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Norwich, New York
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Friday, October 19, 1951
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. Cloudy, cooler uud scntti'm showers tonight and Saturday. THE SUN I'UK GKtiATKST CHUMU tor floundering ncgloct. to |hm nlu'itd. SIXTIETH YEAR , NORWICH, N. Y., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1051 FIVE CENTS PER COP*. Community Chest Campaign Over Top by Margin of $500 Legion Demands State Department Housecleaning MIAMI, Via. {/P)---A shouting, angry American Legion convention yesterday demanded that the entire State Department leaders h i p be fired. The stormy filial session was marked by -cries of "trickery" and "politics." Tempers erupted as a minority led by Michael L. Loony of Washington, D. C.r fought Hi vain to block the caustic report by the Legion's Foreign Relations Committee which said: "To obtain the leadership re- {·((Hired, we demand the immedi- ' ate removal of the preesnt corps of leaders whose every action has reflected inrompetency, indecision and defeatism. "They must be 'replaced and tbo State Department reconstituted with men of unquestioned loyally and of high purpose to the end that the confidence of all Americans in the conduct of oni foreign affairs may he f u l l y restored." The convention- elected Don II. Wilson of Clarkshnrk. W. Va., as national commander, succeeding; Erie Cocke, Jr., of fieorge. Mrs, R. A. Campbell of Homer, La. was elected president of tlie American Legion auxiliary. Hut all the rest of the I'ina day's business was overshadowet -. hy the Hunt over the critics' State Department report. '. Loony tried to sidetrack tin I majority committee report by sub s t i t n t i n g a three-man minority re j.-ort but he was defeated by a anatic Held in Cult Beating Jeaths of Wife and Other Woman 2!iSl to 131 vote. The minoritj propusal would have .eliminatei any references to the State, De pyrtnieut.' C. R^ Logan of Keokuk. la., ac cused the minority group of try ing to "whitewash the State De partment." And Leon Happel o Stockton, Calif., accused Loon; of an effort to "water down an; scuttle American Legion policy. J. Joseph Uisjrsl Donohue, dis trict commissioner of Washington D. C., pleaded w i t h the convei! tion not "to t u r n " t h i s Into a PC l i t i r a l convention." He began a statement praisin Secretary of State Achnson. Ri no sooner did he m e n t i o n Acheson's name t h a n boos rolled tlirn the audience and drowned out his words. ' The minority report was signed hy Loony. N'eal.Bishop of Denver, Colo., a n d - J a m e s Warren of Kent u c k y . The convention action en me close on the heels of fien. Douglas MacArthur's speech Wednesday in which he attacked the Trnniau administration's m i l i t a r y , foreign and domestic policies. The convention also approved a resolution u r g i n g that Gen. Matt h e w Ridgway be given authority to loose American bombers on Communist bases in China and M a n c h u r i a . M f l l a r d Caldwell, U. S. Civil Defense chief, made a speech regarded hy some as an answer part to the address by Gen. Mac- A r t h u r yesterday. M a c A r t h u r declared he did not associate himself "with those who hysterically talk of American c h i p s being lfiil waste" in another war. Caldwell said, "The next war will come on Main street." And he added: "Now that the people tire being told the hard t r u l h wo are charged with crying wolf." Caldwell said there are some too old to realize the concept of _war has changed. Asked if he was rflf--'".g to Mac A r t h u r , who is 71. Caldwell replied, "If MarAr- thnr is in that group, he'll just have to stay in it." ST. PAUL, Minn. /P)--The sec-* nd victim of a frenzied religious ultist died yesterday. Her hack a mass of bloody welts im repealed' lashings with a liree-l'oot-iotig whip, .Mrs. Ardith .eniiander, J .lfi, succumbed. Mrs. A n n a llalvorson, tf-l, who had also cen whipped, was found dead Vednesday. Sheriff Thomas Gibbons was olding w i t h o u t charge Mrs. Len- landor's husband. Curtis, 3G, who. he sheriff said, freely admitted n a tape-recorded statement that whipped the two women during i sect meeting Monday night. "J know I am absolutely guilty: was in a frenzy; I beat them down," the sheriff Quoted Lennan- ler as saying. "Whipping is need- id for wrong-doing and almost ilways a person who j;ets it admits t. It drives out the devil." Dr. A. M. Lundholm, deputy roner. sniil an autopsy showed all of Mrs. Halvorson's right ribs vere broken as well as one on the ,eft side, ami her breastbone. He ;iud her body was covered with welts and olood clots. Cibhons t-aid Lennander beat IK wife and Mrs. llalvorson at a icetiiij; sit the home of Mr. and Mrs. 1'at Doyle In suburban Lauderdale. A b o u t a dozen members of the cult were present. Mrs, Doyle, a daughter of the dead woniai ipss. Gibbons eald he asked Mrs Doyle, "How could yon stand by and see your mother beaten tc death, didn't you do anything about i t ? " He said she replied: "No, why should I." Mrs. Elizabeth Hatvorson, sis ter-in-law of the dead woman said: AVe'ro not a church group, not an organization at all, really, and is held as a material wit- t h e r e ' i s no prayer at our gatherings. We 'just get together, a hunch of relatives and friends;, looking for answers for problems so we can face life." Hope Brightens For Resumption Of Talks MUNSAN, Korea (/P)--Liaison oflleers agreed today on the size if the n e u t r a l zone around Kae- ong and Munsan. thus clearing the biggest h u r d l e In the path to reopening the truce talks. Only two other points remained in t h e dispute. The feeling at this U.N. advance headquarters was that armistice negotiations might be resumed in a few days,, ending the two m o n t h s breakdown. Another Revenue Man Suspended for Refusal to Talk WASHINGTON '(JP) -- One Int e r n a l revenue' agent was: -suspended last night for refusing to t e l l - a l l about his f o u r ' b a n k accounts, while another affluent tax man blithely explained that be had hit tlie daily double twice. The suspended man is Mordecai Miller, New York .agent, who was accused by one -witness of asking n n e y to settle the witness' tax troubles. Internal Revenue Commissions Jot) 11 H. Dun lay cracked down mi Miller, a f t e r he balked at answering questions before n House ways and means subcommittee in vestigating widespread scandals in the tax-gathering- service. Dnnlay said he liad promisee: the House group the full co-opera, tion of bis bureau and "I intend to see that this promise is fnl- fitted." Another New York agent, Ralph P. HeMayo, told the investigators be was able to buy a $3,000 cai and SGOO TV set because he hi the daily donees at Belmont Parl for $G,fll.; m ISfiO and 1951. He also volunteered the formation that be failed to repor about $2.000 in horse race win nings on his income tax r e t u r n : between 1946 and 1049 becansi he was afraid it would "jeopardizi my pension." Rep. Kean ( R ) , N.-J., expressec astonishment when Demayd \va iin.ihie to remember the name of the liorses on which he liai made his killings. If I had won like that I thin! I would have framed pictures o tlie horses," Kean said. It was a t'ull day of develop inents Tor the committee, probin deeper into the activities of fed eral tax collectors in Boston Nc\V= York. · ;·;;' .- · A Massachusetts lawyer test fieri that Denis Delaney, whii collector of internal revenue s Boston, picked up $3,00(1 on tli side by m a k i n g introductions 1 i n f l u e n t i a l people in Washington · Another witness refused talk. Daniel Friedman, Ne Atom Blast Tests Postponed in Nevada LAS VEGAS, N'ev. (fl») -opening blast of the Atomic Energy Commission's exercise "desert rock" was postponed today because of mechanical failure. The A R C said a "nuclear detonation scheduled for this morning was postponed because of a mechanical f a u l t in a key elec- i-ical tost circuit between the con- rol point and tlie tower." H was t b e first official con- ormatinn that an atom weapon ·as being detonated from the York insurance agent accused · splitting fees with Delaney, plen ed that anything he stiid migl tend to incriminate him. A t t o r n e y ^ .Tames Donovan Lawrence, Mass., yjjd the conynl tee that Delaney accompanied ai to Washington on two occasion to make a few social introduction at the White House and els where and "10 tell people who an what I was." Police Commissioner Fires Seven Cops NEW YORK (#)--Police Commissioner George P. Monaghan dismissed seven members of the Police Department yesterday and fined two other 30 days pay a f t e r d P n a r i m c L ' a l trials involving the Kings Coil, ty (Brooklyn) grand j u r y probe into gambling. Charges against two others were dismissed. Officials said it was the largest n u m b e r of men ever to be fired from the department at one time. The order was effective at mice. Patrolman Michael V. Rew;doii, Jr., who was sentenced to 30 days tn jail for contempt in refusing to talk before the grand j u r y , was unions those dismissed. He once · wns attached to the M n n h n t t m district attorney's office. The men were tried d u r i n g the summer on chnrges of conduct unbecoming an officer, cumlnci prejudicial to the good Interest o: the d e p a r t m e n t and for viohitioi of departmental rules and rcguln tions. All but one wore plainclothes ' men assigned to camhliiig am WASHINGTON" (/P)--Preside. The; Truman said yesterday he will n withdraw the nomination Freida Henuock, Cornier feder communications commissioner, be a U, S. district judge in Ne York, despite opposition it h encountered in the senate. COXKKIl IN TOKYO TOKYO (/P)--Gen. Matthew Rldgway and Japanese Premi Silvern Yoshida conferred for half-hour yesterday. The suprei ·Allied commander's headquarte gave no details. Highest State Court Upholds Ban On Catholic Condemned "The Miracle" ABY SITTER ', ANISHES;SO )OES$2iOOO "Sweet Girl" Thought Headed for New York City N'AHANT, Muss. \fP)--A .-"sweet rl" baby sitter vanished Wetlnes- ay n i g h t and so did $24.000 In ash from the home of a iloctor. Police said they believe the sit- r and two girl friends may be l i t c h h i k i n g to sec a rich auiit the Waldorf-Astoria in Ke ork." Oilirer John J. O'Connor sale olice Chief Ben Lamphier i seel: larceny warrants against ie sitter, Roberta McCauley, 15 ml two Lynn girls. Marilyn Cur r. 1G, and Arlene .Jeffries, 17 obqrUi had been liMilunjf aftei .idmrd, ::-year-oll son oE Hr Ibert Covner, heart specialist. i l e added that n check din muted an earler theory that th iris left with three boys am ay havfi linen the terrorized prls ners of one of the boys, n fm-mu oldier who was onuu a menta atieut. As far as we know;" O'Conno: aid. "The three girls hitchhike! nd are heading tor New York lie McCauley girl lias a rtc: lint at the Waldorf-Astoria an he's had the girt in to visit he t least YS times since she was POLICE HEADS SUBPOENAED Industry, Initial Gifts Exceed Quota; 17 Red Feather Agencies Sure of Support Ambassador Says Russian Tactics Peace Menace N E W YOUK yp)--Alan O. Kirk American ambassador to Moscow, [said yesterday tlie Russian government's tactics constitute; menace to our peaceful existenci l i e called upon the United States to be "calm, cool and cold- I blooded" In dealing with Moscow in every foreign policy matter. We must ac.cppt tbe fact." he said, "that a challenge to our way of life does exist, that it is serious, that it must be met squarely. K i r k , who has returned for consultations after t w o and tme- half years in Moscow, spoke he- t'uro a memorial d i n n e r honoring tbe late Alfred M. Smith, former Now York governor. In his address, he made no mention of his secret conversa! w i t h Foreign Minister Vlshinsky justt lie fore his departure. Radio Moscow disclosed Uiesi ._4 \VIth the united support of tho . people of Norwich, the.Community Chest campaign surpassed its quota of HT.lSii. ,by some ?500, 'it wus uiiiicniirfcif last nigbt at the victory dinner of the volunteer workers at the Norwich Club. A tense air hung over the hundred and twenty-five workers as reports from some divisions which hod railed to reach their quota were announced. Finally with the success or failure of the drive bing- injr on the initial gifts committee: Charles A. Smith Sr. announce)! t h a t his group had collected $!',000 more than KB quota of $!!!,-. 500 and the drive went over the top to the relieved cheers of'tlio workers. , · Tim Norwich Pharmacal Company and its employees gave the largest total in the Industrial group: S7.-1C9 or a per capita gift Df $13.12. Tbe company with the R-reatest- aveiagc gift per worker was tlie Clietiango Ice Cronm with a lotul of S:!0r» or ? l f » per em- ploye. The total gifts from industry amounted to $20,7118.9 I, two thousand dollars above the set quota. In the renewal of the Civil War between t h u North Side and South Side merchants. Old CHin'l Leo t a l k s last n i g h t , revealing that Russia had rebuffed an American appeal for Soviet aid to British Rush Arms and Men To Suez Area Allies Score Limited Gains In Korea I about nent 1 ' realistic armistice agree- C-UI'O Esyyt UP)--ilritish sea U. S. 8th A R M Y H E A D Q U A R veinforcem.nt's arrived In the Suez i TF.HS, K.iren Wl-'.ank led al^ _ ' y | I i e ( J i n f a n t r y m e n smashed tnday t nosii." _.. to back up a n n n r n e , j n t u p ]lfiflh Chinese replacements I trouble or unpleasantness. How- tvoops joining the B r i t - [ m ) tllo approaches to Kmnsong. i ever, it can often mean something last n i g h t parachute Dr. Covner told police Robert, is "a sweet girl and very re table" and had been a sitter fo lichard for a year. He said he feared she migli t a v e been terrorized by tlie for uer soldier. Just before he an lis wife left for a , movie lab night, the doctor said,'Roberta re eived a telephone coll and spoke o her caller in guarded phrases. At one point, he added, he icard the girl say repeatedly-'Yes, yes, yes." Missing w i t h the cash. Dr.'Cov ner said, were a n u m b e r of his vife's dresses and .several pieces of costume jeyelry: He said 'the noney was stolen- from a rifted l a n d .......«- --.-, .- - strongbox and represented p r o - j lies." y reeds from a real estate sale. The cnii.^r presumably is H M S i scarred Chief Lam^ler i,«.l«I u,l Ca:ub,.. -*TM £ ^ f TM^ S^« ,,.,,,, tllt . A.lle. .t,a*- * iniz to clear off the nearby h i g h MOHCOW (/P) - Russians said yesterday U. S- Ambassador Alan 0. Kirk had dropped "rather strange hints" about some possible ditticnlty between Russia and the United Status if Korean armistice talks end in failure. Uoriuan and liis Dixie cohorts following In i.he footsteps of Robert E. Lee, lost to the North and General Bud Kroeger, ?1,(3S4-?1,S85, but swelling the mercantile total to ?a,5fi9 nr about four hundred dollars above the quota. IneomplL'tti reports from the public employes showed STiiO collected of a $900 goal and from the residential district with sever- They used the word "nepnyat- ivhicli can be translated as" ish garrisons who already h a v e | t h e deserted Red base fought th«ir M-st battle w i t h Kgyp- j Korea. trouble or unpleasantness, tian a r m y troops. I The a t t a c k alone the eight milO| (This dispatch, which passed g o v e r n m e n t an- f r o n t hacked out limited gains: through Russian censorship. " " morning, carryin, Tbe ..,,,, _ . British cruiser from the Mediterranean has anchored at Port Said, the n o r t h e r n Head ot th* canal. H. said the warships c a m e ' h i ":mitrary to all customs itho'ut iirtvisins port aiithori- , central | considerably stronger than either the United | l t u t identify the Russian sources Xatiuns troops to w i t h i n two and! involved ) . a half miles of the road city. [ K i r k say Soviet Foreign Mill- Light lighting eiupied north-] j s t er .\ndrei VishinHky Out. 5, o west ofYoiiclVonK oiV tlie western ' t h e e ve of Kirk's departure' for front, where t h e Chinese K i i d - ' t h e United State*, lo suggest that b a n d o n e d tbe battle ridgellne to the U. S. 1st Division. Small Red hold driver Howard M u r p h y as saying iis w; , car with three young H v i t i s h navil base at Malta. Other girls and three boys leave the I British sea farces are d u n shortly doctor's house about 9 p.m. Wed-1 from the Persian ! u l f by way of I the I n d i a n ocean and the Red Sea. Tbe doctor said he and his wife, r e t u r n i n g at m i d n i g h t , found their bedroom ransacked hut little Rich- ird sate and sound asleep. ALBANY iff) -- New York's ilghest court yesterday upheld a state- ban against tbe movie, "The Miracle,'/ which Catholic church 3tli(!ials ilenounced as sacrilegious. The court of appeals, in decision, ruled t h a t the Hoard of Regents acted legally I direct auaci 'fist Feb. 1G in revoking a license 1 dogma . show the Italian-made H i m . I He added: He agreed with the Board of Resents that the picture associated these Christian beliefs "with drunkenness, seduction, mockery and lewdness." Judge Stanley I I . Field held that the ban was unconstitutional State! and" wrote that the film made any religious produced by Robert Rossolini. In New York city, Joseph Burstyn, American distributor of the controversial" said he would carry the Unlit to the U. S. Supreme Court. He contends that the ban on the film is a violation of the constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion and the press. Fltirstyn also maintains t h n t there was no justification for revoking the license. ·The film portray a! demented Italian the story of shepherdre who is seduced by a stranger she believes to be St. Joseph. She hfilieves hor 'child was conceived by a miracle. V Judge Charles W. Froessel wrote in thn majority opinion that film "utterly destroys" the ·fed relationship" between Cttrlat, his mother, Mary, and apjmse, Joseph, "and the Illblical prKscntiHion thereof in ruspeel to of Christ." "Nor is there any evidence of nny malicious purpose or Intention on the part of the producers of the filin to revile or even at- tac.k Catholic ma- . doc trine or dog- Fuld also wrote that the filn was "first exhibited in Rome, where religious censorship exists." "Thefc, the Vatican newspaper. L'nssftrvatore Romano, weighed its artistry without registering the slightest doubt as .to Its piety," Fuld held. Francis Cardinal Spellnmn Roman Catholic archbishop of New York, denounced the tilm i a mockery of the Catholic faith. Judge Froessel's opinion WHS concurred in by Chief Judge John T. LmiRhrAii and Judges E d m u n d H. Lewis and Albert Conway. Judge Charles S. Desmond agreed in a separate opinion. Judge Marvin R. Pyo concurred 'in Fuld'fi dissent. . Senate Proposes Formal End of German War WASHINGTON (#")--The Senate adopted .ind sent to the White House late yesterday a joint resolution ending the state ot war with Germany. Passage was by voice vote. It had received House approval last .Inly. The resolution was asked by President Truman. J u l y !i. At that lime, he expressed regret thai Russia had split Germany anil prevented ncsollaUo:. of a forma pence treaty. Before finul passage, the Senate | knocked out by voice vote an j amendment intended to reopen settlements already negotiated following thy seizure of rich industrial and business properties uder the World War 2 trading- wit h-t he-em; my act. Opponents of the amendment inid it would work solely f o r ' t h e jenetit of one man, Ernest K. Halbach, and his family f9r seized properties atlilialeri . w i t h ' Germany's I. 0. Piirben industrial empire. Senator Lehman (D., N. Y.I said Halbach already had accepted a $557,000 casli settlement of his claim. Moat of this country's allies in the war with Germany--but not the Soviet Union--already have started action to declare the state of war at und. The U. S.. resolution, which becomes effective as soon as Mr Truman signs it, means that Germans no longer are enemy aliens in the eyes of this country. This, Mr. Truman has said, will make business relations easier and The first niasli between m i l i t a r y 'orces of th J two countries r e s u l t ed in the British winnins control Wednesday of a ratml bridge in .he '-irimly disputed urea. Ar t h e I!riti?h reinforcements poured iu hy sea and air. both the uii emplacements in t h e i r respective fpjtors. British Tommies were posted in foxholes wii'i rifles on a ridge riin- at right angles to the hiyh- .iiear tht: canal and a distant h i l l t o p bore what travelers said appeared :o be artillery. A total of 12 Egyptians are reported to have been killed and snores i n j u r e d in the r i o i i n s t h a t began T u e s d a y ' at Ismailia and A British nrniy spokesman said n llritish t r u c ' j carrying stores Baby Removed Before Auto Hits Playpen A L B A N Y (/P) -- An a u t o m o b i l e went, out of Control yesterday, zig- zagfted across two lawns where seveial children were playing, crashed i n t o ilie side of a house moved from the playpen Jive m i n - u t e s earlier. No one v.\s injured. Police said the driver, Henry W.'(Jirard, 51. of Troy, apparently had f a i n t e d . No charge was placed against him. ' Mrs. J u l i a n F. Sutyla of I) Crestwood Court said she was entering a bedroom when the front of the car crashed thru the bedroom wall. Mrs. r,. J,. r Russians assist in b r i n g i n g ibout un armistice in Korea. Diplomats in Moscow at t h i s Jinc had no way iit k n o w i n g what vord K i r k used, but said of the Russians interpreted it as "nepri- yatnosti" they probably a serious view ol" his remarks. Vishinsiiy's reply, made public j yesterday, said Russia was not n liarty to tlit; negotiations while the U n i t e d States was such a party and "consequently itself ran take measures for the success- conclusion of tlie negotia- ,. ... ,. ... ;quini, who Hvcf next door, paid she had Just re- nioved her son, -loseph. from bis between the two houses. siie He concluded, 'however, that Russia ''agrees to - e x a m i n e w i t h the participation of tbe government of the U. S- A. nil i m p o r t a n t and unsettled questions and to discuss measures for the improvement of international relatio i n c l u d i n g relations between the Soviet Union and t l i e U. K. A." This revived talk in Moscow diplomatic circles of the possibility of a new four-power fore" ministers meeting. al prucincis missing, $!.li"7 had heen collected of. a §4.-100 assignment. Harry Case's ruraj area excecd- jd its ?'il)fl goal by six dollars. Contributions from other industries and t f i e i r Rrnploypos included: Bennett-Ireland, ? l , 5 S 7 : Berglas Corp., $'131; liorden Co.,* ?2fi:t; C. IT. Telephone Corp., ; Crtiine, Inc.. $1)50: G.L.A., ;. Maydole Tool, J 1 H 6 ; York Press, $127: New York State E. G.," $:u:i; Norwich K n i t Co.', I'MIOV Norwich Line Co., ?ti2; Norwich Shoe Co.. ?n-f I Norwich Wire Works, $GC:j; Sheffield Corp., J51S; Tracy Baking Co., $ 2 0 1 ; Victory Chain and 11. D u n n e Co., $2,OOS. Tlie figures given for General Laboratory Associates is incoin- pletu ,a.iif] will bo swelled hy an additional sum Monday or Tuesday. Carl E. l''rihley. . C o m m u n "best president, praised the volunteer workers and compared the cheat to a t'uuthall team with every member doing his part for victory. He pointed nut that the Community Chest is native to America and can exist, only uder a democratic government. Edward ?,ce, campaign chair- in, urged all workers who had not. finished the job to complete the canvass over the weekend and i n in the!.' reports on Monday. Mrs. Loren Brooks directed the C o m m u n i t y Men's Chorus variety of songs i n c l u d i n C o m m u n i t y Ciiesi. Hongs. Tim featured soloislF; were John Lyons, Kvnn Crandall and George Plana- wlll, r other · sue things, allow in American German courts. Ho said, in asking for approval of the resolution. Unit the Western Powers Htill intend to conclude a final peace treaty with Germany "settling all the problems growing out of the war with n truly representative government of the people of n unified Germany at the earliest time practicable." The President added that "So- obstruction" prevents s done nt present, thi sot away w i t h o u t damage. The nritisli war office reported i British convoy had been ittucked s i m i l a r l y in that area, b u t the spokesman paid he knew n o t h i n g about a convoy hems' involved. Gen. Sir P.rlaii Robertson, commander in chief of llritish land forces in the Middle East, was back from London by plane w i t h new orders to resist Egyptian ouster moves. The British navy headquarters at Malta announced tbe Third Destroyer FlotiMa was due to a r r i v e i the Sue?, area yesterday or today from the Persian G u l f . The Cruiser Liverpool was standing by at M a l t a with eight weeks' supplies aboard, but her sailing orders for last n i g h t were postponed. Afrhoriic parachute troops from Cyprus already have been flown to the Sliest ar.d another contingent M.AX OLTCAN (/P)--John Whltzer, 35. was killed by electric shock yesterday while working on an elec trie line into a new industria plant. CIO Workers Win Reversal Of Verdicts Josephine Baker Charges Stork Club With Race Discrimination NEW YORK (/P)'-- Josephine Bnker. intenmtlonally-kuown Xe- 51-0 entertainer, claimed yeslerdny she was discriminated against he- e;uise o[ her color hy New York's swank Stova Olllh. Sherman liillingslcy, proprietor ot t h e cluh. could not he reached for commtipt. Miss Ilaker said she couldn't get served Tuesday night when she went to the club as the finest of Hnser Itico. French singing star of "South Pacific." She said she waited an hour after ordering crabmeat, steak and wine. "One by one they came and said there was no cralmieal there was no steak, there was no lie," she said" "Then the waiter! . ,,,,,,._ ,,.,.. beinir readied at Trieste for i \ V onldn't oonio near us. H was just is service in the Auglo-EgypHnn Sudan. Ryan Aerecs To Confer With Strikers N'EW YORK" (!fl-- Tlie boss of the A. F. of 1. I.onKshorcmon, ·losepli p.' Hyiin. today asrced I" meet with rebel leaders of the five .day wildcat do;k. strike to try to end tile tifiup. 'ityan previously' refused to see strike leaders, which spearheaded the port .wide revolt, against the newly negotiated contract. silence." Finally she said a steak "appeared," but Rico refused to stay and tlie party left. Mrs. I.Uco, reached by telephone at hej; N'orv.-plk, Conn., home, con- flnnc'd the incident and said she would protest to the French consul. She said her husband, who speaks no F.nKlisli except the few lines lie used In the musical show, tried tu call the waiters but "they turned their backs and didn't seem to cnre." Asked if she believed It was discrimination because of Miss Baker's color, she replied, "Of course it was. There could be no doubt. It was very, very, very embarrassing." She said Hico asked for a bill after a b o u t two hours there b u t was told there was no charge to celebrities. She said be throw money on the table and declared he had always paid on previous visits. "This is a terrible experience." Miss Baker s.iid. "It is a snub to my color, to my people. It's not just something yon let drop. It is un-American. It is not fair to other Americans. I am -consulting with my lawyers and I'm going to do something about it -- not for Josephine Baker. I'm doing it for America." She said she was "invited by the Ricos. I didn't want to say, 'Oh. let's not g.^ there because I'n colored." Mias Baker said the party consisted of Roger Hico, bis wife, and a friend of Miss linker's. Mrs. Bessie IlurKinnu, also u Negro. Miss Daker said sho was the only one who ordered food, as the others hail had their dinners. She said she always waited u n t i l - a f t e r her evening performance. She currently is appearing at the Hoxy theatre. Misu Baka'r has refused to an pear.he-fore segregated audiences. AUiANY {/P)-- Four CIO union iinbers today won a reversal of their convictions on charges aris- ng from strike violence at the Hell Aircraft plant near Niagara Falls. Tlie Court of Appeals decided. 5-2, to dismiss tlie conspiracy indictment against F.d- ivard Gray, 3:t, sub-regional director of the United Auto Workers. The court was u n a n i m o ordering new trials for Joseph Ippollto, 21; Joseph lllachowicz. 41. and Donald Fried, 20, all 1 ot Ihe Buffalo area. The three had been convicted of a riot. The union was on strike against Hell for 1!) weeks in the fall of France Suggests End . : Of Debate on Iran NIOW YORK (/P)--France today proposed that the- U.N. Security Council drop its debate on the British-Iranian oil dispute until it could get. an opinion from the International Court of Justice on the council's competence to deal with the issue. The proposnl was tossed before the council a's U became apparent that delegates would be uuablo to agree on either of the two. proposals before it, calling, o n Britain and Iran to resume nego-; nations. . '. "

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