Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on March 27, 1922 · 19
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 19

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 27, 1922
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TA, );ALLA:1 td alto wan a pre. each er to t de la acitc.41 ect In Asteat w t41 Ai ,c1J w0RUPAI 111( SE) N r rk" i 311 111111 E E E !T: el :, ,I.LAq gi e& vow. P. M. ZT colt' ir ford rALI ITIVED it Lre laim.loon0000 -44?' ort 0 -.. otato -A ---.. 2- kve It r's and- 8 Ape zritoWl .1-1 ---- F-7.-- I ciPa i--- 01110 ;,---: 1 --' .omis A vortll ,nt Ot-1 E, 0 A VC BLVD' Ai'. I ,13 14. alla ace. F3111- F'1 Dal't AAA ace. I Plan Wedding of jjssGravcsand H. Bartholomay ttr. Ivhfn M15s Virg A-la Graves (laughter ot um Frank P. Graves of 2636 Lakev,or avenue. beccens the bride or L;nry rartholomay Jr.. son ofMr. 11,3 !qrs. henry Ilartholomay of 1453 sate parkwaY. Ole will be attendod by bfr coutcn. 'Atm Dwight Smith 1.:;(41rio Nliistedo aR matron of 0,1 by Nliss Ni.trion Clow, Miss Ei1ten 214l1 ss Marie 10Tne and misn Tiedman cr New York as brides51:t!. Albert Niallener Jr. will igerve best man for ti-se bridegroom. who bio cousin. and ushering will be sati-An G. Dr-boune. brother-in-law of :be bridegroom, Frederick Ridgway, ;a:res Rubel and llotsford young. The wedd,ng is to take place Satur- eay afternoon. April 29. at 4.30 ocwk st the residence of the brides aunt. yrs- Thom G- Misted of 446 Surf street, the Rev. Nohnan Hutton of St. ctryssiom's Episcopal church ofilelatirg, M. Barth)tomay and his bride Iriago abroad on their hr.noymoon and upon their return in midsummer will live in Chicago. t I IS I --0-- grs.Edwnrd L Cudahy will open her house at 1501 State parkway this afternocn at 3 o'clock for a talk on The Liturgy ef the Mass," by the Bee. E. J. Mullaly. This is fourth of a ?tries ef lectures f.A- the benefit of the Convent of the Cenacle. At the current events class meeting this morning at Mrs. George J. Yarnsweeth's. 144S Astor street. Mrs. E. S. Alan's will speak en the "April Primary-and Miss Julie R. Adams will talk eh -Italy and Her Neighbers." The sure talks will be repeated tomorrow it Kra. W. T. Watkins', 201 Dempster greet,. Evanston, and Thursday at Mrs. Frarik H. Connors', 5645 Wood lawn avenue. Miss Anna Morgan has cards out for a tea and an hour Avtli Edna St. Vincent Mi Hay today at 3 o'clock in her studios in the Fine Arts building. Itiaa Morgan will give a reading of 'RenligeenCe" and other poems Of Mist Mil lay's and " Aria de Capo " (a lilt of modern philosophy), from the pen of Miss Millay, will be given tinder the direction of Miss Lillian Fitch. Taking part in it Nvill be Miss Virginia Fitz Hugh, Miss Dorothy Dobson, Miss Anne C. Dixon, Miss Martha McAllister, and Miss Betty Scroggin. Mrs. Arthur Meeker of 3030 Lake Shore drive has returned from the east. accompanied by Arthur Meeker Jr., because of whose illness she was callel away a fortnight ago. Mr. and Mrs. John Jay Bryant Jr. of at Delaware place have re-nulled from CamdtTn. S. C. lan and Mrs. Edward Stillman Main of Winnetka, who are spending the winter at the Wel,:,ter hotel. announce the engagement of their daughter, Mrabeth Herrick. to Harrison Ilequa Ithnston, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. 10:Jr-atm of St. Paul, Minn. EMBARRASSING MOMENTS The Tribune grill pay di for "very WI published ea "The Most Embarrassing darieut of My Lire " Addrene Ember. maim Moments. Chicago Tribune. Write se ens side of the paper. !sio eseeewhit ret urnpfl. When I was a normal school student I was a practice teacher in the first grade. We were required by our instructors to write a criticism of the teaching we observed. One morn- ! ing I was greeted by the first grade teacher with the remark that I had left mY note book on her desk the previous daYt and she added. " Thank you for the criticism you made on my loud ice and excited manner." W..C. M is c a lc u la tio n. - When I was a little girl it was my mother's custom to take our family to visit Our grandparents for several weeks. When I grew older. I was alkwed to stay longer than the othez-s, and make the tip back home under ti.e care of the conductor. who was a friend of the family. On these trips home. I away s wanted to go into the diner. One time I decided to go. al--though I had on:y about a dollar in Purse. which greatly limited my Choke. A man from home came in and - sat down with me. Of course. I thought he would - pay for my meal, so I changrd my order to chicken a la king and I don't know what all else. After enjoying the feast my friend Paid only for his own meal! (I I' Cetting at the Truth. -- ,- I I ; I ti'k'.111J 0Eni SCrt; FOUA kienue Suite 301 Tower DUtidiTI r ONLY TEH mimuTEs . :.1 SwEETHEART ! LEI'S rHURRY OVER ANI7 GET i THE MARRIAGE LICE N5E KoW MD Hai:GO5t4 . I FIND OUT LEUNNO !! voiNT wE .-------- roN1 l;4 c) i ,, ;c04--"ky. :::t-Nvt; d) v Pavlowa's Program a Novelty; Scene Changed by Light' BY EDWARD MOORE. Anna Pav Iowa is back in Chicago. With the Lest orchestra that has ever played for her here and in surround-I lugs Nvlic-re spaciousness and illusion ! are mutually compatible. and her lovely Ballet itusse, she will remain for a 1 week at the Auditorium to spread the gospel of the high beauty that is in the dance. She introduced an interesting' novelty In last night's program, a piece called! " Dionysus," wherein a complete change of seene va made by echange of lighting. To music by Tcherepnin, well conducted by Theodore Stier, a temple in a rocky gorge was displayed, with a statue of Dionysus at the left, Pavlowa as high priestess leading her attendant priestesses in worship before the statue. Then, red light changed to blue, the rocks were blotted out. Dionysus came to life in the person of Laurent Novikoff, the scene became a woodsy shore by the sea. and a vigorous and ornamental bacchanale I was danced. 1 god than Novikoll; no one to simulate anything she chooses than Pavlowail For the rcst there was gorgeous color, lovely design, and entrancing perform-nee. In the afternoon 'Arne. Ernestine; Schumann-Mink staged a return at Orchestra hall that surprised even those who have heard her most fre 1 quently. It is over four years since 1 she sang there last: yesterday she I seemed more than twice that much! younger. Her head becomes whiter with the passage of time. but the famous organ tones of her voice were back as they used to be long ago. She is the wonder of two generations.! siperb in voice, dignity, and the grand ,1 manner of singing Wagner. 1 1 - . the -residence of Mrs. Vincent Astor, ts40 5th avenue, on Tuesday evening. I Bright Sayings for eign the benefit Citizens. of the League of For- 0 Dorn - of the Children Mrs Edward S. Isham and Mrs. T. The Tribnue wUt pay $I for each childish saying printed. lbe story told must never have been printed in any magazine or paper. It is not possible to acknowledge or return unavailable contributions. Please write on one side or the paper. Address Bright Sayings to Aunty Kr. Tribune. Chk-ago. Roland was carrying in wood from THIS WEEK ONLY a pile his father had Just split, and FialrwELL A PP TARA N4 'LS instead of taking it from the side r. ANNA nearest the house he went around on the other side every time. thus decrea- :, lag the size of the pile from the back. i a r. ., !.. 7 , tia, 0 fr .4 1 Ills father asked why he didn't take it from the side ntartst and be replied: p.- ,--.41 i . .? '.i ..t "'Well. after a while I'll he tired, and 't . -'14:M1-..--7;5i- ' s",1,. then I wont have so far to .go for . it" c. m. li tfvl - V:4-'...1- 1.:''':i G.-- Johnny, a sociable little fellow, used to pay long calls to our neighbor. Ills hostess kept up the time honored custom of bestowing a cooky on him each time. One day, being occupied, she forgot to do so. Johnny was exceedingly tactful. As he prepared to depart he said. hesitatingly: " Mrs. Davies. could I please borrow a cooky?" O. J. Politeness is a gilt edged investment that seldom misses a dividend."CAROLYN A. STILES, Housekeeper, 316 Cooper Ave., Elgin, The Tribune aoards Mrs. Stiles f,Jr the above and wiU pay herealtzr SS each day for the best motto submitted by a trader. Address " Mottoes," care Th. Tribune. Please state occupation. -------- AIRS. MALCOLM J. AUERBACH. (Photo by Moffett. No one is better able to simulate a 1 k EasterThe hey-day of Fashion! And what will you wear on this memorable occasion? If you consider all that is new in your quest of appropriate attire, be reminded that GORDON'S present3 the utmost in fashionable Dress for the woman of fastidious taste. flay we aid you in selecting your EAS. TER costume Today?. In, WINNIE WINKLE, THE BREADWINNER. Winnie and Harry Take Out the Licen4e c:3 E. - r--t t---N --7----",1 -.(1 IM A ALF HOUR AHEAD OF ) ( HTIME! GOSH IM NERVOUS!! 1 I'M TO MEET HARRY ON THE :- CORNER AND GO WITH HIM TO GET WE MARRIAGE. LICENSE! , IT WOULVNT LOOK GOOD TO ' f LET HIM SEE I GOT HERE p ',.,E:EFORE WM !. HE MIGHT THINK I'M TOO ANIMUS!! d---:. I - . c:, , ,. c---- 2- - - , r----, II Jr.,,,..."tr -,,,, ,rx:,-..1,,, . :1' ,irt.i -mb , ..",!,!s,.....,ei--77,7., .$1, '';, . , .!.'" -g,'... ,, .. t.-. 5, 1 ,.,0 :;(10't : Z.- s', it, 0, .' .,,.- i-t;, , . :' f- ,' ,;;it,:--,t ti-- . .,".r..1,, 44. tb,,,,,. . ,nt,-, . . , ..,:N . V - .... ,(A4:-.4 --, ::tly ,, ,. ''.. r,,.;::,- , ',,-.-: ,:, . :,- ,.;1 , .i -,-: :,,,, :,.:5, , ,,, 1 I DISGUSTED: THEN I WOULDN'T try so hard a diet. Go at it easily. 'RS. MALCOLM J. AUERBACH.1 In fact. I think it an excellent idea to (Photo by Moffett 1 berin by shaving off at every meal. !eating the same things you have been, r, T 72'1.-; eNf AT.01! "tr: , , J. 14. ,.1ein ot avenue announces the marriage of her clwghter, Dorothy, to Ma:colm J. AtErbach. son ct Mrs. Carl Auerbach cf 54S8 Liackstone avenue, on March S. 1 1 1)12 I KEEP YOU WAITiNG LONG.pEPst? MARRIED NEW YORK SOCIETY ! I NEW YORK SOCIETY New York, March 26.-1Speciali Mr. and Mrs. George B. Cortelyou are visiting in Atlantic City. fr-s. J. Lorimer Worden, who has been living at the Ambassador. sailed Saturday on the Homeric. to remain abroad two months. An entertainment will be given at , eign Dorn Citizens. Mrs. Edward S. Isham and Mrs. T. 1 Tileston Wells are giving a dinner on Friday right bi fore the Rainbow ball at the Ritz-Carlton, for the benefit of little cripples. AMUSEMENTS l UDITORIUM Ast wa, BALLET EZU S SE WITH SYMPHONY OR(HE7QA TONIGHT AT 815 FAIRY DOLL, AUTUMN LEAVES AND DIVERTISSEMENTS PeiNn Wpdettna. Fa!ry Tales, Pitt in 2 acts and Toirt. Thurs.- Co:1,1!a Dion anis & Dirt FL-aiç Flotp. znow & Dirt sat., Wit -1--rh,,,paday,a. Far 1),,11 and Piro. -IL Fs -PU4i We41,r. na. Diorwmia and Did. PRICES $1 TO $230, plus tax SEATS NOW ON SALE AT BOX OFFICE SUNDAY AFTERIVN Air 1' JOHN NicCORMACK n SHUBERT NEXT MAT. I R I NCESS 11 2 :30 WED. JONES. LINICK & SCHAEFER 1r -r LLE L L E V A T LLE LLE . R T t L 'T PA I I) HOTOPLA 11 A. M. to 11 P. M .--Cont,nuous E- -7. STANSILOFF AND HP; i LANCERS 1 Chic Mark & Co. I a-nbert & PIA S Arno. Al.WAYS-11 Pilot op. ay E us! ShowInt DUSTIN FARNUM in "IRON TO GOLD" NEXT WEEK CHAS. CHAPLIN flu Neywes;--"PAY DAY" WOODS EVERY MGIIT Ladies' Night IN A TURKISH BATH Pop. Mats. Wed. & S&L Best Seats $1.50 VAUDWU-LE '2 BIG sitOWS riesQue VIcTi "J DL ; ma eqk's Du.Geskitle---.1L'IGLE-4M-LE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY, MARCH' 1 Luncheon Giveil for Mr. and Mrs. Gibson Washington, D. C., March .26.--Sp4- cial.The United States minister tt , Poland and Mrs. Hugh C. Gibson wer . the guests of honor at luncheon today of the charge d'affaires of the Po lie legation and Mme. Kwapiszewska. Mr. Leander McCormick-Goodhart (- the British embassy, held a paper has at his country place Langley Park, a Chi Hum. Md.. yesterday ,n fternoon. Miss Cannon gave a dinner party to twenty last evening in compliment t- her niece, Miss Helen Le Seuer. Mrs. Marshall Field has returned !from a several weeks stay in the south. Rear Admiral and Mrs. Albert 1Gleaves have taken an apartment in the Corson cottage at Newport for the !summer months. I BEAUTY ANSWERS BY ANTOINETTE DONNELLY I which seem to tickle your palate so,1 hut one-third less quantity. Then re-1 duce to one-hall the quantity. and if yt)u survive lat and still have rounds: to spare, go on the rigid fast. -4-- BALD HEAD: I SUPPOSE YOU never dreamect of looking into anything but your head to discover the why of your fast departing locks. Do you know that the condition of the general health shows itself in the hair? And your particular trouble, constipation, undoubtedly: is responsible for both your hair and complexion trodbles. The blood is the stream that nourishes your hair. That must be free from poisons, which it never will be until you have cured the -bowel trouble. Diet. water drinking. exercise are the means of correction. Mineral oils act with benefit in most casts. The Japanese seaweed, commonly called agar, is excellent. Talc two or three heaping teaspoonfuls in a large glass of water before retiring or upon arising. Drink it down. AMUSEMENTS ....w.,.- ,..w..,....... ,,,, wkz 4 THEATR! N CLAPK Al DISOK s..-;g.N!v Ds::'RS Pt" trsoptcpopuLAR PRICIS show ticitis :00 TODAY AN' "t c ONTINUOUS WEEK Poo PM. TO 1030P.M. BuRLESQUt VAuDEVILLE 02 PIM, CM:TURES ) iN ONE sl - 4-W1-J147Pm. flere ?. , z 1 k ., k..',1 N v 1 1$A, . N k ,' N kv k,N .,,x,.. , 4 ' ,.' iASYET 0 I 6' - ' Sks ,,',. - S114 ELTS TROIA BUQIESQUEIS CONFITEPIE WITH JOE FREEDHARRY- tOLEMAN Pia. 1 Siegar-Plum Choru.r. rpHompws -rims vtEK BEYOND ThE CROSS-ROADS'' AND BILLY WEST IN NEW COMEDY. GOOD 'RESERVED SEATS ZA6 CM MAIN FLOCII-MATINEES 4117 I ST7771 1 W LItiii:1 iiiilft A-M0 a :ii IS tslit ri, - to - 111(1a 2:1E a 41 P. ll 2 I yenta & MIMS 4 3011:15 P.. Tocte BNLITI 115111-30 P.P. sFATs NOW piriucsetsairto'im ajest i c ORPI-IEUNI ciRcurr VAUDEVILLE DAILY Feia 2 viks. in &Rance 1-1 SHUBERT II NEcr NIAT. 2:15 and A.15 Ph,.,e RAND. 7710 rlk T Mats. 2.1-Z0-7:4:. Nights 25-50-75c-S1. eL 1t.-filu.n A man can't have a good time int B a roadhouse, even when the essle Claytoi girl is pretty, it he.s Nvorried AND Ina REVUE as to Nv h a t wife's doing.; zuii & PREUS RICHARD KEAN & GRLACE GEORGE I BOB PENDER TROUPE jAr Tt Nrt-r- P4 in ritt ix MARC STATE-LAKE Ort&eum Circuit -4 'etvanuous--- 11 A- M. to 1 1 P M. TAT:DE-VILLE PHOTOPLAYS 11 :011-- :00-5 7110 '45 DUGAN & IZAYMOND MARY RAYNER ' SIT ERMAN & CO. HALL L PTV EA "SAWING A V'ONIAN IN HALF" STATE-LAKE Four Luny Br, a-1,e's &dog:Leafs ROCKWELL & FOX GEO. MACFARLANE Pht ttn ShOWinit BEBE D NILS in ''A Game Maui- Piret.t. Fat .1 Stir Ett,t-, 70-c-rrec "ItudgY Nites-F itoLdayl. 3-pc-5, A. L. ERLANGER and HARRY J. POWERS ILLINOIS THEATRE T0SIGIIT-8:20WED. MAT 50e TO 2 NIITZI In Doff gr Ira mom. ,.. "LADY BILLY.' 1 Sat. Mat. and Nights t Eir-Pot Sat. :S!ghtloi .)tic to .1;-:50. sat. Niziat It to Will the el.,othee of our dantitters in future make for comfort or 'Deed? See FRANCINE LARRLMORE I r NEW YORK.LSpeciall Correspond-s. mce.1The dressmaker turns you out owadays just as grandma did her pies. There must be a scalloped edge triere trtust! liany of tne e-rench creators have again given the of their approval to this mode, .nil it is particularly evident in the erge mcklels. Premet beems larly fond of this scalloped hem line. And wavers 1)erpetual1y between it and ne swathed ir draped effects. It is a sea-7on when a serge or wool irock must have its matching Jacket or cape, and always tne wrap echoes the trimming of the frocks. Thus if your navy serge dress is embroidered in light blue. your jacket may be formed of two sectionsone of navy and the other of light blue serge. And if your dress be a combination of foulard and b:ue serge, the jacket is Lined and probably trimmed with the foulard. Here we see a natural kasha model extremely smart, this kasha in natural colortrimmed with black si:k braid applied in scalloped effect. The same permanent wave is put in the matching cape. which is subsequently collared in caracul. 1 A FRIEND IN NEED BY SALLY JOY BROWN. Call for Miss Dummy,. "Tou have helped so many people through your column. I hope you can help me. Will you please ask if any one has a discarded dress form that Is adjustable? I think if I had this I would be able to sew for others, and earn money for clothes for myself and two little children. Would he only too glad to pay all expenses of se,1;ng MIVi. A. II." Student Needs Tspeteriter. I am much in need of the use of a standard make typewriter. Am going to high school st present an4 need LA SAL LE Mats- EZ 7'71114.S:t.:262:-10 LAST 8 TLNIES ET"--7 COSMO HAMILTON'S DARING COMEDY 1 - LT -- E liver Fox with ItTPTIe0 ("; rofom 1 t h. Pprr Marmont and Violet Kemb:e Cooper TEST PLAY OF 1922..--Amy Leslie NE X TSE N G T E FIT CO T1 MO This Seapon - The Permanent Wares 0 we"- -0.. AMUSEMENTS 4ilt HELEN SHIPNIAN - (Late of "Irene-) In Her Latest EntertaiLment "LOLA" With Fred Helder. the -Listen Lester' ritTorte MCSICAL (-01EbY DE LUXE Nall Orders New Se a! s qrs,ise. 'l SHUBERT GREAT 11 ,TWICE DAILY ORTIIERNIk-uLl',:t-8311; 1 D. W. GRIFFITH'S ORPHANS OF THE STORM" R - "THE TWO ORPIIANS" !VERY MGM 7;4 to SI EVERY MATINEE ItSo to 1.00 cr awl, B ! Th,.,..., , n under lb Ir. Gm f- '1 ilth a Derfo Mai dire--n !on : wIth hqg own I essle ayton !, oroheat ra and po!,-1 a! staZI. e ffefl 91 1 ----- AND Dia 1,1 REVUE i a w a ..r,o mRi ,mrs-bi tr-t m r-intn IT It:, Li 111.-S tUI, LLl t ZCIIN & PREUS VALDEVILLE R14-11-trj) KE" CO 1 PALACE RN ELM CIRCUIT GRLACE GEORGE 1 bUi3 FL.NULK muurr, Seitta 2 ICkt. fn 141,a,we I rtl.-.11 N I). T 7-2 JOE BEN NTT. Blinr.tto & MARCONI Ma. z5-Lo ; 7c. Slch4 In THE COMEDY' of FOOLISH HUSBANDS' CLIFF NAZARII0 & DARLING SiziTERA 1 TRIPLE HEADLINERS "THE EXQUISITE HOUR 1 with NORMAN TREVOR NAT NAZARRO & . CO. 1 Keryl Norman Geo. 'Whiting I Roscoe Ms The Creole I end with Falthion Plate Sache Burt Kate Pullman , TRIPLE HEADLINERS Ki.yl Norman GeoAVhiting I Roscoe Ms The Creole and I with Fashion Plate Sadie Burt Kate Pullman 14,,trozturs end ftrot.wors Inffeorot la Several Sara' of Pr0000ston Claudia Coleman Ed E. Ford Jao& Bushes Duo HARRT HOLMAN & Co. win.--DEMAREST a COLLETTEZotels MARCH '23 COLISEUM APRIL 1 Own Your HomeExposition DAILY FROM 11 A. if. to 11 P. M. teu sill And entertanmen) tere i-;eaa that t)..1 awry ltqa nO" and tr-ng aaustArdon 1,tr ctn., I te .t, kw L. Lily build. etitup. tUrmstt and ct.,ro:atR xt,r-dt LGAla. Ad xt'.aa Inentst.xt aar tax r.5 ,wLtAL in her Ertittot soccros I INA CLAIRE and "LADY BILLY ID ARTItUR BYRON sight. th Farnqui Vriwt,J-rs A 1 '14.11t1,4 6.1'11 ,T-t-tt- A rirvc, tl-rt t ,14,Tr,-110 "BLLIBEARD'S 8TH WIFE" ,741 tni !tinbanaS4)aling-11. rf:ket14;76. 1r to li'dn'I-"n 1.ricrs rt Lauzhter sTAR GARTER T1, .r" I?, LIGHTNIN r, m ! Last tz, cp.," itadizon xt 17a's-,, NICE PEOPLE aultk4coNKN at the C 0 STAGED rT WINCIIELL SMITH 'WS TO .;'ti P. M. IrN OLYMPIC Tormtht at 8 ollock tirtrAL USSIAN "DL13ROVSKY" ANNA BURMEISTER 11 i OPERA CO. rhurs--.61u4 1.11ES ..sNi INV MA! t1T.S; , BusliTEmpLE N. oirk and (IAN WI A...1 GRAND vl..:',7,:.- , - ,, - -TSAR'S; It R l 1 r" 1 I Tel Rupee'"? 441 it y: AU MAU S Irri. PY-724.1,1"' rrtICEN 50a 4-0.1. Mat ..... -nt-pitt,vt4K,-.. KINIBALL HALL Toda DIE BL , NI ARCH 28. 8 :15 P. NI. Me Blue 1130a0) Cocned7 TUI 8100 6,8r NA0.."r141:1; DANA.- TICKETS. :100 TO :1,50. PLUS WAR TAX 19 ill ig, , I a Iii gall tiOf('. 'RA,NitEfZ, .5 Put in Hem Lines I more practice on the maehine than mn get in school. so I am writing you, thinking you might know of sorw: one who might have one to loan for two or three weeks. I will exercise the best earn in usin,z it. M. N." AMUSEMENTS AA. H. WOODS' I Da tly at 2 anti 8 POLLO I mat,ne, Tooay Tel. Centrat tic2-10 Shubert Vaudeville h SAM IIEARNCREEN & HATI,FR 114,IiRY HINFNALcCE RIDNoN, JEAN cApRoLLPELEN ELY IRVING O'HAYJACK FELLER DAVEy wHEELER COLINS CAMERONINEZ HI CHANAN LIJ I IAN WASIfil-RNBRONNER MALLET LIORA HOFFMAN and DIERO Maui. 2-,e-13c; Noes 2;e-$1, Es. Sat, -Slim -Hol. Next Stin4,4s, Nite--Seats Thnrwlay FUNNIER MAN EVER McIntvre & Heath in 0-v.7'7'411Kit-31 Extravoranaa FAREWELL WEEK Iill Nt-71 seriewt,er WINTER GARDEN CAMEO REVIEW MIDNIGHT ROUNDERS "RED PEPPER" G. COHAN'S GRAND : SAM H. HARRIS PRESEN7S A Romantic Comet ly of Gay Dted LITTLE OLD NEW YORK & GENEVIEVE TOBIN Last Performance Saturday. Apra I STARTING NEXT EUNDAY EVE. c Cohan's Comedians -NTHE O'Brien Girl ......... ...- That is why the Marcin and Bolton piay lS such a splendid success. THEY HAVE ENJOYED IT So WILL Y01.2. , ,ft , mmiir Ev t4EAT8 UIL,DAY , other per,.n y 0 U crymeet is asking you if you in4ve toCt The Nightcap 4th Month at the Playhouse JONES. LINICK & SCHAEFER IIT-820WED. MAT.. age az I UARRICK 11 ED. and SAT. ---:LT-L1- unt-13. k.11,1-1 L, 1 HENRY SAVAGE Offers d-A V A -- A-A A. - 1 MtNICKEICS CONTI N 1 -Ort4 VAL DE V ILLE 11 A. 31. to 11 P. M.Popular Prices OE MELODY FESTIVAL Brzrrr Jas. Cradr Lehr & Ikil I W And Othcr Feature ACIA OOD A. L. ERLANGER and TARRY 3. POWER POWERS' Til EATRE, TRY, WELCOME RETURN OP 1 ,yps pril nuRKE In Booth Tariclortoffe t A L. P11..ANGER lind HARRY .1 PONA ' uLtie CrreaLes Comedy ! ELACKSIONEITIEAIRE Wtbat At,e, , 117v1 7trt t ea The INTLAttkTE S1R- k NGERS 10 EFERT Alfilfrk-3---vArg. trEb. SAT JON C.OLDEN Priwnt , D,n-ction Ettla D nf-Pr. WI rcham & Zot-t Wit I FRANK H r, 1--I Pr, In 1 I 11 7 1 PRICES 54h. to !..'.!!:;41--SAT. NICHT. S4 TOP i 0114 15 l'crtorruantloi Siore STAGED rT WINCIIELL SMITH . . i I ---....m-,w, , A I, EautisfiER end rtkity:tv J. rnwER, , c T IFfTTAL I C OL 0 N I A L THEATER 1 AVNIA MIR MPICTFn , r,,Apair, ss2omArs. WAIP. AAII Sir. eNI-11-iy -r KIMBALL. HALL 1 tEtyr LEO FROLIC ES, N1ARCH 28. 815 P. M. WILL ROGERS :rrs sl oo TO 5110 PLI-A WAR TAX And 65 Most ?anions &Weld bealltile .,. 'occupation. II I IIF. A. Winkelman, Aged .9. . .. rik f Resident Here, Dead JOHNSONEl:en Johnson. Marfit CA. hit. et I 14Zti Hoyenott-se., ne!.osed daughter et ck A. Winkelman. a resident I J.,nri A. and the tate ICts C. Jobn.on. eloo-r -;o since died Saturday ift"agaerpamnd :rlt"-1;t7a-pct-71.771x.r.'itcw..t-g: A 1. Interment Rescind. Frederick A. Winkelman. a resident of Chicago since 1S51, died Saturdi at his home, 2210 Warren avenue. Ms. Winkelman - - '-.-, --, retired from ac- tiCts '1.- 4 Live participation . sAloi,-2Losk .0- In the real estate --. . -'-or wakt business in 19IS. t-t.t4". ''' 44 'wk, lie had been a re- 4tit'r 7 ,... alty agent for ''i"6lis thirty-tive years. C -w--;'-li't As a young man -4 ' , ,., leo Mr. Winkelman f 'pre,44 was treasurer of ,,',, io"'''''w'r-di.... a concern 'which .1k, Irdkortill held an option to ,,s6 , 0 actluire the Galena & Northern ,- It. R., the latter having the right Jr:. IP!plit. RI ICI ,ft . of way now N, 1-'1,Cts . ',,,, ,,, .41 , 4 t , 4'11 ' .-opet owned by the St. Paul and Milwaukee li LA - - - - rt Liu I ,r railroad. BOWRobe or La Bow. mon of t Robert and Bessie La iktw. b01 Fullerton1 Mr. Winkelman was a trustee of the i IA wy Sunday March td. For parttottlare general board of the Universalist - - can Lincoln 3s23. . , LONG--W:lilain 11. Long. at his hOMLt Leg ' church for more than twenty-five years. lie was interested in a nom-1 Angeles. Cat.: retired Chicago Board of ber of charitable enterprises. 1 I Trade member; huakatel of NI ivy L. Lout- : Funeral Wedneoday. March 29. 3 P. Mr. N-ink at, at elman is survived by a yore, EGais ctipet. sister, Mrs. M. M. Kuntz. 905 Fletcher It eDOW ELL - M arsaret Traek MrDt;trall. street; two daughters, 'Mrs. Augusta march 25. ip age p(1 eeara, wife 451 the Davidson of New York and Miss Laura tate Henry S. it.-1Aporelltpmiotaheruento I mT,... M. W- inkelman, anti b y a son, J. E. riec.wowLeta-mit d t or altritr aip R W. Chttoote. !Pa1 Winkelman. I neva prtvate Monde, 2'.'30 p. ew ItOre the reatdn,e. 7'2:4 N. l'tneav, Auelln. Inter- - - ---. IA 1 Z p.m e.! nel ItiamDrnincton And Oreirost resktica,e. ..4 N. l'ineav.. AustIn. Inter- mrsti Gra,eland Illtionatrigtou anti Orvirott Famous Coachman for Pa;Pees please copy - 3111-1-E11-13arry B. Nave. March t3. 1921. Pres. Grant Is Dead Pres. Grant Is Dead formerly of 712 Graee-st.. suddeniy lati ttls home. '2340 W. Erte-st, see 34 years. be- Cary. Ind.. March 26. Addison trnednibiu.;balawind45LEtt(hmedl brt,D7therWe:teritnirnx- - Holmes, 96 years old. a wave and sol- IL min. Member of Blair lodge. A. F. dier in tie union army, driver ef - & A. M- Lineoln Park cha:ter. R. A. M.. Ulysses SfVitrant's inajpgural carriage,' ChtAlign coutbil R. & S-M- Anorn Com- father of thirty-twó children. and ;ruder, 1..t. os.. known to thousands of Chicago. Cedar Funeral from ehaoel 333; W. Nortn-ay, Lake, Ind.. vacationists. is dead. Ile weuneaday Mar, b .!.10. at 2 p, tn. Autos was one of the few remaining members tit Forest Home. Kansas City papers plertee of his race born and reared in slavery. "Mr. MUllaATJohn D. Murray. Man ' h 424 lar- His father. following the emancipa- loved hu-band of The a: nee Fttrterald: . tion proclamation. became the personal. fond brother of .hvemian. Thomas. Hanna. body servant of tlyssts S. Grant. and , and Mary Murray. Funeral Mos:day:MarOt - Addison was also a tnemt,er or Grant's, '27. at 10:30 a. m . from his lake resijeme 0,444 Elite-se, to Holy Crows church. where firht retinue. requtem high mama wkil be eeebraketi at I I a- tn. Inurment Mount Oavel. Member I of Lie La Salle eounk.i. K. ot C. For fur '..11 - l -11 ther intormatton phone South Shore Qt11.7. L2EATH NOTICES 7 IN MEMORIAM HARRISHamett 'tarn. nee Frogt. and Infant dAughlet. in lovant mtmory of oIr beloved claw:liter and gilter, who pAteed away one year arm Batty. 2410THER. StstERS. AND BROTHER. MEISTERHenry J. Meister.- In loeleg mot eI iienry J. 2.1ei5te r. alio died Mareh :27.1917. M'KEELetItia McKee. In lovIng memnry of my dear sister. who passed away throe years ago today. MRS. MYRTLE ROBERTS. WOODLETWilliam Harold Woodley. In sad but loving memory of our dearly beloved son and hrtdher. William Harold. who passed away four years ago today. March 27, 1918 Gone bit not forgetten: FATHER. MOTHER. AND BROTHER RALPH. -- ADAMSMrs. Margaret Adant. Mareh 25. beloved Mother of Mn. Albert A. Carr. at the remdenee 910 Lineolnav.. Ilighlend Park. Funeral services at chapel, Oskwoods cemetery. Moutlay at 3 P. m AGNEWJohn P. Agnew. March Q. in his dist year hu,band ef the late Clara Conlan Agnew. father of Frank J.. Mrs. John L. Buckner Jr.. and 7..tre. Edward J M. Donough. brother of Miehael I.. Thomas E.. Edward W.. Mrs. Charles P. Monahan. and :Mrs. Edward J. Darragh. and the tete Francis Agnew. Funeral from late residence. 5400 Calumet-ay.. Tuesday. March 2e. at 9:30 A m.. to St. Anne's chug': h. Garfield blvd. and Wentwortleav. Interment at Calvary eemetere. ARNOLDAnna M. Arnold. beloved wife of the late Johre fond mother of John A. Peter. Margaret. and Katueriee Arnold. Funeral TtettbdAy at I oeok. from funeral. chapel. 743 N. Clark-at.. to Our Lady of the Lake church. Interment in the family lot et St. Bonita, cemetery. Funeral tortvete. Plea-li omit Bowers. CARPENTERNellie Z. Carpenter. bteoved sister of Albert E. ael Anna L. Careent-r. eidered hito reel Sunday. Modell 20. Funeral Tuesday. Marli 2ri at "2.3i1 P. ni. Dem late reel 'enee. 4943 Whitwoo se, Ihterniunt at Mount Greietwood cemetery. CLLTIMae A. Clone, Niacch Ill. 11122. beloved teeter of Harriet elute Sandi r. aunt of Miriam Sumter Wadeer nen Harriet Sam ter Lame eon. Futter al Thell4111 9 a. m. from residence. 300 N. Pine-av.. Austin. Ink-meta Marengo Ill. COHENAlexander Cohen. beloved husband of itee. nee Rubl-niacin. beioeed son of Charles Cohen and the late betty Cohen, beloved brother of bra. Joseph Meseenger, Mrs. Fred Berger, Mrs. Irving Wallach, Louis C, Benninelu E, Mr. Philip Mitchell, Mrs. Saila Ilan:My. Funeral from chapel. Sti54 Roosevelt-rd., Monde. 3 p. m. Burial at Oakwood. Please omit rowers. Mahe papers please copy. CRIGHTONMinnie Hanna CHgliton. March 21. at redidence. 209,6. Einiwood-av.. 04K Park. wife Of the late Jemes Crighton. mother of James M. and toe late Charles H. ("righter'. Funeral bervVed at reeidenee. Monday. 2 p. tn. Interment at Rosehill. DENGLERCathertne Derirler. nee Hersehler. widew of the late Gottluv Dengler. mother uf Mra. A. E. Beetling and Theoeore li r. Saturday, March 2;,. age 10. at the home of her daughter. Fuileral eervieee Mondrie'Mar,h 27. 2 p. rn. at her late Ir Pill dell 315 Washington-ay.. Wilmette. 11. Bural GraecLud. DE NUNZIOWilliam J. be Nunzio. March 25. 1e22, beloved eon of. Peter andsCatherine Degliunzio, brother of Bernard. !Loge, lAllian. and the late John De Nunzio. Funeral Tueedaer at 9:30 a. m, front late reeidenee. 901 Airdrie-pl. to ht. Mary of the Lake church. Interment Mount 'Carmel. DONAHOEEllen Robinson Donahoe. Mareh 25, at home. 1447 E. 72d-ol.. beluved mother of A. H. iNmaboe. Mrs. M. J. Date. &IA Mr.. R. B. Caere.. Funeral Toe-seae. Mareh 28. at 1:30 p. ne. from late home, 1147 E. 72d-tit. liderment Forest Home. Phone Stewart 0077. ERICKSONCharles Phidp Erickoon. Mareb 1. 1922. at A'butiteerque. N. M.. aged 31 years. teelovetl son of Caroline A. ild the late Charles J. Ere kson. fond brother of Mrs. Charlotte tiorekm. Mr. Josephine A. Nelson. Emil F. and E. Walter Ere. kson. Funeral services Monday. March 27. 3 A m., at his home. 12;e9 tirauvine-av. Interment at liochelie. 111 Mareh 28. 2 p. FRANCKLi:Lan May Fran i nee Knight. be,oved wife of Walter. mother of halms and the late Harry. daughter of Louie K. Haight, Funeral from late baidetwa. 711 b. Elelid-iv. . Oak Park. Tuesday. at 11 m. Interment Arlin.clon. ! FRETrred.1-1,46- F. Frey. beloved buehan, of Mary. father of Koe e and Henry Frey. Funeral Tuesday. Mar it 26. at 1.30 from I late residence. 501i3 Chieago-av.: autos to ont rose. MENDJay Joseph Friend Jr.. brloved on of Jai Joseno knend Sr. and Ague.lia Friend. nee Hoffman, food brother of Lou. Helen and Maxine. Fui.eral Tuelklas. March 2M. 10 a. tn., from late res den at. 55 L, )ea t butt& ra t, merle i teals f-f t.r.o7A. i.. Loy. -----7----7: 1. 01 Jai JOIM.D0 triend br. anti Anmna L. ettutp. turms0 and ctero:ate rmx tGala. Ad - HAROLD ILOID -A SAIL0fri Fritettd. nee Hoffman, food brother of Lamm 41. toela,t.rt ear tax r.5 m.LtAL ..,-,... MADE .NIAN'' Helen and Maxine. Fiiieral Tueadai. March Fr-,. -..,-z NEXT WEEK 20. 10 s. nt., from late res don ,A. 55 L, I ... brttth-x1-. to Ridge 14two erni Wri. 11 Alta ' r'l SHUBERT ""and SAINTES T. -----2; CHAS CH APLIN T G 11. 0A C El-. ..Hblire7 E Gras. aucklenly. at bis VIARRICK :,-----,- 0 NI Plne Grove-ay, "'tidal'. Mann 24. 1222. beloved buaband of Craula. fond INA CLAIRE a n d E.,-,- -,...- TAT DAY'.--1La Luest 'allele of lie)bext and wuttam. Funeral ARTILUIt BY 11 0 N I shervice at hi, home Monday. March 27. at .. - ,... -,-, Ir . -. v . v. , . .., . . -- 2 D. ID. : trarrment Graceland. 'PAY DAY"--1141 Latest 'Attu? of Itobext anti William. Funeral shervtoe at hi, home )(outlay. March 27. at --- 2 P. M.; interment (into:eland. p. m.; intern:writ tirom: GRAHAMCharles& Beah Graham. Ntareb beloved huababd of tiromis T. Graham. nee -aekosman Funeral Wednesday. ar, at 2 9 m from bto lata ree.deoce. '277 1 Flota-noy-at. interment Oak bii:. ' GRANTWt.:11am Grant Sr.. of Z403 Lake l'ark-ar, beloved basband of the late Anna. , neot Dunne. father of Wi2llam .1 t .. tho ',to 1 Mrs. Anna Jel;nion and the late Jame" 1 e,rant. Funeral Wednesday. Mar,b 29. Ife.-.'2. 93ti a. m , trona elsame. 3,-.,441 M. ' ti7th-4.. to fit Thomas of the ArKett:es etur,n. Interment Mount Meet. tor information (ALI byue Para 63.2e. HAIINEurene W. Hahn. br;ovrd bnaband of , t'rattros E. Baba. nee Overmeyer. fend ison Of lirs. It. Rahn. Mar, b 2,..i 1922. ase 24. a uneral Itamla 27 at 3 p. In.. from chapel. 7319 Madison-at. Y omit i' ark. Isaterment at Fore, nun (mete:F. 1:) EDEATH NOTICE-71 HORANJohn Horan. beloved son of the late 011,0 and Mary Ht.r in i n-. Krnnt. brotner of Irani( and the late fe-v arid Ellen Horan sod Mrs. Cht.lea Monear Tt11111 Tiowiay. Mar, b 23. at 9 a. in attar) from him late resat-ave. 3,723 ft GrVellkill to Visitation ebur, h. where ri,sh m4es will be ee.eorated, alittralent at Ciavary. Ca3 Canal 1344., KELLTNlarearrt A. K.117. March t',3 6, at rrItlerVe. 3:ni Lexinjton-od. beloved Aril of It late Framta H, mother of the Her. Father John L. Hoer IC- WUrn F1ase,4 0. Hobert. and Marie ao,1 bleier arY Francis. Ni4b-r of M e-y. Funeral Itirelar. Mania s. at 9.3-4 a. an.. to Frew-illation church. Interment at Mount - Cannel. KENDRICKFrederick J. Kerntick. bekrred - hnekand of Mary E Ken ft, k nee bt.eae. brother of George D. Kendrick an4 the late . Gra,e K. Gi.houij . wile of the late Judge P. H. of kLaaketh. N. J ber of Compoeite lodge IS k:tr. A. F. it A. M. and Apo3o trot O. 93 Makeveheee Funeral from bunt heel, refntience. 7727 Unton-ar., Monday. litar,,b 27. at 2 D, U. ErHJunn . Koh, beloved bnehand et Fannie Wurtkier Koh and ford father of Julius S. Jr. and John R. Funeral from (hapel, 934 E. 411h-rd, Monde"' 1.33 o'eloch. interment Koashill. Cuttinnatt to.) Pervert please cool. NELSONAndrew W. Nelson. Mareb 5 see 83. beloved husband of the late Augusts C.. Ingot. Turnquiet. fond lathe? of Widtana C. and Inv late Alfred A. Nelson. Ftuteral Tuesday. March 24. at '2 p. tn.. from hie l,te residence. 2517 N. Saviyer Internment Forest Home et mtcry Member at be,a tattle and United FrItuda 'coati! No. 17tw. K. at P. POMEROYJoseph Pemeroy Sr March t5. beloved husband of Margaret C. and lather of Joa-ph P. and George S. FunErm day. )arch March 27. 10 a. Itt.. fr-oni residence. Lhdt) n.tnillOrt., to St. Ita'.0 church. POPE--Charlesi Pope to be bUrled Soda:. Mr. Pope died on Saturday after an Hinest ef two weeks. Adnotagh 79 years of age. be wait still at-Circle engaged in business. own ing one of the large beet sugar companies in the country. He had a brilliant mind and was a great student. His hobby wae flowers. and his greenboutie at Ins home in Geneva was L11101111 for unusual plants anI fruits. Mr. Pone was a pioneer of Chicago. his residence at InA0 Lake Shoredr. being one of the well knOWII houses In the early day lie and Mrs. Pope were actively intecstid in mtny charitable organizations. Ile was i member of the Chicago club. RILETElizabeth Riley. beloved wife of the late James IL lima mother of John Lad TIWITI14. Funeral Tiacacialr. Match 24. al 9 a. m from her late residence. 4524 Champlain-ay.. to Corpus Christi church: Poicmn requiem hieti mese will be celebrated: laterrnent ount Olivet remeteri. Mernrwr of 'Third Order St. Franoes and Christian Mother Sutlati ty. For information cull Wentworth bb:.:11. SCHIESSWOIILJob C. Sehiesswohl. Mareli 20i. in his is7th year. huaband of the late Mary Phillips Sehiesawohl. lather of Anna C, l'hilhp P Elizabeth C. Preston. John A Albertma H. Jacob H. Ceiia kid and Mae Mayer. Remains at rhapet. 2701 Clarkst. Funeral nett. later. - SCIIOBERMary E. Schober. March S. In her Pilot year, widow of the. late William. mother of William. August. Mamie. Charles. and Leine. grandionther of Warren and Rua, aell Sehotws. Funeral services will be held ' at Metnot 131 11 haw!. 3 E. Garncid- bird Monday. March 27. at 4 p. tn. Please om t flowers. SMITHMay E. Smith. March 25. at We,- rasepliAl. (A liter of lato r41110. atilt of Earl E. Ant to..ny of Brock field. 0,M ass. Funeral sere' ies Monday. March 27. at 4-30 P. En, trona her late home. WWI Parnell-ay. Inter-awn Indianapolis. md. , SHIRLETGeorre W. Shirley. Marcia 201. in his 7410 year. at reitidenie. 50to VlIk! relines. Husband of Diana. lather of Mrs. Mary Via Hebert. Funeral services will , be held at Memorial chapel. 3 E. Garfieldblvd.. Tuesday. Martit at P. nt. ' TONIGAIKMary Tontran. ttee Goet,ran. (taught...1 of Bartley Goshgan and Cattier' Iris Gochgan Birmingham. in Waukegan,. Sunday morning. Funeral notice later. UNTERBERGWilliam E. Unterberg. aged 55 years. of 0020 on Mardi beloved husband de Louise Unterberg. nee Siegfried. fond father of 'William J - John. Edward. Alfred, George. Frank- and Water Unterberg. brother of Johanna Tonic. Lena dallier. and Fred Unterberr... Funeral Derriere Wednesday. 'March P. at 2 p. m at chapel. Oakwoosia cemolery. r l'hone Stewart 0077. WIGELSWORTIIArthur J. G. Wiselsworth. I March 25. ile2. at his home. P37 Ontario- at.. Oak Park: husband of hate Waiter Wigeissi orth. eon of Jbn and the late Annit . of l'emorcike. Oz.tarto; father of , John Waiter and 'Arthur EdWin P.-4,os. worth. and Mrs. K. V. Bethel of Scott. Sask.. Can se ada. Funeral rvi 4-s at chapel. 4-127 Cottage Grote-ay.. Monday at 2 p. 8 Kindly omit flowers. I I WINKEL-MANFroderiK A. Winkelman. March 25. 192,2. bu-band Of the late Almira Simons Winkelman. father of Laura IC. Joan Edward and Mrs. Augusta W. niacin. Sem-i.e.) at his late home. 2"I0 , Warren-av Tliltdar Arvh 'Z$. at p. ILterment at Bc.sehill cemetery. ilaltimoit, . Mil,. papers p.taasi copy. E EU MS. ROSEIIILL CEMETERY CO. Ali lots J.:4, alltrULL Prl-pet nal Cia,r e - Sow, hie in mr";1114.16r4t.trat a te;Cle nt. Rau. 4340. :.4500 At arena, 1 ay, Axe. Q7 1 6. CHICAGO'S MOST IIKAI-nrri. cEMETEILY MOUNT'ENVitm,D Perpetual tare tbrou.cnout Si eld.000 :cam fund in teu y0,30 al 1414 n nad.; tare- of grounds auwi sem, unee I I Ith-al. cant direct to waits totranot.. . OA KttOODS CHEM A TORYT-0 A KVI't O3 - Oa-trodery. E. ti;itt-Pl and Greetierisaak se Ch.tte ltAr 140 ; 'Imams el.,,z,,at,1 in 4..kCt re.eid eti. Ali iota and a ratea en:id telt REAL, 114,1JR in a i itee Mona b aArt, 014 piei2t AIJEIItAhL LOT FO SAL. VA 1 mount ivoieterv. 200 64 It Steu hat 316-0 I 1 lb ha ir. et II 111,11,It C. H. JORDAN & CO.- Funeral dire,torn in Cht-neo CS yearn. 164 N mi,nlignnav Or! Fwalk.t,e. P(ATLFWAIT11.-;-- 401-DEN RULE PRICES ni GoLien Rut". bervi,t; 3 ',vars. tql. lv 1 'h,ryne. Wo-pt Mausoleum or ileadates , Erected A levfxdier. tII tAe fi.d eamd fteliebbia CHAS. G. BL.A.4E; CO. Wei t eorrrt and durattd Feee dcwolt7e1 1014 A. ta utile Main 0115. Vk arks frill sod 671 h t. 1112es rk et 00 FLORIST 77-72 East Mai-atom Tel. Central 3M Flowers seat to sal dastialtilla at sal las. , : ' t, -b 4-: , i A tt t t - t .t ''''""m r; 74.27 UtFORE HtM!: tit NIR:tit. I K I'M TOO ANIMUS!! x'l Oail l' :',4 TV" --rf N 4P, 5- roc 111 , " N, -- - 10 11 1111 II a 0 0 1 ,,', , -W411711- .: v ' i C00-1,i , 1 . , 1,,,Briti,,,4Y,- 1 d---. I-21 lt ., - - V , tailli,-rs- ,,,,,J ,,..,, . . ,.... .. , , , 50' c:, . -t, , I- to , c-d ----,-;--,-,: , ,57- 4 --, ..,,- ---;,-, ,, ,, ,- 7- - 1, -- 7-7 c--2---Ir---.. - ' .6.- 1 -, .,:-, 4,,, ,- - , ,::,,, . , , , Foti .5-., -,----,-,-----77 , 4 Li c P T 41, ,'',:' ,,, ' 4. . ..'72:---..17..--... 7-------- 17 It' ------------1-:--- - :,..' 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