The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL XXVIII—NO. 27 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHUAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOMEEDir Blytlievllle Courier,' Blythevllte Herald, BlythevUle Dally . Mississippi Valley Leader. J. SATUKOAY. SINGLE COPIES FIVE-CENTS .;? Women Demand Dry Law Change Says Mrs. Sabin Debate Referendum Must Determine County's .Altitude, Says Prosecutor Gladish. i If Sunday base-tall Is approved I by Mississippi county citizens such | upprnval must be made le^al by a ' county-wide election or the Sab- ball) pastime will be banned. S. L. Glartish of Osccola. district prosecutor, declared this moniiny. ' No iiUiin;ition ihat the ban would be enforced until the opportunity for an election was Riven was made by the prosecutor however. A statute enacted by the recent legislature- gives the cit incus of counties of 50,000 population and over the privil-tte of legalizing Sunday baseball by popular vote If Ilicy dr-sire. For several years Sunday baseball has been a pomrlar pastime in this cov.ity, especially In Osrc- ola. and hai experienced little or no interference on the part ofj authorities and the prosecutor's ot-1 fiire despite the existence of Sun-' KIMTOK'S NOTK: Two Urler- mineU organizations of women have just closed militant meet- iiiRsJn Washington. They an: the Women's National ('onimittce for Law Knforeement anrt thu \Yn- nien's Organization for Naliuiml rruliitutiiui Ituform. They rvpre- seJit two diametrically u^posite views of the I'ruhibltion MtuMtuji. Tile leaders of these two groups. UMh women of distimiicn, Iiave written their vii'ws of a critical iLttiunal problem for " Courier News through NBA Service. Mri Charles II. Sabin resigned her ^position as Itepuhlicaji National Conimiltctwonian from New York to organize women in tli« wet cause, which she lie lit ves more important than parly politics. Mrs. Henry W. rcahvjy transferred her residence fntrji Massachusetts to Florida ulien thi: citizens of *lLc former stale voted to repeal their state prohibition ,ta\v ami circled net ofti- cials. Mrs. Sabin's article follows. Tlmt «f Mrs. Peubo;ty will apnc-r.- Monday. VOICES: . S. PDLIC1 Navy Blimp On Parade Over Manhattan Departs I'rom Old Doctrine cf Pro'eclion for Citizens and Property. WASHINGTON. April 18 (UP) — The evolution of what may v"', [('own in diplomatic history as the I "Hoover doctrine" wns seen by j I some observers here today In Ihe -. j administration's present Nicarftyuan I I policy. I This policy, oulv partly enunciated in Secretnry ot State Sllmsion's I formal statement yesterday, appeared to have two cardinal points': First, llmt United Slates property in Nicargua Is not necessarily entitled to military protection, although under certain conditions it Sirs. Charles II. Kabm with 309 women, a third of whom | were residents of Cleveland and I nearby communities. This year 1000 I women gathered from 33 .states and the District of Columbia—determined and representative women , BY MBS. CHARLES II. SABIN : trom the south, the middle and far day "blue" declaring the pas- chalrraan o£ the Wonlen - s OrM _ western states as well as frqm lac time illegal in Arkansas on the 1 b > ' •> Sabbath. Vole Would Cost SMI) With the of the new law which giver, the larger counties of the state the privilege of d»tcrminiii3 the status of Sunday | Boused 8 by""lne dL^.,,,., .„.„„baseball hv vote. Mr. Gladish says jlion5 contronllns , his colm , a _ that pi'blic opinion may be clearly a tcsatt of thc f oi | ure of p ron j u '' showed clearly that women as well determined hy AH election and that tion wil | not Cea5e their wort . „„',, as men had'turned against an Sunday baseball must either be clrom unlu the E1 ,,, lte6iun Amen(I '_ tolerable stale of aifairs approval by a majority ol MISSIS- , nen » | s ren< , a i,<|j ] The growing army of womei: izatlon for National Pro- " I eastern seaboard. hibilion Reform, j Sentiment Turns (Written Through NEA Service for I Thcrc Ls no (loubt that £e » tl '» e » l the Courier \ews WASHINGTON. April 18.- apalnst Prohibition has increased T ,,, | tremendously. The huge nnjori- thinking women'of America, oncc ! tics which candidates supporting rr - - -- - ''pcul of state prohibition laws rc- the last 1930 elections cenrii' cuull- reived" may be. Second, that U. S. citizens in Nicaragua cannot expect military protection If they disregard warnings to setk snfLty. Observers in pointing out how widely tills doctrine dilfered troui that followed in the Coolidge . minlslrniion and earlier cited President Coolldge's address before the United Press in New York in April, 1927. when he snld: "The person and properly ol a Steering clear of Manhattan's loftiest skyscraper iwaks, three of the United States Navy's baby llghter- tliLin-alr ships made this striking picture during an nerial parade over the metropolis. It was a training cruise for the blimps J-3 and J-4 invl the all-mejal ZMO-2, photographed here from an airplane. That's the Hudson River In the background, and the tall, sentinel-like structure toward the center of the picture la the Empire Slate Building, highest In the wcrll, where dirigibles nre to be moored. .Boys Lose Lives When Skiff Upsets on Ohio STEUDENVILLE, O., April 18 ; (UP)—Three brothers wrro drown-i | cd hr,ro yesterday in Ohio river I Hood \vnteis. I.. n i o \V7* i The brothers, Theodore C.ikls, n.jlYlon Hilt He Oil Otl'CCts With Pistol Bulls After Bui- ftT f • . _.. ...,-. * i 1 lie uruiilL'iM, i[it:uiiu:L- VIIMB, 11, citizen are part oJ the general do- MISSISSIPPI CoUlltV Land (Jcorgo. 14, and Samuel. 11. were mam of the nation, even when V\ ' ka , ,„,„,,„„, (M s ,, r ( ncc nfu -r abroad. There Is a distinct ami U\V11C1', Weil NtlOWIl tl|clr nsh!ngskm capsized. Their bint In? resncnsibllilv on the part ,, rx- . T- -n >....,: ,,. i,,.i n i n hi bindiin respcnsibllily on the part ,, n . r MI of self-resprctiiv; eovcrnments to Here, UlCS at LvailSVllle. afford protection to the and property of their wherever they may be." persons citizens Employes Tolil They Are Safe NEW ORLEANS. April 18 (UP)— three weeks Illness. Theodore E. Hechttn. 67, extensive farm land owner In this vicinity, died at his home In Evansville. Ind.. late yesterday following n bodies were recovered hist night. lets Are Gone. county citizens or the sport which this organization represents will not let any candidate for orncj National Prohibition Reform ell known In this city Humors have been current here : evade this issue of national Proon record last year for repeal, r?- nl) Standard Fruit and Steam- whrre this wrei: that n mcethur of base- The determination to consider any substitutes i ship company employes In Nlcnr-: attending to his properties paid by nariies who would submit the question at an election. Had Planned Sunday Games tnst year two Sunday baseball 0 Icngurs operated in '.hk county, in \ ^ addition tn independent teams and j U apitol. year we met' at ! tf-« several parties in 1032 to flght! mittrd the state department's re- I side for a week. the Oscecla Indians, a fast semipro organization. Although the tv.-o ball leaguer, have disorganized, another league has evolve.'l from Ihe towns represented in the twn defunct leagues. I The league teams, the Osceola j Association Counsel BlamCS ' u , Farm I lor the nomination of candidates pledged to repeal the Eighteenth Amendment. And If necessary they ! will go to the polls on election day : prepared to place patriotism above partisanship and vote for the cause of Prohibition reform. For Children's Sake I have been ashed if there is a particular woman's viewpoint on j effect thj.t they were safe In the Prohibition. If there is such a thin,! coastal tmvns anci RSl!ed lllem to fusal of marine protection in the I will ^o to Evansville for the fun- interior." Mr. Brownson said. "This cral Tuesday, of course had a very disquieting | effect- upon, the American residents, bofh In the Interior wherd many had become panic stricken and fled to the coast, and in the coast cities themselves. We Immediately wired a reassuring message to the BRAGGADOCIO, Mo.—Tills little town was thrown Into a panic yesterday when Arcli Crlba and Irvln Fretwcll met on the streets and proceeded to shoot out their differcnccn with pistols. Both men emptied their jjdns and ; durhi'i the exchange Fretwell received a minor wound In his right arm. .From 1 wl * n Nos-" Out lones^oro in Lit-" erarv Events by Margin ofiTwo Points. Winning nine llrst places and .1 number of seconds, thirds, duJ fourths, nlythcvllle hlgli school stit; dents nmas^V CO points to win. the literary sweepstakes at the nn- ] nual District High School meet at Joncsboro tcKltiy. Jouesboro high school students, with 58 points and seven first places finished ,a close second..- Para- RouUI with 27 imlnts was third and :»v| Marked Tree with 2-1 points took .'• foin'h place homlM, Other h'.g'n•_•;? schools of the district winning .--. ixilnls In the literary departmsnt •; • were E«rle. Wilson, Oaceota, PI?- . .• soil, HarrisbnrB, Rector nnd Ty- •; ronza. lllyllieville entrants who twK . firsts were Katharyn Denton, nlqo- brn and girls' debate, Hyron Morso, -. dccbmatlon, Eversrd Wclsburd, ..-'boys 1 debate,' 0tires Bracken, Ul- llan Brlscoe and Ora^i Elllt", 7'rts r trio. Woixlrow Fisher,. violin, Lll-.- : Una Brlscoc, -girls' voice, .Wopdrow .• Fisher, Carl Rylec, Kenneth .Me- ;. Anally and AHoii Hood, boys', qxmr-' et, and the boysVglce'club. >••.,' .-•. Others who won points lor Bly- ; thcvllle were \fnrsh M.VCaltaway • [r., Uulh Butt, Helen Qrimes, .Air .'.• bert. Taylor, Thelm'a Wortliin^ton, Tommy Thompson," Virginia • Spur- :. land, Mnrion Cooley. . ,.-"'. The fn!!o\ying-were; Dinners ln- : the literary department:' .'".. , '. . Composition: 1 Par'c^tiutd, 2. Pis- '. gott, 3 Joncsboro, 4 Blythevllle, • Marsh lit. Callaway Jr.- -" '•.:. ';.."• - Tyi«will!ni): 1 Joncsboro, .2 Paragould, i Blyltievllfc:, Ruth' Butt. ' Shorthand: l'Parasould, : 2 Jones-;' baro,.3 BlytticvllUr, Helen .Grimes. ~ i their, «uns-were empty the •.'M-.ebra: 1 BlythsvllJf.'.Katharyn •. RcilislCT EtU'K' Last. ^ c ' weapons and It was In thls'ronzn. ° } ' exchange ol blows that Fretwcll. .History. I Joncsbirq. .2 Marked-.-: While pedestrians, tlicalrc-bound. strolled by, and others loitered about the downtown business sec' tion, a tblcf or thieves . received serious wounds about the!Tree. 3 Blytlicvlllc, Alb?rt Taytor, face .and bods'.-thal -required the 4 Wilson. ' ' . aid of physicians, At the end of the altercation. Sheriff Pete. Roberlson was called • Latin: 1 Joncsboro, 2 Blythevllle, Thelma Wqrthlnglon, .3 Paragould. 4 Piggott. Indians nnd the BlythcvUle Red Sox, recently organized indep-rndeni team, anticipated playinj Sunday baseball this season. Prosecutor Gladish declined to is because of their interest in i remain. We believe, this has re- Cotton Troubles. jin 3 ton conference were mother^ «,^Jj'^ 0 ™£* They cannot help but be sorlousl. comment on a statute similar to i -Mf-«i'"ib, April IS (UP)-Up- th^ Sunday ball law. which would I wa ™» ° r 2 «> delegates (a the Son- concerned to' have their children growing up in the face of condi- ,„„ '"the "nuenion "of"'"sund"avi'hern Cotton Shippers " AsYoclaTion ' tions existing today because of an movies to the voters of the larger Rnthcrcd here today and heard j attempt to enforce Ictal abstinence Walter Parker, economic counsel I upon the nation, for the American Cotton Shippers! I "'ink it will be conceded that Association analyze world market! liquor was never so easily obtain- conditions In the principal address j able, especially by women and mln- counties jections. for acceptance The prosecutor sUtrd that his office would not interfere with Sunday shows now in operation in Blythcviiln and C)scc-: at which time he said the govern- ola because ojKrators of such shows nient's stand had weakened Amcr- wcrc subject to fines in city courts \vhich v-ould prevent their prosecution by his office: Lsgion Post to Hold ica's position In world markets. ors. The old saloon, whatever its evils, did not count Inrg3 numbers of nomcn and young people amonn "We are chiefly concerned with i Its customers. Today liquor is serv Ihe tragic position of American, ed to anyone, both in soeakeasics cotton resulting from the govern-1 and in the ho:nc. C'nildi'en are ment's attempt to lift and hold • values above the world parity by growing up in a world where lawlessness is rampant, hypocrisy cn- the con- C !)• T 1 I 'B IK)1 ' in E 'or a time the immutable couraged and contempt for tin Fry at lllg Lake! law of supply and requirement," stituticn lauded. Preparations are being made for the entertainment of 200 or more members of D:id Cason post. Aiuer- i Parker said. "Cotton still is king." he contin- illv .,..„,.„ ucd. but adding that "American! goni , (ar beyond the niiestton of nt Big Ij»kc next Tuesday In e?Ie- A Xew Issue The Prohibition question has that unH , w£ the Nicaraguan ' national guard can give adequate protection." night and escaped with about $30. which wns removed from on uii- - locked cash register. Thc Uilef • overlooked $50 In an envelope'In lone rf thc renter drawers. Apenls Arrest Leaders oil TI-.C robbciy is believed to hav G o • i , T I J occurred sometime be".ween 1:30 an ' vmin baiH to IncluHr.ig O . clock nuck Tm ,,i mwn , mem hc' _ from Cnrulhersvlllc and took Crlbta, Plane Geometry: 1 Paragould, 2 through Yhe'skyllRhi of the Hub- back to that city and the county piggott. 3 Jonesboro, 4 Blythevllle, I bard Hardware company building. Jail. He will tx> charged with as-1 Tommy Thompson, 211 West Main street, early hs ! 'aull with Intent to kill. \ Declamation: 1 Blythevllle, Byron ! Morsi, 3 Jonesboro, 3 Harrisburg, 4 Parni>oii!d. . Spelling: 1, 2 Blythc- ville, Virginia Bouclnnd, 3'Para- eould. ' Marked Tree. Girib'Debate: 1 Blythevllle, Katharyn Donf.m. 2 Jcnesbaro, 3' Paragould. 4 Piggott. Boys' Debate: 1 Blythevitle, Ever- jard Wcltlnird. 2 Jonesboro, 3 Paragould, 4 Piggolt. FiRnlli 100 New York Doctors. ol * merchonls patrol discover.-! the rear door of thc hardware bm!d- A~~ 18 (HP)— ms opf " °" nls cnl ' J "'- 2nt round ly 100 doctors and with cotton no longer wears the crown. Seek Negro Slayers of Constable BALD KNOB, Ark., April 18. IUP —Two negroes caught robbing a box car in thc railroad yard here last night opened fire on two officers, killing one instantly. The other escaped uninjured. lean legion, at a fish fry to be held Thc f nrm board's nostrum has succeeded In sending many American bnvtion of the completion of a cam- [merchants to the sidelines as observers and In changing American mills from investors' in raw material supplies into hand to mouth buyers. Tl lias also succeeded in relieving many an American cotton producer of his Job, but many of them have not realized It." paign which gave the post the largest membership in its history and made it the third largest in the state, teing exceeded only by the Little Rock and Hot Springs posts. , noscoe Crafton. captain of the winning team in the recent membership contest. Is chairman of th_committee in charge of the fish fry. Festivities are scheduled to start at 6 p. m. ifcmbsrs of the |»st will me?' nt tli: annory biiildln? at 5 p. m., w!i?re transportation will available for those who do nat have "ranee Developing Plan for Tarifi Agreement the right to drink. Prohibition it-1 The negroes fled and at an early self Is really no longer an issue. I hour today had not been found. The country is now primarily con- Constable Willis Hobbs. 32. was fatally injured by one of the ne- groes as he patroled the railroad yard with Joha Pollard, a deputy constable. The officers surprised the negroes who started shooting without warn Ing and before either constable had a chance to seek protection. tiori diseased that the. ^ gained cr.trtncc through a • and slipped out thc tack dojr of- alle,ed ring leaders by"" federal *' rln! '" lhc "<» re ' ist = r ' prohibition agents. The quintet was taken in raids which netted 17 prisoners In Ihe c'J.y Jail on suspicion bv In° three members of the Delia offers las', nlcht but was released Kanna Knsllon fraternltv and was this mornl.iK. Police nre wor,:i::" the second povernment blow agnlrst on several cli:es In connection w:t.i doctors and dn^aists lor vlplat- j the robbery InT the nrohibitlon law. * | Edward Campbell, New York pro-1 hlbltion administrator, said 91 physicians ard dni7Khts aeonsed of Issuing pikscrl^tions illogalVV for medicinal whlskcv were named on^ Ihe complaint wiih thc five arrest-] ed. I U. S. Grant, assistant U. S. at- engineer for the St. Francis Levee 'n Piii'sf of F ^ a m c. T l A 1 T T * : nkes an«tlipv Lite in Texas Oil Fir.lcl. Girls' rtcadlng: .1 Jonesboro, 2 Marked Tree, 3 Earl:,.4 Blytheviile, . Marion Cooley. Piano: I Jonesboro, 2 Blytheville, Lillian Briscoe, 3 Marked Tree, 4 ; KH.r=ORR. Tex.. Anrl! IS. (UPl— plggott. A man. who appeared over-anx- Fl . c ftm ni|c(t nbollt n hitterv of! Boys' Voice: 1 Marked Tre2, "2 I3U5 to cstobhsh an alibi, was plac- oj | ,,,, k , | n thc novv rvsl cerncd with deciding the best method of ridding itself of the system's glaring and ever more threatening evils. The Prohibitionists are still making the speech which they made bsfore the Eighteenth Amendment became part of the Constitution. They are still talking about a theory; they are still pointing to the evils of the o'.d saloon. at HS p we have never lost the saloon: If PARIS. April 18 (UP)—A govern-j is now known as a speakeasy. But ment project for forming a European economic league to combat . . This organization contends tha; I "Bunch of Ku KlUXCrS i 01 BO; ox"-1 jencsboro. 3 Blythevllle. Kenneth ' field todiv. 'Ire atte.rmnlh if <\ wi- ! MeAnally. 4 Wilson, den burst nf flr-me which chim" 4 1 Girls' Trio: 1 Blytheville, Othus rv<« 1'fo p.nrt left four olhrr mev Bracken. Lillian Briscoe, Grace El- critleillv burneel. liott, 2 Jonestnro, 3 Osccola,.4 (tic) The sixth 1.000 barrel tanks i>d-• Earle anrl Wilson, io'.n die Allen and U'jshiirrh Ntim- ] Orchestra: 1 Piggott (only cn- ber Brkhtwpll gusher. hr<res f . in tranl); j the flo'd. which was threa'/'n"d bv Violin: 1 Blytheville, Woodrow . Thc utmost conusion foPow^^ Fisher, "2 Harrlsburg, 3 ^TRrked di'STster u-hlch cimc after pn- Tree, 4 Pi^gott. Girls' Voice: 1 Blythevilie. Lillian Briscoe, 2 Rector, 3 Marked Caruthersvillc May Get Revetment Slab Plant j . i other fire nearbv In which f CARUTHERSV1LLE. Mo.— Thru , !( , rFons vfrf _ hllrncf) tn d[ , nln „ ,,.„- „„„ CI16cut: , ^ „, efforts largely ol S. P. Reynolds,! lir) ,, r , car ]| cr Tcleihono pnrt Wo-lTree, 4 Jonesboro. services nt thi oil boom ICIT> I Boys' Quartet: 1 BlythevUle,' torney general, named Ixiuls L. District In this section ol Missouri. .| m .-, i^,,,, ronti^usllv nvprtnvM f"- | Wocdrow Pishcr, Carl Rylej. Ken- Kaufman, salesman, as head of the It Is expected that the government | monti^ an( ] ca ]is f nr n i<i llouor ring. He Is held on $10,-, shortly will taring here its plant for | i, vc ., 000 bcn-i charged with conspiracy ] manufacturing concrete slabs to br and transporting. i^ Bakerv Owner Killed in Plane Crash ! used In revetment of the river: ] banks—a type of revetment which j J„ Is now being used alaiost exclusively Instead of the willow mat typ;. ! which has been the usual ma'erlal tr.roushout pan years for protect- .w-jnsnor Off"" fnr'Partfk Ww v TOKYO. /-ir'l 13 'UP)—' laid: neth McAnally and Alton Hood. 2 i Ufarked Tree. 3 Jonesboro, 4 (tlo) i Wilson and Piggo'.t. I Girls' Glc; Club: 1 Jonesboro. .2 . : Wilson, 3 Paragonld. 4 Mirked Tree,! (Blytheville not entered. i { Boys' Glee Club: 1 Blytr.eville, 2 | Paragoud. ing washliu and civln? banks. The ., „„ np ,. r -, 0 _ rr , „.,,., nsnnl ,„„,. TUSCALOOSA. Ala.. April 18 project- has had the approval cf Col. . , hn f^H-.t'rsn fir a trnns-Pacinc NeSfro Held Here IOV (UPl-Edwin Hardin. W. of Tus- j Wllloyghfcy. chief of e:i(dneerin? of- ;...-•,„. r , corrt tod^v hv nfferinE 1 TJ. , v f\ll-. a .. c *" ' n)CKinckT) ? "-y*j uiiicers :)s now mown as a speakeasy, jnu . . . ,..,,„..,.. to hlv , (, con cries In Ala(:a-na PTI .M;OTS^ 'saloon or speakewy-we want to bH t J n 4 tin e the Y4m ^ Wiled bte Frirtav when rid of it. We want control of the' \f.. ^,:™* ' h ' m^ers ,t the "^plane crashed at New All u i.^m« M^ *,,„•« «^«t—i —. ers was appueo 10 memoers 01 UIL ...,_., . „ „,, calocsn. owner ot a chain of bak- flee at Nfen-.phlj. and of On. .In:k- '^KM yrn a bont J25.000. for Ihe! cries in Alaba-na ^rl Miwis^lppl. son. presWent o' the Ml"'"'' 1 ?-1 nrrt r.r'n-Mop night bPtwfen Jnran| hl^ River commifsicn at Vick;b'.irj. and | p , ld (hi> y,,;,,,] slates. Inerenslng provide for facilitating exchanges It is hard to understand why the j between agricultural and nduslrlal drys will not join with us in trying U, put the sp^casy out or countrifs of Europe, volvc "considerable of the present system of tariffs in Europe, a system which has been ft great handicap and which has Services for Morrilton Suicide Planned Today MOFilULTON. April 18 (UP)— Funeral services will be held to- been the object of repeated league for assault. She was Albany, Miss., relatives here were advised today. Hardin. who nurclmed a plane for visiting his bakeries, had been nylng only a short time. He was ."onS" cnroute to Memphis when the accident occurred. the Eighteenth Amendment than they ever had to fight to secure It. But they are' at Leona's house except when he "visited" with Mary. A crowd ot negroes who ea'.her- cd during the brief brawl between the two '"ere referred to in Leoua's Hoover at Rapidan Camp for First Spring Outing ORANGE, Va., April IS (UP)— dav for Richr.rd Everett, 61, who : of nations efforts toward modifica-; demoralized. tcck hi" lito here late yesterday tlon. French experts will attempt I Before national Prohibition they r- M.>=Vili": his tliroal) with a razor to work out the project so it will had only to combat the brewers a; the lioi-ic of his daughter, Mrs. be in harmony with the efforts."and the distillers. Now they are A. H. Po'rter. of thc league of nations to form a, up against the attack of a gre:i! , The- b-dy was found In a small customs union and with thc pro"-,bcdy of Intelligent, altruistic men! Small three-wheeled automobiles I and "a half how drive from Wash- shed in I lie rear of the Porter ject for a European union spon-jand women, and they are conss-jare being used by sminds o! Lon-'. ington through blossoming or- lumic. Kvcrill left a note allri- sored by for.cign minWer Arlstldo- ( c.uently becoming more and more don police to speed through rtenso chards and under an invigorating was some days ago to Washington for consideration of the War Department. It is hoped, and expected, that Gen. Lytle Brown. head of the engineering staff thero. will shortly pass upon It and authorize It to bo done. In case such approval Is had soon, it Is expected that the apparatus will be moved In before long and work of manufacturing slabs bsgln about the first ol June, or at least during that month. Quite a number cf men v.T.l be euployctl. Mr. Reynolds expectln? thc payroll front Hoover, on h'.s first week the industry to average around ing of Ihe vcar. arrived $60,000 a month and fro work end outinR at his camp en the Rapldan at 10:30 A. M.. today after a three . bu'.iiu; liis act to ill health. i Brland. | irrational and contused. I traffic spring sun. will continue tiirougii a period ot perhapj six months. The gravel and spud nserl will probably b? U!:«n from the river bed direct bv 111? government b^.its. or else will be furnished locally. :he. nrl?o to 100.000 yen If the flier Is Japanese. The paper's flleht mav be made In either riire'ctiou and Is open to all aviators. Action Taken With Consent of Saunders Robert Williams, r.rjjro, vas arrested by Deputy Snerlfl Arch Lindsey this morning and held for Hiclri: an. Ky.. ofllcer;. Thc negro Is alltged to have been implicate In a shcolln; fray ncor Hlcitnan. WEATHER . -M-.XANSAS — Mostly cloudy, LOS ANOFUTS. April 18 <UP>—i s c!> .erln? thundershowers In west Clarence Pounders, head of lhc ;p .j(| 0! , [onlght; Sunday unsettled, northern California chain stores. 3c ,ttefea '.hundershwers. bearinr his name which filed aj voluntary pet.tlon In bankruptcy Ini Acce- to the ofPclal weather SMI Fr^nelfco ye-terdny had no i Observer, Charles Phillips ]:., th= obltctlcns to the- move, he said. I maximum tempsralitre hsre yestcr- "I gave the creditors two places day was 80 degrees and on the board of directors and hel^ mum one myself." Saimders said. "I year told them I would not object to turc w>- 8! degrees and the mlni- dc^-ees, cloudy. Today a ?'.,o t'.:c masinium tempera- the ' mum S4

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