Buffalo Courier from Buffalo, New York on November 30, 1890 · 6
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Buffalo Courier from Buffalo, New York · 6

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1890
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THK TKJFFALO COURIER SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 30. 18SQ. THE LAW OF LOTTERIES. The District Attorney's; Definition of Illegal Prize Scheme Ai y Merchant fy Give Awn Wliet He Chooses, , that the Element of C bancs I Not Involved Tne Case of Mr. Welch. District-Attorney George Ti, Quinby, In addition to his regular street attire, was decked out In war paint and featberi yesterday. An afternoon paper had attempted to put the Little Giant in a big hole, and he objected seriously to the proposed operation. This, in eff est, is the story: B. Welch runs a cigar store at the corner of Main and Eagle streets; he came here from a Western city, and, accordlngto his statement, In order to keep pace of the ; trade, invented prize schemes for his patrons. First he offered a t 1 note with eTery $10 worth of cigars old; his second adventure was a drawing for a gold watch ; a ticket was given ith every 25-cent purchase, which contained a number corresponding with the number, od a coupon which hed been torn off; when a certain number of tickets had been disposed of.the coupons were put into a hat and shaken up, and the number drawn by a blindfolded man won the watch. Mr. Welch, in an'interview printed yesterday, stated that he was surprised one day to receive a letter from Mr. Quinby, wherein he was accused of. violating the Jaw in the management of bis business, and cautioned to stop under penalty of being brought before the grand jury. What surprised and puzzled Mr. Welch, according to his statement, was that he should be singled out of all the dealers in this city for punishment, as he asserts that there isn't a tobacco dealer in the city who is not working some similar pnza scheme. Hp support of this declaration he is reported as producing circulars and hand-bills from various dealers, offering prizes for the return of tags or letters or cards attached to different brands of tobacco. Mr. Welch then enlarged upon statements concerning the prize business; hs is reported as saying that the Bronners give away a magic lantern with very S5 purchase; 8. B. Thing, a small drum with a $2 purchase; a Main Street firm has a guessing scheme for a stove; and a broad way saloonkeeper sold chances on a wheel of fortune for Thanksgiving turkeys at 10 cents each. " And yet,1? the cigar-dealer Is quoted as saying, " for soma reason I seem to be the only offender that the District Attorney baa discovered." Mr. Quinby was encountered in the Hotel Iroquois yesterday afternoon, after the appearance of these statements. " I am going right over and see this man," he aid severely ; " I shall return in a few minutes." Presently he did return. " I asked this man." he began, deliberately. if he was re sponsible for the statements in this article. He answered that be was not responsible for several of the statements In the interview. He says he doesn't know anything about the circulars printed announcing prizes for a certain number of tags or wrappers." Mr. Quinby was then asked, for the purpose of setting all the people right upon this subject, to define the prize schemes that are lawful and the class that are not, If there is any distinction; for, without: soma statement of this character, several reputable firms in town would seem to be regular lawbreakers. " There must not be any chance connected with a gift," said the District Attorney. " That is to say, there must be no drawing. Many people have tried to evade tbe law on this point, but the statute is so broad that they cannot do it," How about merchants who make gifts with purchases over a gpsofled amount I " the Interviewer asked. ' I suppose," said Mr. Quinby, dryly, that clothing man could give away S500 with every suit of clothes. Tbe law only provides that there shall be no system of chance connected with any sale." " How about the claim of Mr. Welch that other firms are doing just what he has been - prohibited from doing f " ' It doesn't seem reasonable. He is the only person about whom any complaint has been received at my office. If others are doing the same thing, however, they ought to be dealt with in the same manner." CKONIN FOB PAiUfEIXi j.,, . I H Sends as iTelejrraVft to' Editor O'Brien, Indorsing tbe Irish Lieader. Following is a literal copjtof a dispatch sent yesterday afternoon to tbe &t. Eon. William O'Brien, M. P., one of the Irish envoys,: now at Chicago, by the Rev.- Father P. Cronin, editor of the Catholii Union mid Times, this city, viz: j: j f - ) i ! ' My Dear Friend: In view of the very powerful Irish sentiment pj-eyailing here, indorsing tbe Unionand Times pronouncement in favor of Pai-nelL I i.oel authorized in the present terrible crisis, to impress opon you. aad your colleagues the yltal necessity or standing by Ireland's greatest benefactor in this, the hour of hi country's peril. . Parneil, not Gladstone, has won ourtriumphsj Desertion of him now will I firmly believe, result in the ruin of Ireland's ihopes during .tbe present generation. : Disunion has been Ireland's bane ; close up the -ranks behind him who, more than anv other man, has united and solidified the now almost victorious nation. Tut Rav. fUTHSB CfcONIS. PERSONAL MENTION; The Debutantes Overwhelmed with At-; tention Last Week. t bodice trimmed with! embroidered moussclin TUT? ae Bote; a long tuiio veuaou v rosea completed this 'spostame. The groom, who is an officer in j th Regular Army, wore the full-dress uniform wf Ms rank. Aftef the serric. ft reception Mrs btrid at the horle i the ; bride's , father I ptpi Perrine Street, and TWO" NEW BANKS. Stockholders of Both Emjbryo llns U" I tions Met Yesterday, OUT OF SIGHT, IJCITIN REACH Snecial -chniidt Has Gone to Omaha to Bring Back ilia Jlani Two years ago the 15th day of last May a man named Joseph Bruel, who formerly lived at No. 940 Jefftrson Street, secured employment with the firm of A. T. Kerr & Go. of iNo. 99 Seneca Street. Bruel wasmployed as a local and Erie County salesman! and oollector, and for some months he apparently work4 well and faithfully. His expenses ajojl accounts seemed to be all right, but a few months after he went to work a discrepancy wja found in his accounts. He was called to account for it, but the matter didn't seijn - to amount to much, and on the 15th ;day of December, just seven months from tbe day he secured the position, he dropped into the office and, said that he was going out collecting and he meant to settle up a number of accounts. The statements were all made out.i and he asked Mr. Henry Barnard of the fiitu to meet him at Frank Fischer's oh Pecktajam Street with the statements. Mr. Barnard : went to -'Fischer's place but did not find Brael, and after investigating matters carefully it was found that the missing man was an embezzler to the amount of 81.500. His femoloyers found on investigation that Bruel ji ad collected money from customers and failed to turn it in, and for weeks had falsified tis accounts to make things appear all right. J ' The matter was put n the hands of the Policej and Special Jaco Schmidt J of No. 4 Station was told to investigate the matter. Tbe special soon found tbt Bruel had gone to Chicago and that his wife; had smti their furniture thither and followed him. The Chicago authorities were notified,, but , Bruel managed to slip through their fingjrf and went to Canada. It if said that he caraej hack towards Buffalo, and he spent one night at Niagara Falls on the American side. Nothing further was heard from him until fabout four days ago, when Special Schmidt located him at Omaha. The authorities there wefe notified and yesterday afternoon Superintendent Morln received a dispatch from Chief of ' Police W, S. Seavey of that city, saying that' Bruel was under arrest there, and that he had admitted his guilt. Special Schmidt was furnished with requisition papers and he started j last night to bring the prisoner tack home, i ' REAL. ESTATE ITEMS. THE USEFUL MANDAMUS. It Will be Used by an Indignant Citizen Who Doesn't Want Electricity. Regtna Busch has filed a complaint in an action brought by ber in the Supreme Court against the city of Buffalo to restrain Major Bishop from signing a ' resolution adopted by tha Common Council November 17 to light Delaware Avenue between Bird and Kenmore avenues with electricity. The plaintiff alleges that Delaware Avenue between the points named is nothing but a country road; that there are but six houses in the stretch of 2 miles to be lighted; that It la not likely to become a residence street for a long time ; that tbe residents ot the houses now on the street wish to burn natural gas, but the Buffalo Gas Light Company refuses to lay pipes in the street unless permitted to light it; that gas Is more economical and therefore more acceptable to the residents, and that by signing the resolution the Mayor will deprive the people of natural gas as fuel. United States District Attorney Alexander is Mrs. Busch's attorney. In August the Council ordered that gas lamps be placed on Delaware Avenue between Bird and Kenmore avenues, but a second resolution, adopted November 17, ordered I the street lighted by electricity. Grist & Walkinshawhave bought 210 feet on Cbanuler Street. J; j Buffalo people have ,: feoufeht a block of Forest Avenue lots oi private ; terms from Thorne & AngeiL f j Hess & Noble have sold 40 feet on Howard Avenue, near Sumner ? 450 feet on Crescent Avenue, near Oak wood; 50 feet an Oakwood, and 50 feet on Saranao Avenue. Bell & Ely have sold a piece of land, 113 by 890 feet, on the north, side of Glen wood Avenue, near Fillmore AT'eoue. Buffalo people were tbe buyers. Consideration private. The Main Street Electric Belt Line Company, capital 1100,000 has bought the Gall farm, about 50 acres, oij,the west side of Main Street running through nearly to tbe Eggert Koad. j ' Kail roads Get fbe Worst of It. A verdict has bsen given by Jdstioe Chllds to George Foggan for if 34. 96; in ' his suit against the Lake Shore to recover the value of two cars of hay. The complainant alleges that be shipped to HaUif an & Gray,' commission merchants of this ir. two cars of hay, but did not forward ttie.f shipping bills. He also notified the raUroatd not to deliver the hay to tbe consiguee. The' railroad paid no attention to the notification, hence the penalty. Mary Gannab was yesterday awarded $5,000 damages in the Superior Court ; for the death of her husband while in the discharge of bis duties as engineer on the Erie. ' ; A Grade Crossing Accident. About 12:40 o'clock: veeterday afternoon. West Shore engine No. 174 xn tbe Buffalo Creek Railway at the Abbott Road crossing struck a carriage owned; and driven by Charles Frelcht of No, 66 Camp Street. The carriage was capsized and the occupants were thrown out. Mrs. A&pa Kruns, who lives at No. 170 Fifth Street, aged 63 years, had one rib broken, and Mrs. felrsall of No. 123 Efner Street was slightly Injured. The driver escaped; no injury toicarriage or horses. The injured women were taken home in the FiUh ambulance. THE COURTS. Supreme Court Erik County The Hon. Charles Daniels, Justice. CiRcrrr 1 November i;nnun utiL as administratrix, v Of Baffalo. Verdict of S2.00U for plaintin. Dav calendar for December 13a. ZbZ, S2, 83, l&L li9. Adjourned to December 1, at 8:30 x. M. the City iff. Nos. 176, 46. SUPERIOR COCBT OF BUTFAO TBIAL TsRX The Hon. Robert C. Titus, Jadge. November 29. Mary Gannah, as administratrix, vs. the N. Y.. u w. Kauway Company. Verdict for piaintin oi jo.lhaj. Day calendar for December 1: Km in 155. '5, 87, JW. W. 114, 122, las, ISA, ia, 45. 26, S6, 61, bS, 10'. 103, 118, 118, l-9. ' Adjourned to December 1, at 8 JO A. M. Erik Cocittt Court and Court of Sessions The Hon. Joseph V. beaver, Judae. November 29. Joeeph Bentlnes vs. Napoleon B. Wlckware. On triaL Day calendar for December 1: Nos. 33, 12. 14. 15, 14. 14. 28, 31, 3a. 32, 10, i. Adjourned to December 1, 0-.3O a. M. Mctcicipax Court. The Hos. George L. Lewis and George S. WardwelL Judges. " November 29.- William W. Lawrence and one vs. Reinhard M. Lota. Action to recover on promissory note. , mi iucui ur yuuiuiu. u&magea and costs EUm Webster et ah vs. Frank S. BrookB. Ac-. ion to recover for coal. Judgment for plaintiffs. Damages and costs $46.o. - James Nicbolson vs. Edward J. Green and ; : A Card for Firajs Ward Taxpayers. To Residents and Ta$paien of the First TFard: There are petitions lsr signatures at Cornelius Brothers' store, Elk and Louisiana streete; Ji. EL Baxter's drug stotf , No. S79 Elk Street; M. Murphy's grocery store. Elk and Hamburg streets; and the " Minim " office. No. 352 Elk Street, against gracing permission to the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company to lay ad dition si tracks across Louisiana Street, the same being deemed dangerous and detrimental to the business interacts of this section of the city. . '-i . Women's lnion Lectures. Dr. Catherine Walker will- speak at the Women's Union, Monday. December 1. at 4 f. ML, upon ; ' InfatiU Diseases; their Care and (heir Food." I; h Next Friday at 4 M., Miss Jessie Beers! a successful teacher in ; Kindergarten work, will read a paper at the monthly meeting of the coterie on " Tbe Ktedergarten of the cichool." Admission iree to ab ; I The'New " Buffalo Special. The New York Central ; Buffalo Special ' will leave Excbanjij Street station at 7:20 p. at to-morrow, and evefj day. Including Sunday, thereafter, arriving at tbe Grand Central station at 7:20 a. m,.- enabling Buffalo passengers! to enjoy their linner at home, and reach New York in time for breakfast. Corresponding train will leavrf Grand Central station at :ia r. u , arriving in ounaio at 7:30 a. M. These are local trains and will .be on time. Democracy .Meeting. The members of ; the Cleveland Democracy are requested to attend a regular meetino- Monday evening, December 1, at the rooms. No. Harness ox Importance will 351 Mam Street. be transacted. n, ;r order H, TxtLXER, GEOEGS M. STOWE. Sec'y, '; , j ; ;. Pres. The " IJnffalo Special." Every night at 7:10 o'clock the Most of Cs Spent Tlianksglvins; at Hm Two Large Weddings this Week Ooests in Town A Month of : Ball Promised. Mr. Harry C. Parsons is confined to the. house by Illness. ' D. W. Hatch of Jamestown was a guest at the Broezel yesterday. Mrs. George S. Field entertained guests at dinner Thanksgiving Day. . Miss Pratt has issued cards for a ball, Friday evening, December 5, at 9 o'clock. Friday evening Miss Seymour entertained 16 young people with " Tiddlewinka." Judge Batch celebrated hi birthday last week by inviting a few friends for supper. Mr. Louis Whiting Gay gave an entertainment for his gentlemen friends last Wednesday. -' ; Miss Florence I. Chatman ot West Avenue is now convalescent after a very severe attack of typhoid fever, The marriage of Miss . Mary Jennie Cooper to Mr. Walter Richard Pooley will take place Monday evening, December 1. Mrs.' David Rosenau 'will give a dancing party TureJay night, in; honor of the coming of age of her son, Mr. Louis Rosenau. Mrs.' William Scott Tremaine has isiued in vitations for a dance Thursday evening, December 4, t 9:30 o'clock, No. 217 Franklin Street. Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Henry Jewett, who are With the Raymond party, have been in Pasadena and Los Angeles during tbe past week.'; Mrsf William & Hubbell gave a luncheon Friday for Miss Reynolds and her bridesmaids ; yesterday Miss Bixby entertained the young ladies, i W. J. Cant has just returned from Europe, hav ng enjoyed a pleasant trip. Mr, John Otto,. Jr., is also home from a European voyage. Several balls are promised for the month of December, the Buffalo Club, and the Homeopathic Hospital ; and the 23d, 23d, and 30th are chosen for private balls. Mis Margaret Frost, who has been visiting Philadelphia friends, arrived yesterday to spend the winter with her sister, Mrs. Frederick Lewie Hurlbutt of Allen Street A dinner was given!: before the Assembly, Wednesday evening, by Mrs. Robert Livingstone Fryer, In honor of the Misses Fryer of Albany. Covers were laid for 12. Mr. and Mrs, William B. Hoy t are occupying Mr. Newman's house, No. 83 North Pearl Street,- Mr. Newman; and family having moved to No. 1013 Delaware Avenue. Miss Churchyard of Irving Place, who has been in New York for it month, is spending a few days at W est Point as the guest of Mrs. Derby, before returning home early in the week. : : MJsS Pettibone, who has been abroad a number of months, was the guest of "Mrs. M. I Thompson a few days, going Tuesday to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with ber sister, Mrs. Butler. Mr, and Mrs. William Gunnther celebrated their silver wedding at their home on Michigan and North streets Thursday evening. A large assemblage of their friends were very handsomely entertained. Mrs. William Hamilton Gardner entertained Friday night for Mr. William Allan Gardner. Mrs. Charles Waldo Richards recited some delightful;; selections, after which the young people enjoyed a dance. Mrs. Bhortlss has issued invitations for the' marriage of her daughter, Marguerite Mon-teath, to Mr. Frank William Fiske, Jr., Wed nesday, December 10, at 8 o'clock, at St Peter's Church, Albany, N. Y. At home Wednesdays in January, No. 414 Delaware Avenue. !j Collegians Mr. Harry Gratwick la at home from Harvard; Mr. William Page of Do V eaux is a guest of Mrs. William Wilkeeon; Miss Elizabeth Williams of Smith College did not come home for the Thanksgiving vacation, but went to New York instead to visit Mrs. Edward Cook. Friday afternoon Mrs. B. C. Sprague invited friends . for :: a cup of tea and a chat with her daughter, Mrs. Walter Cook of New York. Mrs. Al ward poured the tea; the unbonneted ladies were Mrs. Henry AL Kent, the Misses Kent, Mrs, Henry W. Sprague, Miss Bray ley, Miss Alward, and the Misses Fiske. ,The Jones-Nicklis marriage will take place at Westminster Church on Tuesday evening. Last Friday evening Miss Nick lis entertained the bridal party at progressive hearts; last night Miss, Jones, Who is to be one of the maids, gave a euchre; party; Monday evening Miss Donaldson, another maid, will give a dinner party; i' : Prof. J. de Zielinski has been engaged by the Buffalo Orchestra Association to annotate the programmes for the ensuing season, and to give a short talk at each public recital on the works to be produced, their composers, e,tc. The Professor is well qualifiad to make these explanations and annotations instructive and interesting. Guesta gone homeMiss Elisabeth Slee of Elmira, who has been visiting Mrs. Theodore BarriuVn and her daughter, Mrs. Langford S. Keating, returned yesterday ; Miss Margaret McVean has returned to Rochester, having Spent peveral weeks as tbe guest of Mrs. Henry Fowler; Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Hall, who had been visiting In town, returned to East Aurora Friday. ; Friends in town have received cards from Mrs. Julia G. Durkee of Chicago announcing the marriage of her daughter. Miss Florence Evelyn Durkee, to Mr. Horace Hawse Martin, on Tuesday, November 18, 1890. Inclosed is the card of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Ha wee Martin, who will be at home Thursdays in January. ; The Hyde Park, Fifty-first Stre et and Lake Avenue, Chicago. The residence of Judge and Mrs. Van Hig gles, Woodlawn Avenue, was thrown open to about 150 guests Monday night. A reception and Interesting literary entertainment afforded the pleasure of the evening. The host and hostess were assisted in receiving by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Long. The marked point ot the evening was indicated by a scholarly lecture on the " Passion Play," by Miss Jane Meade Welch of Buffalo, an intellectual and charming woman. Chicago Inter-Ocean,; : ' Returned home Miss Beals of , Delaware Avenue, ffpm a visit in West Seneca; Mrs. C. J; Hamlin, from :a stay of several weeks in New York; Mi Charles Waldo i Richards, from Chicago, and has started again for New York; Mrs. Harmar Denny, from a month's stay in New York; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hamlin, from Oenesoo: Mr. James Swmimt Jf ' .Buff aid Miss Louise Sweeney, and Mr. John Ogelvie. ition. vial . , s -. . . . among the out-of-town gtiests were Mr. ana Mrs. Allison K.Hunie'Cftnls city. Mrs. Hume being a sister of tha bride? Lieut, and; Mrs. Reichmann will live ae "Fort McKinney. MisceUaneoua entertnments The largest tea of the week was given on Monday from 4k to 0 o'clock by Mrs. Nelson Holland in honor Tha TJaion Bask Will Probably Be Located in the . Kellanyj Bnlldloe Thirteen j Directors for ! the Qneen City .51 . ( Hardesty lfor Cashier, t li""' The Stockholders of both of Buffalo's new banks held meetings yesterday afternoon; but business of Importance was transacted at either meeting. ; i The Queen City j meeting was adjourned until next Tuesday afternoon, when it is ex pected that final action will be taken in the selection of a site and the election of officers. Director G. C. Hardesty said yesterday Jt hat four or five available sites were under consideration, but up the present time no choice had been made. The board of directors 1 now complete, two New! York capitalists F. W. Pellam and another; gentleman having been added. This makes a board of 13. Ve wish to have tbe bank well represented n the East, said Mr Hardesty, " and the gentlemen a&lected to be taken into ; the enterprise are in every way fitted to advance its fortunes. The name of the other gentleman will be made publio assooh as some negotiations have been completed. w ' t F. M. Inglehart, ; another member, ok the board of directors, was questioned concerning the officers of the institution. There bad not yet been much talk about that matter; he said, although it appeared to be understood that Mr. Cardesty of Angelica, the gentleman who was mainly instrumental in the organization of the bank, would 'be selected as cashiorL Re garding the pmces jof president and assistant cashier he could say but little, A probable president was a gentleman, a heavy capitalist, but interested thirteenth member t the although Mr. Inglehart did still 6n the outside would become Doubtless he Is the board of directors, not say so. ;' Mr. Inglehart further nouhcement that doors in February: work which would said that the an- the bank Would open its was rather premature, as have to be done would not be completed before March 1, the date he set for the opening. It would pake, he said, 90 day to construct the vaults, which would be fireproof and burglar-prof. Contracts for this work have not yet been let, but negotiations were now under way; with several out side firms. He did tfot know would be located. I j W. H. Johnson: another director, was ques- of the kind I- was of ber daughter's debut ; the ladles who as- I according to tha assertions of those present, no slated were Mrs, Cleveland,; Mrs. Dr. uarieeon Jewett, Mrs, Israel Plaft Pardee of Stanhope, N. J., Mrs. James B- Lei, Mra Joseph Pj Dudley, Mrs. A. P. iwrighti Mra J. D. Warren, Mrs. G. Barrett Rich, Mrs. A. F. Tripp,: lira WiUiam Grandla Vought, Miss Voughi Mbs Ball, Miss Wbeeler, Miss Clara Wright, Mks Jennie Jewett Williams, Miss Grace Brayley, Mies Mary Warren.; Miss Cora Towcsmd, Miss Jessie Dann, His' Georgia C Greene, Misi Emilie M. Wesd; ' Emily Mitchefl, Miss Emily Howland, iiss kaith Sidway, and Miss Evelyn Dorr, i Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Weed introduced their daughter. Miss Emilie Weed, at tbe Chapter House; the same evening Mis3 Lothrop of Delaware Avenue entertained the Students' Art Club. .Wednesday the first of tbe season's assemblies was held at the Chapter House; Mrs. Charles M. Underbill entertained a few young women at luncheon for Miss Underbill. . 1 Guests in town Mim Ward ot Rochester has been visiting Buffalo friends during the past week; Mies Sboles of Cleveland is now a guest of Mrs. Luf kin of Lexington Avenue: Mrs. L. W. Richardson of Palmyra is Staying with Mrs. M. W. Reed for a few days; Miss Gould of Genera is Visiting her mother, Mrs. Thomas T. Gould; Miss Ella Dessauer of Montrose, Pa., is ' visiting her cousin, Mrs. Strauss of Prosict Arenue; Miss Katharine Cook of Rochester was last week a guest of Mr Henry Wiuslow; .Mrs. Walter Cook of New York has been spending a few days with her mother, Mrs. . E. Carletou Sprague; Mrs. Israel P. Pardee of Stanhope, N. J., has been a guest of her mother, Mrs. James EL' Lee; Miss Butler of Orange, N. J., will .sjwjnd the winter with her sister, Mrs. Henry A. Adams; tbe Misses Belton are now guests of their sister, Mrs. Herbert Moffat ; Mrs. Alsop Chapln Weed of Chicago (a in town, staying at No. 851 Fearl Street; Miss Edith Straight of Bradford is visiting Miss Hochstetter on Pennsylvania Street; Misi Hill of Niagara Falls, OnU, Is the guegtof His. Arthur Carroll Good; Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Fosdick of Salamanca were last week guests of Mrs. William A. Barrows, i I : f I At St Nicholas' Church, Thursday morning. Miss Maggie Lannen and Mr, James McGirr were married by tbe Rer, Father O'Bjrne. The bridal attendants were the ushers, Mr. Jerrie F. Crowley and Mr. Eugene ' Murphy, who led the wedding procession, fol lowed by the! bride's brother, Mr. f Edward Lannen ; tbe bridesmaid. Miss Tillie Schrader, and the maid-of -honor, Miss Kate Lannen, preceding the bride, who, came to the altar on tbe arm of her brother, Mr. John ; Lannen. The groom and his best man, Mr. Joseph F. Kemble, awaited the party t the altar.- Tbe bride's gown Was a wbte faille trimmed with mousself ne de soie, lackand orange blossoms, and in her hand she carried a bouquet of bridal roses. The maid of honor wore a white Henrietta trimmed with white Chantilly lace, .and carried a bouquet of mermets; and the bridesmaid was becomingly dressed in white Henrietta and carried a bouquet of cut flowerr. After the ceremony, a wedding breakfast . was served at the home of the pride's mother, to immediate relatives and bridal party. Numerous and elegant gifts were' distributed about the rooms, which were, artistically decorated with flowers. ! Mr, end, Mrs McGirr will be at home at No. 930 Fillmore Avenue after December 15 i': 4 ., . Miss Evelyn Billiard,; whose readings and lectures in other cities have been received with so much favor,- to-morrow evening will give a recital at the; residence of Mrs. A. P. Wright Besides a number of recitations by Miss Hill-liard, there will be singing by Miss ; Root and Miss Hurd, Mrs. Langford Keating playing the accompaniments. Miss Jessie Cotes will also play. Miss Hilliard has recently been studying with Mrs. Sarah Cowell Lemoyne of New York, and is said to be especially good in humorous piece, The patronesses are Mrs. A. J. Barnard, Mrs. Charles F. Bingham, Mrs. T. D. Banram, Mrs. Walter Cary, Mrs. James T. Chard, Mrs. 8. C. Clarke, Mrs. S. Douglass Cornell, Mrs. Dickson, Mra G. 5. Field, Mra W. H. Gardner, Mrs. a B. Germain, Mrs. P. H. Griffin, Mra. William Hamlin, Mra W. H. Heath, Mrs. Robert Keating, Mrs. John I Kimberl y, Mrs. D. N, Lock wood, Miss Love, Mrs. H. L. Meech, Mrs. G. W. MUler, Mrs. James Moffat, Mra. John 8. Hoyea, Mrs. Phelps, Mra M. E. Robinson, Mrs.; Satterfield, Mrs. John N. Scatcberd, Dr. Abby J. Bey-moor, Mra, Charles Townsend, Mrs. C. M. UnderhiU, Mrs. E. C. Walker, Mrs. James D. Warren, Mrs. S. V. R. Watson, Mrs. B. A. Wheeler, Miss Wilkeson, Mra Wihslow, Mrs. A. P. Wright, and Mrs. A. J. Wrjrht. Scattered here and there Miss Eina Tracy is a guest of Miss Ida Gtacey of Pearl Street, Rochester;: Miss Van Etten of Cottage Street is spending ; a ; few weeks in Grand Rapids, Mich., the; guest of the Misses Lilley; Miss May E. Dudley Is visiting friends in New York"; Mrs. W. I. Williams and Mrs. Harry Smith are spending some time in Auburn ; Mr. and Mrs. Morse Davis are; spending a week in New York; Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Wilson were in Rochester during the past week; Mr. and Mrs. John L. Williams were in New York last week; Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Alt-man and family have gone to Atlantic City for a two; months' stay ; Mr. and Mrs. James P. White and sons spent a few days last week with friends in East Aurora; Miss Mabel B. Soper was the guest of Mrs. Helmer in Lock-port the tast of the week; Miss Minnie G. Rice ; is visiting friends in Brooklyn; Mr.: Bydney M. Sweet went to Dans villa to spend Thanksgiving with Mrs. Sweet; Mrs. Charles Faul is in Dayton, Ohio, called thence by the death-of her mother; Mr. and Mrs. George A. Plimpton spent Thanksgiving with friends near. .Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Newhall went to New 'York on Friday to remain a fortnight; Mra S. C Clarke and Miss Edith button Clarke spent a a few days last week in Rochester, guest of Mrs. John Stedman; Mr. and Mrs. George F. Germain,' Mrs. H M. Bonne, Charles A. Bon-ney, Mrs, Phillips, and A- L. Acton were last weex the guests of Mr. and ; Mrs. George A. Germain of East Aurora. T . j 'JJ.HIB 292-298 Main St, DECEMBER'S GREETING. Ready for winter ; .ready for long, froni $1,75 to 2M eaciu December is here and Christmas will be Booni So, make ready. iWe'vo I been at it since last Christmas, think i ing constantly of your needs. Getting wares from China and Japan and Germany and France; getting Books from innum erable sources; buying Dolls and-Trumpets and Games and all; sorts of. things. ,They "are novr open for your inspection and selection. l ' f - And every regular department is fulL of goods suitable for Christmas Gifts. : ; Besides, we' have got Ribbons for FancyWorJc and Silks for Fancy Work ! and Plushes for Fancy Work. ; Stamped Linen Go6d ! for Embroidery, Finer Hndk,, etc.. . , j i-,,tr.: vve make mention oi some otne, i things.;. m;;- ;.:! y.-- I .-fy i i Exquisit N6veHies, in Infants' an , Children's Dresses. Cloaks and , Em broidered Sacques. : i : Ladies' Fide Japanese Silk Skirts; hemstitched, and catstitched, and some) Skirts beautifully trimmed yfith Lace) and Embroidery. 'q.'Jt- .: &&t Some All-silk Lace scarfs, J2 3 : yds. i every demand ot noiiday time : ready to please you always. Our stock just now i$ filled with at tractive i novelties, such fas you nom wai ; hoped can only appreciate by seeing. di in the venture. This 'December is full of tra trade Some Cream and Fancy Colored Stfic Mufflers from $1 to $5. li I t Some: well, we say some,' but; you would say. we had a million --Fine Umbrellas. ! All new, all novel, all cheap. Gloves land Mittens lined and un for someone. We've planned to lined -4 for ?, Ladies, Gentlemen, . Boys, n rmnA ett t-A Kir inirjnrr onrl 1 ftnil fViilrlrn' . A ri nlmrkst AVirl Ina. var.' pel 1 1 n rr nh'if'c rifht frAi 1 n lin I ietV fjf thfimL f ' ; i Just how we have in stock the besii assortment of Fur Capes and ;Muifs wa1 have had I this season. Russian Hare, j French Coney, Baltic Seal, Wool Seal,) Astrachan, Monkey, Persian Lamb,k Nutria. We have a nice stock of Yarns both with current tastes and ? fashion. We have every size and style in j Heayy-weight Orercoatai .: - Stylish Business Suits. Handsome Dress Suits, j Nobby Headwear. i Correct furnishings. th several out- V X " " "i U" n,,r imported and domestic where th. bank erly clothe man and boy, Onr clothing l is not of the common tioned rezardine anronosition. alleeedto bava sort X ncrc s.an air 01 rcuugmcui. been made: some j time before the announce- I about it that .COtheS of experienced mencoi in union cans or cunaio, i looaing i nA KsMirrh mnt. rials. ; I- !',!;?;;:; t7 And orices are popular both to well-bred men and working men. The v satisfy ; the two ex tremes of society Good value in reply, and? beyond Utile inings as iwcu Mg say notning. j u is value in everything:. t toward the consolidation of the two ; institu tions. ' j , . I ! $nch a scheme was never seriously consid ered," said ho. j 'I Then arpro;posltlon madef " ; ( "As an indiTidual director I would not care to talk of the private business of the corpora tion," was the equivocal that Mr. Johnson would reasonably certain, however, that a ; proposi tion was made, by the Union people for consol idation, and it was only after the refusal of their advances that they announced themselves as.:rivals in the &1L - j f In connection with the location of the Queen City Bank it is rumored that a new block will be erected on Main Street near South Division Street, between Lyman & Jeffrey's drug store and the reconstructed i Jewett building. I this REtilABL.lt Howard Winship is agent for the Fhelps es- THE POPULAR, L. "J... ! tata, which own.Pth. property. He MpowI- aSSoA 8T SiT-ri edges that changes are contemplated out i does nht commit himself. It is surmised by some that the alterations will be made for the pur pose of accommodating the Queen City jiBank with a permanent home, Of course, should this story prove true, temporary quarters will uu ne necessary. Louis H. Eckhert is authority for i the state ment that no business of importance Vas transacted at yesterday's meeting of Union Bank stockholders. Tha location of the Bank will probably be made known the first of the week. It is pretty certain that the Nellany building, corner of Mohawk and Main streets, will be elected.: ! "; i" ; t. I I More Baaks. f . I I Black Rock International Gazette, i f We understand a bank: is now an assured fact for Bln.ck Rock. South BufaJo Mini in. !; f The next thing for South Buffalo will be convenient bank. ; -ANT) turn. for Knitting and Fancy Work: Germantown, Sax ony, Spaniah, Shetland, Shaker, etc. Besides the Tarn we havef the Knitted Goods and s very prettily f made, too. Also Shetland Squares and Mittens and i Jackets. - i I --r. .' 'i: v I ) H " : ' j Fancy colored Cheese Cloth for Com forters andf Fancy Prints. ; j;,, , ' (.;... The Comforters all ready jmade, if you desire; 30 or 40 designs and about 20 A splendjtd stock of Blankets. , ; ' i We shall now close out Lthej balance f of Horse Blankets cheap. -; : 4 4i Jute Draperies from 40c, i f :j Chenille Portieres from f 5. f ;: 1 j AU colow Felt for Fancy Work. ; ! DRESS GOODS. Our old stock of plain Cashmeres still holds out We mean those we got vsx IwfnM ilia rlnf v wm ad VsllMd. I' I ! We have to-day the best and cheapest i line of Dress Goods in the city. " f Crowds continue to flock to our Silk . - i i - - ! ' -' counter. The goods are here, black and colors both. The qualities are rigbt, the prices; are right What more it J needed to make lively business f 1 BOOKS, These are a great attraction.' Better and better every year our stock grows, larger and larger our sales. ; Come and. look at our Books. You; will be astonV ished at the prices. ; ; ir '! . j P. S.Will be ready early this week,1 General Booth's great book 4 Darkest; England 1 I ! hi jreajj estate; tbansfeksi H 1-1 Obituary. one. Action to recover for overcoat. JadK- r red Arend vs. Michael bchneider. Action to XT Juv!fv-ru" oiauon. via trnm wfl-vftrV. ilk. Cl.fM m.i,u-. J-u oiseory note. Judgment f or I L. "1 'iS'ciyrii SiVK wrana UentrM 1 1 ' " . ' wu"wwMrm, 'fo r ctoca uext morning. I Irom . Connecticut; Dr. and Mra Joserh T 5Sr NlltMf.lir,'i?1."f,1: I Gook. . from a two walks' trio thronth thl South Mr. and Mra, Seward Cary, from their Country seat at Gjenesto, where they have been for several months. i ! f One of the most brilliant weddings Celebrated in Dansrille this season was the mar-iriagi on Thanksgiving avs of Miss Anas Day VanDsrlip. daughter Of Judge Jobn A. Van-trilp, and Lieut ; Carl Frederic William Reichmaon, Tha ceremony was performed in Si. ; Feter Church' by the Hev. Hicbard Bherman. , The bride wora a cream faille made with a court train, the front of skirt and recover oa promissory pl&iutifiF. Ouhutm a,nd coata S37U.45. Frederick J. bchafer vs. Ianiel Haarahaa. Aotion to recover on promissory note. Judgment for plaintiff, i Damages and coats f 13.35. Calvla V. tiaxard vs. Michael Hchnelder. Like action. J adginent for plaintiff. Damaeea and costs $418.7. Jacob M. Well et aL ts. James Powers et al. Like action. Judgment for plaintiff. Dama-gesand costs I155.W. elation. New York Kletrnnt Wjurner ! ceiiea accotnmoamioiii. Mo extra fare. Bertiia may be secured a eek in advance at the city or station ticket offict. This ia the beet train for Buffalo: people. sOorresponding return train leaves Grand Certtral istatiou, Kew York at 7U5 p. M. every d.-y reacninit BnOalo at Vs o'clock next morneak. i s Children's Fancy Furs. ut9 variety at low prloee, 817 Main JStreet ! ilABHT DM1TH. j JttrprisjjAU Wlio Try it. The wonderfnA-Mtilbi fm n.. ci..i ind wine are becaoae it ia made ! BaACTirct pictures bTD&oto-tynaor nalf.tnna execated at the eagraviag depariuient of the Outsrier Co. tn uw am laooratory rrom pareat. atronKeet ingredients, each, spoonful containing virtues V1 o ouooe uwni, xoree firnuns citrate of iron. It makes flesh and strenth." is neouimriv ni. ble as well as notifishing, t ints 6uc : 60 aiiewed Much svmpatbv is felt for John G. Cloak: in the deep; affliction occasioned by the death of bis wife, Mary McCarney Cloak. She died on Friday morning, aged S3 years, after a short illness, leaving a little girl ix years old to mourn the loss of a do-ving and Christian mother. . The funeral wjJl .take place Monday from Bt Joseph's Cathedfal,, 1 Holidar Exbihitioa of Art Heedle Work. 1 a a it ' r t a A btm.1 I cwk -m-wr . a. At iue uuiies Art i-m purira, , ness Mohawk Streetopposite x. M. C3. A. a fine aispiar ok art embrotaery smiaoie for noiiday presents, u He - latest oesigia la stamping; and i a full line ot embroidering materials. Ladies will be more than pleased with the beautiful diinlavof artwork now ready for lnnnActinni A complete line of band-painted Tapestries on exmbilion and. for sale, instructions given in paiDiini ana an neeuw wuts. Aitvs. i. Ax. jths'Bes that Monsj Cai Btlyy. Positively it is oossible to save motiev while you're sick- Prescriptions costings BOo elsewhere can be got at btoddart Be. forao. Propor tionate saving on aii goeus uoukqi mere, ana at the same time yon get tbe best that m6uey can buy. Five expert pharmacists at work there , guarantee yon an ick. accurate aorvice. ' ;' I Tha followlnz traasfoM of real eitat fears been filed for reoord In the County Clerk's office since our last report r I I Albert G. Hatch and one to S. 8. Rogersjclty property, fl. i ! ii :j : juenry jcms; oy executors 10 o. o. itogers, city property, $L s James C Fnllerton to Edward E. Tanner as trustee, oity property, $1,151.07. ! -KCharles Hadmann and o.bers to Caroline Rad-mann. Michigan Htreet. west side, 330 feet north of Burton Alley 80 by MO. fl. . ; . I ; Oscar C. Alien to J. U. Hnvder and one. Ttar- tel Avenue, south side, 143 feet east of ast btreet. 1 feet front, SL Lydia M. Allen to same. Hertel Avenue, south aide, 143 feet east of East street, 41 feet front, also Hertel Avenue, south aide, 184; feet east of East Street, 41 feet front, f L i 1 Byron P. Angell to Louis Weill, Forest Avenue, north side, 323 feet east of Avenue Ai S&i by 870, $1. i - Jobn Kreltner to Joseph Kast and others. Box Avenue, south side, 30 by 118 each, 2 lots, S9J0. wenry rv, rsox to jonn Keister. Jones utreet . east side. 49 feet north of Clinton Street. 8U by jott. $1,W5. ! ? Henry W. pox et al to Adolph Dammar and one, memo btreet, east side, 420 feet north of Clinton Street, Slxluft, 11,364. : i Martna a. p erris to Mart U a ii. ciarkson, -14th street, east elde,d feet south of York Street, auxiuu, fl. .11' : l Martha B. Clarkson to Martha B. Ferris. Ash land Avenue, west side, 393 feet nortn of Ferry Street, 49X126, ft. 9 Ueorge vvadsworta to i). V. Kexford and one, Edward Street, north side. 125 feet east of Del aware Avenne. 41 feet front, $100.: ! D. D. Rexford to George Wads worth. Edward Street, nortn side. 15 feet east . of Delaware Avenue, 41 feet front, f 1,000. v . Frank Mewneid to Micnaei Meweiu winiams- rllle Road, west side, 30 feet south of Broadway. 40x248, $1. - f Amelia Bird, by executor, tor Edward ; O. Hawks. York Street, eoutlieaat side, 69 feet front, $1. I ' ' j is . Charles E. Appleby, as trustee, to Home Land Association city property, $L j) s j Coantry Property.; i . !j X!onr ad Clair and others to John Glass, Sardinia, f 85. i. i - . . ? L. 11. Case to Rosette Letson,!; East Aurora, $100. M .. . i ili . , : . John Glass to Clifford Furman, Sardinia, $100. . ! K Mamn uouya to veua Jts. Micnaei, Jtvans, $1,530. I H i. . - lis--- -.? Daniel 8, IGouyd to same, Evans, $1,046. ; James KJ Peck to L. H. Case, Kast Aurora, $ioa i i ; . ii? Louise Ai Hail-to J. A. Glezen, Collins. $1,600. Bridget A. Brennen to. Fred: E. Tack bury, Aurora. $4$0. V Hairy; U.j Persons to Altie H. Mason, Aurora, $1. i 1 ! l ' ''-!'.. Frank Montgomery to Maggie ' Montgomery, Oolden, 3, B00. . jM Christopher Knoeraohlld to the Lancaster Barings and Loan Association, Lancaster, $910. The wide rang-e of articles now made In leather with silver mountings offers an attractive field for present u. Not oily are there card cases, itorte monnaiee, ebatelalne baga. at any desired prisbut also memorandum hooka, shopping lists, diaries, calendars, hotting books, calling books, etc Large desk blotters with - corners as simple or as elaborate wanted, mate an effective and comparatively inexpensive present. There are coin wallets. also straps for umbrellas and oanea, cigar cases, cigarette cases, court ! plaster ; eases, magazine covers, note pads, engagement tablets, etc 0,.l& .mwi IBB A. B. Ml StATl-VriflBllT10 watch, to time one's visits, others an exq.uisit j T3 A TiT Tj? InUtiiM nstntjnr- nn Twumtlaln- White I JL A. X Y1V morocco, with bright silver mountings, fur nishes a new combination. , . i ; At from three or four dollars to ten dollars there Is quite an extensive assortment of articles of different kinds, j :'; "' If ' : ' f .. J.KADAM&a 292-298 Main; St.; BUFFALO. QUARTERLY REPORT On W. H. Glenny, Sons & Co. - 2 51-2 57 Main "Street. BRIC-A-BRAC the morning of Saturday, the 27th day of ;: - ISeptember, ltfJO. I RESOURCES. LOAKS... ......... RsssBTa.;. U. & Bohds. . '287.450JOO Cash oh hand, . S33.679.63 Cash with Banks. 766,815,52 tS.139,003.96 l,2S7,6iU9 i Banking HoTa and. Lot...... For an effective Christmas pres ent,' at from, 25 cents or less to four ' i s . ... . ; or five dollars or morel look through our stock. The assortment la ; very large, the price's very low. It is our especial province to supply articles for .presents, ornamental and use ful, arid we; are enabled to Import these .roods more cheaply than they can be obtained by any one buying-In this country.1 In fancy vases, fancy bowls and dlshescups and saucers, etc., etc, we show' a wide and sug gestive variety. 1 j i A large stock j of toy- tea eats at from 15 cents to five dollars and up ward.! Any: one of them would de Aleda McLean Kemington et ai ; to Chrlstoph Ught a child's heart. , Keuscn, Lancaster, - Mary H. JDicJiner to Alary Winegar, West Sen At Tkagui & Co'scandr store, hot dtm I broth, chicken broth, beef tea,: delicious cocoa ana ooaee served witn cream, we are t be larg est manufacturers of chocolate : In tbe Stats. also display a full line of counter candies, eto i at league & co. i . XS0-2S2 Waahlastea St. I XSS-2S7 MOa St. j Kever Known to Fail. ' Women who are all run down, who feel miser able, f rettful, have pain in the back and excessive watte of system can be completely restored by use of a tew boxes or Btrve Beans, iney never zaiii si at fetoauart is roe., e ueneea.? 1 :':;! - r. I - Tux aale of fancy work announced for this week at No. 844 Pennsylvania btreet has been necessarily postponed one week to December 8 to 1 1, inclusive. 1 1 REr.lOVED. FLORIAN I FEYL, . Painter ani. Decaratsir.- - - Has RemovGd to 027 Main SL Capital... Kamlnga vjit 1 5 ....... t ,.- --..is'-.'- LIABILITIES. tsoo.ooo.oa 863,219,21 : $75.000.0 J 14,481,648.05 Deposits.. j -l ill - tS33.283.21 t3,SlS,S6aJSLv 'Vi $Ml648i) SHERMAiM a JEWETT, President.' WILLIAM O. CORNWKLU Cashier. little, Mcdonald & ecu . Contracting and Consulting . j- -,l ;, Electrical Engineero OUR 8'jpJCClALTfES AMEt jj.; Wiring? of Vailding-s for Electric Light. ! IMERIOrj CONDIiT STSTEMS. f , National M'fCa'8 Alternating and Direct; jj Cyrrent Dynamos, v ' jr MATHER PLATERS and EDDY MOTQRi i genu tor filectrlo Supply Co. : i i Telephone WJL w - . 141. East Keneca tit reel, j i Now Ready; " The Wit on the Staircase." -h bt naa cutAwar Author of MHtota to a Silent friend."-A BrigUt little b$efc oe cbnversattoa. Paper: Usd. 4 eeute. i ; Fostpeid. . -H- PETER PAUL & BROTHER ta everr r'-ua. ro-- r'' '-?". ! a L I i. ! old: rosU'e. tiJ Aa're- Jr.U.L,al-l. i .IColu.. ousAi . ?.i.a i 1.11 -i f: if ii n

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