The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1948
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JUNE 8', 1948 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople BIATWEVIU,B (ARK.)' COURIKR NEW* , PACT SAV, AMOS.' WHY DOl-i'T *?0 ^ MO, *SO, 3AK6.' kio ART- MS AS POBUCVTY «|k IFKIAL ENTHUSIASM, i— PAID IW ACNAMC6 ? H PLEASE.'-^-/ IU. KOUMOUPACROUOj* DISTOR8 TUe LOCXOT TH FOOL 1 HISSELP IN THAT SHACK WMEK1 HE KNOWS IT'S MURDERS AM' IS HAUNTED/ YOU GOT AMY FEEUN'S ABOUT SUCH NO--1 AIN' SUITE OLD ENOUGH 'IO THAT DUM& VET.' TI-US cseepy FEELING r\ie &OT — LIKE A TORh!A.DD OC RIOT COMICS ? TO CUPiP Hftv«5S STOMP vJKisue YOuR. SM6P.E. FOR-r^T -' IT ID ME To PROTECT PAINTING FROM 3DST THE \\ORRV WART NOTICE OF NEW ESTATES ON WHICH ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN COMMENCED Notice is hereby given that the following Is a list of estates of deceased persons ui)on which Letters Testamentary or of Administration were granted riming the month of May, T9W with ihe dat« of the granting of such letters ami the name ami address of the executor or administrator. No. 18*1. Estate of Joseph E. Threlkeld, Jr., deceased. Letters lii-llr. km itlillrr Tom her fihthrr L^You Art Cordially I Invited to Visit I The i Accessory Shop I Feminine Apparel ; Mabel Hogan Jessie Srlte • Hotel Noble Bldg. ! Blytheville, Ark, Blytheville Glass Co. Jo* Alkim Bide. Hwr. 61 go: Auto Glass Installed While You Wait Safely Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors A Complete Glass Service Also Glass Blocks Furniture and Desk Tops We Also Do Caulking J Phone 3142 F. A. Stanley, Owner TUB STORY l Jviihlr rlopfd with Vli like Blnkr In tlrflnm-r mid In K|ii(* ut hf- _ -,„., . yvllh kf» mother «»il mlmltr. Lucy, while he in ovrn»r««. Tfcf T nr«- cualomed lo luxury, trie.i ID vnln to Bd'omnKHinl* hrr««-lf I* ikelr klrd »t III*. Tom 1 - »Uttr u cool lu ht-r n»<t !•!• *»«>1hrr upenlr •»- iMffODlNtlc. Je*»len cor* to ihr mlr- porl (fir mm oullntc Aitc Suutiuy aliernuaM uud an n( Irnrtivi- pinn hrr. . ihe wmj home, mhr *4D1>» Into Ji faiih- liiKnbJc hold for lunch. A volrr »n 7*1 "!!*• I In! Whnl lurk tn find It IK the mnn from ihc •he have * XII PHE drinks^came, Cigarets were L lighled. He esked, "How' Jctsy?" which put the con rersation on a good firm basis the talked nbout Betsy. How old ohe was and whom she resembled "She's like her father.** Tha was a safe subject, too. He said, "My name's Davi> Gregory," and ignored the refer ence to her husband. After a bit of hesitation sti said, "Mine is Jessica Blake." He laughed. "1 remembere that. You knew that I would try to see you again, didn't you, Jes sica?" She thought, This must right now. Lucy was right, in spil of all her primness, and it is dan gerous to "trifie with men lik David Gregory, David Gregory. She liked th name and she liked the man wh bore it in spite of the fact that sh determined to discourage ' an further meeting. She pushed aside her glass an declared she must go. "Without a dance?" The music encouraged dancin lie so/t low bent drummed in her ars. She shook her head and iL'kctl up her gloves and purse. David said/"- "Why not? Why on't you dance with me? H Silly to refuse, of course. * • • 'HE was in his arms drifting across the floor and aware with sudden suffocating guilt thai she :as terribly happy. Light-hcarled nd free. She smiled up at him nd he smiled down at her and is arm lightened slightly. The dance ended and they r«- urned to their table. "Now I must go." He did not try to persuade hei o linger, but there was something riumphant in his blue «yes as he met bis glance. Something which made her lower her dark eyes quickly. Later, as they stood logelhe outside the May (lower, he soid l My car's down here." He noddec .oward the parking lot a block •away. H Oi I'll take yo> lomc." His car was a convertible wil red leather upteolstery. A mag nificent car which carried the: smoothly and swiftly through th traffic and out lo the Blake house He reached across Jessica to un fasten the door and his arm hel the door catch and imprisoned he for a moment. "I want to see yo again," he avkl firmly. Jessica said, "I'm sorry." She pushed through the door and ran up the walk without backward glance. Without thank ing him, she remembered later, was better that way. Better to dis courage him. Betlcr lo be rude.* Not even to herself would sh confess the stab of regret she fe as David Gregory drove awa Probably he will not care to se you again, she thought, and stern ly closed her mind to the dele; mined glint in David's blue eyi and the charm of his di.nurbin srrnla. JAV1U CJRKGOnY telephoned Ihe day following the meeting Ihr Mayflower. He called sev- al limes and always Jcssiru loltl m that she was busy, unable to ' ake any engagements. Two eeks passed with no further ni- mpt upon his part to get \ n uch with her and she fclt-a cer- in relief, Mrs. Blake answered ie telephone upon Iwo occasions id viewed her a tier ward with tmething closely akin lo honor. ucy told her that her mother was omplcteiy upset by the idea that ess ion would c o n v erse wi th a range man. Why had the man illeci her? Who was lie? The fact that David was (he man •ho spoke to her at the mrpnil nly aggravated Lucy's disiipprov- l. She had met him again? Jessica explained. On a shop- •ing trip do writ own she had met 3nvid Gregory and he hnd brought icr home in his car. Nothing more. Lucy persisted, "lie stopped you n the street?" "No." Flatly. **1 met him at he Mayflower." "The Mayflower?" "What's wrong with thai?" ,7cs- ilca was impatient now ami ill at ?ase remembering how startled she lad been when David appeared so unexpectedly, remembering the lance and her own reaction to his .ouch, but determined to give the meeting no significance whatever. She picked Betsy up from the Hoor and started to leave the room, [hen paused and, over her shoulder, said indifferently, "III never sec the man again and I've told him so repeatedly." "Tom will be home -soon," said Lucy, As though that would solve everything, thought Jessica as she wearily mounted the long stairs. She could not expla'm the restlessness which dogged her constantly ever since the day she mat David Gregory. It was unwise to havd caught a glimpse of a different life, for her own would not be loo changed with Tom's return. For a while at least they must remain with his people and she would be one agfiinst three, for Tom would agree at all times with his mother and Lucy. The prospect was disheartening. (To Be Continued) testamentary uwued to Joseph E. Threlkeld, Sr., of Rt. 1, Manila on May 11, 1948. No. 1852. Estate of W. H, Holden, | deceased. Letters of Administration [ Issued to Let tie Holrfen, Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1£H8. JNOW! Political Announcements Tht Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 27 and August 10 COUNTS TREASURER Frank VVhltworth COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shlppen »TATE REPRESENTATIVE Jimmie Edwards L H Au try H. E. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukie" Speck ^> For Count? Jndf* Poland Green Fielder Pecry For Circuit court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (ChUktsawaba Townthlp) J. Robert Cronkno •at FOUNTAINS Everywhere! No. 1863. Estate of Tom Alexander, deceased. Letters (e-stamcnuiry issued to H. C. Alexander, Rt. 3. Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1948. No. 1854. EsUte ot Dell R. Scott, | deceased. Letters of Administration | issued to E. M. Holt. Blytheville, Arkansas on May s, IMS. No. 1856. Estate of Orange (O.M.) Johnson, deceased. Letters testa melitary issued to Willie Lee Ixj Sr.. Blytheville, Arkansas on Ma 24, 1958. No. 1857. Estate of A. M. Brewe deceased. Letters of Administrntio issued to Angcllne Brewer, Leach ville. Arkansas on May 28. 1948. Witness my hand as such Clcr and the seal ol said Court thi.s th 2nd day of June. 1048. ELIZABETH BLYTHE ISEAL) County and Probate Clcr By Stella Cain, Deputy Cler I Radio Service i ! at its Best! j, { All New FM \, I . Test Equipment [j J All Service Guxranleed ji i Blytheville Salts Co. i ' Felix Carney ^ ; ' ! E. Main Phone ml; K.M.LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main * Lake St. Phone 523 We Install Window Glass For Any Make Automobile While You Wail! Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS a Complete Lint o Auto Parts Don't Be a Spendthrift! Save That Hard-Earned Cash! You can save up fo 50% on all your auln body and fender repair at HOT'S BODY SHOP. PAINT JOBS—$35 & tip. Complete upholstery service . . . Htadlinings . . . Door Panels . . . Floor Mats . . . Complete Body Trim. Take advantage of our low ovefhead expense and have that old tar repaired now. Any model from 1919 to 1919. HOT'S BODY SHOP 110 So. Lilly Phone 3456 UPHOLSTERING-PHONE 4297 AUTO AND FURNITURE., Seat Covers — Seat Covers $20 Front and rear *eatxs tailored to [it, Covers marie from pleasing, durable straws and fabrics and Installed at no extra cost. Our Seat Covers will never rip. When In need of scat covers, come in and assure yourself of these super values. Our convertible tops are unexcelled and our head linings will bt your delight. We are most pleased to offer you n furniture upholstering service that will brlni? a lasting pride to your home. Come In and see our wide selection of beautiful, modestly priced materials. Larger Cars Slightly Higher THOMAS J. LILLY & SON 112 S. Lilly St. Phone .1297 KKCKLES A HIS FRIENDS B r MERRILL Lei'B Eat B ASKIMC- MT i Let TO DO WHAT? J. GWSTS LIVE VOU OWW / REALLY! l KNOW HAVE -lOU THROWN OUT --OK ASK'fcHJTb LUNCH/ WOULD tWICL W ineic GRAVES ' *«**• '"* •» »C« M«V«. »»C. T. H. «IO. U. t. /AT. Off cooler. Mother, if you weren't always run- %rrj«xi in a dith«r! Why don't you cultivate a ct\lm, poised manner?" KISCILLA'S TOP By AL VERMEEB Ofi, this Is 1932 ptpf / found It By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANB OJO--AIID MY NAME'S w FUNI. \ MV SISIiR K)UIID>DUR WAUf I WITH VI STAMP IN II OUISIDt (H6 tllHRIMf. SHE Wi5 IO COMl HrRE , AIID 8MURII IT. , -/ WHEBt K 5«E? / 1 H4VfM'l SFErA WUR 5151 IK. BUI \H*» SEfN THIS MESSAGE.' WU SftV WU CAME TO SEE ME BOOT 1IIF STAMP I IO51 ? YOU 1UM BE iMK.FLim MIEN. DO TOO HAVE II WIIH YOU? II SAVS TO CAIL A MM NAMED HIMJ A80UI YOUR WULEI. I OON'r Gtr ir-- f BETIER 16TOUR IUIIE AMNESIA VICTIM SLEEP. I'M GOING TO PHONE VIRGM. SKmXR A5AIN AND SE€ If ItE CAN SUED ANY LISHr O(4 HER.' BUT I DO.' MXJ'RE Illf MAK WHO JOSHED WE A1 YOU'RE A f/CKftOCKltf WASH TUliBS j ou re an Kxce|ilipn, Uuster LESLIE TURNE8 to IT'S TKtie.,,HEHKS MIC UP Ws IMER SCIENTIf 1C PI5COUEKIE5 BfCMSC HE THIHKS MMO I»WT Wist EMOUGH TO USE 'EM PROfERLV 1 . Mlp HOW »J THE BV»*S CAN I CHANGE THI\T 0^ COtOEKli »lt»? OtliMV! AUD KS XWiT NOT MEftN TO RELE TWM TILL, mwr MEM WWKCD ON WITH \ W PA NO««M. Ml 1 Wi BR»IM-SYIMULMI»!&1 SXJW'T MtK>«« WACHIWEt tH)H-M-H... IOT WOT MOUT US W» rosvnue TVKEL1MC THEY WM.KEP OFr MilO I COVLPV'T HIM By FRED HARMAN ANO -me vcr; VVHO GOT if/") JW 3cGIIW!VTO BELIEVE YOU'RE IN OS &UCKSWt>T5 SCHEME TO SWNDLE US, COWBOY/ j 7-^LET'S HEO.' TriES WOU'f I ir I :iMD THE LlSTErtTORtte _ ' " LOST.-' •YOU/ ,—^aL^^-T^*» Om)l« No Like By V. T.-HAMLIN A*DI FROM THS THITSE OF US. THERE'S NO ONE HESE BUT OOOLA..,. ^^JD <HE WOULON T PV?E TO MONKEY WITH IT THir»< THIS BEEN ENOUGH BOOTS AMD HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN •UK \ CKECK '.tM too ou MOW to

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