The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on September 14, 1918 · Page 9
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 9

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1918
Page 9
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THE IXDIAXAPOLIS NEWS. SATURDAY, SEPTE3IBER U, 1313 n mi n I nr ms nr rnn I'EK'S SUGAR SUPPLY PMIED BY ORDER i LiiiaiitiiiAULruK CAR FARE ARGUiYiENTS CHIEFS MAY EE FILED IF ALL rCiNTS ARE NOT COVERED. HCCSlEft FOOD M AN RESCINDS : TVO AND FIVE-POUND RULE. !'"' EHTORY. TO BE EXAMINED 8JS3-C0O LBS. F03 IfJDlAHA i r At a conference la the ofT.ce of 0 ri A- Edr3a. of the public erv-. ' l' wmmlHloa, today. It waa are-d t.'.at if the or 8.1 ar-ruroenU In th Indi-atreet .car fare caee do not c--r JJ the isrintm deemed Important ty :ther eld, then trtefs may be fiied .-on or .before Tueaday,." Ipterober 2t Next Frlly ar.d Saturday have been -t aside for orai ar-rumnt. - Jl la understood vj, H. Latta. ;torry l&f the Iivlunapolia Traction m.'I Co-rany. urged that n: houi he nd ft urn day a ri r?Jn.Tit are 10 no .made, the iTo-jnX of th rwinnr bfjrj that It I hi urrer.i neea or financial rtM iiH ;iht ik cam baa already beeri long ' rrf - - V -.. " Ashfcy'a Position. It is "reported that Samuel Ashby, cor- r-oratlon counsel for Indianapolis, said "e mlcht close th eaa for the city with the oral argument, bat he ed to re -erve the right to f ! a brief If any r-w came up. er it tirr unfTrftd af.ould be cj that would have - a r r ir!nf. - . " ! dt-ren-es on thie matter ar said - to rrjr rauv3 the two side to appear ff (V.Tirii't!'.! flrda. rorr.rrle.:onor Edwards directed H. O. r-rmn, hief of -the rommtf . -"n; n exmln th Inventory of In- ".anspoll Ftret lUliway Ompany f-rr.rrty mad at the llrrv tha teaaeUO t - Jn'J.anfirom Traction a rwi Terminal Komiinr waa executed irt ixjz. Purpcft of Commltilon. Trie . cornmUaloo wtshea to know -wt tho value of the property. 1 e ut It may liata 4 bearing on whether h Tndianapollii Traction and Termtnal t .pr.pny ahouH t permttud to con- Tjnti in j.y a yr, or f pr rf.t. airnrtfli. on ui v.tfi,fJO etoca "of the Indlanapolle Street Raiiway - -Crrr.r'any. - . Th point waa urwd durinc the hear 1'ijr r.f the rata rm tha-t ainca the op eratlrr rotnpany haa akd for an In ti in the rat above thoa prorldd In the franchlaa. It la proper for the . l-utjie frH comrr!i'n to go Into the jUflon of modif-lpf the leaae r-ntal contrart uo4er which dtvtdenda ;Vve tn rall at a time vtaon the In o :n spoil Trartloti and Terminal Com r-.'iiv I'jirlf "crordln to Ita petition for rijfher fre, waa operating without a l-fftM and waa confronted with . ln- a - a m Further ronSdtnco fa the patriotism of n, ho'ijehol'Jer ia indicated in a myt'.'4 rtvltlTt which went to fed-! ral food a.T.iaiaUTitora la Isdiara I from tht ctrt? of Harry E- Barnard, i federal Zcxxt admiaiatrator for lodUxia, to the fTet that the Umitatkm of pur- etiieea of two pounda-for elty dw!!J era and r.r pounnt tor rural iamra haa ten r-mdd. The aubntltufe or-W p-rrrr.lte the f ale of a k'i faraHy fitply h etrher cae. retaining the ration of two powTsda a peraon m month. 7ndtaj'a rvrar - aliotreest for- the rront h rf . October, aa anoovneed la a fUttrtm r-eTd from Washington to day KTTS.&ti pound a This la a amall ; marrln over the Indlrldual ration limit, j and proririoti la made for additional! tmsar tit eanrrlnc; purpoaea., baaed on i &prn trattoria rru?e In reruJar manner. Ke-vmive-r aCotrrenta will bo com-' pleted by fiercer-, ber 20 and the appor-1 tlome,t to tho firo rlaaat, for October I then prepared for dlatrlbutlon. Indua-) trlea In 0a A and B, which Include Wi eiieri'lala toute-. -food mxnu- ' ferturera, te-:Wlll bo permitted one- third of tho total to which they were entitled r'urlnr July, Auxruat and Krp-temir, Inf'ead of cn a new atatement coerinf lat year"a uaa-re. Which here-tofrre haa been the baa la of tho apportionment. -, MRS. VM. H. SCOTT DEAD. Had. Lived All Her Lift In Indiana- poda and Greenwood. Vfra. Cot Sylrla Scott, formerly of Indlanapolia. died at her homo in Green wood Tharaday. The funeral eervtcee wm b held at the Creenwood XL E. church Tuesday aite-rnoon at 4 o'clock. Mrs. Scott waa born In Johnaon coun ty and lived all of her-life la Green wood and Indianapolla. Fho waa a prom Irvent church and aortal - worker, and waa a member of tho Broadway M. C chnrch. . - .... -h ia aurrived by her father, D. 8. Whitemark, Greenwood: tier huaband. Ktryon T. Grer. f uba City. Cal.; Mra. K. If, Keed. Grand Rapid. Mich., and lira. Cheater Tount. Greenwood; one eon. H. If. Scott, Terra Haute, and Are latere. Mra. Jamea A. Robiaon. Oak- land. Cat.: Mtaa Ida Whitemack. Greenwood; Mra. - K,- I Rrown, Thomtown; aira. Theortora'B. Menael. 2S15 Broad way, and lira. D. II. Robinson. Paynes- viiio, aucn. ; , The Teachers College of Indianapolis kzrtZli 1 a tkxzz K B zzi C Fall Term Opens Sept. 11. 1918 CzzTtzt Cffrrci gein Rural 8chool Method: Domeatlc Fcience, Doraeatle Art, Public School Drawing- and Music, Review of tho Common School Branch. Prattle teaching under competent superrlatoa. To ffe'ef feV.,f Tho Jackson tU3 Ummi bMl child Gar-dan and Grades one to elrhC T Uzilz Crpsrtssst Tho Dun nine; System of Improved Music Study for beginners. In charge of ora M. er. Write for Catalog A 'Ellii A Blaker. PreaMeaiC Alabama asd ' Tweaty-tktrd St a. The Lcckner Studios VOICE AND PIANO Opa September If. ISIS : rapiia prepared for Recital Oratarlo- and Opera. in V. roaaaytvaala ' t4. -Pttoft. Mala ftT. Louisville Cdllegiate School Law He) eel far Beya aad Girl. Wrtmarr and intermediate Dapartmenta ' Caaee Mrh-wi far Cb-ia. Oaaeral aad Collate Preparatory Cearaea, X.acllat eoaipmant, InclitdlBa caw Oraa-. ataalaaa and Cb.eatfl tmatij. ail Terra Befla aepteaaaee 1. Cataege at poa raquaec Addreaa ADA S. BLAKK. Prla-dptO. SU Weat Oraaaby Ave,. Telepbaao C. tla. gets physical repairs ' ' and now:he is a devil dog 1 - ' . t rjl Joe Is known to many persons j. Tfi-lniaiiapo'' having aold papers on !( dowKtown, comers more, than aeven I - - e-r. Jobe haa had a atatlon at Me-! Haizn and Waahlngton atreata. three ' years. lit hindlrs every paper .from I ." rvery where, and. h aaja, ha sella quite too. Ob ri Jobe rra been working hard and making money- ' When the wr came on Jobe yelled Sar hendltnea every day. Hut the neat f t the war rot into hla blood, so ha be-' rn to Ihlnk Bitoxif enlisting. - ?le tried to enlit In the marine corpa, j Ihey wouldn't let him. They aald "TMt bla feet were flat and that hla t . vteeih could never paaa. But that didn't j . 4j!-r-ou-ifa Carl Jobe. J-. It tooK aome time-to have hi feet - f Kt-d and dental work done. It took i ome money, too. Carl a pent nearly- $iw l' - before h paaaed the marines' physical ; eBmfntlon. Jn th meantime ne went- 1-neUinc vapera American papers for : 'i be had long since refused to handle' ' ierman lat.yuace papera - - zr- . Now Carl Johe la aoing to South Car 1 ollna to' a marine camp. He honea he tn cet serosa In time for the ahoutlng. " . AtuI the i'olsdam tang Is going to bear, j - .X'&rl Jobe ahouUnK, too, for he has de-j vt'oped quite a voice selling extraa. V- r Weather Forecast for Week VASIIINOTON. , lurnmbw 14. Weather -.rKitnion tor the wk betinnlng Monday, l-ud by the waather bureau today, ares North and MiJ-lla Atlantic Bial I'roa-( anmea-hat unrerialn ewlns to poaalhle i:ve)oj ment of twf al dlturtjK- ovw h . Vfluth Atlanltcr it tlil prHiWy rnnv north e(i-rd nd renerally fair aaather ehould I-revaiU with normal t.iiperature cept for ". t-era ahout tha mldJI ot th wek, hfuT A!lnti; and Kt ant Weet Gulf Hi Oenarally fair, with nearly normal t .nip-rat ur,- ntn Valley and Tanneaaea flwn atx) Tu.xliy and aaain inward aaa ax ina waaa; iwikaa Jvrfino Horn pro. pact of hpiri about rrii.lJl of th vraaa; olhi - wIm neraliy fir: Umperature near or - tta rt : bektw normal. . MiaiBirrl at! lower Mleaourl Val ive shower probable early In th week anj toward rk tit .the lower Mla- -vnuri vallev: otherwl-o frenerally fair: tarn jwaturra will averar nr or allghtly be-, low normal Northern Rocky Mountain and PiaUta ' -neinna auent. lo-r rain during tb ..k. wtih omrmht lower tmpratra Our: if early day; nearly normal thereafter. TWO H00SIERS PR0?.!0TED. ' i a Indianapolis and Lafayette Officers " Become Major Over Thert. "?-idney Miller, son -of Samuel D. Miller, lir North Delaware street, an In-llanapolla attorney and chairman of The local draft board for division No. B, waa recently promoted from the rank of captain to major in France, This - Information waa received In a letter from Colonel Robert TyndaU, commander of the lioth flelJ artillery, a fart of the "Katnbow dtvlaion, In a let. -ter to Mra, TndaJl. The letter- stated tliat Captain Sydney Mtller. of Indiana-roli". and Captain WHJiara S. Taylor, -cf - Lafayette, Ind .v both of the lSirth reid artillery, had' been promoted to the rank of major. ' . - - Major" Miller enlisted In the Indiana! national, guards in isis aa a private and, waa aent to the Mexican border with' the unit later. He waa mustered out on the return of the unit and waa made a captain shortly after. the Indi-. ana regiment waa called for federal -crviee In the preaent war. Ha ia twenty-five yeara old and' haa many tnends In Indianapolis. 4' i - , ... i , v ' . v ' ' ' ' ' - i ' " ' I ' " . CARL JOBE. , , Private Tutoring PETER PAN SCHOOL 2811 North 'Illinois Street Phone North 86 BePMlA,UMIERSI M : ; po-edilcational " r FALL TERM B EG INS SE PT EMBER 3 0 Student Arhty The members will be ; . . housed and boarded in ira in ing C orps comfortable and-perma-v , nent buildings. All i tHe courses prescribed by the government ; are offered. The corps will be large enough to be interesting and enthusiastic, but not so large that the individual will be lost sight of. Housing, board, clothing; and college fees are ; provided by the government, also the pay of-a private. ' ' Young men who are not There will ber 7 , p. o t a few eligible to the S. A. T J. young men . . who, because of physical disability or aef erred classification, will be ineligible for service. -Special arrangements are being made for these. Young women I Rector hall, Mansfield hall . " and the chapter house of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity will be used for housing the women. There will be little interruption of the regular college work; in addition there' will be practical courses in shorthand and. typewriting, hygiene, nursing and home economics. . Equipment New dormitories and ad-v ! T ministration building, well equipped laboratories, general and departmental libraries, drill grounds, athletic field, . and one of the best equipped gymnasiums in , the country.. -: ' Special bulletin Send immediately for ' " : ' " : new bulletins concern- ing S. A. T. C and year's work. V President George R. Grose, Greencastle, . Indiana. Rose Pdlyteclinic INSTTTUTE 5 A Technical fr.stitzi: of" ReccjnizsdUerit Sesaton bagtna September lfth. An engineering achool . of first grade, giving Its entire attention to tv aeverat department of Mechanic:. Electrical. ClvtL ' Architectural an t Chemical Engineering, limits tn number ef atudenta admitted, mal-t-tains a high atandard ot 1natruct!... gives. Individual attention to ..-Y atudent. knd offara an Intensive coure of atndy. A large amount of labor-., tory. ahop and fleM work la offered, thus comblntng thorougl. tbeoretlral and practical training. Sane slight changes mar bo tempo. arlly mad la tha work of the lnt. 1 tut to prepare atudenta better. fr poaalMe servtca in the war and fr tho period, of reconstruction Immediately after the war. X limited amount of military training- will bo given. together with a pec 14 rouraea upon topics pertaining to military era!- , neering. Rernlar four-year course will bo maintained, however. The Institute drawa Ita "client', from all parta ot the country, and ita frraduatea are lo be found In atrvlco n every part of the country. The Institute Is thoroughly eo.u'pp for laboratory and fll.l work. Applicatlona for catalog and literature may bo addred to C, I MKE3, rra!dnt: Terra Haute, Ind. Stcdy in ExterIsn Qasssa Lat afternoon ani evenir; courses begin Sept. 23. Indiana University tilt Mcrrbaat Bank Bide. M. 4ZH i . . a - i t John L. Geiger , . Telco Caltare, Teacklag Reaaaaed Moaday, Sep-.teaaber ltth. T11R JVHOX. 1S EM Pratt Street. Mala T1(. F0R STATE LEGISLATURE. VcMen County Democratic Committee Name Former Socialist If pec 14 to Tbe ladlaoapolle Neva) . ' ST. WAYNE, Ind September 14,-The MOORE FUNERAL MONDAY.: Servlcea Will Also Bs Held at Crown . Hill by Mason, . Tho funeral services for William Oa-car Moore, who died at his home, 2343 College avenue, . Thuraday night, after an Illness of three months, will be held at the home Mpnday morning at 10:50 o'clock. The burial service at Crown Hill will bo conducted by the Masons, Mr. Moore waa born in Franklin town ship, Marlon county. December 2. l&S. His grandfather and great-grandfather were natives of .Kentucky, and pioneer Marion county settlers. He waa graduated from DePauw unlveraitv in lSdl. and for fifteen years he had been era-ployed by the E. C Atktna company. liesidea his widow. Mrs. Eliza Over-hlaer Moore, he is- survived bv two daughters. Miss Margaret Moore and Miss Utaabeta Moore, a sister. Mrs, Arthur Htttle. Indianapolis, and two brother, Jamea J. Moore, of Indiana- poll, and -Samuel T. Moore, who lives on the family farm at Acton. He was a deacon in tho Big Run Baptist church, and a member of Iogan lodge, and Indianapolis chapter No. 6, Royal Arch Masons. . ; MORE RENT COMPLAINTS. mo 1918 v INDIANA UNIVERSITY "... ' - - c Fall Session Opens September 23-24 AaTEND COLLEGE -'A President Wflsbn; Governor Goodrich and General Pershing urge young men to attend college and thus be tetter prepared to ' serve their country in war and. in the peace that is to follow. The Committee on Education and Special Training of the War Department issued a letter this week which says: "All young men, who are planning to go to school this fall should carry out their plans and do so." CHANGE IN SCHEDULE The.schedule of recitations, lectures and -laboratory work will be changed to " meet the requirements of the new draft law. Students can take courses which will meet the military needs, and at the same receive academic credits. x STUDENTS ARMY TRAINING CORPS Men of draft 1 age can join the corps, receive the pay of a private . i soldier and have housing and subsistence furnished r by the government.. The corps is in charge of a " United States Army: Officer. GENERAL STATEMENT The University was estab-, ; lished iri 1820, and the number of its alumni and t former students is among the lajgest'in the United States. The institution comprises the College of Liberal r Arts, with twenty-eight : departments ; j School of Education ; Graduate School ; School of :: Law; School of Medicine; Extension Division ; Sum- f mer Session and Biological Station. SPECIAL MENTION More than 2,500 of the faculty, students and former atudenta are in war service. The new gymnasium i which is one of the finest in the country, offers unusual facilities for military training: nd physical education. The library has one hundred and twenty-five thousand Volumes.; INSTRUCTION FOR WOMEN The schedule, as revised, will provide instruction in the regular courses and also in special . . subjects, including-Hed Cross Home Service; Elementary Hygiene; First Aid; Surgical Dressing; Hospital Garments ? for Civilian Relief, and Stenography and Typewriting. SPECIAL NEWS-LETTER A special bulletin was issued this week which gives detailed information concerning the status I of the student under the new draft law. A copy of this will be ' mailed on application. The new catalogue and xither recent publications are ready for distribution-. ; WILLIAM L. BRYAN, President 1 1 ;.i I 1HE Hanover xinit of the Student Army Training Corps will be housed in the college dormitory,; fed in the college dining room and have comfortable study rooms. Housing, food, tuition, equipment and private pay pro-; vided by the government Term opens September 25th. ? Application for admis sion should bp mailed at once. ; President, William A. Millis Hanover, Jndiaia , IT: ! Ycu C:n v Answer tha -Gentry's Cell : ; to Service ? COLLEGE St. Mafy-6f-t College and Academy for Girls L it yonir Continuous ' V j Existence 18551918 Fuel Administrator Says Rates Are : Raised After Coal Is In. ' Martin Renfuas, Jr furf administrator for Marion county, continues to receive complalnta daily from persona who say their landlords have raided their rata of rent after their winter supply of coal haa been bought and placed In the bins. Mr. Rehfuss la making en Investigation ;or eacn case reported to him. he tys. Democratic party committee for Allen f coiir.ty announced today the selection of lmml ,s inquiring of the property owrvers their reasons. tor advancing the rent. lif-nry Cohen as the aucoe-or of Sam i.el l. Kunts, who resigned as a candi ite for representative In the Indiana letislature after ing accused of ob-' taininfr i ritta given by the Liberty gr-t'en miremnt on products falsely entered.- Cohen was formerly a leader of - U.e vtaU5ts hero. He is" a cigar maker . y trade. HIGHER COURTS' RECORD. ELTREME COURT MINUTES. Clinton Coal Coropanv t at v. Thirira A t'-At4ti Il!'.ni-fa Kailroad Co-o. Trr. Xify is. C. . Appeilaat" petitieo tor l;,-r.. ATPELI.ATE COURT MINUTES. t. pnuthero Purety Ornpacy et l. va. 3 : n C. Kinney. LH1U41 C C. Arpirit' rr- briif. - i - h-rt McPrlfl . RU-hard M. Coie-nn. recv-r'et al. Marion S. C. Ap-, .:- Lri? on r'iiM'i petition to trr-.e. . ' ... Walter-l Re-. reclver. vs. S'J. -JJr. lrr.iniirairl. rnit.on C. A p-v?- !-' noti-i to CiKml jial nd o.tue tor cx-tobcr ArTEU-ATE COURT,, NEW 5tTT. " t5C4. . Cievernd. C!n-( ChioByo Ft. Lou1 R;'r"a.4 . I'ompanjr .' Cuari j jminnod. G . !-rt C. C. Record. A !-r.T, of errora Fraxle tw rrotic. .irue, laauaX . . j One house owner was Jed by the fuel adminUtrator to pay the cost of moving a supply of coal for a tenant when the tenant left his house after tho rental fee had been raised trom-JU to tlS a month, i POLLARD TRANSFERRED. Indianapolis Man Sent to North Carolina From Louisville. Special to .The Indiana poll Naara ! CAMP ZACHART TAYLOR. LOUIS-i VILLE; Fer teirber It-Major Clarence R. , rollaj-d. aa Indianapolis attorney j who has ben"au' Camp Za chary Taylor' in It openAO. has been ordered to Camp Greene, Charlotte. N. C ZX) Fine and 93 Days Tor Man. (Sr'eci! to Tbe IndianapoHa New SULLIVAN. Ind.. September 14. After a trial In the circuit court hero a jury f.itln)f in the case of the state againxt John Ilanlc-. found the defendant guilty ar.d fixed his rcnishment with a sentence of ninrtv das at the state farm and a tin or He waa charged with kevping liquor, lo selL - f T C p Standard courses leading to degrees J la Li Ed VJEa and . b. S. ; Departments of Expre; A. B. ; Departments of Expression. Household Economics, Conservatory of Music, School of Arts. Students from So States and Canada. ,12 buildings: New Col- c lege Hall, 'Conservatory, Gymnasium, Natatorium, .etc.; Golf, Tennis, etc-' ;-':-:- ' ":. '' -'. :'5 r A 1 A r T T7 AT V Four-Year High School Course, J-.VtLJCjl)(l I 78th Year. For Bulletins and n- lustrated Booklet and War Service Supplement, ' Address SISTER SECRETARY, Box 63 St. Mary-of -the-Woods, Indiana MYRA R. RICHARDS : v S CULPTRE S S . Staalo 45 Calea Traat Batldlag. lit Eaat Market Street. ladiamapalla. All. communications and applications for enrollment should be addressed t to Union Trust Building Studio Now. : ' ' . Classes in Modeling and Artistic Anatomy ' will a reasuaied Satarday, Sewteaaber tweaty-flraC ' DUNNLNG SYSTEM OF IMPROVED MUSIC STUDY . LESCHET1ZKT HAND TKAXMNO l " SIGHT BEADDTO . f . SSrd Near Pennsylvania - "II - T ' a - Studios ;rtrr;r Classes Begin 19 Mary Louise Spencer UTXKATCRE ON REQUEST ; , KCORTH 1U INSTRUCTIONS lo. sj -v-. aj .111 i). If j 545 West 29th North 1014 Teacher of m AmA The change in the opening date of Butler College ' ' (to September 30-Octcbcr 1) will enable" many. students to continue a few weeks longer at profit- J 1 able and patriotic employrient. In the meantime tho government is making preparations to open the unit of the Student Army Training Corps at I Butler on the new opening dates or about that H time. The United States officer who is to com- mand this unit has been designated. Men of draft ' - age with high school preparation may be inducted " into thia unit-. They will live in barracks and be " supplied with everything necessary to & soldier, in- ' eluding the pay of an enlisted man. The government j pays all college fees. The student, besides his mili- , tary training, takes a proper share of regular college work and equips himself both for war and' ' . peace. It is the government's new method of pre- ' paring its roung men for all contingencies. ' ; New courses In hygiene, dietetics and household - I ' administration, have been established under the i : direction of a graduate of the Teachers College of . - ' - Columbia University.' . ..-. . . ? . ' J - ' - - The college is beginning to realize funds from - 1 The Men and Millions' subscriptions and offers in- ' : creased facilities in connection with the College of ..' i Missions for religious and -social work at home and , abroad. ; '--.. '', -;-- - ' Instruction emphasized in classes leading to A. B. degree. Teachers training. Business adminis-" , - ' . tration. Extension classes meet in city on Tuesday afternoon. Premedical course. - ;BUTIJERG( : ' 1 A Standard Co-educational Institution. . ' For further information address T. C Howe, Butler College, -' . ' "T , . Indianapolis. ' . A , COLLEGE for men and --Aj women who wish to make " . the, most of themselves and are .willing to work-hard. The standards of scholarship are high. ' The equipment for work is adequate and up-to-date. The faculty is composed of thoroughly trained specialists who are ex-. perienccd t and - successful teachers. V ". , Unit of the Student's Armv Training Corps' will bs established in Franklin. Classes of instruction as prescribed by the Government. . Quarters for 300 men are being pro-vided according to government . specifications. There will be io crowding. There will be room -for all. An officer of the U. S. Army will be detailed to take care of Lhe entire course and training.1 . Uniforms, full equipment, food and pri-( vate's pay will go to the students . f nrolled in this course. , It will be necessary to limit the number to 300 - students. Send for . application blanks at once. Regular courses will be given as heretofore to those students not enrolled in the S. A. T. C. The aca demic classes will be intensified so as. to give the atudenta maximum training in shortest time-possible. 1 Franklin Indiana Fall Semester Openinr Postponed Registration Days: . September 30 anaOctober 1 For catalog and further information address , President Charles E. Coodell, LL. D, Franklin, Ind. Horn and Dar School. Certlflcal Drift.. (. Caoerai. Spaclel. Ad-vanrad Cur.a Himj..1oI1 T.r-rtora lea Htnriom b-iiidmj, -uh fiacat medara julpmant. Kaof plarrreund tnr eutdoor rcl.a Gymnaalum.' Swimming PooL Al; eifdvr fort a - . . . iriinm. nni-vi . - fieri dian and 32nd Sta. Indianapolis. UUn FREDONIA ALLTT?. Pr1- School f or -Girls Nellie Slnaffes Teacher of PLTCO Leeehetliky Teehal rrr-"iv. trrir t aed. Ma4i, T. IV. (. A rth farlor. Mala ?MU Ka-J4ca " Waablaateai t. DANCING Tues- Thurs- Sat. to IS p. nv. Da-Valla's Camouflage Orchestra. C.l a sses Monday. Sept. It, beginners'. One Step; Tueaday, Sept. 17, Gliding Fox Trot. Camouflage Turn. I1 Tango; Thura-dav. Seot. 1J. begin ners Fox Trot; Sat- & nruay, otpi. Walts RolL Liberty Walts. Canteen Canter. . Special courses. .! private and t class lessons.. MARSH DANSE STUDIOS - Specialists la Modern Ballroom Dan-clnr. . , IU In ola and North Sta. Main J8. DuValle's Camouflage Orchestra. j r t - '-I VOICE AND PIAXO Studio 1125 Broadway. Phone Circle ,576. Da ' - J BUT OW lamondswtDn . TOU hav u-Jlmited aelectlena from ear eattr stecka et flu diamond and diamond Jewelry. GRAY, GRIBBEH & GRAY Corner Ohio, ladlaaa and I'.llnot. The Teachers College . of Indianapolis Announces ,the Eeopenirg cf th. Jackson Child Garden zr.l Graded School ' v' - September 1G, 1913. Child Garden and Grades cr. t.i eight. " For particulars arr?y to ELIZA A. BAKER,. I'rtf.itxt. North ISO. Auto. :-7Jl. Offieo houra to i o'c!ocs. BENJAMIN HARRISON LAW SCHOOL Tweoty-flrvt Tear. Two-Tear Courae, Degree - of LI B. Kvsnlnar Classea Catalogue Tpoa Raqustt Seeretary'a Offlee, Sit X. of F. BsUdlsg. UdiaaapeUs. i i . w More for Your Money : Don'tNeglcctYcurllzir ' ) Tea eta haa bjtiji. i T - nalr if yoa et- It th. rnop.r cr t ad tratnint. K. tj. i 1 cieaa aad -tforaj, tf .i:a-- -, OPAL ' SHAIJPCO . On tretm't wHl ilnw r f.a It ri.m ml yu w; f-sw what It i hv t.-jt;?.ii (, 4 ... K.ur-ounc. ti;ie. Ijc at a.l dr.j-rlf. t - . fk - ... -4 .. I i...... 1 C..

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