The Montana Standard from Butte, Montana on September 12, 1928 · 1
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The Montana Standard from Butte, Montana · 1

Butte, Montana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 12, 1928
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- 4 9. jr : ip MONTANA WEATHER T"' fj) i Tltti " STISY JN," "TS , tif - ;---l . Thursday; probable showers ; X" ' J I -11" I I I A I 1 ' All I " "I 'it I 1 1 I ' ' - ' ' : J -' ; - - , - : wt portion, raf Wednes- V VV Yr V4. V s-1 M w wl .1 Vl V tV 1 V" -rfi - IVzJ I V I V" J ItJ : I7" I - srtvsr. I7e aweer. i uw. - i . , , " i . ., .. - " fjr"r . -. , , . - 2 - - ; s . q. - IrfrraV Ola, J ZT cg ?e Butte M Standard : ' " PHQNE 628 PRICE 5 CENTS i..- - , ., - - ; v. . , , - - - - : : ., : ' . : ' ' 1 r- ,. t,. , ' I a. ' w m wm-m rm ar - sr ua ar i . 11 1U U1LV iUA IA I FIGHPOD FIND MASTERS Eyes Are Blackened atid NoserBleed.-aslquiti' F611owers Attempt to Snatch Standards. REHULARSHN1SH WORK Platform to Be Framed and OfficcrjElected upponentrs of Smith Form Orgai. 'ati DALliAS, Tei Sept. 11 Toxm" In J coBTentfoiriohlght'- "cordially endowed' the na- - tlonal party platform and Got. Alfred E. Smith fc their state platform and ll! thrae docn-meat called upon "all officer of the government and all -merabera of the party" to rally . for ' the detructloii of the " traffic In alcoholic liquors." ' J. DALLiST Texas, SeptTlt. (A.P.) Amid the wildest "pcenes" that ever marked a mcratlc meettn. delegates refusing to endorse the presidential candidacy of Governor Alfred 'X Smith of New-Terk,-beltt the-state democratic convention 'here today and organ ted a separ- . ate convention ui their own in the blazing F-xn on the jpteps of Fair Park auditori-Wam where the regulars met Many of th ctata' p-t prominent political leaders wur. their f lata when Formers Ooverno Oecar Col quitt, avowed antl-Smlthlte, sprang: to his feet a few minutes after the convention opened and ihouted: "Let all loyal democrats retire." -. Tk Travble Btarts. X-Eye's vera blackened and noses bled as the lnsnrg-ents, trooping; from the ball amid ears and shouts "ret out, republicans," attempted to snatch standards from (legations of loyalists. Uniformed , ojplcers broke Continued en Pagi 2. Column 4. Largest On 3 Day Registration of Fall Is Recorded Te heavteet sdaale-day rats tretloa sf nlm since the laat-mlnote rub. sreelta the pri-siary alecUua was recegded f tm terday a the afflee f J. J. HaTTtatg-tom. eetasrty eferk ast i-aorder. Oaa kaadrcal aa4 tweaty ser seas. M at tkeaa wanesw made taisels ella-IMe to ntm la that W i a bar e4etlaa by reals-terlasr. The hla;bet' piaetoaa realarrartoa m aay ene ay waa M Maaday. A boat TOO elertors tava rcajto-tered alace the prta.ary alea-rlea. Han thaa 1300 etkere an axpaeted ta rcatster befara tbc claatagr data, gpt ST. Salvation Army $9,400 in Campaign That Will Re sult in Aid" for Many Unfortunate Persons' to Open Here Sept. 24. ? 1 The Salvation Army will lanneh Its , . Annual campaign Sept.. 14 and arlll Continue It until Oet.l, It was an-. ; ronnced yesterday by a committee of Butte business men. Jack Hattnck, rhalrman, which met at the Butte V ,-,111 ... .v. ' if tatlon of funds. , y- I n-k- K... . 1 V IPVI J WaUB ajn. Vi jTW LlVVIiai a, tldBt faaa dtrmln! that $.oo rh iNd4 this rar U Utk er i'A Convict Fugitive - Is Indicted r i f V f : CLINTON a CARNES : ATLANTA. Oa, 8ept- ll-Kr- Clinton S. Carnea, missing treasi urer of the home mission board of the Southern Baptist convention, was Indicted b ths Fulton county grand Jury today on a charge of embesillng I6S.0O0, of i4.hanls.- tlon board funds. Solicitor General John A. Boy-tins said addlttonai trils bllli --would berwoucbtTln eonueotldii wlth Carnes" allersd manipulation of Baptist- funds.' The mission board recently announced that a shortage of approximately f LAOS,. vbo had been discovered. STEVE SULLIVAN IS ELECTED C1RMN BUTTE SMITH CLUB Supporters of New York siastic Meeting Lea3ing Speakers Address Crowd. Permanent erganliatlon of the Smlth-for-Presldent club was affected last night at a rousing meeting held at democratic headquarters, IB. West Park street. Steve Sullivan, well-known coach and promoter of athletics, was unanimously elected chairman; Mrs. Paul Boklallch, permanent resident of . McQueen addition. Vice-chairman, and Sully Griffith, secretary. The treasurer -will ba selected at some future meeting. The j)ew officers spoke briefly; In accepting;. Singing;, music, step-dancing;, oratory and humor mads the meeting the brightest and most enthusiastic yet held by (ha club, . while money and contributions flowed In without solicitation. EVery one of the a teats were taken and the entrance was crowded with those who- had to stand out aa far as the sidewalk. : Since Its Inception, the Smith club has had only a temporary organisation, with a different chairman, every meeting. Last night's action makes ths organisation permanent during this campaign. May Chaaae ea William Meyer, chairman of the ex ecutive committee of the County Ceni' tral Democratic- committee presided at the meeting;. Dr. T. i. B. Shanley, personal representative of the Nation al -"Committeemen J. Bruce Kramer Continued on Page 2, Column I to Seek Annual Drive of the burdens Imposed on the-Army during the winter months. TT bese figures are baaed on last year's experiences, when the Army furnished relief to t T7J paopla This relief In-eluded fuel for 17 families and general relief for families. These families Included 1,11 persona Ths total ' number of persons helped wss .1,771. Groceries were supplied to 111 persona sboas to II. medical care to 12$; meals were jtarralMied, evcluelve of cnnsimss cneer. to si7 persons, garv meals were furnished, sxeluslve or and three families ware farnlslibed transportation. The Army maintains a reaoua home ta Spokane to which three girls from Butte were sent during the past year, la addition is the aerrloag already , Cemtimmd Page 2. Column 4. 2MlSTATIOtJSPtACED - . 1 1 ; ; ; . - - - - - COMMISSION "IS I FIRST TO CROSS AIR DEMY FINISrTLINE " I - READY TO TEST r :?-yr--Tr v- -T;:"" ."r ZONEPROPOSAL ysS'::i.': "1 Engineers Convinced That Plan Insures. Clearer .Reception on ; Majority of Wave Lengths Canadian Stations Will Be Heard;-Conflict in Wave Lengths in U. S. IsrgelyAvoided. WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 More than 204 stations have beea placed upon the 35 regional channels set aside by the federal radio commission for Interferenco-free broad- casMng under its newly an-nouireed reallocation plan. Th their Importance to the radio public assignments on these channels areeeond nly to those on the 40 cleared for hl0h vnviF hpniil&if rT-he -enrlneerr of th radio .commis sion are convinced that the regional and the cleared channels will Insure clear reception on at least 76 .out of the 90 available wava lengths when the reallocation goes Into affect. No vember II. Because the stations to eperats on the regional channels range In power front 2S8 to a' maximum' of 1,000 watts and are geographically-spaced from 1.000 to 1,500 miles apart, it Is expected that the whistles and howls of heterodyning will be abeent entirely In tuning them to the average receiving set. Continued on Page 2, Column 3. ITI-WIM CLAIMS OF ADMINISTRATION ARE UNDER ATTACK Senator Robinson Asserts Attempt to Adopt Builjk ing Program While Negotiating Treaties. RALEIGH, M. C. Sept. 11. V- Filing upon foreign . policies of the Coolldg-e admlnletratloa in ft fpech here tonight. Senator Joe T. Robin son declared an "attempt to sdopt a four-mllllon-dollar . naval program. while negotiating treaties to outlaw rar. Is an iroprestlve'Jllustratlon" of ths republican peace program. "Why authorize an expenditure for naval purpose! alone equal to tns entire coat of the war between the states to the federal government" h asked, "If Is good faith, we expect to avert the likelihood of future wars by the Kellogg treaties? Is there no danger that other powers may' sus pect our motlvesT" The - democratic 4ce-pres!dentla4 nominee, who tonight opened his campalg-n la this state, declared that no- one could deny that American Continued on Page 2, Column i. on'.tnu jt Way Is Cleared . For Mill Merger MrjWBAPOLIS. Mlnn Sept 11 ( A petition of stockholders for the dissolution of four eompanlei Involved la a milling- consolidation June 10 was granted today br Dis trict Judge H. D. Dickinson here. The companies Involved ara Washburn. lG0sb company which has been In rexlstence since June II. Hit. the Rocky Koantaln Elevator compear, tha Royal Milling company. and the Kallepell Flour Mill company, which ara uerg-ed In the Osneral Mills, In eorporated. Assets and liabilities of tha eld company are transferred to tka new eoBoara, V s Jiff ) an Xx "rtmti f'i-itxim i rii Ail lift' u E,rI..?.? fnAot wch,u- Kas- "! !' Csna monoplane, in whlct Tlh fly.f held th lead In th" C. At a,v,8,0n the transcontlnenUl air Derby to the Pacific cosst wij declared th unofficial winner. The official check is not expected to changetbe result . . HOST OF MOTOR IN HOP TO YUMA But Leader in Class B Division Is Ready to Con-tinue Flight Today. New Engine Installed.) - LOS ANQELES. Sept 1L V-Des-plta the faot that the motor of the plane piloted by E. K. Ballough of Chicago dropped parts of the last 16 miles he coaeted Into Yuma at the head of the Class B, transcontln- wULsuiLbeJn-he-rae on thaBal4a'Ke-&ran81antlCJllght dash tomorrow, by Baiioueh tn Los Angeles. Ha char- tared a trl-motor plane which carried It to Tama tonight and liwas Installed within a couple hSSrs after Its arrival. roast Race Ended. ' M. v LOS ANGELES, gjrgt 1 1. National S-lal Interest Nnltng a focus In mines field here this week cave way temporarily today to a regional airplane race from San Francisco won by H 8. Myhree of Los Angeles, who led 17 flyers across the-'flntsh line at 15 p. m. The. race started at Mills field, San Franclajf" t 10 a. m. Although Myhree wss declared the wlrinar, th nouncement awarding $2,000 will not be made of the flyers. '' r While the state race wss being Continued-on Page 2, Colup 3. People Flee Home - WJien Fire Starts In Vacant House Residents of several houses on South Colorado street rushed outside In hurrledlf-donned garb, and made preparations to move their . belongings early this morning when fire destroyed a vacant five -room dwelling at 214 Colorado atreet. Origin of the fire wss not learned usfflclally tynflaI .an-pie prise of Vintll afr a Butte Dry Raids Follow Trips of Collegiate One College locomotives may never again resound in . Butte bootlegging-parlors for .ths word. Is passing: that a dry sJeuth has adopted a collegiate dlsg-uls and tha raiding of dosen bars InVbe last week has resulted. "Sweet Adeline", and "Hi t a Jolly Good Fellow" ara still endured Jrom drinking customers, bat high pitched rah-rah's and mallow discossioas of fraternity brothers ara likely to bring-a quick vigorous bouncing, It Is said. Bartenders, learned In the philosophy of eauae and effect, have observed, they aay, that dry ralda have followed close apoa tha appearance of a hatlaae young- man, flaunting white flannel trousers and black coat or perhaps eordoroy pasts and skin-tight - sweatee This . yeune; aaan's hair Is greased pack fro as his HAVE FREE USE - 0N 35REGI0NARADI0CHANrJELS 1 . . -"-- ; Lcvinc Changes His Plans About Plane Race andMaHds 1 o Confusion mjAir Camps Eccentric Enthusiast .Withdraws Plane From Trans continental Event, Tries to Take Pilot Away From Sabelli, Who I Preparing for Ocean Attempt and Ends Day WithjDriginal Navi'satot Guiding Columbia ROOSEVELT FIELD, N. T., fusion and turmoil that has featured every long flight with which Charles A. Levine has been associated was injected Into the final arrangements for the non-stop trans-Continen tal air derby tonight when Levlne's trans-Atlantic monoplane Columbia was one-of the first entries in the ra;e,..LevIne arranging from abroad to have the shijj flown by Ljleuf. Jack leeman, nommandant orjpe yocKaway navw air station. But' when Levlne arrive back in a. i - . n " Z. America yesterdsy. he began to rearrange h'ls t'lfht personnel-. Ht announced that tooger Q. Williams Fould .be ch'tef pilot Instead of leeman, having decided not to participate tn the projected, flight to Rome with Cesare Sabelli. Peter Bonelll. another of 8abe'IU's crew, also cut loots- from that venture and It was Intimated that he, too, might fly In the Columbia uif loniy, nowever, Williams ana iWnelll su4de4tly announced thai they. had decided to go with tiabelll after all srffl tatffild Ueve at once for Hart ford. Conn. Thfs left L4vlne with only Lieutenant leemah and there WASa gefteri belief that" the Co-lumbra. would -t.e scratchsd. Only K.lsst la Race. If the Columbia Is withdrawn there will be orjy eight planes In the rartfnatead 't the 12 originally en- trP Of theae eight fdur will be in the mony," which amounts to 122.2(0 In prlzea of 112,600, 1 ,000, U.00O and 11.000. Levlne said tonight that Williams bed not not 1 1 l-d -h tm -that- he waa inn going to fly the monoplane Cotuin bis In tomorrow's non-stop race. Levlne said he would be-unable to make the flight himself because- of business, but' that If unfavorable weather held the flight up for a day or so he might be able to go. . Continued on Page 2, Column 2. forehead end tha smile of sophistication Is sprsad upon his face. He spends money and hs has a aolsy time. Ths supposed under-eover men has a trick of gaining ths confidence of Butte youths whose entry, to the drink parlors Is never questioned." He joins ths party, buys and soon afterwards ths boot larger Is adding- fcorkl money to his profit and loes aearount Three, men were arrested Jj raids on three soft drink establishments by federal prohibition officers yes. terday. Armed with warrants lssue1 on affidavits' of sals, tha off leers arrested CMrles Bailey at tT Nor'th Main strtstiJlono Smith at (H4 South AflsdwaV. street and William OfMatley at JeJ&et Talbot street A quantity ct llinorAwas also foind OIuCLARIl PARIt GRIDIRON i' vv . Sept. l,l.-l(A.P.)r The con Letine's new crew withdrew to LMS-0FU.P; Qhief Executive, on Way to Capital 4ter Annual '. Out'ing, Loses No Time in Getting to Work. OARRETT. tnd.. Aboard Presldsnt Coolldf w-pecial Train, Sept. 1 1. Uf) -acheduled to arrive In Washington, early tomorrow morning to rssume bis regular executive duties in ths eapltaleftr s long sjratlon!n . Wis- I consin, rresineni uoouogs touno national politics Jjnpatlent to reach him and todayRs received the first callers slnoe leaving the secluded shores of the Brule river. - James W. Good,, western republics n campaign manager, and Reprs- sentatlve Newton of Minnesota, head of the republican campaign speakers' uuresu, cook advantage of a stop or ths-presidential special In Chicsgo to board the train and confer with the chief executive Mr. Newton was In Superior last week, where be sought to induce, Mr. Coolldge to' deliver speeches for the republican ticket In the course of the campaign. Besides these callers, Mr. Coolldge invited- Secretary Davis of. the labor department, who has been speaking In I'snnsylvsnls to board his train at Newcastle Junction tonight and return to Washington with blra. Continued on Pag 2, Column L Several Tremors 4r Recorded at Seattle Station SEATTLE!. Sept XijVH Several earth shacks were recorded on the University of ' Washington seismograph today from 4:40 to 1:27 a. m., ths shocks reaching grestsst Intensity at 4:41 a tn., no sstlmate of the dls-teaee of tha quake wee mads.- EMM PLAYERS HAPPY OVERDECiSrON BY OFFICIALS League" Managers and School Heads See Way ;'Clear to Profit by Ana- conda Company Action. 20 PER CENT COT GOES Representatives m: Butte independent F o b t b a U ; ;8guads Issue Enthusi astic Statement J In line with the nolle of fleyeiflpmfnt-of athlstlcs pursued by the Anaconda company for years, announcement was made yesterday at s? re eial meeting ifelhe Butt f V dependent tfitflban . let?' : commission that a fee of ;20 per cent of the gross gajte receipts ttgames- played - at Clark -park, which - was charged by Ue former management of the park, would no longer be taken from football teams of the Independ ent league, Butte Central high school, Butte high school, and thfrMontana Schdol of Mines, This decision was arrived at by J. R. Hobblns. vice president of: th Anaconda company la. a confsrsnca yesterday with C L, Berrien, chalr- man of tha football eommlaaton. and Al Wilkinson, Secretary of the com- When the announcement wis mads st the meeting last evening, -managers of the clubs entered In the . league i were antnusiffti over tha decision which permits , the ue of the: park without cosj? The football team, Doe' Burns, of' the Hubsi 'Turk OsAs, Englewood: -Shimmy1 Crnlchu Dublin Oultjh, and Ted Warren, Cantervilia, uriitea in tner following statement: "The action of the Ansccd com-Deny. In taklnslbrf the aharae" form. e.rly assessed sgalnst' the gats re- Qinttnued on Payt 46Columh" 4 Desert Chef tain Feeh Slighted By Great Powers JERUSALEM, Sept. Wm Jew- lh Telegraphic Agency) Ibn Baud. Sultan of Ne)f of the Hedjas. feels slighted that he was not Invited to els-n Jhs Kellogg trea'y renouncing war' was a national policy, according to dispatches from Mecca to tha Arsblc prsss here. Ths leader of the warlike tribes of the Arabian desert Is resenting that neither hs nor any other of the Oriental potentates was Invited - to ths Carls conference the dispatches added that Ibn Baud would not sign the treaty unless ha was Invited te . a consultative conference, - , Govemotx Moody. ' '.Ardent pry Leader; Will Support; Smith Chief Executive of Texas, One of Nominees Most Active Opponents at the . Convention, to Help. . DALLAS. Texas. Sept It (AP) Governor Dan Moody of Texas placed himself oa rsoord tonfkht ee unequivocally la favor of the presidential candidacy ' of Governor Alfred B. Smith, ef New Tork and tha Democrats party's national and state tlcketa " 1 1 never Intend to backttep ea pro-hlbltlos," Moody satd. "1 eppotfd ORPHAN GIRL SHAFT TO BE PUT DOWN TO b2,80(lLE!Ef Unwatering 6f Shaft t. gjns Today and lC-Feet of New Depth Wil1 Be Added to the' Shaft PUSH EXPLORATIOi: M ! n eTHas "Fihe Surface Plants : West Side . Development Rouses Inter-st.1New Employment An announcement of deTel-opment work In the werten;. part of the Butte district th: -t will be of more than ordinary laterest to. tha , eommunitr tas made yester,darPby VI. President J. IL Hobblns cf tha Anaconda confpany. It i.i to the effect that, wiii y start this morning to u&wai eflag the. Orphan Girt ml, which Is located In the western part of the Butte district, and southeast of the Montana School of Mines. 1 . The presentfcaft la 1,000 feet deep atrfJran"up-to-dat modern plant is installed on the surface. r " - - As soon as the work of un- , watering the mine Is completed the shaft will be sunk to the 2,800 foot level, and & aggfeasive der-elopment, campaign will be started. The announcement of the nnwti lngf the Orphan Girl mine and shaft Inking to an additional depth nf 1,100 feat brings renewed Interest tn the extenslvs' went side mlnlna oron. ertles. It prelates new and sxtn-slve operations on the large bodies :. of sine ore that have been uncovered in tna vrpoan uiri. . - . , , This operation Is In line with ths statement recently made by President ' C. F. Kslley of the Anaconda com- Centhtued on Page 2, Column 2, ' Temperatures K MlaJaaaas 89 I!f OTHER. CITIES. ' Maxs Mia Pep HsVTS ,.,a,-.-,- 78 40 Helena - rS ' 49 Kallepell ...,t - S4 ' Mllaa City 79 e Balsa So v 49 ,. Calgmrr 72 ,' aa- . .. u AajrsHa ': - Osaaka ........... 83 ."' 4 ' JM PortUad ...,.. - Bt ,9d St. raal-Mpla... ... aa M .-.01 alt Lake Ctty.... Te 8 Baa Dtaare ........ AS " ' -.. Saa Praaeieae ea 6t 4 T Saattla BA 84 MI pakaaa. f 4d ' u Wllllatn 49 Telleweteoe Park- 44 81 " . , ,. (PreelpltaUea for the la bimm ending; at p ail - tha nomination of Smith before u- national convention, but I accept 1 decision of ths soajority' and feel 11 my duty to -vets tor Smlfh. "The record of ths demormtlo fr' ' has been one of serrir. i . rs of tha republican r i l of corruption In hk v for 'enforoerfnt II t i ' lawa Ilea with ths -!-. not outside of It e I i r duty to support rhe nn party." . Mr. J'oody wiade l . ' laratlnn In aoceptir-r nomlus""n r re-em. ., , - i state defiocratle con- -Ion hare. "The OStenilliH pnrp second rrt v wnfnn this ye-. vfi., t n- use viiioera mmtu ' J '1 i ,

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