Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 25, 1966 · 58
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 58

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 25, 1966
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58 Aklaub2!irribtntt Tues., Jan. 25, 1 966 f? v Niqht Sounds jfo has been about 18 years since Rusty Draper began entljtaining folks in these parts. You may recall he was a! miinstay at Will King's out oh Geary. Street in San Francisco. During his stay at that club, Rusty built up tremendous Bay Area following that remains to this dayHe went on to become a recording sensation his records have sold in the millions and he is a solid draw on the nightery circuit. Rusty hasn't lost any of the warmth, earthiness or feeling for an audience that projected him intqfthe limelight. He's the same lovable redhead whom everyone remembers. He's as busy as ever on the nightery circuit with ap-, peajrances all over the world. He's liable to be in London one night and Jackson Hole, Wvfeminsr the next. He came to the Safari Room in San Jose, where he is currently appearing through Sunday night, directly from Mexico City, a long hop in anyone's show biz itinerary. Recently, Rusty entertained the troops in Saigon and calls it "a most thrilling ex-p e r i e n c e." In most instances he worked alone and without amplification for his guitar. Shows of this type depend a great deal on the performer's ability to improvise under existing conditions., No problem forRus-ty. He's a pro at making the best of a situation. As hard as he works on stage, he :i-w- probably worked even harder for the American troops in Saigon. They loved every minute of it. Although he features some of the old favorites hi his act, he never lacks for new material and is regularly adding new songs to supplement the old. He has also remained active in the recording field. His next recording "I Just Destroyed the World I'm Living In," will be released soon. All in all, it has been a great 18 years for Rusty Draper. He shows no signs of slowing, and could possibly go another 18 years. That's all right with me, and probably with thousands of others in the Bay Area. Looking for a pleasant mid-week diversion? Suggest you drop into the Maya Cocktail Lounge of the La Morena Restaurant at 1229 23rd Ave.; Oakland. Eddie Diaz serves the best margarita in town which is reason enough if your hooked on margaritas. But an even better reason is Carlos and Manuel," now appearing there Wednesday-through-Saturday nights. The setting is lovely, an air of friendliness prevails and you'll enjoy the vast repertoire of Mexican songs Carlos' and Manuel offer. And if you have a favorite, chances are they know it. Just ask. You'll find them quite accomodating. .... More change at the Holiday Inn. Innkeeper Bob Walker, who is bringing an entire new image to the Inn, is having the dance floor moved this week. It will be relocated directly in front of the fireplace in the Den of ThefRed Lion room. This will almost certainly give the room an increased intimacy, and at the same time the danjje floor won't be as remote from the cocktail lounge as previously. The change should be made in time for the weekend swingers RUSTY DRAPER Eron 4 AAdmi mn, bieir By ALAN WARD Sam Landy, slim, dark and dapper, is the perfect type for a big-time movie gambler. That's as it should be. Sam for more than 30 years has been a gambler of consequence and currently is a vice-president of the Dunes Hotel and Country Club in Las Vegas. But it is Landy's association with the movies, the roulette wheels, blackjack " and crap games of Las Vegas, which is the theme of this composition. The stylish chap from Vegas, who as a young man consecutively was a dealer, student rabbi and a high school physical education instructor, dropped into The Tribune for a quick hello, and remained 90 minutes on-finding his interviewer had an academic but non-working interest in the science of gambling. Landy's knowledge of the bright and dark sides of gambling in the Las Vegas manner is so encyclopedic he has acted as technical director and adviser' for 20th Century and M-G-M pictures featuring a pastime lightly referred to as "games of chance." And, so completely does he symbolize the tight-lipped, polished casino boss or games , attendant he DQqqqiji DODO And quite a change at Sanford's Restaurant in Mont-clair. The plush dinery has new carpeting to set off several fine improvements owner Sanford Cohen recently completed. In addition, Sanford has expanded the menu to include many new dishes. The excellent service remains unchanged in fact, it is even more appreciated in thenew surroundings. PERRYGRAPHS: Sahara-Tahoe's big showroom opens May 12, a 1,200-seat theater restaurant .-T . Smothers Brothers have signed for a Harrah's Tahoe South Shore Rtxjm Engagement in September. The Brothers will get a cool $30,000 per week for the stint SAN FRANCISCO: The Four Freshmen' opened a nine-- dayngagement last night at Bimbos 365 Club. Sue Ran-ey $hares the bill with the Lomans, a dance team, held over for another week . . . Allan Sherman's current en, gagement in the Venetian Room of the Fairmont Hotel coj)JtouesJJiro.ugh(B.b,2.L He'll be followed by the McGuire Sisters . . . Another McGuire, Barry, will open at thethungry i Feb. 14. One of the original New Christy Minstrels, McGuire now works as a single. He recent -recording hit "Eve of Destruction" reached the ton on the , lctaiu ijucuia. uciauoc ui una, uc u gci pu,uuu pci wccn. frorri Enrico Banducci. : "7?- . , - HOLIDAY HOUSE Fully Catered Banquets and parties for 50 to 1100 Next to the HAYWARD GOLF COURSE CALL RALPH OR ED -357-0300 or 538-0300 ilrlW,r.M Originators of the World's Most Copied Menus ... featuring Pine Cone Original Fried Chicken and Branding Iron Steaks has played cameo roles in some of the pictures he helped direct. In real life Landy is far from tight-lipped. He is pleasantly loquacious and talks with a fluidity and precision attributable to his rabbinical training. In fact, so at home is Sam on the lecture platform he has given hundreds of talks on gamblingor gaming? throughout the nation. He calls himself "The Professor of Chance." He has a sense of humor and of the dramatic. He is about to make a recording of his patter. He may prove another Allan Sherman in that field. . . Sam invaded the movies as technical director and part-time actor years ago with the movie "Any Number Can Play," starring Clark Gable, Alexis Smith, Wendell Corey and a few other notables. . ' "The best, the most authentic gambling picture ever filmed," said Landy. As he tells it, he experienced a few problems with writers, but inasmuch as he was given carte blanche by Louis B. Mayer he contrived "casino scenes with which his fellow pros could find no fault. "For example," related Landy, "in the original script one of the dealers made reference to 'Lady Luck'. I threw it out. It. wasn't authentic. Every bit of gambling equipment used in the picture could have belonged to a big-time gambling casino. I wanted it right,' and it was." Other pictures with a strong gambling theme to which Landy ; loaned his - talents were "Powder River" and "Please ROAST-PRIME RIBS of BEEF from the CART PRIME RIB ROOM Believe Me." In the former he taught Corrine Calvert "how to properly deal cards. It wasn't easy .. " Miss Calvert," said Sam, not ungallantly, "at firsi was all thumbs." Landy, who in our sustained conversation tried, delicately but obviouslyiojsneak in small plugs for the Dunes, looks on gambling such as- practiced in Nevada with a forthright attitude surprising to a layman who has read or listened to glowing promises of huge winnings awaiting visitors to her neighboring state. "Most : people," said Landy without batting an eye, "shouldn't gamble. That is, if they want to make money, or break even. They don't know how. They'll permit themselves to lose far more than they'll allow themselves to win. In other words, they lack guts when the luck is ."running in their direction." 'Music' Sounds Its Last Farewell After - extending the run of its successful production, "The Sound of Music," several times, the Diablo Light Opera Company insists that three additional performances just scheduled will be the absolutely final ones. After two Sunday matinees on Feb. 6 and 13, and an evening performance on Feb. 12, at the Walnut Creek Civic Arts theater, the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical will close. - The production opened in September and moved into the Civic Arts Theater last month. San Francisco RESORT HOTEL ClaAemont ASHBY AT CLAREMONT OaklandBerkeley JilLlIG I iff )ffags fj?4r Oakland- '3!!j4 Ftnult - Vr IMPHSONATOW J He believes in the potency of hunches, and as a movie technical director wouldn't hire an actor for a gambling rble if he wore a mustache. In fact, he wouldn't ThTreTa mustached dealer for a casino he'd operate. "People don't entirely trust men with mustaches," he explained simply, an observation which shouldn't add to his overall popularity. He has positive theories on the manner in which money cart be won at a casino, but this writer doesn't intend going into that matter at length. He'd rather give it serious thought, not to mention a couple more interviews with Landy. Who knows, maybe that system REALLY works? . - Just before he departed, bound for Las Vegas and the Dunes (with perhaps a speech or two along the way) Sam hurriedly mentioned the luxurious spa of which he is a vice president; has a multi-million dollar theatrical production going, and if I d care to visit Las Vegas one of these weekends , Incidentally, Sam never has smoked, doesn't drink and hardly ever gambles. He hasn't time for games of chance. He is too busy running the Dunes and making speeches on ad vantages -and-disadvantages -of gambling. The thought struck me that Sam Landy and the late Clark Gable must have gotten along swimmingly making "Any Num- Jjer-CanJ'lay' Filmmaking Course at S.F. Museum NOW APPEARING - ! ERROLt I 131 i if yt ossr -!- it?' rEJ 'U5H3i I3& O 9 in h 111111 n 1 mi 1 I V II II J H M V A wonderful .. new dinner program of featured specialties at CENTER CAFETERIA starting next Monday mm complete dinners. J1.79-$2.50 (child's plate $1.35) park under cover in Kaiser Center Garage one hour's validation with dinners manning at CENTER 7 a.m.-7:30 p.m. . Mon.-Sat. . An educational progpam featuring modern dance and dance-drama, filmmaking art activities and a movie series is being offered to youngsters in coming months by the. San Francisco Museum of Art. Registration for classes begins today. The filmmaking class, for students aged 12-15, starts Feb; 5, and will be taught by Roger Ferragallo, instructor of art and filmmaking at Laney College. Free films for children aged 5-10 are offered one Saturday a month. The next scheduled film program is at 1 p.m. on Feb. 26. . . - Film oiTJapan Opens A businessman whose hobby led to a new career is the producer of "Japan," the color film to be given its Bay Area premiere kr Oakland Auditorium Theater at 8 p.m. Friday. Arthur Dewey of Cleveland was; jan, executive .pne ..otthat city's o ldest manufacturing firms, an attorney, certified p-lic accountant, Rotarian and church trustee when he took up photography as a hobby in 1937. Now he has travelled the world with his camera and is regarded as one of the top professionals in the film-lecture field. He will narrate his film "Ja- ..... . . i i (ifflL pan," which he subtitles ie Rising Rising Sun." An amazing transition has occurred in Japan in one short generation, and this is his theme. "Japan" is the first event of Hip var on the Wide World se- ries . sponsored by the Oakland Museum Association and the Snow Museum as a benefit for the Oakland Museum natural science acquisition fund. The performance is, also sponsored by the Fukuoka Society, Wanto Fukuoka Nijei Jin-Kae, the Oakland Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League and Sumitomo Bank. " "Makes 'Psycho' Look Like A Sunday School Picnic" PARKWAY CINEMA Shown at 7 and 9:15 Park Blvd.-E. 18 835-3535 r v u i n'iiin .i jni:i:m:i:nni'i i ALAMEDA ALAMEDA Phone: 522-4433 HELD OVER! SEAN CONNERY in His Latest JAMES BOND Thriller! "THUNDERBALL" color Stuart Whitman-Sidney Poitier "THE BEDFORD INCIDENT" ALBANY ALBANY CINEMA 5;,5;56 "High-Camp Folk Orgy"-Time Magazine "An Evening With BATMAN & ROBIN" . Starring J. Carroll Naish as Dr. Daka - Shown ONCE ONLY at 7:30 p.m. - ANTI0CH VTKMM Phone: 757-2303 altXPim "DO NOT DISTURB" DORIS DAY & ROD TAYLOR "WHAT A WAY TO GO!"-color -B- BERKELEY DFDIn PV " Shattuck at Haste DblllVCiLIi Phone: 848-4300 HELD OVER Exclusive East Bay Engagement! Rita Tushingham in "THE LEATHER BOYS" Also: "CIRCLE OF LOVE" Jane Fonda Adults Only Box Office Opens 6:30 p.im PRI VmHUIA Kitt'dge & Shat'ck vnuii uunui Phone: 848-0620 "TOM JONES" Albert Finney IRMA LA DOUCE"-Shirley MacLaine rVUFMH Shattuck & Haste IflnLl'lA Phone: 848-2038 Toshiro Mifune "SANJURO" J. P. Belmondo-'THAT MAN FROM RIO' ELMW00D "A person, like the, aniient Chinese ruin, should be smooth and gracious on the outsidt'y whilfr square und honest on the inside." The newest and most beautiful restaurant at Jack London Square. Lunch, dinner, cocktails 7 clays a week. f!r(o Tklo CHINESE RESTAURANT 70 Jack LeiKton Sq. Oik. 893-3693 College at Ashby Phone: 848-0931 Exclusive East Bay! In Color! "CASANOVA '70" Marcello Mastroianni-Vima Lisi Plus! World Premiere Showing! "THE CREDITORS Produced by THE COMMITTEE OBINDA flDIunn TunneJ Hiway and Orinda UtflKllA Crossroads-254-2233 2 Riotous Comedy Hits In Color! "IRMA LA DOUCE" Jack Lemmon-Shirley MacLaine "TOM JONES" Albert Finney-Susannah York SHOW STARTS AT 7:00 p.m. RKEEM VALLEY RUITM Rheem Valley, 376-4466 nillalil'l 4 Miles From Orinda "WHERE THE SPIES ARE" David Niven-Francoise Dorteac (In Panavision-Color!) . SHOW STARTS AT 7:00 p.m. RICHMOND niBW Dam Road, El Sobrante ITnlllk Phone: 223.8400 "THE WAR LORD" color "ART OF LOVE"-James Garner 1f7 SANT.EAHDB0" iiADTiicinr 1828 Euclid Run inolUL Phone: 841-2648 STUDIO A: "BLACK ORPHEUS" "SUNDAYS & CYBELE"-Award Winner! STUDIO B: Cannes Fest. Grand Prize 'WOMAN In The DUNES' & 'MAFIOSO nH1C Solano at the Alameda UAIat) - Phone 526-1836 HELD OVER! Sean Connery as James Bond in "THUNDERBALL "-color Open 6:45 Feature at 7:10 & 9:40 HVlTrn HDTICTC Phone: umiLU aniMia 843-U87 Ends Tonight! Wendell Corey in "AGENT FOR H. A. R. M." color Chris Noel-The Beau Brummeis "WILD, WILD WINTER" color Doors Open 6:45 p.m. Tonight Starts Wed.: "It's Never Too Late" and "Marriage On The Rocks" 03333 v.y S UllllMlllill Up 843-6267 University at Shart'ck w Complete! Uncut Version Rex Harrison-Audrey Hepburn "MY FAIR LADY" In Color! CASTBO Y ALLEY Til KDflT 6ii0 Castro 582-2555 bnnDUI rod steiger "THE PAWNBROKER" "One of the Year's Top Ten"-Michelson CONCORD ENEAN Phone: 685-5411 MICHEAL CAINE "THE IPCRESS FILE" color "RED LINE 7000"-color EAST OAKLAND riiJI" 1 MacArthur Blvd.-38th Ave Vl.lb I Phone: 261-3382 HELD OVER! SEAN CONNERY In His Latest JAMES BOND Thriller "THUNDERBALL"-color, at 8:35 "HONEYMOON MACHINE" color with STEVE McQUEEN-color! Shown at 7:00 & 10:45 Park Free! FAIRFAX Foothill Blvd. & Fairfax Ends Tonight! Wendell Corey AGENT FOR H. A. R. M." color Chris Noel & The Beau Brummeis "WILD WILD WINTER" color Plus! Football Highlights of 1965 Doors Open 6:45 Free Parking E" DfflTV HI P E. 14th & 37th Ave. HUM f nlaCt Phone: 533-6726 "CLEOPATRA"-lizaberh Taylor -Rex Harrison & Richard Burton "THE NANNY"-BETTE DAViS FREE PARKING! FREMONT CENTER Phone: 793-3833 DAVID NIVEN "WHERE THE SPIES ARE"-cobr "CLARENCE THE CROSS-EYED LION TONIGHT IS FAMILY NIGHT! H- HAYWARD UKVUIKDn 22577 Mission Blvd 1 II mil Phone: 581-2540 Riotous All-Comedy Program! "TOM JONES" color Albert Finney-Susannah York "IRMA LA DOUCE" color -Jk Lemmon-Shirley MacLaine MID-WEEK DINING GUIDE niT7 22331 Mission Blvd. Phone: 582-0420 Held Over! His Latest James Bond Thriller! Sean Connery in "THUNDERBALL" color & "AGENT 84"-Spy Spoof . In Color with Dirk Bogarde Continuous Show Every Day! LAFAYETTE It UrA Continental selections treated with unique style in quiet low keyed surroundings LUNCHDINNERCOCKTAILS Leslie's of Alamo UlNCHPmNFJCOCKTMLS , ttmK rues. sun. (fommr tn mm wmm m 0KVItl ILVD . Anno 137 9919 - - . s . . (ri.irnrj citj - ti PIANO BAR NITILY 3353 GRAND OAKLAND 444-I50S SEN0R PECK'S LUNCH 1 1 A.M. -2 P.M. DINNER 5p.m..3:30 A.M. AUTHENTIC MEXICAN & AMERICAN TE 5.3748 317 BROADWAY DISHES JACK LONDON SQUARE DARIF Lafayette Phone 284-4533 Academy Awards! Audrey Hepburn-Rex Harrison "MY FAIR LADY" color (Complete. Uncut Version) Shown at 6:30 t 9:30 p.m. LIVEBMOSE YINE Phon 447-2543 k w nvi Vi'lVnB UORI5 DAY & ROD TAYLOR Alec Gumnes."SITUATION ' HOPELESS BUT NOT SERIOUS!" OAKLAND PARKWAY cp lirwma. I3S-1S3S Park ttlvA J. C lt4k benrrevertlal Shocker! Exclusival Catharine Peneuve, at 7:00 :1I PIEDMONT Ti SEAN CONNERY as JAMES BOND "THUMOfRjiM.1" color, at 8:30 BETTE DAVW "THE NANNY" Miown at r .OQ k ig:o p.m. PI h7A East i2th it 7th Ave. riUtiUi Phone (35-1266 "PILOTOI DE LA MUERTE" Tin-Tan Resortee-T. Velazguet "AMAHTI Y AS t SI NO" Arturo De Cordova p East 14th St. 148th Ave. DtU Phone 357-4400 "MY FAIR LADY" color Audrey HEPBURN & Rex HARRISON Complete! Original Version! Shown Once Only at 8:00 p.m. T1FI MAR SAN LEANDRO Villi I'UUl 14th Euclid 632-2556 1st Run! In Color! Wendell Corey "AGENT FOR H.A.R.M." color The Beau Brummels-Chris Noel "WILD. WILD WINTER" SAN LORENZO VILLAGE I nnrH7fl San Lorenzo Village lalinXiIlliU Phone: 276-4675 Best Film! Best Actress of the Year! "DARLING" with Julie Christie-Dirk Bogarde I "RETURN FROM THE ASHES" K Samanrha Eggar-Maximilian Schell ' I Plus! Football Highlights of 1965 w WALNUT CREEK ELREY 2 of the Year's Too Ten! "SHIP OF FOOLS" Vivien Leigh Simone Signoret-Jose Ferrer "THE COLLECTOR" color Samantha Eggar-Terence Stamo r One Complete Show Only! Starts 7:30 DRIVE-IN THEATERS ALAMEDA ALAMEDA DRIVE IN Webster at Alameda Tube 523-9344 1st Run! Color! Wendell Corey "AGENT FOR H.A.R.M." Chris Noel & The Beau Brummeis "Wll n Ull r ui i.iTrn'l ISLAND AUTO MOVIE 3 Blocks from Tube 522-7205 SHOW STARTS AT 7:00 p.m. "One of the Year's Top Ten"-N.Y. Times Best Film Best Actress of the Year U v --i. r : i .. . . i ... iikw i urn rum .ririca Awira "DARLING" Julie CHRISTIE Laurence HARVEY-Dirk BOGARDE PLUS! "ZULU" Stanley Baker-Michael Caine (In Wide-Screen, Color!) Flea Market Sunday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ANTIOCH RDinrrUFHTi Phone: 757-4114 UUMUUbUbtlU Closed Tonit.l Starts Fri.: "Red Line 7000" "Once A Thlef'-Ann-Margret CONCORD AUTOMOVft! 612 9,12 Across tsucnanan Field JAMES BOND "THUNDERBALL" "AGENT 8V4"-Dirk Bogarde ' DUBLIN SAN RAMON aRmhTter, At Highways 50 & 21, phone 828-1700 "CINCINNATI KID"-Steve McQueen . "RED LINE 7000"-ln Color! FREMONT ir FREMONT AUT0 M0VIE nlsl'iUni JNwCAR HEATERS Fremont Blvd.-Nimitz Fr'way 793-5900 "IRMA LA DOIirr" l.b I '-Albert Finney UIMITT AUTO MOVIE llli'lllta IN-CAR M EATERS I Nimitz Fr'way-Durham O'pass 656-9500 "THUNDERBALL"-JAMES BOND! "THE TRAIN"-Burt Lancaster HAYWARD MOTOR MOVIES E Tennvwn Rd.. Mission Blvd. SS1.S471 - l Rum? in ri.i .- ... in iui . tt vnurni VvrWV "AGENT FOR H.A.R.M." color - Chris Noel & The Beau Brummeis "WILD, WILD WINTER" OAKLAND AIRPORT A"TO MOVIE mnruni in-car heatersi Off Nimiti on 98th Ave 569-3622 Gates Open 6:30 Show Starts 7:00 " David Niva.Frn; rt.i TTntHi int. SPIES ARE" - "THE HILL"-SEAN CONNERY Nimitz-High St. ilA.Taoi u.. i JAMES BOND-"THUNDERBALL"-Cnlnr COLISEUM "RED LINE 7000-eolor PLEASANT HILL MOTOR MOVIES 2040 Contra Costa Highway 685-8011 - int i.n.i. snow -Roger Miller "PAJAMA PARTY'-Annette RICHMOND HIT I TAP Hill,p Driv H'y 40 nUalatUr 22J.57I4.H.Ur. "THE KNACK"-Rita Tushingham "AGENT 8'"-Dirk Bogarde SAN LEANDRO flAKI ANI) DRIVI 351-7030 UAIUaAJIU On Eaet 14th nrlSOth 2 GREAT COMEDY HITS! Academy Awards' Best Picture of Year "TOM JONES" color Albert Finney-Susannah York "IRMA LA DOUCE" color Jack s.ommon-5hirloy MacLaine STADIUM AUTO MOVIE test MMI ft lS4tli . 151.7010 "THE PAWNBROKER" Starring ROD STEIGER 'THE SERVANT" For Adults! Starring Dirk Bogarde Wendy Cr.lg-Sarah Miles SAN PABLO 5 234-6646 Starts Dusk I4ttl B'WV-H..t.r. IRMA LA DOUCE"-Shirley MeeUine Albert Finney "TOM JONES" -, RANCEO

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