Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on March 4, 1923 · 21
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 21

Chicago, Illinois
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Sunday, March 4, 1923
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P1 El 11 utANEY9 WW1 AND GRIFFITH ARE INVITED TO SERVE All Known as Leaders in Amateur Athletics. with plans progressing favorably tr.61 ertrie, b,-ing received in every batch of mail for the mammoth am , tteur boxing tour , ament to be con , iicted by Th 'ribune A. A. in 1, Ashland Bou - levant aud: toritn1 401 ' r on Iarch 21. 2i. and 23, men wh. : have been assoct -.Led with amateur ,c04. ithletics for years. Ae". boxing particular ly, will be asked to act as officials r 41. Everything pos sible will be done. IIARTD; A. to keep the arnaDELASEY. teur a part from tht. prefessional. The tournament will IN-1 conducted strictly along amateur ins by men competent to handle the Tan), details in faultless style Some Df these men have conducted tour . stys in other cities. Others have ged boxing bouts in the army. navy or marine corpos. while others have ccled in various capacities at amateur tourneys. rig Men as Reterem Among the referees who will be asked to act -on one Of three nights s.11 be Martin A. Delaney. general manager of the Chicago Athletic as Eciation; Col. John V. Clinnin. former president of the Central A. A. 1.7- who served in the world war and officiated at boxing contests between service men. and Maj. John L. Griffith. ecrnmissioner cf athletics in western ottlerence universities, who was in charge of camp and cantonment athkit activities during the war. ' It would be hard to select a more capable trio of amateur referees in any part ef the country. - Before corning to Chic'ago Mr. Delaney was in athletic work at St. Louis. where he officiated !n numbers of amateur tourneys. He knows amateur boxing and will be a treat asset to the tourney. Col. ClinnUi and Maj. Griffith need little introduction to local followers of amateur athletics. Being army men. they will !r.sizq on discipline and they will corn-id the respect of contestants. Personnel of Judges. Judges who will be requested to act Ire a:so well known to all fo'ilowers et amateur and collegiate athletics. It:vet-ea C. Brown. formerly president 1 of the National and Central A. A. U., who was an American commissioner , lour Olympic games, will be asked to serve for at least one night. Maj. Frederic McLaughlin, another stanch admirer of the amateur boxer and a 4.;rough sportsman, will be asked to rc a judge. ; Coat lea A. Dean, chairman of the - at-tittle committee of the Illinois A. C and one of the hardest workers In Ito? promotion of amateur athletics in t'Le cdulti wtst. will also be asked to I be a Judge. Dean is a former presidi-rit of the Natioaal and Central A. A. ata at present is a member of the etairpionship committee of the national Delaporte Knows the Game. E. C. Delaporte, who has charge of V'I:clica In the public t chools athletic wi:1 undoubt,d4 serve as a ::,4ton one of the three nights. Delate has had a deal of experience in zateur boxing as a result of his po- ! and. like others menticned. es the game and the principles of rii:eur boxing. ,PhYsical directors of the three big clubs will be asked to be time4Ptra on the three nights. John of the Illinois A. C.. who knows :' about amateur boxing. will hold Ilq'eh on one night. S. II. Darwent Chicago A A. will act in a Sill-Lill aeity on one of the other nights, Mi!es Hav:leek Of the liarnilon 11-21 serve on the other occasion. Berz. Fecretary of the regis- "'en committee. will have charge of '71w,t,gs and will also see that boxers make the weight. In this it is necessary to mention Z4, cmtestants will weigh but once. '7tr..raries in four classes will be 161 en the first night and trials In th,-1- four on the next night. however. must be at weight, !It has not yet been ticided whetn. Ihr 0verweiizht poundage will be Ann , tt-- c.erks. 'vie the ether --D,423 pnnounced later. r ''enal trainers w:11 be Pnto look after th e boxers in the i reorn. They will help the con- bantage tio ir liands and at-1 4:Ito any e-J8 or brui.,-;es stls:ained ps.'tig the contests. Piiysiclans : Ill.-es:Ants through a rigid exarna bffore they compete. '..tatr), fee is necessary. Boxers tte-.rit to enter are requested to clip r.;er."rY banks cppearing on the 21,,D3Kes arid mail them as direct. must b ants mus e members t: and all nominations must I all or before March 14- - ttNIKY ISLANK ON PAGE tl PART TWO SFORTS, r, RH E7S, PSTIVITIE. K 0 4-7171FC S FOR T A .11 nneal-lee Other Officials Later. ts Sdk b-mharn and Walter and p 4111. ntlf'fikitvr will te among taroursing9 h e PAE o 1: h 11 EV! S INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT. pUHSIANT to announcement, The Wake today presents the lirst batch of answers to questions of those afflicted with Income Taxi:is, or, snore properly speaking, ineome tax-eat-us. Our kind offer has brought thousand's of commendatory letters, and Friend Cannon, collector of internal revenue for the Chicago district, is reported to us to have said the plan will lighten lime greatly the work of his staff in this busy season, whereas most plans lightt,n merely the taxes. Don't be afraid to ask the most per-;nal questions. They will be regarded ts confidential, if requested. Send no -ncney. Here are the early birds: llead of Family a Fiction. Expert Wake Aly wife and I file separate returns. Can I claim exemption as head of the family? Oak Park. AnswerUnleaa your establishment la different from the majority of xis, you are not the Aetnai head of the family. but the law politely allows eithcr husband or wife. but not both. to claim that distinction for inceme tax purpollea. Increase in Capital Assets. Dear Wake : Three years ago 1 was given a shepherd dog named " Humphy." There have since been eight puppies. That return, it any, do 1 make? Ward T. IL AnswerThe name does nct hgure. As " flumphy " was a gift. there is not tax except from increase in value if sold, but there is tax on income therefrom. You have had " ilumphy " more than two years. so we bold it an increase in capital assets, sub!ect only per cent. Since you have bad eight puppies, send one puppy, or 124,1 per cent of I iticreased capital assets, to Internal Rtvenue I Collector Cannon. Discretion, Etc. Our little on had his first lesson in English at school and that night asked me why it was called the " mother 'tongue." As she was in the room, I hadn't the heart to tell him. Efargee. This Wake Is Conducted by Harvey T. Woodruff. Help! Help! The Inside Dope. Ere Iluehle takes his able pen In hand to tell us who again, Will prosper in Ran Johnson's league. I have evolted with gre-at fatigue The following on how they'll stand When autumn settles o'er the land: Our Sox, I think. will lead the race, 1 iih Ty t Obtob boys in seeond place. 'I he chesty I nkees y on will find The next in line, while close behind The tO.hting BrOW118 lead Washington. Sixth honors when the season's done Val fall to Cleveland. Connie Mack VIII finish second front the back. The rest is gathered at a glance; We sympathize with ' r. L." Chance. Ive no doubt Ilughie knows his biz. But any guess is good as his. Hoosier rat. When I Was a hid I Thought-- That " Post No Bills Under Penalty" meant that any one who put bills in the mail box would be arrested. (I wish it were so.) Me. NVhat Kind of Opportunity? 1 FrOLII Want Ad, via L P. MAN--EXPD.; TO TAKE FULL CHARGE OF ceto,Avry grounds: good opportunity. Address N 24. Nursery Beaver! Young Battling Shatter, 21-3 year old soc of a desktnate, sights grandpa, who wears a full set of 1670 whiskers. for the first time. Y. B. S. carefully inspects whiskers, then. mindful of many commands to remove foreign matter from his own mouth, snaps curt command to grandpa, " Spit it out." Anil the Stamps Were Really Inclosed. 6,19 f ? The tlentn, from off the buildings tall Completely' ruin my hat and all; hat s by I slindb UpOD my way And loudly cuss tat melting (IA". Bill Millar. Wort Joise 11 Ever Heard. My German neighbor was painting his garage and hurrying so that he was making a botch job of it. When I atiked him the reason for speed, he reptied that he had bare:y enough paine and wanted to finish the job before the paiat gave out. J. M. N. Do Yon Remember Way Melt AN -hem As we went whist Lug do'w n the street a big man said, "Hello, Viiistle, where are you going with that boyr---"L 5L S. .,...b ...,. w a k. " .:L.:Z. . . . . ... . . ' . . , - .1 2 a ----------,----- 4,, Fraudulent Return. Eln 11 ZEE TO Friend Harve: In 1918 my income was SELL $8,500. I reported only ;MOO and con- I cealed the rest. A government Investigator has discovered it. What shall I do? Perplexed. Answer-Notify your postman to forward SOX CLUB, your mail to Leavenworth prison. I - - - - - - - - - - STORY HERE SAYS , , BY HUGH FULLERTON. IReports, which failed of verification :but which were vouched for by a man !prominent in baseball, circulated in , Chicago yesterday that Harry Frazee has sold. or is about to sell. the Boston I Red Sox to a syndicate of Boston men. I The report was that the Boston syndicate had offered Frazee approximately !what he set as the price of the team Oast year, but that the deal had been ;held up temporarily while a confidenI tial agent went from Boston to New York to see George M. Cohan, who a year ago was about to close a deal for 1 i the Red Sox. Col Ruppert Interested? The report also was that the agent I was to see Col. Jake Ruppert, part 1 owner of the New York raaltees, in 'connection with the deaL The reason I for this is not clear, although it has lbeen rumored that in the past Ruppert has loaned Frazee money for his base-!ball and theatrical ventures. I For the last week it is known that !President Johnson of the American league has been active in striving to put over a deal by which the Boston American league club would change owners and offset the effect of the i Boston Braves bringing Christy Mathewson in as owner of the team. I Mathewson's connection with the 'National league team in Boston has , given the Braves a big boost in popu! laxity Frazee Ready to Sell. Fraze e has stated repeatedly that he is willing to sell the Red Sox if he can gEt his pr!ce. Twice last year pur- chasers were ready to take over the team, but each time the deals fell through. Once it was statta that Frazee lifted the price when approached. and in the other instance the purchasers wanted control, not entire owner-:ship. - Dear Harvey: As a Helper I inclose CHAMPION TILDEN 25 cents so you can get some of that ,:-.elk " hair polish for Walt. Take WINS IN SINGLES 1 time by the Forelock before Phyllis I . 13losscrn does. Dixy. ' LOSES DOUBLES I Philadelphia, Pa.. March 3.Dean The Day I Hate. New and Watson M. Washburn of The day I hate. quo:h Dan MeFeldt, New York today won the tennis dou- it on 'lien it begins to melt; !bits championship of the middle states The snow end ire begin to (M1070 And spell any newly ontit,hrd ehoe. I by defeating William T. Tilden and wr-ince of Philadelohia in I Philadelphia, Pa.. March 3.Dean Mathey and Watson M. Washburn of New York today won the tennis dot)- ? bles championship of the middle states I by defeating William T. Tilden and Sandy Wc. iner of Philadelphia, in - straight sets, 6-0, 6-2, 6-3. Tilden was forced to do the majority of the work on his side of the net. Tilden wound up the tournament by winning the singles championship from It Lind-Icy Murray of Buffalo, 6-1, 6-4, 1-6. 6-2. -COLLEGE BAS 'MALL I WESTERN CONFERENCE. Iowa 20; ...Michigan. 18. Chicago, 39; Purdue. 35. Indana. 31; Northwestern. 25. Wisconsin. 36; Minnesota. 10. 311'4SOUR1 VALLEY CONFER,ENcE. Kansws Aggies, 26; Grinnell. 24. OTHER GAMES. West Virginia, Z3; Pittsburgh. 25. Creighton, 46: Nebraska. 24. La Crosse Normal. 27 ; Columbia, 20. Yale, 26; Dartmouth, 22. Penn. 30; Cornell, 28. Creighton. 16; Nebraska, 25. Okiiatoma Aggles, 19; Oklahoma, 15. River Fails, 17; Superior Normal. U. of Utah. 44; Utah Aggietr. 30. THE THE .1 UM t WORLD'S GREATEST LOSES DOUBLES, "is our hal legalized box- ing money 'would I tav here. If boxing it; -A Al MICH 4, 1923. moon. 41 UNE B DAYS OF REAL SPORT I he inquirtng Reporter Every Day He Asks Five Persons, Picked at Random, a Question. The Tribune will pay 15 each for questions accepted for the Inquiring Reporter to ask. Send name and address with your Questions to " The Inquiring Reporter. Chicago Tribune." For today'a question R. F. Doyle, 5648 Indiana avenue Chi-,-ago, was awarded 15. The Question. Do you favor legalized boxing in Illinois? ,,. -- I brokerI do. Some or a va .0 'v. T the other states seem A4717) L' -..r--A --Well, I'm in favor of okI, -sC ,-.:!..-';4 it if it is run On a clean 'r iov,414,04, , , ,, -. ;k, 4 ' basis. There should . 64! . , a way of keeping the 1 -,J, I crooks out of it. It is e ,5-..---- crookedness that gave fe ,,,) -re 4, the sport a black eye and the public will not stand for it. With crookedness eliminated. the sport should be legalized and encouraged. MIDWEST - LEAGUE HOLDS ELECTION The Chicago Midwest Baseball association will hold its annual election of officers tomorrow night at the Morrison hotel. President William C. Niesen, who has just returned from spending the winter in Cuba, will preside. Applications for the berths vacated by the three teams that jumped to the new Industrial league will be acted upon. - ....,... NEWSPAPER fliffH ON ROAD TO RECOVERY FROM BAD FLU ATTACK Where Asked. white - this arternoon, ueorge iterman Clark and Madison streets. Rtith was apparently well along the The Answers. road to recovery tonight. During the Theodore II. Miller, 7655 Aberdeen day he was kept in good humor by a street, salesmanI cer constant stream of telegrams asking thinly believe it would .,,V-'' him to deny or confirm a rumor that he .,,,..;.' , . be a good thing if they f. ,.'-..: ' . '--.! had legalized boxing :II ,-- his state. It is a good Aoiroirrt3 was dead. Every one of which brought a broad grin to his classic features. ...... clean sport and it is a "I think I'll want to die if I don't get .'",:7:-',,''.', t;,,J,,,,, good thing to encouris ,, ,.41.040,, .i,;,, out of this bed pretty soon," he mid, age the younger fel- but I just can't make it. An ome- 44..-6" lows to get interested lette for breakfast, was the first solid in it. I am personally interested in food I had since Thursday noon. boxing, having taken it up some time Dr. W. T. Wotten, who is attending ago, and I'll say it's a great sport. the stricken slugger, said he could not Jack Dougherty, 7906 Justine street, tell at this time whether it would be manager branch pack- safe for Ruth to leave for New Orleans ing houseYes, I do. next Monday, when the rest of the I think it is a clean, . -; '- ,.....k..: Yankees entrain for their regular train-manly sport. It helps ,,fl' . 9 ing camp. He wants the Babe to re, keep young people in 0.4.-k- ,,V, main in bed until his temperature has good physican condi- '. ,.... .::: I been normal for at least twenty-four tion at all times. When , e7-:4t.; ! hours. they are in good physi- cal condition they are '--:-.--- also in good mental condition. It is: -; 145 ENTERED FOR even a good thing for older P"Ple. I KENTUCKY DERBY. Dr. E. P. Hanrahan, 7100 Stony . t.:77771N Island avenue, dentist I SETTING RECORD Absolutely. I have 1 g:M.';:stlA always been an ad-! mirer of wrestling andt Louisville, Ky., March 3.One bun- - rt3,-fit e thoroughbreds are I w .e. ::!' ::z, boxing when conductsd dred and forty-five !en,,ed for the 1923 Kentucky Derby. A o, ollneLl-",, 1- In. rl.v-1,r iIe : :,.ie, boxing when conductad 1 :,.;,:::: :,2"- T I This is a record number for the Derby i ,...e .,.: '; in a good. legal man- ::;: .4 ner. Mit would not I Ittzl entered for the 1923 Kentucky Derby. as a late closing event. These equine aristocrats come from .P like to see the rough I Hot Springs, Ark, March 3.-1 SpeciallThough still in bed with a slight fever and too weak to take advantage of his doctor's permission to " sit up a while" this afternoon, George Herman Ittith was apparently well along the road to recovery tonight. During the (lay he was kept in good humor by a constant stream of telegrams asking him to deny or confirm a rumor that he was dead. Every one of which brought a broad grin to his classic features. " I think I'll want to die if I don't get out of this bed pretty soon," he said, " but I just can't make it. An omelette for breakfast, was the first solid food I had since Thursday noon. Dr. W. T. Wotten, who is attending the stricken slugger, said he could not tell at this time whether it would be safe for Ruth to leave for New Orleans next Monday, when the rest of the Yankees entrain for their regular training camp. He wants the Babe to remain in bed until his temperature has been normal for at least twenty-four hours. element in it. Nowa- I every section of the country and in-days there is not so much rough ele- I elude practically every winner of a big ment in the game. In recent years i 2 year old stake last year, including boxing has been raised more to the i the Belmont futurity, both divisions level of an occupation. I of the Pimlico futurity, Kentucky Jockey Maury A. Raclin, Conway building club stakes, Bashford Manor , I brokerI do. Some of stakes. Lexington futurity, Queen City AM4, the other states seem r ,,, handicap, and the Saratoga 4i4pecial, to have legalized box,-,.-- , according to announcement of M. J ing and they are get . - C17,f..---4.4-i.e4, . Winn, general manager of the Ken- t -7, r,z,,,., , tucky Jockey club, which Will stage ; ting our money. If lid- - 1, , :4 i , .,... ,.....;...1- ..,....,;., -4, A;, 1 according to announcement of M. J. N' Winn, general manager of the Kentucky Jockey club, which will stage the forty-ninth running of America's oldest race at Churchill Downs May 19. Indications point to a large number of starters. " With twenty-one start stay here. If boxing is A '.6er good enough for the of starters. With twenty-one start- ' army boys it certainly ought to b I ers the Derby this year will be worth e i ' e Ann i $64,000to which will be added a 'gold i good enougn tor civilians. , I souvenir for the winner, valued at II. J. Hamilton, 2835 Washington 1 syLoo," Mr. Winn said. boulevard. advertingl The official list of entries will be re;, "4 --Well, 1 'm in favor of leased tor publication March 8. , dn.& 010,MIIMO FIFTEEN TEAMS START IN SIX DAY BIKE RACE AT NEW YORK TONIGHT NEW 1.0111i, March 3.--Flfteen teams will start in the thirty-fourth international six thy race tomorrow night at 51adison Square Garden. Luis Firpo, South American heavy. weight pugilist, will fire the starting gun at one minute after midnight. The entries include the teams of Alfred Goullet and Alfred Grenda, the former a winner In the December race here, and Maurice Brocco and Willie Coburn, 1920 victors, who finished second in December. mto.mmm.....,.,.,monnidy XING MEET ' ilb .1,01 1' lqkkk k stt. . . MMINO THE GRPkt"le YARD -- 7? 6' v. emm......, ...0, . S de OP. . .... eft S. on. 411, II mg.milmma0 MULDOON SHARPENS UP AX FOR OFFICIALS IN "SOUR" DECISIONS NENV, YORK, March 3.Transfer of two ring titles by what he brands as " sour deeisions" has aroused the wrath of Warn Muldoon, the boxing czar of New York. and bo is looking for a new staff. Muldoon, chairman of the New York boxing commission, Las announced that he will veed out the It of referees and judges and give some new talent a chance. Muldoon surprised all the experts when he came out and expressed his private opinion tint Harry Greb had beaten Tunney their recent bout when the judges declared Tunney the winner. The commissioner disagreed with his officials over the verdict in the Genaro-Villa fight, which removed the flyweight crown from the head of Villa. "The margin was not enough to change a championship. In fact, I thought Villa won all the way," he said. MISS RYAN WINS WAY TO FINALS AT MONTE CARLO BY DON SKENE. 'Chicago Tribune Foreign News Service.) (Copyright: 1923: By The Chicago Tribune. MONTE CARL-0, March 3.With Mo lia Mallory eliminated and &MIMIC Lenglen not scheduled to play, the stellar feature of the tournament today was the victory of Elizabeth Ryan over Mrs. Satterthwalte, conqueror of Mrs. Mallory, by a score of 4-6, 7-5, 6-2, gles. 1 Miss Ryan played brilliant, errati! tennis. She served smoking aces and also double faults. Her best shot was a baffling chop stroke for cross court, cuts. At times she seemed stale. The finals tomorrow wiil be an inter national battle between Miss Eyan and Miss Mc Kane, an Eng:ish star. who beat Mrs. Beam is h today, 6-1, 6-4. The absence of Mrs. Mallory and Mlle. Lenglen today lessened the interest, only a small crowd attending Molla was among the spectators. Suzanne stayed away. BODY OF OVERTOP?, YALE RUNNER AND WAR HERO HOME New York, March 3.The body of Lieut. John W. Overton, famous Yale ! runner, who fell in June, 1918, while ! the marines were taking Belleau I Wood, was brought back from France: on the steamship George Washlngton today for burial at his borne In Nash- 1 vile, Tenn. A ship's company of marines was drawn up at the pier when the vessel docked, and escorted the body to a train for the trip south, where It will Iowa Quintet'nfiin KANSA Nips Michigan;! AROUND STAR Clinches Title. 1OF GREAT faEl. FIG TEI3 STA1711 3 I W L. ret1 L Pe Iowa -- . at 0 1.000!rur. dlie .. W. . 5 5 . t. 500 Univcrsity High Runners Wi,0111.11n . 8 I 8K9 iindialna .., 4 4 .560 1111chigan . 8 4 667 I.Northwn 3 7 .300 Chicago .. 6 5 .5-15 Ohio tstv'e. t 10 .0,91 , Lower Prep Mark. Illinoi ... 0 5 .515 Minnesota. 0 It .000 I ' . Ann Arbor, Mich., March 3,---Specia1.Iowa university basket team clinched the championship of the western conference here tonight, 4 lefeating Michigan, 20 to 18, in one of the fastest games ever seen on the floor. Blathers men outplayed Iowa the greater, portion of the game, settitn; the pace for the Hawkeyes and remaining in the hal until the last few minutes of play, when the Hawks forged ahead. Brilliant offensive play by both teams featured the contest, which was the last of the season for the Wolverines. With only four minutes remaining and the Wolverines on the long end of an 18 to 16 score. four fouls were called against Haggerty. Cappon and iks. Punk made all of the three free throws and placed Iowa in the lead. which they maintained to the end. Jane and Funk were the fisature performers for the Hawks, while Paper and Haggerty led the Wolverines. Lineup: IdtellIGAN (181. IOWA (201, BF PT BF PT Roke.rt 0 0 4 !autle,rf 0 0 " 0 0 0 1 Ja,!Fe,It 3 0 I Ety,e " 0 0 0,0rp'11.O " 0 1 0 Paper,r; a 0 3 Otlii.4,j-g 0 0 1 0 Ca1,005,4 0 0 " uok,ifir 0 10 0 11 32,zerty, 3 11 0 2 i 1 0 0 - 01 2130 0 5 101 Fre throws tot-ciEls 5: rook. 5. Pol toe-51,Cories4. paw. CIIICAGO WINS IN OVERTIME ILafayette. Ind., Match 3.--Ispeciat.) Barnes' spectacular Pee throwing gave the University of Chicago b.iskethall team a hard earned vietory over Purdue here tonight in a 1.:;.1m,,) that went into two overtime periods. The score was 39 to 35. 'lames missed only two shots in seventeen tilts from the foul line. Chicago rna(lo only one substitution during the fifty minutes I of play, while Coach Lambert was forced to shift his lighter Purdue men around considerably during the over itime sesslons. Ilolwerda's long field goal Ced the score, 29 to 29, at the end of the regu lar playing period. In the tirst over time Itobb,ns and Duggan 1:11.11 scored 'nom the floor. again tying the count. Field goals by Dickson an,i Parties plus a pair of free toses l.y the latter, chnched the game for Chicago in the closing minutes of the last overtime p riod. Barnes was the big star, while Dickson n nd Duggan played good ball ' for the Maroons. Lineup: PURDUE rril CHICAGO )391. .13 F P T B ko T Evt-rsmaryt 1 0 4 0 Di. ks,,ni 5 0 1 ;1 1101weJ113.1 1 9 1 0 ;;Arri1,1 3 1:i I) Gul,)no 1 0 W Y t' 0 0 110-Ami9 g '2 I I 0, Wv14,4:4 41 0 3 Wul!manA 0 0 2 01 i,11gr ,10.g t 0 0 0 Taviti.f 0 1 0! JI itUI.t P 0 0 0 lkioAtt,t 0 0 0 0! 2 0 0 01 12 IS 0 0 0 0 NI a:- 1,rs,g !' 0 0 ()I lau g.g. ö 0 i 01 --I 12 11 10 Fret tbrows i,sed---ITol wrd f !!, Robbins. Ba rnes I , R,terve---A otin'!" I I Wesleyan. UmpireM aloney N utre Lidlue BADGERS, 33; GOPHERS, 13 1ad1son, Wis.. March 3Without any apparent effort Wiscons.n ficf,ated Minnesota, 36 to JO, here ton.ght. The Gophers were entirely outclassed ;Arld managed to score only three ricid baskets in spite of the fact that Coach Meanwell sent in many cubs. Lineup: -MINNESOTA II It F Olson.rt 0 0 0 P(zk,. 0 0 Ur.rwAlunci rg 0 0 S,vri-on lir 1 4 Varlqtran,II 2 0 Calf rry.rt 0 0 - I Al qt lit: all(' II 1,) IF 1 ,fr Mrs. Satterthwalte, conqueror of Mrs. ---- 1 --- 3 4 r4 01 I :" O !O 0 Mallory, by a score of 4-6o 7-5, 6--2, FrPe, throws otiloo.,1Se.vorson, 6. r:aftrey. I : T4.yelle, 4, 11,, If '2 It ,1: --(, !.!,,,,,;,!. in the semi-finals of the women's sin- g sorrel Iloart 111 1 -o-11-11,o:r1. t" 1 o HOOSIERS, 31; PURPLE, 23 Bloomington, Ind., March 3 ana defeated Northwestern. 31 to 25. , in a fast and scrappy vamo re night. The Hoosiers le(1 the way. turning the half with a 20 to 10 advantage. The Purple to, k a spurt In the second session. Lot fell sh,irt. McKenzie's lorg distance shots teattv.ed the game. Lineup: INDIANA 1311. NO'WESTETIN BFPT IFPT Barrif 3 0 1 (Iternismit o o Niky 9 0 los.rt 5 ( rranzen o .rf 1 o l'arker,c 0 o :iomes e 3010 Thomasig 2 0 1 0,N1'-Kenzie.lf 5 4 4 Alwartlyor 0 0 2 011'nttrson.rt 1 0 2 0 Knoy.lf 0 0 0 01;tapoif 0 0 0 0 CAlffere U U 0 01Kershaw rf 0 0 1 0 llo0nsomit 0 0 0 0 Free throws mi N y 3; M..Konzie. 3. Iteto-meRay. 1Lznu. UsuisroWititers: Armour institute: !HELLO GIRLS WIN IN PIN TOURNEY ! The Illinois rii Telerlione girls won the public utilities bosvEng chrimp!onship last night at the Wabash alleys with a grand total of 2.2 L '1110: WOTI from a field of four entrtns. Conmonwealth Edison team was second with 1.572, fj. ,,ved by Peoples Gas. 1,956, and the Western Electric. 1,786. ; Agnes Davis, anchoring for the win. be receivbd by his mother, 31rs. sa-le t ," - i ners, was high with 5'21 pins. Ger- W. Overton, and again will be accord- ed military honors. I Kengott of the Peoples Gas, Lieut. Overton, one of the best di s- I had il03 for high game. tance runners Yale ever produced, was 1 a member of the 80th company, Sixth marines. His body had rested at Sul- TRINIF DECISIIHA t 3 esnes, near Belleau Wood, until Mrs. Overton asked that it be brought borne Decisions of llie Tribune boxing rept) lie beside that of Overton's father, , r e ge n t a i i v es are: who was killed recently in an auto- 1 At Now vork--Joe Tiplitz kaotkod out floppy mobile accident.. klathuney t3j. n 1 t WISCONSIN OV;a:rett 5 )1, 1 WISCONSIN 13,11. B 1"r I013:rett 5 0 I 0 4) 0 ? 0 2 0! it,s(-n.e- 3 0'3-e',B r 0 4 0 0 0,..k.i!tarns,!g 1 if 1 0 0.I1,01A 1. 0 H 0 O 0 1),,i)o3t !! 0 1 id:014 rg 0 0 0 0 P,..rwlgyt I 2 0 0 0 0 I 0 M.A0Cand 11 0 0 I 0 Port rare, 1Vpire. 3--rk-tiott. Pooh, IL EA tit aria. 141,4414. 4-4 ftpt,it,s. t---Stwtrtint 1-- taxi. . A "14" Migrkelsk rtn", td Myst,. a-4.11.1'1,4o 7-11r,m t. Agsvti $.-- IA n I (1, 8 PARTS A REZ Can ST.IVS1:1:1G aAat.impA INA, III., March 3. speeiallNew reeords for events In the University of :mils relay, smashed here today, are: Two m'ie college relay, Carleton. Time. 8;25. 300 ilson, Iowa. Timo, 31 seettnils. Shot put, Van 0;den, tjt Idgan distance 13 feet 1!,i hest. Ctie mile high school ceby. 12'0. High, Chicago. imt 3:37 2 5. College medley, Iwo miles. Central college, 31issouri. Time, 8;11? 5. yard run. Reitthe, Michigan. Time. 2:19 -I 5. One mile uniersity relay. University of Jou a: I me, 3:2d. One mile college relay, Vabasti. Time, 3:311,5. Carnival records tied are: 75 yard dash, Ayres, Illinois. Time, :07 3,5. 75 yard high hurdles. Johnson, Time, :00 Carnival record established: 1,500 titt er 1irth, Chicago. Time, 4:13. By WALTER ECKERSALL. Pictures ore page 3. Urbana, March 3.In one of the tnost Suet,.brul set of track and tielit games ever held in trio middle vst. a IlleCt. featured by keen c,rwetition, eight n ival records were brniten, two ,.;:;k1,17 - were t n American tuna- tour record equaled tina anestablinllekt In the sixth all nual indoor relay carnival ut t h e University of t, nois hold in the a rmoi y here this afternoon. T h e vmashing iota a-vitEti. of records tool( place as early as the first event, I ho two mile college relaY had been decided and kept up until Iowa on the List event on the program, the ono-mile university relay and brehe the riq'Ord NN filch the Hawk-eye quartet hung up 1.4st year. Olympic rrospeets. Tho caliber of the competition, the which has leVer e()Mpeted In th13 collei:e classic. was responsible for t hi' vholotit9 F WI t tering of marks vhich Plait;iY heAV MidIllelVost tint. VI ritil f4 HMI 011egOS Vill furnish their quota of Htorlitig performers to the Amt.rican t ilympie trkiitti which Will 1 compe!e in France one year from this Rummer. Not R lona were the individual end relay events watched with it deal of , interest, but tho sterling performanotql !reeT1,,re,1 by Emerson Norton of the Unier'-ity of Kansas, w ho won the iall arounl chaniph.nsilip, came in for a lot cf commendation. The Jay. 11:-wher piled tip 5,2Z.3 points which is the :eond largest total male in the six. years the R('VVrt events have been , held. Last year Osborn scored 5,151 i POintS. s t AVins Three Firsts. In witirrng the title Norton won three of the ht'Vell events. Ile took tho shot put, pole v'ault. and running high jump. In the pol vault he ciea red the ba r well over t wet ve rect . a creditable performance for such a big athlete. The tirst mark to go ty the boarls was in the two mile cAllege relay, which 'tyas won by Carleton In 8:25. lson, the fleet runner of the Vol-verity of Iowa, then carno tilOng 0 n I lowt ta d his own 30a yard record of :32 1 r, for tho carnival. , Van Orden. tbe l'.lichigan weight msn. VMS the next pemfortner to break into the record brealing column. Ile shoved the shot 43 ft. 114, in. In onier to keep pare w;tho he stirHog i activity of the at, ernoon, University ;IPgh took it upon itself to win a little !glory by sl,attorng tho one mile High school relay record. The Ch;rago preps negotiated th e. elAanee in 337 2 6. , which to tteren the mark of 3:40 made by Oak Park in 19:.!1. The winning i team won off by itself otter Goodwillie hail given Ids team a fifteen yard lead on the firqt relay. ICeritral colege of 3,11,smuri took the ewit,,ye two mil., rnettlev in the record , smashing time of S 44 I 5. Wabash eta ithe record of 3,15 4,5 for the one mile Icollerte relay by stepping the distance , in 3:34 1-5. !Willie Steps Lively. The other mark to go into the ?fin-card W:t ,4 in the 1.0A yarl run which Nvo,nt to itqilo of Michigan in easy fa:ALin. Wolverine covered the distarce in 2:19 4 5, which bettercd the mark of 2:i3 wale by Winter tof Minrcta last year. b Ayres. the spely runner of the UniversIty of Illinois. not only tied the carnival anl American amateur record in his trial heat in the seventy-five yard dash but he repeated in the final. On b t h ocaslons timers were unanimous in clocking hint in ;07 3 5. dchnson of the carnival record of :09 3-5 for the seventy-five yard h;h hialles. coot. Egii Krogh of Chicago, the best long distance runner from the Midway institution in years, won the 1,500 meter run tind established a mark of amtipoppotapeopmrsimmt,ii.-,.. - -1110f . , .... , pirC1-,,N it rj AtlEy ! AND ORII-I INVITED I All Known as , Amateur 1- with plans Prog r r- tie, 1-,,-1--,-- I trd ft . ,--, .,'.,,, ,97,..,PA;.,-!:, ' '''' d,..,:; h :. , ':,'1 -. .': :-.:,,,' , , , ,,,.., Ar,i. A :,..,.:,...--1 L ) : ....., .:;,,,: r :,,-,,,,,-- ,;::,,,,,.-:,,,, ) ,v, ., M A EtTLV A. DELASEY. th,,. prefessional. Th be conducted strict; anes by men compc Tan), details in tau: Df these men have Etys in other citi ItDiged boxing bouts or marine corps. v aated in various cap tourneys. rig Men as Among the refer asked to act -on on sill be Martin A. manager of the Ch reiation; Col. John flier president of the who served in the v ciated at boxing cow Ice men. and Maj. commissioner cf at acr.tererice universi charge of camp an kit activities durir 'It would be hard Capable trio of amat part et the country. aicago Mr. Delan work at St. Louis, !n numbers of ama knows amateur bo: treat asset to the I mn and Maj. GrifIll duction to local fo: athletics Being ar Utsist on discipline trinid the respect o Personnel i Judges who will t ore a:so well know of amateur and c liverett C. Ilrown. of the National and who was an Amer; o tour Olympic gar to serve for at leas; Frkderic McLaughli admirer of the arna ,ltcough spurtsman a judge. 1 Charles A Dean, Attit-le committee , C and one of the h Ito? promotion of an , the s.1,1,11e west. wil Ibe a Judge. Dean d-'at of the National z C and at present is - - thamp:onshi,p comml 1:. bet.. Dvtaporte KI101 E. C. Delaporte, v ttde3 in the pub: 44g-de. will undout , ,-,.,ge On one of the t rte has had a dea Zateur boxing as 1 ttr'n and 'Ike o . 41'-w-s the game am ta',eur boxing. ,?hYsical directors 41 clubs will be io-Pers on the tin zkz-: of the Illinois about amateur I4-4ch on one nigh Chicago A A. ti'rPacity on one o LI Miles liav.leck t:-b 11-21 serve on thl 4rrY Berta. Fecrt, tft, --en committee. Si ot u, .-t ,raw,ngs and 1 -' oxers make th, at:,,tnection it is nec4 .,. zw contestants vvil '..'lltn.raries in Val 161 en the first n; '2-'' etht-r four on t",':era, however, m It Ls not yet be t. 4,if overweight 4:twit-I. Announce Other ., r., ,. ,d , c --a -s is,,,boi' i " '-,,-.-,.. c, -,., '',- :,,, ;s, ji, z; h.t...n f :1: le. ,r! iti.f ,s -1:: 8 R ill IL)4 r,r,nc ona I t nt rla :A,f,t'ssih- s., - to lo rook aft. r Ter''':n4 om. The3 '.;.8 ban Lige th ---r4 t, .. s "''' an). e...1'S or .s.4 the ; contests - Illtest,- t 1-- tants , ire, v a bffore they . 0 entr Y fee is r -,rit to enter ar, per ,, trY banks 1 44 3 pages and rm ' .. . COW ,.k-stants rm. 'E 4. Ji.. bt IA L and all -at or before X . ttTtY IsLANK I , i ; PART TWO , , P E , , 0 s rr: P.STAT. E , 11 E WORLD'S GREATEST N t-- yr m mm .- wow, ,, --,IMIIIIIMEMENMEMEMOMM.....M.EMEMEIMIE 00'...' , - ,. , A 1, All C II 4 9 1923. ..,...........-"- . " v , , , . '' L":7::,1,7TA , ..., , , . . -14- I t- . .. , .. -71 ri, 1 w ...-, . r ...I :: I--:' L, rri ii,!.--,..r.r-r si. Z in , A . . (1 , ,,1 ,,-- .., ;.s. ;.. , .1 ,, .'' . A , 4::,,:,:i.:,......:. .7,..::, f--. ',- -I, i,:. F,. F.. l' - e-::., Nz. .-.. , , ,. I' ,-, ..1 ' . r'.0141 , ''. - ,e. . , ., .., -. ''''''', . ... , -,..13'; , .. ,, ' . ', ' ' ,.' , . . , i. ,..,.,,,,,,t,,,-. r .'..,.,, ,,,,., 1 Li31 LI I .11 : .,..., p,-: - , I . - i d ,,,. , 1, -' .--.f,1 -,'--- ,, ,,,- -4 Lar:vi: sj' S-; $' l' ',.. - ---,--A r- f... '1--,- -,;.-'-- ,-. , , i' Yr' , ,-s , , , ., ...,, , ,.. , Ill -,:' , . . . I , , .mw Mb 1,;;ty : er -"?7-x - 7 "Ar 14- '; -, ,- , . .0 dr eilifi,Ar Air - TH E G PkNof y - YA tztD .7? 6'6 ,,,L tribftao - meer.- dmmmommmk.r --"--- '----, ---,.... --, N', .,',;?,,---- ---,.,,,, -::::----- -24-1.,17'-:- - - -----...-'-'------:".1-7-T---------------------------7-''------i-T-----,,,--------------7.---- --,. -'-''''', '''',.-....- ' ' i ' ..k 27 --,,,- r ,- 7. 7 --------- '. ----------------,. -- ---,, -...s....,:.:,--.,,,."-... '..4,-,... , ' '' N ;4.r.:,v1)44---;---tVI -f-'-'''''' . .------ !:;.V..1.,,,-'1:.r,r.,1'.:, A , -- --. c:,:-.: - -------- -7.'","-- -------------, - 's"---,,-. ' '''', ''" - '',,, ,..!--414-4'.:,eiA,S- -r,11-,4.1 . -----7----,,,--- ' :--"---''-'-',------.,,--"'"--..-,.:-'''''----s.... ' ..,,. ef. -74''''k ''''-'6,31t. 0.6joirt4'-' ?-0 4'.5.27.1 - - 41i,- . ' --;4;f:k '-t,,--f7: -------- fetp, , '' . ,,, . ,IN NN,s s. ' ki-' -',t,,,,-,e,--t -- 7 ----- ' 4.,..-'5..--:---, ---.----....z......,,,,.., ..P.3 4,16-cf' 'CI, - --N---- - . --,------- ----..---- ' - ---------'-------- - ----'''.- ''-.-,:4- - .,.,z1,--.. . ---:;3;45frilesilaj ''''....--- ae,t. - . ,...-------, . 11111itbs - ..... , "..--,----ZerlIkt41111 '''' -4.4. N, ' -:,,--------------'---------'----' --'--'"--Z-1-. ---,---.,.--. -7' i ', c,"'"--- "'N----- :----.----,-------,L-,-----------7-r----------1,''W - -' - , - '--------------...: --'------- lailta&'" ''' , rt., ' N ' '1 ---------- ------------- -LI,.. 1 .r-.'-4.-m-4:-,- - IT,,;40oitt-,A"'.',' .3r44.,,,It - -. - r'',..., - V-0-44 t, ' .' - --- ---------4'--- ' re-----,t4,&;---r--- ------- -,ri , V tega-Z,s T1?-; i,.:. .Sz- 1.1161M1 '' ' 17.4' t 44, M - -----.--- ---------- ---, - ----z ----,-- ------- - - -5-I1' ',ski;r4r 4'01 -1-7 ', . .-- ' , ' X .,1,;;! 111..-,; - , )!,,- ...... ,.----77--,----- ------- ---- ,-:-..--,- ","---------7-7-- ., t., ,?,,,,,,, , ,..,,.. v ,,,,,,,,...,.. 4,,,,e3,- ,s-othe,..;,,,,, ' s..-, ; '.,'.... ,,,r-- - '', - , s , ,,,a-,.. , j, moo --4-4 ----777-. 14- ----:!- - ---,-,--------.r----, IA .. ...-'tfq.--t.- 4,,;.f.-4'--1"---,-- . - '',- "---;:i-vgz --7 fl -.!! -44'. .,7' 41,f.-.''' r- -- -------------,---- , - .,------ - -----s1--------:-----.-- ---'---L 4.4'..- .7- ,Ik-v,-,.,- -,- -- ,--:, - - ,1- ' - ..--z 'i -1,- t!, ,, t - 'Av. - --- '-7.--1, -. - , -L - 't b 'ft,,--- .......,---,-,,.1 ----- .-------------T -"."' ---.-'5 --- ---.---wr ------ ------,------- .....:.....-----------:a-- --zzz..---. r ---,--------,--, --,,,,.., ,: ,. ,:-.--,--- ,...,.........---,.. -- :-----Lz.-- 77: ,.,--,..,,, tr ----------------ic r--- --------------------------,------:-----. ,-----7- -- ,---------'------. .... --,----,----, -----... ----.. - - . ,---------- -----------,-, - - ---------------------...s,...s:---T:---:------------ - - - .. .--77,------------------:---------- a ----,,:-,--:---. .---, - - ----.; , --....------------ . ......-, ,......,---- ,..... - --,,,..!, - ,.-,,,- -;44..70MP'1,614T-' 7 - -,, - - - '---:--4.",79- 7-- ----- - . ------------"!,---z--- -------------------- . . .-----------------, -'------,---',----.., .:.....,..,----------------:,.......t...... 2:-- - -:,-,,-..---;;;4,,-- -''-.'-..,..'72i-,;.:n. r e r : --,-----5--,-----,- --1.0Aiittelo.. -.---;e:-..--- -.-z-: - -- -,-'--- - ,;...-- ;--r- - - -. --- - - - ------- , - ------ ----.------T55-- - --:---------. ,-7"..--- - ' '. . . . . - W--aazn--- . 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Vi '. .".11'1N IMN''W lqkkk k .... ---- ......,.......... ........ . ---. ---, .-,- ... .. . . .. ...z .Z - ... eit --z II-- ---- --1 I ,,b - . . ----- ii ' -- . ----, ----- ---- -,------ -.--------- tel.A :--,-- A ,44.44 I . . I .1'.-. I - ,-,-:-7:,)?:! - 1 ft.. ft ,,, N! , - - - ,- - ft , Po 2 2; , ,,;': r.....-,,,,,,A, 1 'T:r21 .'11 -,,,, , .-- '.- : - s. :f ,1 71 1::rt,-1 1:',1.,;:,';, ', -..- . ' ,i . ,-,if --, k, , -,, ,, ... -, ..., - V- -- - ,. . , , , 1 .j. ,N 4.,1; L -A, 1 r , ,-,,,; !' ,,I '1 ) 11 ., . , ', Li t: ' -, 3 1..,.,....d, e2 0 a o o , ,...- . - ilbe 4 1 ,4,. I ,. 1 't lot ip i , "Ae , $ i f, , ts .4 oso 404....,. a : vre,1 ,1,477,o tm.7:::,74, ,-,f.. -, :.::. ' '' - ,4'::7'' :':i', ,::.::':', ,,.: k, ot04 -U , a I 4.'

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