The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1955
Page 3
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1958 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURTER NEWS PAGE FIT! Dawson Picks Top Ten. Business Stories of '55 By SAM DAWSOX NEW YORK (AP) — Ten business stones above all others captured the public's fancy in 1955. They moved out of the financial section and onto the front page. Here— just one man's opinion — are the 10 top business and financial stories of the year: 1. The amazing business boom. Most people thought, 1955 would be a good year. But few foresaw how Rood It would be. Production records fell in many lines — steel, electric power, aulos, oil, rubber. Consumer spending, backed by record incomes, went to new heights. But so did consumer debt. More people had jobs than ever before and got better pay. Business optimism grew as the year went along Expansion plans show business betting billions on the future. 2. The ford .stock .sale. The last of the giant family-owned companies announced it would let the public buy voting stock — but will retain practical control within the family. Wild Vear 3. The stock market's \\ i!d year. The bull market was .severely but- fetted several time?. Early in the year the senatorial study ol what makes Wall Street tick sent prices tumbling. The worst break of a followed the heart attack of President Eisenhower. Lesser ups and downs were set off by mergers and ritmpis of mergers, stock splits and vainly looked for splits. As the year drew to a close stock price averages were around their record highs. 4. The stock splits that were made. Around 100 companies split their stocks. Among those interesting the public were U.S. Steel, General Motors, Jersey Standard Oil, Sears Roebuck, and Montgomery Ward. While ignoring split rumors, American Telephone G Telegraph marketed a record 650 million dollar issue of convertible debentures. 5, Lay-off pay. The auto makers,! among others, granted a modified color.*;. Americans bought new cars in record volume. Credit Curbs 7. Credit curbs. To stave off inflation federal agencies tightened up on mortgage terms, let credit get scarcer and money dearer. But prices of materials and some consumer goods hegan rising in the second half of the year. The cost of living edged a trifle higher. 8. Bumper profits. Record earnings and dividends were recorded. General Motors v. as set to report profits in excess of one billion dollars — a "first" for any corporation. 9. Proxy fights. Embattled stock- iiolder.s fought management of sev-: form of lay-off pay to supplement; eral companies. Public fancy was •itate unemployment benefits. Wage scales climbed during the ! year, factory take-home pay rose, ' and the AFL and CIO got married. capiitrorl most, by the battle be-. tween Sewell A very and Louis E. j Wolfson for control of Montgomery Ward. A very put most men on the board of directors — then stepped 6. Auto production and sales race. down. I Cut-throat rivalry in Detroit filled i the highways wilh splashing new Chicago. Doctor Is Charged With Beating Wife to Death CHICAGO CB — Police yesterday. About half an hour later they charged a doctor with murdering j quarreled again and he struck .her his wife after, they said, he admitted giving her sedatives and bearing her unconscious. The murder complaint against Dr. Hobart H. Todd, 43. charged his wife Haze!, 45, met her death "through a beating" administered in the face. He said she fell to the floor between twin beds. He then gave himself a liyp'oriermic injection of ncmbutal and left the room. When he returned a little later he saw that "her body appeared to be turning blue" and be administered by her husband. The complaint ivns! a stimulant with n hypodermic nee- filed by suburban Skokie author!-1 die and applied artificial respira- ties, where Todd has a home. j ^° n Police said Todd admitted after! Again he left the bedroom, he several hours questioning that he, said, and did not return until administered two sedative injections to his wife, beat her. and then summoned aid four hours later. By that time, police quoted Todd as saying, her "body was colrt." Firemen told of arriving at Todd's $50,000 home in Skokie at 8:20 Saturday night and finding Mrs. Todd on the bedroom floor clad in a nightgown. The doctor, wearing pajamas, sat on a nearby bed. p.m., when he noticed her "body was cold. ' He summoned firemen. Dr. Jerry Kearns. Cook County coroner's pathologist, said an autopsy failed to show cause of death. He said a microscopic examination of the body organs will be required and that will take about two wet'^.s. Griffin said Todd was dismissed two weeks ago from a position as r. staff physician with a medical center in the well-to-do suburb. 10. The jet age. Airlines raced to place orders for American jet- propelled aircraft, ending British! Holland's 'Jungle Girl' Is Engaged BERGEN-OP-ZOOM, Holland I* — "Jungle Girl" Bertha Hertpgh, now 18, became formally engaged today to a Dutch cabinet maker. Annulment of her Moslem child niarriage four years ago touched off a wave of riots in Singapore. Her former Malay husband cables best wishes to Bertha and her fiance, 21-year-old Johan Gerard Wolkenfelt, who is completing his army service. Bertha's parents were taken prisoner by the Japanese invaders of the Netherlands East Indies 13 years ago. The child's Malay nurse smuggled her into the jungle and raised her as her own. In 1945 the Hertogs were freed and began the search for Bertha. They found her in 1949, near Singapore, married at 13 to a young Malay teacher, Mansoor Adabi. When the British court annulled the marriage and returned the girl Ut her mother, Moslem rioters spread death and • destruction through the colony. After her return to the Netherlands, Bertha attended a Roman Catholic convent school. Today her neighbors in this little Dutch town went to the local Catholic church to witness the posting of banns. Adabi, who now works for a law firm in Singapore, said he bore "no ill feelings." He married a pretty Malay girl in February 1954. William Griffin, Skokie police chief, said Todd was incoherent and lapsed into a coma. After spending the Tiight in a hospital under police guard, he was questioned by authorities. Griffin said Todd related this story: He gave his wife an injection of morphine at her suggestion Saturday afternoon and huer gave himself one. He said both .were in a "highly nervous condition." He and his wife started quarreling over money. His wife slapped! him, he said, and he slapped her. j and then about 3 p.m. he gave ] her two injections of nembutal, a j .sedative. I j Todd said he was a lieutenant ! colonel in the Army Medical Corps during World War n nnd later practiced medicine in New York City. Antarctica has the highest mean elevation of the world's seven continents: 6000 feet. AV THE NEWEST WAY TO SAY "MERRY CHRISTMAS"! The xvorld's most treasured fragrance in a dramatic new gilt array with a three dimensional, modern lecling. Perfume $5.00 Eau dt Toilette $2.75,3.95,5.00 Eau de Toilette and Liquid Skin Sachet, the original "perfume that clings". 53.50 Perfume and Eau de Toilette J5.00 Dusting Powder, Eau Ac Toilette and Liquid Skin Sachet $5.00 Prices fltts tar fi OWEN'S REXALL DRUG STORE 200 W. Main Phone 3-2024 hopes of dominating the field. A few ;iirlines held back., contending j there were disadvantages yet to be overcome. 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