The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1948
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JVNB 4, IMS 9,000-Mile Tour Fint tl Ffe* Major 9J99G9QB »» ^^ ^N999 In Otto** Tonight 9f UiiilaMa Suslik Ftees Wa*t» ABOABD PRiaiDXHTlAL TRAIN, Jun*/4. —(UP) Truman rolled toward ly on the first leg of a I.MO Mile Western swing to teat the poUUeal weather add tell the public about his program for peace and •. Br, Trornan will open his series at fife major speeches In Chicago gtedium tonight. lie will address a Swedish-American audience on his plans for admission ot substantially larger numbers of displaced European* to this country. His K-ear railway White House due'In Chicago at 3:30 pm. platform VVorW To/fcs To Strengthen UN Are Sought WASHINGTON, Jun« 4.—(TTF>— Rep. Char!** .A. Baton, R., N. J., yesterday Introduced a bill under which this country would start world talks oh strengthening the United Nations' peace powers. The bill was approved by tie Mouse Foreign Affairs Committee, of which Eaton Is chairman. It also would authorize a MS.OOO.OOO U. S. loan (or building UN Headquarters in New York. Administration supporters ot the committee voted against the world discussion provision, it was learned, because Secretary of State George C. Marshall Is agalasi tinkering with the UN at this time. The provision incorporated a 'policy declaration calling on the U. s. government to "Institute consultations with other lUN) members as to the need for the pc**l- bllity of amending the charter to : tiie united Nations more tl- earUer in thT aftery.jon fectlvelv to prohibit and prevent ._-. ..,« n.,» j.rt a««reaslon and other breaches of The policy declaration **td this country reoognlxe* tSiat present antl-aggreulon provision* In the UN charter are not adequate. at **t Wayne and Gary, Ind. ! aggression and oUier breaches Before toll* to the Swedish- |the_ peace. American gathering tonight, the president will speak briefly to a "noo-poUtical" dinner at Chicago's Palmer House—but not so nou- pollUeal tfc»t- Ohlcagce' 'leading Democratic politicians won't be there. • air. Truman was in high spirits -u' his train left Washington's "Union Station at 11:06 o'clock (TOT) last night for the 8t«rt of .a two-week tour that will touch IS states.' chairman J. Howard Mo- Grath of tin Democratic National Committee, Secretary of state .George c. Marshall and most other cabinet members were among those who uw nun off. ' Ne KtkeU Appear • Then- was, however, no sign of the v picketing, threatened by the three railroad unions whose scheduled nationwide strike was blocked wnen the president seized the railroads and obtained court order. . • . The Whrte House U.S. Publications Abroad Get Aid From ERP Funds | WASHINGTON, June 4.—(UP) — The House Appropriations Committee yesterday earmarked 110,000.000 In European aid fund* to help American newspapers, press associations, magazines and motion picture firms in their operations in certain areas abroad. The grant represented * cut of >5.000,(JM In the amount originally requested for the program by European Aid Chief Paul O. Hoffman. The money was Included In the foreign aid money bill approved by the committee. During hearings on the bill, J. Noel Macy, assistant, chief of the State Department's International Information Office, said the money will be used to guarantee the firms against losses due to Inconvertibility ot foreign exchange In some areas. He said the aim ot the program is to allow privately-owned news- popers, magazines, and movie corn- ponies to expand their circulation abroad. This, Macy said, will help SenatofsOkoy Two-Y earRoad Program Bill WASHINQTON, June 4, (UP) — a no-strike Insisted the cross-country trip was "non-poll- tlcal" but the Republicans treated it as a stump tour nonetheless. Carroll Reece, Republican national chairman, last night urged Charles Roxmarek, president of the Polish-American' Congress in •sell" the American to Western Europe. way of life Venezuela Becomes Laboratory For National Self-Help Project The bought The firms In many cases now are Modernisation of Venezuela's fishing industry, now haphazardly oper ^trelg'n^rSJ^ pT'Kr »<*" ta "* ^-"'•-'^ »"»»"• «•""-. - - <- the fir* v« dollar expenses because of ex- t" r " '" «»>• Rockefeller experiment. change restrictions. ' • • The money granted by the com- B y S. Burton Heath mltte will enable the European Co- NBA Staff Correspondent CARACAS, Venezuela (NEA> — operation Administration to guarantee them dollars for such, for- Tills country Is a guinea pig, or within 'the 110,000,000 limitation. According to Macy's testimony, the money would be used, only to guarantee the companies against looses In the operations. If newspapers, lor Instance, were forced —The Senate Public Works com-.- to buy newsprint for dollars, In mittee yesterday approved a bill to order to expimd circulation In Eu- authorlze a 1927,000«IO two-year [llgflwRj prOKr»m. ' ' ' ,, f YSCIC nujfj HJ \,ui* ri.i i> iv.ivio«* »»•--...»,., The total represented a sizeable . IecelpU In t 0 tt n equal number of cut under the authorization approv-. don(irs It woulri not guarantee that ed by the House for a three-year (he ( | rms cou | d cc , nv crt their for- elgn currencies as long as it stays. testing ground, for Nelson Rocke- With this there have been created the first four of the operating companies that will try to bolster e - ECA would t/tt tnat they ivere able to convert foreign money program. The. actual money would have to be roted later In an appropriation bill. The House -approved three-year program carried a total authorization of $1,673,250,000. The bill approved by the Senate Committee would authorize *WO,000,000 a year for the two-year per* lod starting July 1. Of this, <5 per cent would be for the federal htgh- :m, 30 per cent for federal eign profits into dollars. Macy said many of the companies have been conducting such foreign operations at a loss. . *—••*-«»M*~-.. wu , W «. B »..*KI ... v...--way sysiem, ju per cent lor leaerai eago. .to call U» president to UMt!,| d ln rura i »«a road systems, and for his . '-'shameful Potsdam.-- . :"Y6u *r» In a splendid position , agreements at | 25 pg r cent for {edera i »i d otl urb an highways. some of hi* own mistakes," Reece finance Director " D.mocrotic wired Roonarek. "Or whether, as with - other beneficial Republican - legislation, he will 'exercise his t«to."- ' • • . ' .,Reece -referred specially to a Benatt-appiovtd ' b'.V, under -which i to be country would be countries annexed. feller's expL-riment in helping Latin America to help luelf. Rockefeller's International Basic Economy Corp. has three projects in Brazil. But In Venezuela IBEC Is making its major bid to' prove that United States Investors can get a reasonable profit out of helping these nations to develop their own resources. Nelson Rockefeller and hs brothers have put In H,750,000 of their own money thus far. Oil companies in business here have pledged up 1,0 $15.000,000. The Venezuelan government, through, a corporate agency, is obligated thus far (or some ROCO.COO. weak spots In the national economy Because food Is Venezuela's prime worry, three of the four companies ! are devoted" to producing food. Thi fourth will import and dlstributi the food, and will try to put a dent in the terrific inflation tha Film Star Is Suspended By Magicians' Group Byrnes Defends Use Of Southern 'You Alt' .AIKEN, S. C., June. 4. IUP) — Former Secretary of State Jnmes. F. Byrnes today defended the usel • of the phrase "you all" so long av NEW ORLEANS, June 4. (UP) — it is used In the plural—and not f ' llm Star Chester Morris was in bad with the International Brotherhood of Magicians, today. The brotherhood, in its 20th annual convention here. ' suspended Morris for six months for telling trade secret* In an article in the oil-bred prosperity has created. The first Venture to get started j. the :?eso.uerias Caribe, or Carlb bean Fisheries Co. The ocean off Venezuela swarm with food fish—sardines, red snap per, mackerel, herring and tangos ta—or Florida lobster—among oth ers. They are badly needed to til nutritional holes. Yet they scarce in Venezuelan markets, an costly. That ii because fishing haphazard and inefficient; and fo by a Yankee. Byrnes told 44 graduates of five Aiken County high schools last night that the phrase Is "as much a part of the South u magnolias and cotton." • ck of refrigeration, storage and ficieiit distribution, spollag* Is Jr»neri«s company has tug boat, a refrigerated , arge, four modern fishing boats — wo .with radiotelephone for shore ontact, one with sonic depth- iiding and automatic^ steering— nd two seine boats. Ice will be made ashore and sent agreement* to limit profit*. It plan* to eatablUb It* own super market, to nhow local merchant* how low prices can be turned Into plea&lnf profits. Ten million* of the oil companies' money is for the*e and similar ventures. Only two-third* la committed thus far, which' leave* fund* for other experiment*. The remaining tS.OOOXXJO can be called on to fi- *vc win oc luaae unore »na .cut ^'—'— .~i\ — ,, . o the fishing fleet. The Ice boat "»"«« non-profit activities ill brln? back ftSfi. This will keep he catch fresh, and enable fishermen to stay out longer. Land has been bought in Puerto a cruz. principal flsjilng port, nd a Caracas, for Ice-making and ish storage plum, part of .the atoh will be distributed at once o regular dealers and to at least ne retail outlet intended both to emonstrate efficient methods and o put a yardstick on retail prices. Other fish will be quick frozen and tored, for use in off seasons. A Food Production Company will Derate a. relatively small number f estates, located to serve import- nt consuming areas, raising garden ruck, dairy cattle, plantains, beam, and the like. Some is loped to break up the estates into ndividual farming units, • There is almost no Jresh milk icre. The Golden State Dairies, of California, are putting up 175,000, BEC «290,000 and the Venezuelan overnment $365,000 to establish the .actuaria Caribe, or Caribbean lilk Co. This will turn powdered nilk, from the States, into 6,000,000 iters of whole and chocolate milk. 260,000 gallons of ice cream, and quantities ot cheese every year. And finally, a Food Distribution Co. will import and buy locally, store, and- distribute food wholesale to established stores under teaching modern farming methods, health and nutritional projects and community services. The Rockefellers hold all common, voting stock.-They expect to If make a reasonable-profit. The oliti companies hold four per cent non- IJ voting preferred stock, and the !, Venezuelan (overnment six per cent' I non-voting .preferred stock. The j government »• entitled to one di- i rector on each corporation's board. {J The basic agreement — and a , fundamental of the whoie idea, — 1 • is that IBBC can offer its and the government's stock to local investors after five y«a.r» and must of- ler it within ten years. "If we're going to succeed, we'll know it in five years," says Rockefeller. There Is some questlcyi whether the stock will be taken. The Jtoclce- ieilers have been willing to sell the Avilla, leading Caracas hotel. It is earning around eight per'cent. But Venezuelans have scorned such puny pro/Its. Thirty and forty per cent is easy to get around here. Whatever happens in that respect, Rockefeller believes these ventures will promote American- type democracy by showing that our methods make, more consumer goods available at lower prices. He thinks they will encourage Americans to take industrial and commercial know-how into coun- tries that OeM them. Me hope* VenesueUuis will apple similar methods to bvislnes B e« with which IBBC ha* no tonaeeUon. If the tcu«ns works her*, M tees no reejon K should not work elsewhere In Latin America. He denies thai he Is fighting Communism by demonstrating the virtue* of industrial and commercial democracy. But observers feel ft*e t» that if L*tin America like* . the IBEC way, Communism to'fo- ing to find a harder row to ho* on this aide of the Atlanta. jot FOUNTAINS! <1 ' WASHINGTON June 4 (UP) _ Agey C»rr«way of Orlando,' Fl expressed irritation at hear- j October Issue of Popular .Mechan- .Persons who have "never beenjcs Magazine. j Potomac imper- 1 Carraway " •» the third Souther- appointed to apponnen M c j ames McLemore of Indlan- r chairman of the broth- ' Sen; Aeot* W. 'I-uces, D. 111. Joined : the presidential party in Washing-. .ton for the overnight -run to Chicago, other than Lucas, there were today w»j named finance director I Sout !' °' tn * . ... - of the Democratic Clubs of Amert- aona " n ,« Southerners and address-1 opollS| In(1 ca. . ing individuals as "you all. erhood Elhics and Grievance her- " " In th ° P' ural ." he SH|(I . "" ls i Committee, announced the suspens- hleh * Bood English." . He quoted from j on _ ! Shakespear and the Bible to prove lit. Childbirth Death Rate Decreased During 1948 WASHINGTON, June 4. (UP)— The rate of death in childbirth decreased 24 per cent in 1[M6, U S. Public Health Service reported oday. There were 1.8 maternal deaths or every 1.000 11 vr births In 194« as ompared' with 2.1 In 1945. Connecticut and Minnesota with 0.8 per cent had the lowest maternal death rates In 1946. Mississippi staff. ' -; . After Chicago, the president will! place in the party ranks. The others turn toward Nebraika, spending to-(were William Piimm. Jr., formerly morrow with his World War I i of Montgomery. Ala., named as an no other big-wig Democrats aboard, chums of the 35th Division, and : executive assistant to the chalr- • Morris to PUD didn't .tell, exactly how rabbit from a hat, McLemore said, but "certain minor principles were Involved which are covered in the membership oath." Th« presidential perty consisted: attending church Sunday at Ke»r- •oljr of Mr. Truman'* Immediate ! ney. Neb. '.il Joe L. Blythe, Cliar-j lotte, N. C.. to be party treasurer.] Head Courier News' vVant Ads. Itxst ask...w9 Wn to May "YES" to LOANS AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURE • CO-MAKER • FURNITURE Ttotbt Today eren beginners eea t«m «•* nned or frosen fniiti to rlvml tha "luckieat betebe*- of UM no* experienced experts. 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