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uper-Council for ay Area Alivo Mwt Proposed True Facts arid Other Redundancies was making his statement, San Francisco Mayor John F. Shelley asked the Board of Supervisors to endorse a policy state Another subject which would be thrashed Out would be a proposal by State Sen. J. Eugene McAteer, D-San Fancisco, for a study to whether Some raised eyebrows around the courthouse: judce Victor Wagler's court released some files in the Mayo ment to the Association of Bay A summit meeting of top Bay Area 'officials may be held in the near future to discuss the creation of a super-government covering the Bay counties. Chairman Melvin B.

Lane of the Bay Conservation and Development Commission Trailed for the meeting yesterday, saying he will invite, amont others, Area Governments in favor of vJohn Houlihan estate hearing, for study by Houlihan's a radical new "limited function' torney and they were picked up and signed for by Elwyn C. Lamp Jr. Lamp is an Oakland policeman. Cops regional government for the en- -V, lire cay Area. the Bay Area needs regional government to solve regional problems.

Shelley's" resolution envisions an agency to deal with areaw-ide problems of air. and water pollution, construction and de-velopment, "transportation 'and cwKervation, housing, airport doing private messenger duty? I knew kids at U.C anelley's statement, it is adopted by the board and thus the heads-of the Bay Area Air couldn't keep going at their frenzied "pace One, so help me, checked into Cowell Hospital's psychiatric clinic -Pollution Control Dis1rigtrRapidiJ)egQmes the -official policy of Transit District, Transportation the City and County of San Francisco, owuld be discussed i yesterday convinced Jta he's Study Commission and Regional Water Quality Control Board. About the same time Lane planning, refuse disposal and creation of a Bay Area greenbelt at the summit meeting, as we! as by ABAC jokes about Batman's going to district. the Batroom I and having Bat- Eventually, 1 it would absorb the Bay Area Rapid Transit breath? Well, he bought a boa --4 District V' i and named it Guanol Out in Shelley's r-government would begoverned by an elect Concord a door-todoor magazine I 4 -r jy solicitor sold a woman subscrip- ed bodychosen by the voters in the nine Bay Area counties "on the basis of one man, one i A I tions to, eight magazines and co I lprted. in advance.

$400. The vote." ELECTIVE OFFICIALS 1 I woman is 91 years old, and the Shelley's idea, the brainchild 1 I ter; Business, Bureau 'got on i of Jack Kent, his new coordi 'V Thev eot.her monev back, and 1 riator of housing, planning and development, would differ from earlier and existing proposals in Biumti inai omciais wouKi De elected 0 0 0 and not appointed. If all. nine Bay Area counties MODEL JOAN SELIG VIEWS MOTOR OF HAWAII- BOUND 1910 BUICK Tour leader Ben Mozzetti shows car before loading aboard liner Lurline I The Convocators, an Oakland spiritual-jazz, voca were involved in a wneman. group, do a concert at San Quehtin Sunday afternoon one vote election, San Francisco, the largest city, would have and will sing their hit, "I'm Packing Up Getting Ready Horseless To Go," which may cause a bit of unrest among the in 16 per cent of the votes.

Alameda and Contra Costa Counties combinB1 would have 40 per 1 1 Federal Aid mates I like the idea of slipping a printed insert in cent side the cellophane on a cigarette package, which says Shelley proposed that ABAC Carriag es "Borrowing cigarettes may be hazardous to your act as a watchdog over the new regional agency, seeing that it Don Mulford, Convalescing at home in Pied doesn crow bie or take ought for over functions of established mont from eye surgery for weeks now, and with weeks to go, slipped out of the house the other night and was Go Sailing FREMONT Members of the local governments, such as free way ifone two hours He was spirited out to vote at a ses The mayor pointed out that sion of the Republican Central 7 7 -v. present, regional agencies in the Bay Area are concerned with Fremont Horseless Carriage Club and other affiliates throughout California and Neva Center IVIC specific purposes. They are not interested in over-all regional 1 S4rfl da sailed with their ancient cars on the S.S. Lurline yesterday About the Republicans, I think they're getting light ALBERT E. NORMAN WROTE LOVINGLY OF CITY planning, he argued, and since Oakland's Redevelopment lor tne first overseas antique headed in this Jhey have a rally set for Mon their directors are appointed in contributor to The Knave dies.

aula tour ever undertaken- Agencyis-seekingjnoreJthan Tour chairman Ben Mozzetti day night at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds with campaign streamers, straw hats and buttons shades of 1920 stead Of elected, are not responsible to the voters. CITES DANGERS of 40871 High St. said 27 cars and Ronald Reagan as the major drawing power. (And I dating from 1905 to 1915 are making the tour. He cited "the danger inherent Oakland rt on Expe wish Reagan would get around this area a little more The 82 antique auto buffs and $1.2 million federal money for survey and planning on the City's Civic Center Redevelop, ment Project.

The Agency decided yesterday to ask the City Council to make formal application for from the Urban Renew- His committee sent out notices thai in Southern Alame- their buggies left for a triD to in piecemeal creation of what, has been described as a "fragmented super-government of the Bay Area. utte the Hawaiian Islands, where the da County tickets could be obtained in Joe History Dies at 73 machines which putthousands of dobbins out to pasture will be Shelleys proposal came after DiMaggio and Lefty O'Doul co-host a golf tournament at March 17, 1966 1 5 ABAG decided to conduct a put on display. Round Hill April 25 as a benefit for Cystic Fibrosis. The year-long study to reconsider its During their stay in the 50th al Administration. Albert Norman, '73, a fa Mutual flood of tournaments is a sure sign of future and basic policies.

nlans fnr relnratini nrcnt In. miliar figure on Oaland streets tack in 1955, but continued his work and his historical writing almost to his death, according The project, also newly des state they will use barges to transport the vehicles from is in calling for the summit spring. About- lone Carruth nas spotted a robin meeting Lane said "all reasona as ne pusnea nis spare rrame along in learch of the historical ignated yesterday as the "Pe-ralta College Project," as now to nis son, Albert Norman Jr. with its two young in a nest at the YorkTowers apart forms of government land to island, and swap stories and compare their wares with Hawaiian horseless carriage en items with which he regaled --ments-near Lake Merritt an apartment that does should be studied, so that "specific recommendations can be readers of The Tribune's iGaave didn't matter how sick he was," said hh son. "If he thought he bid something to do envisioned contains about 360 acres, larger by far than Acorn NOT accept children The other sure sign of spring: column, has died after a heart Further complicating overall project are the prob lems involved in bringing together a college campus, residential pumping station for the Alameda County Flood Control District, and an made to the Legislature and to attack.

he was down there doing it," and.Oak.Center, both about 200 The frenzy of the people in the little income tax offices, the people of the Bay Area Mr. Norman, who operated our commission must not They will return April. 1, according to Mozzetti. "We just want to go, to Mozzetti saWifs the first overseas trip, and the 27 cars came from all over the acres. STAFF INCREASE He was a member of Live Oak-Lodge No Oakland, Oakland Scottish Rite preparingrreturns fortheEteniaLRej venue Service.

the Albert Norman Real Es only -prepare a -plan for-the csiuary LKe Merriu uiannei: About 100 acres of "Civic tate company on downtown 15th Street for 53 years, was as well Bay, but must also recommend the governmental structure nec Bodies, Hi-12 Club: California park, possibly Involving Center-Peralta 0011686" will be 0 0 0 Historical Society, Oakland Pi Port of Oakland lands. known in Masonic and business essary to carry out the plan," used as the site for a junior oneer Society, Chamber of Com circles as in those devoted to ne said. CHANGES TITLE college. merce, California-Nevada His history. And he combined his The Agency changed its des Redevelopment Executive Di Otis of.

Bankers Trust in New York, is in Berkeley this week interviewing Mabas (master's degree in business administration)- for jobs after they gra hobby with his devotion to Oak- state as well as Nevada. We'll go even farther than Hawaii, eventually." He said antique auto buff Bill Harrah of the famed Harrah's Club in Reno, was among those on the The 82 per rector John Williams said the ignation of the area to the Pe-ralta College Project because and First Methodist Church, Abortion Society agency staff will have to be in or which he was official his its former title, "Civic Center" creased to begin work on the torical Conference, California Historical Foundation, Oakland Orpheus Club and a charter member of the Oakland Real Estate Board. He is survived by his widow, Lena, of the family home at 657 To Incorporate torian. duate. He has with him a picket sign made up by his secretary "because you'll be in Berkeley," with a four-letter eraita College project.

was uucii cumusea wun Uly He was given "first prize for The Society for Humane Abor The work will include a survey of the sons involved are affiliated with the Horseless Carriage Clubs of America. historical writings in 1963 by the tion Inc. has filed incorporation town Oakland redevelopment program, according to Williams. word on it: BANK Two vivacious El cernto riign seniors, Molly Hunter and Ellen Diamond, are REALLY California-Nevada Conference of structures presently in the area papers ban Francisco Superior Court, describing itself the Methodist Church. In other action, the Agency Capell his son Albert Jr.

of Pied nont and a daughter, Mrs. Phyllis Fair of San Rafael a brother, Robert H. Norman of His contributions to The Knave as a non profit organization went beyond a mere general endorsement of the new fed whose purpose is to "promote information tch Santa Rosa over the past 35 years made his name -as faniiliar-Jo -Tribune readers as many a byline re Larger Role Urged eral Lease-Rental Housing pro- wrapped up in their school's production of "Antigone" set for March 24-25. Molly plays" the nurse and Ellen has the title roler The -other night Ellen stayed overnight with Molly. At 4:30 a.m.

they'd taken a Thermos of hot tea up to Greek Theater on the campus and were re Funeral services will be held ward more humane abortion practices." porter. He delineated the Oak at 2 p.m. Saturday at the First executive Director Reginald The document lists 12 organiz land of many years ago, the Guichard yesterday. Oakland he remembered and the The Agency's resolution urees ers, including Ernest Besig of In Planning Survey Methodist Church, with Dr. Charles E.

Lord officiating, and friends have been invited to call Saturday morning at Truman's Oakland he had heard of from tne American Civil Liberties the City Council to seek federal Union and Drs. Carlton B. Good the "old-timers" of his youth. hearsing on stage in the, dark. "You see, it's for realism.

The part we were doing takes place at 4:30 a.m." Parents frantic, naturally. 0 0 0 approval of at least 1,500 units for Oakland. lett, David Rubsamen and Neal Mr. Norman had been ill By BILL MARTIN Chapel, Telegraph Avenue at 30th Street. Blumenfeld.

Under the 1965 Housine Act. health since his first heart at If a special planning team can But he insisted that the household survey was also essential spend $130,000 to find out, the lease-rental proposal would approve the contracting of a etated number of privately owned housing units with the among other things, who cooks for planning purposes as well DreaKtast in the typical Oakland Decision Seigel also will head another survey which will determine the Delay Supervisors household, it should be able to undertake an urgent study of Housing Authority. RENT SUBSIDY structural conditions of 8,000 residential buildings in 20 areas tne unpad rapid transit stations will make on the city. of tne city. A low income family, seeking two-bedroom home, for in On Coliseum Access Road Oversimplified, that seemed Evans explained another to be the reaction of the City study which will survey all commercial, industrial and institu stance, would pay the two-bedroom rate charged in the Authority's public housing.

The federal subsidy would make up the difference between that fig The Alameda County Board of Planning Commission last night after hearing a progress report on the city-federal 701 Program. Supervisors today delayed its tional organizations in the city. He said that the eight-month study will be carried out In the field, by Oakland firemen as decision on the county's possible And Myron A. Martin, chair ure and the actual rent, within participation in buying ana man of the commission, said commissioners will appeal to limits. that "there is no place in a city, county or state government for an elected representative of the people to be in this kind of a Osborne said he had been told that Maggiora has a 25 per cent interest in the property but "not a penny of cash" in it.

ending an access roaa part of the city's contribution Guichard said the proposal is City Manager Jerome Keithley to the 701 project. endorsed by the Oakland Real Estate Board and the Apart Commissioners indicated they to get the 701 Program team to take on the BART station study. new Coliseum. All but one of the supervisors, Emanuel a complained that toe board had not had sufficient time to study all the pro appreciated the need for such ment House Owners Association, Howard Swartz, 701 project exhaustive studies of the city. Is not a cure-all, "but a Mayor John Houlihan said earlier this week he was con But Martin said he felt it was director, and two assistants, Garry Evans and Sheldon Seig- posals.

1 transfusion," he added. Only have been authorized over the a "shame" that the 701 project By a 4-1 vote, witn Kazeio that would provide freeway access to the Coliseum but also directly to the private property, which its owners want to develop into a 200-room motel, a convention center and two office buildings. The other route, originally drawn up by Coliseum which is developing the Coliseum and Arena, would also provide some access to the property but would trim it down to 6.8 acres that could be developed. The city proposal would cut it down to two separate parcels, of 7.75 and 1.2 acres. The property owners have endorsed this proposal and are willing, ac-c 6 i to part-owner Dana Murdock, to help underwrite some of the cost of constructing the access road and also to do el, gave the commission a run was not being used to examine 10,000 units, of such housing entire nation, he added.

down on the many studies they will make in preparing an ex But Agency members pointed dissenting, the board directed the district attorney, county administrator and county surveyor to study the access route question and report back within two haustive comprehensive devel opment plan for Oakland. Liberation of the churches dept: Montclair Presbyterian has a note in its current bulletin: "Saturday there will be an open discussion on 'Birth After the meeting there' will be a scavenger hunt" I suppose it should be mentioned that Bill Round came down from Victoria to visit his cousins in Piedmont, the Stuart Dave Abouaf, who'll lead a teen-age tour of mostly Skyline kids to Europe this summer, is getting hTshape. She's taking' from Vera Schwartz, calisthenics, Greek dancing and the Frug The pretty blonde parked in a no-parking spot across from the entrance to the Oakland Symphony, came out to find not' a ticket but a courteous note" from Officer Willie Brown and Brown himself standing there. "I've been guarding your car." I ooo Bob Pagnani, a probation officer here, is working on a case where the defendant's last name is Justice and the chief witness is named Crook. Probation granted? About probation, Jim Scott is in charge of all keys for tke security area of the new Probation Center, a sort of master jailer.

So the other day he lost his OWN keys, to his car, house, and handcuffs Steve Allen pops into Oakland Saturday riight to speak at a U.C. School of Criminology Alumni dinner at Edgewater Inn Jim Jenner, the assistant public defender, is representing an Indian, a deaf mute, before Judge Folger Emerson. The trial is postponed until 3 p.m. and Jenner makes this known to the Indian in sign three fingers -up on one hand and an with the other hand. The Indian takes off, doesn't show up for the trial Enter an expert, who knows.

Indians use a sign language of their own. Jenner explains what he did. "That means go home' the expert tells him. Judge Emerson clears his throat. "Three-X is the designation for my courtroom, Mr.

Jenner, and perhaps you should be held in contempt." out that they will need an estimated 2,000 units, for reloca- tions from redevelooment nrni- The three planners, once part vinced there were "no monk-eyshines" in Maggiora's participation and Murdock told the council that Maggiora had invested about $90,000 in the partnership. Coliseum Inc. President Robert Nahas admitted that he could "live with either route," but noted that the plans for Col-Iseum Inc's proposed route were already prepared and to turn now to the other proposal weeks. of the commission's professional staff, are heading the 27- At the meeting, the threat ot a suit of nearly $1 million was ects. Additionally, the Housing Authority itself has a 550-family waiting list, they said.

APPROVE EXPENSE month, $1,155,595 study. The Federal Government is putting up most of the cash. raised by a part owner oi a piece of private property that sits squarely in the middle of the proposed access routes. The J7PTVT akn nnrnvM it. Seigel said one sample survey en sea for three events but more timely, urgent problems.

The commission in the past has discussed the need for detailed studies of how BART stations will affect the areas in which they will be built and how land should be best used near such stations. On other matters last night, the commission was asked to alter the city's zoning ordinance to permit the building of small homes for elderly persons in R-50 residential zones. East Bay Satellite Residence, a group sponsored by the Oakland Council of Churches, plans to build about 14 such homes in Oakland, San Leandro, Berkeley and possibly Alameda under a federal loan. Gladys Worthlngton, will poll 2,800 Oakland house I would create some delays. pared down sharply the number holds to ask census and sociol And another part owner oi me 13-acre parcel of land, Oakland ogical questions.

of persons to attend suggested by Williams. They reduced lty Councilman rreo Mag- As an example of how ex giora, was attached ny a leuow councilman for his participation haustive the hour-long Inter From 13 to for a 3-day re views will be, Seigel said house hi a deal of this kind." gional council of the National hold heads will even be asked The meeting was called to al who usually cooks breakfast. low the Oakland City Council to Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials in San Diego beginning May 22. It will cost $130,000, or about come before the board to dis nate the land. Murdock was blunt about what his feelings would be if the route proposed by Coliseum Inc.

were developed. He. estimated the cost of his lost property at $450,000 and the disruptive effect it would have on the group's building plans at $500,000. "If (that) route is used, a jury will have to decide whether $950,000 is due us," be told the supervisors. Councilman Robert Osborne attacked Maggiora's part ownership, of the property, noting yvuuij ouivcur waines viv rette said he had not had enough time to study both proposals.

Asst. Dist Atty. Douglas Dunning was questioned on whether the county could legally provide funds for the access route. Dunning said there was no legal requirement in the city-county Coliseum contract, but possibly a moral responsibility because the Coliseum is a Joint venture. The motion for a staff study was made by Supervisor Robert Uannon.

cuss splitting the cost of acquir From 11 to 2 a Bay Area $45 per household, to conduct the survey, he said. ing an access route and constructing the road. Council conferencejoday at the Claremont HoteL Questioned by Martin, Seigel planner for the Council of So From 10 observers to 2 for a But much of the questioning admitted many of the survey's questions will be asked to help revolved around the property owned by Coliseum Associates routine rehearing on a minor legal point of the Proposition 14 cial Planning, told commissioners that elderly people do not like to be "syphoned off Into high-rise "colonies" of old people. the Department of Human Re sources in its anti-poverty pro Inc. matter before the Supreme grams.

Court in Sacramento. jThe city is endorsing a route.

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