Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 17, 1965 · 26
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 26

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1965
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rm m m m o o 1 T "oao m t vat n ainrvgnrp wfss : ACTION I'JIIEiffi IT HAPPENS . . . I 1 At the bacIAoard --M CV ' " v - XV ',1' ' C tJf, ,. V Wv r.! ; I - v ,v ; . ,1 j I ii . fritwrr---' , U J I At the "50" . . . w 1 At the goal! For all the action and a lot more than the final score . . . keep your eye on TRIBUNE SPORTS nvcryfhing you look for in a newspaper ( ' vii -) - 1.' Vr t V ;o 1 11 1 26 D I aklaubilfctrrtbune Fri., Dec. 17, 1965 Bus-Driving Santa Glaus to Add Three Lines to Route The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District's bus-driving Santa Gaus will appear in his decorated Christmas bus on three more transit lines next weef ."' ' . On Tuesday, the "Santa Claus Express" will operate on Line 15 (Grove-14th Ave.) making two round trips between : Berkeley, downtown Oakland and East Oakland.. ' The bus will reach 14th Street and Broadway at 10:29 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. en route to East Oakland, and at 11:41 a.m. and 1:57 p.m. on return to Berkely. The decorated "sleigh" -will ALAMEDA ALAMEDA PhW,ffi5Sg IN THEIR 2 GREAT HITS! "HELM" color "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" A1BAMT ALBAIIYCINDIA Jan Pendt-L Mirvln "CAT SAtL0U"-Color-7:00 A I0:SS ' , Charlton Hiton-"MAJOR DUNDEE" - In Color, it l:4S ANTI0CH (TllfH Phono: 7S7-2303 STAfin Robort Proston - "THI MUSIC MAN" color 'fiYP$Y"-Nitalie Wood, Color! B BEXXELET Pl'Ulf I'l W Shartuck at Halt DHUkKJAl Phono: I4-4J00 Richard WMmark-Sidney Poitior "THE SIDfORD INCIDENT" Also "FAIL SAFE" Dan O'Horlihy Walror Matthav-Henry Fonda Box Offka Ooont o:30 p.m. CALIFORNIA "SHSTJ&S "WHEN th BOYS MEET tho GIRLS" "SWINGIN' SUMMCR"-Both, Colorl P I U r ftf A Shartuck & Hasta blllLrlA Phone: 148-2031 2 by Inajmar Btromn-"7TH SEAL and "THE VIRGIN SPRING" ELMW00D :8l Limited Enfagomtntl Yeart Best Film! "DARLING" Julio Christie Laurence Hinrey-Dirk Booardo "LET'S TALK ABOUT WOMEN" With Vittorio Gassman N0RTHSIDE SSSS STUDIO A: Ann Bancroft in "THE PUMPKIN EATER" "LILITH"-Jean Sebor STUDIO B: "DR. JTRANGELOVE" Peter Selleri-Georg C Scott Costeau's Academy Award Winner! "WORLD WITHOUT SUN"-colorl OAKS Solano at th Alameda Phone: 526-113 THI BEATLES' TWO HITS! . "HELP!" color "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" UNITED ARTISTS pZi tor The Family! Extraordinary Full-length Puppet Show-"WILLY McBEAN & HIS MAGIC MACHINE"-colorl PLUS! "THE TRAIN" Burt Lancaster-Jeanne Moreau Continuous Sat. thru Tues. From 1 :00 D.C. 43-4267 University at Shatt'ck Kex rlamson-inqrid Bergman "THI" YELLOW ROLLS-ROYCE"-color "BANANA PEEL"-Jean-Paul Belmondo T CASTRO VALLEY rtj n P AT '560 Castro 312-2553 ItlUXDVl THE BEATLES! 2 GREAT HITS! " H E L P!" color "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" Continuous Tomorrow From 1 :00 CONCORD rUrilll Phone: 6SS-S411 LnJEaiill Connie Francis "WHEN the BOYS MEET the GIRLS" "ZEBRA IN THE KITCHEN" E. EAST OAKLAND CINE 7 MacArthur Blvd.-38th Ave. Phone: 261-3312 THE BEATLES IN THEIR 2 HITS "HELP!" color "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" Continuous Sst. thru Tues, From 1 :0B FREE PARKING r A fur AY Foothill Blvd & Fairfax I nllll AA Phono 533-4717 1st Run! For The Family! Outstandinf Full-Lenotli Puppet Show! In Color! "Willy McBean t His Maoic Machine" "CAPTAIN SINDBAD" color! Pre Parkins! Doors Open 6:45 p.m. SPECIAL MATINEE SATURDAY 1:00 rRUITYALES4, 1st RmttJwmoers Meet Science Fiction! "VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS" with TOMMY KIRK-ln Color! "SEASIDE SWINGERS" ClnemaScope-Color with John Leyton FREE PARKING SPECIAL MATINEE SATURDAY 1:00 FREMONT rniTrU Phone: 73-3133 tXsil 1 Lu - 2 With The Beatles! "HELP!" color "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" H HAYWABD HAYWARD JKKja 1st Run! Tommy Kirk I His Swingm' Friend Meet H. G. Weirs' Science Fiction in-"VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS"-color PLUS! "SEASIDE SWINGERS" CinemaScope-Color with John Leyton BIT7 22331 Mission Blvd. ill 1 is Phone: $12-0420 "WHEN the BOYS MEET the GIRLS" Connie. Francis-Harve PresneN "A SWINGIN' SUMMER" James Stacy-Wm. Wellmsn Continuous Show Every Day LAfATETTE DITIV Lafayette - Phon 2B4-4I33 r AHA Croat Comedy! Celerl "IT'S A MAD MAD MAD WORLD" Spencer Tracy-Milton Berte-Sid Caesar-Buddy Hacket-Ethet Mermaa ., Shew Once Only t 8:00 LIYEKMOBE VINE Phon: 447-2S4S 2 In Color! "THE IPCRESS FILE" "FATHER GOOSE" Lesli Care o OAKLAND GRAND LAKEimAr h r "WHEN the BOYS MEET the GIRLS" "SWINGIN SUMMER" PARKWAY Park Blvd. 1 E. Ilth "THI KNACK"-Rita Tasnmgham "YOUR PAST IS SHOWING"-Rits! PIEDMONT 'XZZ&X Seen Ceenery "THE HILL" Ii40 Oenn Fenl-Hanry Fend THI ROUNDIRS"-Cokr, 1 4 141 Starts Wed. I "Tkvneersair Pre Parktegl Com Early far Beet Seats operate on Lines 4043 on Wednesday, arriving at 14th and Broadway at 9:37 a.m. and returning at 11:20 a.m. The bus will return again at 14th and Broadway at 12:30 p.m., continuing to Seminary Ave. and Foothill Blvd. at 12:45 p.m. It will be back at 14th and Broadway at 1:27 p.m. Santa will make two round trips on Line 82 (East 14th St.) on Thursday. The holiday bus will leave 11th and Jefferson streets at 9:42 a.m. and 12:12 p.m., returning , at 12:04 and 2:35 p.m. PLAZA East 12th at 7th Ave. Ph. B3S-5264 EL ESPADAC H IN" color Daooberto Rodrieuei "SUERTE TE DE DIOS" Joaquin Cordoro-Ter Velaiques OBINDA nPflin A Tunnel Hi way and Orinda VUmUn Crossroads 254-2233 THE BEATLES IN THEIR TWO GREAT HITS! "HELP!" color "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" SHOW STARTS AT 7:00 p.m. BHEEM TALLEY HDITM Rhm Valley, 376-4464 nnXsU'l 4 Miles from Orinda "WHEN th BOYS MEET th GIRLS" Color! Connie Francis-Harv Presnell "ZEBRA IN THE KITCHEN" SHOW STARTS AT 7:00 p.m. BICEMOND PARK Dam Road El Sobrante Phon: 223-1400 IT S A MAD MAD MAD WORLD" "RIDE THE WILD SURF" SPECIAL MATINEE SATURDAY s SAN LEANDRO BAL East Urn St. 14 8th Ave. Phon 357-4400 WHAT a NEW PU5SYCAT?'-color Peter Sellers-Peter O'Toole "THE TRAIN" Burt Lancaster-Jeanne Moreau SPECIAL MATINEE SATURDAY DEL MAR SAN LEANDRO 14th Euclid- 632-2556 1st Run! Extraordinary Full-Length Puppet Show In Color! "Willy McBean I His Magic Machine "CAPTAIN SINDBAD" Color with Guy Williams SPECIAL MATINEE SATURDAY SAN LOBENZO VILLAGE LORENZO s'nPhLr.r207 NOW! THE BEATLES IN THEIR 2 GREAT HITS! "HELP!" color "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" Cont. Tomororw thru Tues. from 1:00 w- WALNDT CBEEK ELREY Phone: 934-4465 THE BEATLES IN THEIR TWO GREAT HITS! "HELP!" color "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" ALAMEDA ALAMEDA DRIVE IN Webster at Alameda Tube S23-344 First Rue. Suspense Thrillers! "MASTER OF HORROR" "MASTER OF TERROR" ISLAND AUTO MOVIE 3 Blocks From Tube Phone: S22-7205 SHOW STARTS AT 7:00 "THE WAR LORD" Charlton Heston-Richard Boone Rosemary Forsyth-Maurice Evans In Psnavision-Color! "A VERY SPECIAL FAVOR" color Rock Hudson-Leslie Caron Charles Boyer-Nita Talbot . Walter Sleiak-Dick Shawn Flea Market Sunday I a.m. -5 p.m. ANTIOCH Hiuruiuuuui AH-Comedy Hit! II S A MAD MAD MAD WORLD "THE SKULL" CONCOBD AUTOMOVIE nStS WHEN th BOYS MEET th GIRLS' "TICKLE ME"-ELVIS PRESLEY FBEMONT FREMONTin -CAR HEATERS! Fremont Blvd.-Nrmrti FrV.y 793-3900 THE BEATLES" H E L P ! " "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" M1MTT7 AUTO MOVIE mi'llla IN-CAR HEATERS Nimitz Fr'way-Durham O'pass 6S6-9500 "WHEN the BOYS MEET the GIRLS" "GIRL HAPPY" ELVIS PRESLEY HAYWABD MOTOR MOVIES . Tennyson Rd., Mission Blvd. 51-3973 Tnl BtATLcSi TWO GREAT MIT SI "HELP!" color "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" OAKLAND A raDflDT AUT0 movie nwruai in-car heaters! Off Nlmlti en 91th Ave S69-3622 Gates Open 6:30 Shew Starts 7:00 THE BEATLES 2 GREAT HITS! "HELP!" color "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" COLISEUM Nimltz-High St. 534-7491 Heaters! "WHEN the BOYS MEET th GIRLS" "TICKLE ME"-ELVIS PRESLEY PLEASANT BILL MOTOR MOVIES 2040 Contra Costa Highway" B 5-101! 2 with THE BEATLES "HELP!" "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" RICHMOND tTTf I TflD H'top Drive H'wey 40 OUalalUr 223-374 Hearers "WHEN the BOYS MEET the GIRLS'" "BEACH BLANKET BINGO" SAN LEANDBO OAKI ANT) DRIVt ,N '-70 VniUaAalil On East 14th w 150th Shocker! "BLOOD 4 BLACK LACE" In Color with Cameron Mitchell "YOUNG DILLINGER" Nick Adams Mary Ann Mobley-Victor Buene STADIUM AUTO MOVIE Eastldth 154th Phone: 351-7010 Spme-Tinalin Susoensel "VON RYAN'S EXPRESS" Frank Sinatra-Trevor Howard "WHAT A WAY TO GO!" Shirley MecLame-Pau! Newman Robert Mitchum-Desn Martm-Oen Kelly Beth I CmemaScepe-Celerf SAN PABLO RAIimn J!- Starts Dusk lUUIIrflU 14th, B'wey Hatsl "WAR LOKO-Chartton Ht . "ART OF LOVr-Jemes if SAN BANII YLLLACE SAN RAMON tfStfffilm At Hlebway 11. Phon Bl(-17t "WHEN the BOYS MEET the OIRLS" "MIRAGE" Gregory Peek Bibi CCeeps IHler: Clothes bd1 By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer . HOLLYWOOD (AP) - It's a lone distance from the explicit dramas of Sweden to an Amer ican Wtfstern. Bibi Andersson has made the transition with what appears to be highly satisfactory results. Bibi isthe striking blonde who achieved fame as leading lady in Ingmar Bergman films, some of which have run afoul of American censors. Producer-director Ralph Nelson admired her work and cast her with James Garner and Sidney Poit- ier in "Duel at Diablo," which was made entirely on location near Kanab, Utah. Westerns have progressed beyond the era when the cowboy star kissed only his horse. Four men try to tear my clothes off in one scene," reported Bibi. "But of course this is a Western, and the hero res cues me before they can succeed? I asked if a European version was filmed, in, which the hero arrived late. No, she said, expressing interest in the practice of some American producers to franker or nuder versions for the overseas trade. "We do the same thing in Sweden; we make, American versions, she said. "For the Oakland Ballet Company's KAISER CENTER AUDITORIUM ' OPENS TONIGHT 8:30 P.M. DEC 20, 21, 22, 23 2:30 P.M. ADULTS $2.00 CHILDREN $1.25 SOLD OUT DEC. 20 and 21 Tickets available: Sherman-Clay, Brewers, Montgomery Ward, Roos Atkins Cal Shop Dec. 25 thru Jan. 2 I vonlngt & Matinees HCESi JJ.50, 1.N, 3.10, 4.M, 4.50 tea iKUCkilareaM price same .trfwiMacts. ! CALL MR. ALLEN AT 921-9431 FOR SPECIAL GROUP! I RATES FROM CAVEMEN TOCAMELOT... FROM CUSTER TO COLUMBUS... A Mad Romp Through Time! EASTMAN UULUK SVtr THE MOVIE WITH THE MYSTIC TOUCH FOR GROWNUPS WHO ARE STILL PART YOUNGSTERS AND YOUNGSTERS WHO ARE ALREADY PART GROWNUPSHt ,;; Writlen.Ptodticed lt Oirecfed by ARTHUR mm THOMAS CERE FORREll JAMES POIACK 432-2556 DEL MAR . Theotr SAN IIANDRO A 533-4787 .'FAIRFAX Thatr OAKLAND Ml BapMSMsaaaa)ssa Read Bill a in - f . , f ' ft V i it BIBI ANDERSSON ON LOCATION IN UTAH From Swedish symbolism to sagebrush version here, the girl wears pant and a bra." Such are the divergent cultures. Bibi Andersson seems capable of playing both sides of the ocean. Her English is. flawless. She admitted enjoying the Jsrijon Production! Pretnts "UNDER the YUM-YUM TREE" SAT., DEC 25th :30 P.M. If Liwrtsti Roman with til Sji Fuicisci Cinsiflf Emul JOHNSTON Stuart XLITSNER . Kiril HOFF El Campanil Theatre, 2nd & G Antioch R...rval,on.: 757-7755. All t.at, $2.50. D.c. 26 at 2:30. D.c. 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 at 8:30. Special Midnita Performance Dc. 31 Ste tt waifs iratest kt skater, Reaaia Res-errs.... Olympic Clum-pion, Sievkie Dijkitr ...curat World kl Dane ChamftioflS, Tit Rernees . . . tins a cast it ov 100 staters. - Buy tickets now -For yourself-For somen! special or your Christmis list. Now in sile it Winterlantf, Sears Stores, Greyhound Depots, Downtown Center Box Office, Sherman Clay OaklaRi. and all agencies. Mail orders promptly fillel Call 921-4315 for information. IN THE SCREEN'S NEWEST WONDER! RANKIN, JT." JULES BASS & LARRY ROEIIER Released by MAGNA DISTRIBUTION CORP. Fiset Daily i 143-14S7 I A U. A. Theatre liRKILEY f ' til location, grueling though it may have seemed. "For the first eight weeks the sun shone," she said. "Since I am from Sweden, that's all I needed to keep me happy. Later it rained, and I was not so Quiet Hollywood Preview For Sir Olivier's Othello HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - World premiere of Sir Lawrence Oli-vier's "Othello" was a quiet inauspicious bow for what the critics have hailed as one of the great motion pictures ever filmed. The two-hour and 50-minute Shakespearean presentation made its international debut Wednesday night at the Hollywood Pantages theater. But there were no kleig lights, no grandstands and almost no spectator-fans. Only Efrem Zimbalist and Shirley MacLaine represented Hollywood stardom. But Jack Warner was present in as much as his company is distributing the film in the United States. The premiere was a benefit sponsored by the Muscular Dis-trophy Assn. of America with lfll,Mtrld:lWT.,!llri?1--iTJ'IWJIil - 4. n wit ii. ELVIS PRESLEY r. w a NOW PLAYING atl2 THEATRES THE EASTMANCOLOR a CINE 7 1 EL REY I ALAMEDA I ORINDA Oakland WaL Creek Alameda ' ' Orinda OAKS I CENTRE I LORENZO I CHABfiT Berkeley Fremont San Lorenzo CastnVal. AIRPORT I MOTOR I AUTO I MOTOR DRIVE IN I'OVIES MOVIES MOVIES Oakland 1 Hayward Fremont Pln:iif Hilt happy. But I managed to keep; my spirits up." i't Even on a rugged location, filming in America is easier than in Sweden, she said. "In Sweden we have no stand- ins," she commented. "The actors have to stand under the hot lights until-the scene is. ready;-and that is very tiring. "My stand-iri on 'Duel at Diabp lo' was so good she was doing,-half my part. She is an excellent rider, and she performed the action scenes. I got worried that she would take the1 part away from me." It should be noted that Bibi possesses a puckish sense ot humor, and one is not sure how much of what she says to be-lieve. For instance, she talks of winning $90 from Jim (Maverick) Garner in a card game. Bibi had been joined by her. husband, professor writer Kjell Grede, for a brief vacation before returning to Stockholm. She enjoyed the lush life at the Beverly Hills Hotel, although she was . slightly piqued when she was not allowed to enter the Polo Lounge in slacks. "It is so beautiful here," she commented as she gazed out at the sunshine and palm trees. "I; have the feeling tfiat Los. An-t geles is like a weekend. Sweden is a long Monday." tickets selling for $10 and $15. The opening lacked the whoop-la and razzle-dazzle of the stereotype of Hollywood premieres. The picture produced by B. H. E. of England was filmed in a London studio but is presented exactly as it was by the National Theater of Great Britain. Nothing was eliminated or added to the technicolor or pana-vision adaptation of Olivier's magnificent stage production. Warner Bros, will present the film in 16 performances over an 8-day period in Hollywood to-qualify the film for this year's-Academy Awards. In its press showing, the re-t sponse by critics has been overwhelming in praise for both Olivier's performance and the entire production. 1ST RUN tffljj .CONNIE FRANCIS 22 nMnvt rntoNbLL SAMSHAMSS PHARAOHS LIBERACE LOUIS ARMSTRONG! It'sSong! It's Color!.. I BEATLE ) SAME 1 UITO XI aaea a aff m. nii.i .av m uii i m m1 UNITED ARTISTS Kleaie J A if s it

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