The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1948
Page 10
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?AG» TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE S, 1949 Pork Chops Good For Any Season HMM Economist ' Recommends UM as A Year'Round Meat : Rich-flavored pork chops ere ft y«u>'round meat. Serve tii«m In Utjr or September, and they'll get the same welcome, for there's something satisfying about a crisply- browned chop — and, even more, one that's stuffed for added goodness, say* Reba Staggs, home economist. Acorn stuffing goes particularly well with the flavor of pork, though ft celery or crumb stuffing Is delicious, too. For stuffing, select rib chops • (these are In the medium-price range, so should suit your budget). Rib chops can be cut and stuffed In a unique way that Insures that the opening will close Fete Fatjfer With ! Menu Climaxed By Favorite Dessert Father is King, come June 30. So treat him with all respect and an ex- ra good meal that features his favorite foods says Reba Stnggs, home economist. First of all, pick a menu that's sure to please. Build It carefully around Dad's choice cf meat. Then cliinay the jneal with a dessert he can't resist—his favorite piel Chances are that will be apple or cherry -pie. Be sure to mnke it so fat and Jucy, so golden-brown and popping with fruit, that Dad will think it's a pie to end all pics. If it's another kind of pie he prefers, make It absolutely perfect, too, to show him what you really think of him. If Dad doesn't have a definite favorite, a good trick i-s to match , the pie to the meat in the meal: if 1 you're serving a pork roast, have apple pie; a cherry pio mates well Ham Slices Designed For Large or Small Families Ham slices are designed for small families or large r families that want a one-meal cut. There arc several kinds from which to choose, so branch out from the conventional center-cut slice when you choose your next one, ndvlses Reba Slaeg.i. home economist. The center-cut slice, which Ls perhaps the most uniform, Is the best use. This mixture will keep at lciw.1 R month in the refrigerator. H yields 8 single pie crusts. For single pic crust, add 2 to 4 tablespoo];s cold water to 1 1-2 cups Homemade Pastry Mix, and lor double crust, 4 known of the ham slices and considered by some a luxury buy. But the good ham flavor is no respecter o! cuts, and the slices on ellluT side of tlie center are just as good &nd perhaps not so well known. cuts come from the face of the butt or shank half of ham respectively. Another cut to consider is the butlerlly slice. This, too, comc-s irom the butt half of ham, but is cut from the cushion side. It is a double slice in willed the cut between the two slices, or the center, does not go clear through. The lece is opened out flat to form a outjd or oval slice, All of tilths lam slices may be broiled or pan- iroiled. to 6 tablespoons water to 2 cii|K> Homemade Pastry Mix, Home Conners of its own accord during cooking and keep the stuffing from drying. To do this make the cavity by cutting along the rib bone, rather, r< , ni( , mbc| . that Ulc crrea of lha than the outside of the chop la whole L , en ij.,,, ced t, y jinky, tender cavity made by cutting on tlie out- t ^ usc al , tllc KMtklry nt tide of the chop will not close clur-. | J. J com mand, ,,1,15 the higliiMl with a thick broiled hum slice; light, fluffy chiffon pic might end a meal which feature's » lusciously browned sU'ak. What ever kind of pic you choose, can the season*! best foods for your family, •ad save money, too! the stuffing In -watch how neatly cooking. Pork Chops with Corn Stuftlnr 6 rib pork chops, cut 1 Inch thick • Salt Pepper Corn stuffing Hake a pocket In each pork chop bj cutting into the chop along the con, Chops cut from this side hold the stuffing better. Fill tne pockets .-with corn stuffing. ^ Brown chops both sides, cover and finish cook- Ing slowly on lop of the range or In for about 1 hour. Make cream gravy a moderate oven (350 degreen F.) from drippings. Serve 6. Corn Stuffing 1 cup whole kernel com ^ cup cracker crumbs Z tablespoons minced green ™* flour, lard and seasoning are already loses during ^ Tjie rcmtt i nlng task fc :o add water and roll out. Homemade I'astry Mix 7 cups sifted enriched flour 4 teaspoons salt 1 3-4 cups lard for soft wheat flour or 3 cups lard for hard wheat flour Add salt Lo Hour. Cut lard Into flour and salt with n fork or pastry blender until crumbs are the size of .small iwas. Cover closely and store in refrigerator until ready to buying BerNAHitin C»ps & I.ids now. They're "lies! for Success", because Ihty're Iriple-pro- Icclctl. ve the best canning season you've ever had! KerNAUdtn will help, with liuilt-in live rubber fines, rood-safe white enamel on in- hi-le surfaces! Insist on HerNAKd.n .. . "Best f*r Success". The steeple of Boston's Old •tolh Chmch »as n chime of iglit bells, oldest In America. The jells were rung there In 17-14. Gov. Long Gains In Feud with City Of New Orleans BATON ROUGE, L»,, June J.— (UP)—Gov. Earl Long's first move In a feud • with the New Orleans city administration appeared headed for success today despite an angry demonstration at the state rnpllol by 400 New Orleans citizens. A motorcade of 90 cars and four buses rolled up to the eapltol yesterday and discharged 400 demonstrators who charged Long with sponsoring "punitive" legislation which would put the South'* largest city under "carpetbag rule.' t They were protesting bills to cut the Now Orleans tales tax revenue by SO per cent uid to take control of the fire and police departments away from Mayor Delcsseps Morrison and glv« them to an elected board. The demonstrators formed In ranks on the lawn around the statue of the late Huey P. (Klngflsh) Long and marched up the capttol steps, chanting "We want Long" Lets keep home rule." Long declined to see them. He commented that "It's still a free country" and they could demonstrate all they wished, but he stayed In his office. FLAVOR-PROTECTED IN CELLOPHANE WRAP Ton* ot Musi Several surveys by city engineers show that in metropolitan areas j from 15 to 1800 tons of dust fall [ on each square mile of territory ev- I ei-y year. pepper Vi teaspoon pepper. Combine corn, cracker crumps^ and seasonings- Mix well and stuff. chops. ' YOU U GET A BIG KICK OUT OF OUR yuaiivy Pure 4 Ib. pall 51.05 SALT PLATES $1.25 Value Prince Albert Stow yourself these BANANAS BROOM 95c ------ - cm $1.15 White Domino CARROTS bch. 1 1\t WEEKEND SHOPPING VALUES SAVE YOU MONEY! Hart's, Taystce or Wonder Durkecs 4 Oz box COCOANUT 16 Campbell's Cream of 2 for 2 for 25 EOG PLANT M9c WHITE ONIONS LEMONS Giant Size Doz. Stewart's Salad Dressing--qt.59c Oade I! CHUCK ROAST 59 Scoco Grade 15, all culs STEAKS ,,,79 2 for Osage 4 07. can PIMENTCS Tall No. 1 can sliced PEACHES No. 2 can APPLESAUCE Mayficld COIN.. Koyal Dish TIHIAFISH Gold Dollar VINEGAR Marco MUSTARD nt . jar No. 2 can BOYSENBERRIES15 No. I can sliced PINEAPPLE 19 2 Ige. cans at 25 C 21 C ,39* 21 10 SPINACH Rordens Dime Brand MILK Joan of Arc, 300 size KIDNEY BEANS Shortening -11b. ctn 29c CHUCK ROAST 11( 75 Watermelons Sliced Pineapple 7 OL tin 19c Grade A ROUND STEAK S-ion Grade A, l.oin &• TBONE STEAKS Ib Sill) Hom,el, ready-to-serxe $^J RflEAT ,„ 32' Ham • • 1 i Ib. tin $2.19 SLAB BACON 59 Sl.OOSiz* Jergens Lotion COUNTRY SAUSAGE 39 59c Nome Dressed Hens and Fryers City Super Market Free Delivery Phone 2668 June Cooking APPLES - - Georgia Red Bird PEACHES - 5 Pound Box Red PLUMS - Golden Ripe BANANAS - Sun Kist LEMONS - Tender White TORN - - 2 Ibs. 25c 6 for 25c Green Heads CABBAGE Baby Yellow SQUASH - California Wonder PEPPPERS Snow White Cudahy's Puritan SAUSAGE 1 1b. bag 48c Cottage Cheese per ctn. 27c Blue Bonnet OLEO Grade A Sliced BACON For a quick snack BOLOGNA LOAF CHEESE Ib. 57 Rib or Brisket STEW MEAT lb.4c Ib. 12k PORK SAUSAGE FRYERS and 10lb.bag59c CHICKENStWP 17 Large box LUXFLAKES 33 Large box RINSO Sacramento peeled APRICOTS No. 1 tail can MACKEREL 25 Adams 18 oz. jaj: APPLE BUTTER 10 Hunts 2 ! /2 can Black Diamond Cauliflower Heads - - Ib. 15c New Red Triumph POTATOES Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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