Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on March 2, 1923 · 19
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 19

Chicago, Illinois
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Friday, March 2, 1923
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OF COVIZSE I KNOW Si4E WON'T (1)10M OUT -THE WAY EIECAUSE SHE'S TOW ME SHE WEVETZ DOES Amo HER wOcz,O' Joao pIT1-4 '."01,-1PletOTIrmitnly ME -40 50 BOXERS OF BIG LOOP GYM in 3 DRY MEET Respond Heartily to Tribune A. A. Call. THY BOX ELSEWHERE I S LOUIS, Mo.. March I.-- Profess Inning ing may be resumed in St. Louis immediately, the city boxing commission voted today, after a lapse of more than a year. A, set of rules N f IS adopted limiting main events to 15, semi-finals to 8, and preliminary bouts to four rounds. Clubs. boxers and referees must be licensed by the commission. No decision contests will be permitted. PIERRE, S. 1)., March 1.--EfIeethe July 1, ten round decision boxing bouts in all organized cities in South Dakota are pros ided for in a bill passed by the legislature and sent to Gov. MacMaster today for his signature. lin athletic commission of three, appointed by the governor upon recommendation of the mayors of the largest cities in each congressional district. is to handle the sport, under the bill. It also will govern wrestling. BY WALTER ECKERSALL. Howard Ca rr, k nown in boxing excles as Kid Howard who osexis the 1 A rcade gym n a- 1 ,., .. . slum at 32 South e ,,,,,, ,,r-i-rf mr.. Clark street, yes.' - --- :? ', dav announced he . -,---- - .-t will have at least r- ,:',- '----. ,.,,,.0-, fifty entries in ,A. .:,i' . '7---1 the amateur box- 4-- V, - - 'iir - 14. -, , A, ing tournament "-':, '"--4.-.-, IT to be conducted ''''' .. '.1... '',-1 by THE TarntnvE Alk.. , .'01 .' Athletic associa- "- , - -Noet:; ..- tion at the Ash- - L. . A 1,b, ,.,, - land Boulevard -Ti--. .--- ",,4 Auditorium on .if,s1,, .- - d A, - March 21, 22, and 23 ' . , , 4) At the present time Car r has BOWA RD CARR. over 500 members I RInc.Na; Photo-) who use the gym . fur various forms of exercise- About' half of them take advantage of the many facilities to learn to box while ene others play handball and engage in other games. All are amateurs who use the gymnasium at various times during the day with the exception of the hours from 2 to 4 o'clock each ufternoon when professionals train for pending contests. Eager to Enter Tourney. . 1 ,... According to .Carr his pupils are e,.ger to get into Ti E TRIBUNE. A. A. rourney but only tile best will be selected. Elimination contests of earlotis kinds will be held and when final makeup of the tear a' is- decided the boxers will be given special instructlon by Freddie Whittinghern, the inetructor. who is well remembered as &earring partner of Harry Forbes. Carr is so enthusiastic over the tourvey that he intends to get Into boxing togs and show his pupils some of the finer points of the game. Howard has been in the boxing game for over thirty years. He has had pupils in ether amateur events and is familiar with the style of boxing which will win the judges' verdicts. " I am heartily In favor of THE TILIBrxE A. A. tourney not because I conduct a gymnasium. but because it will give my pupils a chance to box in public which will determine whether they are game." Carr sake "Anyone can get into our rings and box. It takes little nerve to do this but to meet a strange opponent before 3,001) spectatom Is another thing. Boxing IzIL Courage. Courage is the big thing with the amateur. I am Bore all who compete In Tins Terwren tourney will not regret It whether they reach the finals Cr are etitoketeel in one of the prethatnary retmda.' Carr has abcmt the tamest gymnasium et its kind In the country. It is kept teat and clean. It is well lighted and the general atmosphere is an incentive for an athlete to exercise. Carr has volunteered his services to aseist in ad!zating gloves, seeing that bandages gre adjusted properly, and assist in plane other ways. After consulting physical directors and others active in the promotion of atrateur bouts, it has been decided to lige eight ounce gloves in preliminary, genii1nel and final contests. A. A. U. 11111es do not specify the weight of the gloves excepting that none less than 5se ounces shall be used. With heaver gloves there is less chance of box- ers' eves being cut. , - Big Field to De in Action.. Eetries are being received in a fa-Cable manner and a great field of "'Aleuts will be seen in action when the nominations cloee on March 14. Phesical directors, managers of teams or club officials may make entry g Learns on one sheet of paper. but tde boxers must be classified as to diVelons end the entry signed by some l'teensible official. (3thers are requested to clip the cote Ong aPPearing on the sports pages an nail them as directed. IL S. S. COMMODORE Narces of the men who will fight torrOW night On the U. S. Comma-core at the first of a series of boxing itions planned by the IL S. Naval It"e'rve force, were announced last El4t ty Ensign Tom J. Keane. The bc'Llts will start at 8:15 o'clock. They et! 113 POUND CLASS. Hart ,, "orl 1. Boyd. navy. four rounds- --1116Tri, Wand, navy. four torunds r., 133 POUND 11..k..;.S. ."4; 111117. Gorrryea. Davi. gal rounds. pt.11111.1N6-113 POUND CLASS- ' 111 Retool S. Zw MOVea. naVt ,4 nct"ItY boxing exhibition is also r'-DIY to inquiries the officers of -7,r"vrve announce that no charge 14' n-a'le for the exhibition; that be by invitation only; ;.:tt thm 1!-: Naval Iteserve force is ,.' D4)-ing for ti,e program, but that .,4.t-'"r1:7-,es are being inet by the officers briJrt. rEany b ,r: icuue they believe in the rT t."111) 1: A r S' t U 34, .1- -'vers will return -.A IMEIE...... BOXING ENTRY BLANK , Please enter me in the Chicago Tribune Athletic association amateur boxing tournament to be held at the Ashland Boulevard auditorium on March 21, 22, and 23. O 112 pounds 0 126 pounds LI 147 pounds 0 175 pounds O 118 pounds 0 135 pounds 0 160 pounds 0 Heavyweight Name Club Place cross opposite class you intend to enter and mail blank to Walter Eckersall, Tribune Plant. Entries close on March 14 and all contestants must be registered in the A. A. U. AMATEUR BOXING VOX POP Comment on the proposed boxing tournament to be staged by the Tribune Athletic association is presented herewith. j N. LUSTIG, Belle Plaine Athletic clubAs athletic chairman of the Belle Plaine Athletic club of Chi. cago. I wish to say I am interested and certainly hope that your boxing tournament will be staged and assure you the hearty support of our large membership. At our next meeting I will secure the number of pledges in favor. J...ARTHUR KHALI 5526 Wayne ! IlavenueThe suspicious eye is al- I ways cast upon the " holier than thou " crowd who spend precious time and other people's money in ranting over some evil (?). The person who shouts loudest about what he condiers an evil is usually the one who has many glaring faults much greater than the one about which he raves. Why the organized opposition to boxing? Is boxing in Itself sinful? Is it injurious to health, morals. or character of a person? Absolutely not! Boxing builds the mind and body; makes a person keenly alert; teaches him self reliance. courage and confidence; increases his stamina. The bulwark of this nation is not made up of these self appointed4 moralists (if they are Moralists) 'who see evil in everything in which they don't participate or which they do not enjoy.- The real backbone of this country isn't composed of those fanatical extremists whose one passion is to prohibit. Nay, not so; It Is the tolerant people which have sense enough to realize that there are many wholesome and healthy activities that other people - enjoy although they themselves may not By all means let's have the amateur boxing tournament ell., I.... I , li Ctve istSock ct orrinfrilsosrtdionBroteitl-- chantsIt has been my pleas- tire the past yeax or two to attend boxing contests staged by the various clubs and American Legion posts of this city. Recently there has been much agitation against these boxing contests and I desire to protest against the discontinuance of these exhibitions if such will ' come about through the activtty of these so-called reformers. The contests have always been conducted in a gentlemanly and high class manner. Most art of my business associates here at the stock yards as well as myself look forward to these contests each month, and it might put a little real red blood in some of the long whiskered reformers to attend some of the matches. LOCAL BOXING NOTES 1 P -11-1k1 Chicago chapter of the National Sports alliance will hold Its second meeting at the Arcade gymnasium, 32 South Clark street, tonight George Lytton Jr. and William H. Arthur will be the principal speakers, while WI Main Dever, Democratic nominee for mayor, also will be present and speak on boxing and the proposed boxing bill. o-- Sammy Mandell. Rockford It4 rounder who will Ineet Joey Sanger of Milwaukee at Minneapolls on March 9. settled down to ocuve training at the Arcade yesterdaY Eddie A fitirTOOTI Of Moline and Prankle Garcia Of Memphis. who meet in a ten rounder at the North Side Turner ball on March 9. are working eTery day at the Arcade,. Torn Gibbons. Si mato-bed to meet jin at Eaet Chicago On Ni st the Are-.tie today. Eddie KWIC. TVICelf Pla,se tomorrow and on Sunday. ;t Paul beavyweight. itn 'Isracey of Australia 1k-cording to Manager will tram at the same both wilt limber UP BAN ON CALZA IS LIFTED BY JUDGE Circuit Judge Ira I4ner yesterday issued an injunction in behalf of John "Doc " Krone, the wrestling promoter. restraining the city officials from interfering with the appearance of George Ca tin., the Italian heavyweight championship claimant, who previously had been suspended by the city athletic commission for ninety days. Cali has been matched to a finish wi'.1i Paul Fins ;icy, a Polish heavyweight, at the Ashland Boulevard auditorium 'Tuesday night.. The match Y III be supported by a double windup. Purdue at Chicago "Y" 1 for Mat Mcet Today! Puvdue universlty wrestling teatr1 ! will leek holds with the Chi,..ago Y. M. C. A. college this afternoon in a dual ! meet at the Y " gym. The Chicago school is reputed to have a strong! squad. which will be needed to obtain ! a victory, as Purdue had little dif, ticulty in pinning the mat men of Chicago aud Northwestera. 1 GASOLINE ALLEY-ANOTHER MYSTERY DEFLATED CHARLES B. CLARK-, traffic department, Austin, Nichols & Co. Mr. A. G. regeres article that appeared in 'THE Trasms-to of Monday morning voices the sentirnent of the true American citizen. The advocating of a boxing law in this state is all right, and no doubt some day our arguments for good, clean boxing shows will be heard by our lawmakers at Springfield, but Tittc TrueuxE's attempt openly to defy the laws of. Illinois by staging a boxing show will do more harm, 1 dare say, than good. Direct your efforts to some worth-while amendment to our laws, for surely, TRIBUNE, your model record of the past Is far too good to allow it to be stained by an open attempt to break down the respectability or sovereignty of our Illinois. - ....... GEORGE M. CREE, freight claim department, Chicago Great Western railroad--It was , with considerable pleasure that I read of your coming mammoth -amateur boxing tournament to be conducted by the Tribune Athletic 'assoCiation 'Under the sanction and- rtile-i- of , the A. A. U. and I am sure the news was welcome to a very great majority of the people of Chicago. When we con, eider the fact that other countries permit not only amateur boxing tournaments but also legalized boxing exhibitions under proper management and certain laws and rules, then we people of the great majority cannot understand why we should be deprived of the pleasure of such entertainments. It is to be hoped that This CHICAGO Taintrxx will keep up the good work and not permit reformers to Influence it In any way, for when W. S. Fleming of the National Reform association infers that he speaks for or of the attitude of the Protestant church people, he exaggerates, as all other reformers do, his own importance. While he may speak in behalf of certain Protestant ministers who, in my opinion, think more of Sunday contributions and their own selLeh pleasures and ease of living than of the pleasures. recreation and entertainment- rightfully due the people. or while he may speak in behalf of certain narrow minded and bigoted members of the church, yet to the great majority of the Protestant faith, of which I am one, I am satisfied his remarks and Inferences are an Insult to our sense of justice and fair play. Rill HU I tb I LEWIS TO WORK :hapter of the Na, HEADLOCKS ON alliance will hold eting at the Arcade ALLEN EUSTACE 32 South Clark The headlock, one of the most pun)rge Lytton Jr. and will be the principal !shin& holds In wrestling, it properly Main Dever, Demo- applied, will be on exhibition at the mayor, also will be Coliseum on Tuesday night, when Ed on boxing and the " Strangler " Lewis, heavyweight 1. 110- champion, will defend his title against .ockford Ita rounder Allen Eustace, the Kansas giant. Sanger of Milwaukee larch 9. settled down Lewis uses the headlock the same the Arcade yesterday. as Frank Crotch employed his noted Moline and Prentriet toelock- Opponents of both men were generally so soared of the dreaded wchitnle rrn'el Pu.rnPr n 1211 "n on ar every day st the holds that they allowed themselves to be pinned IN-ith other grips. This was especially true of Gotch, who used Paul beavyweight. the toe clamp more to whip opponents Tracey of Australia onday night. II1 work I into positior,s to be pinned with other holds. Unless something unforeseen happens or Renato Gardini, Italian heavyweight champion, meets NN ith an accident, local mat fans do not believe Stanislaus Zbyszko can pin the Italian twice in an hour. Although Gardini will be outweighed.. his speed and cleverness are expected to keep him out of dar,zerous positions. Lewis-Eu,5tace match or Gardint CHICAGO DAILY 10EliAlt0 PUNCHES WAY 130 FLYWEIGHT CROWN TRIEUNE DECISICIIS Decisions of Tribune boxing representatives are: At Ashland MY& AuditoriumHarold Smith I beat Battling Chink 1101: 3like Dundee I beat Charley Glaher 1101 ; Jo' e McLaughlin I but Nate Ripon 16; Joe O'Hara and Marry Simmons fought draw 61; Rid Bandy beat Bernie Berri. s 181. At New YorkPrankle Gettare beat Pancho I ilia 15; Louis Perfetti beat Sam Ma-"'no 11j; Bobby Garcia beat Ilent3y Bass 101; Eddy Wagner beat Redcap Wilson t 12f. At t &mutJack Barnhart brat Casey Jones 81 At PhiladelphiaDanny Kramer beat Petro Campo j81; Len Rawlings beat Johnny McLaughlin 8j; George Siddons and Tommy 1Vi1son fought draw 6 ; Johnny Merino beat Billy Rifles J. At McKeesport, Pa.Abe Goldstein beat Tommy Ryan 10j. At Macon, Ga..Ioung Stribling beat Johnny Kirsch 10j. At Fort Thomas. Ky.Marvel Marc and Midget Guery, draw- 101; Billy Sulliran beat Lou Palmer 6. BY ITARRY NEWMAN.- -- New York. March 1.Spocia1.1 Frankie Genaro, sturdy little Greenwich Village Italian, tonight became American flyweight champion. Genaro outbozed, outguessed . and outgamed rancho Villa for nearly three-quarters of the journey in their fifteen round bout at Madison Square Garden 'and was clearly entitled to the verdict, although there were those among the fans, numbering about .14,000, who refused to concur in the judgment of the officials. Genaro was too smart for the brown boy from the Philippines. Ile 'made the running in the early 'rounds, then permitted Pancho to snatch the lead away when half the digiante had been traveled. 'Prom the sixth,to.the tenth it looked lig though Villa had taken the jump -and was not likely to be headed. however, Frankle :stayed close at his heels, and when they came into the stretchin the last five roundsGenaro stepped out to out-box Pancho, and succeeded thoroughly. Verdict Shocks Villa. Villa was a disgruntled loser at the end. When the verdict of the judges was announced he turned his back on Genaro, and for a moment refused to 'shake hands. Then he thought better of it. turning half around and -congratulated the new champion. From the first round it was evident that Genaro was a much sharper witted boxer than Villa. lie was cool in every movement and kept pegging at the Filipino's face like a sharpshooter. lila leads stung. though the sting was not apparent while the furious Villa kept phinging in. bead down, swinging punches in every direction. most of them going wide of the mark. Villa did not seem to get the range until the sixth. Then he proceeded to thoroughly shake up the ItAltan Pancho stayed out in front until fhb:, end of the tenth, and several times seemed to have Genaro on the go with hooks to the setomach and sweeping full-arm punches to the head. Genaro Takes the Lead. In the eleventh Genaro resumed the leaI Ile brought Ms left into play with tantalizing effect on Villa's head. The Filipino was wild. He realized the tide was turning against him, and he determined to stake all on the chance of a knockout They fought at a furious pace up to the fifteenth. In that round Genaro staggered Villa with a straight right to the chin. Pancho staggered forward, but recovered himself near the ropes, and they continued exchanging wallops to the end. buIrtillaatwasshofratvoodritdse in Andy betting, , Griffin refereed. Villa weighed 10914: Genaro, 110. JESS CANCELS STAGE DATES 1 BOUT IN SIGHT? St. Louis, Mo., March 1.--Ray Archer, Jess Willard's business manager, today ordered the exhibition tour of the former pugilistic champion discon tinued after the,exhibition at Kansas City, March 7. This announcement was made here this afternoon by William Mc Carney, Willard's advance men. following a long distance telephone conversation with Archer, who is in New York. Mc Carney stated the action was taken on orders from Tex Rickard, bong promoter. via long distance phone from New York. Mc Carney stated he was advised Rickard took the viewpoint that a long tour might not meet with public approval, as the public might be of the opinion the former champion should be training for his bout with Floyd Johnson in May, instead of touring the country. Arrangements for Willard to appear in Memphis,. St. Louis, and a number cf other places accordingly LONDOS-WALKER I Mc Carney stated he was advi Rickard took the viewpoint that a ON MAT TONIGHT tour might not meet with public proval, as the public might be of Jim Londos, claimant of the Greek opinion the former champion shouU training for his bout with Floyd Jo heavyweight title, and George Walker of Canada will take holds in the fa- son in May, instead of touring ture bout of wrestling contests at the country. Arrangements for Wiliam StELr and Garter tonight. Officials of appear in Memphis,. St. Louis, an number the Midwest A. C.. who will stage the cf other places accordin w show Aat the Coliseum on. TTuesday ere dropped. night. have promised the victor a match with the winner of either the Jack Probably Needs the 1,e1k),S-Z.:414Z)1...; I- d, Zbyszko strugcle. With iFuch a re- Exercise; .tarts to Train ward the grapplers are exnecttd to Los Angeles, Cal., March 1---Jack put en an Interesting contest. Dempsey, heavyweight .boxing cham FIRPO ROLLS JACKSON. New YUr. Mr eh 1.Euc ley Jackson. the l!:;ecro hearyweirht one el Harry Wills' steady customers. tlid more falls than 3 pte(ye,d honze on an by boulevard when 1,111s Anr,elo ?fro Tured htmlinto the ring two round aorkout at the 1,.ar,..1,:b cola Los Angeles, Cal.. March 1.--Jack Dempsey, heavyweight boxing champion, opened training at a local gymnasium today before a large gathering of fans and personal friends. The champion also roughed it ten min,utes on the,trial, with Johnny ers of Chicago, claimant to the world's rniddiewcight wrestling. charrpionshtp. U FRIDAY. MARCH 2, NEW CHASIP ts4pN itir? r.;.' )7- t '"CfZ:.,,Virs.f',-1; .. f.4'.......1s4 ,,,-..egusev,:y.,;r:---,,,-;-,,, . "'',7.,..; ' V---4.5?..-- FRANKIE GENARO. Pacific and Atlantic PlitotoA This Grenwich village Italian lad is the new American flyweight champion. He lifted the crown from the brow of Pancho Villa in New York last night. '1 I I TRAINING CAMPS CINCECNATI, O.. March 1Doc Hoskins, venerable trainer of the Reds, left today for Orlando. Fla... to prepare for the corning of the first squad of the Cincinnati Nationals which leaves here Saturday. Johnny Couch, pitcher, and Bubbles Hargrave, catcher, reported here to day. The main squad vvill leave for Orlando on March 12. Ed Roush and Eppa Rixey are still unsigned. WASHINGTON AMERICANS. Tampa. Fla., March I.Fourteen members of the Washington American league club toot their initial workout this MOTTlin,tr. after their arrival last night. An hour's limbering uii exercise comprised the day's work. Players reporting were: Manager Donie Bush. Pitchers Zaatary, Hollingsworth, Russel. War-moth. Beach. Brillheart, and Potter: Catchers Gharrity. Lanett. and Hargrave, Coach George Gibson. and Comedians Altrock and Schacht. ST.. LOUIS NATIONALS Bradenton. Fla lilarch 1.--Manager Branch Richer leaned the St. Louis Nationals here today. Rickeg. Paid out of the hospital, where he Iran operated on for apvendieitik was accompanied by Dr. John F. Ryland. his physiclan. About forty of the Cardinals and the SYrse'ase team of the International league are here. Rickey said the remainder ,ot his players would be here MondaY. Cincinnati Business Men May Help Pay Ed Roush Cincinnati, a, March 1.A fund to make up the difference In salary demanded by Ed Roush, star outfielder of the Reds, and that offered ty the Cincinnati baseball club, was suggested today by H. D. Minces, a merchant, when he said he would put up $100 and requested 100 other man to do the same. Roush has not signed with the Reds to date because of a salary difference. No intimation as to the difference in the club's offer and that asked by Roush has been made. ISMlTH ANDDUNDEE' WIN IN RING BATTLES Harold Smith, bantamweight pride of the stockyards, who will box Joe Lynch, kingpin of the 118 pounders, in the vicinity of Chicago this summer, last night decisively defeated Battling Chink of Cincinnati in one of the windup bouts at Ashland -Boulevard auditorium. In the .other half of the main event Mike Dundee of Rock Island won the popular verdict over Charley Glatser of Chicago. Except for the first two rounds, which went to Chink. Smith was master of the Cincinnati boxer throughout. In the fifth Harold had his opponent In a bad way at the bell. He followed up his advantage in the sixth and seventh, which he won by large margins. In the eighth round Smith dropped Chink with a right cross for a nine count. Dundee-Glaser Step Fast. The stockyards fighter then tore in relentlessly, but Chink managed to weather the round. In the last two sessions Chink did little leading or hitting. He was content to cover as much as possible and occasionally made weak efforts to land wild right hand swings. PrOM the fourth session on Smith made a pleasing fight. The Dundee-Glaser bout, although it did not make a hit with the large crowd, was a gruelling affair. Mike did mot put up his usual aggressive battle, and did not win so far as generally expected. He covered frequently and would not open up until Glaser led. The Italian landed some damaging punches around -the body, and in the final round caught Charley flush on the jaw with a right swing. Dundee appareftly needs more fights to regain form which would entitled hirr, to a bout with Johnny Kilbane. McLaughlin Beats Ripon. In the opening contest Joie McLaughlin. west side lightweight, won all the way from Nate Ripon of St. Paul. The west skier carried the fight to his opponent in all six rounds. Joe O'Hara of Fort Dodge, Ia., and Harry Simmons of Joliet went six interesting rounds to about an even thing. They scaled 133 pounds. In the other bout of eight rounds Kid Bandy of St Louis won the popular verdict over Bennie Berris, local 128 pounder. Bandy did all the clean hitting. About 2.800 fans saw the show and receipts were estimated at about S4.000. Net profits will go to the Scymac Playground association. Jim Mullen, local promoter, arranged the card. Tailored at Chicago by ENCHANTMENT IS 10 TO I, IVINTER BOOK FAVORITE Louisville, Ky., March 1. Special). Louisville bookmakers, who have for years been laying prices on the Kentucky' Dert,Y. are not waiting for the official entries to be announced, but alrestly are offering odds against eligibles, which probably have nortdrate.d for the rich event of May 19. These quotations make Enchantment favorite at 10 to 1. Prices quoted are: Aladdln. 50 to Altos B'E Gown. Vt; Anna TfunantareY. 100: Aspiration, 100; BolleM ilan 60: Betty Beall. 100: Blanc Seing. 60; Blue Nose. 75; Maoism Time. 50; Bora Believe Me. 40; Bud Lerner. 30: Bright Tomor..ow, . 100: Chittagong. 100; Cherry Ile. 60: Cartoonist. 30; Cyclops. '25; Cherokos. 6O Dan B. O'Sullivan. 100: Donges. 25: Dust Flower. 50: Dunlin. Out OW. 40; Red Arrow, 2,01:- Resting Timm 150; Rialto. 60: Skee-LL,c, 100; Sham.. rock, 60: Sandy Batch. ,50; Sally's Ails'', 15: &Inference. CO: Dream bfaker. 50; Donegal. 75: Edict, 50: Enchantment. 10: Grat Luck. 60; Great Man, 50: Gotthastk. 20; Gen. Thatcher. 30; Hopeless, 75. In Memoriam. 60: Indian Trial. 50: Lathrop. 100; Lord Granite, 50: Little Celt. 40: Messenger. 30; Martingale. 50; Mconralt,r. 75: McKee, 60: My Own. 100: Prince K..: 50; Prince tI Ti. fit): Tall Titoler. 40: Tints less, 100; Triumph. 150; Taylor flay. 200: vietorie. I 50: wiiderness, 513; Watchful Waiting'. 150. Witham Tell. 40: Zer. In Spring Clothes this label is your assurance of outstanding styles and a suerior quality of tailoring. Look for it! SAMUEL YATTER CO. 1 .., 1 ,,.... ,. LAST OF BRUINS BOARD TRAIN FOR CATALINA CAMP , (Picture on back page.) I Led by Secretary John Seys the rear guard of the Cubs departed yesterday for Cata- lina island. Th'e squad was --corn- 7147,,,, :' .; posed of infield :-.,-..,,Y.-7:-::::-1- and outfield can- c .:I.,i" , 4,,'"-sv ' didates. and Sun-- - 4 eti,-,4.: ' ,',Ps day afternoon is A-a.w.3- stated to join the .;, ., ,Q 4047. battery men' and , ."- , ,, i young infielders IN.:: t...i i who have been in '--, -, ,, , ,, preliminary train- L .'1' ing at the island camp for two e le weeks. - z . .- All of the play- 1 .,; r ers reported arid 1, 1 . ...,-- appeared to be in top notch condition. Even Vie RAY flr-r4ES Aldiidge, the ETRIEctE Pbc"1 holdout hurler who declined to entrain with the early squad and hold himself aloof from the Bears until Wednesday, was on deck and eaccr to start training. Aldridge is inclined to be 'chunky in stature but Vic appeared to be in better condition when he reported at the Santa IF6 station than he was at the end of last seasons toll. Hack Miller. who brought many a cheer from the bleacherites with his healthy clouts last season, declared he was in top shape and "rarin to go." Hack has been driving a truck during the winter. Big ft,ay Crimes. first sacker; also I was ready to start his Year'a toil. Grimes was a strong hitter last year and Manager Killefer expects even greater deeds from the Ohio boy this season. Others in the party were Earl Adams, Kelleher. I teathcate. Callaghan, Barrett, and Dr. Pitts. Denver Grigsby and Arthur Weis were picked up as um party traveled through Kansas City late last night. .1.. SOUTHPAWS SHOW CLASS BY IRVING VAUGHAN. Avalon. Catalina Island. Cal.. March (Special) You never can tell about a left bander, but regardless of uncertainty surrounding this breed of athlete it appears the Cubs are blessed with an exceptional lot. Four of the southpaw variety are on the battery squad in training here and two of them have , displayed syrnptems of amounting to something in big time circles. The gents who seem to have caught the eyes of the coaches are Nick Dumo vitch. late of the Los Angeles club, and Byrd Hodges, purchased from Top. lin, Mo. The former is what might be considered a finished hurler and the Cubs are counting big on him, but the other lad has displayed the unexpected in that he seems to do things not ordinarily done by youngsters with only two years experience. Hodges is a big husky redhead, with all the earmarks of being just oft the farm, He 44 anything but a-ruhe on the slab, however, his; chief stock in trad f! being a high swift ba! that does a tantalizing shimmy as It zips past the itits,tr th- n.ects a little schooling In the art of curving 'em over. The other two left handers present need quantities of experience. Martin Dumovitch. brother of Nick. seems to have natural, ability, but it will take regular tnil in the minors to bring him around. Fred Fussell. who as. Last Y :ay Thrnorrowf , f 19 CAROLINA REFORM BILL.:1 BARS BILLIARDS AND'I POOL! PASSES HOUSE 1 COLUMBIA. S. C.. March L illy Associated Press.)The South Carotins house of rep-- reaentatives by a viva voce vote today passed a bM prohibiting the playing of billiards at any place' or any time within the state. The bill DOW goes to the state senate. cended to monetary tame last year kyr coming off the Denver sand Iota an,1 standing the bard hitting Pirates on their respective domes, may reepal:a similar treatment In the practice today all the plichery were riven a lesson on developing a deceptive move to drat base. Ali' ander and Coach Wallace acted ag 1:1 ttructors. , GLEASON SENDS ' Sox A1OUNDAIEN' THROUGH PACES Marlin. Tex., March 1.---1Speetal.1 IAided by blistering sunshine. K'1,1 Gleason's White Sox partook of their i initial sprirop training session In oat. ,form here between the hours of 11 and i 1 o'clock today. Under orders to pro. t ceed leisurely. to guard against more1 nem a few of the huskies who arrived In excellent physical conditior, disregarded the Inanager'm warning anel cut loose. Rain had fallen for a week prtor to the Sox' arrival and the outfield was soggy, but other sections of the Immense training grounds were dry. The Giants' battery crew adjourned to the park early. but retired at 11 when the Pale Rose turned out. Stubby Mack displayed the greatest smoke, but admitted having been lit training for six weeks In couthero California. Ted 131ankenship and Dixto Leverette, also in high class conditior, showed the Kid an abundance of speed. Four catchers were on the job to assist in the bunting game and GleO. son kept them hopping about spearing tall fouls and accustoming their optics to the bright sunlight. SHEELY A HOLDOUT? San Luis Obispo, Cal.. March Associated Press. Earl Shee ly, roportetL holdout first baseman of th, Chicago White Sox. is nald to be ing " while he awaits development,. With Sheely is Walter Leveretts., pitch et of Portland. Ore. Victor Wellbanks, a young locu ! semi-pro pitcher recommen,led Sheely. yesterday' received a telegrion to report for training at Marlin. Tex. McLeanWinsUnsanctioned Canadian Pro Ice Meet Sydney. N. S.. March 1.--Itobby l...Pan of Chicago last night won tho Canadian indoor professional skatin:: chanipionshIp. defeating Art Htart Chicago, the titleholders, by 10 pointri. Mc Learis victory in the one and enc,, half mile event gave him the tltle AVM. le the two day mr,t was na Ott,. (daily marttioncd, No far as linown, wsit tilled as the .dianinion championship and accepted as ti uui 1. the public.. TIGERS SIGN ADAMS. Valparaiso. Ind.. Nfrtt,-:h 1.--ISne1al Capt. ftay Adams of the Vatparzaso iitavoi alty baseball nine. sighed a Detroit enntra, and has reporteI al the Tiger tralmng calms at Aucusta. Ga. Adams Is a right hawk-and has tatehed senti3t1011:a bail fur VV.' Person) during the Ian& three 3e4ra. Li3 bottle is in St. Anthony. 1,13310. e 0 rIlW111100MIEMMIIIIL 1111111111111181E.1111,1WI JIMIPMMENIONIMIONI - I $,T tl 1),t ;, , Vi 'A 4 i t I aro ill i;t111V .. tirrve. Ye, o so rrA, Om 4. r 4(1:4' CI1. Sit7 01 I NI woo. : 0.3 I 0 00 'i.'!'',)ti : ri V, - ; - , ,i' ---.: I0 mon; to 1 times ; 3 , ' I 0 gr WO" ."11111111 I II I , I ti y, r , !, " Am Made in Our Own Shop A $5 bill is sufficient deposit to 4 reserve one of our NO PROFIT Suits or Topcoat until Easter. Order now end save $201 The end of this "Keep Our Tailors Busy" Sale is morrow at 9 p. m.positively last 2 days! Beautiful Suits and Topcoats made to your messur for as litt!e as $24Easter time they'll cost nearly twice as much. Over 3,000 new patterns-100 new Spring styles. Come today or this evening. Bring the ladiesthey know values! Open Every Evening If unable to call Every garment Until g write or phone made in our own Wahaab 1145,3 cind shop and guar.'s'. Sat 4rsiai Evening salesman will call tee. to tst nuvny Until I with sacnolea 1: 71 ;.;7,1r1 ME....W ft,N '41 If unable to call-- write at phone Wabash 34$3 Lod aalootnan will call with samples. OPEN EVENINGS 1 Act NONV Mack to Measure ' 0 1:1 tl? 45 Value A 14Y i t.;. ('Z' . I TAILORS SINCE Da 4 617:711. 3 1-39 W. Jackson Gelber' 1029 Wilson Ave. b. ;I i;t , Topcoat Others at $29 $34 $33 Every garment snade in our own shop and guaraatrr4 to ft I money back g uariustaa. 7,,p1 r Opt ?I Even;nge t4i I I , - - f Cif ICA G 1)..k I I,Y '1'11111'17XE Fil NY 11 CiTT in' - , - - ., I Ale . .,., --, .v....,3. 19 drit 1 , -7 - GASOLINE ALLEY-ANOTHER MYSTERY DEFLATED -----1 LAST oF BRultis CROLINAREFORDI BILL ikt rim BARS BILLIARDS AND' g:- - i.,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,17.,7.,,,,voN OF.,...TC-0 1 K 1,SneEr,...i,,. 0. ,,,,,u.TNI:n.i:. A f ,, ESI-LcE -rt:1: --:(:11.-514::::-----1,--:,-------------,--11T-TcH-L-IRIE N:,--WlAouA;r-ID-- . 10-------- -2; - i'.---.47,,.. --7------"------------1"--,---:---r----------7-----Z: , I AIN'T 6084 :---2.-----..7--- s-- BOARD TRAIII tun ,.. ,k27.7. , ..., , ., NO PLACE. mAY - - -,----,Fr. - , ,,, POOL! PASSES HOUSE I- tt,EE N'OU t)E-- . - , Ell 15,1-ir, WAY EIECAUSE SNE'S -TOW ,11, -,1i.J5,--,:-----. KNEvi i 1...ANT ...'-z-s---------44'1' . ,, -,-,.-.- NINEVE . ---- 640edIE I-1.'4 LICA4TEll)! LA f L .''A- .1-4E NEVER' DOESNC, -4.,,V'',sil-.----------- -- PlITAKEN v.ti-IEN I 4 .---:---,,-.--- -.-4, ,,A. --- - -----------,::---r--- 0 ---,----. PIP-IsiU'r ? V-. --, 1--A HER slOcZ'O .'S 4000 At-fi-4 --,,t,:'. oei---T,------, 5 n sw i...iE THE :17:::::- ' CATALINA CAIVIP . ., , ME t A Z 4 ----,, ' ,,..- . , ...4: -..-,::, .10 , ',,ce 7.--1,. ,Tre,ItAINN, - OTHER' NIGHT. ":-,z,- . ,, Oltict,3:3ItIsIttli,S..frde. 3tasetili le.7.0-...,4:1' ... , t.---' , , , 1 AI ,,;,., Ill ,, ,..,,, ,, . , I ..... Ea, ,., , , , , ,-- ,,,;, . , , , ;; , , ,, ---........ , ., ,,,,,,, --Aer ....r , - ., ,:- . -,, -t b-r. e ' Min 4, . , ., .-:.-------------- , 4 . -, i: i, --, ,;, ,--.., -,::-:'', -.,, -,--4,1,- , , .41. ii i 11 '11' , ' kr .-, , 00 -- 4--- . ,t, 4414 '") I)) , - -1' . st,.V1 4Ir , , a......-- ; ' I .4" to.A. In 111 E., 11 7. ''.... '.. ' , ' . --'7- .-- , I ' t terday for Cat - i' '' Y ' ,, .. (Picture on back page.) reokentatives by a viva voce , vote today pae.ed a bM prohibitin: , the playing of billiards at any Once I''.C..e.:111 a lit' - --'4 I Led bY SeeretarY Jethn S(73 th or any time within the state. The , . i o - , 1 o-- --E-------- - sestd , rear guard of the Cubs departed yes- sonia - a- as Isola It. lina island. Th'o allissa OD a lingo1 litussio , . -3, :- e,'". it - ,,,, squad was - com . . ,, ,,. posed of infield ., .,,,,, 1. bill now goes to the state senate. . - cended to monetary fame last year ire and outfield can- ,Ise , 4,, ,''''',.. coming off the Denver sand lots an ! didates. and Sun- ..e,a.,,,,ta, ,,4 ng standi the bard hitting Pirates oil ' and ' 11,11'4.1w-'1.34':....7:1e411: 1 !their respective domes, may requi:e 1 similar treatment ll - ,, , day afternoon la n i s e ,....:j ti 44 ....., --42ti --'a , r -', - I -t .1 , --- -' 1 In the practice today all the pitcher. -, ,,,, . .. -Ai .- -- 5 stated to join the ' were given a lesson on developing a - - . . , -----'---' young infieldrs battery men e , 7A: . , r,, 1:-!:' ' , , -. ' ' ,- ' , Z 0 ,i , '- , who hav b y, trai preaminar -, , ; ' e een in , -0 !andeceptive mo to ve !lett base. x, , . , ; ', r---11, :';.-,; ,P, . ,-- -,-0;--,.,'.--,f . '---1-:-:;-----'1---:- :' ,:''' I ,!.-j: 'f' y n- 0, ' '1, , d er and Cearb alace cted as 1 Wl a:1 ----- , iy- --.............,......... ,Ii,!- ca--,- 1 .1 19' ,,,,.,,,, ,, ..,,,.., n at the i 1 m r tw ig sla nd L. ir ttuctor rs. - , -'1 , , - , , cap foo weeks. , GLEASON SENDS , I r, I - ., 0; - 045-4 All of the play- ( .. ,. .. . . ' - -) ,,,o3r, ' - , e. ..,..,, ...d i..? . ers reported arid SOX A1OUNDAIEN' , ,A 1 . ..- , ---7,,,:;:-: , , - - aPPeared to be in ,1, 111114 1 BOX' ING ENTRY BLANK i 'rictlAnn PIINIIIIFR WAY MIT ! i' ,I'l , NEW CHAMP IIRH Atill11P top notch condi- tion. E v e n Vic It kY GRIMES. THROUGH PACES A 1 A ; I A . ; 't),,, ETRDSCNE PhotoI : Marlin. Tex.. March 1.---ISpecial.1-- , - ' :',''.:;--t::7.,:,,,,-,, , - ,,ft-S-,;.k,',:;kr,---- ,,-,: -ei;-,k,."-,''',1,:,.i , ' - ' 4. ; ,..,..4iFk .. .91041 , ' , .:...,,,,. , 1...74;;;;; :. , . ' :-"ti ,. ''1 - - . (..:::.:.....:.....:.... ..:i....-',..........: ,--?i, ; , '-, -:::. 1 ' , .. '...... - - ' .'w ...,, .- ;S.: .:i . ... ,.:.'... z.j'.-..- , t :...... 'J.:. . ':.: V..!..':::".,!k,.,,, A:;41) t1.--,: 4.7-140L-,143f4;:tli;;;;Vt. ' .-.--:..., : ....1: ,.s.r,'''-';' l k: . - -. , .: . :.. ,t ti.-er'.. ,,i, 7 -,,,;,":1:;:.' t,,g.,i,,4,,..4.::;.:1,:,t;,,--;?.:',.;' ' ,,,,;.,,'.. A, ,- .:!' ;'.: ,,.,, .. .:1.-........ 4-.,,,ti--.7"-,',' :',.''!'i;:.." -::01 . -4-4.40:::.'.'i.i,'..:,.......,,-..: ,...:,.,-A : -''''',$;k;.-;:,...;;,14:;. -..... ;........f.....:' t . ',,.- - . r,,,,11,- . : :-.. :: .: : ..i: : ,', .. ..:-. . .:;', - '...,,::,t,k. , , ' . ...: , . A '' I: , . 4 .. r k,........ : ':lt ...N.' - . : '',,,,-,,,.:f-, . -,,i'-,.4::f4:,k2 .-i--,!..,, .1',''' -: - '':i'..,- M.': : .s.:-...4' .' - fr,,':';5.-;-"' :- -,4 '''' '' . 1.15';';'''....; . , - ''',''. .,':5- --,;-,, : ,;:-( . ';',.,.::-...-.'"'... : , ''''...... 0 .:1; I'''''';:.:'. ;:' 7 ' -- , ' : :,;':.4. .V tl.':..1.....'4' 7,:.';,4.;";r1r, ::-',; '1;- it' ';-!, .,- :,,,;:' ,: cl...' ''.4i"'''-':;:;:':'..,::.'"...7:,.!,,. Iltd3031,,, .--at6teitikaitt.;,-,- -1P. 14 t 4.,...7:, ,. - .07.4 1rfar7WN ::, :" :!.,!.. , p 4 ,"1 ,,,,,-oli-C)tTZ----- , , P - ,- :441i ; ,.. -0-11 .,," ...t. .if , 1 .' a,' Vt.... ..10'L .; ',V., 1 . !i'..- 11' - . 0 - At t , - - ' 'S - - ,r..' , - - I : 4: - o 40 I p ,-.... I

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