Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 16, 1965 · 15
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 15

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1965
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V r .v"'- , U 0 Men Alive The Dissertation Waltz ?be great classics don't last forever, despite what 4 Forgery Suspects , Captured El Cerrlto Questions . . 2 MenPWomen After Sacramento Arrests Two Vallejo men and their girl friends wanted by-El Cer- rito police and several -other :ma3t4iaye hear(C'qakliid," the rip-snorting tune iCWiUCU u we vjooamne washboard Three, has sapped x . An j . i lo .uu piace on the Duo Record Shop's Ibest-selling , .. ine iirst music out of Sherman Clav's new Broadwatore came the -"otfiif 'niariroi'-ClManiai w I I1LU UUULC OUU SCVCIOI VUiCl ,;iuxner,. contralto of the San Francisco Opera, on hand North, California rommunl- Signing autographs. Not from Miss Turner herself, biit ties for fon?erv have been ar- ";frpnl her dachshund, which "wouldn't stoo howlins ' rested fa' Sacramento and sev- : Speaking of opera, Oakland's Marguerite Rav. with vocal and dollars worthy ,M16, ucu a xuie m san rrancisco Opera s "Die ered. .riedermaus" aspeakineDart. - - According to Detective Wil- Police Department, the quartet snree several Weeks apo fter P It - ii. mi i I F . . o . oinau vigneue: ine courtroom the two men burglarized a Fair- here was electric with Mel Belli field County) plumbing ' - , . ,, tirm oi xi5 cnecKs. as defense counsel in the mur- men haVe written der trial, wearing a suit with more than $20,000 in checks at scarlet Uning, ample after shave EKXK 2 and flowing silver hair, On the Marin, Sonoma and Sacramento Counties. Police captured the suspects whenrthey received a tip that one of the women was to meet the other three at a Sacramento bus station. They were brought to El Cer- and couldn't have formed a clear rito for. questioning. The four intent to commit murder, so Ed are Raymond A. Piper, 21, At Meecp thhl nroserator. asked if vin E- Etue . Sharon G. Kaler, v" jT- " - . I III nnJ lfnJl,m r T5 nvnn AA there couldn't have been "instantaneous premeoita- a warrant charging them with tion." Meese reached down to the counsel tame, saying, forgery has been issued bv &x "I'm picking up this pencil, isn't tnat instantaneous pre- lano County Superior Court with meditation?"- paiisetat?5,uweacn. - , . . 1t However, as other police in- ine psciuairwi; a icu ,ju t" vestigators question the sus- S BILL FISET stand was Dr. Fariborz Amini, a San Francisco psychiatrist tes tifying for the defense. ,: The doctor had stated the Ala meda defendant was under stress Bruce Santos is a merry little fellow who likes nothing better than 1o get dressed up in his Sunday best. His winning ways earned him the title of California State Poster Child for the Muscular Dystrophy Associa-. tion of America Inc. Bruce, son of MrY and Mrs. Ernest Santos of 2488 EveletlvAve., Hayward, has an older sister and two younger brothers. He's looking forward to his fifth birthday on Oct. 4. Maybe he'll get some cars as gifts he loves cars. He has incurable muscular dystrophy. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1965 E--15 Jobless Pay Collected by Jail Inmate Isn't if you intended to pick up a pencil. pects, filed. other charges may be I Crowded S.F. State Turns Back 5,769r Porpoise as St. Bernard 1A JOLLA (AP) - Tuffy the San Francisco State College has been forced to refuse 5,769 prospective students the privi lege oLeyen applying for the fall semester because of lack of 'space. .. Incidentally, the trial is before Judge. Lewis Lercara, who's on trial himself at home. Lercara's wife, Aron, went out of town for a few days and left the judge in charge of watering the plants. He did including the artificial plants giving them so much water it flooded the floors ..... And I've found a motorist with aimless intentthe guy who owns the Cadillac in Oakland with the little tt s Flap on the aerial fbordered in gold, which some say is a John Birch Society trademark,) a bumper ggfer fifl Sff. sticker saying,- "Support your local police" and a cir- cials at Sealab 2 are betting a io ctiWoi. in tho harlr window savin? "Admit Red mess of mackerel that he makes . . . a t. xi. - m Al. I KOOu. China" . . ; . At bill Jreiuso-s Koom ai me xop vi me y,, tnMnR as a deep sea WASHINGTON (UPI) - Call- Bermuda Building) a customer asked young Tim Caren, errand boy will be put to the fornia's first declared candidate - i i t..t n.nmoi nf fha 1 mac and Tim wnen iw wins uie aqua- fni an,, f,. tt c a repUed: "Chicken Statutory." Honestly, a 17-year-old vLg project torney Laughlin E. Waters of Unified GOP Predicted By Waters CHICKEN? .. - . Small vienette: In Alameda Nomad Trimmers, an upholstery outfit, uses an old black hearse asa delivery truck. You must follow this. Gary DeJuuo, the manager drove the hearse to a house on San Jose Avenue to pick up a sofa, and with help lugged the sofa out and into the hearse. The same day the people who live there lefi On vacation. A few days later a friend came by, got no answer at the door, and was informed by a busybody neighbor that a hearse had been at the house. Sadness That was a'couple of weeks ago. Yesterday the friend was on the street again and the woman of the house, home from vacation, opened the front door in greeting. The friend had a pretty bad case of the shakes. : 0 0 0 0 In Fremont three teachers (all fourth grade) at Mis sion Valley Elementary School are Nancy Lamm, Carole Fox and Ruth Crow . . , . Bill Davies, the Oakland real estate man, has a candidate for hostess for that TV spe cial on San Francisco, "why not bally Maniorcu- Ten busses on a chartered tour through the Eastbay got separated and five missed finding The Arlington in Berkeley, ending up instead on a narrow one-way street jammed with parked cars. They got to the point where they couldn't go ahead and couldn't back up, so the' five drivers got out, picked up a Volkswagen and put it on the sidewalk: Then the busses, one py one, maae turnarounds ... The Ed Scotts, in Pleasant Hill, took .their two teen-agers on a summer tour of western won derlandsDisneyland, Grand canyon, isryce, 4ion, ias Ve?as and Tahoe. Back Home Ed asked what part they liked best. In unison: "The Jack Jones dinner show at the Flamingo in Las Vegas Small-fry vignette: Two little kids with a lemonade stand on a residential street in the -Oakland hills. Up comes David, 7, son of an attorney. Hcputs down three cents and drinks his glass of lemonade,, J hen he grans the pitcher and drains it. then runs for home with the two other kids chasing him. David reaches his house, gets in the door and is holding it closed, with the two young proprietors banging on the outside. David's mother opens the door and hears the complaint. Mother to David: "Why, David, that was STEALING!" From David: "It was not. I was running home to get the money to pay for it." . o ooo : '. " VThose Lafayette people who produce the annual Laf-frantics, will run their show weekends during October at the Bev-El Center in Danville, 15 miles away. But - " i . . i. y a. r the money comes DacK to Laiayeue ommumiy tenter ... From the current Republican Congressional Committee Newsletter :,"ThanksJo President Johnson's ... . . 1 1 tf'.i'lkT-. . latest comments, we nowirow wny we re in viei nam. We're fighting for'ouFnational honor. Actually, what we ' seem to be aiming for is a negotiated settlement which means we'll be negotiating for our national honor; And you know what they call anyone who negotiates for their honor.'' Bad grammar, but the point is there . . . . Pretty Doris Studley has a Jiame for .the new San Francisco Sunday newspaper Exonicle . , . . And about those hot -rumors that Judge Folger Emerson will run for district attorney here, he says: "I haven't given it any thought atattr-yet." , "v:....;v:;..,::' ; yryiri As his first chore, Tuffy will try to find and rescue a diver "lost" pear the Sealab capsule 205 feet below the ocean's sur face, Officials said Tuffy will carry a reel and one to a diver, The diver will hold the reel while Tuffy, called by an under water sound device, packs the line to the "lost" aquanaut. Tuffy will also be asked to carry messages and tools be tween the surface and the divers and from diver to diver.. If all goes well and tuffy pass es bis exam, he will be rewarded with a big bag of fish he has carried to the bottom. Dr. George Bond, chief Inves tigator for the project, worked with Tuffy Wednesday and said he was enthusiastic about the animal's performance. Bond dove to 30 feet and called Tuffy with the undersea buzzer. He said the porpoise came to him immediately from the surface. At one point, Tuffy darted out of sight, then returned to nudge Bond gently from behind. When Bond rubbed Tuffs nose, he unknowingly triggered a learned response and the por poise turned over on his back, ready to have tools attached to his harness. Bond called the 7-foot, 270- pound mammal "a wonderfully affectionate fellow, Rep. Hayes Says No to U.N. Job WASHINGTON (AP(-Sharp- r criticizing ambassador Ar thur J. Goldberg, Rep. Wayne Jiays, D-Ohio, declined today to serve as a congressional dele gate to the forthcoming session of the united Nations. In i letter to chairman Thom as E. Morgan, rPa.. of the House Foreign Affairs Commit tee, Hays , said he could not conceive of my own self as being a Charlie McCarthy to ambassador Goldberg's Edgar Bergen." "I would not feel right in hav ing my speeches written or censored by ambassador Goldberg or, for that matter,- any other member of the executive branch," Hays said. Protest on Power Line Rejected; The state' Public Utilities Commission has dismissed a complaint by 92 property owners, mostly rice growers, objecting to a high power transmission line route through the Sacramento Valley from Table Mountain, near Orovflle, to Alameda County. , . , . Los Angeles, believes the state' Republicans will unite behind him if he wins the nomination. "Republicans want to win. an election, waters said during news conference yesterday. . Waters who supported New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller unsuccessful bid for the GOP nomination in 1964, was asked whether , he felt he could count on support of Republicans who backed Arizona Sen. -Barry uoidwater in his thwarted bid for the presidency, The Los Angeles attorney said he himself supported "the entire ticket" during the general elec tion. He said he would have differences' over "difficult issues" but felt confident of solid GOP support if he won the nomination. Pharmacy Held Up 2nd Time in 3 Days An armed robber made his second visit to Oakland's Har- greaves Pharmacy in three days, escaping with cash and narcotics. I Richard H. Hargreaves said the bandit brought an accomplice with bim last night and demanded narcotics and . receipts.; Both men had weapons. Hargreaves said he recognized one of the men from the Sept. 14 holdup of the pharmacy, at 3001 High St. Charges This made it the hardest college in the state to get Into, according to an announcement today by the California State Colleges office in Ingle wood. San Jose State was next, denying admission to 900 freshman applicants and 600 lower division transfers. Of those students who had been allowed to apply at San Francisco, it was explained by Uienn amlth assistant to the president, enrollment was fur ther cut by 200 "full time equivalents" because of a shortage of faculty members. The "fufl'time equivalent" fig ure represents more actual stu dents, he said, since it is a fig ure reached by dividing the to tal number of units of all stu dents by an average amount, The college will actually have over 15,000 students this fa but it will represent an FTE number of about 12,250, he said This agreed with the prospects announced in Juy, when the en rollment ceiling for. full-time or equivalent students was -de creased from 15,000 to about 12, 000 by the trustees. This followed the state's pro hibition against the college ac quiring 6.6 additional adjacent acres of San Francisco schools surplus land. Overall, some 8,268 students were forced out of colleges this fall throughout the state by lim ited faculties, and 1,250 full time, students forced out by a shortage of faculty members, Last spring officials had es timated some 5,000 would be turned away if State College faculty salaries were not raised to compete with other institu tions. The Legislature granted a 10 per cent salary increase. This helped stop a faculty ex odus, the state office reported, and brought out more applicants for teaching positions. But the combined space and faculty shortage is still making it impossible to accept all students. Still accepting admission ap plications are Cal State Long Beach, Cal 'Poly, Pomona, San Luis Obispo, Sonoma State and Stanislaus State. r Dropped . , jut -' ' V'iift5sr Mil' ) , I i M s'' --v ; - i - v; . V r ' J ' r I: . ' , :; ! ft f ... . t -jv I - M r' ' l ' ) $ K ' ' ' ' ' & ' .' ' . ' ' - - H I i fc V VV - ' N: Michael Stipic, 45-year-old restaurateur arrested last December In connection with a $10,000-a-day book-making op eration, was cleared today. Two counts of bookmaking were dismissed in Oakland Mu nicipal Court today on motion of the .district attorney's office. Stipic was arrested by Oak land vice squad officers after two-monht investigation of three other businessmen here and of San Francisco salesman Frank Goldstein, described as the "key" figure in the opera tion. . . Goldstein, who since has been prosecuted in Alameda County Superior Court, received a three- year suspended sentence on guilty plea to two' counts of bookmaking. Deputy District Attorney Al Hederman today said of Stipic, "He was not the principal figure in the case, and the REDWOOD CITY The sheriffs office 4s satisfied that a prisoner who went out for his unemployment check did noth ing illegal t In fact the sheriffs depart ment has plans for a "work furlough program" that will allow certain., prisoners to stay on their regular jobs in the daytime, reporting back to jail at night. v: - It's all legal, and it is intended to rehabilitate men who . might otherwise serve "dead time" in jail while the loss of Income let their debts pile up on their families, r The philosophy was explained by the San Mateo Sheriff s Department today after a prisoner was allowed to pick up his un employment chect while he was working as a county jail trusty. Rupert Palmer, 55; of Red wood City, was sentenced to six -4 monthsuv jai on AngL..24 for his eighth conviction for driving without a license,: He was so well known at the jail, said Sheriff Earl B Whitmore, that he was made a trustee. He was working with a deputya driver this week taking supplies from the jail to the Coyote Point honor camp. The driver agreed to stop by the unemployment office in San Ma teo while Palmer picked up his cnecg. . Undersheriff Wesley A. Pom- eroy said Palmer wasnt' dar ing unemployment compensa tion in jail. The check was one that had accrued to him before he was sentenced. .The unemployment office doesn't pay men who are In jail but it is obligated to give them their back checks. But the men must call at the unemployment office m person, Pomeroy said. Deputies can't pick up the checks, x - Pomeroy said the department will continue to take men down to get their checks, "even if we have to get a court order." An investigation has satisfied the sheriff's department that there was no illegality Quiet Day In Pittsburg City Strike "Quiet as I and ho impropriety." prosecution of Goldstein served "We do our best to get checks, our purpose in cracking the ring." Stipic, of 1615 Moreland Drive, Alameda, appeared be fore Judge William Hoffman. Killing Spree Lab Tests Set FLAGGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP)- Arizona authorities asked the Los Angeles police science lab oratory today to help prepare evidence against Donald M. Boggs, who faces two counts of first - degree murder. Technicians will perform ballistics test on the .22 caliber revolver officers believe was used to-kill Robert D. Willis and Halvor Johnson, whose bod' les were found Sept. 6 near Ash Fork,.Ariz Boggs, 23, of Londonderry, Ohio, and his girl friend. Dixie Radcliff, 16, of Amesville, Ohio, were arrested last week in lagstaff. . The girl : also has been charged with murdering Willis and Johnson, both, of Newport, N.H. SECRETARY VISITS HOME' STATE Secretary of State Dean Rusk (center) stopped at Woodstock, Ga., his birthplace, en route to Washington from Sea Island, Ga. Here he chats with newsmen at his brother's' home 30 mlles"northfeast of Atlanta. -ap) ' .. - .,,;;.v v.: Branch Library" Reopens Friday Dedication ceremonies1 at the reopening of the North Oakland Branch Library tomorrow afternoon will feature the awarding T)f certificates to children who completed the library Summer Reading program. The library, located at 3424 San Pablo Avenue, has been remodeled inside, painted both insideand out with "decorator" colors, and outfitted with new furniture. - The program will be held at 4 p.m. Victim of Attacker Remains in Coma Bernardette Henderson, the coed beaten by an assailant in a San Jose hotel garage, remained in a coma and in a critical condition today lor the fourth straight ' day tn Santa Clara County Hospital. , The, 21-year-old student, who resides at 837 Calmar . Ave., Oakland, was en route to visit her fiance, Steve Jones of the San Fratfcisco Warriors, Suns day wheti shs was trapped in the garage and beaten. She is a student at the Davis campus of tb University dalifornia. from employers and other sour ces, to which inmates are entitled," Pomeroy said. "We try to took at the man, not at the offense. "And we may get to where our inmates can work, for pay, on our work furlough program, under Section 1208 of the Penal Code, He said the law allows such a program whether a prisoner Is convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony. Grape Festival Crowning of . Queen Landa Randolph will highlight opening evening festivities tomorrow at the Lodi Grape Festival and National Wine Show. PITTSBURG holiday." ... . .That's City Mgrt, C. Ma riner's description of the situation inside city hall as the strike Slot some 70 employes against the city entered its third- day.. '1 All services in city hall offices continue to be available to the public. However, very few people are entering the building or even telephoning as the strike pro gresses. . ' With some 12 clerical and stenographic employes on strike, skeleton staff of nonunion - officials is handling city hall work. On the job, in addition to Marriner, are building inspector Guy Fuller, public works director Marvin Anaya, finance di rector Jack Kurt;, code enforcement officer Ray Matejcek, city clerk Mrs. Mary Erbez and city-treasurer Frank ,M. Billed - - - The clerk and treasurer are elective officials. None of the personnel remaining at work in city hall is affiliated with the ocal 1675 of the Contra Costa County and Municipal Employes Association (AFLrCIO). "I suspect that most people who normally would be phoning ; city hall haven't done so since the strike began because they feel there might be no one here to answer theur calls," Marriner said. . , . The staff on hand Is available to assist the public with issu-' ance of building permits, with ", routine water turn-ons and turn-offs, to accept water bill pay- ments and other matters normally performed in city hall. Where the walkout is pinching, the manager noted, is in ham pering the city's ability to per- lonnnormai outqoor services connected with ptfbtiq works and parks departments. "For instance",- if . someone wants a tree removed we're not able to comply," Marriner ex plained. :. Meanwhile," as to the strike developments: 7 Local 1675 today made additional demands on the city. In a letter to Mayor Leo R. Lopez and other council members, the union reiterated its demand for a pay increase av eraging at least 10 per cent for its Pittsburg members. The letter urged the council to meet with union representatives Immediately to negotiate a strike settlement based on its pay., lob reclassification ana . salary establishment formula demands." " ' - ' Heart BoyLNearI uppy Pal Still Lost Little Bobby Moore hovered between life and death today at U.C. Hospital in San Francisco -while his family still searched for a shaggy brown poodle that had been his only playmate. - His -parents', - Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Moore of 26673 Colette Ave., Hayward, said before eavmg for the hospital today that physicians had informed them their blond 3-year old was in critical condition. ... An electric pacer was regu lating the beat of his small, stitched heart after the four- hour open heart operation. And this morning, the parents said, 7jprs'old, his throat may to assist his e of the wWnt. an incision in be necessary breathing , ' The puppy vanished Monday while Bobby was being taken to the hospital. And one of things Bobby wanted most to come home and play "Many friends have called them," Bobby's grandfather, O. RJJfoore of 2606 Cole St, said today. "Some think they've seen Shu Shu on the street "And many, many have ' offered my daughter-in-law another dog to take the piece of Shu Shul We've had many calls, too so Bobby may find another brown poodle there when he comes home. "But he loved Shu Shu, and we hope someone finds her." The Tribune office also was flooded . with calls' yesterday from owners of pedigreed poodle puppies, offering one to Bobby. His parents started looking for ihe puppy again late yes-terday,whea they came home , from their vigil during the 4-hour operation. But she was still lost when they went to bed last night The hospital reported yesterday that Bobby "is in a very satisfactory condition," but there was no prognosis on his condition because of the many complicated factors of heart surgery. "If the operation wasn't done," his grandfather explained, "the doctors said he wouldn't reach McGrath . . " Fsatartd in todiyV Tribune b a new columir by Mary McGraHi. It's provocative and da- -lightful, written by an outspoken woman, she zeroes in - on all of . America, as well as woman's favorite topic -. 'men. Read Mary Mc- , Crarh EXCLUSIVELY" in Tit Tribune. see page 23 ,! 1''

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