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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 2
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 2

Chicago Tribunei
Chicago, Illinois
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Italy in the area of the e'mlts total less than 25,000, Where Auloist Burned to Death ALLIES TRYING TO GET TOGETHER ON NEW TURK PACT How Treaty Was IWjetted. Chicago Tribona Kereljn nw fecrrln. ANGOKA. Turkey, MArch 7. -Th assembly indorsed the ablnet recommendations for the relation of the Lausanne treaty by lfo to 33 today.

Although tliis may be regarded as a WOMAN SLAYER, GUILTY, FOILED IN SUICIDE EFFORTS "HEINRICH" FORD IDOL OF BAVARIA FASGISTI CHIEF British Expected to Offer Compromise. victory for Lsmet the assembly only capitulated after such able speakers as Kemal Pasha exld IVemier Ilaouf Asso-1 Bey had exerted tni'msclves to the PARIS, March 7. By the rA The assembly will prevent vl vitrwa uj j. ranee, r-ngmna, ana niy iht of the ennw Anti-Jewish Articles Cir concerning the future iwridllng of the sions whk-h Ismet vas willing lo make near east situation have been inaugu- to thft ln for economic Mrs. Saludes Must Serve 20 Years to Life.

-raiea. ir was learned today. financial concssions. No metal can touch the vote the cabi- Definite action will necessarily! immediately aft culate by Million! is. await oflieiftl nd vices of tho Antrnr.i as- not went into X'f yslon to rret.are it oJ fOAD I tail Cf5 Maze 7l LIE cozr-t' Tr jxr giguu: JJ sembly's rejection of the Lausanne note to the allies in which the terms treaty, but it seems to have been de- under which the Turks are willing to cided that any resumption of the near negotiate will b- outlined.

The note eastern conference would be likely to wjn lemand a o'fnVk reply of yw or no. New York, March 7. Mrs. Paulette Saludes, the second woman to be convicted of murder in this city within three weeks, made three unsuccessful attempts at suicide tonight. Found guilty of killing Oscar Mar-telliere, an insurance broker, who she said had wronged her, Mrs.

Saludes was being led across the bridge of sighs between the court room and the Tombs prison when she swallowed poi-t-on, then tried to slash her throat with the lid of a small tin box, and finally attempted' to dash her brains but BY RAYMOND FENDRICK. Cliirsgo Tribune Foreign wa JSrrricf.J By Tho Chicago Tribune. I MUNICH. March 7. Heinrich Ford of Detroit will have 100 per cent moral support of Adolf Ilittler's Deutschen Arbeilerpartei it he runs for President.

I wish that I could send some of my shock troops to Chicago and other big American cities to help in the elections," the young leader of the Ba- 35c and uf the I-Ye nc ought to untlorstand that an ar-corm-nt was always possible with Krane de.irinsr only reparations and peace, but with France wanting: to the Uhineland and the Kuhr, nevt-r. Herr Ilerst, Conservative, regretted that Chancellor Cuno had not announced a rupture of diplomatic relations and a policy of reprisals. Herr treslmanrt of the People party deiSared: "No reasonable rnind- i r-erson will oppose an with lrance. but in hr i-roccdure it is now to France to create pro-: uipites lr such an understanding." I'mrsT Defection. I tli Tritwine Karris J'AIUS.

T. Premier i'oincaro wiil go to IJruss Monday to confer with Premier Theunis and M. Jaspar fir two 4r tfcrtv days to combat the Pritih influence which is seeking to divorce lielgium from cooperating with Franc in the Kuhr. Reports etUe that the British practically have guaranteed Belgium the amount of priority in reparations payments agreed on if the BrusseU government abandons the French when intervention in the dispute is attempted. Thus Tar it is understood hat M.

Theunis has been standing i by France, but it is feared that outbid influences, including pres-are from America, may lead him to change his attitude. M. Poincarf al. is expected to discuss the sugg--9Iion of altering Belgium's priority to permit the payment of the costs of the American army of occupation. Italian diplomatic rtjpresentatives at Brussels are expected to be invited to participate in the conversations but not the British-British Study Rhine SnarL LONDON, March 7.

By Associated Press. Gen. Sir Arthur Godley, commander of the British troops at Cologne, arrived in London today and conferred with war office officials. Later he met the cabinet committee and submitted the draft of an agreement drawn up with Gen. Degoutte, commander of the French troops In the German occupied territory, regarding the amount of transport the French should bo permitted through the Cologne zone.

In allowing the French approximate ci3 Crossing of Higgins and Roosevelt roads in Schaumberg township, Cook county, where man was found dead in blazing sedan. prove fruitless unless there were a preliminary accord among the great powers. British Diplomats Discouraged. LONDON, March 7. By the Associated Press.

The announcement that the Turkish grand national assembly at Angora had instructed the government to undertake fresh peace negotiations with the allies for tho purpose of having the Lausanne treaty conform with tho Turkish national pact has struck a note of discouragement among the British diplomatists in London. While Lord Curzon. the foreign secretary, has repeatedly declared that the Lausanne document represents the irreducible minimum of the allied it is believed in quarters familiar with the exigencies of the near east situation and with Great Britain's pressing economic need of retiring from Constantinople, that the allies are prepared to accept a reasonable com against the walls of her cell in tne Tombs. Use Heads, Not Hearts. jvarian Fascisti party said grimly.

We on Heinrieli Ford as the leader of (the growing Fascisti movement in America. We admire particularly his These garters are made V2 inch peppy, long stretch elastic. They fit your leg. smoothly and are extremely comfortable. Long wear ia every pair.

Ask for then by name Wide weave PAR "yV" 1 pgMff Ask for fejg ft Good for All Throats I' drag mad cW action-iV try tare. JFt Phila. "1 auu-jenwn poucy wr.icfl is ine tsava-rian Fa.scisti platform. "We have Just COPS RAID HOTEL, GUARD OTHERS IN DRIVE ON VICE DEVER WILL OPEN ACTIVE CAMPAIGN NEXT THURSDAY "3000 Houn of Solid Comfort A STEIN COMPANY CHICAGO NEWYO Three Couples Taken from De Jonghe's. promise on disputed points.

Moreover, the government realize, the Kemalists have 250,000 we equipped and disciplined troops read for instant action, while the combiner had his anti-Jewish articles translated and published. The book is oemg circulated to millions) throughout Germany." "The International Jew." Tho articles which Herr Hittler referred to evidently were from the Dearborn Independent, They have teen published in two volumes by Hammer-Verlag of Leipzig and are displayed in every bookshop in southern Germany. The title is The International Jew," with Henry Ford's name on the front page as the author. It is not true that Mr. Ford is backing the Fascisti movement in Germany financially," said Herr Hittler.

but "Heinrich's" picture occupies the place of honor in Herr Hittler'a sanctum." If Mr. Ford is not the angel of Herr Ilittler's Fascisti, in spite of story (Continued from first page.) rorcejj of Great Britain FrHnr( -skrfT The jury, composed of men of superintendence and admonished to find a verdict with their neada Inst of. their hearts, found Mrs. Saludes guilty of second degree murder, which carries a prison sentence of from twenty years to life. Less than three weeks ago a jury in Brooklyn returned a similar verdict against Mrs.

Lillian Raizen. Mrs. Saludes shot Martelliere on Oct. 16, and on that day attempted to leap from a window ln her atto ney's office. Mrs.

Saludes, a pretty Frenchwoman, was clear eyed, calm and almost defiant as she heard the jury, foreman pronounce her guilty. Dep- uty sheriffs led her across the Bridge of Sighs for the Tombs. It was here that she drew from its hiding place in her glove the little tin box that contained, police said, brass polish, but which looked like rouge. In this was believed to have been in-eerted a pellet of poison. Straggle With Deputies.

She tossed something down her throat, and straightaway crumpled into the arms of her attendants. Groaning and struggling with the deputies, Mrs. Saludes then tried to slash her throat with the brass hinge of the vanity box, but was prevented from doing serious injury to herself. She national Institution (rp V.j A Jrom Coast Coast'- 711 fSU 7 Lueder to Get Into the Fray Early Also. Thursday, March 15, was set yesterday as the date for opening of the active campaign of William E.

Dever, Democratic candidate for mayor. According to the plans of his managers. Judge Dever personally will appear In every r.ard in the city, making three speeches each night. At the same time, backers of Arthur C. Lueder, Republican nominee, were laying their plans 'for an intensified campaign to begin the first of the week.

Mr. Lueder will return tomorrow morning from Hot Springs, where he has been resting since the primary, and will immediately jump into the work of the campaign. Predict United Front. Homer K. Galpin, chairman of the i of the "Bavarian government to the nue districts, listed twenty-four; Capt.

James E. McCann, Des Plaines street, fourteen; Capt. Patrick Lavin, South Clark street, five; Capt. Morgan Collins, Chicago avenue, twelve, and Capt. Thomas J.

Pilkington, Warren avenue, eleven. Additional details of ten men each were made to Capts. Enright, Lavin, McCann and Pilkington. Capt, Enright went a step further than most of the other captains when he instructed his men to arrest taxi chauffeurs who bring customers to places under guard. His patrolmen arrested five chauffeurs and ten other men who attempted to enter the closed Established One Hundred and One Year IN In Variou Shades of Oxford campaign committee, was busy yester harmony resort at 70 East 28th street.

They day conferring with other was carried to her cell where the pris- on physician hurried with a stomach pump and she was revived. It was were fined $1 and costs- by Judge then that she dashed herself against the wall of her cell. The theory was set forth tonight by some prison officials that the woman had decided to end her life rather than tell all the facts concerning her life, leaders and it is predicted that when they get down to work on Monday the entire Republican organization, including the Thompson followers, will be solidly united behind the former postmaster. Today or tomorrow the Lueder executive committee will be revised, places being made for representatives of all Mr. Lu'eder's opponents at the primary.

I I ti Hi Daniel P. Trude in the Morals court. Drivers Posted," Judge Says. Four-fifths of the taxicab drivers could give the police much information against vice resorts in the city," the judge declared. Two men and a colored woman were arrested by Maxwell street police, in III! mk i 1 1 hi i ii mm: mmdm i which will be necessary when she is sentenced.

Little is known of her Mrs. Saludes based her defense on a plea of emotional insanity. Her counsel sought to show that Martel- here had sent Mrs. Saludes' husband Final plans for the Dever campaign recommend Robert Cheviots, in Plain Twill, Herringbone or Diamond Weaves, for your Cutaway Frock also for your Spring Overcoat. will be outlined toaay at a meeting oi a rald on disorderly house the Democratic county central com- 5 JT va tti at 1248 South Union avenue.

Two men Sherman. The Ward committeeman and two women were found guilty of i abroad to collect debts and that his real purpose was to get possession of contrary, huge sums are coming from somewhere. House Painter's Dream. The Bavarian Fascisti party, officially known as the Deutschen Arbeiter-partei, apparently is made up of all the idlers and others with an adventurous heart in Munich and other Bavarian town. It probably would have remained obscure, if hatred had not been stirred up again in Germany.

The French upation, however, has proved a boon for Herr Hittler, who is becoming a national, hero, although actually he was a house painter from Vienna and a former Austrian citizen. Herr Ilittler's organization, which Includes 6,000 shock troops uniformed in gray, is spreading by leaps and bounds throughout Germany. He has a large organization In Munich sending out Mr. Ford's books and. other Bavarian Fascisti propaganda, by the car loads.

The -nationalist wave has put the movement on a much higher plane. Why He Opposes Jews. We are against the Jews because they, are responsible for internationalism, and we have already chased all Jews from Munich, except the more serious nationalistic Jews," Herr Hittler added. I wish to become a German citizen, but I do not intend to ask the Jewish government in Berlin for this favor. We are opposed to swarms of Americans and other foreigners raising prices throughout Germany while millions of Germans are starving because of the increased prices.

We are equally opposed to German profiteers, and we are demanding that all be imprisoned." Against Ruhr Armies. The character of Herr Ilittler's movement originally was socialistic and pacific, but the success which was brought by the nationalistic movement in Germany following the occupation has given it a strongly military character directed against France and being inmates of a disorderly house by a jury in Judge Robert E. Gentzel's court and were fined $10 and costs. his property. Mrs.

Saludes, in her testimony, declared the broker had exerted a hypnotic influence over her. ly ten trains daily, across the zone and guaranteeing no trouble with the German workmen ia the handling of these trains, the British believe they have made ample concessions. The British government ia expected to give speedy approval to the agreement, but until the French have accepted it, officials here see no settle-liient Of the Anglo-French transport snarl in the Kuhr. French Take More Territory. COLOGNE, March 7.

By Associated Press. Additional territory east of Cologne was occupied today by the French troops in order to give France complete control of all the customs poets on the right bank of the Rhine. The British bridgehead at Cologne is now surrounded by French patrols and outposts. 1 Tear Up Essen Tracks. ItSSEN, March 7.

By Associated iTess. The most serious case of railroad sabotage yet reported was discovered today south of Essen, where 150 yards of the track of the main line between Kssen and Duesseldorf had leen torn up during Tuesday night. Chancellor Cuno's speech in the Reichstag has had a decided effect In stimulating the passive resistance air.ons tho hundreds of thousands of workmen in the Ruhr as well as the beads of industry, according to German sources. The French, on the contrary, declare that the speech was disappointing to the population which had hoped to find in it a more definite declaration that might lead to negotiations with France. German trade union leaders here are almost unanimous in the statement that the speech will make the factory workers and coal miners more determined than ever to maintain their resistance to occupation.

Heavy Penalties on Boclmm. LONDON, March 7. By United Press. The French are engaged in inflicting severe reprisals upon Bo-ciium. while holding the town incommunicado, the correspondent of the Paily Chronicle ct Solingen wired to-tiny.

Bochum authorities-recently refused to pay a heavy fine. May Seize Frankfort. BERLIN. March 7. By the Assoct-red Press, occupation.

The Munich correspondent of the Achtuhrabend-5latt in a dispatch to his paper says has learned from a visiting diplomat that the French Intend to occupy Frankfort next week and that the occupation of Munich and other points in south Germany Is to take place in ibout three weeks. Belgian troops, it ivas added, would also be used in occupying Munich. wo FORMAL BUSINESS will be instructed at this meeting as to exactly what is expected of them during the campaign. The schedule of meetings that has already been arranged for the campaign will be read, so that each committeeman will know when Dever and the other city candidates will speak in his ward. Judge Dever will be, aided by Former Mayor Harrison and former Governor Dunne, former Senator Lewis, and other oratorical stars in his canvassing.

Last Registration Tuesday. In the meantime, neither party is overlooking the fact that next Tuesday is the last day to register for the April election and every effort is being made to get out the unregistered vote. Both the Dever and Lueder workers are busy canvassing wards and precincts and as a result several thousand names probably will be added to the poll books. Yesterday Mrs. Henry W.

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