Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 5, 1965 · 17
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 17

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 5, 1965
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Oscar Handicap By HERB MCHELSON f'&A7ffffICA C'Vjp AUWT0'U- SSi?M5iS!K'.,J!?f!9L "'J!' w i .i "'"" iivwainw meir Entry Andrews sObje Reynolds m 'Anna Bancroft ' aopnia Loren WtuU'wtS?.' fcr- BEST ACT0R Aex Harrison Anthony Oufnn -Richard Burton e-Peter OTooie .... Peter Sailers .....V. a Pairad by Buckingham Palace Stable. fvson-J Dame Edith Evans -,. fn&JSEZ LHa Kedrova ............. .w..:...,. KffitS? Edmond O'Brien . Peter Ustinov .... tan ley Hotfoway , John Glelgud Lea Tracy : iWiiiiiiMi-riinri.iftrirrtriWi-rt c . fa fitosl cEs Screen e' e'e v v 11 Airi Peep's Diary Weekending with collegians could have its hazards. ; One mijjhLe There's always the danger, too, of learning something. That's why, slide rule in pocket and beanie on head, not to mention an eager posterior ready to sit in at a moment's notice, I flung myself sophomoricallyjnto the tasO&esepasrfew"daysr It all began at a meeting of the California Intercollegiate Press Assn. at the Claremont, where aspiring reporter types inquired of producer Ben Kapen (Melodyland), director Dave Sacks and actor Al Ruscio (both of S.F.'s Contemporary Theater), jazzy Ralph Gleason and myself about this business of criticizing the arts. Iiasa chance ta leap upon their critics with reviewers' racket for what it really is a chance to see shows for free. Being gentlemen, however, they merely left us bleeding, especially Ruscio when he noted that critics "are human.1' And to prove this point, when the affair was over! asked Kapen to buy me at drink. What the young journalists learned or at least .heard was that producers, directors and actors appreciate constructive criticism, and that reviewers look upon plays, movies, et al from an individual point of view. -"; ; ; : : t ; -: No sooner had I constructively criticized the brand of Scotch slipped me by Kapen then it was time to - slip off to the U.C. campus for a look at what the non- combatants there do on a Friday night. The answer: Sing. I The occasion was the to words and music, sorority, fraternity and dOrM WgS campus. The Kingston Trio, mighty entertainers visually as well as vocally did a lengthy set and emceed. Trio member John Stewart suggested more students might have turned out for the show, "except they couldn't get bail." The musical offerings, though, didn't tamper with the FSM and obscenity matters to the extent I thought they would. Not in any skit was there a parody of that '"Sound of Music'9 song that could have gone, "How Do You 'Solve a Problem Like Mario." And nowhere was there an adaptation of "Three Little Words" called 'Waiil.T Attfif Wnrrl --'- - - The Chi Omegas and Phi line In -"I'm In Lovewith a Wonderful Guy" from "South Pacific" to read, "I'm as wild as the riots in Berkeley .7." And the Sigma Kappas touched np JL-Swanee!Lby singing, J'Those folks down Sonthcan send me mymaU, when Iget in the Oakland jail . : The winners, Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, saluted the famed campus pooch, Ludwig, with a variation of the "Flower Drum Song" tune.. Theirs was called "He .... Enjoys Being a Dog." Only one beard was on the stage all night, and the group he was. in lost. This proves that either chin fuzz muffles good singing or that the FSM ivould prefer playing Offffroadway. ; ' r ' :;7; j Somebody who is playing Off-Broadway, (off the : North Beach Broadway, that is) is my old friend nChristopher Callahanr who-definitely-enjoys -beings, girl. Christopher's stage name is Chris Callan, and she wowed 'em at Kapen's Melodyland last season in "Flower Drum" with her excellent warbling of "Love, Look Awayr" Now, Chris has replaced another Melody-, land alum, lovely Tina Hermansen, in "The Fan-tasticks" at the Little Fox. J Una recently wed Oakland dancer Ron Poindexter, and both have shlepped down to L.A. to seek their entertainment world fortunes. Which is a break for Chris. The Vallejo -St. Vincent High grad and S.F. State student has never had as big a role as The Girl In "Fantasticks." Vocally, she's the best yet in this part. But Chris shows her inexperience with the thespic arts Time, and more exposure, will make this kid ah asset to any , show. It's nice to see local gals like Tina and Chris getting good stage vehicles, and Little Fox boss Keith Rockwell deserves a pat for using them and, with the other hand, a slap for failing to get his curtain , up on time. lie must decide whether he's running a bar or theater. . . "The Fantastlcks" has . become a broader show . during its lengthy Little Fox run and needs much ' tighter direction. It's v ; basically a lilting, fragile little musical that can do , . without the hamminess and burlesquing installed ? by its latest director " AprB S, dear end sort of fast. end up; BEST ACTRESS agqriTi gtve mem. Odds Flvina Hilitw hir M 5-1 7-1 10-1 12-1 Urtsinkable on off track Chance to steal it won on similar course , Fast-starting foreigner lanore Ascot rKi it H W a-1 9-1 9-1 15-1 . Best chance play of raca Cant Ignore backing .... Desert run didn't hurt ... pom peg out previously . . . Steps up In class 5-1 Trailed in similar field 8-1 Looked trim at Ascot 10-1 Big Grecian earnings 50-1 CWrM' WPPORTING ACTOR Had good week in May 5-2 Proved gam In Turkey : 4-1 Needs little bit a luck i-l Tab off this one .t. ....... ls-i Old campaigner Ignored ....... 25-1 full fury and expose the 1965 Spring Sing, at which, Ens, however, did tarn a 281 Asssal Urn ? April 11 SEASONTICKETS NOW ON SALE . include : FICSUVICIC HIE KING AUDI HIE GHEAT WALTZ HELLO. C0LLY1 WITH STARS OF STAGE, SCREEN AND OPERA King of Folic Music Draws Full House By RUSS Bob Dylan, the king of topical folk song writers and one of the most ' popular singers in this realm, still is on the way up. Conclusive proof of his grow ing renown came at his Berkeley concert Saturday night. Not only was every one of the au-ditoriumTJ,200 seats plus an additional 100 chairs in the orchestra pit occupied,1 there were dozens of persons outside the hall offering to pay a premium to anyone who would sell his ticket to the conceit - Dylan's first Bay Area con cert, Feb. 22, 1964, drew 3,100 listeners to the same auditoriumLast November he filled the San Francisco Masonic Au ditorium,, which seats about 3,000. - PRODUCES OWN CONCERTS The tremendous following the slender 24-year-old singer has attracted since he came to notice in New York in 1961 has had its effect on him. For one thing, he himself now is producing his concerts rather than being booked by local entre- Sarah Wins Triumph in S.F. Show Making her first night club appearance here in several years, Sarah vaugnn scored a nafennal fniiimnYi Aruminrr nlcrht The Village in San Francisco. Miss Vaughan will be at the Columpus Ave.' club througn Sunday. The singers voice, w n i c n ranges from low alto to nign soprano and is strong and true throughout,-was in-rare form. Miss Vaughan's use of this vocal instrument still is cause for amazement. Although she now concentrates on superior popular songs such as "Moon River," "Misty" and "Poor Butterfly," Miss Vaughan has not forsaken iazz. The har monies and phrasing she learned years ago as a pianist and as a singer with the Earl Hines and Billy Eckstine orchestras and John Kirby combo still are evi denced in her program. A fine example of this IsThe it as a ballad, accompanied only by her pianist, Bob James, Miss Vaughan began stressing the rhythm, with bassist Larry Rockwell and drummer Omar Clay joining in: The third time through, Miss Vaughan used her voiceas, if it was. a saxophone, "playing" a solo based on the ;une s harmonic changes. It was a fascinating' virtuoso display. One of her best numbers was "The Boy from Ipanema," done slowly to a pulsating jazz samba rhythm. Miss Vaughan's vocal, utilizing quavers, vibrato, ru- bato and her own deep feeling was high art of its sort.-The same can be said for her word- ess vocal on "Darben, the Redd Foxx," one of James Moody's most attractive tunes. 7 Miss Vaughan does two shows a night (three on Saturday). Before and between there's dance music by Dick Reinhart's orchestra, a nine-piece aggrega tion whose arrangements many by Jerry Cournoyer and Leon Radsliff make it sound larger. The club also serves dinner. RUSS WILSON College Will Show Film From 1930s A group of musicals from the early 1930s will be shown Wednesday at 7 p.ra. in the Mer- ntt College film series. Charlie Chaplin films also will be on the program, in the college audito rium at 5714 Grove St. 2nd BIG WEEK! Alto at Centrt Thaarar . In San Francisco WORLD PREMIERE! IT ilStiiftSreodwoyji liyj "HELL ON I CJ FRISCO BAY" RWj "OUN$ OF THI . I DXtl TIMB"lANO'? I , lly ranki. Av.kn fi .,"brt Mmm4 i wmm it WILSON preneursL Besides attesting that he is an upper echelon show-biz "attraction" this also brings him more money. On stage, his appearance and presentation also show changes. The dark, wrinkled pants have been replaced by tailored blue trousers and the green shirt, open at the neck, by a neat light blue number that was buttoned. The leather boots and jacket and the tousled hair still re main. FEW SHY SMILES - From the moment he began singing, : at 8:45 p.m., Dylan went through his repertoire with celerity and sureness. There were few of the shy smiles and spoken comments that were a notable part of his first concert here. To some listeners, this lessened the rapport. With Dylan, however, the big thing is his songs those inspired, original and at times searingly intense probings into ana commentaries upon con temporary life. He sang several new ones, including the spirited "Mr. Tambourine Man" and the imagery-rich "Gates of Eden." There also were such Dylan standards as "The Times They Are a'ChanginV The Lone-. some Death of Hattie Carroll," Talking World War.ni Blues," and With God on Sur Sitfe Several humorous songs pro vided fine balance. . Dylan's voice seems to have improved a bit though it still is highly personal. As usual, he accompanies himself on guitar and harmonica, both' of which he plays like a practiced amateur. ; , Workshop May Join U.C. Group . The Actor's Workshop, seem ingly ready to dismantle after its directors took lobs in New York, may team with the University of California Extension in San Francisco. Hie Workshop board is meeting today to decide if a perma nent theater should be built at the Extension, gymnasium. Al though Workshop founders and ex-directors Herbert Blau and Jules -Irving-took -eWdozen -of their performing and technical staff members to New York's Lincoln Repertory last month, 40 Workshop members still are with the local company and would form the nucleus of any new jomt group. : . . Jacobs said the .Workshop would continue to operate even if the U.C. Extension proposal is discarded. ' i 11TH WEEK! EXCLUSIVE iiaii mm m ' BEST PICTURE XZSWdt Disney's-greatest aduevementl P yj UCHNICOLQR ' CIPM Wan D.may Protfuctiont , fSyTI A I -1 mm. fRUITVALE Theatre HAY WARD Theatre "FREMONT Dr In mm- J OAKLAND Drln I flh. V Al W MM fTTf www Aaaw aANDREWS-SCOTT MOORE-KNOX & mi m I ' Bllll III1 i.i Scenes in blushing COLO GODFREY CAMBRIDGE Make Debut InEastbay Added starters to the list of new local films this week are "World Without Sun,' "Beach Blanket Bingo'9 and "Gone Are the Days." Jacques-Yves Costeau's "World Without Sun," an exploration of a coral shelf below the Red Sea, has been nominated for an Academy Award for best feature documentary. Costeau already holds one Oscar for an under water-adventure alledTheJ Silent World." His newest starts Wednesday at the Albany. - "Beach Blanket Bingo," latest in the Annette iFunicello musical series, comes to sev eral Eastbay theaters on Wed nesday. "Gone Are the Days," UghlycclalmedegwJHm starring Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, opens tomorrow, at the downtown Lux. Already slated are Elvis Presley's "Girl Happy," coming to the Paramount Wednesday; "Zorba, the Greek," which has seven Oscar nominations and starts Wednesday at the Parkway, and "Hush . ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte," playing now at the Nimitz Auto Movie in Fremont but due on Wednesday in its Oakland bow at the Grand Lake. TONIGHT at 8 P.M. GEORGESTEVENS THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD CINERAMA UNITED ARTISTS CIKERAHA CRPHEUM MARKET at lthf S.P. PHONE MA 1-5000 EAST BAY SHOWING!. g m mm. mi m i a - BEST ACTRESS MON. THRU Fit. DOOM Of IN 11:15 SAT.SUN. pOORSOfIN 10:45 "MWAT 11:l$-lt4J-4: Exclusive Engagement! "Exciting emotional experience!" -HerbMichelson "Masterful!" Examiner "A fascinating and engrossing film!" Chronicle tfisEunss Pies! "SUDDENLY ITS MURDER. 'Vittirlo Cassma- Alberto Sirdl Haswi:00.wMErdir7:2S vru Sat "DUNES" at 1 1 1:35 ColtofO tAahat THM931 mi nothing you're Comic Due In Show at Melo An .ingenious bi of casting will bring comic Godfrey Cambridge to Melodyland in Berkeley this summer in the lead of the successful Broadway comedy, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." The local show, running for two weeks starting Aug. 17, marks one of the few times on the professional stage that a Negro has taken - over . a role initiated by a white penormer. Zero Mostel portrayed the original lead in "Forum." It has been played on the road by Dick Shawn and Jerry Lester, Thecomedy replaces VSouthi Pacific" on the Melodyland docket this season. Producer Ben Kapen had signed Betsy Palmer to head the "South Pa cific" cast, but contractual prob lems with her have led to its cancellation, Kapen said. -Cambridge rose rapidly in the comedy field after appearances on the old Jack Paar television show. The burly funny man has appeared on the Broadway stage In "Nature's Way" and "Purlie Victorious." He also played in the film version of the latter and can be seen on the screen too in "Gone Are the Days," due to morrow at the Lux. He is slated to appear in variety-show at the Circle Star Theater in San Carlos for one week starting April 20. "Forum" becomes the third show definitely set for Melody- land's third season at the Berkeley Community Theater. Kapen already has signed "Bonanza" TV star Pernell Roberts for er Robert Goulet f or "Carousel" Negotiations continue, Kapen saia, xo nave uouiet s wife Broadway-night club songstress Carol Lawrence, appear with him in the Berkeley musical comedy run - The Melodyland season opens Irish Role Call HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - The cast of "Fantastic Voyage" is almost all Irish: Stephen Boyd, Edmond O'Brien, Arthur Kennedy and Arthur O'Connell. -a rot WtST coast ar w1 10H T 1 HURRY! IAS! 2 DAYS! JEATURC STARTS 12:40-3:40-6:40-9:40 "IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD MAD WORLD" m OX WEST COAST THMTtE J 7 Continuous daily from 12:30 FEATURE AT 12:30 4:3D-:35 UPROARIOUS 5th WEEK JACK LEON VIRNA L1SI MURDER -LarTtchnicolor",, 2ND COLOR FEATURE PETER SELLERS "THE PINK PANTHER" A tC't WfSI COAST ?Mf A'tp L tr4 Avt. 4 MacArthwr- 452 iii Doors Open 6:45 pM. mm Open 6:30-Show ot,7 p.m. 20- 1 j4 T 1 LAST GLENMk 2 HENRt l!si AIRPORT 01 "FIRST MEM IN THE MOON" lunaCOLOR a!w GRAND LIKE steye McQueen "HONEYMOON . MACHINE" , rTTrTTTTTTl aaaaanana iHfophot PL 3 son Open i:45-"Marriateri.-450il NOMINATED 'BEST ACTRESS' ACADEMY AWARDS WMNftOrOUK OiOIIAWMOSl eur roREicii nun Loren uasiroianni In ViHorie DeSico's Marriane style alsoKNIFE IN THE WATER . & iui! -A dyland mo iy w m mmn . . r I kimA V" CMinb2Hmbnnt June 22, but Kapen still is dick ering for a kickoff show. There's possibility, he said, of bring ing in a musical straight from Broadway or reviving another musical with its original star. "Mister Roberts," a non-music al Kapen has hoped to produce 7 ACADEMY AWARD 'NOMINATIONS! "CirAMTHOIirQUI!:!! EXCLUSIVE EAST BAY SHOWING! Starts Wed. PARKWAY CINEMA fndf Ttt J "fewnct Wit Aftmon" AUKISA ALAIIEDA FtrHct P Amity Shawl In Color! WALT DISNIY'J "THOS1 CALLOW AYS" la. 6. Raaiataa in f arants' Maftxfoa . Awar Wmnar! Color! 0Y TIN HIT TALL" ALI1IT ALBANY SobnoAva. LA 4-5656 1 1 Oscar Nomina. tnet. Soft AetroM, Dabbia RayaaWt THI UNSINKASLE MOLLY IROWN Richard Burton-Sua lyan-Ava Sarrfnar "NIGHT Of THI KSUANA-at S:SO "Malty Srawa" ttartv 4:30 WaJ.-CottoMi's "WatM WHHaaf Sim" jumsn rTH?f?f Phona PLataau 7-2303 al 1 M Ul TROY DONAHUI "MY BLOOD RUNS COLD" "$YLVIAw-with CarraR Rafcar IEXKXLET BERKELEY Shattuck at Hasta THomwall S-4300 Shirtay MacLalna-Patar U it mar Richard Cranna-"JOHN COL DF ARB, PLEASE COMB HOMI" rhtt! "GUNS AT BATASI" Bax OHica Opont 6:1 S a.m. CALff0RKIAK'H Endt Toniohtf Doors Open 6:41 p.m. "A CRACK IN TNI WORLD "WAI OP THI WORLDS" JHAKESPIARI FESTIVAL! Tomorrow! "Hanry V - Wodnos6ay-MJuMui C9i . Thur6ay"Rchar6 III" r ff If r f ff R Shattuck & Hasta Vlllliiin Phona: TH B-203S Ends Sooo-"CHUSHINGURA"-3 hn. Shown Onca Only at 7:30 p.m. IIaA ill UUV Phona TH B-OV3I Nomlnatod Bait Foroloi Film of Yaarl "WOMAN IN THI DUNES"-f:10 "SUDDENLY IT'S MURDERV:2S Vtttorio Gauman-Alberto aordi H0RTHSIDE thi-2m1 Studio A: Acadamy Award Winnar "SUNDAYS & CYBILI" Ntcota Cawrtal-Hardv Kruaaf Ushe Caron-"L-SHAHD ROOM" Studio K: Herman MetviUe'a "BILLY BUOO"-Petr Utinov -YMl HUSTLW Pms Newman-Jackie Gleaaan Alff Solano at the Alameda UAlka Phona LA ndscaoa 6-1B36 ; 'THE SATAN BUG" Colon George Maharts-Dana Andfvwa ; Plut Peter Salwra-Paula Praatl ' In Daliqhtful Haw 2nd Feature! "THE WORLD OP HENRY ORIENT" Setawt" 7:0O-10i5S-"Orlawtt" t:0S mriVPn EWTIPTf Phonal UIIIIUJ aiMiaTH 3-H67 "Ja HOURS" JAMES GARNER -"HONEYMOON HOTEL" CoJorT Robert Gelefr-Nency Kwn fffi TH 3-6267 Unfverty at Shattuclc UV "MY BLOOD RUNS COLD' Troy Donahue-Joey Heatfterten "SEX A THE SINGLE GIRL" Color! Tony CnrrhvNjfalie Waa4 " Daara Open Tentoht 4:41 a,a. let Run Wad.: "Reach Blanket linaa' and Tamb Of Lieata" CASTIO TULI! rtlRDAT 6560 Castro LU 2-2555 UUAfiUI WALT DISNEY'S "THOSE CALLOWAYS"-Colorl "A BOY TEN FEET TALL Color! CGXCCXD ENEAN Phona MU 5-5411 Shirley MacLea'JOHN GOLDFARB, PLEASE COME HOME" "WHERE LOVE HAS GONE" EAST OAILAXD CINE 7MacArthur Blvd.-38th Ave. Phona AN 1-3382 1ST RUNrShirley r MacLaina-"JOHN GOLDFARB, PLEASE COME HOME" -Shown at 7:00 & 10:40 p.m. "GOODBYE CHARLIE"-at 1:40 Tony Curtis-Debbie Reynolds rUfOrHV Foothill Blvd. & fmirf I MiU HA Phona: KE 3-4787 "DEAR HEART" ' - Glenn Ford & Gerald ine Pane "SEX A THE SINGLE GIRL" Color! Natalia Wead-Tony CurHe FBUITYALE 1 Uth 1 37th Ave Phona KE 3-6726 1ST RUN! DANA ANDREWS! Color "A CRACK IN THE WORLD" In Color WALT DISNEY'S "EMIL A THE DETECTIVES" riEKon CENTER Ph. SYeamom 3-3833 ' WALT DISNEY1 "THOSE CALLOWAYS"-Color! A BOY TEN FEET TALL"-Colorf ii EATWAI9 tmVrrilBn 22577 Mission Blvd, Hit I II nikU Phone LU 1-2540 1ST RUN! DANA ANDREWS! Color -A CRACK IN THE WORLD" In Color! WALT DISNEY'S "EMIL A THE DETECTIVES" RITZ 22331 Mission Blvd. Phona LU earn 2-0420 Suspense! "SB HOURS Rod Tayter Eva Maria Mmt-Jemes amer "JOY HOUSE"-JANE FONDA CONTINUOUS SHOWING EVERY DAY! L LAfATITTI DKCV' Latayatta Phona 284-4533 imia Double Disney Treat! "THOSE CALLOWAYS"-er 7:00 Vera Miles-Brian Keith "IMIL lr THE DETECTIVES" at 9:30 Beth In Color! Ona Camplete Shaw Only LITEXMOEE trfVP HI Irfop 7-2545 iJUlX Frnlr Sinatra-Clint Walhar "NONE BUT THE BRAVE"-Color! Barbara Stenwyek-"NIGHT WALKER' o IAELAXD AlDVnRV Cinema, GL 2-3391 r AAA If Al Park Blvd. 4 1 Uth "SEANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON "NOTHING BUT THE BEST" I rr . Ptedmont at 41st rlUJi aUA A Phona 01 4-2727 First East Bay Shown! . Snfrley MecLefcie-Peter Ustinov "JOHN GOLDFARB, PLEASE COME HOME"-Color, at 7:00 10:40 Stuart Whrtman-Rjchard Boone 1 "RK CONCHOS"-Color, at B:4S . m Efl East 1 2th and 7th Ave. TUiUM Ph 835-5266 "NOS DICEN LAS INTOCABLES" Dematno Goniale-Sara Garcuj "ISU PARA DOS"-ColoH Arturo Da Cardova-Yolanda Verele CIIXBA fl?!?!! Turvtal Hiway and Ormoa UMiWA Crowoads 254-2233 "MY BLOOD RUNS COLD Tmy DanahuaJoey Haathertan lEGE OF THE UXONS" Coior! SHOW STARTS AT 7i0t p nu Mon., April 5JS55 17 here the past two seasonsfty be added to the slate if Kz; x can get the services of a top Hollywood name for the title role; ' Season subscriptions can be obtained by writing Melodyland at P.O. Box 1288 in Berkeley. P1TTSSSZE t?flrnr HE npctaad -9MI fUUUL TaraaChlHavtt IVIL Of pRANKINSTIINM-Co!or t - "MHANOIAC-Janatta Scott . "N IGH TM AMM 1 It IZIE1 T1LLXT EHEQ1 Rhvam Valley OR eUo4 4 mites from Onnda let Run laa? iy! m Cater! "JOHMGOCDfAM, PLIAMCOMI MOMr Shirley MecLaimvPeter UtNnav THI NIGHT WALKW . Robert Tavlar-Barbara Stanwyck . SHOW STARTS AT 7:00 a.m. utrass? PARS Dam Road, El Sobrantn Phone: CA 3-8400" DISNEY'S "THOSI CALLOW AYS" "ROBINSON CRUSOI ON MARS" E8SE0 BIA . Phona: Roden 4100 UlU Hrrchcadt'tNMARNII" In Color with SEAN CONNERY ; THI KILLERSM-LEE MARVIN Oa. :4S One Complete Show at 7:1 S s UI LEAXni BAL East Uth St. 0 140th Ave) Phona EL am 7-4infl 0l)NIT "TtfOSl VALLQWATI Color! Vara Mime-Brian Kartft THI MYSTERIOUS ISLAND In Color with MICAEL CRAM 'lajand," 7:3S "CaHowera 9:10 DELIIM SAN LEANORO l4th-EudidNE 3-2534 1ST RUN! Shlrwy MaeUine-"JOHN GOLDiARB, PLEASE COME HOME"' Debbta RaywaWt-Tony Cartie "GOODBYE CHARLIIM-Both Color SAM LOZEXZO TLLACC LG2EII20 San Lorenzo Village BR ownino 6-467 Bat Actrew Nominee Debbie Reynalda "THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN" Richard Buitan-Ava Gardner-Sua Lynn "NIGHT 0 THE IGUANA" WALX3T HHI EL BEY YEHowstonn 4-44oS Year't teat fWm! . Riotous! "TOM JON IS" Color , Albert Etwnay-Sutenneh Yak ALAKZSl ALAUEDA DBI VE III Weherer ar Alameda Tuaa U S-0144 Held Over 3rd Week! fan Fleming' "GOLDPINGER" Color! Sean Cannery as James Bend "THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE" Frank Sinatra-Laurence Harvey . ISLAND AUTO riOVIE Bleaks freae Tuha U 17101 . Show StarH at 7:00 p.m. r "FATHER GOOSE" Cotorf ? Cary Grant-Leslie Carea) nEND ME NO FLOWERS" Color! Rock Hudson-Doris Day-Tony Randal FLEA MARKET SUNDAY B a.mS jn. aitisci EEIEuEIIEAD PL 7-4114 CWaedTearte! Will Ra-Oeen Friday With 1 Bif Hits! cczcoxs autc;iovieia "JOHN GOLDFARB, PLEASE COME HOME" and "GOODBYE, CHARLIE" FKEK8XT FREI10IIT AUTO IIOVIE Fremont Blvd., Nimitz FrVav SY 3-5900 1st Run! "CRACK IN THE WORLD" "OPERATION SNAFU"-Seen Connery IN-CAR HEATERS! ' NI2IITZ AUTO IIOVIE Nimitz Fr'way-Durham O'Pasa. 656-900. "HUSH, HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE "RIO CONCHO$"-Stuart Whrtman; m IN-CAR HEATERS! ' EATWAX1 I10T0B HO VIES R. Tannyaan td- Mlsslan Blvd. IB1-B971 1st Run East Bay Shewhif f "JOHN GOLDFARB, PLEASE COMI H0ME"-6hiriey MecUine-Peter Ustusaw "RIO CONCHOS" Stuart Whrhnan-Rtcherd Beawa " filXUUtfl M2P03T AUTO M3YIE LO 9-3622. 98th Ave near Airport Gates Open 0:30 Shaw Starts 7:00 "THE ROUNDERS" Color! Glenn Ford-Henry Fend IM.O. Wails' Science Fiction Hrf "FIRST MEN IN THE MOON" Color IN-CAR HEATERS! tUJUlaLUlI 536-7491 44atra! "JOHN GOLDFARB, PLEASE COMB HOME" and "GOODBYS CHARLIE" FLtASiXT KILL IIOTOB MOVIES 2040 Contra Costa Htohway MU 5-801 1 "THE SATAN BUG" Color! . George Meherte-Oena Andrwwa AJfred Hitchcock's "PSYCHO" '. Tony PERKINS-Janet LEIGH 1ICSH0XO HILLTOP H top Dr., H'way 40 CA 3-5784 Heatora ' "34 HOURS" James GARNER -Paul NEWMAN "THE OUTRAGE" SAILZAmS OAKLAND DRIVE-IN EL 1-7030 E. 14th near 150tk Gates Open 6:30 Show Sterte 7M 1st Run tn Cahwf Sciaaaa TViBar! -"CRACK IN THE WORLD- Dana Andrew-Janatta Scaft PLUS! "WAR OF THI WOtLDS STADIUII AUTO II3YI t 14th A 154th Ave. TL 1-7030 Gaes Opan 0:30 Show $ert 7H)0 "NONE BUT THE BRAVE" Color! frank Sinatra-Clint Wea ( "NIGHT PASSAGE" Color! Jamas Stewart-Audte Muruaiy ' SAXPASLI BANCHO BE 4-6M8 Starts Dusk Uth B'owav--Huwtara! "JOHN GOLDFARB, PLEASE COME HOME" and "GOODBYE, CHARLIE" SAX BAKSX IILUCX SANBAi;::iAd9l!8Tis At Hlohweye 50 A 21 Ph. B?B-170e "JOHN GOLDFARB, PLEASI COME -HOME"-ShtHay MecLaine-Peor UtMaw "LOVE WITH THE PtOf l STftANGtR IhVCAR HUTIUI . 1 p A-

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