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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 7

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 7

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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(DaklanoiteEribune Oct. 1 9, 1 965 7 2 Dinners to Mark a ten Expert nty of 150 miles. They were displayed yesterday at a NASA Credit Pari California and Arizona would recycling in industry, more air union By FRED GARRETSON Tribune) Staff Writer nvMPLASir cooling instead of water cool-1 be used to open up new areas Amazingly Clear Gemini Ea rth JPhotp WASHmCTON The National Aeronautics and Space Administration says one of the earth photos taken by the Gemini 4 was so clear a city street map of El Paso, could be drawn from it. PORTLAND, Ore. "The ing, redesign of home appli for irrigated agriculture.

(This covered," the Washington State University civil engineering professor said. "The i yof American water development is a pattern of finding a clean water suddIv. ances to reduce their waterref claim was denied by Arizona AMERICAN CHIROPRACTIC Officers for the new year who will be installed by Don Erb, United aiaxes is not running out of water." We have simply run Dinners will be held here land in Berkeley Thursday night in conjunction with International officials at the conference). SOCIETY BAY AREA UNIT quirements and the use of treated sewage at least for state president of the CCUL, out of new streams to pollute," "To use these supplies now Write TRIBUNE Ms 309537 Ljhe plwtorMtherijserg; Iti mlnkHdJ Lti vmam iltn 1 W- A in 1 ft 1 1 be celebrated taken in June from an altitude for another suddIv. Tinnev by more than "This conservation approach dent; Mrs.

Agnes Gilbert, first Amazing Hair Cream Tones Down Gray ness vice president; Kenneth Great-head, second vice president; James Strobie, secretary; Mrs. Dorothy Hopkins, treasurer; John Taylor, legislative secretary, and Peter Joseph, mutual policy owners representative. Both dinners are scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.Tn., with a no-host cocktail party beginning at 6:30 p.m. sand miles away in a time of food surpluses rather than conserve' them for use by our grandsons who will undoubtedly need greater irrigated acreage seems to me to be something less than prudent," Tinney said. He said researchers are finding ways to "make irrigation more efficient with less water, to reduce evaporation from reservoirs and to find ground water supplies.

Desalting the ocean could supply coastal cities and advanced sewage treatment could supply inland areas, he said. said. "Now we see the Southwest reaching out 1,000 miles to. the Columbia River or 2,500 miles to Alaska hoping to tap and, we presume, to pollute yet another supply. "The key to the local water supply problem is reuse and increased efficiency," he said, noting that New York City faces a water crises even though it sits on the banks of a great but polluted river.

California and Arizona could conserve water through "More is a lasting one, whereas the present trend will lead only to increasingly more difficult problems," Tinney said. "We have learned how to conserve our forests and protect our soil, but we treat water as a free gift of infinite extent." "There are areas of water abundance such as the Pacific Northwest, but the generations to follow will need these untouched supplies," he said. Tinney said most of the water proposed to be taken from the Columbia River to Southern Hair Looks Young Again without changing your natural. 21,000 credit unions throughout the country. Principal speaker at the Berkeley Albany chapter of the Cafifornia Credit Union League dinner will be Assemblyman Don Mulford.

The dinner will be held at the Berkeley Elk's Club. Newly elected officers of the chapter are: Glenn Lynch, president; Jane Stump, secretary; Gail Lacorazza, vice president; Margaret Schmidt, treasurer, and Mary Jane Johnson, legislative information secretary. The East Bay Chapter (Oakland-Alameda) will hold its meeting and dinner at the Edgewater Inn, where Dr. C. Oscar Johnson, former president of the Baptist World Al- Washburn Prexy "Just a Dab a Day, Keeps tire Gray Away' If.

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(AP) John J. Henderson has been inaugurated as the 10th president of Washburn University. He formerly was president of Iowa Wesleyan College. He succeeds Dr. Harold Sponberg, who resigned to become president of East Michigan State University, Hovercraft Has Shortage Of Transbay Passengers I liance, will be guest speaker.

Before and Tw wtelts lottr, efttr using Herbold" i Pernod fit ney, director of the State of Washington water research center. "Our rivers alone could support a population of .700 million people with only 20 per cent of annual runoff if water pollution were controlled," Tinney told the Inland Empire Waterways Association (IEWA) convention here yesterday. Tinney is the designated spokesman for Gov. Daniel J. Evans of Washington at this convention of water leaders from the Columbia River basin states of the Pacific Northwest.

"We a a tremendous fresh water supply of 4.75 billion acre feet of annual precipitation for the nation and 29 per cent of this amount 1.37 billion acre feet of water runs off in our rivers" each year, Tinney said. The average American consumes 340 gallons of water per day for all purposes, Tinney said. At this rate the nation's fivers could supply 700 million people leaving 80 per cent of the runoff for other purposes, he said. "This would still leave 71 per cent of the total nationwide precipitation for evapotranspira-tion (plant breathing and evaporation) on land and lakes. It would also leave an available ground water reserve estimated to be equivalent to 35 years of runoff, to protect us against prolonged droughts," he said.

Like a majority of the delegates at this convention, Tinney said he opposes plans to divert Columbia River water to Southern California and Arizona. The Columbia River water should be preserved for future generations, he said. abundance of supply of a natural resource is never an excuse for wasteful practices. Even a limitless suppjy of free fresh air can be ruined locally, as Los Angeles has sadly dis- Pomade amazing improvement is so real, si subtle and gradual, no one can tell you are using anything but a line hair dressing. Not a coal tar dye or tint no patch tests no confusing shades but a special rich hair cream, that keeps the gray away replacing lost color and oils, so vital to young, healthy well-groomed hair.

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T-2, Box 1 56004, Oakland or telephone 93-5112 In Oakland. than from Ssrf Francisco "atP port to Oakland airport (a 16 per cent average load). The advent of the unique air-cushion vehicles here marked the first scheduled passenger service by hovercraft in the United States, in a year-long experimental program subsidized mainly by the Federal Housing and Home Finance Administration, and to a lesser degree by the Port of Oakland. mid-August to 16 In the last half of September. The number of revenue flights was increasing, too, while the load factor decreased.

Revenue flights numbered 36 in mid-August and numbered 72 in the last half of September. More people are using hovercraft to go from Oakland International Airport to San Francisco airport (a 42 per cent average load for the two months) Cream or Liquid Use Creamy Pomade-to condition dry hair. uid Pomade for normal hair, Both lone down gray hair. "Oakland's ilwOovercraft are carrying only about 30 per4 cent of their capacity in revenue passengers, and have hauled only 935 passengers across the Bay since they began their "jet skimmer" flights early in August. Port of Oakland officials think the lag may exist because publicity value in the radically new vehicles "has not been exploited." They also think, they could increase passenger use if the Federal Aviation Agency Vould let them use the machines for Sunday excursion tours, and not just in scheduled transpay passenger service.

A report by Jennings Smith, port director of fiscal affairs, showed that the hovercraft carped an average of 5.3 revenue passengers per flight from Aug. 10-17, 6.0 from Aug. 18-31, 3.3 from Sept. 1-14 presumably after youngsters returned to school and quit taking rides for the novelty of it and 2.3 from Sept. 15-30.

The total for the two months averages out to 4.1 passengers per flight, a load factor of only about 30 per cent. Average gross revenue per flight for the two months was just $30, Smith reported, and he said the hovercraft passenger averages declined even while the number of days the machines operated was increasing from an average eight days in To Attend Briefing Probably two thirds of the city council but not the mayor will attend a briefing session on industrial park development plans today at the invitation of commissioners at the Port of Oakland. Port commissioners intend to apprise councilmen of how the Port intends to develop its airport industrial park land itself, in lieu of a 600-acre development by a big Boston firm whose offer has been rejected by tb-e Port. Councilmen Robert Osborne. Felix Chialvo and John ADVERTISEMENT Weeks Of Back Pain Now Relieved "After week of pain in my back and hips, I tried De Witt's Pills-got wonderful relief," fays Mrs.

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Mayor John C. Houlihan has rcTused to attend, saying he already has all the facts he needs about the Port's plans. Travel to Europe on the ss United States Friday to Nov. 5 Polara's different, all right. Looks, drives, performs like the elegant piece of machinery it is.

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