The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1948
Page 5
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THTJESTVAY, JUNE S, 1948 (ARK.V Mayor of Memphis Denies He Pressured Gov. Laney to Turn Down Proposed Race Track MEMPHIS, Term., June S, UP)—Mayor J&mti J. Pl««ji»nts «i»- elaimed charges loday llul he put, lh« hfnt on Gov. Ben l*ney ot Ar- k»ns»j to turn down the proposed $2,000.000 r«c« track plant Jor «ll-out tupport on the civil rlgliU Issue agaliiBt President Truman. (At Mtile Rock, Laney continued tin feud by withdrawing the Invitation lor (he Initial states' rights campaign committee meeting to b« held at Memphis. Instead Laney moved Hie meeting lo Jackson, Miss., itartlng Monday). Many UNRRA Supplies Went To Satellites Political Leader «. H. Crump joined Pleasant* In lashing out «g«Inst the proposed "Dixie Downs" race track across the river near West Memphis. Ark. Laney had phis officials Injected the race charged tartier this week (hat Mem- track Issue into the Inpending »tates' rights meeting scheduled at Memphis, Pleasants iwued a statement last night to clarify Ms position in the exchange of words across the river. "Lets keen the record straight on the proposed race track In West Memphis." Pleasants said. "Governor Laney called last weelc «nd asked me to name several men to serve on certain committees when he called the anti-civil rights Truman Tells Critical Missourian That He Will Not Run from a Fight States' Rights Campaign Meeting Is Moved from Memphis to Jackson LITTLE ROCK, Ark. June S — (UP)—The initial meeting of the states' rights permanent, campaign Ben Laney announced today. As chairman of the states rights Democrats, Laney sent telegrams to committee members yesterday. He said the group would probably hear the outline of a "definite program designed to carry the Smith's fight against President Truman's nomination and his civil rights meeting to order In Memphis I totd proposals to the Democratic Nahim. In effect, that Inasmuch as he " " * was heading movement over there to build a race track In West Memphis I did not feel llk« working under his flag on the anti-civil rights movement In one room and against him in the next roam on his race track." Pleasanls said that "now he (Laney) is erked." Will Hit Mrmphlani "He (Laney)' says that I am try- Ing to put preasure on him; that I am meddling In Arkansas' affairs; that I must not dictate to him. "That gambling outfit proposes > to make its money largely out of ' Memphians and Tennesseans. Of course there will be a certain play from Eastern Arkansas, but the gambling outfit will lay down the rules, do the supervising arid ex- tional Convention." The governor had earlier planned to hold the meeting In Memphis. However, following a telephone conversation with Mayor James J. Pleasants of Memphis, he an- | noimced "I will not hold the meet- ! ing in Memphis under existing circumstances." According to Laney, M"ayor Pleas- ans said Memphis political leaders would not participate In the civil rights fight unless Laney gave assurance that a permit to cgnstrucl a race track at West Memphis would not be Issued. WASHINGTON, June S. (UP) — More than hall ol Europe's share ol UNRRA relief supplies went to countries which now lie behind the "iron certain," II was disclosed yesterday. These figures were contained In President Truman's quarterly report tb Congress on U. S. expenditures under the now-defunct UNRRA. The report covered the period through June 30, KM, vvhe.i UNRRA began winding up its operations and this country Mopped contributing. Over the three previous years, Ihe report said, the U. a. contributed t2,7CO.OOO,000, or about 73 per cent of UNRRA's total resources, This Is about one-halt ol the amount which year's operation of the European Recovery Program to aid the 16 Western European nations. The president's report on UNRRA disclosed that up to last Jin* 30. Europe had received $2,023,000,OJO worth of UNRRA food, clothing and medical, agricultural and industrial supplies. That was fto per cent of the total earmarked for eventual delivery there. Of the total delivered, about 54 per cent went lo Russia or Russian satellites. rac. II, a lifelong Democrat. £»< "nner meet Ing at hi. home in rote the president lirst | <J!ceo " Iasl "W"' 'pressure' on him. That is sills sidestepping." (Laney will consider the racing permit later this month.) "We .will never quit lighting I,a- pect the Memphis suckers to make ney and thal track lf lt is built; . AMG Political Official Released by Russians BERLIN, Jime 3. —(UP)— Dr. Harry L. Franklin, political official of the American military government, was released by the Russians today after more than IB SALISBURY. Mo,, June J. (UP)» —President Harry B. Truman believes he "was nol brought, up lo run from a fight." This was disclosed yesterday In an exchange of letters between Mr. Truman and a Missouri dentist, Dr. H. H. llrummall of Salisbury, who urged the president to drop out of the presidential race. nrnmmall, said and added that "1 think thousands of citizens should do the same." His first letter to Mr. Trumnn -said "regardless ol the justice «• I njustiee, I believe bolh [wpular I opinion and opinion ol liberals ev- ' crywhere is that new leadership of the parly Is essential to victory this year." President Truman replied on May 24 as follows: "Dear Dr. Hrummall: "1 rend your letter of the fifteenth with a lot of inlercst, atitl for your information I was not brought, up to run from a fight. "A great many of you Democrats in 19-tfl MII off utter a certain governor who wa s trying to cut ray throat, he didn't do it successfully— they are not going to succeed this time either. "1 am certainly sorry (hat yon feel tho way yon do. H is nol u good way lor a Missourian to Icel at tnls time. Sincerely yours, Hurry' S. Truman." The president referred to former Gov. Lloyd C! Stark, who rnn second lo Mr. Truman In 1940 in a three-way content for the Democratic nomination for U. S. Senator Irom Missouri. On May 27, Brunuuall wrote in reply that he was surprised ill the president's response, particularly 'when you therein impunged the Otceola C. of C. Secretary Host to Civic Leader* ^,_ ^ llle O* 0 " 1 " Chamber of Com™ erc ': *'** llost tfl , director, of the o gun zfttlon a.irt fiv. special Directors attending Includtd Mayor Hen r. Butler, R. c. Bryan, Sieve Bowkcr, Sam Hodges, Jot Rhodes, Jr., Steve Ralph, J. c. Buchanan, G. B. Seanraves, Joe Crotn- er, Harold Ohtcmlor! anrl Arthur Rogers. Special guests were: A. W. Bowen, president of Ihe Klwanls Club: the Rev. L. T. Lawrence, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church; the Rev. H. O. Couchman pastor of Ihe First Methodlsl Church, W. W. Prcwltl and Dr George Cone, all of Osceoln. Three members of the Navy re crultlng unit In Jonesboro pie- tented two films, one showing atomic bomb tests it Bikini and the other Admiral Byrd's expedition to the Antnrtic- Chicago contains 1385 hotels, with a total of 135,400 rooms, of which 35.00(1 are transient rooms. Us. Political Poll Pic/cs Truman, Vandenberg WASHJNCVrON, June ». —(UP) —A majority of 60 Washington po- lltcal writers polled by Newsweek believe H win be Truman v«. Vandenberg next November. And nil 50, Hie magazine if|)orlerl today, bolleva the next President will b« a Ilepubllciin. Sen. Arthur H. Vandenberg. fl. Midi, ran well nlicud qf the field B.I "the most likely Republican presidential nominee," The writers picked first, second and third choices, and hi conipiil- liijf the results Newsweek HIIV* three points Jor first. choice, two tor second ami one for third. Vandsmberg got 119 j»lnts v Tmll- IIIR him were Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York, 89 points; Sen. Hobcrl A Tufts, R. O. 39; S»cftfcer Joseph w. Martin, Jr.. IW); Harold E. Stasscn, 13, and Ciov, Earl \Vnv- ren of CHllfornla, 13. Mr. Truman got H7 points us the most likely Democratic nominee. Hehlnri htm \vcro Supreme Court Justice Wllllnin O. Doiiulas, U7 points; Gen. Might D. Elsenhower, 33. and Sen. Alben W. Hnrldey, n., Ky. a. As the most likely vice prcslrten- tial nominee., the writm cavt the most points to stuwn tor the H*. pul>llc»ti* and to Oov. Men O. Wnllgren of Wnahlngtoo for tin Democrat!.' . The writers' principal re**oru tor predicting i Republican victory Newsweek mid, «er« "general weariness with the 15-year Democratic regime;, luck of confldenM In Tru- nmn Mid his administration; dt»in- Icjjnukm of the Democratic Party, anil Hie emergence of (Henry *•> Wnllnce'i third parly." Tin United SUt« now has an annmil harvest of 200,000,000 hu.shcl.s of soybeans. «tad Conrtar Km An TOU troubled [Bn.U funetteul p «nc-7 Do« thli mat* JOM lot tired, hlxb-Mrunav tm »om «« ntfc time.,? Then DO try Lrdte B. Pin*, bun's T«KeUbl» Compound to •uch •ymptonul PlnkbAm'B ppuod i, mule erffct*U» tor I It »Uo bu That Doeton Mil MoRiMble tonic «««ctl An> - •- LYDU L randuws hours as a prisoner, u. S. author- ! nioltus of those Democrats who did ities announced. . ' not support you in the 1940 primary police agents went lo 11 P" 5 '- , iFieosants said. PleasanU continued that Cover- I - Vnaer no clre ,imstances would I nor Laney 'now gives the Impress- I i lnacr t a ke to tell the good people ! of Arkansas how to conduct affairs. This gambling race track ion that he Is going to put the race track in West Memphis be- caus« , as he says, I tried to put Is a different matter, for after all,' It is a Memphis proposition. "I say most postlvely if Gov. Ben Laney was a candidate for reelection he would not have the audacity to propose this race track, knowing that he would be defeated on that very issue before the people of Arkansas." Oppose Civil Rights ' v Pleasants iterated that "I am as strongly opposed to President Truman and his so-called civil rights program as T ever have been." "I cannot, however, go under the banner of a man who, even if not actively promoting it, at least American police agents went Soviet headquarters late this morning after telephone consultation wltli Russian authorities regarding the disappearance of Dr. Franklin, 53, former resident of Washington, D. c., and Louisville. Ky. Arniy police Investigators put. . j little stock In reports that Dr. tneir Franklin had been kidnaped. They 1 observed that he had gone into the Soviet sector of Berlin on his own accord, according to Information given them. National Junior Chamber Of Commerce Convention Opens in Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA. June 3. —(UP) —The 26th annual convention of the U. S. Junior Chamber of Commerce opened today. More than 5,00 delegates from the United States. Canada and election. "Freedom of the ballot and freedom ol speech are Uvo of the civil liberties, the perfection of which for all citizens you have 'sponsored and 1 hope sincerely advocated for acutin ol the Congress. "Never in any public utterance by you have I heard you assort that the exercise of a civil liberty Hi any time constituted the citiell exerciser thereof as "cufcthroat." In neither of his letters did Brummnl! propose nt> alternative candidate 16 Mr. Tinman. He said he had voted for him In the 1940 general election and in the 1044 election when Mr. Truman was Die running mate ot the late President, I Roc se veil. Bmminnll raid lie would vole tor Mr. Truman ug.iin this Fall "if he insists on running.'' \ He said it was the first time he ' hat] ever written to a president ami i did so to oiler "n grassroots polUV cal suggestion." sanctions turning loose leeches and] forei»n countries attended the'con- bloodsuckers to prey on the people! vention. largest in. the organiza- WOODS Drug Store of my city." Laney had described his telephone • conversation with Pleasants as "petty political pressure." "I'm surprised," the governor said "at the tactics used, if that's all the interest they have in our civil rights fight, then we don't need them in our group." Crump said that the race track will "shove us back 10 years." "There will be more defaulters, more wasted Saturday nights pay checks, more unpaid rents, more credit asked for, more lost homes, "This isn't by any means an A ansas matter, as the alibis--gam- Chamber, biers and friends of gamblers—will contend. Gambling isn't elevating adds nothing to society. If this proposed track Is for Arkansas a- lion's history. Phincipal speakers listed included Attorney General Torn Clark; former. Supreme Court Justice Owen. J. Roberts; Cord Meyer, Jr., World Federalist president, and Dr. Daniel A. Poling, prominent Baptist minister. A 14-min delegation was in Philadelphia today representing -Arkansas Jaycces. The delegation included Jimmte Edwards, Immediate past president of the BlytheijUle Junior Chamber of Commerce, and Packaging of store purchases annually requires the use of 70 billion paper bags of all descriptions in the United Stales alonii. nes. Gregory Dozler of Tcxnrkana, state ,rk- I president of the Arkansas Junior With the Courts Phone 507 2ZI W Main i lone ' wh y don't they build it in " I I Little. Rock?" Chancery B. C. Land Co. vs Dewey Rice, suit lor $412.05 debt. Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights When disorder of kidney Junction xwrmitj poisonous matter to remain In your blow! It mny cnusff HFij-sLnff backache, rheumnt!* pains, kg F-iina, loss of IXP and energy, itet- • tinpup nights, swelling, puffinesa under the eyes, ncaunchca mid dizziness. Frequent or acnnty pnssnses with smarting anil burning; •ome!lines sliowa there is something wrong wKh your kidneys or blazer. 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