The Montana Standard from Butte, Montana on December 2, 1928 · 39
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The Montana Standard from Butte, Montana · 39

Butte, Montana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 2, 1928
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THE MONTANA STANDARD, BUTTE, S UNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 2 1 928 SOCIETY HAPPENINGS FROM VARIOUS CITIES IN TREASURE STATE Anaconda Society General Club Meeting. The December general Woman's club meeting will be held next Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock In the club rooms at the library. The vice president, Mrs. Earl L. Turton, will preside and after the business session "A 8tudenU' Day" program, which has been arranged by Mrs. Turton and promises to be most Interesting, will be "presented as follows: piano trio, "Sylphs and Nixes," 'Ludwig Schytte), by Dora Jacobson; Esther Nllsscn and Evelyn Solomon-. son;, reading: ."Witness- for- the- Defense." by Miss Marguerite Morrow; vocal solo, "Dream Garden." (Lilly 6trickland), by Miss Rolla Daughterly; a one-act play, "In Modern Dress," (Christopher Morley), a takeoff on the presentation of Shakespearian plays, costumed in modern dress. .The cast Includes: an "Eliza - ViAthfln rtramotlof tea. Tlnttu lttek son; . "floor walker," Miss Evelyn E:vans; Mr. . Chapman, Miss Margaret White; scene: A modern gentleman's furnishing store.- Miss Fannie Bray-ton will assist In the presentation of the play. Club members wishing to assist in furnishing the annual allotment of laundry bags for the soldiers at Fort Harrison may bring them to the club rooms at this meeting. The dimensions for the bags are to be 18x30 inches. Dinner Bridge. .... 1 Charming In detail was the dinner bridge at which Mr. and Mrs. Chester O. Scott entertained a number of friends on Friday night at their home on West Fourth street. The tables were laid for .16, .with decorations carrying the Thanksgiving motif throughout. Bronze and yellow pom poms were used to center each table while appropriate place cards marked places for Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scoot Jackson, Miss Margaret Nuckols, Mr. and Mrs. George Tryon, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Amt.hnr. Mr. and Mrs- H G. 8atterthwaite, Mr. and Mrs. Lester MacLeod, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Hundley, Mr. and Mrs. August Frey and H. S. Vernon. Bridge was the after dinner diversion. - Bridge Club Luncheon. Mrs. Frederick Barich entertained . i i - a i i i , .. 1 . . u Wednesday with a i:i5 ociock luncn-eon at her home on West Fifth street. Exquisite daintiness marked all the decorations and. table appointments. Clusters of pink snapdragons and regal chrysanthemums In golden shades being the flowers used. Mrs. James W. Elton was a guest of the club. - The" club members Include Mrs. Amos Felt, Mrs. J. Hollis Mc Crea, Mrs. Philip Thomas. Mrs. Charles McNeil, Mrs. William Wraith, jr., Mrs. Carroll P. Donohoe, Mrs. Jack Bowman, Mrs. W. Chester Dickson, Mrs. Burtt Smith, Mrs. Willard C. Jensen. Mrs. Joseph H. Schwartz, Mrs. Lawrence G. Dunlap, Mrs. Leon Haddlck. Mrs. Casper Weiss, Mrs. Ben Chestnut and Mrs. Barich. Bridge was played following the serving of a perfect menu. ' Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Hanahan returned to their home in Anaconda Wednesday. Mrs. Hanahan has been away since the middle of October. She visited In Denver for a few weeks and was Joined there by Mr. Hanahan and together they motored to Charleston, S. C, to visit Mr. Han-ahan's parents and to attend their eolden wedding anniversary, which occurred November 12. En route home Mr. and Mrs. Hanahan visited in New York City for a few days. lhanksgiving uuests. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Hanahan joined the family dinner party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott Jackson, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Lester MacLeod Included H. 8. Vernon and small daughter, Patricia, at their Thanksgiving dinner. With Mr. and Mrs. George Gordon on the holiday were Mr.' and Mrs." H. J. Guidon and daughter, Movalne, of Butte, Miss Mary Hoetener. of Helm-vllle and Roy T. Gordon. Mill Hoets-ner and Mrs. Gordon and daughter, Movalne, remained at the 1 Gordon home in this city over the week end. Birthday Party. . Gloria Gay, dainty little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Bullock, celebrated her seventh birthday Friday afternoon by Inviting a group of her playmates to her, home. The happy hours were spent In playing games, a peanut hunt and fish pond affording unusual pleasure. Late In the afternoon a delightful birthday supper was served, a lovely frosted cake aglow with seven candles holding the plae of honor on the table. Those Included were Carol Marcbion, Mabel Evelyn Tuchschercr, Helen Florence Duniap. Alice Morse. Mary Beth Dwyer. Margaret Alice Morin, Dorothy Rochen, Elizabeth Jameson, Thelma Smith, Jean Jackson, Ann Maguire, Betty Lou Cobura, Jean Monroe, John Calvert of Butte, Pemina Cadwell, Patricia Flynn, Tommy McKenzie, Kitty Lou and Francis Pat Bullock and the little hostess. Gloria Gay. At the Brentwood. ' Mr. and Mrs. Albert N'adceu were host at a Thanksgiving eve dinner in their home at the Brentwood, having a their guests Mr. and Mrs. C. Remboud and Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Nadeau of Butte, and Dr. and Mrs. A. K- Steven of this city. St. Mark's Guild. St. Mark's guild of the Episcopal church will hold a business meeting at the partoh house Tuesday afternoon. WoheloClass Entertain. The Wohelo class of the MethWlst church met in the church parlors Tuesday night. Final, plans for the bazaar which will be held Tuesday, December 4, were completed and articles for the bazaar, which will Include beautiful pieces of fancy work from India and China were turned in. The parlors were decorated with lovely cyclamen plants In shades of red and rose while all other decorations and the menu were suggestions of the Thanksgiving season. The en-joyablo affair closed with the serving of delicious refreshments at long tables to about 60 guests. The hostesses were Mrs. C. W. SmKh, Mrs. Walter Dalrymple, Mrs, Andrew. Bickerstaff, Mrs. Frank Baker, Mrs. Melva MacAtee, Mrs. Axel England, Mrs. Ralph Thorson and Mrs. John Slgler. Dinner Party. Mr, and Mrs. Eldon L. Larlson will hold their Thanksgiving dinner party today at their home and will include Mr. and Mrs." Enoch A. Barnard and son. Tommy; Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Hoyt, their children. Salle and Virginia; Miss Ruth Larlson and Hoyt Larlson. , K. K. K. Club Entertained. The members of the K. K. K. club and their husbands were delightfully entertained Monday , night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Thomas. Bridge was the diversion with guest prl7 being won by J. Hollis McCrea while first and second prize scores among the club members were made by Miss Evely Collins and Mrs. McCrea.' - - -J ' At the close of the games a tempting repast was served. Guests other than club members Included Lowry Smith, Stewart Alnslle and Dbcie Lawton. . . . Bridge Supper. Mrs, Amos Felt was a charming hostess Monday night when she entertained local members of Kappa Alpha TheU with a bridge supper at her pretty home on West Fifth street. . Lavender asters were combined with tall pink tapers In an attractive arrangement tn the decorations about the rooms and on the perfectly appointed tables, where covers were placed for Miss Claudia Woodward, Miss Lois McMahan, Miss Elizabeth Kilroy, Mrs. Claire Renouard, Miss Marian Fltzpatrlck and Mrs. Albert Taylor, all pf Butte; Mrs. William Keeley, of Deer Lodge; Mrs. Howard Johnston, Boulder; Mrs. Burtt Smith, Mrs. Byron Jennings. Mies Marguerite Patterson and Mrs. Felt. The serving of the choice menu was followed by several hours pleasantly spent In playing bridge. Fellowship Dinner. The monthly dinner of the Voung People's Fellowship society of St. Mark's EDlsconal church win f.aV place tomorrow evening at the parish nouse. miss Manan Reynolds, president Of the orefinl7.At.lnn n-tll nrnMs and guests of the Fellowship will ln- ciuae me councencrs, who are Mrs. Frederick Latet, Mrs. Eldon L. Larlson. Mrs. A. E. Cash. Mrs FYertprli-t Bellinger, Miss Martha Holstrom and ivuss ora tsenuey. Ensemble singing during" the'dinner hour Will Consist of soncs which were sung at the state conference in Hel ena lasi month. Following dinner a splendid program which Is in charge of Miss Edith Wilson will Ha rr- sented and includes a one-act play, not, vuun oucn a aoose, (Elizabeth Gale). The cast Is made up of members of the "Thespian club, who are Halbert Bamett, Jim Halloran. Edith Wilson. Lotus McKelvie and Katherine Wilson. William Rlnio will play a selection on the violin, and Miss Eura Kester will give a humorous reading. Past Matrons' Night. Past Matrons' Night of the Order of Eastern Star was ohnerf it Monday evening In their lodge rooms at the Masonic temple. initiation or new members was first in order, after which Mrs. Oscar Johnson acted as worthy matron. The past matrons, who exemplified the work were Mrs. Fred Gates, Mrs. Herman Ulrich, Mrs. Harris A Bolton, Mrs. V. N. Roderick. Mrs. Earl L. Turton, Mrs. Anna K. Heagy, Mrs. W. E. Mowbray. Mrs. C. R. Fuller. Mrs. H. McNeil. Mrs. J. A. HasW and Mrs. T. J. Ward. Late In the evening delicious refreshments were served In the ban- OUet hall. Which u beantifiiHir Attr. orated la the colors of the 8tar. Baby "mums" were used to decorate the long tables where places were arranged for about 100 persona. Annual "A" Club Dance, The annual dance given by the "A club of the Anaconda high school, which took place at the Montana hotel last evening, was well attended and proved one of the most enjoyable social affairs of the week. Friday Bridge Club. Mrs. George E. Voyer entertained the members of her bridge club last Friday with a 1:15 o'clock luncheon at the Montana hotel. Later In the afternoon bridge was played In the parlors of the hotel. k Moved to New Home. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. . Bullock" and family and Mrs. H. W. Stephens have moved from their home on Hickory street, which they have recently disposed of and are now residing at 501 Locust street. Home From Europe. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Jurden have returned to their home tn Anaconda .v '( s ozem kfocJc Family Reunion Held. BOZEMAN. Dec. 1. Thanksgiving Is ft time given especially to family gatherings, and the season this year brought together a group of relatives including some from the far west and the far east with Montana relatives to celebrate in Bozeman, The group of brothers and sisters having Thanksgiving dinner together at the home of Mr.' and Mrs. P. C. Walte. Included Mrs. George Willson of. AlhAmbra, Calif-, Charle Patter of Josephine: Mf. and Mrs. J. H. Baker snd daughter. Vivian, of Bozeman; Dr. and Mrs. Archie Gardner of New York City; Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Walte and daughter.'Helen and son, Gardner, of Bozeman: Mrs. Helen Hodg-man, aunt of Mr. Waite; Mrs. R. W. Fisher and four children, Katherine. Edwards Virginia and John of Bone- man; Mrs. H. C. Gardiner and her daughters Elizabeth and Alice, of Anaconda. . ' Following he dinner, the rest of the afternoon and evening were spent socially. Charles Baker and Dr. Archie Oardlner and his wife are guest of their brother. J. H. Baker and family, while In the city, and Mrs. George Willson. Mrs. H. C. Gardiner and her daughter, Alice, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Walte; Elizabeth Gardiner is a student at Montana State college, Dr. H. C. Oardlner could not be present with his wife's relatives as he has gone to Chicago to attend the International Stock show and his son, Henry, who Is attending Cornell university, could not be here. Literary Club Meets. The Tuesday Literary club met this week with Mrs. L. F. Kldd, at her apartment in the Evergreen. Mrs. A. W. Richter of Yakima. Wash., who was member of the club during her residence In Bozeman, was a guest. In response to roll call the members gave election post mortem. Mrs. C. Korslund read the poem, "Lonely Mountain," and Mrs. Walter Altken gave an Interesting book review of "The Autobiography of Claire Sheridan." A pleasant social hour followed and refreshment were served. Couple. Give Shower. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Dennis, the latter formerly Miss HUdred Sievert, were treated to a miscellaneous shower at their apartment on Llndley place Tuesday evening by about 30' of their friends. . The affair was arranged by Mrs. Clarence Matthew. The bride and bridegroom received many beautiful and useful gift and excellent refreshments were served at 10:30, following a plasant social evening. The rooms were prettily decorated In rose and white. Housekeepers' Club Meets.x A Drofrram SDnrnnriate to the Thanksgiving season was given at the Housekeeoers' club with soma nf the Girl Scout taking a prominent part unaer me airecuon oi Mrs. Everett N. Brown. Esther Seifert contributed a Piano solo: Arleen Shrlver nanir two songs with her mother; Mrs. Frank onriver, accompanist; Thelma Brown gave a clever Indian Monologue to the record of "An Indian Love Song," and four girls In costume put on the play, "A Colonial Deception," the four Girl Scout taking part were Julia Jane Clark, Jane Pence, Bettle William and Katherine Kenyon. ine hostesses for the day, Mr. M. W. White, Mrs. Fred Ax tell, Mrs. H. Helllnger and Mrs. E. P Rniincir served an excellent luncheon before the bustnes session, Mrs. Harry White of Manhattan and Mrs. R. M. Esgar assisting. The metting was at the home of Mrs. M. W. White. Mrs. E. D. Hoadley gave an Interesting report of the county federation meeting at Manhattan and Mrs. w. L. Hays conducted an old fashioned speumg oee. in response to roll call, the member gave appropriate quota tions irom ine Bible. P. E. O. Entertained. With Mrs. A. T. Rutledne and Mm H. 8. Buell hostesses. Chapter F of r. c. v. naa a "Mother and Daughter" meeting at the Rutledtre home Monday evening, a very interesting program on the philanthropy of P. E. O. being given. Mrs. H. E. Cook of a South Dakota chapter was a guest for the evening. Mis Jessie . L. Donaldson talked about "The History of P. E. O"; Mrs. W. M. Coblelgh on the "Education Fund"; Mrs. H. 8. Buell on "Cottrv College"; Mrs. Walter Altken on "The weiiare and Trust Fund ; and Mrs. A. T. Rutledge on "The Memorial Library at Mount Pleasant, Iowa." A very delightful talk was give by Mrs. Alfred Atklson on her recent trio abroad. Linens and nicture from place visited illustrated her talk. miring a pleasant social hour, light refreshment were served. MU Julia Martin assisting the hostesses In the service. Leave for Butte. Mr. and Mrs. Henry 3. Bolles. wh have been spending the summer at the Maxey mines' t Chimney Rock, visited relatives and friends in Boze- man Sunday and then went to Butte. from a sojourn of more than a year In Poland and other European countries, which has been a - combined business and pleasure trip. Mr. Jur den Is consulting engineer for the Anaconda company. To Winter In Anaconda. Mrs. Christina Farrar and granddaughter, Isabella I. Anderson, arrived recently in thU city from East Helena. Mis Anderson has completed a term- as Instructor In the Lower Mitchell school. They will spend the winter ta Anaconda. Artist Relates Story of Success to Writer He Painted as Child 7 ' 7 ft.', t A V".'-( 2 .. , . 1 Above, one of Norman Rockwell's early magazine covers for which the writer posed; below, Norman Rockwell. By ROBERTA RADCL1FFE 'A Girl on the Magazine Covers) (IlcIiKlVi rntil Prfii DlWfttrb to th Montind Biandiri) NEW ROCHELLE, N. Y Dec. 1. Posing for Norman Rockwell and Interviewing him are two entirely different things. When I was 12 years old and he used me on a "Saturday Evening Poet" cover and an "American Magazine" cover I never dreamed that some day I would Invade his studio armed with paper and pencil. This artist, whose portrayal of true American boya and girls and character sketches have msde him famous, is only 34. I was Interested to learn when he started on the first rung of the Udder to success. "I was doing stuff for boys' magazines," replied Rockwell, "and making little money. 'Then I met Irene (his charming wife) and wanted to marry her. This was out of tne question on the money I was then getting.- Eager to Increase my earnings I doclded to try a cover for the 'Saturday Evening Post.' I painted a picture of a ballet girl In tights making a bow. That wasn't my usual line and the picture wasn't any good. I explained my troubles to friend and fellow-artist, Clyde Forsythe. He said 'Why don't you paint a couple of kid pictures such as you are now doing. Norman?" A Sneceful Sngirettlon. "That seemed a sensible suggestion and I made up a couple of tketches. One was of a boy pushing a baby carriage and another fellow laughing at him. I took these two pictures to Philadelphia. For convenience, I had a special large black suitcase made to carry them In. When I entered the outer offices of the 'Post',1 saw two men seated there. One was quite stout. He looked up and asked: 'Are you an assistant to an undertaker' as he glanced at my odd shaped bag I later learned that he was Irvin Cobb and his companion. Samuel Blythe, both well-known humorists. . "One of the editors of the 'Post.' did rot treat either mv picture or suitcase as a Joke. To my great surprise he said he would take the two sketches, and Inquired how much I wanted. "How much I wanted?" Gosh. Id have been willing to pay him 'if I hsd had the money) to accept them. I therefore anwered that whatever price he set would be all right. He n,v,r thv xnect to make their home. Mrs. Bolles was formerly Miss Martha Maxey of Bowman, a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Dur-ston of Anaconda. Entertain at Bridge. Mr. and Mrs. Roy N. Kelster fw friends at dinner at their apartment In the Blackmor Thursday evening, ine dinner a followed by a few hours with bridge and In listening to the radio. Bridge Luncheon. Mn Ilarvev Cox entertained the members of a two-table brid?e club at her apartment In the Eiackmore Sat urday afternoon, serving luncneon v 1:30. Cards 'were enjoyed for a few hours after luncheon. Honor Congress Speakers. Mr R. E Brown entertained at luncheon at her home on Wllison Avenue South, Friday afternoon, the guest being Dean Una B. Herrlck and the women from out of the city who were speakers on the Vocational congress program. Included were Mrs. C. D. Wlggenhorn of Billings, (Jk 5 ,V('' i t V. t Y gave me $75 apiece for the pictures." Mr. Rockwell smiled. It Is hardly necessary to add that this was a fraction of the sum he now receives. Children Too Lively Now. "What kind of a painting do you enjoy doing the most," I asked. "T lib tn nalnt. Kfnrv.fnlltnff tllr.- tures best." he said. "I'm getting too old to use children. They run all over the studio. I used to run after them but It Is too hard to do now. Then, too, they are always rough-housing. At one of my first ntudlos, when children came and asked to pose, I'd tell them to wrllc their name, address and telephone number nn th. n-nlln When the walls were covered they even wrote them on the celling. In this same room there was a water basin. The boys were lively and before I could stop them they M he in a regular water fleht. That Is why I like to have older people nnu Thov ra not. such a strain. The sad thing, too, about kid models. Is tkat they grow so quicmy. ou just get them trained and they grow up." Pow for Half Century. Questioned as to how he obtained models, he continued: - "ArtlBU have regular agencies ior rr.fHnu mortals There are certain people who ar-s professional model in nMMnir ttu On such a man Is Joshua Biengrnbber. He has posed for 50 years, l ve usea nun, myiwu, for 20 years. He is a great favorite with artist, and everybody loves hlm " . V. "in art nrhool we uited to have moving picture stars pose for us. That sounds queer, but in those days mak ing moving pictures wssn i ine mm Industrv it 1s now. I can remember when Mabol Normnd, Francis X. Bushman. Jack Mullu.ll and inch u.mlllnn nnspd for us. Neal Hamilton was getting at one time $50 a week. His yearly income is auout to ivin irav Thf-xe neoole had to pose to earn enough money to keep th wolf from the aoor. Maklnjr a beautiful girl cover for . m,..inn in't no hard If one Is an artist In that line. One ha merely to pick out and portray different types. The sort of posters that Norman Rockwell dors arn Dawa. wjukm. u an Idea usually a humorous version of some "true to life" moment or scene. who was Mrs. Brown's house guest; Miss Helen M. Bennett of Chicago: Dr. Esther Allen Gaw of Ohio and Miss Isabel Craig Bacon of Washington, D. C. Past Matrons Entertained. Mrs, Fred M. Brown and Mrs. Walter Davis entertained the members of the Pant Matron' club of the Order of Eastern Star at the home of Mrs. Brown, Friday evening. Most of the time was spent In packing boxes of candy for each of the 51 resident of the Masonic home In Helena , Refreshments were enjoyed at the close of the evening. Home for Thanksgiving. mIm Florence Grav. who l teach ing In the high school at Anaconda, came, home to spend the Thanksgiv ing vacation witn ner parents Mr. ami Mrs. O. 3. Gray Entertain L. O. F. Club. Mrs. E. C. Hoadley and Mrs H. F. Hill were hostess to the L. O. F. club at the Hoadley home Monday afternoon, Mrs. NIC Aakjer and Mrs. N. L. Towne being gur benide the club DILLON 0VC1ETY Honor Past Officers.. DILLON. Dec. 1. The outstanding event on this week's calendar was the meeting of Mlspah Chapter, No. 13, Order of the Eastern Star, in the Masonic hall Tuesday evening to honor the past matrons and past patrons, They were guests at an elaborate ban quet served at 6:30. Following this the work of the chnpter was done by them. The offices were filled by Mrs. A. A. Elliott, matron; John Cluley. patron; Mrs. Wllr Jennings, associate matronr Mrs. C. E. BUnn, conductress; Mrs. George Gosman. associate conductress; Mrs. Fratle Stone, secretary; Mrs. M. A. Walker, treasurer; Mrs. Cora Holland, Ada; Mis. CIihi-IIo Price, Ruth; Mrs. A. L. Anderson, Esther: Mrs. Q. R. Featherly, Martha; Mrs. Thomas Luebben. Electa; Mrs. O. M. Bcst1j:hapRlnLMrs...WlLOrr. warder. ' A musical program followed consisting of several selections by the male fior'et, com nosed of Dr 3 E. Davis. Dr. W. II. Stephan, A. T. Peterson, and Lawrence Price, and numbers by the orchestra composed of Mlssrs Wtnnifred Barry, Mary Alexander and Violet Vondervor. Bridge and pl-nochla concluded the evening's entertainment. Compliment Visitors. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hemdon were hofcts at a thoroughly enjoyable dinner given Sunday arternonn at their home on South Washington street. The affair was complimentary to Mrs. Le Orandc Young of Welser, Idaho, end Mrs. Clair Bag jot Han Francisco, Cel., who are visiting in the rlty. Cover were laid for the honor guest, and Mrs. Laura T. Scott. Mr. and Mr. Park Scott, Mlsa Jane Hern, don, Miss Ethel Herndon and the the host and hostes. Entertains Sewing Club. Ml Clara. Plant ws hostess to the members of the M. M, Bewlng club Mondav afternoon at her homo on outh Washington street. Mrs. Jane Boone Gibson, guest of the club, Bnd nine member enjoyed the occasion. Mrs. Erwin Is Hostess. Mrs. B. W. Emerlck and Mrs. W. A. Sullivan were guest of Hob Nob when Mrs, D. V. Erwin was the chafming hostess to the member of that rlnh HVklav afternoon at her home on North Pacific street. Throe tables of bridge were in play. A dainty menu was served at the close of the game. . Rotary Club Entertains""" Among the Interesting affairs of the week was the stag dinner given wen-nrsdiiy evening when Srnator. Frank Hawlbaker extended genial honpltal-Uy to the members of the Rotary club at a 7 o'clock dinner In hi beautiful new home at 628 South Pacific street. Hot house blossom In profusion decorated the room end were used as the central motifs on the tables. After the serving of the menu an Interesting smoker and visiting hour was enjoyed. Dinner Club Meets. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Bruhdage entertained the Sunday Night dinner club Ihlfl week. The menu was served at 7 o'clock on small table artistically centered bv bououet-s of pink baby mums. The 13 members were present. Mr. and Mr. C. E. Blinn will be the host at the next meeting, which will be held at their home on South Pacific street In two week. Thanksgiving Dinners. imnn fVimui hnldlnir famllv Thanksgiving dinners at their homes were Mr. and Mrs. o. m. whw Mr, and Mrs. Frank C. McFadrten, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Price, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stamm. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Oilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Anderson, Mrs. Charlotte Ballard, Messrs. Leon- momtvri Plvo tnhtes wem In nlav with brldifo and refreshments were served. Visit Over Holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Buck and baby left Tuesday for Butte, to visit his relatives for a day. Then they were going to Cocolnlla, Idaho, to spend Thanksgiving with Mrs, Buck's relatives. Visits With" Daughter. Mrs. A. M. Crawford of Butte Is vlsltliiB her daughter Mrs. C. A. Mull and family In Bozeman. Home -Made, but Ends Bad Cough In a Hurry To end a stubborn cnnub ijnlrkly, it in Important to sooth nd heal lb Inflamed mtmbrsnea, get rid of the serin nd to M the system inwardly to help throw off tb trouble. For thene purpoiea, Uem l a borne, made medicine, far better than nr-tbing. you could buy at 3 ti:es tn cost. From nr drugglitt, rvt ounces of f'luei. Put this Into a pint bottle, and add plain tranulaMI surer ynip or trlnd honey to fill up" the pint. Ttiii take but a moment, and oiakes remedy o effect.ivethat.vou will oever do without, one you hv uaed It Keeps perfectly, nd children like it. This nlmple remeJy rfoea tbree neee. , aary thiugi). It 1ook-d the term-laden phizm and aootties away the Innam-roalion. it tb same time It is absorbed Itjlo tb blood, where It 'ta dl rertlj on tit bronchial tube. This explain why it brtnt anch quick relief, even in ubtmat bronchial cough and "tin" rnijfch. I'iuei in highly concentrated compound of jenuiua Norway Fine, con-tainin the active agent of creosote, in a refined, palatable form, and known nn one of the. grpHt-nt bealinr agent for se-icM couth, chest colds and bronchinl trouble. Io Df accept nibetitote for I'inei. It i gtiftrrif(d to give prompt reliuf or money refunded. c 0 it rd and Frank Ellel, Thorna Barrett and Mr. and Mrs, Don Randolph. Entertain at Cards. Mr. and Mr. Malcomb Stone entertained a group of friends Monday evening at their home on South Idaho street. Pinochle waa enjoyed the first part of tha evening and later the entertainment consisted of watching the eclipse of the moon. Dainty refreshment were served at the close of the game. Those enjoying the occasion were Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Free, Mr. and Mrs. Will Tovey and Mr. and Mrs. Lambert ElleL Give .Dinner Party. . Among the diverting affairs the past week was the dinner given to a small group of fflehds by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dougherty in their cozy apartment In the Roe building, Sunday evening. The decorations In tha rooms and on the perfectly appointed dinner table suggested the Thanksgiving season, with orange taper In crystal holders on cither side of an attractive basket of fruit. Places were marked for Mr. and Mr. Earl Fairbanks, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Wedum and tile host and hostess. Alumni to Meet. The members of the Alumni association of the Normal college will hold their regular meeting Monday evening December 3, at the home of Miss Mary Shoenborn. with Mis Bhoenborn and Mrs. T. L. Olmsted a Joint hostesses. Society Personals. Mrs. Lee Van Ktten of Butte is visiting relatives in Dillon this week, Mrs. LeOranrd Young of Welser, Idaho!, ' I visting' her mother, Mrs. Laura Beott, Miss Lucy Carson and Miss Alice Ruhsel spent the Thanksgiving vacation In Butte. Mis Leona McCoy 1 spending the week-end with her parents In Twin Bridge. Clark Anderson left Tuesday morning for Cambrldfre, Ohio, where he will ipend several week with relatives. ' Mr. and Mrs. rrnum Mayo of Missoula are tha parent of a son. Mrs. Mayo will be remembered as Alfa Tel-in, who was graduated from the Beaverhead county high school a few years ago. Mr. and Mrs. George, Clnmnw of Jackson were In the city the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Anderson spent Thnnksglvlng at the home of the lat-ter's uncle Bruce Thompnon, In Sheridan. - Mr. W.-T, Morrison returned the first of the week from Cams Hot Spring, where she ha been for the benefit of her health. C. E. Bllnn motored to Butte Tuesday to meet hi daughter, Dorothy, a student at the university In Missoula, who spent the Thanksgiving vacation with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Wright are the parents of a son born at the Bar rett Hospital, November 20, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Andru motored to uurto on Saturday, Mr. and Mr. J. E. 8haw of Wisdom were In Dillon the last of the week, Mrs.Norman Oilbert of Alder was a guest in the home of Mr. end Mrs. George Oosman the first of the week. Mr, and Mrs. Buford Kuhns are the parents of a son born November 34 at Buhl, Idaho. Mr. Kuhns will be remembered Mls Josephine Numbers, who wm a teacher In the high school a few year ago. Mrs. Carl Hartwlg and children left Wednesday afternoon for Butte where they spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. Hartwlg' mother. Mrs. Sharkey. Mrs. A. A. Elliott left Wednesday evening for Bait Lake to spend the holiday season with her mother, Mrs. M. E. Wade and her sister. Mrs. William Ambrose, who are now making their home In that city. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Obrem and family left Wednesday for Butte to visit the parents of Mr. Obrem, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Obrem. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Pahl of Twin Bridges called on friends in Dillon the first of the week. Mr. Nellie Little Johnson left Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving with 'her husband In Aberdeen, Idaho. Norman Kurtz, son of Oliver Kurts, Is spending his Thanksgiving vacation In Dillon. He has a position In the Western Union at Salt Lake for the winter. Mr. end Mrs. Nelson Maxwell are the parent of a daughter born November 24 at Judith Cap. Mrs. Max well was Miss Josephine Cushlng be fore her marriage. IS IN SOUTH SEA ISLES PAGO PAGO,, American Samoa About the time that Americans are sitting down to a turkey-laden table, natives of the South Seas will be partaking of a feast which nature provides them twice a year. These resident of a realm where hdow are supposed to be white will not be celebrating Thanksgiving day but will be taking advantage of a moonlight period of about two hours when the palolo appears on the sur face of the sea. The palolo is technically described a a thread-like worm about the length and thickness of a shoestring, but to the natives It Is great delicacy. The creature lives deep In coral reefs and Just before the last quarter of the moon In October and November It liberates strings of spawn which rise to the surface. They appear a black worms writhing on the water an hour of two before sunrise. Native In boat and canoes, many of whom ride the waves all night while on watch, tcoop up the food In nets and eat It raw and wiggling In past years "palolo fishing" has been made a great event, the whole population turning out to Join In the fun. All manner of craft are to be seen dancing about in the moonlight whilo the air was filled with music from many kinds of Instrument brought along to help pas the time while waiting for the palolo to rise. The wormy mass, which gives off a pale-green phosphorescent light, disappears quickly after the un hs Livingston Society Mlcp Q , v, rr rr tin. . 1 LIVINGSTON. Dee. 1 Simpson was honor guest at a party Saturday evening given by Mis Alicia i Bax at her home on South Sixth buxcu ino guesu enjoyea Dnagq during tho evening and the prize were won by Mis Alene Dunn and Miss Fern Johnson. Miss Simpson received a lovely guest prize. Dellciou refreshment were served at a late hour. - Thoe enjoying the evening were Mis Ellen Dillon, Miss Fern Johnson, Miss Alene Dunn, Miss Alice Gibson, Miss Kathleen Gibson, Mrs. S. It McCarthy. Mrs JCnthpHnn Uuri Maler, Mrs. David Simpson, Mrs. Julm eax, tne guest or nonor and the hostess. Bridge. Luncheon. .. On Saturday at 1:30 o'clock Mn. Alvan Boblne and Mrs. E. H. Amlck entertained at a luncheon at the Bo-dine home on South Yellowstone street In honor of Mrs. W. D. Goche-nour, who is soon to leave for her new home In Missoula. After the delicious luncheon three table of bridge were in playing during the afternoon, the prize being awarded to Mrs. J. F. Alspaugh, Mrs. R. R. Brady and Mr. A. J. Carr. Entertain Comet Club. Mr. and Mrs. Alvan Bodlne entertained trie Comet club Monday eve ning. Dinner wa served at 8:30 o'clock at the Park hotel, after which bridge was played at the Bodlne residence. Prize were won by Mr. E. H. Amlck, Mrs. N. A. Telyea, N. A. Telyea and Mr. Bodlne. Mrs. Carr Is Hostess. Mr. A. J. Carr wa the charming hostess at a 1:15 o'clock luncheon Monday afternoon at her home on west Callander street, given in honor of Mr. W. D. Oochenour. A four-course luncheon wa served at table beautifully decorated with roe and dainty place-cards. Brldgo was played during the course of the afternoon and the prize were won by Mrs. D. E. Nlchol, Mr. W. D. Oochenour and Mrs. E. E. Vanzant. Supper Club Meets. The Supper club met Tuesday evening with Mr. Hattle Holcomb at her home in the "Ebert apartments. Bridge wa enjoyed throughout the evening, the prizes going to Mrs. Don Cowls, Mr. N. A. Telyea and Mrs. D. E. Nichols. A deltclon lunch we jerved at a late hour. The club will meet In two week with Mr. Daniel Mile. Surprise Party. Mr. and Mr. Raymond CNell were pleasantly surprised, Tuesday evening, by a group of neighbors, who had assembled at the home of Mr. O'Neill' parent, Mr. and Mr. D. J. O'Neill, on South Eighth street. Tho evening wa spent In playing old-fashioned game and at a late hour a dellciou lunch wa served. Mr. and Mr. O'Neill received a lovely gift from their friend. Brides' Club Entertained. The members of Brides' club were delightfully entertained Thursday afternoon by Mrs. Victor F. Origsby at her home on West Lewis street. Three table of bridge were in play and the prizes were won by Mr. C. T. Socket, Mrs. Floyd Habeln and Mr. L. E. Flint. A delicious lunch wa , served late in the afternoon. The club will meet in two week with Mr. Ha beln. Thanksgiving Program. The Yellowstone club met Monday evening In the basement of the library. An Interesting Thanksgiving program waa enjoyed by those pre-1 ent. The program was a follow: roll call. Current events; short history of Plymouth, Mrs. J. E. Klehl: "The Pilgrim Fathers," Mrs. E. T. Brown. Teachers Entertain. A group of teachers of the Living ston schools entertained the entire teaching staff of the Park county high school and the city grade schools on Tuesday evening at the Park county high school. Members of the high school board were guests uf Uie eve-ninir. Brlduc was the diversion of the evening and a lunch wa served at a late hour. ' The teachers of all of the Livingston schools are divided into three group and each group will entertain some time during the winter. Stomach Signals; Read Thesa Right ROBABLT that belching after easing U nothing mor than the Riga of excessive gaatrlo acid. It la well to know how efly this may alwar be remedied. Quick nd complete r-lief can be obtained by taking a little "Pipe's Diawpsln after eating or whan psin 1 felt 8o remember this for your comfort, and lest that oonatant g on tha stomach doe not drift into giatritUl "Ppe' Dipepsu" instantly neutralises the eices stomach acid and soothes, heal and trngthen the inflamed stomach lining, promoting normel, painles digestion and thu helping to prevent future trouble. . For many year million hav used and recommended "Pape' Diapepsin for the peedy nd sure relief of indication nd allied trouble. Follow their example! Oct a 60 ut paekoge of "Pape's Dtapepsin" from ny druggist) no matter how sever your etomaoh troubles you will get "relief.

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