The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1953 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1953
Page 8
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVIILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, -MAY 11, 1955 Devaluation of Indochinese Piaster Brings Protests SAIQON, Indochina (AP) — Viet Nam Premier Nguyen Van Tiun protest*! to the French today over the devaluation of the Indochinese plaster, charging his government had not Been consulted and the cur* rency slash "causes us grave Internal difficulties." Prance yesterday reduced the This permits France to modify the value of the piaster from 17 francs (4.9 cents) to 10 francs (2.9 cents) in an 'effort to smash a black mar ket currency racket Involving pi asters, francs and dollars which cost Prance an estimated 250 million dollars yearly. "The first result of the devaluation of the piaster will be an immediate rising of prices," Tarn told a press conference after a Cabinel meeting. He said he had fired off an official complaint to Jean LeTourneau, French resident minister Tarn said the devaluation step would stop the money black market only temporarily for "before long the real value of the piaster will fall to four or five francs and that will open the way to new possibilities for trafficking." "The only effect of the devaluation is to hamper us and create all kinds of difficulties without solving any essential problem." There was an air of panic in business and commercial circles here today, with little or no transactions being made. Police cracked down on at least two food stores, one of which refused to sell anything. The other had raised its prices 20 per cent, Tam, frankly angry, said the French had only told him about the devaluation at 10 p.m. Saturday. The French government said the devaluation had been carried out under the Pau treaty with the Associated Indochises Sates — Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia. currency rate after consultation with the three states. The French said they had contacted the native governments shortly before the de clson was made. Obviously, Tarn thought the notice had been too short. Morse Says He'll Welcome McKay As Next Opponent WASHINGTON (ff) — Sen. Morse (Ind-Ore) says he would welcome Secretary of the Interior McKay as an opponent when he runs for reelection In 1956. Appearing on an NBC television program yesterday. Morse assailed the Elsenhower administration's power policy, and termed "a tragic aetrayal of the public interest" McKay's decision to sidetrack public devcloment of the Hell's Canyon power project in Idaho. An Interviewer asked Morse about report that McKay, former governor of Oregon, might run against him for the Senate. See if you can talk him into it." Morse said. "I'd welcome it. It would certainly draw the issue. Because If ,*ou ever had two men with a dif- erent philosophy—one that believes as in my case that the people's in- erests ought to come first, and one hat believes big business ought to keep .first—there would be the con- est to show the difference." Accused Swimming Instructor Attends Daughter's Funeral TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. I/PI — Two days after funeral services for Kathy Tongay, 5-year-old swimming star, the Vinson Funeral Home still waited today for instructions for the burial. Kathy's father, Russell Tongay, who is accused of beating the child to death, left town quietly after the ceremony and his whereabouts today were unknown. He is free in $5,000 bond on a second degree murder charge. A preliminary OLDEST RED POW?- rhought to be the oldest Communist prisoner of war, this stern-faced soldier arrives at Munsan, Korea, on the way to the Panmunjom prisoner exchange point. the difference in the new 1953 CARRIER -first room air conditioner to cool, filter, dehumidify every breath of air twice! The new Carrier mounts flush with the sill, takes no space in the room. Runs so quietly you ccjn hardly hear ft. New design fits any window quickly, easily, Telephone today for immediate installation. CITY ELECTRIC 109 S. Fifth Ph. 8181 "Servicing N.E. Arkansas and S.K. Missouri" hearing Is set for June 18. Tongay's wife Betty and their other child. Bubba, 7, were believed to be with htm. Kathy and Bubba formed a famous swimming team known us the "Aquntots." A private funeral for Knthy was held Saturday without the body at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. B. S. Meyer. Tongay's trailer was parked at the Meyer home until after the services. Yesterday It was gone. In Miami, his attorney, Louis M. Jepewny, said Tongay collapsed at the luhneral service and was under a doctor's care. He said he didn't know where the husky swimming instructor had gone. Charges were placed against Tongay In Miami after an autopsy showed Kathy's death was caused by a blow to the stomach. Miami police charged Tongay gave the child'a fatal beating. He insisted she was hurt in a high dive. LIGHT CAMOUFLAGE—Sunlight and shadows and the jungle-thick brush offer natural camouflage to French and native troops moving against Communist forces in the Nha-Trang area of French Indo-China. Read Courier News Classified Ads. "HOPPING HORROR" WON'T FLY~Everytmng any- othet airplane can do. the "Hopping Horror" can do too. that is, except fly. Douglas Bianchi. who buiit the plane, pictured at White Waltham, England, hopes it will help pilot trainees get the "feel" of a real airplane. U.S. and Canada Study Ice Islands WASHINGTON i/P) — The U. S. and Canada are studying floating arctic islands—Ice cubes bit? enough for a plane to land on to Ivntl out where they come from. Weather reconnaissance flights to the North Pole brought the ice islands to light a few years ago, al- though they appear to be centuries old. The Air Force said yesterday that two Canadian scientists, an Eskimo sled driver and 10 dogs were recently flown out on the Ellesmere Island ice shelf. Pull-scale operation next year will send five men, supplied by air, in search of the source of the ice islands. Read Courier News Classified Ad? not for water alone Look at your water bill; then look behind If. Consider some items which might well appear, but don't. 1 There's no reference to medical service, yet the heallh of your community, of your family and of yourself is protected by the vigilance of the men who check and treat and rccheck water to make sure it's safe for you. There's no fee for securing reduced fire insurance rates, yet the whole schedule of these rales is substantially reduced if an adequate public, water supply — so necessary to an effective defense against fire — is available. There's no contribution levied for community development, yet key industries can produce goods and provide employment only because a dependable water supply is available. Without a continuing flow of water, sewers could not be properly flushed or streets kept clean. « You could conceivably obtain enough water through your own efforts to satisfy your thrist, clean your body, and water your garden. But only through an organized system of collection, storage, distribution-and treatment can water resources be mobilized to produce the broader benefits which you, as a citizen, enjoy. The price which you and all consumers pay for the water you use helps to meet the costs of making, these benefits available to all. Without a water works system, the cost of urban living would be prohibitive 1 Blytheville Wahr Co. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" ASM Studies Record of Wechsler Case WASHINGTON (IP)— The American Society of Newspaper Editors has referred to its Freedom of Information Committee the record of Sen. McCarthy's questioning of editor James Wechsler. J. B. Wiggins, managing editor of the Washington Post and committee chairman, said Basil Walters, executive editor of the Knight Newspapers and ASNE president, asked for the review. No date was set for a committee meeting. Wechsler, .editor of the New York Post, which has been critical of McCarthy, was questioned at closed sessions of the" Senate internal security subcommittee April 24 and May 5. The published transcript shows Wechsler accused McCarthy of "brain washing" and attempted intimidation of the press. McCarthy's retort was that Wechsler had made a "phony break" .with communism in 1937. McCarthy said he called Wechsler as an author whose writ- Ings are in U. S. information li- California Ranchers Declare War on Grasshopper Hordes BAKBBSP1ELD, Calif. battled ranchers open an Intensive war this week, against the worst grasshopper Invasion In the rich San Joaquin Valley In more than a decade. Untold millions of the crop-devouring insects Infest a belt between the Tehachapi Mountains and the green crop line on a 50- mile arc across the southern end of the valley. They have been sighted less than a mile from the sweeping vineyards of the big Di Giorgio Ranch, about 15 miles southeast of here. Agricultural expert^ report that already 250 to 300 acres have been damaged by the hordes. Luckily, cool weather has kept them from moving. But with warmer temper- .tires in the offing, the legions must be wiped out quickly if grape, cotton and other crops are to be saved. A farmer committee has raised a $60,000 war chest. A shipment of 10 tons of aldrin, a 'hopper poison, braries abroad. has been ordered from Denver. Pour oil companies which operated wells in the valley have donated 25,000 gallons of dlesel oil, to be mixed with the aldrin. A trucking firm will provide B!X truck tankers and three crop-spraying firms will use 10 planes and 1 pilots. The poison will cover 100,000 acres. James Dutton, chief of the Grasshopper Control Division of the, U. S. Agriculture Department, arrived by air from Washington last night to head the attack. Steve Straub, operator of a crop- dusting firm, said the 'hoppers can., strip a mile of vineyard In a day/ If you drive a car across infested pastureland, he said, they'll rise in clouds to swarm over the hood and windshield and clog the radiator grill. In the foothills they are thick— probably 1,000 to a square yard, he estimated. 'When we drop bait to them from the air it looks like the entire earth rises two feet," he added. "And that's no earthquake—that's grasshoppers!" * ^MELLOWED BY NATURE TO THE PEAK OF OLD-FASH'N GOODNESS '& '"'*> .,< CASCADE . .. and only CASCADE, gives you the light, smooth richness of the George A. Dickel 1870 formula! KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON tW. *. Oltttl :HSMUSC (OMMHV. 10UISII1U, MUCK . 86 FKOf • !«S WHISKY K t H4IS DID "From the life, and vigor of the. grain" Pickups New Model 1-110 pickup with Ad-A-Rok attachment!. New International Truck Line Offers 307 New Features New International pickups deliver unequalled light-duty performance for the demands of farm operation. International's emphasis on a long-range program of truck research and development has resulted in greater versatility in the New International pickups and other New International Thicks. IH-Bullt, IH-Proved Value The 307 new features of the New Internationals are laboratory- proved, road-proved. The 168 basic models offer the right truck for the job, unequalled performance, lowest maintenance and operating costs. Now—features you want In America's most complete truck line: New International styling identified by the IH emblpra...First truck builder to oiler choice of gasoline or LP gas with Underwriters' Laboratories listing in IV^-ton sizes anrl other models .. . Comfo-Vision cab with one-piece Sweepsight windshield; new comfort and interior styling ... Steel-flex framet... 296 Wheelbasds ... Easy starting, greater fuel economy ... Wide range of axle ratios ... Real steering comfort and control... Sizes from Vi-'cm to 90,000 Ibs. GVW rating. New Mods! R-l 60 with 12-foot grain body and Comfo-Viiion cab. New Model R-l 10 pickup with 8-foot body. Other pickup niodtU ovailobl»wilh 6K and 9-foot bodin. SH The New Inftrnof/onofs at DELTA IMPLEMENTS iv INTfRNATIONAL'MWfSTfR SALK £ SfWICl V/uxi* 6863 •- BLYTHEVILIE.ARK. NEW LOW PRICES! SAVE UP TO $15200 Convenient Terms Available INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Standard of 'tic Highway

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