The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1955 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1955
Page 2
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1988 BtTTHBTILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE rtmm U. S. Officials Are Keeping Watchful Eye on Afghanistan By WAKKEN HOCK US Jit. WASHINGTON (AP) — American officials arc watching Afghanistan with some apprehension that it might fall like an overripe plum on the Cominunist side of the Iron Curtain. They see no definite signs that this is bound to happen. But they view it as a conceivable result of Afghanistan's recent inclination toward Moscow amid the quickening Soviet interest in the Middle East. There is no plan of direct U. S. action to keep it from happening. Rather, officials said U. S. policies of friendship and economic aid works indirectly to patch up Afghanistan's border dispute with Pakistan which started the whole trend. g n the meantime, two old hands at shaking international political plum trees, Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin and Communist party boss Nik t;i Khrushchev.will be in the Afghanistan capital of Kabul in a couple of weeks after visiting India and Burma. LUUc At SUke What is it that makes Afghanistan, a nation of 12 million in an area the size of Texas, so important? Aside from the East-West struggle for the loyalty of those 12 million peopte. there is little at stake so far as Afghanistan's resources go. Little but fruits and wools are produced on its 270,000 square miles of rocks and windswept plains. Its world trade is a mere drop in the bucket. i 500 Miles Closer But Adghanistan's geographical location makes it highly Important, The Khyber Pass is there. Conquerors shooting for the Indian subcontinent ever since Alexander the Great have swept through the Khyber Pass in an end run around the towering Himalayas. If Afghanistan were to become a Soviet satellite—an event officials see as unlikely — it woulc mean: 1. Russia would be 500 miles closer to the Arabian Sea. Long before the Communists came. Russia coveted the Middle East's warm waters and year-round ports. 2. A wedge would be driven into the northern tier of Middle Easl nations friendly to the West. r Sewer Party Was Lowdown LOS ANGELES, (IP)— The pledges of a University of Southern California fraternity went to the depths for a site for their big costume party. They tossed a sewer shin-dig in a huge underground storm drain lifter convincing city and county authorities that they wouldn't endanger their guests. Twelve pledges of Sigma Phi Epsilon spent a week cleaning and decorating the tunnel,, and USC engineering students built a four-foot dam to protect the area from runoff waters during the course of the dance. Their more than 100 guests agreed .the party Saturday night was cool and lowdown. One coed paid the supreme compliment. Said she: "I've never seen n cleaner sewer.'" Car Crashes Video Party ARDMORE, Okla. (IP) — Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Moss learned it's not even safe to spend a Saturday night at home watching television. While the Mosses sat looking at the TV screen an automobile crashed into their living room. The ca out of control, passed between the surprised couple who were sitting on opposite sides of the room. The uninvited guest swept a large divan, n chair and stove along with it be fore coming to rest at the other end of the living room. Neither the driver nor the Mosses were hurt. Damage was estimated at $500. The car had caromed into the Moss home after sideswiping another auto outside. Carburerorless Auto is Claimed SPRINGFIELD, Mass. UP> — The American Bosche Anns Corp. says it has developed an automobile gasoline injection system \vhich eliminate the need for a carburetor. President Charles W. Perelle of American Bosche said in a statement last nif:ht that the system "will increase the horsepower output of a modern automobile engine as well as improved acceleration and provide better fuel economy." The comuany indicated however, that automobile manufacturers have no immediate plans for adopting the system. TRY A "TROUSE" FOR TRICKY TRAVEL—The automotive contraption above is both truck and house, so its owner, Joe Smko- wieh calls it "trouse." A University of Miami student, he has used'it as living quarters and transportation for four years. The unit contains a bunk, two love seats, n table, a stove, an icebox, a sink and a closet. In it, Joe goes home to Pittsburgh every summer and has made one trip cross-country and back, all in complete, comfort. The coach unit is designed so it slips handily on or off the bed of his 1948 hair-ton Ford truck. Religious Fuss Ends in Death SACRAMENTO, calif. wi — The fatal shooting of a 19-year-old youth which ended an early morning argument on religion wich two friends from prominent families is being investigated by the district attorney and city police. •The victim was Bruce McPherson, son of a retired railroad man. The coroner and police said he shot himself. H had left a party of young people and going with Robert Devlin to the home of Thomas Hughes Break Lasted But Short Time LOUISVILLE. Ky. W) — Mentor Re veil found an intruder, standing with hand in pockets, in his coffee shop yesterday. j "I'm going to give you a break," [ he told the man. "Get out of here." j The "break" lasted two minutes, f Revell called police and Peter J. Doniichiue was arrested two blocks away on a storehouse breaking charge. Revell said he had no intention ; of following through on his promise. But he had to use his head, he said, what with the hands in the pockets. about 2 a.m. yesterday. As the argument progressed in an upstairs bedroom, police said, Hughes took. a revolver from a div.',ser drawer, loaded it, set it on safety, gave it to McPherson and said: "If you ttiink you're right, pull the trigger." McPherson put the gun to his head nnd pulled the trigger. "McPherson was belie.ved by Hughes and Devlin to be somewhat of an atheist and a controversy resulted between the three of them over religion." said the police report. The police sn«l Hughes gave McPherson the gun. "in trying to prove .. point." They said Hughes is an Episcopalian and Devlin a Catholic. Hughes Was released to the custody of an uncle, Gerald Johnson, a prominent attorney. Devlin was released to his father, Arthur Devlin, also an attorney. Texas Man Goes on Trial For Murder of Mother-in-Law WACO, Tex. UK— Harry L. Washburn goes on trial today in the murder of his former mother-in-law by an nuto bomb the state charges was planted to kill her husband. Dlst. Atty. Tom Moore Jr. said he expected a jury to be picked in twb days and the trial to last two weeks. It Is the third attempt to try the 38-year-old Houston man accused of killing wealthy 51-year-old Mrs. Helen Harris Weaver at San Angelo, Tex., last Jan. 19. The case was sent to Waco last September after efforts to select an unbiased jury at San Angelp failed. The third trial was postponed because of a missing witness and the Illness of San Angelo Dist. Atty. Aubrey Stokes. In questioning prospective jurors at San Angelo, prosecutors indicated they will rely on circumstantial evidence and offer no eye-witnesses. Washburn has been held without bond since his arrest last Jan. 29. He said he was 400 miles away Youth Fatally Burned While Playing Cowboy PHILADELPHIA (ff) — Lawrence Booth, H, was burned to death accidentally yesterday by f&ur companions with whom he was playing cowboys in suburban Drexel Hill, police said. Booth, playing the part of the ( "bad man," had barricaded himself f in a wooden shack when a posse ' came after him. The others decided to "smoke him out," and lighted some straw mattress stuffing at several points around the shack, said Detective Sgt. Chester Souders. The boy was not able tp get out of the shack, which was swiftly enveloped in flames, and his companions were unable to help him. when the 10 sticks of dynamite blasted out the runchwoman's life as she pressed the starter of the family car at her mother's Iipme. The state contends that Washburn wanted to kill Mrs. Weaver's husband Harry because he would *not let htir give Wasliburn money. Weaver, who i:; 60, also said money was the motive. Washborn, a contractor, claimed he was with his children, Gregory Allen, 7, iind Margaret Diane, 6, at the time of the blast. He sot custody of the children from Mrs. Weaver's daughter, now Mrs. Helen Willcock.son of Billings. Mont, at the time of their divorce. Surgeon Wanted for Kidnapping Own Child, Threatens Relatives on Phone LONGVIEW, Tex. W) — A Texas surgeon who fled Into hiding with his small son of tills third marriage and the daughter of his fourth wife telephoned a throat from New Mexico, Sheriff Noble Crawford said yesterday, Police pickup orders were issued in Texas and New Mexico for Dr. Frank Sainburg. He disappeared with the boy, Philip Sainburg n, 4, and the girl, Mary Jean Nance, also 4. Sheriff Crawford said Sairiburg told his father-in-law, Longview Atty. Neal Smith, that Smith would never see Mary Jean again if kidnap charges against the doctor came from Hobbs, N. M. Hamburg is charged at Itlmcu, N. Y., with kidnaping his sou from the apartment of the boy's mother Jan. 19, 1954. She lives at Ithaca under her maiden name of Mrs. Doris Blanchard. She got a divorce May 21, 1954. One With Him His current wife left Mary Jean, a daughter by a former marriage, with Sainburg at Big Spring, Tex., While she visited her parents at Longview. Sainburg was a surgeon at the Big Spring veterans hospital. Sheriff Crawford .said the doctor told his father-in-law Saturday night that the call Phillip was aren't dropped. The phone call! with him but that Mary Jean wa: somewhere else. The sheriff Mhl Sainburg also liumtuulcd that his wife be at the homo of their Big Spring pastor at 1 p.m. ysterday. Mr,s. Sainburg remained at Loutf- view. Sainburg was ordered to appear last Friday in court in Longview to show why he should not be held in contempt for refusing to give tht boy to his mother. He failed to ftp- pear and was held in contempt. Officers went to the doctor's Biff Spring home and found him gone and his household belongings being put into moving v:yis. Two women who refused to identify themselves said the furnishings were going to .storage. Emperor Nero wore gold sandalt but made his wife, Empress Pop- paea, stick to silver ones. Child Finds Father Dead MALLETTS BAY, Vt. (#-) — Edward J. LaFlam, 32, didn't like the programs on television, his wife said so he went into the garage and turned on the car radio. Mrs. LaFlam said she called hei husband about 11:15 p.m. and he said he would come into the house soon. She went to bed and in the morning sent her 8-year-old daughter to the garage. The child found her father dead of what 'State's Afcty. Allan Bruce said was carbon monoxide poisoning. Baked Irish potatoes won't become soggy if they are pricked two or three times with a fork as soon as they are removed from the oven. Are All Cold Remedies Alike? Not For example, 666 il the wide- activity medicine, which combines 4 of the most effective, widely-pre- scrilwri drug* known, to relieve all cold miseries ttoon«r. 666 is mora potent nnd (jives positive, dramatic, rapid relief from mitwries of all kind* of colds. That's why 666 is unsurpassed in ertcctivenesH. Try it. hes. paint, cuti, Brunt* a • r headache! bitn aa« straKS 117 6-t AUTOMATIC TOA5IEC £L G-f STEAM AND DRY IRON 75c A Wk. Nil other cold remedy can match SOI liquid itr fitffi Cold Tablets. 666 NO MONEY DOWN Toys For Tots-Toys For Teens-Toys For Dads SLINKY DOG — Here's one of the cutest toys on the market. Just the thing tor small tots, and the whole family will get a laugh. The price? A low, low $498 BURP GUN The famous MATTEL Burp Gun you've seen on TV. It's the ONLY fully automatic tap jjun made and is completely harmless. Any boy will treasure this toy! SPECIAL The Greyhound Deluxe \Vagon in tutone colors. It is much larger and heavier than the one pictured here with the addition of chrome safety hand rails around the front. It's a BIG 40" long not including the tongue, Has heavy duty tires. Was $9.95 HOW 50 STUFFED TOYS Soft, lovable Pandas like the one pictured. Also Bears, Lambs, Monkeys, Doggies, and Snowmen. TOM THUMB CASH REGISTER A sturdy, metal toy that will bring hours of fun. It's jSK'"3 large enough to be enjoyable and instructive. >$S;^(| S|98 to SC'1 V . Use Our Lay-Away Plan OPEN EVERY NIGHT TIL 9 P.M. IN DECEMBER LAD & LASSIE TOY CENTER Main at First Ph. 3-6308 »-C MMTMtf MIXHt SOcAWk. n DHEIFUS Meet Drcifus W Wear Diamonds 31G WEST MAI\ ST. BRILLIANT, LASTING LIPSTICK... STAYS ON 'ROUND THE CLOCK... This new lipstick sensation literally named itself! It just G LIDKS on...smoothly and effortlessly sheathes your lips in brilliant, lasting color. Stays on 'round the clock, so you can wake up with your lips soft and gleaming, color-bright. 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