only HAHVAKIJ "Kin Tin Tin"-No. 11 "CROWD ROARS ft BIG TIMER COSMO "DISORDERLY CONDUCT' 79TH ft HALSTED Spr ncer Trsry CHFITEN E5n??Tl"thc-!?"?. Thomas Meichan "CHEATERS AT PLAY MARQUETTE Spencer Tracy "Disui'.JJiM.i'i uusiuuvi 3D FEDZT55 5n Till 3 P. M. TOTI LISTENTKG V 1WTT n A - 810 S. HALSTJiEl nllLUA DOUBLE FEATUE3 TIM M'COY "DARING DANGER". MIDWEST ! 'AmAliW BILLi BOYD "CAKJN1VAU tSUAT' tl A M TI TftW 71st ft Psxton Adults. 30j ft IViSL I Url "Cheaters at Play" Richard Barthelmess "Alias tha Doctor" ACADIA "FIREMAN. 65TH ft FAIRFIEI "ARSENE LUPIN" SAVE MY CHILD" NORTHWEST FT 3 iRKAT FKATl.RKS S toeneer T'ary I Ihomag flp'ehaa "DISOFOERLX I . "CHEATEES t'Nf":CT" I AT PIAY" Peejry annon-,,HOTET.J CONTINENTAL 8 FEATIJKE4B 3 RIcheri! Dir i Bi-k BarthTm"a "LOST I "A MA' THS SQT'ADRON I DOCTOR," Barbara Stanwyck "SHOPWORN LIBERTY S705 FULLERTOJT Doors Open at Nooa Adm. to 3 p. m.. Adults. 15c. Alter 8 p. 4dc. cniiflren luc All ui'v. irioie Attraction. Leon Janney "POLICE COURT." Jack Mulhall "SALLY OF THE SUBWAI.t Laurel ft Hardy "H ELPM ATES" Mickey Mouse Cartoon anil Movietone News. lOVIMr i IRVING PARK BLVD. IK V mil t and CRAWFORD Spencer Tracy, "Disorderly Conduct" Richard Dix, "Lost Squadron COMMODORE S103Iryln(r Park Blvd. 2S to 3 P. JAMES CAGNEY "THE CROWD ROARS' "DISORDERLY CONDUCT" I? IXfif I 380 ELSTON 3 FEATURES KlVULl 25c Until 2:30 J.imes Carney. Joan Blordfll "Crowd Roars' WM. HAINES "ARE YOU LISTENING f PITTS ft TODD "RED NOSES" I (n k J -Paramount Milwaukee-Sawye? LUvAPl K5e Until 3:00 BARBARA STANWYCK "SHOPWORN" Jack Oakie "DANCERS IN THE DARK" PORTAGE PARK tS&VSTR'SSC 25c after 2. Pe?rv Shannon "Hotel Continental." Sally Eilers "Disorderly Conduct."- MONT CLARE Grand Ave. at Hirlera SDencer Tracy.. Wiliam Haines "ARE YOU LISTENING? PATIO 6008 Irvinir Pk. Blvd. 25c, 1 :30-3 Jark Oaki incen n viio uars nraien at iiay Biaeest Stage Show on Northwest Side. A VHN 3326 Fuller! on A dms. 10c-20a AVUil "ARSENE LUPIN'S Jos E. Brown "Fireman. Save My Child" TIFEIN 051 W. North Ave. Jamea II rill Csimey "Crowd Roars" Spencer Tracy "DISORDERLY CONDUCT" EMU A CCV 3940 Fullerton 25c Until 3 :00 tlHOAOOl "LOST SQUADRON" Richard Barthelmess "Alias the Doctor" MISCELLANEOUS .1. MISCELLANEOUS X MISCELLANEOUS NEVBRYNMAWR 1125 BRYN MAWB ANN EABDING ADOLPHE MENJOTJ th r ,i Teen ShannuB "U3TEL CONTINENTAL" PUBLIX-BALABAN &f KT7-UUonder7ftea6enf rr- iitvr 1141 WILSON UiU LUAEi 25c to P. M. JAME3 CAG'.O -THH CROWD ROARS" BEN i; N-"BIG TIMER" a-o ju js i ' ii jiim'WW. ' Bi iLM "' S IJ.IM4P JI,'"JBP.JI "LW. '''- 'SJ "A. . ,s'mmmii9rw--&&:s--imrsbr&BmT'BHmmju----. r ra k7j isaTr- rr- -aJmr-mr-Trrrrrr-trm Jiil boor Open 945 60c Vav g Tops 'Em All in Riotous g Laughter and Roaring Spectacle! W "SKY DEVILS" 1 Spencer Tracy William Boyd g AND - "IT'S TOUGH TO BE FAMOUS" ; Doug. Fairbanks, Jr. WARNER BROS. ' ORPHEU M STATE AT MONROE g !!l!!!!!!i:!!!!i!I!!I!I!I!!i!ll!i!I!!!!ill!!!!!!!!!ll!!!!!!l!!!!lII!!i!!!10!!!i!!!:!:!illi; BUCKINGHAM anVW DAVIS , "Sff 35c Warner Baxter "AMATEUR DADDY" Willinm ..goV LAKE SHORE rv,S! juuaN "ssffifeSi'rrl Charles Farrell "AFTER TOMORROW" HOOT GIBSON "TWO 60 N CA B A LLE RO' ' Ann 6740 SHERIDAN 25c Until 3:00 I lir milDT Crnter St. Nefir Clark HUU Georite O'Brien "Gay Bandit" LArvr. IAMJK1 Ann Harding. Marlene Dietrich "SHANGHAI EXPRESS" "PRESTIGE" & "GET THAT GIRL" rtPVOM Brondway 25c to 3 P. M. TtfOfD A PU 2435 Lincoln. 25c Until 3 ,r.MH Jararn Cagnev "Crowd Roars" llHAlAArn "Diorr!erly Conduct" William Haines "ARE YOU LISTENING?" JAMES CAGNEY "CROWD ROARS' BERWYN JJ2J25iIJ2x. tiVXU PIT7 6334 W.E0OSE7ELTRD. Tafrn iIpIT rn S-ridan Foed Brtween ilfiVV lUI A ADM. ADULTS. I CatTO 0C1 LftgO wilmette & Kenilworth I to 22nr i 2 to 6-35e fl to ClofinK-40c TWIN FEATURE MADGE EVANS I I 5 -r?irRTfTnt WM. H ATNES "A RE YOU I.1STENINGP "ALIAS THE DOCTORS ann harping -prestige" Norma Foster "Steady Company" . 1 ' 5-Dig AcU cf Loop Vaadevillc 5 mSMSJcEES " " . m TtnnvCT Des Plaines at Madison PflYV Grove Ave.-C. B. & 0. R. R. rUllLDl Mat. Daily-Jack Oakie, AUA1 Ar!ul1-25r!. 1:30 to 2 Mirian Hopkins "Dancers in the Dark" Jack Oakle "DANCERS IN THE DARK" Richard Barthelmes "Alias the Doctor" Richard Barthelmees "ALIAS THE DOCTOR" i , .. . CICERO JSDALE VIII AC 22D 4 65TH JIIftoUAl.fc Tuea. -Wed. "Impatient M.iden" VllifurttJ Adults 25e 1 to 3 P.M. Thur.-Fr!. "Arouni the World tn 80 Mtn. with Barbara Stanwyck "SHOPWORN" Doua. Fairbanki" Bat.-T. MeiKhin-'Cheaters at Play Charles Farrell "AFTER TOMORROW" i ' . , , , DOWNERS GROVE IJ2Rm -vv, w-ww. - Tx-w 6th Ave at Washington Blvd. TIVHI I Jamee Carney "CROWD llil Mal?e Evans, 'J'-'I POARS" 4:10-7:01-10:00 William Haines "ARE YOU LISTENING?" HOTEL CONTIKENTAL" 3 :00-5 :55-9 :00 Ptgy Shannon "HOTEL CONTINENTAL" WILMETTE "Crowd Roan" ALCYON "Crowd Roars" , JAJHES CAGKEY-JOAN BLONDEUj ; 1 JAMES CAGNEY JOAN BLONDELL m III rj, i- I - - COTTAGE C,ROVBC63y BOclrlS to r. if. Children isc to s UP FROM THE DEPTHS! Raised by a Vast, Mighty Lovsl SYLVIA SIDNEY CHESTER MORRIS BORIS KARLOFF r RAWfOKO" WASHINGTON. B0ol:S0 to t P. U, Children lSe to t P. il. Tho Complete 3 A c t . Stacre Mystery Drama I PAULINE STARKE with the original stage cast in c 2 Stage Shows 2 Biasing Hotl EARL 4 MIKES 1U Acts "STAR NIGHT At Cocoa nut Grove" . witb screen . stars' PERFECT ; DOUBLES And orchestra in Sizzling ALL-COLORED REVUE! mm s Exactly as t-resente , 2 Exactly as Presented at the Adelphl Theater for S3 EDDIE HOUSE On th Screen That Exciting Romanes Claiidette Colbert MISLEADING ADY E5s BTI a k B ft r Pi o 3ROADWAV - tAwRENUi Children 199 Adults 50c. 1:S0 to One of the Years BIG HITS I taniuyi midnahtber's lj. , a 1 i-.- 'a. V r '-'-1 50 BIG nr on the Stage i 111 "ART GALLERY" . featuring PAUL S YD ELL & SPOTTY Eddifl Cola (He knew Chaplin) Bob, Andy & Tod Josephine, the Mo via Monk and many others PHIL 8HUKEN ART KAHM "Smiling Tenor" I and his music 5' ' (fq'OlH vl t RI r 40s TODAY UNTIL 2 P. CH'ltlren Alvrays 15c 40s J "YOUNG isagl SPENtEK TRACY. DORIS KENVOV "CARELESS IT KB 63of BLACHSTcmE MS .... ...a it Brt:u iff s r. "i. Richard Arlen. Jack Oakie, Roht. Tooan "SKY BRIDE" . and -YOUNG AMERICA oescer Traey. Doris Kenvss int wttvneTT JOHN HOLES MILWAUKEE at- SAWYER S 5c 1:30 to t P. M. "SKY DEVILS" Ana Dvsrak, Spencer Traey -and- 6RCACWAV a LAWRENCE Sic 1:30 to 3 r. m. Children lS(Lr'Pain0 "SKY DEVILS" Ssenear Traey. ns Dvera and M -arifl . f a B. Bancroft. Miriam Honkins 11 PLA Y GlKC ;A 'WORLD AND THE FLESH' 27"'W'"" HOWARD of CAAR.K So L-l" ? ? p- ar- MAURICE CHEVALIER Jeanette siwciionnia . One Hour With You" -a no- CARELESS LADY" .town enrt

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