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Sat, April 17, 1S55 5 irrow Channel KQED 9 Channel 10 Channel 11 Channel 2 KCEA. 3 Channel A KflX Channel 5 KVIS 6 KGO 7 Russians' Prejudice Racial Revealed i Paid Advertisement 2 Roy Rogers Theater -Movie: "World Without End" (1956) Hugh Marlowe -Stagecoach West (Color) 5 Movie -7-11-13-BasebaIl 10 Movie 4:30 PJt 2 Roy Rogers Theater 3 r-Movie 4 Stagecoach West 5 Movie 7-lM3-Baseball TELEVISION LWORLD OF JSPORTS The -National AAU Women's Indoor Swimming Championships, from commerce, and NCAA wrestling from Laramie, Wyo. Channels 7, 11, 13; 5 pm. JACKIE GLEASON Count feasie and his Orchestra join Jackie and Crazy Guggenham sings "Have You Ever Been Lonely?" FLIPPER tColor) Flipper is called on to retrieve a container of blood plasma which is needed to save the life of a scientist who has been bitten byTa shark in "300 Feet Be- low." (Repeat) Channels 4, 7:30 p.m. KENTUCKY JONES Dennis Weaver tries to convince Ike (Rickey Der)' that there's nothing wrong with kissing especially for a school play in 1 "Midsummer Madness." (Repeat) Channels 4, 8 p.m.

MOVIE OF TffitfEEK "Somebody Up There Likes Me Paul Pier An gelr and Everett 'IStoane star irt" the story of Rocky Grazi-anoa Lower East Side hood Trtbww mmf fcy Run m4 frm pUM fcy Wrrfi Bofu, P(fK itctM AvUtttn, CKrri UPSIDE DOWN HELICOPTER IN RESERVOIR "Emergency landing" on Lafayette trial run Codes' Pre'isd by CAB An investigation by the CiO Aeronautics Board is under way today into the crash landings of two SFO helicopters within a few A seagull sucked into an engine has been-tentatively blamed for the spectacular copter crash early yesterday ofitQ the -Embarcadero; in San Francisco. But determination of the cause of an emergency landing by another copter in the upper San Leandro Reservoir Thursday night will not, be attempted until the crafLjs recovered and disassembled. It still is floating in the reservoir, upside down. William Hart, CAB investigator, said nothing definite would be known about the San Francisco crash "for some time. We have to check out the whole thing." Ivan A.

Stracener, CAB supervising air safety investigator, said feathers and blood stains were; found which indicated a gull had been pulled: Two men were injured ah nmttf 4 obh itrvict Movie Itt Movie 5 P.M. 2 State Trooper 3 Movie 4 The Detectives 5 Movie Ml-13-ffide World of Sports AAU Indoor Swimming and Diving Championships, wuaa wrestling Champion ships 8 Heckle and Jeckle 10-Movie: VBeau (1939) Gary Cooper PREVIEWS lum who rose to Middleweight Champion of the World. Chan nel 2, 8 p.m. SECRET AGENT Patrick McGoohan tries to prevent a Deautuul girl Lelia Goldom) from carrying out her revenge against a former East German secret police chief in "Fair Exchange." Channel 5, 9 SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES (Color) Elizabeth Taylor John Ericson, and Vit-torio Gassman star in "Rhapsody," the story of woman torn between love for her hus band and a former fiance.

Chan nels 9p.m. HOLLYWOOD PALACE-Gor- don and Sheila MacRae, Me-linda Marx, comic Shecky Greene, Miriam Makeba- Don Saunders, and Spanish ballerina Lydia Wither are presented by Groucho Marx. Channels 7, 11, 13; 9:30 p.m. GUNSMOKE John Dehner plays a farmer who is first acclaimed as a brave man and thea. branded as a coward for havings killed popular -outlaw to protect his family.

Channels 5, 8, 10; 10 p.m. harmonic; Handel's The Messiah: The Passion and the Resurrection, starring Eileen Far-rell, Martha Lipton and William Warfield, Ormandy conducting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the "Philadelphia Or-chestra 9 p.m. KBRG-FM AND' NOT WITHOUT HUMOR: a team comedy featuring Coyle and Sharp, and Wayne and Schuster. 10:30 p.m. KPFA-FM-MUSIC Easter Vigil and Missa Solem-nis performed by the Choir of the Monks of the Benedictine Abbey of St.

Martin, Beuron, conducted by Father Dr. Mau-rus Pfaff 11 p.m. KKHI-AM-FM CONCERT: Shostakovich's String Quarett No. 4, Borodin conducting the string quartet -KDIA IJSAN KKHI KYA KB liilmil llll HOP 1200 BOO WOO 1600 7 P.M. KNBR LP Best Setters KEWB-Peter H.

May tp 11 p.m. KDIA Rip Austin. 8 P.M. KNBR 1:30, Party Timo KEWB Ron Lyons to 12 -KABL-Symprtony Hall to IP.M. KNBR Roy Palmer orchestra, Party Time KDIA Bill Hall to 11 p.m.

10 P.M. KGO Saturday Music to midnight KNBR Lennie Herman Orchestra, Party 11 P.M. KSFO-Dean Webber to a.m. KFRC News; Lyons KNBR Ernie Heckscher Orchestra; Party Time KCBS 11:30. Music til Dawn KEWB Monster Mash with Raven to 1 a.m.

KDIA Don Barksdalo to midnight 12 MIDNIGHT KFRC Bert Wlrin to I KNBR News; Dateline S.F. to 1 a.m. KDIA Don Barksdale IT I RADIO HIGHLIGHTS By NICHOLAS NYANGIRA NAIROBI, Kenya JAP) -What I learned in sixjnonths in the Soviet Union is some Africans will never learn; Hiey are taken to Rusia's show-places and never experience the race hatred that I suffered at the University of Baku. I also discovered it is easy to get into Russia but leaving can be a nightmare. As a student leader who refused to swallow the Communist liner I went in fear of my life.

There 12,000 students at Baku, most "of them Russians but including young men and women from 13 African countries. There were 90 of us from We were referred to scathingly as "the blacks! Many local people had never seen an African before and because we were black they hated us, 0 Within a month or two most of us knew We were not going to like TAKE PASSPORTS But when we1 arrived they took away our passports and. it was almost impossible to leave. You must even have a pass- to visit a friend in another hostel. We all lived in hostels, usually four people to a room.

There was no rule that foreign students had to live together but we preferred it that way. We got our first of race hatred as soon as we arrived in Baku. We were told we could not go out with Russian girls. There was no law against it but they said it was just local custom, v- 1 One of my friends was beaten up at a restaurant while drinking a glass of lemonade. I was with anothef friend when he was robbed of his watch and pen in a train.

We shouted but the thief just walked away. A policeman stood by doing Most of us were better dressed tljan the Russian students and the local people and they resented it. They thought our clothes had been bought for us out of their taxes. We got an allowance of 80 ru bles $88 at the official rate a month, not much, but more than many Russians got in Baku. They felt we were leading a better life and this caused bitterness.

RACIAL PREJUDICE Basically, though, it was a question of race. Taxis refused to pick us up and I was often refused service in restaurants. Many students did their own cooking but there were frequent food sf orfagesand long queues at the shops. There, were queues for When an African reached the head of the line he would be told they had just sold out but the person behind him would get served. It' didn matter what subject you took I was taking medi cine you had to learn the his tory of the Soviet Soviet' culture and Marxism-Leninism.

You liad to buy Pravda every day and learn a text from it. Sometimes we were sum moned to lectures which turned out to be nothing but Communist demonstrations. Students would go one after another to the platform to read speeches which had Jeen prepared for them. During my winter holiday, I went up to Moscow and met a number of African students I had known before. They were 1 copter smashed Into the JUmDarcadero -ironto of Pier 18 after falling 800 feet line a stone The pilot, Reginald Dunster, fought to control the big Sikorsky S-62.

4I started for the water' he said. "It looked like no sweat and then I find I have no controls." Somehow he managed to manuever the craft, glancing off the railing of the freeway, which was loaded with traffic, scraping the side of a two-story building and crashing into a supply yard near three workmen; The tail rotor brushed a transformer on a pole, and sheared. off a fire hydrant causing a geyser. It was the most exciting "commute report" of Dunster's passenger, Edwin Mattson, who broad- casts under the name of Ted Taylor for a locat t. radio station.

Thinking he was describes his death descent, he kept broadcasting until the crash. The Thursday night incident occurred when the pilot noticed his engine overheating while Twenty nine Kenyan students, have jtfst returned from the Soviet Union. Following the death of an African student, a group at the University of Baku went on strike against racial discrimination. What followed is related by one of the students in this story told to the Associated Press. changed people.

They had swallowed the Communist line. Some of us tried to resist this sort of thing and we were branded as bad students. Once you were suspected you go the impression you were liv ing in a police state. Your letters from home would take a month to arrive and quite ob viously they had been opened. But we were sent to Russia by the Kenya government and we felt we had a duty to learn.

We tried, but we felt we were not getting what we went for. We didn't mind not being able to go out with girls or the other discrimination. We got used to it. Our main complaint was our lack, of security. The trouble reached a climax March 17 with the murder of a Ghanaian student, George Daku.

There was no question of him dying a natural death. He was murdered, all right He had been out with some Russian friends and his body was found in some bushes about four miles from the university. NEWS LEAKS OUT He lived with an Iraqi and a Russian student but we never saw his roommates again. The Russians tried to keen his death a secret butftfrJfews leaked out. That was the last straw.

After George's death we decided to demand a transfer to another university elsewhere in Russia and to go on strike until we got it. We stayed in our hostel for a week before all going to the railway station. We stayed there for eight days and nights. We wanted, to go to Moscow but had no visas and so could not buy tickets. So we just sat there as a sort of pacifist demonstration.

Russian young Communists kept trying to entice us back to the university with promises of money and girls. Sometimes they offered us each 50 rubles and told us Russian girls would come up to us on the street and offer to go out with us. 29 STAND FIRM Some of the strikers gave in but. 29 of us would not surrender. We were completely cut off and could not even telephone our embassy in Moscow.

We had no blankets and very little food. We rationed ourselves until our money gave out, then the university sent us 10 rubles. Finally Soviet officials gave us an ultimatum either we went back to our studies or we went home. We decided to go home and mmm rftTlf THE WEEK Astrology Forecast By SYDNEY OMARR "The wise, man controls his destiny Astrology points toe way." ARIES (March 2I-April PATIENCE is real virtue. RpL atives duetto consult you.

Friends brine their Droblems. Your key should be to waifand listen. No good for abrupt Starts or statements. TAURUS. (April 20-May-20): Money question can now be more intelugently discussed.

Af fects mate or partner. There is no need for worry. Solution is near at hand. Excellent 'day tor extending mtiuence. i GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Hold off on pronouncements and final judgment.

Obtain valid hint from ARIES message. Be patient and wise. Stay out of arguments involving in-laws. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Be perceptive. Read between the lines.

Trust hunch. Be wary of person who is overly friendly. Loved one offers best advice. Attend church of your choice, LEO (July 23-Aug. -22): Be aware of value of your time, Don't squander resources.

Avoid extravagance. Entertain loved ones. But emphasize SIMPLIC ITY. Remember budget resolu tions. VIRGO (Aug.

23-SepL 22): Relaxation important. Don't permit domestic situation to become magnified. Be reasonable and kind- Be aware of details. Family memberneeds reassuring. Exude love! LIBRA (Sept.

23-Bct. 22): As pects good. Travel 'indicated. You appear restless i best to be with people who share creative interests. Don't waste time bickering, listening to gos- sip.

Wise to consult spiritual advisor. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Prepare budget plan. Obtain hint from LEO message.

Check expenditures. Plan ways to add to income. "Family members are concerned And they can be helpful. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec.

21); You have good reason to be OPTIMISTIC. Realize this -v and celebrate! Avoid ten dency to brood over minor ir ritations. Look at picture as a whole. Then you see it is really bright CAPRICORN (Dec, 22-Jan. 19): Get sufficient rest.

Welcome privacy. Read and write. Later visit good friend confined to home or hospital. Express viewsObserve reactions. YOU LEARN VALUABLE LESSONS.

AQUARIUS (Jta.Feb18): Your kind of day! You receive attention, credit for accomplish ments. Display sense of humor. Express gratitude. Offer to co operate with various sources. You are in leadership position.

PISCES Feb. 19-March 20): Attend to basic duties. Later you can relax with loved one. Be aware of detailsYour powers of observation come into jlay. Take initiative.

Stress orig inality, independence, i IF APRIL' 18 IS YUUK BIRTHDAY you are frank, a lover of truththe enemy of sham and pomposity. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle "continues high for SAG ITTARIUS. Special word to CAPRICORN: No Seed for backward steps. You do know what, you're talking about so be confident. T-M, WRR Ctn.

Ft. Corp. U.C Senior Attends Foreign Policy Talks BERKELEY William J. Caldwell, senior in history, at the University of California, will take part a four-day foreign policy, conference starting Wednesday at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

The conference theme wui be pfoblems of U.S. foreign policy in Africa and the Middle East Caldwell, of 3ft Van Ripper Lane, Onnda, is a midshipman in tne Naval ROTC'unit at Berkeley. He was selected from among a number of students nominat ed by their respective U.C. de partments. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT (Mi ti i i 3 S.m.

KGQ-AM-FM THEA TER FIVE: A new drama series of mystery, humor and science fiction. 7 p.m. KFOG-FM SATURDAY NIGHT: Featuring the music of Oscar Brown Jr. p.m. KXKX-FM THE CAPITOL AND THE CLERGY: Tonight's discussion is "Revolt On the Campus." 8 p.m.

KAFE-FM CONCERT: Puccini's "La Boheme" starring Renata uvwitmg w.w KOYK 13 ci.j.j tool kUttfiH. 2-Courtroom U.S.A. J-Mowe(Color); "Wait Til 1 the Sun Shines, Nellie" (1952) David Wayne 4 The Detectives a 5 Movie MH5-World of Sports J-Sergeant Preston 9- Hop, Skip and Dance; "vTime for Music 10 Movie 1P.M. 2 Championship Bowling 3 Movie 4 Movie (Color): "Return "of the FronUersman" Gordon MacRae 5 The Big News 7-11-13-World of Sports -Movie: "The She Creature" (1956) Chester Morris 9 Origami 10 Movie, 2 Bowling 3 Movie 5-Conflicts: Harry S. Truman 7 Horace Opera By The Bay Movie 9 Easter Special.

10 Movie 11 Grand Prix Races 13-Movie: "Hoodlum Priest" (1951) Don Murray 7P.M. 2 Checkmate 3 Movie s'-: 4 Movie 5 San Francisco Beat 7T-Shivaree 1 -J Movie 9 Dollar Diplomacy 10-The Littlest Hobo 1 11 Branded 13 Move ff 7:30 P.M. 2-4)heckmate 1 4- 3 Flipper (Color) 5- 8-10 Jackie Gleason Show 7-11 King Family gWhat'sinaWord' 13-Movie 8 P.M. 2 "SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME" i (Movie) Paul Newman, 1 Pier Angeli 4- 3 Kentucky Jones 5- 8-10-Jackie Gleason Show 7-11 King Family 9 Museum Open House 13 Movie -p ,8:30 P.M. 2 Movie 4-3 Famous Adventures of Mr.

Magoo (Color) 5-6-10 Gilligan's Island "741-13 Lawrence Welk Show 9 Oakland Symphony Young Artists Contests 9 P.M. 2 Moive 4- 3 Movie (Color): "Rhapso dy," Elizabeth Taylor 5 Secret Agent: Lelia Goldoni 741-13-Lawrence Welk Show 8 Kentucky Jones 9 Special: Pacem in Terris' 10 Hollywood A-Go-Go 2 Movie 4- 3 Movie 5 Secret Agent i 74143 Hollywood Palace: i "Grducho Marx, Gordon and i Sheila MacRae, Shecky i Greene, Miriam akeba, i Melinda Marx 8- Hazel 10- Hollywood A-Go-Go 10 P.M. 2 News v. 4- 3 Movie 5- 8-10 Gunsmoke: John Dehner 74143-Hollywood Palace 9- Special 2 Best of Groucho 4- 3 Movie 5- 840 Gunsmoke Special 11 News 13-12 O'clock High 11P.M. 2- Mystery Hour: "Account Rendered" (1957) Griffith Jones 3-Movie: "A Letter to Three Wives" (1949) Ann Sothern 4-News, Movie(Color): "Paris i.

Does Strange Things" (1957) Ingrid Bergman 5- News; Movie: "The Last Blitzkrieg" (1959) Van Johnson 7News; Movie: "The Angry Silence" (I960)- a-News; Movie: "The Razor's Edge" (1947) Tyrone Power 10- News; Movier "I Died a Thousand Times" (1955) Jack Palance H-Movie: "Chicago Syndicate" (1955) Dennis O'Kee-fe Movie: "Kansas City Confidential" (1953). Preston Foster 12 MIDNIGHT 2- Movie (Color): "That Midnight Kiss" (1949) Mario Lanza 3 Movie; News; Movie: "The Imperfect (1947) Ray Milland 7 Movies: "Man In the Moon" (1961); "Desert Legion" (1953) Alan Ladd; "Cult oftheCobra" (1955); "Tank Force" (1958) Victor Mature 13-The Untouchables 10 12:15. Movie: "Orjeration Secret" (1952) Cornel Wilde 13 Movie: "Model for Murder" (1959) Keith Andes en routfrorh Oakland i gofizi, SiepirSerafmonductingjFOIUHOLY lo set flown in tne reservoir, previously qesig, nated by SFO as an emergency landing site. The landing was perfect but the craft hit afj submerged-object and tipped over, SFO's chiefs pilot, Art Toby, 37, and a veteran he was break- ing in on the new run, John Rowell, 36, spent tfiree drenched hours huddled atop the plane's -bottom before they were rescued. the Accademia di Santa Cece lia.

pm KXKX-FM CONCERT: Messiaen's "Trois Pe-tites Liturgies de la Presence Divine," the Women's Chorus of the Choral Art Society; Mafr ler's Symphony No. 2 in Minor, "Resurrection," Bernstein conducting the New York Phil KABL KFRC KNBRl KGO KEWB KKIS l.K5AY I llll Mil IIH III! II BOO 600 700 BOO 900 1000 3 P.M. KNBR IP Best Seller KBWi-Perry Roberts to 7 p.m. KABL Carousel to 4 KSAY-Jtrry Leeds to p.m. KFAX- Italian Radio Hour KOO-Owen Spann KDIA Rip Austin; Race Results; Austin to p.m.

KYA Jim Washburne to KKHI The World of Ooera 4P.M, KiFO-Lange KFRC-Bud Haley 1 KCBS -News; Spectrum 74 KNBR Hawaii Calls; Monitor to 7:30 p.m. KGO-Saturday to KABL-Llmtlight to vnii i BmA DciiI4 KFAX-Voice of Finland; World of Tomorrow 5 P.M. Lon Simmons Weekend 74 KDIA Race Results KSPO-Lanoe KCBS 10, ine worm mis KPATRadlo Journaie KYA-Donahue to 13 Kl when the 10-passengerv to Lafayette and decided THE BIBLE SPEAKS TO YOU 8.45 a.n. 110 Tbi VNh'i ChrrttlM Scm rffMI "OtJi tkV IN THt POLITICAL ADVIftWlMlNT COMMITTED TO RESIST FRED Jfc ROBERT t. 5ARYEY 5.

lennart cederboro 11 fred ustr1cker, m.d. 1 carlsw0pe edouardb. Mcknight ALBERT VELARDE, were given 50 minutes to pack our bags. -There are still about 60 Kenya students in Baku and I think all of them want to escape. I know some who are planning to.

COMPLETE FINANCING EL 7-5432 It 819501 SAN L08ENZ0 GLASS WINDOW INC POLITICAL AOVIRTISIMINT Tor School Dozrd Director fio.4 THI ONLY CANDIDATE GRIN AND BEAR IT By Lichty 8:00 MOVIE OF THE PROPOSED SCHOOL TAX INCREASE. Patricia foAtihowes goals include coping with the1; 1 problems the priorities of curriculum; instruction challenging the ability of each child; compensation attracting good teachers; and sound economic operation bf thu' srhonl svtem within the ability to pa the cost FRAKCISOLLERDESSt'rf' EDWARD C. BROWH GEORGE H0RT0M ROBERT L. SftELL SUREN T00MAJIAN JOHNC. MORRISON, M.D..

-ADMIRAL DONALD McKAY "SOMEBODY IIP THERE UKES Paul Newman Pier Angeli Everett Sloane The true story of former middleweight champion, Rocky Graziano. I PATRICIA ATTHOWE CAMPAIGN JOHNTHlil-Otoimwt 9774 MOUNTAIN BLVD. OAKLAND YOU may cill it I damonsfration of fiscal respon $ibility I call It a fin xamplt of a tightwadr.

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