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ROCKEFELLER JR. HOBNOBS WITH URCHINS AT OAK STREET BEACH WOMAN FALLS 6 FLOORS TO DEATH IN HOTEL SHAFT PUNT BOSSES LOYAL To ELLER; HE GOT TM JOBS co VIELas REED OPPOSES LAVI TO ENFORCE NEGRO SUFFRAGE Oriental Rug Bargains IP have sailed tomorrow for England and were to have remained abroad until late in September, traveling about England and the continent Mr. Harrison's business is photog-1 raphy. He is reputed wealthy and has been a lifelong citizen of Galesburg. Both be and his late wife wine active I civically and socially.

Her Mistaken Step Fatal-Mrs. Harrison entered an elevator In the lobby of the Auditorium early' in the evening to ascend to her rooms on the seventh floor. At the sixth floor McKinley Caradlne, the colored operator, stopped the car to take on another passenger, Mrs. Mary Comm. As Mrs.

Corum steppld into the car, I Mrs. Harrison. thinking she bad come to her floor stepped out. She realized her mistake in a moment whirl-; ing about, fell through the still half i open door of the shaft, missed the car completely, and plunged head foremost to the bottom. FRANCE SPAM Crowd in Loop Lobby.

So They Give No Help in Vote Fraud Quiz. -Thinks South Should Care for Own Problems. ro-rAl -mg 1 flu I 7176 1 y' 1 .104 1 di Nittr A 9 tc 4.. 44" I --s- 4 -t 14 1 it, 4 1 'It. ihr4e1 It 1- JP, I- i ti 4 i -t 1 IA i'1 IITI'd-' 7t l'r-tV Ay (Pleat on back page.) Cothes don't make the man" an old saw.

but John D. Rockefeller Jr. appears to believe it In fact, Mr. Rockefeller almost proved it as be strolled yesterday afternoon near Oak street beach, for. he was vastly taken up with one little man who had almost no clothes at all.

This was Francis Thornton. 5. whose pants were stolen at the beach, in consequence of which he had to go home In his bathing suit and waist, and in which condition the rich man espied him walking with his brother. Walter. 7.

Well," said Mr. Rockefeller to the boys. and how's the water today?" 0," said Walter briskly. the water's all right, but you got to watch your pants. Say, mister.

if Yqu go In. take somebody to watch your pants." Mr. tockefener was at the Drake yesterday with Mrs. Rockefeller and his sons, Laurence, 16; Winthrop, 14. and David, 11.

They visited during the day with Mr. Rockefeller's sister, Mrs. Rockefeller McCormick, and left last night for New York. Gets $4,000,000 for Interest itCompany. In the refinancing and reorganization of the Liquid Carbonic company into the Liquid Carbonic corporation.

recently announced, it became known last night that Mrs. Jacob Baur has disposed of her holdings In the company. Approximately $4,000,000 was the price she received. The company does an enormous business in the manufacture of soda water fountains and the carbonic gas used in operating them. The business has amounted to more than 89.000,000 annually for some ttrae.

It was founded by Jacob Baur 38 years ago with an original investment of $75,000 Three bond houses yesterday offered for sale 84,000.000 gold bonds of the new corporation, the proceeds to be used in acquiring the interest of the heirs of Jacob Baur and associates. Mrs. Baur, it was said. will retire entirely from business and devote her time to private affairs and social activities. She has been active in Republican politics in her neighborhood for several years, and last spring was a.

candidate at the primaries for congress, but was defeated by Fred Britten. MOBILIZE NEW DRIVE INTO RIFF Dozens of guests of the Auditorium hotel were shocked ear7 last evening when Mrs. Harriet Harrison, 48 years old, wife of George Harrison, prominent business man of Galesburg, plunged six stories to her death at the bottom of an elevator shaft The woman's scream as she fen and the Impact of her body at the bottom of the shaft caused excitement around the hotel that continued for several hours after the body had been taken to undertaking rooms. Husband Out on Mr. Harrison, who had registered with his wife some time earlier, had left the hotel on business at the time of the tragedy and could not be located until his return to his room several hours afterward.

From Galesburg it was learned that the tragedy brought to an end, almost before it started, a European trip. the Harrisons had planned- They had arrived in Chicago yesterday afternoon and were to have left last night for Montreal. From there they were to Chicago Tribune Press Service. GIBRALTAR, July 28.A Spanish official today said that a big Franco-Spanish offensive against the Riffitans Is intended on July 30 in the Tetuan zone. All the French and Spanish warghips stationed at Ceuta have been ordered to leave tonight for Rio Martin, near Tetuan.

Gen. Berenguer, in command at Ceuta, will direct the offensive. It is understood that the situation in Morocco is becoming Arranged in Groups Chinese Rugs, Small Sizes 47.50 55.00 57.50 62.50 Size 5x3 Feet Size 6x3 Feet In the various tones. Dark blue, red, taupe, gray and ivory shades. Long Hall and Stair Runners Sizes 2.9 to 3.8 Wide and 9 to 14 Feet Long Republican precinct captains of the Twentieth ward refused yesterday to sign immunity waivers or to give the sperial grand jury any information regarding alleged vote thievery.

Several of them said they were holding jobs requiring little or no work at the sanitary district and each in his turn said: Morris Eller got me the The special grand jury ilnished its incruiry of the Twentieth ward, in which it was found that no ca.ndidate at the last primary' was given the actual number of votes cast for him. Votes were stolen for or from candidates. depending. it is atteged, upon the arrangements made by the precinct captains. Expect Indictments Today.

Many of the Judges and clerks of that ward are to be named in indictments to be returned today, according to Special Prosecutor Charles A. McDonald and his assistant, Attorney James C. O'Brien. Others are said to be included in the fifteen judges and clerks who are cited to appear today before County Judge Edmund K. Jareek! to show cause why they should not be punished for contempt of court.

Judge Jarecki said there will be no grounds for the claim of double jeopardy if he punishes judges and clerks and they are also tried in the criminal court for practically the same offense. To Hear Recount Motion. Judge Jarecki Will also hear a motion today in the recount granted County Commissioner Goodenow, who was defeated. Goodenow has made some gains over Henry S. Goins, but according to one contention not enough to justify continuation of the recount.

i i I GIRL SHOOTS 65 YEAR OLD LOVER; PEST, SHE SAYS liftWOLniTS DAUGHTER ILL. ROME. July 2i.1--Edda Mussolini. daughter of the preraier of Italy. is PPrinniilir ill with clinhilloriv 37.50 47.50 55.00 65.00 Comprising Mosuis, Kurds, Kazaks and Guendjes.

This is as fine a collection of antique and semi-antique rugs as we have had to offer for many years. Going! Going! Senator James A. Reed chairman of the senate slush fund committee here investigating campaign expenses of the Illinois senatorial primaries. is against any more force laws to prop up amendments to the constitution of the United States. -While he didn't put it in so many words yesterday he thinks the force law behind the 18th amendment, the Voletead law, is considerably more than the limit in such kind of legislation.

Senator Borah Idaho, having characterized repeal or modification of the Voistead act as equivalent to nullification of the 18th amendment. Senator Reed was asked what he thought of the proposition of a force law behind the 14th and 15th amendments enfranchising the Negro, amendments Ignored generally in the south. More Laws, More Trouble. "Let the south take care of its own Senator Reed said. "If we have any more force laws we'll only have more trouble and we're havipg trouble enough with the force laws we have already.

The late Senator Lodge of Massachusetts was the author of the last force bill and he made a vigorous effort to pass it. Some southern senators strenuously opposed it and in doing eo revived some of the fever that existed in the carpet bag days after the civil war. Senator Lodge told me a short time before his death that those should be forgotten and that he realized his force bill was a mistake. Getting Along AEI Right. White people and colored In the south seem to be getting along very satisfactorily and the Negroes I have "talked to seem to be pretty weal Batts Bed with things as they are.

We don't want any more force laws." Although Gov. Elaine of Wisconsin. La Follette candidate for United States senator, has said he believes it the duty of congress to enforce the -14th and 15th amendments by appropriate legislation and will vote for such legislation to make them effective If he goes to the senate. Senator Ea Follette Senator 'need's colleague on the slush fund declined to make any corn1 ment whatever on the subject 1 Judge Dismisses Girl's Charges Against Dentist A charge of attempted rape against Dr. Floyd Glascow, dentist, of 2406 West Madison street, was dismissed yesterday by Judge.

Laurence Jacobs. Miss Margaret Doheney. 17 years old, 2058 West Van Buren street, accused the dentist of trying to attack her while she was being treated under the influence of gas in his office. Forsythe Smith. a laboratory employ, testified that many cases of such illusions while under gas are known.

3 17 tree ttack inder NIL Last few days of greatest clearance sale of demonstrator and floor sample Antique Persian Rugs, 95.00 Rugs from Shiraz, Hamadan and Mosul districts in all their old quaint natural colors and designs; good, strong pieces that will stand years of hard wear. Sizel range from 3 feet 6 inches to 5 feet wide and from 5 feet to 11 feet in length. Persian Mafia! Carpets, 265.00 tge Size, 12,0 Feet Mulberry, Blue and Red Tones Size, 12,0 Feet Size, 12,0 Feet Mulberry, Blue and Red Tones Electric A (0) 11:1 WORKMAN BURNED BY GAS. Tony Burns. 33 years old.

703 West 4d street. a laborer. was probably atally burned yesterday when a defective electric light wire le-nited a pocket of natural gas in a caisson under the new Jackson boulevard viaduct in Grant park. where Burns was work imr. 4d mimed light in a Levard was Wabash Avenue Average Alexander H.

Revell Co. Sturdy weaves, allover designs. -77)7r77r77177 4-z4, Wen, --A Azzaa Adams Street Average I 1 Sturdy weaves, allover designs. 0 Alexander H. Revell Co.

Wabash Avenue I Adams Street 21E, 1 4,77, Iaa Also a- few ar $69 and $S9 and. $S0 at7110r OF ME ME41 friar! Small Payment Down put tilirDwirs Held for Murder When Suitor Dies. Merton, July The love quest of Edward McCoy, 65, ended today with his murder by a 25 year old girl whom he had pursued across two countries. The girl, Kate Hardman, formerly a Newark, N. distributor, fired a bullet into the man's chest when she met him on a country road near He pestered me," she told William Ketteringham of Toronto, who discovered the dying McCoy at the roadside.

A half mile down the road from where Ketteringham found the old man, he came upon Miss Hardman. She was trudging along in the dustry road with the gun in her hand. Tells of Pursuit. Ketteringham- told police that the dying man told him he had been shot by the girl he loved." "He died in my arms after telling me he forgave her," Ketteringharn. said.

Miss Hardman told a story of pursuit which started in Newark where both were employed as rug sellers. He fell in love with me there and although I always discouraged him, he eontinued pestering me," she said. I finally had to leave Newark. He came after me wherever I went. Held for Murder.

"Two months ago I came to my home here and he followed. Since then he has been staying at the home of my two brothers. Yesterday I met him on the road and shot him." Miss Hardman was taken to Walkerton and appeared before a magistrate. A formal charge of murder was laid against her. Reducedfares Drink CELLE 01FORIZ CHlir I i i 1 I i I 1 1 1 1 1 liti 1 11, 14 1 It I 1 IfJEL.

1 A. .1, A 7::, Balance monthly with your light bills. Small carrying charge. Don't Wait! Comet in today! "in EDZSON SHOPL, 72 WEST ADAMS STREET Ocureal Satordago I Daring' deo 5autnneer Wash Your Own 1 a in today! W'S -REEr ate 5matanager SCOFF AT BLAINE I THE NATIONAL ALKALINE MINERAL WATER FROM THE WORLD FAMOUS SPRING THE PROPERIY 0-THE FRENCH REPUBLIC BOTTLED UNDER OF THE SIM rtturi Inc. wurLu rAmouz 11111JL.1 THE PROPERTY 0' THE FRENCH REPUBLIC BOTTLED UNDER TO, SUPERVISION OF THE SW! Chic to ew Yo and rettirn S50668 I I I El Chicago Tribune Priem Scnricia Washington.

D. July by Gov. Blaine of Wisconsin, cardidate for the senatorial nomination against SenActor Lenroot that if elected he will insist on the enfranchisement of Negroes in southern 'states failed to excite such few senators from the south as are in Washington. While southern senators refused to be quoted, they expressed the belief that Gov. would be uttable to accomplish anything along this line.

They were of the opinion that the governor was talking for campaign effect in Wisconsin rather than with any serious idea of obtaining action. 1i Sold by: i I 4 i i li ,,4 ir i4 i b. op 1 -O. 4.ra I 0 I --AcoN'''AP I I I 1 r'''''' 1 t. a I I a i 1 I 1 cmaznimmxamm.11.163z1Ellsrg Le I 1 II Blitrdret3 Know that they're thoroughly dean and sweet, fluffy, carefully handled Everything washed in your own home, under your own watchful eye, lasts twice as long as when handled by some indifferent person who doesn't consider cost or value- An electric washer takes all the hard work out of laundering at hume and saves clothes and money! A 15-clay vacationvisit New 'York City In MM.

mer timeample hotel accommodationsshopping center of the worldmiles of ocean beachesboat trips on Hudson River, Sound and Harbor theatres and a-thousand points of interest. See Niagara Fallsone of the wonders. more gorgeous than ever bathed in its night-tizna illumination. Down the historic HitilSonwonderftd vie, aa you travel Et loog its shoreWest Point and the famous Palisades. Circle Tours Round trip fare $65.25 These tours combine rail, lake and ocean trips over many attractive routes.

Tickets good 60 days. Final return limit October 31. Po literature, reservations or information apply Consondated Ticket Office, I Ii West jacks St. Meow: Wabash 46es5 La Salle Street Station. Van Duren and La Salle Sta.

Phooe: Wabash 4200 Central Station, Ildickagati Ave. and Roosevelt Road. Pb: Harrows MS NItaxmascocasumazzu lf; 7-1 -) ftNtvo --b-A-'. -4 'E --4-J, 46'' 1, 4 An 1- i ar 1-- 111111V() ik2f0i 0 14 'i- I i) -t1 Tik ot. 11...1 V' '41 61- i .44 it ilphr.44ti ..,1 46., et, i xt ,4,, 4" 7' tri AL 1 4tat.

sgli111 4, Merchan vill-. il i Wabash .4 I Ile First Floor, Wabash 1 I 11 get AT rria i E---- I E-- 3 Til Pig E4-1 la gilE ars oarrx JIT rtit. TPTI ctlIN SIP grt Ridicule Blaine's Threat. That the 'Wisconsin governor's remarks would be ignored by the southern senators was the opinion of one leading Democratic senator who ridiculed a suggestion that a move might he made to refuse him his seat if elected. Members of the senate are puzzled to know just how Gov.

Blaine, through any senate action, would be able to enfranchise southern Negroes. They voint out that the Supreme court of the ynited States has upheld the constitutionality of laws of southern states which provide conditions under which the right of franchise may be Such state laws have been upheld, provided the same conditions ap4dy to all, both whites and Negroes. Senator Reed Pa.L during the discussion of investigations of senatorial election contests threatened to propose a provision which would prohibit the seating of a senator from a state where Negroes were not permitted to vote. Ills proposal failed to receive serious consideration. Something of this sort might be favored by Gov.

Elaine, but southern senators do not appear to have any fear that such a move would get far. a provision which would pro- seating of a senator from a ere Negroes were not permit- 'ote. Ins proposal failed to terious consideration. Some- this sort might be favored Elaine. but southern senator ppear to have any fear that love would get far.

iO IN i I in WILLIAMS PARK on the Shore of SLOCUM LAKE Rcadyto1sX I TA Move Into SLOCUM licany col tfil Bo sant. Dlove Into 0004 Alli kt tar i ow AmS I NEW WORK CENTRAL 1 if Gahl CEN JTIZAW A'11 lah3rVille 1 IP EXCUER, 715) 2111 A ligar- LU oN.1 Planes Collide in Holland; One Aviator Is Killed I Chicago Tribune Prams Segrvice.1 a THE HAGUE. July 28.Two Dutch military planes collided today at the Soesterberg airdrome. Both machines were destroyed and one flyer was in Holland; 2ne Aviator Is Killed icare Tribune Proms Service-1 LAGUE. July 28.Two Dutch planes collided today at the E-rg airdrome.

Both machines stroyed and one flyer was F-. IIIELAVAW itniAVAW 1 41. -Fa0 TO ELNII MN (Delavan Lake) (Lauderdale Lakes) Sunday, Augueat 1st FAST SPECIAL 'MAIN New Union Station Central Time La. CHICAGO (9:00 a. as.

Chicago Time) 8:00 a. 11U. WESTERN AVE. a. m.

Ronad Lv.HEALY Lv. GRAYLANT; 8' 7 a- 131- Tries mod Trip 8: i 7 a. m. TrIP- Le. Fares Fares Washirgton Street, Chicago Suite 209 TV atreet, t2licago I a I Suite 209 Phone: State 5074 6----z- i El, I 1 ot Street, Chicago Suite 209 4 Phone: State 507 A Hat Box is almost a necessity for the woman who travels.

This season we have an unusually large stock; many sizes, constructions, and a large range of prices. The Boxes may be had in fabricoid, enamel, cowhide, seal shark grain, calfskin or pigskin. The sizes range from 16x9 inches to 20x20 inches, and there arc both round and square shapes. The colors are black, brown2 tan, red, blue, and gray. Many of the.Boxes have exceptionally fine linings, and several of the models have pockets and trays.

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Convenient terms arranged. Drive ont Follow the road man Pictured via Rand road to Wanconda- turn left to Williams Park. and see these attraetive summer only DO minute from Chicazo by auto. Should lr 0 care-to build your own home. we have a few sites available at remarkably low oilers and easy terms.

In this opportunity at ant. El JOHN D. ITERSEN Co. 72 West -Z FOPS pHILLIPS4 Milk of klasnesia Try a 25c Bottle I i Ilasee i- I IT 1 6,11,11 St 1 LA Wit 1 i a L.arge comfortable cottages with 8-foot 1 I 1 ,3,. '--f.

re i porches on two sides, only i 11-, ''S E---: 200 feet from the Slocum Le Co, in- 0 tofu. r. try Club Golf Course and Located in a I .1 0 beautiful Williams Park, hive i '1 been completed and are ready to be VI I( I 4-ill yr c. I f---E occupied. i ff TOTAL i A 1 i ..,,1,,,,, 71141., A ,) .1 -1----- (LN c01- ,1 ks ,4 k- .0 4 Ilk 1.40 IL.4r, ji, it COST 2., 5 1101111RJAMS la Evins; 1 i l' 1' tl'is'4 3 CV of a beautiful summer and 4 i 4,, ,7, :4 1 lilt 601 -ill-, tt I Of --T---- 'large, 50x112-ft.

waterfront lot. 4,,, 1 4 ig ,11 i 74 1 Tr ON ..44 1 IL. Er-, COIWCnient terms arranged. .1 11,) 11 toil, 'h, Tz: 1 .....1 4.,4 Drive ont Sunday. Follow the road man pictured i sus Rand road to ilaueonda- turn left to 'Williams AlPlitell.11- -S, i Park.

and see these attraetive summer home. only 45 It ---d o-si, 90 minute from cbteaco by auto. Should trell t. 5 seititrees at to urpr monar-kna bhir onerieeh rat min efaeswy 1 CHICAGO terms. Int esticate this otioortmity at 000e.

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In-stead t' 4 II lear0. i Marshall Field El Company I Try a 25c Bottle I 4 I sonert 11 att a St i 1 A I 1 es, Lsat -1 onue a I 0 0 i VIIII'l lill EvAitoce, icl I )t. thilkNak, nietnned l' William i mec. only (mid Ye A easw ll 't a fe CH ICAGO i and 7 i i 4.4: 77,..: nrit. I A 1 Ilk; 4t, I 1 INN A 1 1 A 1 A A 1 -Re-Live This Vacation 1 MOTION PICTURES 1 With vivid animation those 1 friends and events that make I- vacation days memorable will reappear in movies that you I take with your own Film i camera.

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i I i nt- 'Live This Vacation in YrION PICTURES vivid animation those nds and events that make ation days memorable will ppear in movies that you with your own Film taking snapshots sera. By iss you show your pictures wail or screen at home, lathe Film projector. the Almer Coe stores you entitled, "What You See obtain the Filmo book- or you may hay. monstratio of sn 8:22 a. ot.

Le. MAYFAIR 8:25 a. In. A r. KANSASVILLE 955 a.

tn. $1.80 Ar. BURLINGTON 1012 a.m. 2.05 Ar. LLKHORN (Laud.erdate.I ales; a.

2.40 At. DLLAVAN (Delavatt Lake) 1052 a. 2.50 eldilawaticee" Station RETURNING Centro! Time Le. DELAVAN 7:00 p.m. Le.

El HORN Le. BURLINGTON 7:40 p.m. 1.v. KANSA SVILLE 7:55 p.m Schedules ere in Central Standard Time. Add One Hour for Derylight Saving r.

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