The Rock Island Argus from Rock Island, Illinois on November 17, 1855 · 1
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The Rock Island Argus from Rock Island, Illinois · 1

Rock Island, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 17, 1855
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I f 1 t ! r nn ur o 1 JdL.JDj DA Y P iT -r w Tr - T .7 - igvd JET i n :i n ji.u 'VOLUME 2. ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS, SATIRDAT EYES IN G, KG 1 EMI Eli 17, I5. NIMBER llO.- tt pub epblititu J. U. DAN FORTH, Jr., Proprietor. Published every evening, except Sunday. TERMS. Tot ScBSCiwraox Five dollars a year, or ten cents per week payable to the carrier. Advektwlso One square (ten line, or les,) ene insertion, $50 Ech additional insertion less than a week, 25 One square one week, 1 60 A longer term, a discount as may be agreed on, Business curds of six linos, one year, 5 00 Advertisements inserted in daily and weekly both, half price, adding weekly rates. All advertisements froin transient persons or itraners, to be paid for in adcance. Advertisements not marked on the copy for a ipecified number of insertions, will be continued one month, unless sooner discontinued, and pay ment exacted accordingly. The privilege of yearly advertisers will be con 6ned r.gidly to their regular business, and all other dver;iiBenta not pertaining to their regular bus iness to paid for extra. , . QPriotiug OlBoc iu Charles Buford's brick bleak, eorner of Kagle and Illinois streets. Entrance e F.agle atreet, opposite the post office. GROUElUES. ; New Grocery Store. THE subscriber has recently purchased a largo stock of groceries, of all kinds, consisting of TEAS, COFFKF., SFICF.S, SOAP, SALT, CANDLKS, DR1KD ABPLES, RAISINS, FIGS. &c. Alo, a large variety of house-keeping articles, such as TUBS, PAILS, RED CORDS, CLOTHES PIN'S, &c, &c. He will m.iko constant additions of fresb and seasonable good, and keep as full and complete a stock as any store in town, lie offers hi goods at ' v. WIIOLESALIi or RETAIL, tt prices that cannot fail to "please all, and solicits the patronage of his friends' and the public general-lv. Store in the basament of Lemuel Andrews' block. WILLIAM FKIZZF.LL. Kock Island, Oct. 15-davtf AIASWORTH & "LYIVDE, Wholesale and Retail Dttrterti Dry Goods, Clothing Nails & Salt, ALSO GB0CEB.IES OF ALL KINDS, At the Boston Store, corner of Front' and Washing ton streets, near the Kerry Landing, KOCK ISLAND. Mav 21-dawtf. - Butter, Eggs and Chickens. WILL pay the highest market price for good fresh butter, eirgs and chickens, delivered at tna ST. LOUIS EXCHANGE. FRONT STREET, KOCK ISLAND ILLINOIS. aug20dawtf & B. HAlililXiiTOS. " WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Grocery & Provision Store. THE subscriber respectfully informs the people of R jck Island, and vicinity, that he has a very large stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, of aTI descriptions, which he oilers at wholesale or retail, on very favorable terms. He keeps the bet quality of sugars, coffee, teas, fnolases, svrups, spices, rasins. figs, -dates, pickles, preerv, fish, and every article that is usually call ed for at a grocery store. VEGETABLES AXD FRUITS, the fullest variety of field aud prdcu vegetables f all kiud-s, always on baud. Also apples and other fruits in season. Chickens. -eggs, butter, cheese, Lard, -ham, &c, a good snpplv always on band. LIQUORS AND CIGARS, good stock of choice Honors, wines, ale, porter, &c. N. B. Cah paid for corn, wheat, oats, aud allotb er kinds of couutry produce. Store on Jllinois'stroet, opposite United States ex press office, and near Idaud Citv Hotel. aug3utf ItEXUY 7.IEOLF.R. BOSTON" MARKET, NO. 2. Oa the Le:vee, Opposite Steamboat landing. ALL kinds of fresh meats, suet as beef, veal, pork, lamb, mutton, fish and fowls. Also corned beef, pickled pork, tongue, &c. V EGETABLES. Connctcd with the establishment is a full supply of all kinds of garden and field vegitable., butter, cheese, &c. Prices reasonable, and strict attention paid to the wants of patrons. Particular attention paid to" furnishing Bteamboats, hotel., &.c. This stand is a termancnt and well establihed one. and the public may rely upon always finding a good apply. (auglitltfj STEAM BOAT AIIOYTT - The Oakland, HAS ARKIVCD WITH AN Immense Cargo of Groceries J, & J. Webster. OUR stock is now full and complete in every thing pertaining to the Uroeery nd Produce Trade, FAMILIES AND STEAM BOATS, Will be supplied with CHOICE and k ItESU goods promptly and at LWW" prices. Our arraneements will enable ns to keep a constant apply of FRESH Butter, Eggs, Potatoes and fresh VEGETABLES. XXy Particular attention paid to the wants ot STEAM BOATS. Store on Madison St., near Steam Boat Landing. April 6th 1805-daw. BUSINESS CARDS. DAGUEKBEOTYPES, Warranted in the best style of the art, can now be had at MANINUTONS SKY-LIGHT GALLERY. On Illinois street, nearly opposite the Graham House Rooms open from 8 o'clock, a. m. until sunset. T7- Hours for children from 11 A. M to 2 v. M. N. B. Instructions given iu the art and appnratns furnished. (aufi2-tf CITY HOTEL. Corner of IIUah ami WajJUnfftoa Streeit, Tloci hlaiid, It. I. SMITH, IKlll'KIKTUH. FARE $1,00 PER DAY". Extensive Stabling connected with the House. "uly 29 daw ISLAND CITY HOT I TUXBUIIY f ARXOLD, Proprtetori, CORNER f Illinois and JaW litroo, Roolc Islaud,HL joly2U law Passengers and their baggage taken to and from this hotel free of charge. DliTjT CIIAJPIE FLEEEIt, 1 OPERATIVE DENTIST OFFICE In Smith & Lathmp's Block, corner of Illinois aud Eagle streeta. All work warranted to give satisfaction. Aug. 9 dly. " IK. J. XV. VEEIIJ. IJEXTIST. Office in Bull-ley and PleasaiU's Gothic Block. ESPECTFl'LLY offers his profes- XV sional services to the people of J Rock Island and vicinity. Otliee hours from eiitht a. a. to eicht r. M. " aug30dawU" ." IK. J. R. HAYES, LATE OF PHILADELPHIA, Anda graduate of the university of Pennsylvania, re spectfuily offers his services to tho citizens of Hock island and vicinity. ''. rp-Odice on Madison street, opposite Luiou square. aug3-t. LAFAYETTE SALOO.V. (OpiKsite Union Square.) JOHN ALDUECIIT, PKOriUETOR. The lest quality of liquors, wiues, ale, porter, beer, cigars, &c, S:c, always on hand. angdtf i. sMrrir, Jl -1 TCH MAKER AXD JE WE LEU, Illinois street, opp -site I'. S. Express Otliee Kock Inland, Illinois. X. B. Repairing dine on short notice aud warran-tod to give satisfaction. Aug. 10, dtf Oil YES! OH A' ESI B. J. COBB 4 B. F. BARRETT, are the regular licensed Auctioneers for the County and Kock Island. Citv of lltitf FISH JSc LEE. LIFE and Fire Insurance Agents. Abv loans negotiated on short time, on favomMe terms. Olhee in Bailey & Bovle's Blv-ck, Eatt Eagle street, Rock Island. ' LdawJ LIVERY STABLE. Bv THOM AS PLUMMER, Illinois street, near the Graliam House, kock Island. (XT" The best teams ant drivers always in readiness to convey people to the country, or lor parties of pleasure. Jan. 8, dawtf. II. ITI. Marshall, ATT OR KEY and Counsellor nt Law. stair in Charles Buford's rlo?k, corner anrl Eag'e stTfet, R'ck I.dand, Illinois. July 13. 155. dtf OfTico up of Illinois AVILI.I 31 A. KNOX, rilVSlCIAN -aiiJ Surgeon, can be found during the day at bis oflice in Bailey Ik Boyle's new brick block, and at night at the residence of Jos. Knox, Esq. ' "'tf " cTs. XEWBURY. IIOl'SE, Sign and Omaocntl Pahtter. Oraiu ing, Marblihg.'lJhmiug, Paper Hanging, and nil other work in that line, done to ordorund warranted to give satisfaction. Shop emr ot Kagl- and Water streets, opiwsite steamboat lauding, Rock island. 129 A.M'OS"STILLMAXt COUNTY SURVEYOR and civil engineer. Will examine Land Title and attend to the pay ment of Taxes. Office at theCourt House, -Rock Island. ltf mi. YV. F. CAD Y, OFFICE IN CHAS. BUFOrlD'S BLOCK. Corner of IHiuois awl Eagle Streets, UOCK ISLAND. Rock Island, March 14 dtf ' Bowcn & Brother, C0RXFR Of ILLIXOIS AXD BUFFALO STS., XirOULD inform their patrons and the communl " tv in eeneral. that thev are making extensive 'reparations for the opening of the Spring Trade. It their intention to keen a well selected assortment of all kinds of GROCERIES AXD B01T-ST0RES, Which will be delivered anywhero in the city free vi cnarge y . , Bowea's X press. f Ko pains will be spared in order to keep the best of -ikiciB in our nne ani4 dispose of them at reasjna ble prices. Send or bring in your orders, therefore, m mey snau i,e attended to. I her have on hana at present a fine lot of HAMS, SHOULDERS, SALT rORK AND LAUD. Wmca thev are scllinaat reduced prices. Call and xwnine for yourselves at BOWEX S OLD STAXD, UOUDY V JLTID, VTTORXEYS iuid Counsellors at Law, Lewis town, Fulton County, Illinois. One of the firm, Mr. ttoiiilv. willattend the Circuit Conrts of Warren, Mercer and Knox counties, in the performance of his duties as States Attorney, and will at the same time cive his attention to common law ana L4iaucery uu- siness entrusted to them. dec 4 r. c. ouinr. s. cobjcixo jrno. H. . MIT1I, ATTORXEY and Counsellor at Law. Office in tho Court House, Rock Island. OS S. B. Harrington, CONSTABLE AXD COLLECTOR, OfTiee on Front street, near the Steamboat Landing. iiocK Isiaud, inAroli T dawtf J. vy. VANS ANT, STEAMBOAT Carpenter and Ship Builder, Rock Island, Illinois. Wt JOII AYIXTEItSi, ' " (Formerly in Trtmumt lloute, Chicago.) Fashionable Hair Dressing and Shaving Saloon Island City Hotel, Bock Island. PRICES. Shaying Ten Cents Hair Cutting Fifteen cents. June 8-dtf. ' Dlt. T.MAUTIN, : . PHYSICIAN AND SUBGEOX. Camdco Mills, Illinois. ROCK IS LAX D HOUSE, CORXEBof Illinois and Eagle streets, Kock Is land, Illinois. E. Downey, Proprietor. M. FERGUSON, REGULAR licensed Auctioneer, for the County of Rock island. Residence at Oatndeu ililis. sept. 6 1854. dawtf. UOVT & AVERY, WHOLESALE Grocers, and Dealers in. Country "Produce, No. 12 Illinois Street, Kock Isbuid, Illinois. , , . , a. T.. IIOTT. A. AVERT. PLUMMER A TRUES DALE, PHYSICIANS and Surgeons. Office in Bailey f Bovlo's brick block. Rook Island. Oct. 7, 1854 daw. m. C. rUIXMKK,)!. U, T. C. TKUKSDA1.K, M. D. RAILROADS. Clikasoand Rock Island Railroad. N E W A II It A N G E M E N T. On and aft. r Sunday November 11th, and tintil further notice, trains will leave Itock Island as follows: 1st passenger train, daily, Sundays excepted nt -15 A. M. 2J passenger train, dailv, Saturdays, excepted at.. ,.8.00 P. M. 3d freight, with 2d cltiss earrs, daily, Sundays excepted at .-. . . .C.45 A. w. Trains arrive at Rock Island daily, Sundays excepted, as follows: y 1st passenger train nt 8.20 a. Jt. 2d passenger train at. ...6.15 p.m. 3l freight with 2d class cars at 9.30 a. a. All trains over this road are in direct connexion at Chicago with trains over both the Michigan Southern ivn. Mi.1ii)4im Ccnirat K.' It.. ''" Toledo, Cleveland, Colnmhns Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Duntrirk, Buffalo, Niagara Falls. Albany, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington. Also at LaSalle witlvtrains of the Illinois Central Road North to Galena and South to St. Louis and Cairo, to whieh place tickets can be procured of S.S. STEVENS, Ticket Agent R It Depot, R I Passengers are reminded of the necessity of gir ing distinct directions as to the destination of their baggase, also to procure ticket before taking their scats in th' cars, as the conductors collect fares only to stations on the line of the Chicago and Rock Is land railroad. . ' JOHN F.TR CY, Superintendent. W. II. Whitm an, Ass't Sup't. Island. November 10, 1SS5. Michigan Central Railroad. Joliet Division Opcnetl. TWO TRAINS EACH WAY DAILY. 4ioinx East. Passenger Erains leave Joliet lor Detroit, at 6.3S A. M and 8.80 P. M., or on arrival of Chicago, Alton and St. Louis trains from the south. iittlnii West. Leave Junction at a.15 A. M-, ami 8.10 V. 11., or on arrival of trains from Detroit and Cincinnati. Passengers from the South and West, via: the Chicajo, Alton & St. Inis, and Chicago & Rock Island Rail Roads, will lind this the roost direct route to the East and Sonth Eat and may le sure of making prompt connection at Dctrit,Suspenion Bridge Buffalo & Cleveland with all the main lines of tra val, ami at Michigan City with New Albany mid Salem traius to Cincinnati," Lafayette, Louisville and the south. Through tickets can be purchased at the Office at Joliet, for all the principal cities and towns at the East. R. N. RICE, Superintendent. tin. R- MacGiif.ook, Engineer Joliet division. M. C.1S. IL Office, 1 lulv 10, l.i5. I B. C TALIAFERRO, ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, and Solicitor in Chancery. Kcithf burg, ill. nov 23-ly RAILROADS. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEW YORK Lightning Express! CHICAGO TO BUFFALO IN 181 HOURS. NEW YOltK 3ij; BOSTON 36 llOURS-'' BUFFALO ANDBRJ?n V, .o!tw XX S TT X1.CZ T. rrifE Trains on the Michigiua Central and Oreat Jk- Western Railroads, are now making DIRECT CONNECTIONS at Paris with the Buffalo and Brautford Railroad, tlie shortest, quickest, safest, and otilv direct route to Buffalo and all points ast. Passengers should avoid all circuitous routes, and purchase tickets via Muffalo and Brantford Railroad for all eastern ciuo, iiw liutAi aui iew Tork from 8 to 10 hours in advance of other routes, leaving Chicago at the same tsme. Through Tickets to all points east, via Buffalo, oan he obtained at all Western Michigan Central R. R. Otboes. A. J. SPALDING, Ticket Ageut. Chicago" T. W. STOCKTON. Supt.' B & B. P.. K. F. Rumsicv, Gen'l. Agent, Buffalo. vny30 G A EAT WESTEHN MAIL. HOUTE SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. m Joliet, Jl ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON and alter Monday, April 9th, 1S.", Trains will leave Dixon as follows: COINC NORTH. For Freepnrt, ;ulena, and Way stations every day,excet Monl.iy, at 8:15 n m. A freight and aoi-omimlatim train leaves every dav, except Sunday, at &:"ii n in, CUING SOUTH. For Cairo and Way stations every day.exrept Sat urday, at 10:50 p ml Thi train eonneet at Men dotit with the Chicairo, Burlington and Quincy Railroad ; at Lasalle with the Chicago and Kock Iland JL'iilroad; at Decatur with the Oreat Western Kail road for Springfield. Jacksonville, and Nsplc, and ot Sandoval with the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad for St Louis. A freight and Pu&sotiger tmin for AihImiv, only, leave every da", except Sunday, at 2T.2U i m. JOHN VAN NoIM'WICK, Snp't Norih'n Division. New and Direct E.ute Open. Th o igh Northern I!liuis to the Mississippi River IOWA, .MISSOURI, KANSAS & NEBRASKA, All Railroad to the Mississippi. CHICAliO, ULKLlNUTON and 'GrXDl Huincy Kailroail. Formerly tht Chicago and Aumra and Central Mili tary Trart It. R IS now completed and Trnins run the entire distance between Chicago and Burlington, witlmut coange of cars. The only direct Route between . Burlington, Qtitn-, Keokuk, Muscatine, Oiiuawka, Wapello, Fort Desmoinei, Council liluiF, Chicairo, &c. 2 Daily Traias Leave Huriinrton: 8 80 a m Day Express thrmigh, arriving at vhicaaj same evt-iiing. passing through Princeton, Gak'sburgh, ifc, connecting nt Mendota with trains oti the Illinois Ccnnd B. R.,to lnall, Ploomington, Springfiuld, D-'catur, Naples, Jacksonville, &c. 6 15 p m Evening Express coiinecting with Illi nois Central at Mendota and Ohio mid Mississippi R R at Sandoval, and arriving at Chicago next morning in season for Express train East, or Steamboat on Lake Michipirr. Trains on the aborc roads rnn in close connections, avoiding all laying over nt any of the iots. j, Passengers leaving Chicago or Burlington in the evening, arrive at St. Louis next afternoon. (!ing the only all Railroad Route,) and at Cairo the same cvenii'g. ... Starps leave Burlington ifafly for Souther'n and Central Iowa and Northern Missouri -making the quickest and most reliable route to reach all the iiu portant poiut.N west of the Mississippi as far as Council jllut with from 30 to 40 miles less staging than by any other route. The attention of eiui grants and emigrant agents is directed to this fact. The Road for a large portion of tho way is laid with the eontinuout rail, the smoothest riding and txrst road In tho west well stocked with the most modem "w-tioo o.l tfrHnf new cars. By this roixto passengers nresure of making con-nectim, nnd arrive at St. Lmiis on advertised time, avoiding the vexatious delays of fogs and ice and dangers of navigation, as on" the route by Alton. Baggage checked direct through and no charge for handling at any point. Throngh Tickets by t usronte can be purchased of D, Reraick, agontat Burlington, at all the railroad offices in the east; at the office of the Company, ooruer of Clark aud Lake, streets, in the Granite Building, at the DejKit of tho Galena II. IS., and at the Michigan Central R. R. office, comer of Lake and Dearborn streets, opposite the Tremont House, Chicago. C. CJ. HAMMOND, Snp't. C. E. Foixktt, Gen . Ticket Ag t. Chicago. March 11. 1865. Illinois and Wisconsin Railroad. OPEN TO FOX RIVER, THIUTY-LEVEN MILES WEST FROM CHICAGO. Chicago Station. CORNER WATER AND KINZIE STS, O-X THK WF.ST S1DK. ON and after .Thursday. March 1st, 155, Passenger Trains will run daily, (except Sandays) as follows: GOING WEST. Leave Chicago at 3 80 pm ' Arrive at Carer, ( Fox River) at 6 00 " Going east.. Leave Carev at 9 00 a m Arrive at Chicago 1 1 30 " FRE GUT TRAINS LEAVE DAILY. Chicago at 3 20 p in Carey at 9 00 a m Stages connect immediately on the arrival of trains at Carey Statiou for Woodstock, Crystal Lake aud Mc Henry. Passengers for Plum, Palatine, Schaumb'jrg, Long Grove, and Ela, will find this the direct route, mil 3 S. F. JOHNSON, Sop't. . (iklciiu tV CUicaxo Union It. IE. Co. Betoit & Madison, and Dixon & Iowa Central Route. f Ml REE Passenger Trains w ill leave daily, Sun-X days excopteu, from Wells ttreet Ddpot as follows: For Dunleit!', Mail Tr'n aud Accommodation 7.45 a m " Express ..H..'ioam 44 " Night Passenger 4.10pm Fassengers for Milwaukie. Beloit, Janesville and Madison, will leave upon eilhcr of thcahovc iiains. , Passenger lir Dixon and Iowa Central Route, will leave Chicago at 4.10 p m. Second Class Passengers will go west npui the 7,45 a in and 4.10 p m 1 rain. , I he Express 1 rain gcing west will -stop otily at Junction, Elgin, Marengo, iklvidcre, and Rockl'urd, iH-fore reaching FreejMirt. Passengers leave binsing La Cross, Wenona, I,ake Pepin, St. Paul, aud all other Poiuts on the Upper Mississippi, will lind this the only desirable rustc. CJ7 Tickets can be procured at all the principal cities Urthe south ami east. TRAINS EASTWARD. Mail Train and Accuiunicdutiou, loave Dunleith at li.OO a iu, arrive at Chicago at 4.36 p m. Express leave Duiileith at 6.00 p ju, arrive , at Chicago at 3.45 am. f PasM'iig -r leave Freeport at 6,30 a in, arrive at Chicago ut 11.40 am. Leave Dixon 8.-J5 am, arrive at Chicago 11.40 a m " Footville 10.15 a in, arrive at Chicago at 4.35 p m. . I-ave FootVille, 8.00 prn, at Chicago 3.45 a m. Connection made Et with the Orent Eastern Uncs to .Buffalo, New Vork, Boston, lMiiladelyhin, Pittsburgh. Cleveland, Cincinnati, lndianajiolis, Central mid Southern thio JOHN B.TURNER, Sup't. Chicago, June 25, MISCELLANEOUS. Original A'ovel by N. P. iilis. , i ; . THE HOME JOIRXAL FOR 1850. NEW AND BRILLIANT SERIES. ON the fifth of January next, the fifs,t number of the rew scries for lSi(5, of this well known family newspaper will be issued, with new tvpe and attractions; the principal one is of the kind wh has been prove'i, j)V l())tn American and En-. pean periodicals, to be the most acceptable ami popular, ' viz: a novel in serial numbers. The ti t le is "PALL FANE; " Otj OR, PARTS OK A I.IFF. KlE UNT ' A X)V BY N. P. WILLIS. Tn addition to this new fcaturr, a series of original skeU-kcs, toners and bnJIuds by G. 1'. i!ouKi, aiud an original mftUtte, in verse, ioumied ujsn fact, called "The story of a Star," by J. M. Fitxn, are among the indncements for tew subscriber to commence with the first number of the year. Bosi.los the contributions and loborof the editors, the Home Journal will contain the foreign and domestic correspond nee of a U. ge list of contributors the $pire of the European mgzines the selections of the most interesting pnblications of the day the brief novels the piipiaut stories the sparkling wit and amusing anecdote the news and gossip of the Parisian papers the personal sketches of public characters the stirring scenes of the world we live in the chronicleot the news for ladies the' fashions the facts and tut lines of new the pick of English information the wit, humor, and pathos of the times the essays on life, literature, society and morals, and the tusual variety of careful choosing from the wilderness of English periodical liter" aturo, criticim, poetry, etc. We need hot remind our readers that c have also one or two unsurpassed correspondents in the niJ,umtitle ttx-iety of Xtic York, who will us early news of evervnew feature of style aud elegance among the leaders of the gay world. Tkkms. For c,ne copy, 92: for three copies, 5 or one copy for three years, S5 always in advance. Sl'BscKiiit wmmiT ntur. Address ! MORRIS & WILLIS, ; EJi!ri awl Proprietors, lo" Eultim ttrect A'etr York. M I SCEEL A SECIES.- A. L.-WAfT. C LTMVE, JB 1855. Air Line Eoute. , 1855. From Chicago to St, I.onis, VIA Chicago, Alton Y fU Ioui Railroad (Formerly Chicago and Mississippi.) Carrying the (!reat Amcni-an Extiress and U. tS. MAILS. Tlfc only D'.rcct and Reliable Route to the South and South West. 70 Miles Shorter tian any other Eoute. TWO J-XI KKS.S TlCAlS 1A1LY, SCNDATh KXC KIT.I. Leave Chicago I St Louis St Louis Duv Express, !):U i m I 12:110 pui 44 Nijiht " 10:UOpm 2:45 pm Trains ran directly through without change ol cars - or bugeage. From Chicnro to t't. Louis 151-2 Hours. Passengers destined for Bluoiuiiigton, Springfield, DtVntur, Jacksoiiviile, Naples and all points on the Mississippi, M'ftsouri, Kaunas, Cumberland, and Ten lies see nversj l.y tiikinf the uIkvc route, will be sure of making connectiinif and arriving at St Louis on advertised time, avoiding the vexations cMavs of tlie cip uitous route via AnWii, ifundota.and Sandoval, saving two chances of cars and baggnge and two miles of omnitm ride ovar the bottom lands nt Illli noistowti -Iieing 07 rnni l?s distance" to BhMiming- ton, 5s les to Spruiirheid aud tt iss to St Louis than by anv other route. important Connections. At.ToTK-t jrith tlie K.x k Islaawi Railroad for Ott wa, Lasulle, Rock Island and Central Iowa. At Blooiiiiiigtoii -vith Illinois Central Ruilrord for Clinton, Wayiiesvilla and Decatur, and with Stages tor reoria. At Springfield with Great Western Railroad ftr Jacksonville and Illinois Rirei. ' At Alton with Daily Line of Packets Sir Hannibal, Quiiicy Keokuk : the most expoditious and r"Tial route to all tmrtions of north-eastern Missouri. At St Louis, with Dady first class Steamers for New Orleans ar.d intermediate points on thd lo tw Mississiripi and the recTihir tine? or rackets lor Knn sus, St Joseph ami all points on the Missouri, 'Ten nessee, Cumlierland and Arkansas rivers. THROl till TICKETS can be procured at nil of the Eastern Railroad Olllcos; at the Company's ol fice, No. 4S, Dearborn Street, opposite the Tremont House, and at the defwit of the Michis!tn Southern and Rock Island Railroads, corncrof Van Bu en and Shennan streets. (X7 Kcsfyonsible Baggage Men will lc nt Depots of the various roads coming into the city to check baggage thrortgh to any point desired on the line. It. P.MORGAN, Jr-Supt. L P.f.rT3, Agent, Chic-go. - ILLINOIS CENTRAL KAILB.0AD. : AtAIN LfNE AND GALENA BRANCH. C. R. AINSWOKTII. WAIT & CO., (Successors to Ainswortb & Lyndr,) STORAGE, i'orwarding and Commission Mer chants, Kock Island, III. Agents for Fairbanks' Patent Scale. Rt;ip-r.i'.KSCKJ! Diflrm, Riih'iriltnn. tf Ch., Bottm; BjhrnrtU, Nirhnl tj- Richnrdt, B(tm; Whitnry, Pen no. Sham & H.,.-(,m; Putter, Elder if Xute, Bottom; Oti Kiiiinll, lU'tltm; Cardiner tf Tkiver, jostoa: Ail-'mt, Sttruhnm (f- Co., Button; Clioutenn tf Yalie, St. IxntiK, W. I. Erin if Of.. Hi Loots; John P. CV'm'r f Co., C 11. Mt d rmu I, Mather f Co.. R. M. MtUk ell it 0., Chicngo; Holmes if Otrter, Marion, Iowa. Aug. a, lfri4 iair THE ST. CHARLES. OPP OSITE THE Jl A IER OA D DEP'dr nAVING recently reinoddled and repaired this, popular saloon, and fitted it tip in the most ta-tefu manner, the' proprietor thinks it will compare favorably with any similar establishment in the west. He has :!casaiit and well fnruished apart meiits for serving up refreshments, and is always provided with the'bo-st " I Oystcr?s Sardines;, Lobsters, and other Refreshments. " , . He al'oket-ps the puTest Linntirs, Wines, and" Cor dial that can be procured, nnd Cigars of the First Quality; Every attention wiil be piid to the wants of those who favor tlie St. Charles with a tlmre of their pat ronnge. K . C. SMITH, Pn-brietor. May 29-dtf. i DiXIXG SALOOX $ REFRESHMENT UOUSE LIQUORS, WINiV, ALE, BEER Cigars, cfc5i, CONSTANTLY KEPT ON HAND. Front Street, next Door to Laugh y A" Co.'s, ROCK ISLAND, iLLlNOIS. Aturustaodtl". r Change of Time. and after Monday, April Dth, 1865, Passenger 1 rains will leave Cliicago lor trie South from the depot of the Galena aud Chicago Uuiou Railroad lor St. Louis and Cainw and all stations' sortth of Mendota ut 8:45 every evening, except Saturdays, and will leave Chicago ' all stations south of Free port, and as far down as Decatur, at 8:20 in Hie morning, every morning, except Sundays. Will leave Chicago for Freeport and all stations west tor (ialena, Dubuque and Minnesota at 9:45 in the morning, every morning except Sundays, ami 4 :10 iu the ufteruoou every afternoon except Sun da vs. Trains will leave Galena for Chicago and the east at 7 ;00 in the morning and 0 : in the evening, every day, except the inoruing train will not leave Sundaes, nor the evening train Satnrdnys. Trains will leave Galena for the south every evening except Saturdays, for St. Louis, Cairo, and the whole lower Mississippi, and for all stations on the Galena branch and Main Line, connecting with rail roads at Dixon, Mendota, Lasalle, Bloomingtou, Decatur and Sandoval. Trains will leave Cairo for the North, for St. Lou ;Sj Chicago and Galena, and all stations on the Main Line and Galena branch, daily, every day, except Sundays, at 6:00 in the morning. Regular and daily freight trains rtm over the whole line of the road, and pro rata arrangements have been made to transport Freight over all cob necting lines. For Tickets apply to the TieX-et OiTice for the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad, at the Passenger Depot on Wells street, and for further information apply to H. B. MASON, Oen'l Sup'L J, Va Kortwick, Division Snp't, Anihy. , tiF.oBt.K Watisox, . 44 - Centrulia. AyriU9. CHEAP FOR CASH. Saddle and Harness Manufactory. HAVING purchased the entire stock' in trade o A.F. Cutter, and removed to the Stone Bund ing adjoining t!f Oraham House, on Illinois strett, ami furring lately made Hmingcmcnts in the East for a constant supply of the best materials for tlie uinn iifiicture of ail articles embruifM in my line, I would inform the public that I am full-nrepared to make to order any artklo that may be called for. I shall keep constantly ouhand a full assortomt of Fancy Carriage and Bnggy Harness good single and do-!.? farm Hames, Saddles of all descriptions, fancy and eoiiuiion riding Bridles, nnd Martingle-, H.dters, Horse Collars, Surcingles, aud Girths; together with all other article usually kept in such eatablisliment. Also a very fine assii-tment of Carriage & Waggon "WTiips. Lashes of all Qualities and variety, nil or part of which-I will sell for less money, according to the quality, than any other establishment in this section of country- The highest price iii rnsh paid for dry nnd greon bides. J, JjAILOK. Rock Maud. .Tun '54-llFtf. - Maryland Lotteries. ! OH'K'EMiKtUMi CoSSOtlnATF-P LoTTrlrtfcs, 1 J B-ALTi-WtiBt?, Jnly'lrt, i6. J' VLL tickets or cerrificates-ot packages ticket, " in the'lotteries authoriired by the state'r-rjlary-" land beat the lithographed sigtiatu'e'ol F: X. K iAJr, getierwl agetit for the contractor, and any ota' ers are frntrds.' . Owing to numerous np; lieations ff-m til parts of the' country, the management will give their atteh'5 tion to the filling of orders fir ticket ot certificates, ' in the Msrjland JotUiries. " . - IV-rsons "at a distance iriny'coufi'delitfy' rely tapotr Iiaving their orders for tickets pn.nii41y filled, ajii' the strictest coiiiidcnce obsotved. Tliese lotteries are drawn dnily in' piiblic' in'tn's city i.f Bidtimore, -under the superintfbti'ebcb'of th'' state lottery commis siohfr. Heavy bonds are fiv ; to the sti te as security for the'pnj ment of all prii. The prices of whops tickets are'fruni SI to lid. Half' and quarter tickets in proprortion. . t , There are never less than 28,0b0'prizes"iti siiylel tery, which prinea vary in amount from $1 to ": 000 according to the price of tickets. For instance W ntipn the price or tickets is 1 the Digest prize iJ do do do do 6 do do do do ; do' . do 1 , dw do do do' Co do' 20" do' do" nunie"rous'Trizes of S10.000. 5.(00. o0, $ 1K, &c. -c. Persons can remit lis any amount lrom 5i upwards, that thev wish toinvest.on recflpt of which wel'orwaid its "value in tickets in the lot- tery designated by the poH-bhser,' or, if nohe be d . signaled, then snne lottery that will be drawn arret" about do do With 19.000" 20.000'' 40,OO 7o;oo f 1,000, buver has the ticket in his possession-. An' cmcial' Mhenw'of the'lottef-y wiil be'sbt to uJS tickets ot , dered, carelully sealed in an ordinary envelope, and on the day the lottery is drawn the official drawing '. will be f4it, together with a written explanation trl' the result of the purchase. The drawn numbers aT" also published in the dairy' papers of the city, of Bal tiimirs; tini ip th!' daily National Intel' iphocer, Washington, D. CV .... A circular contain'g'all schehics wiil be'setit'to'aiti'T-one bv addressing the undersigned. ' Address order fi-r tickets to F. X. BRENAN, iio.-4 Calvert street, Baltimore, Marviund.- aug'251y 1855. American 1855. TRANSPORTATION COMPACT. ; Lncrptiratri under the' Letts' of the State of Kwv ! Torn. We areWi-oiitrnctine Freights to' arrdfronr .! 10 ST ON and NLW YORK at thelowestratea.- OFFICE IN BUFFALO:-Iarii)e BIock, fixt of Mississippi it.' OFFICES IN NEW YORK: 64 Teurl btrct, and 189 Broadwayi- . . R 0 TAI-MER, HIRAM Nl EES.. ;:;... W D WAl. BRIDGE,.;.. JNOR WHEELER,.;.., H N Holt. M M Caleb. -N'CiTAMrt.rt.Aix Albert H White, ; . President.' -. . . . .Vice President. Secretary. y. : . .Treastrrsr: Committee - - of ' irfanegemelat,- Q O KIDDET?, i , c-,- , . .j . () TM 1 State St., Boston.- O N CHAplN.S5 Quay sti. Albany. WM I4 SWIFT & CO." ) . 1 RUM SKY It BO & CO. Chicago. J II LANGLEY & CO., Kock Island, Ttl.' Marr PacKtoges A T Co. au-d" ship t Pier 7 Co2 ' ies Slip, East River: March- SI J. It. U.V'61-ir, S. M. IIAXKIS, , s. b. tfooDAUr'- J. II. LASiGLEY fc CO., . (Successors to E. T'. Sawyer & Co.) , Gcn'l Commission & Forwarding fVERC HN1 AND Steamboat Agents,' ; Levee, Bock Island, Illinois.- Particular attention paid id the Purchase" mnd , Sale of Produce. Lpral mlyhnccs made on Consigmxeirti. . UEFERENCES". '""' G C KV jer, Riston; J li Carson. St. Lonis; J ji Oborn, New Y'orK; Wall and Widen, St. Louis; F : W Lawson, New YorKJ B H Campbell and Co., C ena; Dnrtrow, Winne aml Sheldon, New Yori; C P. Hall. Do! 'ique; Hoiitrhteiicg and Sheperd, Cbcago; Wm B Marshal and Co., St. Paul; Rumsey, Bro; -Btri Co., Chicaeo: Bass, Boruji aud Co., St. Paul. -March a 1355-tf - - r Hew loik WHOLESALE &- Jl ETA Tli 1 BOOT AND SHOE STORE!! in Bulkltf f Pleasant' Gotlic Block, Illinois street, ICock Island.- 1850 1855. Rock hland Number Cne PREMIUM BAKERY! f IHE subscriber respectfully informs tlie citizens J of Kim-K I-l:u:d, that he bus fitted ap a new riHim, near the Rait Road, opposite the' Passenger Depot, for llio sslc olT Hie well kuow . Bread, Crackers, Cakes, Ac. His experience in this line of business, being a practical baaer, himself, warrants him in the tion that he can snpp'y the public w ith better and cheaper articles in it, thuu any other establishmcot iu thu vicinitr March 80-tf A W OTTOMAN. New Blacksmith's Shop. rilIE subscrilers have just erected a new shop.ti.-X twoen the Island Citv Hotel and the River, nearly opposite the Wilson llouse, and are now prepared to do JOBBING OF ALL KINDS, Such as Horse Shoeing. Steamboat fi'ork. Ac, &c. We have the best workmen that can be fonnd,nd engage to do as good work and at an reasonable pri cesasaiiy concern in the city. In Horse Shoeing we have the most experienced and carefnl median ics, and warrant tlie n ork to bedone in the roof tears ful manner. A iortion of public patronage is respectfully soM-cited. ' . ADAMS 4 CO. Kock Ulana, Dee. 4. awtf House and Lot for Sale. 1WILL SELL, at a reasonable price, my Brick House mid Lot, near the American House, in a central nart of town. The lot is a boat (W by 150, has a good well and (table, and comfortable brick lioose. .TOnN LIDDF.RS. Bock Island, February 26, 1?66. d-tf Large qmtitiee of every description on band. llFresh accession constantly roceivedj Also Matrasses and Pillows J. NORPJS. opposilc Court Yard. N ew Livery Stable. fV THE subscriber has recfntlf p-irina YZSXiY 'll lot on Washington Street, be tveen w Illinois and Orleans Streets, near the Graham llouse, and erected a new tble. He hay on hand.irnd win keep at all times for the use of the public, the finest horse and carriages to be had i the oity, and at reasonable rates-. A satire of pat ronoge ia respcctftdlv solicitexl.- ,. , " WM. 1L DATIS Rock Island, March lSth,l?55 dawtf. , v.V FOR SALE, '. One ITunJrtd and twenty Building Lois irt aft Addition to the totm of Port Byron. TIIESE Ijf are eligibly aud hiuid-oniePr sifaa ted near the bank of the Mississippi river I hey will le sold on reasonable terms. For part? julars, impiire of Messrs. Durfee. l'ratt & Co., Fori Byron. Cluirles .1. Kodgers, Ksq., Attorney at Law, '.eclaire. t'orbin & Dow, Attorneys at Law, Duven--rt, or of the snhsenber. " .1 A JII'S M A T. XT-Tlie subscriber has a nnmber of lot and pieces of laud in and near the Citien of Davenjort aud Leclaire and near the town bt Poit Bvron. that ' tie dcires to sell. J. H. THE su'bscribera rcspectftrtiy xt-ni'unce to the citiens of Kock Island. i . i . . t if i ... . , . . i'aTri)rv, v-.nnuen, .winnr, nna vicirrrry, ttrat tilt? have received and opened the largest,; d"rpest an'4 most couii-h-te assortment of . . ... iiixtts, Shoes, Br4 rnnx, Ladif' and Children's SJioes, Gaitcrx, Slips, Oj tra Slis, GfntUmeu's rt' tent Leather Boots, arid Shoe, JJuliii Slot, i f. Also. Tienrly every other kind that is made and sold in New York City. The ladie of these places w most cordially invite to exsmii.e our splendid assort, ment. In our store will be ft.mid a stock that never was exhibited here befim?, and all we ask i- fab examiiiatioii of our good's before yoa btrv etiwlwrev4 To the gentlemen we would say that we cwa f urtt Von, ns we bare from the finest to the,-aini aj fashionable a"d snbstutitin'ly made. To Dealers in Boot and Slioes wc rroTild say that we can rrpp'y von as cheap t yon cnrrTpTfrebase in the west. Cull and see for" yourselves nnd be convinced. We will always ke a large and well seiocterf aortmtirt m Jfand, $rrtt triu-t that the citizens of these place, es-pecidllv Kock Island, will give ns a call, Irere we" will a ways be most happy to tee them and show them ouf assortment, whether thev wi.h to buy or nk. CASE & STHdNtJ, Agent TrioA R. CAf.JCi I wm. r. trrttnuc, jr., i late of Lansingburg N Y late of N w York Cityv N. B. 50,000 lbs Vfool tVanted. Being Agents for 0119 of the largest wool honsea in New York, we invite the farmer to bring their wool to our store atid get the highest market price in "''- C. & S., Agent. June 2, dtf.

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