New Orleans Weekly Delta from New Orleans, Louisiana on December 21, 1846 · 2
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New Orleans Weekly Delta from New Orleans, Louisiana · 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1846
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74 THE NEW O RLEAN S WE EKLY DEL T A l)c ilUckh) Delta. KEW OR LEA SB, DECEMBER 15-17 Ef The schr. Cure arrived at Brrzos St. Jago, on til? 1 Oth inst., from Tampico, and reported every thing quiet; the American forces were in quiet position ol" the place, aud busily engaged in extending the fc-rt i iW-a t m . ' rOneof our correspondents at Brazos Uland, writing on Ihe 29tb till., wive : " Hart, the pioneer of the drama in Texas and, Mexico, will leave here Moa for TamnVo, and he expects to cartv the theatre to Monterey anil San Lots Potosi. He de. aerrta great credit for his enterprise." . - Anoiher correspondent, writing from Brazos St, Jaro, rays : " It is considered to be tsie intention of (Jen. Taylor to march his army to San Luis Fo-tori, leaving a sufficient garrison at Monterey, and that the troop at Catrnrgo and Jlatamoros, in like maimer leaving sufficient garrifoos, will be shipped au3 B; ir-!if J to Tumpieo from this point. C The desire to know whetlier Com. Stewart is actually ordered to the Gttlf create considera ble anxiety here. The absence of the mail from gashing ton tor the last two days baa tended to heighten it. We have no doabt ourselves that the order has leen given, for we know that a letter was receiv ed in this city from a party well advised at Waslsington, on Saturday, statiwg that in a council of the'enbinet it had been decided lo attack the Castle of San Juan 3e I I.ia. 7 Col. James A Bauks, and Doctor T. H Vsnvalzah, fiom LewUtown, Pa., arrived in this city on Monday. They have heendeputed by their fciiow citizens of that place to proceed to Monterey (whither rtirv are goiug) and take home for final interment the remains of the late Lt. JVoods, of the 3d Regiment, w ho (ell at the attack on the place. list of Military Appointments. There is a - promotions and appointments in the peuenil orders of the W ar Ivpaitmem. Among them, -we notice, are ihoee of Maurice Maluoey, JSerg'l-Major in the 4th infantry, to be second lieutenant; and of Hor-biijid Thorn, of New York, to be second lieutenant. tS Without meaning iu the most remote de-, gr to attribute the omission to a party spirit, - or to say that whiggery or democracy dictates it, we to s&y tiiat theie is a culpfcble negligence somewhere everywhere in the matter ol affording pecuniary aid to those enrolling themselves, or who are willing to enroll themselves, in the regiment of volunteers for which the General Government has called oa the State. Nowhere J else is it so. In one place we find a State Legislature liberally subscribing lor a like purpose in others, city corporations -iu others, again, wealthy and patriotic individuals. In Louisiana in New Orleans, al n'e neither Legislature, corporation, nor citizen, has stepped forward lo assist those ready lo peril their i.v.s in sustaining the honor -and (lie .arms of t ie country, w irh the pittance iu-dispeua-bly necessary fur the outfit of each soldier about to embark for a campaign in a foreign country. Is it to cooiinue sot The Legislature is not in session our m uiicipal corporations, at least most of them, seem to be in a position which renders them more t to receive tlian to bestow bounty but it is not so with many of our citizens. Their circumstances are alHucnt let them show them-elnes worthy of the possess. on of their wealth, by contributing towards a fund for the outfit of the gallant volunteers, who show themselves not as laggards, but aa soldiers, when called by their Country to the field. " ; .. Latest from the Army. . Tbe C S. transport ateamsbip Alabama, Capt. Windle, arrived here Monday evening. She in from Brazos St. Jago, which place she left oa the 11th inst. In another column we give such letters as we have received from our correspondent that from Monterey, though not of the latest date, is interesting on account of the reports wbich it embodies in reference to the alleged doiugs of Santa Anna. The steam transport ship Alabama left Brazos St. Jago on the 1 1 th inst., at 6, P. M. Capt. Windle had no communication with the shore for some time previous to the day of sailing, ox ing to the heavy weather that prevailed, and w as obliged twice to slip his cables and put to sea, in company with a number of oilier vessels, some of whom still had their cargoes ou board. Tbe barque Wo. Ivy was blown off on tlie 6th, with a cargo of mules on board, and had not returned when the Alabama sailed1. The steamboat Sea, Capt. Pitt- 6eld, from Tampico, bound into Brazos St. Jago, was totally lost on "Brazos Bar on the 6ih all bends saved. The Sea was built in the West, about two years since, and was a most substantial vessel. Sue was partly insured in Cincmuati, but still the loss to the owners w ill be considerable. Tbe Alabama brought up the crew of tlie steam ship Neptune, previously reported as lost on Tarn' pico Bar. We learn from an officer, who came passenger on tbe Alabama, that it waa reported that a train of 65 wagons was taken by the Mexicans on the road between Camargo and Monterey, some lime between the 1st and bill inst. We place but little confidence in the above report. We make from the Matauioros Flag of the 2Sth ulu, the following extracts : Matamoros. Matamoros presents quite a lively appearance, and every department of the aruiv seems to be active ; a train of wagons will leave soou for Tampico, throurh tlie country, tinder an escort. Capt. 1 homton s company of dragoons are here, and every command in this section is ani on p. k ; W. McGiU. 2d drug,ciiip. B ; J. Swink, Ky. cav; J. Freeman, 1st art, comp. H ; Waller Wick, 1st ree. lod. vol. ; James Phillips, do. ; James Archer, 3d art., romp. I ; Jos. Atchison, 3d reg. lil. vi.!.; S. Martin. Teun. cav.; A. Lawrence, 1st reg. I ml. vol. ; Wiusiow. qr. mast, dep.; F. Hearty, 3d reg. Ind.vul.; W. Bern , do. J. J. B. S RluHT, Surg". L". S. A. ,Malamoro?, Dec. 2, 181b. ' PiSsexoaas Pt tttt m,:.,p A Uk ma. Colonels Mitchell, aad Bcfcer; If irTa Denny, liaines. aad Joue-; CapuiB i'ian, Birrv.G. Klkia. Uorrkkiua, R. Fenaer, Cuop-r. mod Mkrstisll: Lteateuriaui E. atTritt, J. f. WiIkw. Malonr, -McilevuuMK Alln, liunpkrvvi. R. M. Pw. t'arliw. aaii Artitflrtinr ; Patten, if. Wlialey, Welles. Porter, Scot!, and Cabaiii ; Mtr. CuzafDs Jrokni. HjII L?ar, bdi-, Siiead, Johu Lane, aad xoA sick act! dlckarril toiUfr. Vou .vTttjs. A eotnpany of volunteers, numbering 12 men, arrived on Monday from Shreveport, on U!d the steamboat Bolle of Illinois, under the command of Capt. Roe and Ll Cram. Ty C; tain I'oppV, the 4th company of the Pifles, was to have left St. Louis for this city, em route f.r Mexico, oa the 8th inst. Lochias Bois. Caul. Francia Gerault, of -the lte Moutenma regiment, has again uufurled his banner, a will be seen by his advertisement at;i is raising a couipany to inert the recent call of the Genera! Government on the State. Capt. Gerault bas oil the ehmeuts that 6t him (or a pop-ulnr command int of a company he is brave, youi.j and en?rgetic.v Where bravery beckons, or hurt b are to be gnincd, I litre will lie lead. Capt. Noiks. We are truly glad to ascertain tlsat Com. Foster, in consideration of the neces-tily ot tlx! vaiuatile cr tees of Capt. Nones, at thi pnriicular tune, aad of the importance of having all of the avail lil vessels in ttie revenue service lo co-operate with the nival forces in the Gulf, durine Uie coming events, hss reinstated this gaitum othct as commander of the revenue cutter Forward. "Die Forward, after th contemplated rhance iu ln-r armnment, whk h will occupy some eight or ten d , v. ill proceed hence for the Gulf sqtiiidmn, and convey any letters or pnfiers which may be e -siri-ud to tlie charge of her cominan-Aer. Tropic. Wit!) llie Tropic, we rejoice that tlie country is 'not tol.v even temporarily, deprived, more particularly at the present juncture, of the services of the gallant Nones. Com. Foster, in reinstating hinn has doue wiaciv and well. tri""" Mr. J. C. Moore. No. 17 Poydras street, is tiie agent of the Natchez Free Trader," an ex-celkni paer, and of large circulation. :.Uer(-vri. . Col. E. D. Baker, of the Illinois Volunteers, who was so severely wounded in attempliug to quell t'je disturliance among the Georgia Volunteers, arrived Moo 'av evening in the Alabama, from tlie st-tt of war, i.nd is stopping at the St. Charles Hotel. ' - '"' Ho ; roR Mexico. We copy the following ad-arute:.: ml fruiu ttia Charleston Courier: Wasted 0z Hvtur.t artive, brave younc men, to -i ne "i'ii Kuv ket aud Mountain Howitzer BntierK-s, now rrcpnri'iir by the Urduancs Oepart-.jnent fur immediate depirtore. In pav. provisions, And clothinc." Ihis cordis will beupeiK.f to any otiier yet raised, and from the kmd ol amis, will be constantly in the atimmce, wbrre the liard -st figbtinr may be expected. ; Tlis birl-est chartjrier lor eotirage and pkytisal w "y win ! e reqmrrtf tor Apply lo Caj't. J. WilliaMiO.v, S. Arsenal. Sot'TB Cakoi.isa. David Johnson was circled cn tiie 8th inst., by tlie Legislature of South Caro-- !.ca, Governor of the State, and Wm. McLaio Lieutenant Governor. The vote tor Mr. Johnson was nearly unanimous. . A VrrERAS Ot rictR. Col. Trovillon, one of Gea. Iluiii.-' o a best ofEwrs, is named in I he Pitulmrg !iijpDk h for the command, as Colonel, of the IVnusylvonia regiment. - Col. T., it is said, ic a hrriv and Scint ofScex, and -ilI be a prouii- . Btnt CHiu'idai. - I.vbia Rceeeb FloiT. Col. Henrv, Stanton, 'Auistaot Quartefmafter General, has iiissiavrntcd an Injia Rubier Fba', by w uirh he will be enabled in transpoit across rivers wagons and ordnance of the greatest possible vteight wiih perfect safety. Hif" Tie New VorU nndf rwriters have naani-mously adopted tlie fotiowir.g resvluiiua : RtH-t'J. That each Compnily will re fane to insure vessel, freight, or cargo, in alt ca s where a vessel bubn-dloa fon-ien port (rxcepu: ? only doubie-decked v ssels under tons,) ehati carry j mom than oae-baU of her tcnasge in grain in bulk. hjus lo move forward. 1 lie sick nave nearly alt vacated tlie hospitals. Capt. Havnes' couipanv has kit our viciuiiy and joined the regiment, preparatory to future operations, and every one, ciii-eeo and soldier, seems anxious lo desert our citv end proceed to Tampico ; but tlie orders of Gen. I'atterson are very strict, anil no person, not even sutler, will be allowed to go tnere wittiout per mission. - v ' . Camabco. Gen. Patterson wasputtinshis plans into Camargo. On the lUih inst the 2d infantry, under command of Col. Riley, proceeded to march, as an advance guard to Tampico by tlie way of San Fernando and ictona. I he 1st regiment Teouessee inianlry were expected to follow the same route. Two companies of artillery, with one 13-pounder, passed down on Wed- nesoav, on ttie Kougn ana Keaay. id t.ross brought down six coiuoaniea of the 1st Alabama rceiuient. Col. Earl commanding. Tbe remaining companies, nnder Col. Corii'e, were to start immediately. The 3d regiment Illinois, under Col. Ba ker, will be sent down as soou as transportation can he provided, on Mondav, ttie time of ttie starting of the Col. Cross, Gen. PattersoD was ex- pec ti d to leaie immediately, leaving Gen. Marshall hi command of that post, with Col. H. Marshall's regiment Kentucky cavalry, and the 2d Ohio regiment. Geu. Pillow was laboring under slight indisposition. The Ball. Among the guests at the ball in Matamoros on tlie 2Gth til t-, were Col. Curtis, Maj. Gorman, Capt. McDougall, and several others, who will not, perhups, (says the ' Flag,) have another opportunity of meeting the ladies of our goodly city ; we, however, hope this is only an introduction to a aeries of paniea.wbich will end in a sociability among us, beneficial to all. Geu. Wool Copt. Webb, Illinois volunteers, arrived here last eveniug on the Col. Cross, from Monclova, on his way to Wahiniton Ciiy. He left Gen. Wool at that place, awaiting orders for further movements. The health of the command was generally good. FlRsT I.MIIAXA Rr.6lET. Capt. Mclfciurall's company of tbe 11 Indiana recimeut. arrived here as an escort to a large train of wagons, which are intended for Gen. Patterson's division iu the cou-lemplatcd movement towards Tampico. Capt. Mcl. will probably remain in the city uolil Hie line of anarch, and which is soon lo be taken up. His company, which bas been greatly reduced by disease and death, are now alt in improved uealtli, and ready for I lie active service which I hey are soon to commence. TaiRD Ohio Regiheit. The 3d rejiment of Ohio volunteers, commanded by Col. Curtis, were reviewed on Wedne-day eveuine, in the, Grand Plaza, in expectation ol being soon moved forward to Tampico. This recmeiit has been station-d here lor some time, and we have before noticed tlieir quiet and orderly appearance. Their evolutions were altogether soldier-like. Third I.hjiasa Regiukst. The 3d regiment of Indiana volunteers appeared on the Plaza on Thursday last, nnder their commanding officer, Col. Laue, and made a most elegant display of men and tactfes. Both the Ohio and Indiana regiments are composed of good hale-looking men, and number some 750 men each, fit for duty. The following excerps are from the Flag of the 2d inst. : Movements of Gu. Pattersoh. At a late hour last ereninz, Geo Patterson had oot arrived the Corvette, winch be is aboardot having ground-ed. He will be here on the rirsl boat thai arrives from aliove. It is useless for us to speculate on any movements that are to take place his arrival will make them assume some form ; but at present we do not believe he best informed on such sub- : jects ran tell what is to be the character of the movement from here, or whether Gen. Patlrsou will take charre of it or not. If they have any knowledgv on the subject, they take di vilsh good care to keep it lo tuemseltes. ' - "COVDITIOB OF THE Tr001S A BOl T TO ST ART ; FOR Tampico. Wehad a conversation with Lieut. 1 Stuart W. Case, of the 2d regiment Indiana volunteers, who arrived in ourcity yesterday momine on the Cross, and from him we learn that the Alabama volunteers, who passed down a few d ivs since, were, after supplying themselves at Point Isabel with new tents, canteens, 4c, immediately shipped off for Tampico. The Illinois volunteers who passed down day before yesterday, were at tlie moo ill. He represents the 2d regiment of Indiana volunteers at Camp Belknap, to be in 6 ne order, well drilled, healthv, and rcadv to take up a line of march for almost any tihere at an hours notice. Great praise is due Gen. Lane fur the care aud attention he bas bellowed uoii this regiment they bavins: been almost v. holly drilled by him in person Col. BoB'lea, the commandant, being al thia time (though expected bark hourly) absent on leave. Lieut. Col. Haddon and Maj. Cravens, the other field officers of the regiment, are, however, on hand, and ready at ah times. The regiment numbers some 7j0 effective men. On her downward trip on Sunday, tlie Cross conveyed lo the mouth from Camargo, six companies of the Alabama reeiment, under Col. Earle. 1 he rerrrainine four companies, under Col. Coffee, passed down on ,M outlay, on the Brownsville. These troops were iuiinediately embarked on tbe steamship Virginia, and would proceed oa her lo Tampico. The two companies of re?nlr lately stationed here, .under Capt. Nnrmun and Lieut. Haskms, which had proceeded to Caniargo, oa their way lo Monterey, received counter orders, and are now ou their way to Tampi'-o, having pnsscd do m lo tlie mo itn of the river several lays ago, aud embarked on bo-irl the steamer L'ndjie. We are told that the 3d lllinuis regimeut, now at Camargo, will be down soon. The. PaI DkpaRTHESt. The Paymaster's Department in this city is coming up lo the scratch right manfully, and the boyO have got more money than they know what to do with the Tennessee Horse particularly they receiving 100 per bead. Each one seems striving to get rid of it as soon as possible, and it is being scattered sbout tbe city with wasteful profusion. Tbe sbar- persare busy, and will have their share. Capt. Gray's Rangine Company at Corpus Ciiristi, was stiH in service, and have recently had several Indian skirmishes. Deaths in the Genera. HoiimtaL. MaTa- aioaos, stsci -ov. ti. J CORRESPONDENCE of THE -IIAILT DELTA j ' " MaTxxoxas, November ?I, Irto. fffalfeafea At lat, alter twa swaths of iaactivity,-our bare commenced ojieralioas. -a. W orth has marched apua akillt, a kick it is i.resamed he mill capture without opponitioa. All the reauhu-s below this poiuthave proceeded lo Tampico, aud the two Indiana regiments are to follow a sooa a traasportatioa eaa be procured. The Sd Infantry hate taken up the line ol march from Caniaryo, throa;h Victoria. Veslerday six eoaipaoies of tbe 3d llliaois Volualeerr arrived here, aud tiea. PullerMM with a larire loce i- hoarly exiiectfd, sappeeed tw be est ntmtt fur Tanpicu. Thus it ,ru that the war is to be prunecuted with euerry. Ii i tbe opioiva of many here, ut wbich, however. I caanut coa cur, tbal il is the drCeraiiaMMia 9t ntr tstiveraairiu to garrtfOB and lake utider oar prwtectioa all tiie coaatry coat aered, but to pruceed ao further into tbe interior of Mexico. I cauiwt believe that a coon of policy so atwch ia oppeattiow. aet nly to tbe irlory but to the interests of ear couatry, will be adopted. It seeau that tba Earlish press ia aeaia au me as Iba object of its attack. Democratic ambitiua, and la&rdi-aata tlere of territorial arrraadixemeat. are tbe tbeiwes apoa which chiefly tbey expatiate. It is evident that they perceive ia the result of oar cuatrt with Mexico nothing but the complete frwwtralios of all titeir-foadly cherisbed projects ia regard to Caltforuia. They eaa scarcely recur to the ul ject w ithout eviuciar the aaorti-ficalioa w hich has bees occasioned lo them by our acquisition of that territory. They see plainly that the weight of power oa thin Coutiaeat i all ia the Antencaa side of Ube balance. One of tbe leadtar Eur!ib journals again hiuu at the project which we kaow to have beea ooc seriously entertained, of converting xlexicn into a asoaarchy aad aeutiug upoo its throne a Eurotieaa prmce. Would it not be wrfl for oar Government is treating with Mexico, to exact from them a condition of peace, aa obligation nrver to five any recoeragemeot to sack a scheme? We know that Ike people are ia favor of a republic, aiid that if a monarchy sliould ever be established it would be ia oppoilioa to their wi-lit-a, and by the force of mi'itary uetfpotiriu aioue. The weather for th' last tw dnys has beea ratb-r coo', tvinr to a vevere northerlkkk cloihinf U inconsiderable demand. Malamorwa has in many re-pects become alaioat aa American city. There have within the past wev-k beca two Amerieaa balls, auneroaly attended, aad eraced by the presence of m.jny of our owe couLtrt women. Tbe river continues very tow, and boats experience coa HI" arable difficulty ia renin? to Comaro. I remain yoara, . D. MATAJloaos. November SS. ic46. GeutUmtm As I have previously informed yon, re-sewed activity has beea imparted towur Army. Troops have been arriving from above for the last week. T terday six compaaies of the Alabama reivent arrived. commanded by CoL EarL They are to proceed imme-mediately by sea to Tampico. It u said taat tbecause of tbe haste with wkica they are proceeding to their destination is in coatequeuea of information bavin been received tkat a larre Mexican ftrce i oa tbe marck to retake Tampico. Gea. Worth has takea Sal-ttllo, without opposition. Gen. Taylor is to return immediately from tMltuto. and leaving slOBterey u to joia Patterson. Santa A una', new letter, denouncing Federalism, and declaring bis intention, after having conquered Taylor, to ers.a the Federal party, will undoubtedly lone him many adherents mid much valuable support in these Uejrtmenta. The naopfe here, and in fact all alon; the Rm Grande aad ia the Department! east of tbe mountains, are almost universally Federalists and in favor of the coustituuon of l-t. The arimuMciiimrirre of Vera Cruz, recalling Snta Anna, evidently only declared ia favor of the old constitution of for tbe purposa of gaminr toe support of the people in this ei-tion of tbe country, in the eonflic: with the Aweri. cai.s, who were tbea about to advance upon Moaterey. Now that almost all the disanVcted prov inces are ia our hands, and no support in carrying ou tbe war is lo be expected from them, tbe r al inie: lions of the central Departments are evinced. Santa Anna is determined (he say) to be himself the rovernaweat of Mexico, that being tbe only means of rutriuf pence and tranquility to his beloved eonntry.' There are now here four complete and two incnmpleie regiments, so thai the towa swarms with volunteers. They are ia geaeral very peaceable and orderly ; bat there are, of course, among so many, a few evil disposed men, ready for any species of oatnure. There have lately beea two at empts at assassination by Mexicans robbery supposed to nave been the incentive. " " " D. MovrtxiT. Mexico. Nov. 12, 146. EJiter Vtlt We kave n report kere, based upon pretty rood authority, that Santa Anna baa brea proclaimed Dictator. Tbe Mexican portion of the people plate coatijence is it, ned genera ly manifest a dispost-tion to op pose him, altlionh. apparently, he has some very wsrm friends amour tne most influential. v e, also, learn that Ike Department of Saa Luis Potosi aad proclaimed afaiust rsanta Aana, nod that he was oa his march from San Luis to the city of Mexico, with Gen. Valencia in pursuit of him but I cannot learn what is the comparative strength of Ike twwGenernls. Yours, MUSTANG. P. 9. I tkink there is no doubt sunt tnere is a revolu-tioa in Mexico, and that Sauta Anna will have some troeMeto reconcile all parties. Tbe Mrxiratia here are divided. St. Charlk Thiajsjc. A full and fashionable audience was present at the Su Charles Monday evening lo witness Shskspeare's thrilling nd true to nature tragedy of Macbeth. It would be doing downright injustice lo Mr. and Mrs. W allack aud the members of the company , w bo sustaiued the principal parts, lo attempt, in the tew moments and the brkf spare which we can devote to the subject, anvthiug like an impartial critique on their aciing. SiitTice it lo say. thai the Macbeth of Mr. Waliack anil the Lady Macbeth of Mrs. Walliick were a pair of i! ram .'it- picture- linelv drawn living eit:!.uimei:ts of "lli-'e rbauginf pictures irpre eniiiig altcrnat-lv suibitioii, revenge, an-r, hsie, remorse, nod dt'sjieraiion, whirii s-lrikspeare with such fijtilitv to nature dr :w. . . , - - . -, The daticing of Miss Mary Aon Leo liu rally drew doun the lioue. There was in it a enptiv-alin; grace end on easy elegsuce which all, from pit to dome, aeemfd lieariih to Bpprtciate an.) enthusiastically to apnlikud. The dunce the dan-e, after all, is the thing to catch and tni! in the delirium of appuibation au audience. Orleans Thkatbe. A rcprescutntiou of the " Huguenots"" on r-'aluiiiny eieuing, was decidedly the finest of the saMiu. The house w us unusu ally brilliant aud" crowd d. nullcyte acted anil sung I is part iRaoiilj'to admiration. Iltiilisyieyed throughout the dithcult and tryinj scenes of the fourth and filth acts, unusual talent and taste. Mdme. Fleury-Joiv. as Vnlcntim-, was loudly encored al the close of the performance. Ihihreiiil and Guillot both sung admirably. On the whole, the performance was in the beet ossible taste, and the execution of the orchestra almost ithout fault. This evening a new comic opera. "La Part du Diable," by Auber, will lie brought out. " Ou Thursday evening the grnn.l opera of the "Jewess" will be given. The Ravel Family. The question is fre-queutly acked, "when may the Ravel family be expected lo arrive in this "city V We arc euablcd to say, on tlie authority of a letter received from the Ravels, wbich has been submitted for 'our perusal, thai they will not arrive in New Orleans until late in the season. Il is uimVrstoud that they remain in St. Louis until the lolft inst., and then proceed to Louisville and Cincinnati, where they perform engagements before coming to the St. Charles." ' 13? Dan Marble bas arrived. Look out for fun The Sarle Harwomsts. The members of this talented company, who have been concerting it to crowded houses in all the. river towus, are hourly expected in this city. The Great Western Circus, which was so popular ia our city in the First, lite Second, and tbe Third Municipalities is doing a "jumpin business in Mobile. Ten thousand persons vUited it during tlie first six nighLs of its performance. 3?" The Memphis Monitor reports that on the night of the 4th inst., at the concert given by the "Camcross Family," at the conclusion of a eon by one of the young ladies, some ardent w orshippcr at tiie shriue of beauty aa well as song, in the overflowing of his aiiiuirntion, cast hi old white beaver al the fcet of the beautiful songstress, exclaioiiug, " low earn trie mif hat ."' By the way, Euterpe seems to evince a more republican spirit iu the distribution of her favors than does any of her sister-Muses. She is evidently op posed te the law of primogeniture ; for, instead of entajling the gift of son; on one of a f.mily, she dispenses her favors among the whole. We have at the present lime any quantity of "musical families." ty The Philadelphia Keystone has a long and ably written article on tbe actine: of Mr. Connor the tragedian. The editor ascribes to him dramatic powers and intellectual capacity of a high order of merit. Refcsed to Gbakt Ir. An effort was made in live Circuit Court of Louisville on the ith inst., by the counsel of John Hayes, who wus lately fined $ti.l0 in a breach of promise of marriage case, to obtain a new trial. The motion was overruled. The Louisville Journal understands that Hayes has taken the case to the Court of Appeals. The "sup re awe awwrs. Some' important deci,.. rendered .0 this Court on Monday. Jud-e Eustis decided lhal sssignme.its of personal propertv, made to particular creditors, according lo the law. of other States, .her. such acumen. re sanctioned, will be -'"'n this State, though the property assigned is here, d such assignment, are regarded .. fraudulent bv our laws. That the law of thecontracl will m ail cases -nvem, and timt our courts cannot extend the laws of tiie Slate to contract made and pcr-ai.ns residing elsowliere. JtuW Rot read a learned and lucid decision on ,1," question whether the taxes of tlie Th.rd Mum- id be seizeit "V 'ne creonui o. , ti the decision of tiie District cipality colli- eoroomriiin. s'istninin: Co-.rt." On gmundsof public polity and necessity the Court d lerinines that as the corporation u a part ofthe public government, and its duties deeply concern the peace, good order and police of soci- . I. I... a. I mirlmtlt the iotv, winch il.ities cannm i . - commaud ol" its resources, 1 1" We learn from the lhihlonega (Ga.) Watchman of tlie 3d inst., that tlie atuount coined at the Rrauch Mint at that place, during llie month of November, was $iy,l 10 : 2.7U0 half eagles, and 2,2o6 quarter eagles. EJr Old Xelly Webb, who for nearly sixty years bas sold apples in the court house si Baltimore, Md., died a few days ago, leaving $lsJU to two lawyers of that city. The work of improving die harbor of St. Louis has commenced. $ -i,Dt0 has been sppro-priated by tiie City Council for the purpose of filling in a dam of stone serosa the chute recently inide a! the foot ol Bioodv Island. hkli are its taxes, m .1. e.nm.i be allowed bv seirure and other jltlUlltlf v. processes to inijie le ami etitin-ly obstruct the cor-ptiralioit iu the exc ise of its imp.irtanf public functions. Tbe seinrrej were there fore decreed to be illegal. " ' . Th- esse of Fisk r. Lyons nine up 101 -6u-ment after the reading of the decisions. This is a case of considerable interest, not ouly on account of the important principles involved and the ability of the coun-el eng ig -d, but also because, we believe, a verv cousiderable legacy, in favor of the public schools, depeuds for its effect upon the decision lo be rendered in this case. The case ia briefly ibis r The late Abijah Fisk, who died possessed of a very large property, left two will", iu both of which, after enumerating certain particular legacies he devises the residue of bis property lo his brother, Alvarez Fisk. In his first will ho leaves Lyons $MO0; iu his second lie leaves him $2o00. .Now il is contended by Alvarez Fisk, thai llie legacy in the second will is an entire anuuluieul or substitution of the legacy of the first will. In sunnort of this view Mr. P.entiss made a most ingenious aud learned argument, contending thai the article of our Civil CoJo 1636, differing from the French Code, made subsequent will, containing legacies different from" those of the first will, a revocation of llie anterior will. A 8ood of learning was poured upon this subject from the prolific miud of ihe able counsellor. King, in reply for the plaintiff, showed that by the parole proof of the acts and worJ of the tts-tulor, in txtrtmit, bis intention in favor of the lega tee and of both wills is clearly indicutej; that by Ihe intrinsic evidence of the will itself his feelings towards the legatee, and his desire that both legacies should be cariied iulo efTe-ct, are manifest ; that a particular legacy in a subsequent will only overthrows a similar legacy in a prior w ill w hen they are contradictory and inconsistent. These and other points for tbe plaint. if were zealously and ably urged by the counsel. ' December 21, 1&46, Late fro Rio Jausiro. The brig Seliua' Capt. Jackson, arrive.! at th ;s port on Tuesday from Rio Janeiro, whence she sailed on the 29th Oct.. in company with tba brig Amazon bound to Baltimore. We learn from Capt. Jackson that tho U.S. sloop of war Saratogs, which touched al Rio some time since, bound to California, put back in distress on tlie 28th Oct., having shipped a sea in a heavy gale off Cape Horn, which caused the lost of all ber quarter boats, split sails, damaged spars, and started ber deck and stern frame; she will be) detained some time for repairs. Also, left at Rio the V. S. fiigate Independence, lo sail on tlie 30th Oct. for Calforuia. The barqne Kennebec, Capt. Smith, of Waldo-borough, Me., arrived at Rio on the 27ih Oct., from the Rio Grande, and on the 28fh, while the vessel was proceeding from fhe lower harbor to the upper. Captain Smith fell dead on the quarter-deck while conversing with his wife supposed to have been sun-struck. Freights to the I'nited States for Coffee, fl per hv.g. ' . . - Militakv. Mr. Win. Harrison, of the Parish of .Natchitoches, was yesterday appointed aja-oe- camp to the comma Stale. umler-in-ciiief of ihe army of the ftP We thank our friend of the Concordia Intelligencer, and shall eudeavor to improve by his hint, about our packages to Natchez. First is the Field. The old Keystone State has distanced all llie others of the nine Stales upon w hich tlie late requisition was made. She hasbeen ti.e first to fill up her -ranks, aud is now already uiuler immediate marching orders for the place of rendezvous. Louisiana will have to arouse herself. ty The iotith Carolinian recommends Wnddy Thompson for the command of the Southern volunteers caRed into sen ice uuder the lute requisition of the Wax Department. i Gen. Taylor acknowledges tlie compliment of his election as an honorary member of the venerable N. V. Cinciunati Society, in a modest and inaiilv letter. Capt. Waiker is, or w as, ou tlie 5th iust., the Lion of Phiiuuelp'uia. Ip" The New Vork Canul was again open on the 3d inst., and a nuuitier of boans, which were in above Scheuectadv, had arrived Albany. Co.. Stewart. Com. Stewart has returned home from Washington, and no orders have jet been given tu him iu relation to operations in ihe Gulf of Mexico. Ha was consulted by the President and tho Secretary of the Navy upon the practicability of taking era Cruz and the Castle of Sun Juan de I'lna, and he gave bis opinion that it could be done, and professed his willingness to undertake the enterprise, provided, of course, thai ilia Government would give him tbe proper materiel. He proposes to shell the castle. 'There are points on two islands, near the castle, from which sheila may be thrown wish security and efficiency, as well as from vessel. If the war continue, that castle w ill, ere long, be ours. The Postmaster General took great pain to express the President's message .North, leaving the South to get it as best it could. J"ty A rumor was curreut in Washington on lbs morning of the 7th inst., that some difficulty has occurred between the President and Mr. Secretary Walker, in regard to soma views presented by the latter in his auuual report, but that Mr. Waiker carried the point. Mr. Walker's report was looker for with as much iuierest as the message of tho President.- - " Poke Packing in the West. The following extract from a letter, dated Cincinnati, Dec. 6, wilt be: interesling at the present lime. It shows that the losses of last year have rendered Western operators. more cautious this season. " nogs are arnviog very slowly, ana it is eeuflsniea that the aumber packed at this point the present year will fail short of last fully 11)0,(00 head. We arw informed by a most respectable bouse at Louisville, that the aumber of hors packed at that point this season will not exceed SO.nOO, against 100.8L4 last seasua." S At the election for a Stale Senator in the room of Jaijues Dupre, deceased, held onsthe 7lh irist., l.aslie Dupre received 792 votes, and Lewis received loo' votes two precincts lo be heard from, which will svol ebsnas lis rwwulr. 1 .nsriw Oiiprs', whig, is therefiirc elected. r" The election fir Mayor and Alderroeu in Savannah, on the 7th inst., resulted in the success of tlie whig ti-kel by an average majority of about 110. Henry K. Burroughs is re-elected Mayar. $ A number of the sugar-planlers of this parish (says the Tfiihodanx Minerva of the 4lh inst.) hate finished rolling. The yield has not reached to one-half of the quantity tliey expected to make, nor ill this crop (including the new plantations opened tiie present year) equal two- thirds of last year's crop. Ijr Mr. Edwards, one of tlie leaiherw in Sir. Burke's Classical School, Baton Rouge, protea that llie circle man be squared almost but Hot quite. Wa are strongly inclined to believe that lie s more thau half right. ' Loss or tbe Tallftkasti. The ateamboat Talleyrand, Capt. Dtiflield, liound hence for Nashville, with a heavy cargo of dry goods, salt, ax., struck upoa a fluff bar. about 15 miles below-die month of Red r ver, on Friday night last, arid sunk below her main deck. Her engines will be recovered, and poseuUv some of her cargo in a damaged state. No lives lost. r Gov. 'Martin, of Alabama, has appointed Henry M. Elmore Judge of the County Court of Macon ceutiiy, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Jug Brevard. fTi The Savannah Georgian announces the death of Joseph Cumming, one of the oldest and most respectable merchants of that city. r5, Tbe S. C. Regiiurnl are soon to be concentrated at headquarters, in Charleston. FlKE. A fire occurred at Aiken, S. C, on the night of the oth inst., wbich destroyed four freight cars, together with upwards of 22o bales of cotton. One hundred bales of the cotton belonged to Gen. McHuffie. - I"? Al the Natchez Institute, on tlie 10th inst., a little (Iwtlglller of li. fliotun was plAvioc; with a piece of lighted paper thai act fire to her apron and enveloped her in tlaiiies, w hich, before assistance could be rendered, had burned her clothes literally from her person. She survived the accident onlv about eighteen limns. Levi D. Slauuu, ol New Vork, has received the appointment of Purser in the Navy. Soisd Gen. Cass, in bis recent lecture before the Bostou Literary Association, speaking of the splendor of the nobles and the des titution of the people of Rome in the reigu of Au gustus, said that it was ihe boast of thut emperor that he had found Rome of brick and would leave her of marble; but be (the lecturer) would rather be the author of the sentiment of Henry IV. of France, who wished that he could so rule that ev- ery peasant might hate a fowl in his pot of a Sun-dny. I The whole New Vork Volunteer Regiment would be, it was expected, encamped at Fort Hamilton on the Till inst. - ' Ijp The Senate of South Carolina have resolved some enduring memorial of respect, other than ibeir thanks, shail he presented to Prof. Filer, for his disclosure of the secret of the preparation of ihe gun cotton. " What this lileinorinl shall be whether a medal, or something more useful, is left lo the judgment and discretion of the new Governor. A nienilter also introduced a resolution on this sul ject, viz : that JlltflO be appropriated from Ihe State Treasury, subject to tbe draft of Prof. ! Ellet, for the purpo-e of prosecuting his interesling experiments wild our great staple. This matter was Inid over for a div, . I i' The steamship New Orleans, to ply between this city and Galveston, is almost finished at New Vork. Her machinery, built at Secor's foundry, is nearly all on board. She will have a very fine cubin, and v. ill carry about one hundred and fifty passengers. " A New Vork letter published in the Philadelphia American says : Three or four important failures have taken place here during the last few days. One concern was very extensively in the printing business. Another was in the commission business. The liabilities must lie very targe. How much they are likelv to pay 1 have not learned. Tbe Water WuuiorAiw Oslsifs ti ; New Vork Herald slates that tlie President of tba Water Works of the Commercial Bank of tins city, has made a contract wiih the Allaire Associate n of .New Vork, for an engine and hydraulic machinery, to be ci.pable of raising six million of gallons of water every twenty-four hours. This will, sats llie Herald, be tbe largest of the kincfia the United States. tjp The sale of Ihe assets of the Second Municipality, which was to have taken place to-dav for the benefit of Mr. Seaton, w-ho has recovered damages against the Municipality, hiis been stopped in consequence of a decision given vesterdav bv ihe Supreme Court, ihal Ihe taxes of a corporation raunol be seized by a creditor. Mercury of tatt eteniuf. CSThe Spanish steam brig-of-war Leon, for- , merly the .Mexican steam frigate Guadaloupe, arrived from Havana, on the oth inst., for repairs She carries two guns and seventy men. Her commander is Don Manuel Sivila. C" The moral sense of the community of New York has been much shocked by the development of a tale of crime, suffering and death, developed by Ihe death of a girl of seventeen, named Clara Evans, a victim of seduction. Her seducer subsequently abandoned her and left the city. She resorted to Ihe use of deleterious noslrums lo rid herself of tlie results of their intercourse, and they, killed her, besides accomplishing the purpose for which ll.ey were taken. She is represented to have been an amiable, industrious girl. tW Mr. Forrest vun advertised to play in the Hobday street Theatre, Baltimore, on llie evening ol" the 7 tn in.-t. the uret time there in severnl rears. A Rise. The publication of thj whig journals of I'hilairelpbiawas delayed to an hour unusually late ou the morning succeeding 'he delivery of Mr. Webster's speech. This arose fiom tiie time which it required to set it up. The Pennavlvanian A young man from Belfast, Ireland, about i improved the occasion, and at an enrlv Imnr Ii- Great Fire at St. J.m, N. B. On lb night of the 2ltb ulL, six buildings on Town Hiii, were consumed, and et one-time the flames threatened to extend much farther, in consequence of a scarcity of water. S team boat Sink Ou the 12'h inst. the steamboat Eighth of January was run into and sunk by the steamboat Lowndes, about 80 miles above Mobile. She had on a cargo of 5o5 bales of cotton at the time of tlie collision, 120 or 130 of which were in the hold. Probably the grenter portion of tbe cottow will fea avd. tlsooah .nm. of it jD damaged condition. " . , CW A Washington correspondent of tbe N. Y. Commercial Advertiser says : There will not be any opposition to the Meii- can war in tne democratic rank, and manv of th. whig wish u lo continue tiil a debt of r " spectabie amount ia created." . We suppose that by respectable amount ba means a large amount rbs greater th debt ih Murphy, 8d art, greater th raspaeuhiiity. IT 25 years of age, of very genteel appearance, and good address, has beea arrested in Boston as an impostor. He has been engaged, for some, time pas:, in soliciting from members of the various churches in that and other cities, small sums of money to nid him on his way to places which he narm d. ' When begging of Catholics be was of" iheir faith to Epn-copniinus he expressed an earnest desire lo join kenvon College in Ohio to Unitarians, he waa about going to Meadville, Pa., lo the Theological Institution there and to tlie Orthodox, be desired lo go to Lane Seminary. I T E. P Chambers, of Mar-laud, met with a severe accident on the 3d iojl., on his farm near Ceatreville, Queen Ann's county. ' Whilst loading his gun, a powder-fiask, which he held in his hand, exploded, injuring his haud, face aud eyes very much. Hi. wounds were not thought to be ol a dangerous character, but they are nid lo be such as will sadlr di6 jure him." ! " carriers were to be beard cryiog out " Mr. Webster's great speech !" Ii was bought up with avid ity. But lo! the purchasers found that instead r;f ' having Mr."Webs;er's great tariff speech of 13i", they had his great free trade speech of ISOn : Many of them, we find among others Ihe editor of the New York Tribune feel chagrined at the artful device. CT William Vaughan has been found gttiltv, before tbe Middle District Court of Alabama, on two separate indictments for the robberv of the mail. UT A subscription ba been opened at Boston for the purpose of making Mr. Gould, the express conductor fur Messrs. Adams A Co., a suitable present, aa a mark of the regard in which he is held by lb donors for bis extraordinary exertions in the cause of humanity, on tbe occasion of the late accident to th tte&msr Atlantic. , rF In a slander suit lately decided in the Common Pleas Court, Ciucinnoti, ihe defendant was mulcted in tiie suu of $330. His offence consisted in mistaking a respectable female for one of infamous character who bad been convicted of passing counterfeit money in Louisville wiih charging her wiih this crime and ordering her out of bis store. - Some controversy look place, then and afterwards, in which the identity with this bad woman was denied upon her part, and insisted upon on his. He was fimillv convinced of his error, but, perhaps looking upon the approaches of ber friends, as designed lo extort money from him, he refused to max concessions. Th verdict r-frrd la abov was tb tonaequnnc. Mafivk Disastkrs The brig Brothers, Cap!. Sutherland,' bom Boston for Pictou, struck on a rock on the 2Gth ull., at Prospect, N. S., and sunk carrying down with her six men and three women. Five men were saved. Tbe brig Rebecca, Jains B. Ames, of Philadelphia, master, sailed from Port Spain, Sept. 3th, for St. Thomas, and has nol sine been heard from. lo the severe gale of the 20ih ult. it is said that mure than twenty vessels went ashore on and near Mount Desert ; one, ibe Commodore Perry, of Deer Isle, on board of which all were lost. Schooners Frances Elizabeth, of Gloucester, and Si. Cloud, of Cranberry Isles, ware totally lost near Sptirling's Point crews saved. - Shipwrecks. On the 2tlth ult., the brig Scott-' man, from Montreal, for Liverpool, was wrecked in a gale on Bic Island and immediately sunk in deep water. The crew, nine in number, look th boats, and were all lost except one man, who was washed on Barnaby Island and picked up by th . inhabitants from ihe main land. Barque Cleopatra, for Devenport, and the ship Marion, for London, were so much injured that they will have to winter ' in Quebec. The barqie Welle.ley, for New Ross, and brig Normandy, for Liverpool, returned dismasted lo Quebec. A schooner wa wrecked tb same night on ihe Kamouraska Groose Isle. "o . further loss of life mentioned. J"t"Mr. Wliimey, the projector of the great Oregon Railroad, has returned to Philadelphia from hi Western tour. He is now about to gt np i meat log in Baltimore and Philadelphia.

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