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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 25
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 25

Chicago Tribunei
Chicago, Illinois
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TvKG 1 wAs NG ti OM OP TH ALLEY AN CA0-11 11 t'le I WA sucze I enkS 144E RE.Ag OP HETZ ME SPY ON PHYLLIS? NEVER. SHE'S TOW ME SI-Ic'S BUN IN EVERY EVEN1N EN0064 FOR 1 ME I .3 ME SPY ON PHYLLIS? NEVER. SHE'S TOW ME 51-44 IN EVERY Eta0061-1 FOk 411 ME 1 ,1 HOLDOUT AS SOX ARRIVE AT CAMP Ifni nnliT Alg grlY litiuiiiiii i rt 11 Ms rt mg mar gm our mar al. a is It NIW NIP' 117 11 nn ARRIVE AT CAMP I LIBIIIII ME NicrrwtNo 001No rr's NONE OF MY BUSINESS A MEI NO-NW rr's NONE OF Ply elusiNEss I EOXERS IN MEE 10f TRIBIINE A. ilitt OMR NNW 1 i I TPtST HE AlOst) ABSoWTELY, BUT COOtnE IT siv" HAPPEN THAT Co SE (OmiNG elloto DONAtN THE ALLEY) -r 11111 AJaeu 9 O'cLOCK ION scd-cr I I TRUST ulOst) ABSottITELY Elul or 1-r a I HAPPEN -n4AT CO BE comiNG mob, IIiitti DOWN -114E AuEy litit itkt3OU-r 9 O'CLOCK IONKA-cr.

II Do I 9 O'CLOCK TONIC-4T KE THAT-7 PI tIotiQsELF. -ill- III I 4,,,,, i tt: )t I 46 1 i fit 'fit! o'- 11' 1111111111011111111111 lit f' 11 a 1 i 111 i 9 i 'Fill! II 1 ti i I 0 I i dil tc- li 14471 4-- 1 my, littil is( I Pil fl 1,1 0 6 I I '6 1 I 0 i 461..... A I Ls- 1 1) 4 1 ki, It' -111PIL WI. 7 PI l' ''T 1'. Wt- if .1 .1 i L.f,, Elk 4 I ,,11 ca ig, 4.fglq.

VI 7 .1, -o, I' A vy ----s, If 1,11,,,, 1 i 7742'i -1' 1.76 v.L'is,... I 6409 I Amateur Host Joins to Boost Kids. roms i BUSINESS IS BUSINESS Feb. Charles Robertson, pitcher for the Chicago White Sol. declared here tonight that iigning a contract is not a question of sentiment With him, but of Modness.

Ite indicated there has been no change in his attitude billet returning his contract unsigned last iweek. lie added he had heard nothing further regarding the mat-I ter. Ioberton piter BUSINESS IS BUSINESS 111101N. Feb. '21-- Chariot lech White tor the Sul, declured here tonight timt Agiiitig a contract isnot A question of Tit tment witlt him, It of bo ties 4 Ile nhe ated there lias bet' change in hi attitude inte he-, no chang I BY FRANK SCHREIBER.

rresitlent Veeck of the Cubs wore a big smile yesterday. Anil Bill bad reason to smile, for the last of the Cub holdouts had and re come through, when he ar 4...,. of thk, I Bears entrains for I the Catalina. la. I.

I land camp this s' Im 0 rning the 1 squad will he 1 1 omplete arid ev- i ery one Fatistled te lit. 1 Aldridge, If. .44, the schoolmaster. groceryman hurl- er, came through yesterday with the information Vir ALniumr, that he was TRIBUNE Photo willing to arbitrate with the club on salary differences which kept him jaunt to the coast squad of hurlers and little quarrel irarnediately Vic A iii hOp aboard Catalina with the rest BY FRANK SCHREIBER. rresident Veeek of the Cuba wore a big smile yesterda).

Aral rill hail rea- son to smile, for the last of the Cub holdouts had COM through, an4 when the rear guard of th Be ar enrans for I I the Catalin is a. -t" 0 1 e' 1 1, nd, carn,) titis ookot, morning thu 1 squad will Ite 1 1 1 rnp, ant ev- i i ery one satisfied p- II, 1 1 Aldridge, lt, the schoolmaster. 1, -s, groceryman hurl- er, came through yesterday with the information Vh" A 11 RIME, that he was (TRIBUNE l'hoto willing to arbitrate it the club on salary differences which kept him jaunt to the coast gt mm. 1, 1 tz; map low 1110111 140 lob, 4v- Is Is --i 4e.m..a.' -NT. eAvi II I 1 IhMel GETS ACID TEST FANS EYE zByszwn I from making the with the early fig eateherF, and the I nu, rnediately settled.

anti travel to Cal 47z.dc;xP-'44;k: CARDIN' MAT CLASH 1 from making the with the early catchers, and the settled. and travel to The squad. which GETS ACID TEST 1, 4,,,,,, 11 1 from making the 120 Cook Co. LegionPosts Indorse Tribune A.A. Boxing 4n, 4-ta BATTLING CHINK TO TEST SMITH TONIGHT BATTLING CHINK TO I TEST SMITH TONIGHT 1 1' I 1 Marlin, Feb.

All but two members et the White Sox advance az were accourtted for hen Kid i44 Gleason 1 NV 'f taps tonight fol 'te 4.. lowing the iirst Socat siege of spring 4 training. The al, I sentees are our. s. candidates ing Kt, c.

Charlie nOtoOrtS011 0 I of no-hit fAmk- who is said to bk a holdout, and 7, (..:. Joubert Da ell '4 4, 31 port. the only registered south- paw. Joubert is expected totnor- Cit A 1 Ito i row. however, but I little is known 1 THIBUN ki Pboto.

TRIBUNE DECISIONS TDIRIINIC nrmttnvt I Jar is composed of fielders and outfielders, will depart over the Santa Fe, leaving at iO this morning, and is due at Los Angeles Sunday at noon. The party which leaves from Chicago Includes Oscar Ray Grimes, ohnny Marty Callaghan, Hack Miller, Earl Adams, Clifton Heathcote, and Bobby Barrett. At Kansas City tonight Denver Grigsby and Arthur Weis, recruit outfielders, will be picked up. 1,.. 4,2,...,7 CUB HURLERS OPEN UP BY HUGH FULLERTON.

The American Legion Association of has always Cook County, with the post command- for the pro ers and officers of 120 posts repre- supervision sented, last night gave strong indorse- various form merit to The Tribune Athletic associ- wh ation's great amateur boxing tourna- as one of a ment, to be staged March 21, 22, and 8.nd manliest 23. at the Ashland. Boulevard audi- sports, and torium. ereas, With but one dissenting voi Wh ce from was constant among the 250 men and women who all of the bt served in the armies, a resolution strongly Indorsing the tournament was States army corps, and adopted, and the speakers declared for the greater clean athletics and for an equal chance those branch for the boys of Illinois to develop them-the service, selves physically. The monthly meeting, held in the Wh ereas, county building.

declared that the tau Legion and every member stands for and endeavl Li.w and for law enforcement, but that legalized bet amateur boxing is not in violation of Pervistim the law. fessional, an One Dissenting Vote. Whereas, has always for the proper supervision various forma, Whereas. as one of the and manliest sports, and Whereas, was constantly all of the States army. corps, and the greater those branches the service, Whereas, TRIBUNE has and endeavored legalized and 'Whereas, regarding the status of Robertson.

When the party arrived from Chh cago ttt 1:30 this afternoon an old fashioned reunion was staged at the depot. Present to greet the incoming delegt tion were Urban Faber and Mrs. Faber, who are tanned following their winter's sojourn on the Pacific comic: Stubby Mack. who came on front San (To; Ted and Homer Blankenship, who roughed It on their dad 's ram near Atoka, Cecil Duff, who Vit cationed at Freewater, and Dixie Leverett. Although Ed "Strangler" Lewis, heavyweight champion, will defend his title in a finish match with Allen Eustace, the Kansas giant, in the main bout of the wrestling show at the Coliseum on Tuesday night, the match between Renato Gardini, recognized Italian champion, and Stanislaus Zbytvzko the Pole, is of more interest to dyed in the wool fans.

It will be the champion's first appearance in Chicago since he won the title from Stanislaus Zby-szko and unless he is sadly off form should give an interesting exhibition of his ability and especially the headlock, the grip which has spelled defeat for so many challengers. Eustace is a good wrestler who may give Lewis a tougher match than is generally expected. The bout between Gardini and Zbyszko should bristle with action. The Pole showed a. lot of speed in his last appearance at the Coliseum and will have to step at a livelier clip to keep pace with the clever Italian.

Zbyszko is still peeved at not being selected to meet Lewis and has agreed to toss Gardini twice in an hour or forfeit the entire purse and lose a $1,000 side bet. Jim Londos, claimant of the Greek heavyweight title, will take on George Walker of California in the principal match at the Star and Garter tomorrow night. If Londos is the winner he will be pitted against Gardini in a finish match by one of the local suppoi ted legislation mt Intenance and of athlei tics in all of its and Boxing Is recognized cleanest, healthiest, forms 3of athletics and This ri krticular sport brotqitpt forward in branches' Cr the United navy; and marine was part inipated in by maJoriA of men in and branches of and rim CI LICALGO DAILY coastal Itly indorsed to bring about boxing und er proper supervision, both amal eur and professional, Tam ClarWCAGO DAILY TRBUNC has maw organized The Tribune Athletic no isociation to conduct one or morel, high grade, clean, atnateur boxinig tourneys in the near future for tine purpose of encouraging this cle an healthful sport amongst arnateiars, and Whereas, It appears to the American Legion A ssociation of Cook County that th entire project is wholesome, cle2un, and worth while, therefore. Be it Resolved. Titat the American Legion ASSOCiaa ion of Cook County in special Me eting assembled in the county building on the evening of Wel nesday, Feb.

28. 1923, does hereby go on record as heartily indorsing this project of THE CHICAGO DA-t EA TRIBUNE, and Be It further Resolved, That the said association recora mend to the general public that e'cE ry organization, church, and cittem cooperate with THE CHICAGO DAIILY Taincliz In every way possible ito make this and similar tourneys Ntery much of success, and 1 By WALTER ECKERSALL. 1 galow, 're; the Positir that TEE TRI13" announcement ese Athletic asocatiOfl wia conduct its mammoth ama- i teur boxing tour- 1 eg ney at the Ash land Boulevard auditorium on 41--0. March 21, 2'2, and 1' ".1 '3 nearly every AA 1' one connected with the amateur k' 11 I boxing game, in- .04, A chiding command- 1 I ers of American 1 Legio posts, 1 Ja'. physical directors t' I k14, of the Y.

I N. C. '1'4 managers of ''kell'4' 1 4 Sp gymnasiums. and playground direce 1 EAKET BETZ tors started to 111131-7-cE Ph1ct-1 send in entries. I Among the first to rally to the sup- po -1 of the tourney was George M.

emcee, Physical director of the Gary I. M. C. A. For years Pinneo has deselcped championship wrestling and boxing teams.

His ability to coach teth branches of sports is well known throughout the country and he Intends to enter his best boxers in the tourney. Great Help for Boys. al am for Tam TfunuNs amateur tourney all the way." Pinneo said yesterday. "We need more of such great Itutions to encourage the growing boy. in my many years of ex-perience in amateur athletics.

I never have seen any bad results from amateur boxing. 1 on the contrary, I have seen mere slips of kids develop into as fine specimens of manhood as one would care to see. I know my boys Will meet with stiff opposition. but their opponents will know they have been in a contest" Director Pinneo was In Chicago to secure entries from local gymnasiums for the amateur boxing championships of the Middle States association of the A. A.

U. to be held in Gary. on March 8, 9 and 10. He asserted close 0 100 boxers will compete and they will represent many churches as well as various branches of the Y. M.

C. schools and athletic clubs. He also said the winners will undoubtedly take part in Tus TRD3TINZ tourney. Will Interest Legion Post. Phil Collins, commander of the Naval post of the American Legion, has started a movement to interest all posts of the Legion throughout the state.

Collins asserted the Legion will get behind the event to a man as long as the proceeds will go to a fund to take care of disabled war heroes. In addition to the many amateurs In and around Chicago, a large entry will be received from Great Lakes Naval Training station and Fort Sheridan, according to ward received from both places yesterday. Inquiries were made regarding the method of entering and assurances given of a large entry. Although the tourney Is three weeks away inquiries were received concerning tickets for the three night show and also regarding the prices of admission. These details will be arranged in a few days and announcement made through these columns.

ItegLeter with A. A. U. Harry Dere, secretary of the registration committee of the Central A. A.

I.I., Yesterday issued a sanction to Tins TR rT3 tr.NE A. A. for the event. Secretary Dere wants it understood all contestants must register with the A. A.

II as they will not be permitted to corn: U. pete unless they have filled out apIllication blanks and received their 1 mrds. Those desiring to -secure such are requested to write Harry ter; 3225 South Avers avenue, Chi ALL flePrilf'n i port pr T. 3 boxI tjth vex thr0 tO 1 tour teri Insti hg 1-r. .4) 1.4 It )6 I 4, I I 1 4., 'A 4 'llif k14 4 lip I ot of ft ot A 51 te eu sc St I el It bc in da es at in tb tI Y1 1 BY IRVING 'VAUGHAN.

Avalon. Catalina Island, Feb. V.S. a Fun that had a soothing effect on gents just out of a frigid clime, the Cub hurling corps put on a strenuous workout today. Loosened up after a week of easy toil they went to their work with a vengeance, zipping things over the plate with no apparent fear of glas-s arms or other spring camp ailments, with a couple of exceptions.

Coach Oscar Dugey, who is in charge during the absence of Manager Killifer, ordered every member of the pitch h-tg squad to take a turn on the slab. Each was permitted about ten minutes of genuine heaving to batters and some felt so well physically that they endeavored to show something in the way of curves as well as speed. Virgil Chief Cheeves had a particularly stiff workout in the morning. Evidently the big fellow i taking his work seriously and if he continues in this frame of mind probably Will produce what the manager has been counting on for the last couple seasons. The lad has a quantity of natural ability but never has seemed able to strike a consistent stride dur ing the championship race.

It is still too early to twigs judgment On the young hurlers, but one toiler who has made favorable impression with the board of strategy is Charles Stauffer, a right bander who won sev enteen games and lost the same num1 her with the Bridgeport. club last season. In his spin on the hid today the rookie displayed a great fast I ball. Decisions of The Tribune boxing representatives are At Enstirn, PaoTiney Triaide beat Al Moore 1101; Young Jack Dempsey beat Jack Horner 181. At Hammond.

Clabby knocked out Joe Pejo 161 George Vernor and 'Jr! "'f LItt Eddie Rayner, draw Red Comiskey beat Frank Mason 5 Al Wolgast beat Patsy Hogan 6. Harold Smith, one of the, greatest bantamweights developed around the stockyards, and Battling Chink of Cin. cinnati, who has a newspaper decision over Bud Taylor, will meet in part of the double windup of the boxing show to be conducted by Jim Mullen at the Ashland Boulevard auditorium tonight. In the other half of the main event Mike Dundee, hard hitting Rock Island 124 pounder, will clash with Charley 4 Glaser, a product of Chicago, who has met some of the best boys of his weight. It will be Dundee's first big start since a pair of injured hands temporarily stopped his climb to a match with Johnny Kilbane for the featherweight title.

Grooming Smith for Lynch. Smith is being groomed for a match 5,, with Joe Lynch, main stem of the ban- tams, and his showing tonight will be watched with interest. Harold is known as a hard right hand puncher and a fairly clever boxer. On the other s. hand, Chink is no setup.

The Cincinnati lad has won many friends by his gymnasium work, and it was the con. sensus of opiajon that he beat Jimm is.5. Kelly at the stockyards recently. Glaser has been anxious to show his 4e, wares before local fans for many months. Although he has taken the match on short notice, Manager Prank Clark asserted Glaser is in good shape and will be able to step right along with the hard hitting Italian.

Two Prelims on Card. BATTLING CHINK. Two prelizninaries precede the main event. Job McLaughlin of the west side and Nate Ripon, the St. Paul 133 pounder, will open the show in a STUBBINGS SETS six round engagement.

Joe O'Hara of Fort Dodge, and Harry Simmons of TRIB PIN MARKS Los Angeles will be the principals in the second prelim. S. W. Stubbings of the Auditing Tickets are on sale at the usual Places, and doors at the Auditorium team was responsible for two new rec- ords in 'MB TRIBUNE Bowling league will open at 7 o'clock. last night.

He hit off a count of 269, TRIB PIN MARKS S. W. Stubbings of the Auditing team was responsible for two new records in 'DIE TRIBUNE Bowling league last night. He hit off a count of 269, 1 Three Catchers Greet Schalk. Three catchers were on tho Job to welcome Ray Schalk, the king of them all.

Roy Darby Graham, Frisco product. and Jimmy Long of Fort Dodge, who vete attached to the roster last season, came early. The added starter is Charles Dorman, also of San Francisco, who recently was reinstated by Commissioner Landis. Dorman, who played golf all winter with Willie Kamm, has seen servlee with Washington and Oakland, but has not been in organized ball since 1920. Gleason also met another rigid handed pitching prospect in the person of Harry Oster.

He's a tall fellow and last season was employed by Salt Lake and Butte. Myers Hit the Baths. Within an hour after their arriNal the from Chicago were rushed to the Magic baths and given their first touch of the conditioning progrant. Trainer Puckner then dlstributed uniforms and Gleason mobilized his forces to explain the training plan. The writer explained to the meeting the attitude of The Tribune Athletic association and its determination to give all the net receipts to American Legion funds.

Immediately a resolution was presented, prepared by a committee of the Legion association, and its adoption was urged by William P. McDonald. Ferry Watkins, a lawyer, opposed the motion to adopt the resolution commending The Tribune association tournament, declaring that the law forbids amateur boxing. Former Lieut. Gov.

Barratt O'Hara replied that no violation of lay, was contemplated, that the law did not in. tend forbidding amateur boxing, and that, in his opinion, TER CHICAGO Tnrsrtim owners and editors would be among the last to encourage or to countenance any violation of law. Text of Resolution. The resolution was then adopted, Watkins ea9ting the one dissenting vote, while the others shouted their approval. Here is the resolution.

official by Howard P. Savage, president; George F. Carroll, secretary, and Harold J. Betty, chairman of the housing committee: Whereas, The American Legion and all ex-service men and women have constantly supported and been in favor of all forms of clean sports and athletics, and Whereas, The American Legion OFFER DEMPSEY $100,000 FOR GO WITH GIBBONS Be it further Reed, That a copy of this resolution be sent to TN: CMCAGO TRIBUNNI and a copy of this resolution be an nt to every post In Cook county for dissemination to every member of the American Legion and to eve ex-service man and woman In that city. There is Just a possibility that Jack Dempsey and Tom Gibbons will fight it out In Ohio the coming summer.

Tommy McGinty, old time featherweight boxer, now a prosperous business man of Cleveland, last night wired Eddie Kane, manager of the St. Paul aspirant to the heavyweight title, that he was In a position to guarantee Jack Kearns $100,000 or a good percentage for DempseY's end of a twelve round decision affair, to be staged at Maple Heights. McGinty stated that he was sure the bout would draw in the neighborhood of $400,000. Kane. who doesn't seem to care what Gibbons' end Is, so long as he gets on with Dempsey, wired McGinty that Tom would be a party to the mill and for him to go ahead and get Kearns' O.K.

The Cleveland promoter's wire stated that the offer had been sent to Kearns. McGinty will be in Chicago Monday to see Gibbons hook up with Jim Tracey at East Chicago, and by that time be probably will have had a reply from the Dempsey camp. POP AMATEUR BOXING VOX Chest Colds broken Inflamed membranes. congestion.oppressive pain.Apply Sloan's to chest and throat It scatters congestion your cold is gone! 'I! it 7 ne Comment on the proposed boxing tournasnent to be by the Tribune Athletic association is presented heretoith. which ran the team total to 1,029.

Both figures are league records. Even with the big count, Stubbings failed to get enough pins to get a double centur3r average. The Auditors had little trouble winning the whole set from the Circulation. Happy Nessinger was high average man, getting 204 2-3. anchoring for the Composing Room when they were winning three from the Pressroom.

Despite the addition of Jimmy Durkin to the Editorial lineup, the Advertising Department took them for three straight. 410111'' 1,7711 According to Eddie Kane. manager of Tom Gibbons. St. Paul heavyweight.

matched to meet Jim Tracey of Australia at East Chicago Monday night. Gibbons will be in town today to train ist the Arcade. Tracey Ls expected tomorrow and work at the same place. Three six round preliminaries will precede the ten round bout between Eddie Anderson of Moline and Prankie Garcia of Memphis at the North Side Turner ball on March 9. Eddie Walsh and Charley Glaser will open the show.

This contest will be followed bi one between Verne Morris and Al Thornaa The other prelim will bring tog'ether Bay Jeffries and Roy Miller, The aegai-windun has not been selected. Dave Barry and Davie Miller will be the retirees. 1.oans 9 Liniment pain! pain! nt 7 Last of Tigers Return Their Signed Contracts Detroit, Feb. 28.The Detroit American roster was complete today with Ira Flagatead, outfielder, and Fred Haney. infielder, rettirning signed contracts.

They were the last Tigers to sign up, but there was no holdout" element in the delay. Walt dtittitt Aic es I 4 struction upon the questions involved and to ridicule the position taken by those who oppose your viesrs, is quite consistent with the t3rp1ca1 newspaper attitude. If you Inttst do something barbarous and coarse to get the public eye, why don't you stage a. bull fight or a bear match? The anima is at least would not be influenced to take their part by greed or notoriety, or pull a fake contest." Public boxing fosters a spirit of bulldozing and bullvragging. It sets up the unprincipled brutish, plug-ugly as an example of stuccess to credulous youth.

You know sill of this of course, and worse; knowinig it why do you try to cover up with twaddle and flummery about red blottied citizens," "clean sport," cake eaters" and 'mollycoddles." There is enough vulgarity and riba2dr3r extant. Do not add to it for mere commercial igain. I am not a member of any church, reform organization, or in sympathy with prohibition. stria( and thosi COTIS attit barb eye, or a woul part fake Spiri It plug credl of cc do and sena and vulg add am I form proh edge). No entry fee is necessary to enter.

Those desiring to compete are requested to clip the entry blanks apPring on the sports pages and mail them as directed. 7 MARYLAND TURF RACE DATES SET Baltimore, Feb. 28.The State Racing commission has announced the 1923 racing dates as applied to the four one-mtle tracks in Maryland. The dates follow: BowieApril 2 to 14, twelve darn Nov. 11 to 29.

eleven days. Havre de GraceApril 10 to 30. thiritext dem Sept. 19 to 30, ten dart. PimlicoMay 1 to 12, eleven dal; Nov.

1 to 14. twelve days. LettelOct. 2 to 27. twenty-three dam.

Babe Training His Home Run Eye on Golf Ball Hot Springs, Ark, Feb. Babe Ruth has been taking preliminary training for about two weeks has hardly bad a baseball in his hand thus fax and continues to whet the edge of his batting eye by whacking a golf ball over the Arkansas countryside. He golfed with Joe Bush and a covey of other players today. pdARTIN A. DELANEY, now gen- eral manager of the Chicago Athletic association and former physical director of that organizationBoxing, a poor boys game, does not need experudve outfit All that is necessary is a Playground corner lot, a boy chirm, covering for the hands.

Boxing eliminates the fear of bodily contact is a general body developer. cultivates alertness, agility, and all three necessary in everyday business life. With these facts in front of us, why not have regulated boxing? It has been brought to my attention many times that it is not necessary to have prize fights and profeesional fights to develop the playground boys, the young American in general. but this is not true. There must be a champion.

All children are imitators. They look up to a man or woman at the top of the contest they I like beet There is a photographic 1 plate in the brain of this child. and 1 there he has his copy. He starts to work to make himself a likeness, to be better than the champion. We need and I have needed a regulated boxing con- trot.

Just how is the question. It can I be changed if found wanting, but when we have no legalized control, we are talking theory and not facts. Let both' sides get together on this and give it a trial. Tits TRIBUNE A. A.

could be a starter. A tournament like this, with only a mall fee to witness. with no thought of making money. cannot but help appeal' to all Chicago. My wish is that THE TRIBUNE A.

A. puts on its carnival and all aides attend talk over the good and bad points and there settle on a state bill. BOXING ENTRY BLANK 7 1 I 1 S. COMMODORE I Ensign Keane, in charge of the boxing and wrestling show to be saKed on the Commodore Saturday blZht, announced last night that over 50Q0 aPPlications for the 1,200 tickets bad been made. The Program will coos-1st of four bouts and one wrestling match.

and the talent will be recruited tam the army and navy ranks. Capt. E. A. Evers, commandant of tie Naval Reserve forces.

through Lgn Keans, has extended an Mid' 1ZiCn to all officers. enlisted Inert and teir wives at Great Lakes and Fort to be guests of the Cornmo(lore at the athletic show. All plans ":11 be comrieted with the return toorrov, of Capt. Evers from Wash.ilgIntl. Where he is conferring with iwstant Secretary of 'War Theodore i Roosevelt Jr.

on the local boxing situaLai. 1 REDS GET SHORTEN. ft )to Feb. '28 Charles Shorten. has bet sold by the Weal Aake.

"mos to the Ow-Innen Reds by the "LI" wee ennomlieed today. tior to LR Ito i 1 ow, I Please enter me in the Chicago Tribune Athletic association amateur boxing tournament to be held at the Ashland Boulevard auditorium on March 21, 22, and 23. 0 112 potmds 0 126 pounds 0 147 pounds 0 175 pounds 0 118 pounds 0 135 pounds 0 160 pounds 0 Heavyweight Name rFHOMAS A. CATEND. esident Central A.

2600 Si rperior streetWe have a few young men whom we are anxiouo to enter in the tournament about to btx held. If you will kindly furnish us will I such blanks as may be necessary. it 1011 be greatly appreciated 4 watch these pages. Mr. Catino.

In regard to the controversy. desire to say tha our club. for one, is willing to enj ly or suffer such consequences as may befall us due to the boxing tournament. There are many laws today thi a no organization or body cares to en force to the letter. so why not make some allowance for something that is lean.

patriotic. and beneficial to our suerca manhood. The military trai ning camps were the greatest bs zing schools during the war. Why so -en't the same instructions fruitful in peace times? With best wishes for your ter i If yc blan grea page cont Club Place cross opposite class you intend to enter and mail blank to Walter Eckersall, Tribune Plant. Entries close on March 14 and all contestants must be registered in the A.

A. U. I OUR HIGH-WATER MARK We have often said to well dressed is your store." But never in all the years of our experience have we been able to say it with more truth and emphasis than we do this spring. In the completeness of our spring linesin the exclusiveness of the styles and cloths, and in the service we render our clientele--truly we have reached the high-water mark. The well dressed man seeking the dignity in style that characterizes our hand-tailored clothes will find an -hour spent here, in the inspection of them, a most profitable investment.

And in our furnishings departmentwell dressed men will find shirts, cravats and hats that compare in style and excellence with the high grade clothes now being displayed. OGILVIE JACOBS READY TAILORED CLOTHES FOR GENTLEMEN FINE FURNISHINGS FINE HATS OnA0 AR South L. GROVE. SS21 Sou Racine avenueI wish to make a few mild remarks about your proposed "amateur boxing show." The efforts you are making to becloud the issue, to put your own con 1 37each .1 3forstoo I RATE OF SIKI'S CLASH 1 Tall GEORGES STILL 1UNSET; MANAGERS ROW I 1 1 rs A 0 1, IP 1 1-p 1 JIM JEFFRIES IS BANKRUPT, Los Angeles, Feb. J.

Jeffries, former heavyweight boxing champion of the world, today, through his attorney, filed a voluntary peti-, in bankruptcy in the United States District court here. Jeffries listed his liabilities as 1S3 and hi 3 assets as $130,950, including real estate valued at $124,600. Ills secured claims were given as' unsecured claims, notes and bills which ought to be paid by other persons," $95,766. and accommodation paper, $10,000. 5, a n1 It 1 PSTANDI NT SMOOth, permanently white collars.

They are pre-shrunk, and 1 banded to insure right fit. They will not wilt, crack or sag. They are easily E4 DWARD J. EVANS, secret ry- manager, Electrical Athletic at ciation, 2505 North Dearix irn streetOur association bean lily desires to indorse the program of the Chicago Tribune Athletic associatioa for the promotion of interest in bi )xiAg and athletics in general- We es nnot see any valid reasons for the obit ctions raised against the passage or a bill by the legislature. a bill propet iy drawn- and adequately safeguarde that will permit and legalize the gt iting of boxing exhibitions in this Eta.

We are a unit in believing with tips who are in favor of furnishing ever' opportunity to the young men of oul state to learn how to defend tilts selves properly. and 'we know of no form of athletics that will bring out the best that is in a man and make him more self-reliant than a. through course in boxing. We are prepared mi. assist in your program and in thel passage of a law with the principles' outlined above, by every lcgitimate means within our power.

11 Tribmne Foreign Nevis Sert ire-I 1923: By The Clueago TriburreI Feb. Car r11tier's revenge fight with lialLtling Slid, the colorod Lo, tuamPion, developed today a between their re -----aC'Pri l'rancoN 1)escluinlps kitrd Charles Ilrouillets and sporting it't's on the newspapers 'lath) tsd 41,0. of three hours of arC4'nZ and lood chilli A I be heated nod Iiileill Ilia( mailing outside. could war ihrealei and epithets. nothing 2.1.tigned, and the snatch for the ot aged nod LI paid am ants Oler their microscopes 711unX germs anal bacilli lei i lfl ante.

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