Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on July 4, 1916 · 16
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 16

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 4, 1916
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I; i i b ' 1 1 ; I S . - 16 (tfits!) ,..." ..., ...... . ''- S..4' t) C; 1 M!""ir ( and lk t pl vt104-Itscol-n-tlicz-tu:-s t LA kA,.4&. k.1.4-a.A.-.4.4...0X., W -., Country Clubs in Demand Today OC1ETY is country clubbing or week ending. being host and host- eas to a houseful of gay guests today. The few who Chance . to be within the portals of the city -will find the swimming pool 4).t the Saddle - snd Cycle club the most popular place town.. Aquatic feats of all sorts are planned. There will be muaic all afternoon,. a tennis tournament, and a dinner-dance which should make any Saddle and Cyclist who has been forced to spend today in the city grateful. The CAYLI ntry clubs all have tournaments. except Evanston.. NA Melt will have dinner-dance a for which there are huge lists of ta serrations. Lake Forest and Winnetka will have municipal celebrations after the mast approved aane standards. in which the summer colonists will join. The festivities at Wheaton began last Eight 'with the presentation by the Wheaton players of " Phipps " and The Dear Departed." two one act plays. in the drawing room of Mrs. Louis Wolff's res;denee. ..After the plays the great drawing room 14.-as thrown open fur a dance. News lute come to the Italian consulate that Count Bolognesi and his bride, who was Misa Rosa Garibaldi. are touring in - Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Dobyns of 67 East Diaisron street are visiting relatives of Mr. Dobyns in Marion. O. Mr. and Mrs. Medill McCormick of Kia , Lake Shore drive are spending tendence day at their new Rock river estate. They intend to remain there during the summer. Mr.. and Mrs. A. C. Magnus have as thefr guests in Winnetka for the Independence day holidays Mr. and Mrs. William H. Rehm. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Dennett Grover of East Ontario st-eet are at Banff. Alta.. Canada,. on their 'way home from Santa Barbara. Cal. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hnde of 1524 Astor street are the guests ef Mr. and Mrs. John A. Spoor at their country place In Pittsfield, Masa. Mrs. Joseph B. Long of 48 Banks street -Is the guest of Mrs. John Alden Car- renter at Charlotte. Vt. Mrs. Levy Mayer has gone to her country home, Indian Hill farra, Mano-met. Mass., for the summer. Mr. Mayer has joined ter there and will remain over the Fourth. Mrs. Charles H. Stoddart of 514 Aldne Square is at the Tray-more, Atlantic City. for the summer. - Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Axman of New T. York City are visiting their parents. Mr. and Mrs. P. Axman of 53 Indiana avenue. on their way to California. They sail for Japan from there. to be gone three months. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Baum of :1612 Pine Grove avenue have gone to Petoskey. Mich., to their summer place, Spring Villa. Their daughter. Mrs. Norman Harding. and Norman Jr. of 3617 Pine Grove avenue went with them. to remain . most of the summer. - Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Thayer of :140 North Sheridan road, Highland Park. have gone west to visit their daughter. Mrs. Theodore Erringer. a bride of last - October. They will return in August, , after motoring through the west. Weddings. - - - An announcement of interest to CM. is that made by Mr. and Mrs. - Alfred' Freschl of St. Clair, Mich.. Qf the marriage of their daughter. Florence, to Warren Lamson Lobdell, eldest. son of ,". Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Lobdell of 3958 Ellis avenue. The marriage took place quietly last Saturday. at the residence of the bride's parents. The bride and bridegroom left for a wedding trip. They will spend the summer with Mr. Lobdell's parents and go to housekeeping in the fall. Mr. and Mrs.. Char!es H. Moyer of 6349 . -Kenwood avenue announce the marriage - -of their daughter, Vera Gertrude. to Leonard Richardson Newell of New York - City. - Mr.- and Mrs. I. Reskie announce the marriage of their daughter. Fannie De- bonsh, to Alexander I. Rest Mrs. Lena H. Dutch of 1315 Rosedale ...avenue, formerly of Denver, Colo.. an' pounces the marriage of her daughter. Bertha. to Ernest H. Mercer. - Mr. and Mrs. Frank Louis Roe, iitz anrounce the marriage of theft daughters Frank le Lewis, to John Erwin Smith. Announcement is made of the marriage I - of is Catherine Loretta Carbine to ! Thomas Francis Sweeney. Mr. and Mrs.! : Sweeney will be at home after Aug. 1 at 1246 North Shore avenue. Engagements. , Mrs. Orb o Wright Richardson of 6-1',(1 Minerva avenue announces the engage-- tnent of her daughter. Frances Lindley. to Leslie Monroe Parker, son of Mr. and Mrs.. Francis W. Parker of 1514 Ridge avenue, Evanston. This is the second - engagement in the Parker family since the call to arms came and the three sons : of Francis W. Parker left with the First , - cavalry. I. N. G. The engagement of Troy L. Earkee and Miss Janet Smith. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Watson Smith of 1462 P,idge avenue, was announced last week. Mrs. Edward Kendall Rogers of 12 Scott street announces the engagement of her daughter. Edith, to Lieut. Alfred Wallace Owen Jr.. Fifty-first battalion. C. E. F., son of Alfred Wallace Owen of Prince Edward Island. Church Celebrates Today The golden anniversary of the founding of the Roman Catholic parish at Harvard. : Ht. is to be celebrated today by the dedication of the new parochial school - and by a patriotic program in which Mayor Hendricks of Harvard, President Marshall of the Harvard public school board. and others will speak, and the all.; dren will sing patriotic airs. : The St. Joseph's parish was founded in 1 1568. The first church was a log cabin and services were held only when officiating - priests could go from Chicago. which they did on horseback. The Rev. Daniel 1 Feeley is the pastor. Bishop P. J. Muldoon of Rockford. the Rt. Rev. Mgr. Francis C. Kelley. and the Rt.- Rev. Thomas F. Lillis. bishop of Kansas City. : Mo., will be among the visiting church -' dignitaries who will take part . -Western Shriners Start Today. Tacoma Shrtners from Seattle and Spokane will leave Tacoma tomorrow morning in a special train of the Chicago. Mil. waukee and St. Paul railway for Buffalo t to attend the forty-second annual COM ention of the Imperial council of the A. A. - O. N. M. S. The long special train of ten cars will reach Chicago nett Thursday nocm and will pull out for Niagara Falls and Buffalo at 114 3 that night. :11rxIt3Zert georye nay se, r4.3 111 Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Swam of 3112 Prairie avenue announce the marriage of thci,,- daughter, Madeline, to Robert George Day of Great Falls, Mont. ,. New York Society. New York. July 3.-- Specia1JMr. and Mrs. Newbold Morris of 113 East Seventy-third street will give a dance tomorrow night at Brookhurst, their summer home at Lenox. Mass. Mrs. William Douglas Sloane will have her usual display of fireworks for the children of the family at Eimcourt at Lenox. Frank H. Hoffstott of 1S1.) West Fifty-ninth street will give a luncheon tomorrow at his country home in Port Washington, L. Mrs. George Evans Turnure of 115 East Fifty-sixth street gave a dance tonight at the Lenox club for her daughter, Miss Irene Turnure, who will be one of next winters debutantes. The engagement of Miss Mary Alice McKelvey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Jay McKelvey, to William R. Barbour of this city has been announced. No date has been set for the wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert H. Gary of S56 Fifth avenue started tonight for the Pacific coast on their way to China and Japan. They expect to be gone about three months. Watson C. Emmet has gone toBar Harbor and is spending the Fourth with Mr. an Mrs. Henry C. Emmet and the Misses Jeannie and Marie Louise Emmet of 3 3 East Seventy-second street. " Chicago Band Conccrt Tonight The Chicako band, William Weil. con' ductor, will inaugurate the 1910 season of free concerts tonight at 8 o'clock in Jackson park. Tomorrow night the first of the downtown concerts will be given in Grant park. Thursday and Friday nights the band will be in Washington park. and Saturday and Sunday nights w ill come back to Grant park. There are a few open dates on the summer schedule. These will -lie given to settlement districts, playgrounds, manufacturing centers. and wherever. Mr. Well says, music will benefit the masses. The band is maintained through the summer by public spirited citizens of Chicago in the effort to furnish good music free. West Side Band Concert. The West Park commissioners announce the following band concerts for this eve- rang from 8 to 10 o'clock: Garfield Parkrainois State band. Humboldt ParkChicago Letter Carriers' band. Douglas ParkCerny's band. Logan SquareVecchlone's Italian band. Holstein ParkMcAuliffe's band. Eckhart ParkSehoessling's Concert band. Stanford ParkSeventh Regiment band. Dvorak ParkRivkins band. Franklin ParkBaxter's Military band. Pulaski ParkPolonia Military band. Harri15011 ParkNorthwest band. Sheridan ParkDlinois Naval Reserve band. Altgeld ParkSecond Volunteer Cavalry band. Wicker ParkInternational band Union ParkKennedy's band. At Douglas park Slamas band will give a concert in the afternoon. Field Day for Infant Asylum. The annual field day for the benefit of St. Vincent's infant asylum will be held at the White Sox baseball park Saturday. July 8. -The average daily attendance at the asylum has been 200 during the last year. Children cared for numbered 1,463, and those cared for during the last thirty-two years total 43,000. During the winter more than 12,000 " outdoor poor" were fed. BY LOUISE JAMES BARGELT. An exhibition of old masterpieces in the possession of Mrs. W. W. Kimball has just been hung in the Art institute. These paintings are by ' Rembrandt. Turner. Constable. and a number of other old masters. There are thirteen or fourteen In all and they are to be on exhibition indefinitely. The public is forturate to be I able to view these master paintings. Further review . of . these pictures will be 1.printed in the regular art Columns of TEN Truatais. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY. JULY 4. 1916. a 0 t Q G a a tr a pIa Q 'i Q.G Q 0 GQ ,.. a a Q -3 0 0 J L, Q t; .r,T ,,,tr.I.,T7Tv,.: tiel,t, r. ,. T:1,,,,,F t, . I ik s t t h r , k k ',,N, kttlIt , , .k, , N 1 s, t4 v,&,4,, v, ,, xx, 40- :.-;t:..". ... e04. sOUC" t 000,10110W c ne!r3noC3SZIS.Z 'Fall of the Nation' . -::,,,,...,:.,. . ....,,, . , .. ,., ,,..3,,,1;.:-. ,,,,,,,, .,,p,, .,,,,,,,,g,,,,,,,,,.A . Opens at 'Illinois ,,,.1-,,t;,',..Vr-,r''''''-ito4,,,,'''.:k---,k,',-, ...?,?-1..', ,A,,;..-.:'fs,i,-An'.,,,,,:-:.,--; "THE FALL OF A NATION", Produced by Thomas Dixon. Assisted by Bartley Ciuthing Presented at the Illinois. Charles Waldron ,Percy Standing Arnold C H. Ge idea John Vassar Arthur Shirley Andrew Vassar ... Frank Johnson Zonis Leila Frost Marys1 Edna Mae Wilson Wands. June Congreve The Hon. Plato Barker.Joseph H. Hazleton The Bev. A. Cuthbert Pike 0 B. Nair Virginia Holland Lorna.' ne LAM g Prank Holland Arthur Whiting Mrs. Holland , .0ore. Drew Billy Holland Paul Willis Peter George Blackwell Schultz Burton, Wilson Mrs. Schultz Mildred Bracken Little Sausage- Schultz B Burns Tomnaato Philip Gastrock Little Terminus M. Giroci Angela Flora MacDonald ,, BY KITTY KELLY THE Illinois theater again resounds to the call of the bugle for purposes cinemac, and nifty young ladies in vrhite tterge trousered suits and long military capes escort all comers to their velvet chairs. " The Fall of the Nation " is here, announced ..ri occasions as the sequelto its recent brilliant predecessor. though some conwientious observers might fail to find a Arrillarity extending beyond the title. Thomas Dixon, in the circles of print. has long ranked as rather a hectic mortal. and when he pricked his veins for celluloid inscribing he did not change his character. He has worked with the same crass media he used in, say, " The Leopard's 'Spots." His " Clansman." after it was transfused through the poetic gernus of its ol.rector Into " The Birth of the Nation." was more of Griffith than of Dixon. His " Fat) of the Nation " is his ownbut Mr. I5ixon is a novice in the school of photoplay wcrkers and he hardly ranks with the masters. -.9-- The story of " The Fall " recalls " The Battle Cry of Peace,- J. Stuart 131ackton's effort to instill in us the fear of invading warfare. After a sketchy glimpse of the elements from 1620 to 1903 that went to the making of ourselves, there is a picturing of present family life, with a heroine advocating pcace and a hero standing for armed defense, and a sinister secret marshaling of foes among ourselves who suddenly blossom into uniformed soldiers, and then we have war. War thunders orchestrally and explodes picturesquely until at last science conquers. Then the soldiers. who are Teutonic in tinge. though 'tis vowed nobody Is implicated, assail the home of the heroine. They are most leisurely soldiers. seeming to have no further interest in life than to embrace unwilling maidens, so their stay at the Holland house is busy though tempestuous. When the fair daughter. playedand effectively. tooby Miss Leila Frost. takes to the roof with her tormentor. there is a psychic suggestion of the big " K " comedies that is not effaced even by the effacement of the villyun at the hands of the intrepid small boy. So things go. There are flashes of colloquial humor at which the house chuckled comfortably last night. For instance, we have it in subtitle that our Pilgrim fathers " Fell first on their knees and then they fell on the aborigines." Closeups of half ludicrous situations and of cunning children called forth laughter. But as for applause. there seemed almost an atrophy of hand clapping. Folks failed to rise to the obvious opportunities presented by the frequent statement that we are created equal. Lincoln and the flag and the end of the first act brought MARIOA , 4.11, NtioDis HARI& IILLIANG I1AND cm, t. Nrie,,a0 14.A0;t24;4,24:4;ttk a Removing Old illatipaper. SHOULD like to know of a good 4 4 and easy method to remove wall paper from walls. There are several layers and I want to remove theat so that I can kalsomine. J. B." Have at hand plenty, of warm, soft water and several large sponges. Sponge a yard Or two of the paper untii it is soaked and blistered. Then strip ,. -om Its weakened hold. Proceed thus until the wall is bare. Wash faithfully with suds of warm water and bora:t soap; lastly. rinse and wipe dry. There are other ways of doing this tedious job. I can recommend that set down here as simple and effectual if properly done. -0-- --d1.- --- Hon, to Clean Buckskin. "Please tell me a way to clean buckskin. My shoes are of this material and It Is hard to keep' them clean. M. A." There are cheap preparations for cleaning buckskin shoes to be had from druggists and shoe dealers. If you cannot get one of these with accompanying directions for use, sponge the shoes with alcohol and while they are still damp sift talcum powder thickly over them, and rub It In with a piece of clean soft flannel. This will clean them nicely and keep them in good looks for a day or two Cleaning Wax Figures. "Kindly send me information regarding cleaning wax figures. Also what to paint them with to make up after cleaning. G. S." With nothing tc guide me but recollections of how I used to wash the face of my big wax doll (" with real hair and eyes that rolled in her lirtd!) I venture to advise that you wipe the dirt from the figure with a bit of soft linen, dampened ith water to which you have added a few drops of sweet oil, well blended with the water. This will take off the dirt without softening the wax. Further than this I dare not go, having had little to do with wax images since the time of which I have spoken. The query is referred to readers who may have dealings with the smiling and staring lay figures abiding In shop windows. 'let they must be cleaned and retouched up at the change of seasons. Who knows how this Is d ortle Pattern Wanted; Pieces to Circ. "I should like a pretty crochet pattern. I prefer an illustrated one. or a collar to copy. I will pay postage on one or more, and will return collars or patterns. I wish it to be showy. I have a small bundle of wool and silk pieces mostly woolthat are bright and good. Ten cents postage will carry them. if any one cares to write to you for my name. Ilas. J. W. S. Sister craftswomen will consider and attend to the expressed desire for patterns. And patchwor'kers will cheerfully pay postage upon the scraps. Hold al; untli ytrui receive a message to thateffect - ... ....-. :.:: Zeila 'Wort" forth most of the applause of that part of the evening. The players are good people struggling under ominous odds and they struggle nobly. Miss Hu ling and Arthur Shirley and Miss Leila Frost have the most to do. The members of the Italian family form a picturesquely pathetic group. The photography is not of the quality to IA hich we are accustomed in these days of the art of the photoplay. And there is compensation for not being a New York millIonaire in -not being obliged to live in their Dixonized dwellings. The orchestra discoursed Victor Herbt Ws special composition for the film, thus Introducing to today the new association of music and the photoplay. Mr. Dixon has been a best seller maybe he will be a best celluloider. The box Once will show. Of the warping of phrases there is no endas note the advertisement writer's adaptations of one's remarks the morning after. For instance. this review er is credited with proclaiming " Civilization " as " tho world's biggest photo-play." Her mest careful perusal of her own words revealed nothing nearer that than the e-xpression: " One of the worM's biggest phot(.play achleveruents." EnTeNhrly ,A.1143 1, 6; 'IN t.1,14 crr tk) AL4 ! i keo4. tskA k C 4-r 1 1 01 1111j)litil " The Tribune " will pay I for ewch childish saying pe--d. T- only condition is the story told must never have been printed in any magazine or paper. Write on one side of the paper only. It is not possible to acknowledge or return unavailable contributions. Address bright sayings to Aunty Bee. " Tribune." Chicago. THE HIGHEST QUALITY I --rv 7.-"111 la, rP 0 Ti1 1 AiacTa". l ."2 d t. 1 , by ' - , Crdomkt ,,Z1( i A neighbor left her little boy of 4 years with me while she went shopping. He persisted in remaining out on the front steps despite all my efforts to entertain him. I asked him why be would rather stay there and he said. "I want to see If my mama is ever turning tio turn.- 3. C. K. My small sister is allowed to drink what she thinks is coffee. One evening at 'Sinner some one asked her if she wouli like to have some cream. The answer was: " Certainly; did you think I would drink naked coffee? " G. B. R. --s-- Two small boys who lived next door to each other bad a falling out. For three days Teddy remained at home and played with his sister in his own yard. Finally his father asked', " What is ths matter. Teddy, that you don't tease to go and play with Raymond any more? Are your angry with him? " No, replied the boy. " I ain't mad at him. I just lost my taste for him, that's all.'" lins. O. S. V. ASK FOR AND GET KINNER EGG NOODLES 36 PAGE RECIPE BOOK PREP SKINNER PillrG. CO., OMAHA. U.S.1 Uniel hiCA10111 ACM( AN AMEI1CA Brides and Bridesmaids' Bouquets, made of fresh cut Orchids. Lilies of the Valley, Roses, Sweet Peas, etc. A. LANGE, Florist - 25 E. Madison St. Central 3777 Connecting with All Dept& If you missed the Antoinette Donnefly series telling how she reduced litre. Lane thirty-six pounds in six weeks send her stamped, add d envelope and she will mail pou oomplete exercise sad diet instructions. Any ether Ituestious on obesity will be gladly answers& by kiss Donnelly. GLEN: GREEN SOAP CAN BE PUB-chased at any drug of department store. It is benzine not benzoinl that is used in the treatment for blackheads. It will not harm the face. as it remains oh only for a few minutes. 1 GEORGE R.: SCALP MASSAGE WILL not make your hair fall out. On the contrary. it stimulates the circulation, promotes a proper flow of blood to the roots of the hair. and gives them nourishment It is usually lack of nourishment and dandruff that cause the hair to fall out I should not clip my hair if I were you. I shall be glad to send you my Instructions for scalp massage and formula for dandruff if you will send me a stamped, dressed envelope. ANN: YES. I RECOMMEND THE same diet and regimen for a married as well as a single woman in gaining flesh. Massage of the butlifs helpful in developing it but. of course, the eating of fat producing foods has everything to do with nourishing and building up the body. I shall be glad to send you my dietary for qaining flesh and instructions for deep breathing if you will send me a stamped. .4.idressed envelope. MISS P.: A GLASS OF LEMONADE without sugar contains fifty calories. This is one of the ankle exercises I gave Mrs. Eva Lane in my process of reducing her thirty-six pounds in six weeks: Stretch fiat on the floor. with crown of head and heels resting on the floor, knees stiff and toes stretched to utmost point. slowly raise both legs as high as possible. then let them back to the floor slowly again while you count eight. always keeping knees stiff and toes stretched. Begin with five times. Then gradually increase the number of times daily. If you missed any of the articles In the series I shall be glad to mail them to you if you will send me a stamped. ad, , dressed envelope. ...- HARRIET B.: THE UNSWEETENED juice of a lemon in a glass of water taken before breakfast acts on the liver. There are three things you must learn to ac, quire before your complexion will be clear and free from pimples, and they are, first, absolute freedom from constipation; second. a healthy diet, and third. fresh air combined with outdoor ezercis& I shall be glad to send you my treatment for pimples and blackheads if you w ill send me a stamped. addressed ; envelope. BLONDIE: USE ROUGE SPARLNGly if you have a good complexion. There Is no harm in using either powder, rouge, or an eyebrow pencil. but, of course, they must be used artistically and carefully. And there is no reason in the world why you should be considered a " bad" girl because you use them. It is the " overuse " of these toilet accessories that brands a girl as coarse and common. Don't be heartbroken about it. There Is nothing to cause such a feeling. -,110. BARBARA: THE EYE IS THE MOST abused organ of the body. It needs care and exercise just the same ak.any other organ. Give your eyes a daily bath by using a solution of ten grains of boric acid to an ounce of water. Use an eye cup. The eye is the most expressive feature of the face, so cultivate a cheerful disposition, think pleasant thoughts. give your eyes periodical rests, and there will be no need to long for bright. sparkling eyes. The beauty of your heart will radiate from your eyes and make them sparkle. JENNY: LACK OF NATUnAL OIL in the skin will make the face scaly. The remedy is to supply the lacking oil by using a nourishing skin food. I shall be glad to send you my formula for skin food and instructions for facial massage, also formula for freckles, if you will send me a stamped. addressed envelope. Lack of space will not permit me to give you any exercises for reducing the hips and ankles through the column, but I shall be glad to write you a letter. TILLIE: THE PIMPLY CONDITION of your shoulders may come from a faulty diet. Eat less pastry and sweets and drink more water. The daily bath in which a couple of handfuls of salt have been sprinkled and an hour's exercise in the open air will greatly help to purify the blood. After the bath rub vigorously with a Turkish towel. Guard against constipation. DANDRUFF AND ITCHING YAP REQUIRE affEllik SORAND OINTIVIT Tg prevent loss of hair. Treatment: On retiring touch spots of dandruff and itching with Cuticura Ointment. Next morning shampoo with Cuticura Soap and hot water. Nothing better, surer or more economical at any price. Sample Each Free by Mall Wttb 22-P book on the akin. Address poet-card: "Cuticu re. Dept. 2G. Doetort." Bold everywhere. Ellb1 Itc f11111-4TT-C1 AMUSEMENTS Thomas II.Ineels million donor spectacle, at Geo.M.Cohaes Grand Opera Soule, is an enormous sucee5s41. Follow the crowds afternoon and night, copyright: 1918i By Thl Chicago Tribune and the New York Globs. Dainty Summer Frocks for Little Girls. BY JEAN SEIVWRIGHT. treasures of the child. THERE is no haste in Paris. and when the summer skies are blue the children flock to the gardens and play merrily all day long. With their bright handled skipping ropes and wide circled hoops. they flit about in their gay froas that rival the brilliant hues of the flowers. Sometimes they linger by the tent where the Punch and Judy show is housed. and where an old, old woman slowly gathers up their fares, while their little bands hold tight to those of their grandmothers or the stolid "Beige" nurses in their picturesque white caps. Two pleasing frocks worn by small frequenters of the Luxembourg gardens are depicted in the accompanying illustration. At the left is a charmirg dress of green and white checked linen. The wide collar of white linen overlaps the broad bands that belcrw the high m'aist line are developed into smart pockets that really button up and safely hold the (ntr, , , tk k WA, ggot tMh 1!1, lkitiO1 Le kJ...VI 1) mrnc.13 set vAz ANN'Av ter.q7) . - - !we " 164 ...11KV CV1-67) 231 t;i07)1VW(1.k. w All recipes base been scientifically tested by Miss Eddington with current market materials and are indorsed by her. If people will but grant it, there is absolutely no one act of life on which imagination plays so large a part as in eating. The eating imagination should be cultivated and glorified by what it feeds upon. Concerning the Peanut. IT would take an Illustrated article to tell how to serve a peanut banquet with appropriate ornaments. It is easier to tell how to make peanut soups. butter, salads, sandwiches. sweets. relishes. etc. Such a banquet would be suitable for the Fourth of July. since the peanut has become a national institution. If some one would only come to IMI aid and frown upon the exposure of salted pea'nuts to dust, air. and light. I should be made happy. I know the rancid oil Digestive Troubles cause headache, biliousness, constipation, impure blood and other unpleasant symptoms. If these troubles are neglected they weaken the body and open the way for serious illness. Many chronic diseases may be traced back to indigestion that could have been immediately relieved by Beecham's Pills. This well-known home remedy has proven itself dependable, safe and speedy during sixty years' use. The fame of having a larger sale than any other medicine in the world proves the dependable, remedial value of wrizqf it I t , 121113 11. 5 AMU SEM2NTS 11111L5 Loreest Sale of Amy Medicine in de Woe las Zeta Exerywherie In bones. 104.. 25c MEMMIdMEM AUDITORIUM 1.000 Seats 25c; 1.500 Scats 50c; 700 Beats 75c; Box Beats 111. Twice Every DaySeven Days a Week RAMONA CHICAGO'S BIGGEST HIT IN YEABS A Gorgeous Spectacle Combining Stage and Screen. 1.016 Magnificent Cinema View& 3 Massive Stage Spectacles with bring dgures. Elaborate Musical l4corns12 Musician& Beal Spanish DancersReal Indian& Mexican 31arimba Sand. THE LOVE STORY OF THE AGE& LYA I PI CEre'sro2 Ili."Itotintrrotwo "-" XTRA HOLIDAT MAT. TODAY. JULY 4TH Oliver 310rosco's Seneationet Muelcel Comedy. CHARLOTTE GREENWOODz-VIDNET GRANT. so LONG LETTY treasures of the child. The short sleeves are also cuffed with the white linen, which gives a crisp. cool finish to this creation. Rather more dressy is the other modil that is illustrated to the Hght. This dainty frock Is originated in blue muslin. the scalloped hem and low cut collar being edged with pipings of a deeper shade cf blue. About the waist line an old rose ribbon is threaded and tied in a, long looped bow in the front of the dress. while another bow above adds to the gala appearance of the dress. The bat with broad drooping brim Is of ecru straw with blue ribbon flower rosettes. Another simple frock is soldat bleu linen Is made with a wide capelike collar and broad straps that. originatng on the shoulder seams and crossing in front, are fastened at the back with a large pearl button. Many of the dainty silk and muslin dresses are elaborated with embroidered medallions or sprays of fruit (strawberries are especially favored) which give a pleasing touch of color. of these is hard on the digestive system. I know the dirt they collect is dangerous. and )et thousands of bushels are sold in this highly deteriorated condition. Fortunately some people still buy the ptanut in the shell. Peanut Sandwiches. These sandwiches are wholesome and ! have a high food value. Shell, rub off brown skins. anct chop the nuth. Moisten them with either cream or peanut oil and have ready to spread on bread. It is better to spread this on the bread just before it is eaten. A dainty piece of lettuce leaf, especially romaine. or a nasturtium leaf may be spread over the peanut butter lefore adding a second slice of prepared bread. AMUSEMENTS CUBS' PARII 1 CUBS' pan' CLARK AND ADDISON STS. GREATER THAN LAST YEAR f - , , 1AT AT g 8:15 Fourth of July F S5,000-00 DisplaysThearle-Duffield 'REWORKS Rockets, Bombs. Gigantic Set Pieces, Comics for the Kids, Largest Flag Ever Shown, Portrait of Pres. NVilson. Ni. agora Falls (400 Feet Long). Sens.. Vona Surprise About Mexico, Hundreds of Noeities, Etc Military Band and War Song Concert PRICES: Grand Stand 50c l Box and Re. e Children 25c I served Seats. I C Now on Sale Cubs' Park Box Office. Tel. Wellington 63S0 for Reservation. I 7- -L7.- - -7'5.- :ONES. LINICK & SCHAEFEIVS I 7-7---------. I ------7---- NictICKER'S ITNETAT1-s ----. -------:::- 6 6 September --7,-- eptember Morn 9 i 1---------;:--- Big La La Salle Musical Comedy Riot OTITIM BIG FEATURE ACTS. I --------11-lt. Days 10-15-Ille- Nights 10-1.5-25-35 GARRICKToday EXTRA MATINEE 2:30 THE LAUGHING RIOT "Nothing 13ht Truth" PrincP matt,. This Wefk k,..' I ess I ft" Today. Thurs.. t4.4.t.. 1,7 BEST BALC. SEATS ALWAYS 5. 75e, St HENRY E. DIXEY In the Tedix.3 MR. LAZARUS Best Comorly Koups right 013 'doi ng bositosse with the heart. Rev. R. 11. F. Gardiner. Baseball PaIace of the World Comiskey Park 35th and Shields Are. BASEBALL TorAr. WHITE SOX vs. ST. LOUIS Two GAME.-. Morning Game at 3e:15 A. M. Afternoon Game at 3:0) P. M. Reserved seats on Halo at Ball Bark. Telephone Yards 125. CORT Mat. :17'17 'V 50c to $I A Pair of ueens JOSEPH SANTLEYKathleen CI i I f or d Maude Eburne. Francis McGinn and Others. PALACE Tonight Mat. Today A World of Pleasure With Willam Norris. Coinroy & Lernairo and T. Winter Gorden Company of 123. SEAM NOWTWO W IN ADvANcE. I.. S E E TONIGHT AT 8 30 TH EARLE-DUFFIELD BY TIDOS LION n1 VICTIT Ettir SMASHED -' ITS WAY STRAIGHT TO SUCCESS AT THE uu hne3r grelin'aeatestei For Summer Camp or Bunga, lowa ready-cooked ready-to-eat fooda food thnthuaatttrimkseueepnpptslisnsrnariest bulk, Shredded Wheat Biscuit is the ideal Summer food, easily and quickly digested. Combines deliciously ith fresh fruits. Always clea; always pure, always the same price. Made at Niagara Fans, N. t AMUSEMENTS wising tau Orchestra Band of the Imperial German 3d Sea Battalion O. K. Willey Conductor UNDER THE AUSPICES OF GERMAN-ALISTRO-HUNGAR IAN RELIEF ASSN. TICKETS ON SALE AT THE FOLLOW:VS POINTSHotel Bismarck. Kaiserhof EtoL Bismarck Gazdem Wicker Park Ita,I Rienzi, North Side Turner Hall aud burg-Arnarican Line oftIces NOTEOne-ha:f of proceeds derived toe theee conoerts eri:i be devoted to aid tt needy. famiiies of I! lino,s Guarduseti LA for eeririce in Mexican crisis. and the saw half for relef of European war sulterers All Tickets Purchased at Author bed Stales Stations Include Free Ad mission to Riverview. TWICE DAILY,ITk LAST DAYS OF POMPEII 600 PERFORMERS INCLUDING 200 Beautiful Dancing Girls 150 Roman Gladiators 12 Big Arena Acts $1,500 FIREWORKS DISPLAY NEM Come Marchingto Riyeryin ILLINOIS 4th of July Mat. To.Cay To-flightPatriotioNight Twice Every Day in The Week I Lom'mmzzalmzt1 ROLLER SKATING RINK Yot. DANCING 2 HALLS 1 ADPAISSIvt! FREE WED., KI3DIESDAT TOTS --RIDES- SHOWS-- SAT.-WHITE CITY MUSICAL FIESTA AND "DANGEROUS or NMI FREE PARKINGIIGENERAL - SPACE IIADMISSIONIk AJEST IC trAiu'ILVELI.11 AIARIE CAHILL t (1 Ktp:1,49 CHARITY CONCERTS 8y I 1 r. FITTRM 63rd IL 1- 1.-- and td.,N,L.Aodi es . park I, e ,et"Tvr---- Moue t "BEVIEWOFREVUES" ; JU LY 4TH------------- L SPECIAL PATRIOTIC PROCIIII, AN IMMEDIATE AND PRONOUNCED SUCCESS 4 Ark I THE GIGANTIC f, OUTDOOR 1 HOW BRITAIN !77pp.EpAREDI - ê 1 FOR THE cREAT DRIVE' TWICE 10A 1..1----2-11; and S:13 t !-------------- JONES, LINICK SO-IAEITY5. ;COLONIAL ATHE TP1 BEAL-Tin, 4 , Evo'clr Prrformance a Riot ot Mats t.ti 25c .51k I 1. JOHN R. et4 -TP:DoS & CO. g ; CONLIN. tz TE 1--. LE & PliWi-3 t 4 IN-4-wili V TOTE i i SAM R A It ION A NTT: DJ & VAli I saturd.7 and ritne cen :rilrcrELasuE:11173,5ZI 2sci tritRI:cTA:R..Aa:Ina.d4::iii 1.Anlectittrails2.Serrottp.. I; i If : IL 6th COLUMBIA w T'll' :c.n ' ', Ifrii:i , 1 r Clark Near Wad-190u 1 E, Dave I The 1With ybP" 51 ' of Coicg- k ' 'I W oric I o S. H. Kt Oar K I A anon s Frolics Diudle,...' , , I CRAND OPERA and . ,,... , Ravinia Park . 43,,Lito P,tart-',,,,'"3-7,11:-; '''... COIMIPti a p. m Tonight I. :11:i FAUS 1 Dancing 41-8 & 10 to a,' Might .... .;p4s0 4-Ont MUMS Mones Aft. and Etentig .. N. W. 1 or C & N.. W. Special at 7 ---a, t Itcund Trial, ea this tram. ina. Adtalattos. -- i .: -- ,. J ,; 1 .,. t 4 I , , . r, t t , . i cE 1..?..t, 'N' 4 , b .,'.. tc.:t 4, i : ; , . I t I 1. CO U . , . ! IA Ce t ; , to i -will find t - snd Cyx ' t --- tn town planned, 1100r1.. a ; ' I dance N : I and Cyc i today in :.; The CAY : .1 eXCept F. - dare( s, 1 rtSt-TIrat i will hay, Invet a,pi the sum The te ; I Eight IA Wheatol , Ikar IA the dra I .P1 .--res;d4-nc , e r tnga, :C)Oked a food bate, Ments-L .t. 'N.7'.. .0, , , , , n el,- - nt Iii- 1 , 153 - - I.1.-0,31, c-7 ,- f -14,-), - , 4,0 ''MN,zw,.; ,,' 1 ..... 1 ---- , t- ,4 . No 'oar - 1 lAil I "'"i ivtil4; 0 . i,, 3;:si , i ;;IPa121 ,.11 I A .1 , se ., 5,.., ., 0: q,,..:, , P 6.. 4d ,: II 1 '' ' 4.. ' 1 Z------N -.---- ;"--.1 4;" (i ii A, , '. 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